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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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of spring go yesterday. it was cold. greg: yesterday it became spring. 12:30 a.m. in the morning. the first 24 hours. you would've for that movie manhattan black and white. they have a moment here. it is not snowing out. rosanna: not so bad in the city. long island really getting hit this morning. mike has all the details for us. melia and sasha made the trip as well.
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cuba to behave. rosanna: behaving at this small. a wild brawl featuring the easter bunny. coming back now. he threw down his bunny years. greg: what is the latest with donald trump? rosanna: he is in dc today. a pro- israeli group today. greg: someone is threatening his sister. first tucson and now his sister. all right. so. rosanna: what did you do this weekend? greg: i went to jewel holstein on friday night.
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rosanna: you did? do you feel completely different? do you get an adjustment? greg: i do not want to get religious on anybody, but that guy is great. rosanna: outside the metropolitan area, mike can give us the details on that. greg: montauk, long island, that sort of thing. rosanna: are a good -- greg got a spiritual adjustment i watched "the passion last night a little strange. i wanted to feel changed.
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when he was in those scenes, he's saying fantastic. john carlos. he was there. he did a great job. the whole premise was a little hokey. a modern version of "the passion." they are on the streets of new orleans. mike: we cannot see that. rosanna: it was weird. i wanted to like it more. rosanna: lipsey about getting your money back. mike: let's talk about the snow that we saw. some folks are still seeing snow. other than that, it really has
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that snow was melting of contact. we had a lot of highs in the upper 30s, lower 40s. where do we stand right now? 32 degrees for a lot of us. including central park, islip, montauk. it is coming to a close for you over the five euros. the area of low pressure will continue to head out to the atlantic waters. also hanging around a little while longer for folks in new england. morning snow showers which tend
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high temp up to 48 degrees later on this afternoon. drive for a while. we will be trying to wake it to friday. all right. let's get you over to ines rosales. things are looking pretty good for us. >> street cleaning rules were suspended because of the weather. meters remained in effect. grand central parkway. an accident blocked. use the approximate purchase or alternate route. at least one lane closed at the moment. expect some delays. traffic moving pretty good. heading towards the 59th street. same goes for the northbound side. route three in new jersey.
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moving five. same goes for the eastbound side. trains running on or close to schedule. greg: first full day of spring and we have snow. rosanna: that is where robert moses is. he is in babylon. >> reporter: expecting daffodils and tulips today, i cannot give you that. most of the accumulation is not on the roads, but parking lots. cars that have been sitting in one spot for several hours. up to 5 inches expected to fall. 5 inches would be the very high side of these. we're only seeing an inch or two and out on.
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large flakes were flying which made visibility little bit tricky as we were driving around three or 4:00 o'clock this morning. couple overpasses we drove over worry. slick. no real problem. the biggest issue is the timing of it. people are up. more tired than normal. we spoke to some readers here at the babylon train station. we are taking this in stride. >> it really was not too bad. it was not released her again. >> i love snow in the spring. love snow in the spring. >> what to think of snow this late?
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here in the city. the last time central park so snow on the first day of spring was all the way back in 2015. the biggest snowstorm post march march 20 came twice back in 1915 and 1875. the latest one in central park came back in 1950. we saw 1 inch exactly. if you do take the train this morning, a few extra time. we are not seeing too many issues. the roads mostly just what, not slip. that is the latest, but the both of you. greg: i have no recollection.
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it is going to be nice later on this week. hopefully he will not need and berlin today. >> there he is walking off air force one in havana. in the meantime, yes, this is undeniably, history. all right. how are things going where you are? >> this is called little havana because it has the largest population. second largest population in the united states. many of these people that wanted to get away. many of these people that found never to return.
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to appeal to them. the first family is waking up this morning on cuban soil. something that has not happened in nearly 90 years. the last time the president visited, it was by battleship. it took precedent, and coolidge three days to arrive from washington. it took president obama just three hours. >> this is a sort visit. the agreement on commercial deals, the ties, the layout of my vision for a future that is brighter than our past. >> tried to get a glimpse of the first family as they walked the streets of savanna. the first official meeting between the two governments in over 50 years.
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to normalize relationships. it is criticizing the president for visiting. >> millions of europeans, canadians, mexicans, latin americans have visited cuba. a lot more free. >> a lot more criticism over cuba. murdering a new jersey state trooper. the issue is part of talks with cuban officials. the president will spend 48 hours in cuba. >> tomorrow is when president obama makes that major address to the cuban people. back to both of you.
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the governor has been there. rosanna: kind of beefed up with our relations. nothing has really changed with the cuban people. greg: raul castro was not at the airport to greet him. some of the people interpret that as a slap in the face. >> donald trump. donald trump, according to this report, would have turned the plane around. >> when you have your own plane, you can do that. if fido weakened right here in the city.
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>> they say he used a machete. the injuries, non-life-threatening. the police commissioner downplay the slashings. >> let's talk about that used her bony. does not seem to be in the holiday spirit. this is video posted. he was brawling with somebody in jersey city. you can see him separated from him. the funny throes of close off and approaches the plumbing again.
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>> i have no idea. >> just a bony enthusiast. donald trump, his sister, got a threatening letter in the mail. his sister is a pellet court judge. works for the federal government . >> she sits on the u.s. circuit circuit. the fbi says they are aware of this. they are investigating. a white substance in threatening letter was sent to eric trump. greg: eric is there on the right. donald will be in washington, d.c. today meeting with top republicans. some of them. a major pro- israel grew. most, if not all of the
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>> kind of ironic. he said that his schedule could not accommodate. >> the washington post is reporting that he will be meeting with other lawmakers. donald trump is meeting with them. his first major talk with this last fall. some of the people at this group would walk out in protest of donald trump. greg: joe biden will be there. all right. there were protests against donald trump right here in new york city. columbus circle. there were some downtown. outside of trump tower as well. rosanna: at least two arrests for walking in the street.
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>> we are already for you. first full day of spring. coming into it with some snow coming down. the biggest totals are definitely for eastern long island. fifty-one is the advertised. we can get some snow up there. purple shaded county. suffolk county until 10:00 o'clock in the morning. there will not be a whole lot going in. here is what we have on the radar. they still have the advisory of. accumulation will be happening. yes. the snow is cruising on the
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it is kind of like a miniature nor'easter. bringing in some light snow showers for us here. it does go a little longer. even better, it will not be there a whole lot longer. colder air filters in fact behind. generally speaking, more like early spring weather that we will enjoy the next few days. after a few morning snow showers, we will see clearing. mostly clear and cold for you tonight. " 24 and 34. a high of 38 today. sixty-five on wednesday. fairly warm. let's say hi to zachary. wanting to make sure that you have a fantastic day. let's bring in nine this right
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ines: not a whole lot going on. if you are heading out right now, you should be okay. a stall on the bridge. quickly cleared away. you have your normal delays on the freeway approaching the tappan zee bridge. both sides of the bridge, all grain. the palisades, everything is doing good care. what road race for the most part. no major issues with snow on the road. driving into the city. very pretty single of the snow on the trees 495 heading towards the lincoln tunnel.
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wearing orange? it is ben simmoneau's favorite color. rosanna: no it's not. i believe it has something to do with autism awareness. crohn's disease. okay. greg: orange monday. the foundation of america. ben simmoneau is on the advisory committee. what is colitis? rosanna: it is and intestinal problem.
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greg: where are they moving that snow? you can just push that stuff off. rosanna: or no. does not care. especially if you're running for the train. in belgium, police say that stuff interested in the paris attack is a talking. can you believe what he is saying, though? greg: arrested friday.
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he wanted to take part in the first attack, but that out. he was supposed to detonate a suicide vest. rosanna: european officials say that they are looking for at least one senior and trained fighter. killing 130 people. he is spilling his guts way too fast. they're not even sure she is telling the truth. greg: closer to home. the pennsylvania turnpike. there was a shootout. a retired state trooper was the culprit here. he shot and killed two people. he himself was shot dead by other troopers while trying to
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rosanna: started yesterday. clarence briggs. he was shot dead by troopers while trying to escape with the money. he retired in 2012 with an honorable discharge with 26 years on the job. greg: the couple that had sex on the ferris wheel in las vegas. one of the stories that went viral. the gentleman on the right has been killed in a car jacking in texas. rosanna: chloe of long island. they were arrested last month on suspicion of having sex on the ferris wheel. police in houston say saturday morning, this guy was killed in front of his fiance e. this is a different woman.
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with on the ferris wheel. the two men were arrested after a police chase. the murder was not random. they got into an argument. it broke out in the car. that led to the shooting. greg: all right. this is something else. the evil in washington, d.c. a little baby eagle at that. the national arboretum down there in dc. rosanna: so cute. one of them was born friday morning. and then saturday. everyone has been going crazy over this. they named the parents mr. president and the first lady.
7:26 am
named dc to and dc three. >> it is beautiful. >> there are some people that do that. remember, we had one of them on. alicia silverstone. >> alicia silverstone. oh, yeah. her. >> they call it a bald eagle. >> here we go. a rerun. what do you think, rosanna?
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greg: does this theme look familiar? a live look at the queensborough
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an iconic film scene in film history. there is woody allen. i do not care what you say about this town. rosanna: basically the same thing. [laughter] >> he always play someone that has a neurotic tend to see. greg: they had to bring a bench every day to do that. greg: looking live. the parks commissioner decided to put a bench there. >> what were they going to do with it afterwards. i liked the movie. i know you are not that crazy
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in the meantime, boy, oh boy. rosanna: 7:31 a.m. let's talk about the weather. mike: out in the east end of long island. that is where it is a little bit more substantial. three, maybe 4 inches of snow. even without coming through, most of it on the road services. it is not that inconvenient. let's take a look at the radar. we still have some of that snow coming through. moving through new haven county. it will not be there for too much longer. if you think you will miss the snow, this is your last opportunity. it did not stick a whole lot in
7:32 am
we are right at the freezing point. that location only saw about a trace. down to the south of us. new england has to deal a little while longer with the snow. later this afternoon, everyone clears out. almost a clear sky completely around the northeast. things will improve. a lot of sunshine. it basically stays pretty beat nine. our high temperature this afternoon makes it up to an impressive 48 degrees. high of 53 tomorrow. rain showers expected by the
7:33 am
all right. let's see what she has to say about our convenient situation. >> ... street cleaning rules are suspended. we do have a couple of problem spots. watch out for an accident blocking a lane. staten island, you have your normal delays on the expressway. grand central parkway. there was an earlier accident. now there is an accident on the whitestone expressway. let's go to our cameras. over by terry wrote. doing great there. no snow accumulation on the highways themselves. we have some earlier speed restrictions because of the weather.
7:34 am
trains are running on or close. >> we were worried about snow. we have not been overwhelmed by it. rosanna: you expect that we will get springlike pictures. >> a little out of whack. in the city we saw pick flakes coming down. >> robert moses. you are in babylon. you have seen the little snub untrue -- a little more snow. >> parking lots and roadways. really more wet than white. i want to point your attention to the platform. you can see that hand of shovelers out there trying to make sure that the platform is
7:35 am
the train. the national weather service actually revised. now, that is really up to five according to the weather service. we are seeing much smaller amounts here. we were out driving and we saw large flakes falling. that made for rough visibility. we did go over an overpass that was a. slick. fortunately. the only thing about this was the timing. making things a bit more difficult. she says that she is okay with this snow.
7:36 am
spring. >> ... >> icu all bundled up. [laughter] >> what you think of snow in the spring time. >> i just wanted to be over. i want my warm weather. >> the snow has tapered off completely here. it may take a little longer to use untreated get to suffolk county. >> not in hoboken.
7:37 am
eli manning stuff. rosanna: he tried to sell it. very expensive. it is 3500 square feet. greg: these real estate photos rosanna: i do not think that they could do too much. rosanna: you know what i would do for this kind of kitchen. gorgeous. nice and big. greg: looking you asking for the stove. what is in your refrigerator right now? [laughter] heineken light. rosanna: how about spoiled milk? greg: no. i gave up on the old.
7:38 am
it is kind of like old new york. look at those old town homes. beautiful. doesn't tina brown live around there, as well? greg: a new yorker. rosanna: a bigwig, she and her husband. greg: hairy. like that guy. rosanna: media elites, as he would say. greg: power couple. nevermind.
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with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. mike: great, everyone. welcome back. same thing for you and islip. we would have had more of the snow freezing and snaking to the ground. that is not the case. fairly warm lately. the storm is still pulling
7:42 am
out in new london county. most of us in the tri-state only of around 2 inches. you probably saw last advantage. they there is the area of low pressure. a half-hour to an hour. it takes the longest for you. hanging onto some snow showers. high temperature gets up to 48 degrees. even warmer tomorrow with a high of 53. the fox5 and live with her app has daily and hourly forecast. put it to work when the storms come to town.
7:43 am
cooper is turning one year old. ines: ready to get out of there. let's talk about street cleaning rules rules. just seeing normal delays on the cross bronx. same thing goes for the deacons outbound. same goes as you are approaching the northern state parkway heading into queens. this is the garden state parkway. northbound looks good. hudson river crossing dealing with donald delays this morning. lower 30. lincoln tunnel and found. about a 60 minute delay. i have to say good morning. all of these young women were
7:44 am
actually making some new friends. they love good day. very smart. >> a look like very nice kids. greg: what was your device? >> basically empowering women. be true to yourself. >> connections do not hurt. the careful, social media. save 10% of your salary no matter how old you are. greg: duke, it is your turn. >> 19 years.
7:45 am
night only. the reunion show. what the relationship is really like. chris, good morning. >> morning, everybody. you and mike together again. all of the proceeds. what do you think it will be like when you make it to this stage? >> you have to make sure you
7:46 am
a valentine. i have to get back in. i have been out for a few years. >> i wanted to go. >> listen to christopher russo. >> i did that one year here. >> i did all the sports for a summer. >> breaking down your relationship. you may say something funny. >> we had some issues. there is no other way around it.
7:47 am
much time. the breakups and disagreements. basically two decades. some mutual appeal. we have a lot more agreement than disagreement. you always want to focus on the disagreement more than the agreement. payroll.
7:48 am
having fights about bathrooms. >> okay. ranting and raving. then you start screaming. you will go off on somebody. northern iowa a 12-point lead. >> yes. >> everyone ever get really mad? >> i thought he had a ferocious hit. he did not care who he hurts. a real evil eye. i thought at yankee stadium, three home runs in a row.
7:49 am
>> there is no way you could do a sports talk radio program for 19 years and not ruffle some feathers. >> plenty of time. 305. >> there are many situations. the way ronnie left and 95, we have had a lot of issues. there is no question about it. >> radio city music hall.
7:50 am
dreams foundation. >> they do a good job. the radio three-six. i have and i were in between. >> looking forward to it. good to see you. what can i say. >> let's take a look outside. whose feathers have we ruffled? >> probably one of the cast members.
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greg: over the williamsburg bridge. the outer lane. probably the best. even better than coming in on
7:54 am
right. the river cafe . the brooklyn bridge. such a magna has sent you. let's go to that place. >> it is a very special place. greg: batman versus superman. the movie. radio city music hall. i am a little perturbed by this. batman and superman are supposed to be friends. >> henry is superman, i believe. on screen, it is completely different. >> it explains how we get to
7:55 am
makes sense. >> i would not say that. i would say, it is just about us coming to terms. greg: i think that he drops the accent for the movie. rosanna: batman versus superman. dawn of justice. greg: we will check it out. hamilton. the must-see play of the century. >> apparently, she went to the boss. greg: take a look at the receipt. a $5000 tip. she went to go see hamilton the musical. what do we have here?
7:56 am
they are all actors and bartenders. the last time the comedian showed up at the bar, she gave an $80 tip for a $40 bill. she knows what it is like to have to do that and auditioned during the day. hats off to her. greg: what movie was hot? continuing to trample the competition at the box office. greg: it looks like fun. >> another $3,830,000,000. over $2 million domestically. divergent. rosanna: second place with just
7:57 am
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>> could to new york. to do you have a nice weekend? greg: fabulous. i am worse and the scotto.
8:00 am
greg: the first day of spring. not too bad. most of us to have a little snow. the roads are slick, though. we will go live to long island. we will check the tops of cars for snow. greg: a little dusting. look at this. and easter bunny at the mall. look closely. approaching easter. sometimes you see that you stir bunny. rosanna: you do not want children to see that. got into a fight at the mall in new jersey. anyway, president obama getting
8:01 am
a lot of rain yesterday. >> meeting him at the airport there. donald trump said that it was an insult. greg: apple getting ready to reveal a new iphone today. the new one is that camera feature. greg: i cannot believe how uncool you are. the latest and greatest phone. i have an iphone5. don't worry. it is school.
8:02 am
mike: i do not have the cool stuff. i have the same one as you. i was out a restaurant. greg: better get the cool phone. otherwise i this is going to make fun of us. rosanna: you are right. you are onto something. greg: also proud of her handbag. greg: it was like this. it was like chunks. it did not look like regular snowflakes. greg: getting the weather report.
8:03 am
of year. we did get a little bit out of it. in some places, a little bit more. part of the reason we did not see a whole lot of accumulation. right at that freezing point. thirty-three just above it in bridgeport. our highs yesterday in the upper 40s. the road services have been too warm for that snow to really stick. yes, we did get it. still coming down in suffolk county. everyone else is starting to dry out. area of low pressure right there. was not a pick storm for us.
8:04 am
totals coming in. futurecast does get it out of here by later on today. high temperature today is 48 degrees. dry until we get to friday and then it is warmer then, too. let's get to ines rosales. >> street cleaning rules are suspended today. we do have problem spots. ninety-five southbound. you can see that that is backing things up. as for the staten island expressway, normal delays approaching. you have this delay eastbound. let's go to our cameras and take a look at your jersey commute. nice and sunny. that is a look at route 80.
8:05 am
because of an earlier accident. there was an accident that left this delay. on the westbound side, you are fine. everything running on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna. greg: the weather is being overwhelmed and is still our top story. rosanna: look at that car. how are they going to dig out? oh, my goodness. rosanna: this is the best that you could come up with. >> yes. this is what we have. it is basically over. >> this is what robert came up
8:06 am
snowfall in babylon. >> you are blaming me now? look at this. >> it is a catastrophe. >> i guess you guys only want to show up when it is an avalanche. we are good. we will just take it back now. robert, what should we know, real quick? >> a couple of things. out on the roads earlier this morning. mostly just wet. we spoke with some people earlier this morning. no big deal. >> were not relate to that. able to keep it moving. >> what do you think of snow in
8:07 am
i love snow in the spring. >> what do you think of snow that is displayed in the year? >> rosanna is thoroughly bored of the snow and lack thereof. the transportation available to my state park. buses are available if you want to visit robert moses state park. greg: very amusing, robert. very amusing. >> thank you, robert. what does this message send to our kids? there was a bunny brawl. >> a guy in a bunny outfit.
8:08 am
got into some sort of pushing match. juliet huddy has more from jersey. >> they are coping okay. the little children just wanted to see that easter bunny. talk to them about their easter basket. instead, likely after what they saw yesterday, palm sunday, no less, they probably ended up talking to their parents about why that easter bunnies had fell off. it is really not clear completely what happened here. the video was taken by some onlookers on cell phones. watching from the food court and looking down. you do not see a woman attacked the bunny, initially. the bunny goes after some of the
8:09 am
one guy with a proud sure. not a well behaved funny, but a well-dressed bunny. as you can see, it did turn into quite the melee. i would venture to guess that little children did not think it was hysterical, nor did their parents. we would like to find out from the easter bunny. remaining silent at this point. this is the newport mall in jersey city. kind of a little bit rough here and there. it has really improved over the years. it was a one minute long video that we got. the police have looked at this.
8:10 am
on palm sunday. i am juliet huddy. rosanna: i have a theory here it he was looking for that black licorice ones and there were no more left. greg: the easter bunny. this is the santa claus is. they can get into the act. rosanna. wildly in the abbreviated. i was mildly. rosanna: it is all about the children. greg: i the feeling she is not being sent here. we're going to take a big-time timeout. a week ago this past weekend, there was a tugboat accident on the hudson river.
8:11 am
one man, harry hernandes, his tugboat is still underwater. for some reason, they cannot access it. they need a specialized brain. >> police say the man who covered his face with an american flag and then splashed a woman in brooklyn has been arrested. he was picked up in new jersey yesterday afternoon. she was not fiercely her, thank goodness. greg: we have had a rash of stabbings here in the city. up about 20%.
8:12 am
domestic violence related. public housing projects. we estimate only about 25%. controlling forces. >> where does that leave us? >> at least seven more people were slashed in new york city. let's talk about arnold trump and his family. they are getting threats now and it is very, very serious. first appointed by ronald reagan and then bill clinton. she received a threatening letter. they are investigating. said to be quite close with her brother.
8:13 am
a white letter was sent to eric trump. >> mr. trump will reportedly meet with influential republicans today. smoothing hangs over. a lot of these beliefs very upset that he couldn't possibly be that candidate for president of the united states. some reports we're hearing that there is panic. there is definitely an effort underway. >> he will speak out the public affairs committee. a pro- israel lobbying group. meeting with lawmakers and other with hopes of improving relations with the gop. his first major talk with this group sits last fall. >> donald trump gets all the
8:14 am
john kasich and hillary clinton. >> everyone but bernie sanders. he is the only jewish candidate running for president of the united states. he could not alter his schedule, i guess. remember the guy that would steal trains and buses over the past 24th or the years? thing. he has been arrested more than 30 times. trains and buses. he has an obsession. >> he suffers from asperger's syndrome. greg: they were thinking about making a movie. >> due in court. >> i met november. >> hollywood is making a movie about him.
8:15 am
attorney. if okaying the sun. promotes criminals from making money. >> how do you feel about that. >> did not run anybody over. >> he deserves a second or third or fourth chance. maybe a little money in the bank. >> and i see the picture one more time. >> i know you have given it a lot of thought to this over the past 30 seconds or so. >> they will have him stealing the space shuttle or something like that. >> i don't know. by the way, you get to have lunches and meetings. a long time for something to get
8:16 am
>> how do you really feel about it. we are not there yet. fair enough? >> somebody is going to make money on it. why can't it be him. >> mike woods. i think you have a point there. >> let's show you what is going on. this is the first full day of spring. >> 51 degrees. dropping down to 32. we are still at their day two. we still have a winter weather pfizer it up. it is mainly for suffolk county and up into connecticut. under the winter weather advisory. there is not much left over for
8:17 am
>> the east end of long island. just to the south of part bird in new london county. pointing to the east of that. i see something kind of around westchester. generally speaking, the snow is wrapping up and getting out of here. shifting from west to east in getting out of towns. it will get kind of windy. fifty-three is your high tomorrow. still breezy. more showers back in that area. high of 60 at that point. the fox5 ny weather has the live interactive weather. it works out well. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. not that slippery on the roadways.
8:18 am
nothing out of the ordinary. normal delays here westbound. the deegan not a bad ride. things to slow down. delays back to the freeway. 280, a little slow down there. the parkway from 78. traffic looks good. you have no accumulation here on the roadways. eastbound looks good here it let's go to that camera shot. normal delays, 20-30. about one hour inbound. we do have some problems on metro north end of long island railroad. there is a trap problem.
8:19 am
greg: all around great guy. wycliff john. a great dude. rosanna: performing this morning. greg: lots of concern down there. rosanna: by the way, involved for the first time in 10 years. first. an appearance on "good day new york" coming with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. why let someone else have all the fun?
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8:22 am
greg: that pepsi-cola sign. they are still thinking about maybe some day land marking it. there used to be a bottling factory there. just glancing over there.
8:23 am
>> lauren, what is up? >> new iphones are coming. we get the details today. think small. a new iphones as he. 4 inches diagonally. okay. this will fit in your pocket. it will definitely fit in your clutch. you have to hold it in one hand and work your phone with the other hand. they will have smaller items as well. the court hearing in california. will apple have to create that back to work into the iphone views by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> a lot of people think that they should. >> reports that even if the
8:24 am
engineers may say, we are not creating that fact to work. >> and may be arrested for that, i wonder? >> i wonder, too. >> twitter. they invented that aim. i think that it was a lot kinder and gentler. >> it was sent out by cofounder jack dorsey. he has been on "good day new york." it became publicly available just a few months later. the president of the united states. >> need to check it out. no. cannot be bothered.
8:25 am
what else. we are always on the edge of something. kelly rowland will be here. now, she is out there trying to find the next one.
8:26 am
kelly will be here coming up. cat's of the world, it's time to rejoice.
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8:28 am
greg: a mailbox, i spotted a mailbox. i never go to a mailbox. it is ancient. you know. i talked to the mailman about that. business is down. that means letter carriers may go away. rosanna: i get plenty of junk mail. >> greg: that's it. it is junk.
8:29 am
rosanna: it does. greg: what are you supposed to do when you mail a letter, check it. look to make sure it is going down. rosanna: we have a new son performed for us. life in general. greg: how is your life in general? rosanna: my life in general is good. it is a moment by moment. things can change. greg: yes, i am reading a book don't worry about tomorrow. yoz yoz enjoy the moment. greg: enjoy this moment. rather ordinary moment. rosanna: yes, with you.
8:30 am
mike: you ran into joel. right. greg: joel olsteen. yes, i have a better attitude. that will last until lunchtime. rosanna: give us a take away. we need to be inspired. greg: the first thing in the morning, do not grab your phone the first thing in the morning to find the score of the game or see who texted you overnight, take a moment for yourself. gratitude. a lot of us immediately look at it. who tweeted about me or rosanna, why are they tweeting about rosanna and not me. mike: so he was speaking to you. rosanna: when you put your feet on the ground, thank you. as soon as you get out of bed, thank you.
8:31 am
your poor neighbors. and your dog. rosanna: actually i sneak around like a robber in the afternoon. i don't want to wake up lou or lulu. greg: the dog gets ideas about going out? rosanna: yes. mike: we are off a start. we could have had you know snow that stuck around, that is not the case. just a little bit and it is getting out of town. a few snow showers out there. thank you it was not a big deal for us. on a monday we can't handle that. a few snow showers are left over. i see reports 2-4 inches in eastern long island and connecticut, that is it.
8:32 am
anything, an inch or less, if that. it is melting on most of the surfaces. 32 montauk. 34 newark. 33 bridgeport. the snow showers are forcing their way toest>> and shutting down to the west. high pressure will be taking over once again. not much else coming down the pipeline for us. futurecast is clearing out. this evening clear skies and breezy for today into tomorrow. but yeah, precip, rain snow is not a problem for a while. in fact through wednesday things are looking dry here. beyond that it is dry. so today you are seeing the clearing, high temp up to 48. breezy tomorrow with partly
8:33 am
the next rain chance coming in on friday and on sunday rain showers in the area. another way to get the weather information is text us and we'll send out a text for you every morning. now to ines and see what is going on. the commute, it could be worse, but no. >> not at all, no accumulation on the roads, no plows. the street cleaning rules were suspended. route 80 eastbound by exit 27 a crash blocking a lane. queens nor mall delays. throgs neck is a better option. the l.i.e. headed to northern boulevard, the normal delays eastbound.
8:34 am
terry road. in accumulations. for the trains, some problems, movrt metro-north delays. long island rail road some problems with with that too. new jersey transit and the path trains are doing fine. >> greg: so the president of the united states is in cuba. he got there yesterday. here he is getting off the plain. it was raining in havana. rosanna: yes, it was pouring but it was warm. greg: this is a big deal, the president hasn't been for 90 years. there was a time we thought that the world would erupt. we came close to war. what's he going to do? the old tiny cars. rosanna: i know, stuck in the
8:35 am
>> take a look. everybody thinks communism is the way to go, look at the fleet. rosanna: i heard cubans are paid $20s a month. greg: it is tough down there. not everyone is thinking that the trip is a good idea. hello, teresa. >> reporter: good morning, we have been prify to a political discussion inside of this cuban coffee shop in union city, we weren't able to understand everything that was going on. they were speaking spanish back and forth, but actually some of them very much agree with the president's visit and they are very thankful that they are trying to restore the relations. the first family is waking up this morning on cuban soil, something that hasn't happened in 90 years.
8:36 am
president visited it was by battleship, it took three days to arrive from washington. it took president obama three hours. >> it is a historic visit and viting with the peoples and for me t layout the vision for the future that is brighter than the past. the cubans tried to get a glimpse of the first family, today the president is meeting with the cuban president raul castro. this is historic and it is trying to help normalize the relations twoo countries, but some are criticizing the president when the castros are still in power.
8:37 am
canadians, mexicans and latin americans are visited cuba. >> there is issue other the cubans helping the fugitives and the issue is part of the talks with the cuban officials and all told the president is spending 48 hours in cuba and addressing the cuban people and making time for baseball. now obama is travelling with 39 delegation members, included in the delegation happens to be congressman rangel and meeks and all though meeting today with raul castro he's not meeting with fidel. >> right, fidel is no longer in charge, it is the brother
8:38 am
rosanna: coming up, nora efron. >> write, film maker, died in 2012. there is a documentary, called everything is copy. you can see it -- rosanna: on hbo tonight. we have a discussion about the people that remember his mother and what the title means,
8:39 am
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8:41 am
greg: the legendary nora ephron. some of your favorites? rosanna: when harry met sally. julia, julie. greg: notable spouses, well, her nicholas and karl bernsteen. she had quite a life and a lot the captured by her son, jacob bernsteern. rosanna: tonight is on hbo. 9:00 i believe. >> yes.
8:42 am
>> her mother used the phrase. what it means anything bad that happens to you, the boy that doesn't ask you to dance or the teacher that doesn't call on you, you find a way to use it. that the story that is sad to you today is going to be something a sort of source of resilience later on. rosanna: and write about. your mom poked fun at people. one of the people you interviewed for the documentary, barbara walters and brilliant and saying she was mean. >> that is what she first thought of her. the surprising thing, the number of people she got away with whacking early on. the boss at the new york post, dorothy, that owned it and wrote
8:43 am
after he left and she was really, came her first husband. >> your dad. he was the second husband. so you know, she really had fun with people in a way that is hasheder to today. greg: it wouldn't have worked today in a way. talk about your dad, the washington postjournalist and tense between you two after the movie game out heart burn. >> well, i mean, look my parents the break up of my parents marriage was messy and public, and i think one of the things that i wanted to sort of look at in the movie is you have a man who had an affair and a woman
8:44 am
thing that is source of resilience in her life is this thing that complicates the thing with his children. i just wanted to explore the kind of am bee y cueties of the brave thing one person does can be ruthless. rosanna: let me ask you, interviewing your dad for the documentary about your mom, was that one of the hardest interviews because -- >> it was certainly hard to negotiate. we certainly, my dad and i spent two years negotiating this and there was a lot of arm twisting and -- >> he didn't want to do it? >> no. a lot of people were resistant
8:45 am
or swon you are close to dies, you don't normally give the interview, if they are giving the interview,er in usually the least equipped to do the interview. he didn't think his son would be going through the divorce reporteds 30 years after it happened. greg: so you are okay now? >> yes. >> this is not a loving tribute? >> no, i wanted to explore when the personal becomes public and what that is like for writers and their families and all of that stuff. it is a complicated thing, being an artist and writer, someone is always getting swiped, that is a nature of it. greg: is it more complicated to you.
8:46 am
that is einstein and madam curry becoming a scientist. >> that is why i needed the movie not to suck. this better not be terrible. you don't want to be one of these people's children that disappoint or has a tragic outcome. everybody who grows up in great privilege, you are propelled by fear, or ham strung by a kind of apathy. the trick is being propelled by the fear. rosanna: by the way, you are doing really great. your mom would be very, very proud of you. >> thank you. rosanna: the only person miss something your stepfather. >> they had an incredible love affair and you know, he was worried about breaking down on camera. he was very involved in the
8:47 am
with my father that was i may not be coming over for dinner because you are doing this. nick there was none of this. he was involved in the idea process and he's been at the screenings, he didn't want to be on the camera talking about her. greg: hey, that is his call. we understand. everything is copy. out on hbo tonight. that is popular. well done, thank you so much. >> we are getting ready for empire. it is starting next week. actress caitlin doubleday is here. the last time we saw she was lying on the floor. greg: how old were you when you found out who deep throat was? >> six or seven. i intended my father who is
8:48 am
complained to her. woodward referred as my friend. mf. she figured it out. rosanna: so nice to see you.
8:49 am
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greg: so what else is going on? rosanna: reece witherspoon has a bill problem and guess what came, anybody that is famous. greg: were you there? >> rosanna: no. kate hudson was there. jennifer an ston showed up. >> it looks like a girls night out. where was that? rosanna: in los angeles.
8:52 am
last days broadcast live from new orleans last night on fox 5. greg: take a look. >> i will put to death, 3 days later i will be raised to life. rosanna: so two hours last night. sean carlos was jesus christ. greg: it was live. rosanna: with a lot of taped pieces. greg: set in a modern environment. rosanna: yes, tyler perry was the narrater. she was like talking about this kru krus fix coming up. greg: i didn't see it.
8:53 am
for many years in new york city. and he was a collector and along the way he picked up a lot of stuff a lot of items and they are presented for auction shortly. these are baseball clubs. rosanna: he had a hat from frank sinatra. during his show, we encouraged whoever came on to leave a little momemto. >> ritz crackers. joe franklin died last year at the age of 88. rest in peace. remember the ritz crackers thing? rosanna: i don't. greg: big deal.
8:54 am
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rosanna: alex, thank you so much. john which it is. right, alex.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
greg: spring flowers dusted with the snow. rosanna: what is wrong with this picture? greg: it is not that weird. it snows in spring. rosanna: it happens in april. this is still march. greg: where are these flowers? rosanna: this is jersey city. are they real or plastic flowers? they are real, okay. greg: a neighbor of mine. rosanna: she has plastic flowers. greg: she made silk flowers and made a living do it. rosanna: in the garden? >> greg: no high end stuff and sold them to movies. what else is going on? the weather is under control. rosanna: the weather is under control and the snow is getting


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