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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg: spring flowers dusted with the snow. rosanna: what is wrong with this picture? greg: it is not that weird. it snows in spring. rosanna: it happens in april. this is still march. greg: where are these flowers? rosanna: this is jersey city. are they real or plastic flowers? they are real, okay. greg: a neighbor of mine. rosanna: she has plastic flowers. greg: she made silk flowers and made a living do it. rosanna: in the garden? >> greg: no high end stuff and sold them to movies. what else is going on? the weather is under control. rosanna: the weather is under control and the snow is getting
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greg: i have a pep in the step. rosanna: you seem different, you seem like a changed man. greg: joel olsteen, i saw him on friday night. he's a preacher from houston, texas and i went to it at the pru prudential center. this is for a christian audience. i enjoyed it very much. he emphasized a lot, life the flying by. we put off okay i will be happy when that happens or this happens and we live in the future. even a phrase, life is flying by. i had a heck of a time. what i didn't do, they had so
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fried chicken, popcorn, i didn't eat. i refrained. it is like sitting in church. rosanna: when we went to see the pope, you had popcorn and candy. and you took communion by the concession stand. >> no, we were there four hours early. rosanna: we were pregaming. >> and we did take the communion by the concession stand. you spoke beautifully. rosanna: thank you. i have to say i love joel ol olsteen and we all get busy by the problems that we have and we forgot to see the bigger picture.
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take hold and grab on to what you have and appreciate it. greg: with that in mind, i didn't see the passion on channel 5 last night. a live version of the dahs day of jesus christ and live and contempt contemporary. rosanna: this is not a charleston reboot. you know what, it was a great cast. for me, it was a little strange. and i was looking at some of the reviews today, you know, i think it was wonderful that fox put something spiritual on fox 5,
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the modernization of the passion was strange. it was off. it was funny, because people are weighing in and still weighing in today, and people said like eva, sorry, i'm just not feeling it. greg: what is that? rosanna: he played peter. greg: he's like a kid walking down the street. rosanna: i thought it was going to be totally live. it was prepackaged music videos on tape and cut to tyler perry live and he had on stage playing mary. and then they had this cross being walked through the streets of new orleans with a reporter from et who was interviewing people there and kept saying i'm so emotional i'm going to cry,
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i wanted to love it more, it felt a little hokey. greg: hey, the critics are doing it too. rosanna: one saying didn't expect to be like this. so you know, what can i tell you. greg: in other news. not much is going on. donald trump what'd he do over the weekend. oh the president of the united states is in cuba. rosanna: probably breakfast by now. greg: sure. they have a full day whochlt was not at the airport, this is a sign of disrespect, the head of cuba wasn't there.
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there when the pope came to town last month and he was there for other dignitaries. so it is not going unnoticed he was there. greg: however, i will in fairness to raul, i can't believe i am sticking up for raul. rosanna: you shouldn't. greg: well, when a head of state comes to america the president doesn't run out of the airport to say hello. rosanna: well, it has been 90 years since the president of the united states came to cuba. it is not worthy enough for the head of cuba to come and greet the president of the united states? greg: it is okay. i am telling you on the other side, if raul went to america, which he might do, no way, no
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the airport. rosanna: circumstances are different. greg: what is he doing to do there. the old tiny cars. how would you like to live in a world where the cars are 60 years old. rosanna: and the people there, they say they make $20 a month. that is what is going on. people are concerned since the president eased the restrictions with dealing with cuba, nothing has changed for the cuban people. greg: a lot of folks thinking that the president shouldn't be there in the first place. good talk. rosanna: good talk. i love to agree to disagree with you. greg: great guy, prohaiti, and great music. rosanna: you are going to love his music.
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of "good day new york." rosanna: hello. come sit down. how are you? >> i like the colors. rosanna: yes. greg: we are doing for this kron's disease awareness. rosanna: you are going back to brooklyn? >> yes, the last time i played in brooklyn was the dave chapelle block party. i came to america when i was ten years old from haiti and the first stop was brooklyn. rosanna: why not back to brooklyn for ten years.>> i have everyone from brooklyn. brooklyn.
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greg: why do so many haitians go to brooklyn? >> the entire caribbean, florida, brooklyn, boston, it is a natural migration, usually the families, families, they are migrated to the places and we follow. rosanna: happy you are making new music. yes, carnival 3. i am very excited. it is pouring out and it is beautiful. rosanna: what is it about? >> the album is about love and celebration, and the fact that we can overcome anything we are going through. greg: you seem to be alluded to something. >> we have talked about it before. greg: you break it down on the
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>> yes. i call it the rise of the phoenix. i was part of the fire, and for me, i don't want to see nothing better for my country than a better haiti tomorrow. rosanna: when was the last time you were ho to haiti? >> i went to haiti to vote. i always exercise the right to vote. i am actually, i went there to vote. greg: your buddy was a ruler there? >> yes, going from devastation of the earthquake and past him, we was i supported another candidate, the elections got e nile yated and we have to try again. greg: it is tough there, why is that?
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better policy and strong leaders and if we are really one of the americas, which we are, if the united states would give us a little more focus and just stronger and participateing with the leaders in policies, if you are donating to the aid of a country, at least help us get the policies get stronger. rosanna: i remembered when that happened and people donated and people were upset because the money wasn't going to the right people and involveed in corruption. >> we have seen similar things in new orleans with the devastation. it is operating like a third world country. in order to help people you have to go beyond the aid and create
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work and strengthen the private sector and works towards a middle class. rosanna: let's talk music. warren hill, d lauren hill, what is going on with her? >> i was looking forward to her and she rocked out with the weekend, so actually, shout out, this is the 20 kt year anniversary. rosanna: what are you going to do? >> the score was made in my uncle's basement. rosanna: so the fuji's reuniting? >> let me try right now. what's up. if you would like to do a reunion call give me a call or contact -- rosanna: rosanna and greg. we'll host you. >> i am excited it is the 20th
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rosanna: we are exciting to have your new album. we are doing the weather and then you are going to form. >> yes, my did i recall. we are ready. greg: micky, what's up? >> mike: for us, we getting rid of the snow. the snow we had came in yesterday in the afternoon and the evening. it was it wasn't a huge deal. it is continuing on long island. snow showers out there. but just about done. now to the temperatures, they are on the way back up. it actually dropped down to 32 degrees. 34 is the current temperature in central park. 33 in bridgeport. 32 montauk.
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the upper 30s and lower 40s. the snow the melting on contact. those with the colder temperatures that is where it stuck. it is moving out of here and a few more snow flakes in the twin forks and everyone is quieting down. the clouds are breaking up and more and more sunshine throughout the day. not bad at all. there the the areaover low pressure that brought us the storm. a coastal low. what is continuing to head off shore and taking moisture with it. new england is dealing with it a little longer. most locations seeing 2 as much as 4 inches of snow. it is pulling away from us. clear skies by later on this evening. breezy at the same time. as we head to tomorrow, looks like we have out there this afternoon, mainly clear skies
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wednesday looking like the rain is not going to be a problem. showers in upstate new york, but not in the tristate. here is few morning showers and clearing in the afternoon. 48 degrees today. high of 48 today. 53 tomorrow. 65 on wednesday. back to 54 on thursday. showers are out there on friday. saturday is looking okay. on easter sunday, we have showers forecasted to come through at the same time. most of the week is looking nice and spring like. by the way, happy birthday to dominique. >> we are here with wycliff and the dancers. rosanna: and you have a 50 shades.
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my girl, we want to take you a west india day parade feels
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>> wow, that is awesome. rosanna: where'd greg kelly go? greg: behind the girl with the feathers. do you mind if we chat with the girls? hi. welcome to "good day new york." excellent dancing. rosanna: wow, a great way to
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i love the new song. >> i have never seen so many people from norway at the west ionedian day parade. rosanna: brooklyn bowls? >> yes. we are bringing the girls. greg: that is a lot of fun. i felt like we were on a float. rosanna: great to have you here. caitlin doubleday from empire is here. the last time (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. don' t let dust and allergies get between you and life' s beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont.
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from
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unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. rosanna: ouch. this was the cliff hanger from the final sing from the last episode of empire. we are waiting to find out who pushed rhonda down the stairs. pregnant, and will she survive and who did it, these are the questions that everyone watching empire needs to know. >> greg: welcome back to "good day."
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>> i know. ouch. poor girl. rosanna: did you actually do the fall down the steps? >> it was down by a stunt woman and the steps are really tall, not a regular sort of one story accept, maybe a store and a half and or two. literally she was just shoved down the stairs. she was, three times. everybody is like is she alive. she was hurt once on the ankle. that is her specialty falling down the stairs. greg: no one is writing you off the show? >> i pray. rosanna: what can you tell us? empire is coming back next week. >> i can't believe it. rosanna: i am assuming you are
9:25 am
>> yes, or i wouldn't be promoting. we didn't know how that would be revealed, i showed up to the viewing party for the episode and they were going to say who did it, they changed it an hour before it aired. they reshot what was going to go on tv. we didn't know what was going to happen. as we we were shooting it, they changed who did it. for the entire second half, who pushed me again. we department -- didn't know. >> does it make sense? >> to me now. rosanna: am i going to be upset? >> no, no. what happens throughout the season t audience will be on the edge of the seat. greg: will rosanna figure it out?
9:26 am
saying, you have to wait until the last cliff hanger. the audience will get it. >> you are going to get that. it is coming at the end. greg: what will cookie do next.
9:27 am
>> here is a clip. trespassing in my office? >> rhonda is in the hospital, she might not make it. >> rosanna: rhonda is in the hospital. >> i was mentioned. so do you still have the baby. >> well, she was scraping across the floor. the flood is molasses based. so she makes it to the hospital and sad things happen. >> i like the guy that play the cop. excuse me, we'll have to arrest you. >> maybe that campbell character has something to do with it.
9:28 am
in real life she may have pushed you. >> all right. i have a selfie light. >> while you were away, i heard you got engaged. >> yes, i did. >> beautiful ring. tell us about him? >> he's an amazing person. we got engaged in paris on his bachelor party. he went to amsterdam and he said it was scarey. rosanna: what are you doing for
9:29 am
>> i'm going to new orleans. i want to get a ton of beads. greg: do you know how you get those? >> yeah, i do. greg: when is the party? >> april 1st. that is a friday, by the way. [laughter] >> just kidding. i don't want beads. that is gross. greg: by the way, bring this back to the family. this has gone in ugly direction. your father, frank doubleday, he played the punk rocker that helped to kidnap the president in escape from new york. he was magnificent in that role. >> yeah, he was. he looks like a baby. greg: that made a real impression on me. do you remember seeing the movie as a kid?
9:30 am
he's a very intense guy and play add lot of super intense characters like this. i remember thinking -- look at him. he's like a baby. yeah, as a kid, he was an artist weird weirdo. as a kid, everyone else's day is fine and my dad is a weirdo and now i have an awesome father. greg: he sounds more interesting. hey, new orleans. april 1st. >> see you there. >> thank you. >> congratulations, i hope you survive. everything happens for a reason. tell your dad i said --
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the next guest killed a guy, and spending 18, 19 years in of jail up in michigan and convict odd of second degree murder and now he's out of jail and he's talking about what he experienced in prison. we see the shows, what is happening in jail, it might horrify you or shock you and a lot of folks are saying that solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment. >> he spent a number of years in solitary confinement. writing my wrongs, it is available everywhere. you can meet him tomorrow night. first we are meeting him. welcome to "good day." >> you went to prison at 19 and spent 19 years in jail? >> yes. >> i am reading the book, it is fascinating.
9:35 am
of that, but maybe you needed to do get where you are right now. it is a hard way to get your life together. everything that happens in your life happens for a year. >> 1991 you go to jail for second degree murder. you kill add guy. what happened. >> drug transaction, guys i didn't know got into altercation. i fired the shots. >> so you deserved to go to prison? >> i served my time. >> you did kill someone and you don't feel like you should have gone to prison? >> that is our legal process. i accepted the term for what it was. rosanna: drugs were involved and you had altercations in prison.
9:36 am
environment. it is mirroring the inner cities. our american prison city is like a glade gladiator school. people are coming and returning and doing the same thing. rosanna: you talk about the violence in prison in this book, you took down an officer in prison, tell us about that? >> yes, we got into a conflict and he pushed me and i punched him and i ended up in solitary confinement. greg: we have been talking about prison reform for a long time, in your opinion, you have been there and you have public noertty, and what can be done to
9:37 am
it is broken? >> the american public needs to understand how the system works and where we are failing at, there is no rehabilitation. i was literate and i develop add skill set to transition back. the reading level is third grade. you can't function in society with that. >> we hear about that in new york state prisons and you were in a michigan prison t services are not available ( . >> in 1994 they took out the higher education in the reforms. they took that away. i had a skill set that allowed me to transition back. by the time i had been in the hole for two years, solitary, i
9:38 am
grown men drif ton craziness. if something didn't change i would end up like. i broke down and tired of living in a ball of bitterness and rage and tired of hurting people, including myself. that was the turning point where you decided to get your life together? >> well, one of the things in solitary confinement it is a mental institution and when you are a young person going in, and without being aware of that, and what it does it is devastating. >> there is some human contact, an hour a day? >> an hour of the the day you are out of the cage. there is no physical contact. >> go back to the beginning, in
9:39 am
four times, you said you are not sure, you implied you don't think you necessarily deserved to go to prison. >> 16 months prior to that i was shot a number of times and suffering from post traumatic destrisz syndrome and in my family 8 men were shot. when you factor that into the equation, i think there are alternatives to how to deal with those situations. i am about the prevention first. i accept the full responsibility, i served the time, and i'm accountable, but the idea of punishment is a big extreme. it is more about what you have to do to come back health and whole.
9:40 am
national black theatre at 7:00, 2031- 2031-fifth avenue. so nice to meet you. we hope that the prison system changes with your leadership. ro r>> i hope so as well. >> a your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less.
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(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. greg: greg: destiny's child.
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together. >> greg: all right. well, in the past, but she has a magnificent solo career. a number of the projects, number one chasing destiny a new show that premiers april 5th on bet. we are going to learn about that and claritin that helps the skin? >> no, what? allergies. rosanna: he doesn't have allergies. nice to have you back. as soon the weather is nice, i was sneezing, one big nasal drip. it is the worst in the morning. >> yes, it is the worth in the morning. i department have any at first
9:44 am
as soon as i turned 29, the eyes, itchy eyes and all of the symptoms and before i became in the claritin family i was popping the claritin as the symptoms remained. greg: do you like it when people say god bless you. in the military you don't say it. claritin, any particular line to be aware of? >> no, now is the allergy season and when it comes, it is time to make sure you calm the symptoms down. this year with this partnership, this is the second year in a row, but i am excited about the partnership with the boys and girls club and
9:45 am
kids to get outdoors, kids 6-17 are spending 30 minutes. greg: 30 minutes what? >> outside. rosanna: because they are playing video games. >> yes, we have to get them outside and enjoying the sunshine and vitamin d. greg: and nice game of tag. i love to play tag. rosanna: go outside and sing. >> yes. >> what is going on with you and the girls? a little reunion? >> i haven't talked about it. the project is a nationwide search for the girls, it is awesome experience, we have looked at a thousand girls. greg: this is putting together a
9:46 am
>> yes, it is not a reality show. it is a docu series. greg: what is the difference? >> one, when you look at d reality shows, you think it is planned. we are flying by the seat of our pants and seeing what happens and everything you see is awe thennic and organic. the way it is shot is docu series as well. rosanna: what is it when you look at someone for the qualities they have to make it? >> the potential is there. some weren't exactly ready yet, but the potential there, seeing the girls that stand off and they are ready to go. they had great voices and
9:47 am
greg: kelly t next group is a bunch of guys. >> yes, they are sounding great. greg: they are probably eneligible. >> well, they are guys. this is a girl's group. >> thank you so much. >> yes, log on to claritin. >> chasing destiny? >> april 5th, bet. >> thank you so much. we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water.
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greg: because of the rap i did a few years ago, i have to concentrate because of this. >> music, i go... rosanna: you put it in the head. now we have a group that really goes a cappella. no instruments, just vocals. greg: phil harmonic is the name of the group. no instruments. rosanna: is this going to mess you up? >> not at all. rosanna: how did you get together? >> well, we all went to school together and all sang in the same choir. >> how about you two?
9:51 am
and the first we met was filming the audition. >> what are you performing today? >> shut up and dance. >> perfect for us. >> by the way, see them today at macy's. we have the details live. here in manhattan.
9:52 am
she said shut up and dance with me oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me i said you're holding back she said shut up and dance with me this woman is my destiny she said oh oh oh shut up and dance with me oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me i said you're holding back she said shut up and dance with
9:53 am
this woman is my destiny she said oh oh oh shut up and dance with me oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me i said you're holding back she said shut up and dance with me this woman is my destiny she said oh oh oh shut up and dance with me rosanna: wow. they are so good. greg: do you have groupies yet? >> yeah. we love them. >> fantastic. >> macy's today at noon. thank you so much. give us a beat box for greg and i. >> sure. >> okay, greg. greg: rosanna is wearing orange. rosanna: and, we'll be right
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> thank you for saying nice things about us. we have a number of people to thank, thank you for the dj equipment. >> e want to try a rap. okay. >> ready. >> okay. >> this is about eating right for the kids. who, he be boosting hanging in the mercedes and coasting. not a bad start. >> have a good day new york. thank you.
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it's the wendy williams show. >> my girls are always turned out. and here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you. thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. fabulous.


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