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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab your crew for a great-tasting 2 for $5 deal today! bada ba ba ba >> it's a new day.
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between our two ownries. >> president obama meets face-to-face with cuban leader raul castro, this first time in 88 years a sitting u.s. president has visited cuba. steve: a big step but big differences still exist, sharon crowley is getting reaction from the cuban community. reporter: the cuban-american community is big here. we talked to people, find out what they thought about this historic meeting, others said they are cautiously optimistic. some cuban-americans in the restaurant told me they are happy, relations between cuba and the u.s. are changing. petition changing [ speaking in spanish ]
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cuba will be good. >> ben benito lived in cuba for 64 years, and pleased to see president obama and president raul castro meeting there today had. >> he said it is good for the two countries to prospering it. reporter: did you think this day would come? >> he never thought this this time would come, that the government of cuba is tough. reporter: president obama and president castro held a joint news conference. >> we will continue to stand up for basic principles we believe in, america believes in democracy. reporter: president castro made
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a few questions from reporters. >> there are profound differences between our countries that will not go way. reporter: a u.s. president has not been to cuba in nearly 90 years, there are now embassies in washington and havana, human rights, is still a sticking point between the two countries. >> they have warned them not to protest, it is a long-term gamble but it is historic and exciting to see at a certain level. reporter: president obama announcing that in future there will be more direct commercial flights from u.s. and cuba. and google will help cuba increase their internet service
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dari: sharon thank you, carnival cruise sets sale for cuba starting in may. the ships are smaller, there will be no snorkeling or broadway shows during the trip, the guests will spend 8 hours each day in a cultural experience. steve: hulk hogan gets more from the gawker. jury awarded hogan $150 million, last week after he argued he had no idea he was being recorded, when he had sex with his friend's wife in their home in florida, gawker then put that video on-line, without his permission. >> we have protected a lot of people, from going through what i went through.
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>> investigation into death of off-duty police officer found shot to death in a car, the car was found in a parking lot off of garden state parkway, he was in his personal vehicle, his name has not been officially released. dari: 9 people were injured after a mta bus crashed into a pillar, a qm 11 express bus was traveling south when is lost control, and struck part of the over pass, all of the injuries are nonlife threatening, no word on the cause of the crash. steve: the cost of giving laguardia airport a makeover on the rise, jumped to $5.3
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less than a year ago. dari: all bets are off in new york for fanduel and draftking, mac king where why they agreed to stop making wagers for now. >> today draftking and fanduel did the right thing. reporter: announcing an agreement between the state and daily fantasy sites monday to ban all players from state of new york, attorney general promised to continue pursuing claims of false advertising, and fraud against the company. >> this did you not en our legal action but this is a trend krause stuff. reporter: draftking wrote they will continue to work with lawmakers so new yorkers can play fantasy game they love. >> we'll see what happens in albany, 'not changed then we're back in court. reporter: they agreed to delay
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until fall. draft kings and fanduel must return all of the money to the accounts of players in the state within said days of the players withdrawing it. >> you have to ask the companies, i sent them a cease and dissist litter november 10. >> the attorney general felt optimistic that other companies would cease to do so, mac king, "fox 5 news." dari: the developing news, big showdown in court with apple and fbi over iphone encryption is on hold, the judge granted government's question to delay -- request to delay's tomorrow's hearing, they may have found a way up to lock one of the phone of the san bernardino killers without apple's house, they are getting help from an unnamed outside party.
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will work without compromising data on the phone. steve: small is the next big thing for apple, unveiling a smaller iphone and ipad today. reporter: apple ceo admitting that bigger may not be better -- after all. tim cook announced a launch of iphone se . dubbed most powerful 4 inch phone ever with look of an iphone' 5, and guts of a 6s. >> a lot of people like it. reporter: apple scale down the size of the latest iphone after consumer complained that the iphone 6 and 6 plus were too large for practical use. >> i heard from people, who love the bigger phones, i like having
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smaller phone it fits better in a pocket, it is better for one-handed use. >> it is easier to keep in your pocket. reporter: do you like iphones bigger or smaller. >>y would say bigger because of the side of my hand. >> smaller. reporter: why? >> it is easier to have if your hand, you don't have to think about dropping it. reporter: then cost, at 399 without a contract. almost 300 dollar less than an iphone 6s. it is cheapest launch price for any new iphone. >> there are a lot of android phones under $500, but apple has not had one under 500 that was not at least one-year-old. it goes on sale march 31, jennifer lahmers "fox 5 news." dari: twitter celebrates a
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tweets about 320 million users have joined in the last decade, they send approximately -- steve what was that? steve: woops. dari: 200 billion teats a year. >> twitter changed the way that news works, before twitter there was not a lot of ways that people could brick news before a major news outweigh would. twitter was forefront of it with people tweeting from the scene. reporter: twitter's growth may have reached peak, stock price was worth $69 in 2013 now at $16. steve: how do i know that people hate my suit coat if not for twitter. >> all right, now, no love in this match. dari: a tennis executive said about female players and big name pros firing back.
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taxes or clean toilets? the outrageous things that americans admit they would rather do than dealing with the irs. dari: controversial new challenge on social media, that women are doing to show off how skinny they are. hey what are you here for? you getting poked, prodded or pinched?? uhhh yeah, colon cancer
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steve: debate over equal pay hit professional tennis. dari: lidia curanaj with more. reporter: i want to be someone in the wta, because, they ride on the coattails of the men. reporter: that is rhameon moore, ceo of indian well tennis garden garden. >> every night on my knees, thank god for rodger federer and rodger ned el before,
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before they carried sport. reporter: they are not going over well, tennis star serena williams, was asked if she thought that moore's comments could be misinterpreted. >> i speak very good english, i am sure he does too. there is one way to get out of that, get on your knees, and thank a man, we as women have come a long way. we should not have to drop on your knees at any point. reporter: billie jean king also tweeted, disappointed in moore's comments he has run on so many levels, every player contributes to our success. perhap morals will never heart a ay graph monica sellers either. >> why would anyone pay attention to that. reporter: novak djokovic is
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he said, while women fought for what they deserve, and got it, he also suggested that prize money should be fairly distributed based on who sells more tickets. >> women are great athletes. reporter: moore is truly sorry, they'd say were in poor taste, and he apologized to the players and women's tennis association as a whole. by the way, 69-year-old moore was a tennis player himself, highest ranking, was number 34. lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." dari: chewing tobacco and other smokeless products are close to becoming a thing of the past at ballparks and stadiums in new york city, they approved a ban today by 6-0 vote, mets and yankees support that idea, they hope it willing passed in place
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so far, boston, san fran and l.a. have banned chewing tobacco at their ballparks. steve: one unlucky soccer fan, got a close-up look. it kept on rising, a female fan, stuck up an arm to protect herself, the ball struck with enough force to break her wrist. she was in pain. she nearly passed out, she made it out of the stadium, you were her own power -- under her own power, you don't really think about that. dari: the pain of when i broke my wrist that is not fun. this house in westchester was once owned by yankee great lou gehrig, you can buy it right now for $400,000. he bought it for his parents in
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yanks and died in 1941 of als that became known as lou gehrig's disease. steve: americans hate tax times, and say they would rather clean bathrooms at chipotle then do their taxes, mac king with more. >> i love them like everyone else does. reporter: internal revenue service cannot touch our sense of humor. >> they are not my favorite organization. reporter: if any american enjoys paying taxes they did not reveal themselves on fox 5 this night. >> this is joyful. >> i try to do taxes every year. reporter: personal finance web site, surveyed 1,000 taxpayers and found what you would expect. >> it painful. reporter: 27% of those polled would tattoo irs on their body, 7% rather do their
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would rather peak too their children about sex, than pay the irs. credit for child, attach form. >> it is a mess. reporter: in too tiny font, they chew up whatever understanding of your personal financial responsibility to the government. >> it is impossible to do it without software. reporter: either from line page 1 or above, find number in table one below that applies to lowest paying job, enter here, if you are married filing jointly. -- do not enter more than 3. is that french? >> after irs collected more than 3 trillion dollars last year, few seemed confident in returns. >> i am a new yorker, i get
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than everyone else. reporter: no. >> not everything back. >> absolutely not. >> a trade off, do i want to spend 5 hours getting that extra hundred bucks. >> no, i am an american i have an obligation, i pay my taxes, i don't have to like it. reporter: mac king, "fox 5 news." steve: it is that hard, on-line makes it easy. dari: i wonder if anyone likes doing their taxes. steve: no. dari: unless you get a big return. steve: not worse than cleans bathrooms at kip chippy on thely. on the -- chipotle. dari: do these panthers have what it takes? steve: simone boyce inside auditions of a kids version of so you think you can dance. dari: if you see something, still say something, the mta is adding a new slogan to get new
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dari: search is on for next dance super star. steve: so you think you can dance held auditions in new york, simone boyce shows us what is different about this upcoming season. reporter: so you think you can dance returns may 30, this time the judges are look figure a
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>> i am looking for a star. you know, it's not more difficult than that, you have to come up and know how to dance. but. america wants to see who the next star is. like they have to come with that special something that light that makes america want to vet vote for them. >> the kids were amazing they were more brilliant -- they have been training since they were so young, they have been eating the right things, doing the right things, working out in the right way, they have been holded to be dance super gods. reporter: ruby is hoping to dazzle america with a ballroom routine. >> i am excited and nervous, i want to show the judges the best that i can do. reporter: which judge makes you most nervous. >> probably nigel. he gives tough criticism, and i am also like grateful i can hear from him.
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bad one yet. >> no. even those who we say no to they have potential. tremendous potential. reporter: joshua has his head in the game. >> i will be doing hip-hop, and some contemporary lyric el. reporter: he traveled from vero beach florida. >> what is going through your head right now oh, my gosh the lights are so bright, so happy, too much hyperness. news." steve: all right, how would donald trump handle world afirsts if he becomes president. dari: what he reveals about his controversial views,. steve: cops hop to it after easter bunny gets into a brawl at a local mall. what triggered this fight. easter bunny, in white bunny
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>> when i'm president, believe me i will veto any attempt by u.n. to impose its well on the jewish state. steve: donald trump making his first foreign policy speech in washington, d.c.,. dari: he revealed names of those advising him on foreign policy matters, linda schmidt with more on trump's team. >> iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. we will work to demandel that reach bebelieve me. believe me. reporter: donald trump addressed israel security concerns, speaking before the american israel public affairs committee, known as aipac. in a interview, republican presidential frontrunner named 5 members of his foreign policy advisory team, retired army lieutenant general keith
10:29 pm
carter page, a long time energy industry executive. george pap dop less, an advisor to ben carson, and walid phares with an academic background. and advised some members of congress. hitters. >> drusm said trump would like u.s. to devote more resources to guilty more infrastructure at home, and pullback from aiding american allies in europe, asia and nato. >> what type of message do you think he is sending to world leaders. >> donald trump is very wary -- of foreign conflicts, they might take comfort from that. reporter: a senior fellow at brookings. he said if the u.s. would scale
10:30 pm
and russian president putin would takeover. >> if we're not there, to shore up western resolve against mr. putin, then, he can do what he wants to europe. reporter: both of expert i spoke with, say they are also hoping that donald trump starting to surround himself with more experienced foreign affairs advisors then actually start to listen to them. >> all right. thank you linda. >> donald trump's older sister now threatened, why marianne trump barry receiving a letter on friday, the same day that trump's son eric received a letter with a suspicious white powder, the substance was harmless, and letter demand his father drop out of the race for president. >> a teenager from washington
10:31 pm
doodle honoring honoring african-american heritage it was selected from 100,000 doodle for google submissions that celebrates african-american culture from, left to right, her childhood experiences, and the shades of her personalty with every day scenes. steve: if you see anything say something getting a new look. public safety campaign now adds slowing al an, new yorkers keep new york stave. videos features team who did say something. >> these are faces of every day riders, they come from all walks of life. that regard they represent the -- diverse community that is new york. russ: they will run on-line, and print ads on trains and buses and station. dari: mta wants to make sure
10:32 pm
30 times for the related crimes does not profit from a film being made about him, they were pursue any funds to be paid to -- he was arrested for stealing a greyhound bus in new jersey. steve: juan have -- have been charged with aggravated assault. police say they got into a fight after the one-year-old daughter slipped from the chair, watch this, back comes easter bunny
10:33 pm
little girl was not hurt. we have amazing video. dari: they had to see it all those kids? >> traumatizing. traumatize. dari: ridiculous. it is a challenge to see how skinny you really are. steve: new social media craze, that has women trying to hide their waist behind a piece of paper. dari: the phone that makes you feel high? >> tonight's new york minute. >> cast of tony award winning show avenue q, celebrating word up a tree day. >> i am a puppet. a fabricated american. you know, having a day to celebrate us. everything that puppets do is important. >> puppets got political.
10:34 pm
donald trumps, here we are today today. reporter: dancer celebrate ground breaking for a new dance school in long island city, they will offer classes and workshops. >> so many cultural institutions that represented visual art, and sculpture, i saw there was a opening for performing art institution. to open in september, is why your new york minute, steve: check out fox 5 ny weather app. forecast, and radars, you get weather headlines, and storm alerts and warnings, download
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>> apple looking for bigger sales by going smaller and cheaper, unveiling the through
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screen, and less expensive. sales of existing homes falling more than 7% last month. cost of buying a home is not only thing going up, getting to work is getter more expensive. a gallon of gas a nickel more than last week. >> and it appears that americans will do anything to avid paying taxes more than 1 in 4 of us would get a tattoo of th internal revenue service if it meant we would never have to pay uncle sam again. i am neil cavuto. >> makers of new headphones promise to bring you more than just music, nrvna device, said you can get high with
10:39 pm
to trigger release of dopamine in the brain, they say it does, it is connected to a generate or, users tor feel calm and relaxed after 15 too 45 minutes of use, to indy go go for 279 bucks, and ship by june. dari: well singer kesha is appealing a judge's ruling to keep working with sony music producer, the one that she claims raped her, she tried to get out of that agreement, she signed in 2005, arguing she could no longer work with dr. luke, who said drugged and raped her when she was 18, she claims also that he abused her psychologically for years, dr. luke denies the allegations saying she made them up to get out of her contract. steve: amy schumer feeling generous, leaving a $1,000 tip
10:40 pm
saturday on a $77 bar tab, this is not first time she hooked up bartenders. last time she was there she left 80 tip on $4 check. >> dari: they are posing with sheets of paper to show off their tiny waste. steve: latest instagram fad that has doctors worried about potential of triggering eating disordered. dari: a contest to come up with
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dari: we all agree this is dumb. a body image trend is the new thing on internet. steve: hiding their weight waist behind a piece of paper. lidia curanaj with the new challenge. reporter: social media trend, a 4 waist challenge, involves women holding up a piece of paper to show how paper thin they are. >> ridiculous. reporter: her waists has to be smaller than a piece of paper, you have to measure verticaly,
10:44 pm
any healthy woman to meet. >> the trends go across world so quickly, it is terrible to young women, who are vulnerable. reporter: that is the type of women who can then develop, an eating disorder. >> they are really difficult to treat, an anorexia in particular, they can be lethal. reporter: photoshops, like these, also reinforce unrealistic expectations. >> each woman needs to take a stan could decide she is not going to join this movement, she will promote she is more than a body. reporter: so far the a 4 waist challenge is mostly popular in asia, women we spoke to say trends like this belonging in one place, the garbage.
10:45 pm
should be like love your own be happy with your size. >> everyone is looking at outer appearance of people, they 14 look at the inner, "fox 5 news." steve: always something with that social media. dari: we played with the paper during the break. >>er break. -- i don't get it verticaly or horizonly, i am okay with that. >> you should be. >> audrey: this morning we started off across the area we're getting more spring-like weather, talk about temperatures, high in central park, 50. we had that today about 2:45, just about average for this time of year, we had a half of an
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central park. a little cooler in monticello, in low 40s there. low 50s to poughkeepsie issue right now we have cooled down a bit. we're in 30s in poughkeepsie and sussex to 28. we're at front in city, 40 in islip, you saw some snow fall at montauk this morning, winds have been a nuisance, they have been blustery, 10 to 15 miles per hour, that will continue to be breezy overnight, fact oar in with you can en temperatures it feels like 30s, except shin is monticello with a windchill of 17. satellite radar shows things are quiet, there have been a couple of snow flakes picked up to the radar across northwestern new jersey.
10:47 pm
flakes, it southty of a northwest wind flow picking up moisture off of the great lakes and depositing it in the state here in the form of snow. going clear tonight, no worry about snow or rain in the region, next concern will be an area of low pressure over idaho and montana, and one that is working to west coast. they will be working in our direction, i think second one will affect us by thursday, that will bring a next chance of resip. before that, a -- precip, a nice warm air mass to the southwest, sweeping eastward, temperatures will rise into 60s, for tonight, mostly clear, that is how we start tuesday. sunshine in the morning, high clouds in afternoon.
10:48 pm
clouds for much of the day. we'll stay dry for wednesday, and temperatures soar to 60s by then. that is my bet for best weather day of the week, tonight clear, cold, windy. overnight lows to 20s. north and west. then tomorrow, smiths a mix of sun, cloud, breezy but not as windy as today, temperatures average in mid 4s to low 50s. 65 in central park on wednesday. thursday clouds return. so did the chances of rape, i rain, i think that rain will hole off until thursday evening, and temperatures will be slight slight above average for much of the week, next chance of rain next week on monday. steve: get up to mid 60 again thank you. steve: russ is in next with sports.
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>> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents, it is a center of culture, the greatest stay in the world. >> we all still type, fewer and fewer of us do so with a typewriter. >> having the feel of the machine, seeing the words hit the paper. >> this is two latinos working in computer science, he came to united states at age of 4. >> when did you fall in love with computers. >> my father brought me the atari, he has created over a thousand web sites.
10:53 pm
new york city since 20 $10 a lot of roof want rooftop hives like this one all over the city. russ: earlier in the show, you heard about the dope, one out in indian wells california saying that women's pro tennis players ride the coattails of men, then he said that lady players should get down on their knees and thank god that rodger federer andal al rafeal nadal were born because they have carried this sport, you are kidding me? let me mention two women, serena and venus williams, there are
10:54 pm
manyfamous, they have cretted created an interest from african-americans that was no there before, and a interest from kids that was not there before. the same way that tiger woods created for golf. moore the ceo of indian wells tennis garden has apologized. all right, but for a cocoa co-ceo in the sport of tennis to make that kind of comment is beyond idiotic. >> okay. woody johnson, today for nfl owners meeting had a message for 50, come back to the jets, that soups fine and dandy, woody but talk to cheap. just pay up. you have a done deal.
10:55 pm
just two weeks away, degrom looking sharp on the mound at port st. lucy this afternoon. also looking sharp, lefty, jeffery blevins with a perfect 1, 2, 3, 6th inning. if he can stay healthy, he can be valuable for the mets in 2016, yanks had the night off, rangers beat panthers, flyers top islanders. >> thank you. british government learned hard way not to let the people on internet, name something important. dari: they create a contest to come up with the name, the name that is in lead is boaty mcboat face, with more than 27,000 votes issue ahead of some
10:56 pm
liken -- endeavor or falcon. >> the web site went down today because of what they are calling overwhelming interest, boaty mcboat face was suggested by a bbc radio host as a joke, he never thought ta would take off. steve: a uniquely british form of humor. russ: i have a good name. steve: what is that. russ: the iron lady. >> yeah. russ: you know from history, margaret thatcher. steve: i don't know if that will overcome boaty mcboat face. >> take care, warmer weather on
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is anyone else troubled by the spider-man theme song? why would it trouble you? it's, like, your third favorite cartoon theme song. it is, right behind
11:00 pm
...and teenage mutant ninja turtles heroes in a half-shell others: turtle power! however, the spider-man lyrics posit that "spider-man, spider-man does whatever a spider can." yeah, so? i can think of many things spider-man can't do that a spider can. one: crawl in your ear and die. two: legally leave guatemala without a passport. three: have sex with a spider. can we change the subject? spiders give me the jeebie-jeebies. it's "heebie-jeebies." i know, but that sounds anti-semitic. anyway, i was thinking we could have a little film festival tonight. the theme: movies that killed their franchises. oh. like jaws 4, indiana jones 4, daredevil 1. (chuckles)


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