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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: breaking news out of belgium, a situation is developing rapidly. several people are dead after two explosions at the airport in brussels, very busy airport, gunfire at the brussels airport. another report of a possible explosion at a train station. all this is developing, we will have live coverage in a moment. ben: the nypd taking on the stabbings, we have the latest on that. juliet: donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich getting ready to go at it in the battle for the state's primary. ben: busy tuesday morning, i am ben simoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. we walked in here and all of a sudden everything started going crazy on the wires.
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always fluid. ben: at least one flight from brussels. we will determine where that plane will end it because morning. let's check the weather and get back to this and more in a moment. >> meteorologist: we managed plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, made it to 50 , 53 at newark, much cooler start this morning dropping into the 30s, 36 in central park and newark, 35 in bridgeport, winds from the west northwest at 5 to 10 mph, 14 in islip, feeling more like early spring which is what we have with a mainly clear sky, nothing going on as far as priest it is concerned. a few snow flurries in upstate new york but not here in the tri-state. high pressure in control.
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temperatures on the way. 47 by midday, high temperature of 54 and all the way to 68 on wednesday, 66 thursday, shower chances coming back late thursday into friday. it is rainfall we are talking about. let's go to in his rozelle is. sapna: the commute looking pretty good, garden state parkway moving fine. a little red on the turnpike, construction going on but no significant delays. looking at the live by numb 106-numone 07, trains on or close to schedule, citywide. juliet: breaking news out of brussels. ben: two explosions ripped
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there are a lot of moving numbers, the associated press reporting one dead. that is the official number from brussels police but there are other outlets, two or three death at this point. there was another explosion at a train station in that city, robert moses is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: we have late word not only about that explosion at the train station near the european union headquarters, we have learned all train stations in brussels have been shut down. several people are confirmed dead in the explosions at the brussels airport, several people confirmed dead. explosions happened in the departure hall near the american airlines check-in desk at 8:00 am local time as hundreds of people are trying to check in for their flights. police say many have been
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we have seen images of shattered glass, injured people with bloodstains on their clothes as they walked away from the airport deus. shots were fired and someone could be heard shouting in arabic before those twin explosions at the airport. first-aid teams have been dispatched to treat the wounded and people are being told to stay away. as for the timing you can't help but wonder if these explosions had anything to do with the capture of sol a out islam in brussels, the only surviving perpetrator of the attack that killed 130 people in november in paris. so far no one has taken responsibility for today's explosions in brussels. so far we have reports that several people have died in those explosions at the airport, all flights canceled or diverted
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word of that explosion at the e.u. headquarters in downtown brussels, the death toll may well rise. another update in a few minutes. that is the latest from the newsroom. >> did you mention the reports this was at the american airlines counter? >> this was a really busy time, 8:00 in the morning, people checking in for their flights. >> it was supposed to land half a mile ago. it has not yet landed so it is not clear where they may or may not be diverting to. there is another flight in the
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ready to stop the spike in stabbings. >> bill bratton testified at a city hall budget hearing about a recent spike in cuttings across the city. >> this is increased and we are attempting to identify where this is occurring. >> reporter: their have been 150 additional cuttings this year. >> a lot of this is fueled by emotion, disputes, family situations. >> reporter: many incidents have happened that the ground, the nypd has deployed more officers within the subway system and after downplaying the issue the police commissioner and the mayor will announce a new plan to tackle it. >> we are prioritizing, focusing on that particular crime. one in our streets, three and
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schools is of significant concern for the public. juliet: an easter bunny at a father at a new jersey shopping mall, 22-year-old charles and guerrero were charged with disorderly conduct and assault. they threw punches after his one-year-old daughter slipped from her chair when taking a photo with charles who was dressed as the easter bunny, this was at the newport ctr. mall. the little girl wasn't hurt. both men are due in court this afternoon. ben: the government may have figured out a way to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooters without apple's help. a hearing and a showdown with apple, prosecutors asked for a delay and the judge granted it. they are getting help from outside parties but will not say who that is or reveal details about the procedure. testing is still required to see
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compromising the data on the phone. juliet: president obama winds up his trip to cuba with a televised speech and meet with political dissidents. he held up press conference with raul castro pressuring him to improve his record on human rights. >> true with countries around the world where we have normalized relations we will continue to stand up for basic principles that we believe in. america believes in democracy. juliet: that was the president. he leaves later today for argentina. ben: draft kings cut a deal to ban all players from new york state. in november eric schneiderman declared them illegal gambling. they agreed to return all the money to players in new york, the state and two companies
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court proceedings until the fall. >> the law has to be changed if they operate. we will see what happens in albany avenue and if it does not we are back in court. ben: a statement says it will continue to push state lawmakers to allow fantasy sports to operate in new york state. juliet: we are watching what is going on in brussels, belgium. there have been explosions, two
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a report juliet: we are following breaking news out of brussels, belgium. ben: two explosions ripped through brussels airport. killed at least one person. there was a third explosion at a subway station near the headquarters of the european union. let's go to robert moses following that situation in the newsroom. >> reporter: news from belgium media that we 10 people have died, 30 have been injured, ten dead, 30 injured in these explosions. i want to go live to a shot of sky news, dealing with at least two different scenes. first of all we have what is happening at brussels airport
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explosions in the departure hall near the american airlines desk. here is a shot from sky news. on the left the brussels airport where you had those two explosions. now we have another explosion at a train station in downtown brussels near the headquarters of the european union. we don't know if any have been injured or killed in that explosion, but the brussels transport authority has closed all metro stations in the city. a chaotic scene unfolding on two fronts. on the left you see people fleeing the airport after those two explosions at around 8:00 this morning as hundreds of people were checking in for flights near the american airlines check-in desk. a few minutes ago the explosion at one of these train stations in brussels right near the e.u. headquarters.
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down and we are awaiting word of the airport having been closed so any incoming flights that were to have gone to the brussels airport are being diverted away from the airport. other airports in europe on heightened alert. i know heathrow has increased its security as a result of what happened earlier in brussels but these explosions coming right in the middle of the busy morning rush as people were flying out of the airport trying to leave the country and now one of the issues we are following, no confirmation on any group that has claimed responsibility but these explosions are coming four days after the capture of saul are out islam, the only surviving member of the group that carried out the horrific attacks in paris in november killing 130 people. you have to question if these
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that is top of mind. these new images from sky news, glass blown out at the airport in brussels on the left and the train station explosion on the right, the smoke that has been emanating near the e.u. headquarters, we are following this. belgium media is saying twee 10 people have been killed and 30 injured in these attacks. another report in a couple minutes. ben: looks like delta flight 42 was in the air when this happened from jfk to brussels diverted to amsterdam, showing it has not landed yet in brussels, they were diverting all flights. robert moses, thank you very much for that. juliet: let's get a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: it is a cooler
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the finish will be warmer later on but at this .36 , cooler, central park and newark, allentown checked in at 30, 25 in monticello, 35 in iceland, winds from the west northwest at 7 to 14 miles an hour. it was pretty windy out there yesterday. today it will be breezy but not as windy as yesterday. we are looking at mainly clear sky. any precept is happening well to the north out of the tri-state region. even that is not making it to the ground. the air is pretty dry. high pressure is building over the southeast extending to the northeast as well. we have a pretty quiet weather scenario, doesn't look like much of anything for at least two or three days.
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much, a few high clouds in the area, any precept near the tri-state there is a frontal boundary to the north dangling and hanging out in northern regions but that may cause a few showers to the north but not much in the tri-state region. if anything did pop through it would be a quick sprinkle. that is happening today, tomorrow into thursday. thursday and friday we have a better chance of showers in the core of the tri-state. until then some sunnier, drier, warmer weather, 37 x 9:00 a.m. 47 by noon, high temperature 54 , breezy but not as windy as yesterday, tomorrow 68 for a high with partly cloudy sky, 66 thursday. shower chances pickup between thursday into friday. still pretty mild friday and drying out and cooling down as we head into saturday, high temperature 53
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at the apps at the google play store it is free. take a peek at what is going on with the roads and rail this tuesday morning. greg: 3 construction has been cleared away. rockland and westchesser crossing the tappan zee bridge no problems towards the palisades, let's go to the cameras and look at staten island expressway by victory boulevard westbound and eastbound smooth sailing. the george washington bridge upper and lower level no delays, same for the lincoln and holland tunnel. ben: presidential candidates continue their campaign in arizona, utah and idaho. juliet: they are hoping to sway voters in those western states. >> reporter: the next round of
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hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing their attacks on each other. clinton condemning donald after violent rhetoric at his rallies. >> if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> reporter: trump hit back hard at hillary during a town hall monday night. while defending his supporters who he said are passionate and angry with the way the country is going. >> she shouldn't be running. she should not be allowed to run based on the emails. she is being protected. >> reporter: ted cruz attacks donald trump on his a stance on israel. donald said he will be very pro-israel. >> leading republican opponent promised he as president would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me be very clear. i as president, i will not be neutral. >> reporter: john kasich says he
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>> this will go to the convention. if i hadn't won ohio and trump had won he would be the nominee but he didn't. >> reporter: bernie sanders is fighting his own battle to stay relevant within the democratic race. >> i am not a quitter. we will fight this to the last vote, give every american the chance to decide which candidate nominee. >> reporter: voters will head to the polls tuesday in arizona. idaho and utah hold caucuses. juliet: we are continuing to follow the situation in brussels, belgium. several people were killed, there were explosions at the airport and the metro station. you see people scurrying from
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juliet: we are following developing news, serious development happening in the last half hour in brussels, belgium. ben: there were several explosions that tore through the main departure hall at brussels airport followed by at least one more explosion, perhaps several more in a subway station near the european union headquarters.
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what do we know? >> reporter: we are monitoring development out of belgium. according to belgian media, twee 10 people have died, 30 injured. we have two scenes to tell you about. first of all on the left, brussels airport is around where 8:00, twin explosions ripped through the departures hall, the american airlines check-in desk specifically where hundreds of people were attempting to check-in and an hour after those explosions we had another explosion at the subway station in downtown brussels near the european union headquarters. several people are believed to have been injured in that explosion. the subway system has been completely shut down and the
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to stay in place at headquarters near the subway station, or to remain at home. let's talk about the airport. brussels airport serving 23 million passengers every year. that gives you a sense how busy this place is. the airport has been shut down so any flights have been left, been canceled, any flights that were to have arrived are being diverted to other airports. you mentioned one of the effect of flights has been diverted to amsterdam. the timing of these explosions and we know of at least three, comes four days after the capture of the sole survivor of the paris terror attack plot, salat al islam, who was captured
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and the speculation is these attacks were timed to coincide with his capture. no one has claimed responsibility as of yet, but we know according to belgian media that twee 10 people have died, 30 have been injured and several more injured in this blast at the subway station near european union headquarters, the brussels transport authority has closed all metro stations as a result of what happened underground. the scene at the airport on the left, we are following both of them, this is rapidly developing in brussels. juliet: these are not live images, they were taken shortly after the attacks. officials, must be a kick in the
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trying to get information from salah abdeslam and you would hope it would prevent the attack. ben: the american airlines check in desk, it was 8:30 brussels time, there was a flight 751 scheduled to leave brussels for philadelphia at 9:40. an hour and 15 minutes later you got to wonder if a lot of people were bound for the new jersey area. american airlines flight 751 has been canceled. >> reporter: the pictures on the
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have killed several people, perhaps as many as ten. there is an american connection to this. 15 the fbi may have found a way into the san bernardino help.


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