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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  March 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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have killed several people, perhaps as many as ten. there is an american connection to this. 15 the fbi may have found a way into the san bernardino help.
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>> president obama wrapping up his trip to cuba after a joint castro. juliet: i am julia. ben: i am been simoneau. an simoneau. a lot to get to. pretty quiet. out there this morning for starters it is cooler. central park, newark, 32, partly cloudy to mainly clear sky, not much happening today, winds a little lighter, they have relaxed a bit, pretty gusty but now coming from the west northwest, 7 to 14 mph. still significant but not as bad as yesterday. locally looking mainly clear, not much happening here. very light snow showers on radar
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frontal boundary stalled out in that region, just isn't much coming to mix things up or bring any changes. we are in pretty good shape. mostly sunny skies with milder highs from 29 to 54, winds at 7:14, mostly cloudy later tonight with mild lows from 40 to 46. through the next 7 days, 54 jumps to a high of 68 tomorrow, southwest wind is helping us out. 66 thursday, shower chances coming back late thursday into friday. let's bring in ines rosales. sapna: your commute looks good. some on the new jersey turnpike, it is not causing any significant delays. the parkway across the driscoll
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westbound traffic clear, the trains, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules back in effect. ben: breaking news out of brussels, belgium, a couple explosions tore through the brussels airport, departure hall and metro station killing several people, injuring dozens more. robert moses is following the situation in the newsroom. >> reporter: bad news to tell you about. the death toll has risen according to belgian media. 13 people have been killed, 35 severely wounded. that is the word from belgian media. i want to look at sky news. this shows you the scenes, on the left at 8:00 this morning local time, two explosions ripped through the brussels airport, specifically the departures hall by the american
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hundreds of people were checking in for their flights. there are reports that shots were fired and there was yelling in arabic immediately preceding airport. people could be seen walking away from there, dazed with blood covering their body. an hour after those explosions at the airport which you are seeing now, and our after those explosions, there was another explosion in downtown brussels at the train station, several people are believed to have been injured in that explosion. that station incidentally is right near the european union headquarters. e.u. commission has told its staff members to either stay in place inside the building, or to remain at home. as a result of these explosions, the brussels transport authority has closed all metro stations.
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these attacks. they come four days after the capture of salah abdeslam. who could forget this dramatic capture? shots fired, salah abdeslam was dragged out of that home in brussels, believed to be the only surviving member of the group that perpetrated those horrific attacks in paris in november. those attack skilled numb 130 people, there was a report that came out recently from police in paris that this group had refined its tactics to make them more severe and to inflict more harm and they killed numb 130 people in november. everyone now wondering if these attacks in brussels are the result of the capture of salah abdeslam just four days ago in belgium. the latest number we have so far, 13 people killed, 35 severely wounded according to
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the airport. we are dealing with another explosion in downtown brussels. another report in a couple minutes. juliet: they choose the prescreening area near the check-in desks to inflict mass casualties, there are not screeners there or a lot of security. thanks very much, we will keep checking back, the government says it may have found a way to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooter is without apple's help. the feds were set to go to court with a showdown with apple but asked for a delay and the judge did grant it, they are getting help from a, quote, outside party. they won't say who or reveal details about the procedure. they say testing is required to see if the method is viable without compromising data on that phone which is very important to them. the phone that was used by sayed
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ben: stopping the spike in stabbings. juliet: carrie drew joins us with that information. >> reporter: there has been a significant increase across the city most of those incidents in the subway system. the mayor and police commissioner will announce a new plan to tackle this issue. police commissioner bill bratton testified at a city hall budget hearing where he was questioned about a recent spike in flashings across the city. >> it has increased, what we are attempting to do is identify where this is occurring, who is involved. >> reporter: the increase is dramatic, there have been 150 additional flashings and stabbings this year, up from the same time last year. >> this is fueled by emotion, disturbances, disputes, family situations. >> reporter: many have happened
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and today after months of downplaying the issue the police announce a new plan to tackle it. >> we are prioritizing, focusing on that particular crime because one in our subway system, two in our streets, three and housing developers, four in our schools and in our parks, has grown to among the public. >> reporter: the biggest increase in stabbings has been in the bronx. as for specifics of this plan the police commissioner would not go into much detail yesterday but set all of that would be addressed at the news conference later, it will happen at 11 am at numb one police plasma. ben: president obama winds up his historic trip to cuba with a televised speech to that nation and meet with political dissidents. he held a joint press conference with raul castro.
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pressuring castro to improve his record on human rights. >> with countries around the world where we have normalized relations. we will continue to stand up for basic principles that we believe in. america believes in democracy. ben: president obama leaves later for argentina. we have an update on the situation in belgium where there have been several explosions, three at the airport and subway station combined and fatalities are rising. juliet: ten people dead, 35 injured. mike is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: the forecast changing, warmer, more springlike weather, starting at 36 as you step out the door. plenty of sunshine coming up with high temperatures this afternoon back into the low to mid 50s. if you want weather information,
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juliet: continuing to follow breaking news out of belgium. explosions have gone off through the city, two confirmed that the brussels airport and metro
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reports of 13 or 14 people at developing, doesn't have been injured. belgium but home of nato, home of the european union. a lot of government responsibility in that city. ben: international european presence and a couple days after the capture of salah abdeslam, the chief suspect in the paris terror attacks from november. let's go to robert moses who is following the situation in the newsroom. >> reporter: there are unconfirmed reports that ten people have died in the explosion in the subway. that was an hour after the twin explosions at the airport in brussels. let's take a live look at sky news.
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coming out of the airport. to recap what happened, at 8:00 this morning twin explosions ripped through the brussels airport, the departures call by the american airlines check-in desk. this is an airport that serves 23.5 million passengers every single year. that gives you a sense how busy this airport must have been when the explosions took place. there are reports that people could be heard shouting in arabic immediately preceding the explosions and shots fired as well. an hour after those explosions at the airport, we had the explosion at the metro station in downtown brussels near where the offices for the european union are. what we said at the top, there are unconfirmed reports that an additional ten people have been killed in that metro attack.
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dead in the airport attack and unconfirmed reports an additional ten people have died in that blast in the metro station. brussels transport authority have shut down all train service throughout the city. now a word on the timing of these attacks. they come just days after the capture of salah abdeslam. in a hail of gunfire he was dragged out of that apartment in brussels. salah abdeslam believed to be the only surviving member of the group that carried out those horrific attacks in paris that killed numb 130 people. authorities had feared reprisal attacks as a result of his capture just a few days ago. although we don't know what group or groups may be behind today's attacks, it appears
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been timed to coincide with his capture. we are dealing with at least two different scenes, brussels airport where we have those twin explosions at 8:00 local time and an hour after that another explosion at the metro station in downtown brussels near the european union headquarters. the death toll has increased significantly. belgian media saying 13 dead, 35 injured in the airport explosions and there are reports that an additional ten people have died in that explosion in the metro station. as soon as we get confirmation on those numbers we will let you know. ben: a couple quick notes about flights, delta flight 42 was en route from jfk to brussels and has been diver to amsterdam. plate 47 en route from jfk to brussels is still in the air and not clear where it will land because that airport is closed. american airlines check-in desk, there was a flight, around that
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checking in, it was bound for philadelphia, american airlines flight 751. >> reporter: heathrow airport in london and other airports in europe, affected by what is happening here. they have increased their security as a result of this and other airports do the same. ben: keep monitoring the developments. juliet: let's get over to mike woods for a check of the weather >> meteorologist: another springlike day, winds will be relaxing a little bit, temperatures getting up. 37 is the normal low, we dropped to 36 . sunrise time at 6:55. we are reporting mainly clear sky, 36 , winds from the west
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get you going out the door. it is 32 in poughkeepsie, in montauk, the warmer spot we have now, winds from the west end, 17 mph. and not as significant as we had yesterday. radar and satellite pretty quiet around the northeast especially in the tri-state. a few flakes of snow in upstate new york. an area of low pressure near the plane states but nothing coming up of significance weatherwise. mainly clear sky, and a focal
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and a quiet stretch for the next couple days. clouds thickening up and shower chances picking up overnight. and 54 in the city, mostly cloudy later tonight, more clouds, no precept, lows dropping 40 to 46 and high of 68 tomorrow, nearly 70, as well as thursday into friday. as we go into saturday into sunday. pretty quiet weatherwise. let's bring in in as. ines: grand central pkwy. grand
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fdr drive some delays by 73rd st. southbound construction. delays up to 96 street on the northbound side. bqe towards the brooklyn bridge, no delays crossing brooklyn, manhattan and williamsport bridge. ben: the mta is updating, at campaign, with the september 11th terrorist attack, new ads will feature a new slogan, new yorkers keep new york safe and show people who did say something. >> these are faces of every day riders from all walks of life and represent the diverse community that is new york. ben: public safety videos will run online, print ads on trains and buses and in stations. juliet: new york wants to make sure kids are never left alone in a car, approving a measure
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juliet: if you are just waking up you are waking up to news that is not very pleasant, we are following breaking news out of brussels, belgium, apparently there have been two explosions at the airport, sounds like they american airlines desk in the departure lounge in the main screened. you don't have to go through security to get to this area. it is believed there was a suicide bomber. reports from belgian media say 13 have been killed, 35 severely wounded. ben: images from sky news, it appears to be on the right, what happened afterward, this was an explosion at a subway station in downtown brussels very near the headquarters of the european union, e.u. headquartered in that city, images from brussels airport. let's go to robert moses who has
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this including an updated death toll. >> reporter: authorities in brussels are telling everyone to stay where they are. everyone in brussels to remain where they are. that is extraordinary and suggests they are checking other places. we don't know if there could potentially be other attacks. here at home we heard from the nypd, the nypd is aware of the situation and we are monitoring it for further developments. everyone in brussels being told to remain where they are, 13 dead, 35 injured in those twin attacks at brussels airport at 8:00 this morning local time, hundreds of people were checking in near the american airlines check-in desk.
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explosion at the metro station in downtown brussels. reports suggest up to ten people may have been killed in that subway attack alone. those are unconfirmed reports but we are hearing reports that ten people may have died in that explosion at the subway station. everyone in brussels is being told to remain in place, remain where they are as police search for the perpetrators who carried out these three explosions. ben: we want to mention there were no flight scheduled this morning from brussels back here to new york. you mentioned the american airlines desk, a lot of people checking in at the time, 8:00 in
5:27 am
hour and 40 minutes later, for flight 751. that has been canceled. juliet: if you have questions about what is going on at the brussels airport, there is a number on their website or look on their twitter page and they have the information for you if you want to make some phone calls or have friends or family traveling over there.
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juliet: we are covering breaking news out of brussels, belgium. major developments, there have been explosions, two at the station that killed several we are hearing reports of 13, 14 people at the airport and ten people at the metro station, metro and airport close down, latest updates coming up. ben: authorities in brussels telling everyone to stay where they are. brussels airport has been closed, details in a moment. let's check the weather and get
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>> meteorologist: things are pretty uneventful weatherwise, cool start, central park, same in newark, 25 in sussex, 34 in bridgeport with mainly clear skies, winds from the west at 7 to 14 mph, mainly clear sky, nice and quiet, warmer, winds will come down, it was windy yesterday, we have a stalled out frontal boundary to the north, where cloud cover will be along with a few flurries. we don't have to worry about that today, lots of sunshine in the afternoon, high temperature 54 today, tomorrow 68, close to 70. some folks in the inland sections hit 70. 66 thursday, shower chances pickup thursday into friday. let's take a look at what is going on with the commute. ines: construction wrapped up,
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bridge, no problem staten island into bricklin. roadwork is affecting your commute, southbound on fdr drive, traffic flow from 73rd st. towards the 59th st. bridge. the lincoln tunnel if you are driving into the city a bit of a slowdown but very minor. juliet: we are following breaking news out of belgium, explosions of got off at the airport at the metro station. we have some numbers coming in about people killed at the airport and the train station. these numbers are fluid because this is breaking news. ben: there were two explosions at the departure hall, one very near the american airlines check-in desk and shortly
5:33 am
subway station near the headquarters of the european union in downtown brussels. >> reporter: these numbers are rapidly evolving, they are not confirmed at this point. a total of 23 people have died in these explosions so at 8:00 this morning we had those twin explosions you mentioned in the departures hall at the brussels airport right near the american airlines check-in counter. hundreds of people were checking in for their flights this morning. immediately preceding those explosions, shouting in arabic the explosions. people could be seen walking away from the airport with blood covering their clothes. glass was shattered all over the place. abandoned luggage could be seen in the terminal.
5:34 am
any flights heading to brussels have been diverted to airports, any flights to have departed brussels have been canceled altogether. 13 dead in those explosions and an hour after those explosions we had another explosion in downtown brussels at a subway station. there are reports that ten have been killed in that blast that took place near the european union headquarters, many office buildings in that area. e.u. employees who were already at work were told to stay there and those who had not come to work have been told to stay the timing of these explosions is very suspect, four days after abdeslam.
5:35 am
group that inflicted so much harm in paris killing numb 130 people, wounding scores more. salah abdeslam was dragged out of that apartment building, he is believed to be the only authorities feared reprisal attacks after his capture. we don't know who is behind prove to be that these are reprisal attacks. closer to home, the nypd telling us the nypd is aware of the situation and we are monitoring it for further developments, aware of the situation and monitoring it for further developments, we are monitoring it as well. another update in a few minutes. ben: you mentioned one of the explosions near the american airlines check-in counter, there would have been people checking
5:36 am
scheduled to depart brussels at 9:40 this morning bound for philadelphia, flight 751. could have been a lot of people from new jersey on that airplane. that flight has been canceled. a couple flights headed for brussels from new york when this occurred, delta flight 42 had not landed yet. it was rerouted to amsterdam, 587 is still over the ocean. no word where that may be rerouted. juliet: we are going to continue to follow the story as it develops. ben: back here in new york a deadly fire ripped through a two story home last night, officials say it began at 10:30, two men were pulled out of the house and rushed to the hospital, two later died. fire officials trying to figure out the cause. juliet: an easter bunny and a father facing charges after a
5:37 am
juan jimenez guerrero and 22-year-old charles were charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct as they went at it in the middle of the mall. both had outstanding warrants. interesting that a man holding children on his lap had an outstanding warrant. they threw punches after jimenez guerrero's daughter slipped from a chair when taking a photo with charles dressed as the easter bunny. it happened at the newport ctr. mall in jersey city. the little girl was not hurt. both men are due in court this afternoon. ben: presidential candidates continue their campaigns in arizona, utah and idaho. juliet: talking to reporters monday night hoping to sway voters in the western states. >> reporter: the next round of
5:38 am
hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing their attacks on each other, clinton condemning the donald's violent rhetoric at his rallies. >> if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> reporter: trump hit back hard during a town hall monday night, defending supporters who he says are passionate and angry with the way the country is going. >> she shouldn't be running. she should not be allowed to run based on the emails. she has been protected. >> reporter: ted cruz attacked donald trump on his stance on israel and the donald says he will be very pro-israel. >> my meeting republican opponent promised he has president would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me be very very clear. as president, i will not be reaches governor john kasich is saying he will fight donald trump at the convention. >> if i hadn't won ohio, if i had dropped out he would be the but he didn't.
5:39 am
fighting his own battle to stay relevant within the democratic race. >> i am not a quitter. we are going to fight this to the last vote, give every american the chance to decide which candidate they want to be the democratic nominee. >> reporter: voters head to the polls tuesday in arizona while idaho and utah hold caucuses. >> reporter: we are continuing to follow what is going on in brussels, belgium. terrorist attacks at the airport, one at the air metro station. airports are shut down. so are the metros and several reports of deaths. ben: people being told to stay where they are in brussels. a lot of other countries reacting to this monitoring that situation. let's go back to the weather. pretty quiet on this side of the ocean. >> meteorologist: nice and quiet, more springlike weather with warm temperatures around the corner.
5:40 am
morning, 36 central park as well as newark, 32 in poughkeepsie, 34 in bridgeport, 37 in montauk with winds from the northwest, west northwest at 7 to 14 mph, lighter winds makes it feel cool outside and it is indeed cooler than we had yesterday at the same time. radar and satellite locally and regionally we are in good shape, mainly clear sky, a few flakes north of the tri-state closer to the frontal boundary. high pressure in control and that will give us a clear sky. southeastern states, it does too. you will see plenty of fun, 34 x 11:00 a.m. high temperature 54, as we go through the next 7 days, 68 tomorrow, 66 thursday, shower chances picking up thursday night into friday and it looks fairly dry as we get through easter weekend.
5:41 am whether apps has daily and hourly forecasts. downloaded at the google play store and it will have every bit of weather information you need. let's bring in ines. >> reporter: spot spots in long island, suffolk county, the lie towards nassau county, that commute looking good. let's go to cameras and look at fdr drive, construction slowing things down, one lane closed southbound by 73rd st. toward 61 steuben, on the northbound side, tappan zee bridge, westchested doing fine, rocklandside, slowing things down a bit, not a major delay but give yourself extra time. on the throughway things are fine. >> a lot more coming up.
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ben: a lot of breaking news out of brussels, belgium. explosions have gone off, two explosions at the airport in
5:45 am
counter and subsequently shortly after that another explosion at a subway station in downtown brussels not far from the headquarters of the european union. juliet: robert moses, the -- someone who is very familiar with terrorism, wrote a book called feeding g hard, i have been following him on twitter, he is an expert in counterinsurgency, he is saying this has the trademark of a sophisticated jihadist attack. he goes on to say from what he has investigated, 6000 people have been recruited by isys to blend in the european area. we are following a lot of developments here but the belgian officials are saying
5:46 am
what is the latest from brussels? hearing 13 people have died in those explosions at the airport, took place at 8:00 this morning local time as hundreds of people were checking in near the american airlines check-in pictures from the second attack. this is the site of the metro explosion, you had two explosions at the airport and a third explosion inside a metro station near the european union headquarters in brussels. there is one report, i mention these numbers are fluid so bear with me, we mentioned potentially ten people died in that subway explosion, the belgian public broadcaster is reporting no one was killed in that explosion but that is not
5:47 am
the death toll at the airport seems fairly solid if we can use that word but the death toll in the subway attack is very fluid. immediately before the attack there were shots fired and yelling in arabic and those twin blasts followed an hour and a half later by the attack in brussels. all of europe, the us and the world is on high footing. the british prime minister david cameron will lead a meeting later this morning. he says he is shocked and concerned, he will lead a meeting regarding these attacks from this morning. closer to home the nypd is, quote, monitoring the situation
5:48 am
of brussels, three explosions taking place this morning, 13 people dead, perhaps more. one of the more extraordinary things we heard from the belgian prime minister is people are being told all across brussels no matter where you are to stay where you are because the security situation is that unsettled, that uncertain. as we saw from the attacks in paris, just when one attack ends another begins. that is why the belgian prime minister is asking everyone to stay in place. these explosions four days after who is believed to be the only surviving member of the ring attacks in november that killed numb 130 people. the authorities were fearful there would be reprisal attacks after salah abdeslam's capture.
5:49 am
clear who is behind these attacks today, but if it does turn out to be reprisal attacks and the authorities fears have been realized, at least 13 people have died in these three explosions in brussels. the death toll is potentially very fluid and we will follow it as we move through the morning. juliet: that video of the arrest, it is breathtaking. you mentioned what is going on in england and other cities, other countries throughout europe. police officers came out yesterday, ordered to prepare for as many as ten terrorist attack happening at once across
5:50 am
readiness. we have been told by what is airports there throughout europe there is a heavy police presence especially at heathrow in london. ben: we are watching images from sky news, listening to their coverage for a moment. >> people going into the tunnels to help people down there. the terror it causes among people watching these images that terrorists want to see. succeeding with all these pictures shown across the world, quite frankly being terrified. >> on the other hand it means people will be all her, looking out for things, there is an upside to publishing these, but very terrifying and talking to a
5:51 am
way to a course dressed in plainclothes, he made his way through the police cordons and was helping people, it was very traumatic for him, very brave of him but very traumatic to go down there and see this scene because you have people trapped in stations in agony. ben: two explosions at brussels airport at the departure hall, perhaps one near the american airlines check-in desk and a third explosion at a subway station in downtown brussels near the headquarters of the european union. ben: juliet: they are calling it is a terrorist attack. some other things to get to. let's get to duke for a little bit of sports information, the middle of march madness. duke: hockey season winding down, rangers making a push for
5:52 am
in san jose. first period, stealing the puck from yarmouth yarger, great night, dominic moore puts the rangers up numb 1-0. got a little close in the third period. puts it under the pad for the goal. the first goal since september 30th through. and taking second place over the idle penguins with 9 games to play. islanders and flyers, two points to keep pace second period, 20th of the year, philly retakes the lead. in a chair career goal, they lost four of the last six in the
5:53 am
at the meeting, woody johnson is optimistic the jets will sign ryan fitzpatrick but two sides very far apart. ben: let's check the weather. >> meteorologist: another cool start to the day, 36 at central park, westwind at 15 mph. it is 36 in newark, 32 in poughkeepsie, 25 in monticello, same in sussex, 34 and i slip with westwind moving 7 to 14 mph, mainly clear sky, that is what we are going to see for the next couple days, a few more clouds but looks pretty good. high pressure in control, keeps us nice and quiet, not much happens in the tri-state. the frontal boundary to the
5:54 am
the clouds and showers will remain, a few sprinkles in northernmost counties but that won't be a problem. high temperature 54 , tomorrow 68 and some wet weather coming
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ben: several explosions in brussels, belgium. juliet: two explosions at the airport in brussels, busy airport, close to the city. apparently these explosions, one of them, suicide bomber near the ticket counter for american airlines. another explosion at a metro station in brussels. ben: there may have been gunfire exchange near the ticket counter, and shouts in arabic at that time at 8:00, brussels time. a lot of people checking in at the airport, a lot of people on the subway on their way to work because it was after those airport explosions there was a third explosion reported inside a subway station near the headquarters of the european union. ben: officials have shut down the airport, shut down the train stations and there are reports but stations and trams have been shut down. they are giving numbers, if you
5:58 am
or friends in the area, call a certain number to find out about the flights, what has been
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ben: 13 (maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be doing that? (it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the
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>> all right we're following breaking news this morning in brussels belgium, several explosions reportedded it in that city. two at airport. then subsequently after that one in a subway station near the city center near the headquarters of the european union. pmpleght the paris attacks. an hour after explosions at the airport, as ben was talking about an explosion at the subway station near the union headquarters reports that ten people have been killed there although these reports conflict with each other. obviously, the situation is not a good sight to see. it is fluid because of the


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