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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> all right we're following breaking news this morning in brussels belgium, several explosions reportedded it in that city. two at airport. then subsequently after that one in a subway station near the city center near the headquarters of the european union. pmpleght the paris attacks. an hour after explosions at the airport, as ben was talking about an explosion at the subway station near the union headquarters reports that ten people have been killed there although these reports conflict with each other. obviously, the situation is not a good sight to see. it is fluid because of the
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robert moses is monitoring websites and news outlets trying to get latest information for us an he'll have an update shortly. >> latest 13 people killed. most of those were inside the departure hall near ticketingest desks perhaps near the united airlines desk there was one scheduled to departs for philadelphia around 9:40 at 8 a.m. an hour 40 minutes before that departure a lot of people flight. >> four face after arrest considered one with of the big guys in the paris attacks only surviving attacker they believe we have the arrest video which was really something to see. you know, we were hoping that this man would be able to give us information. does he have anything to do with this specific attack we don't know. we'll have developments for you in just a moment. robert is following that but over to mike for a check of the weather which is calm here.
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cold outside compared to what we had yesterday but no rain or snow in the area that's one good thing. 35 in bridgeport and 36 in montauk. winds coming in from the west at around 6 to 15 miles per hour. it's a lighter witness stand than what we had yesterday but it still makes a little bit of a difference and cool you down more so. but we have a mainly clear sky coming up or for you. sunrise time 4u6 55 so good looking day with plenty of sun out there. high pressure which is actually over southeastern states, basically extends all the way up into the northeast region and quiet for us. we have that frontal boundary lingering to our north but not going to bring us much at all. sunny skies into the afternoon. by midday setting at 74. 54 your high and breezy as well with winds from the west around to 14, 15 miles per hour something like that. through next five days high of 54 today. 68 nearly 70 tomorrow.
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shower chances picking up thursday night into friday. and then weekend at least we go into it dry on saturday. okay let's get over to ines rosales and she's going to give you details on what is it like morning. good morning. mortgage. let's start off with bruckner westbound by hunts point drawbridge and hutch you have a stall blocking a lane. construction wrapping up so delays are are still easing out. slow between 80s to 59th street bridge. camera with a look on the the sagtikos two closing everyone down at the moment this is northbound. southbound side you're fine at the moment. as for trains everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and juliet. >> thank you iendz we're following developing news out of brussels this morning. brussels belgium explosions
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their time. also at a subway station at least dossen people have been killed. many, many have been injured. we're seeing some of the horrible images on twitter and facebook and other social media outlets. >> a important city in europe. seat of the european union and nato in course of belgium and it was there a couple of days ago that one of the chief suspects, only surviving suspect from the ferris terrorist attacks salah wases finally caught and arrested. let's go to robert moses he's in the newsroom now with the latest. robert welcome this death toll has been rising all morning. where does it stand right now? >> ben and juliet safe to say right now at least 13 people have died in the explosions in brussels and fluctuated. the death toll in the metro, subway attack is unclear. but 13 people according to
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in that had attack at the airport. latest twoments. first of all belgium is on highest alert level perhaps this is a reflection of what you mentioned at the top the link with the paris terrorist attackses with the border between france and belgium has now been closed. and so we know that the attackers paris attackers had moved fairly freely in between those two countries and perhaps now that the border has been closed that's an acknowledgement of that reality and border between transand belgium now shutdown. let's recap what we know. first begin with this airport attack that took place around 8:00 this morning in departure hall at brussels airport. twin explosion which is according to reports were proceeded by shouting and arabic but gun shots.
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35 injured took place near american airlines check-in desk. all of its employees have been accounted for and none of the employees were injured so that's good news from american airlines. bloody people seen walking away from the airport. with stains on their clothes, abandoned luggage all over the place. that took place around 8:00 this morning. then about an hour and a half later, the explosion at the metro station in downtown brussels again the death toll there is still un. at one point ten have died but authorities aring bag away from that. as a result of these explosions all public transportation in brussels has been shutdown. ,obviously, you guys alluded to the fact how important brussels as a city is to be the seat of the european union by airport serving 23% 5 million passengers every single year.
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airport would have been when these explosions took place. now a word about the timing, obviously, these blasts come just four days after the capture of sala aldaslam tragged out by the authorities from that apartment in brussels, again, believed to be the only surviving member of the terror ring that or carried out attacks back in november. that killed 130 people. there you see alalam and even though it's not clear which dprowp or groups is behind this mornings' attacks it could be that these are reprizel.
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david cameron will preside over one speaking about attacks. franc ois holland will today. is, quote, aware of the situation and we're monitoring it for further developments. but ben and juliet, i think this morning's attacks brussels shows the new age of tri. terrorism where one attack takes place and a few minutes later another attack takes place, and overwhelms the authorities that's had exactly what we saw in france. that is this morning in belgium. 13 dead in explosions at the airport and then a third exe plosion at the metro station in brussels. we don't know what had the death toll is there. we will monitor that for you and any new developments we will let you know.
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number you're talking about the severely injured because we're looking on social yeetd right now. picture easer picture of picture of men, women, and children who have blood all over them leaving from the airport area walking the streets of belgium. brussels -- >> presumably that injured going to go a whole lot higher than 35. >> one note about flights you mentioned american airlines statement said employees and contractors accounted for. no reference, though, fun fortunately to their customers like we do know it was around 8:00 brussels time there was a flight in american flight flight 751 scheduled for 9:41 so presumably people checking in and that was bound for philadelphia and that was canceled. a lot of people from new jersey kowrve kowrve on that plane and scheduled to be on that plane. there were two flights from jfk
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42 rerouted diverted to amsterdam and since landed. asaina to brussels stull in ther a overt ocean. it will also presumably be diverted because the brussels airport is closed. >> belgium authorities are calling this terrorist attacks and continue to follow this throughout the morning. news. >> nypd has a newen play to stop the city. >> announcing it today as a matter of fact. kerry drew joins us live from gramercy. kerry, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. it's been a disturbing trend the past couple of months. stabbings and slashings on the rise across the city. later morning as you said mayor and police commissioner will team up to announce a new plan to address this problem. >> police commissioner bill bratton it testified city hall budget hearing monday and questioned about a recent spike in slash physician across the city. >> in this issue it has increased, and what will be attempting to do is identify
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>> increase dramatic. more than 150 slashings and stabbings up 20% from last year. >> fueled by emotion. disturbance, disputeses, family situations. >> many of the incidents have happened underground. nypd has already employed more officers within the subway system. and today after months of down playing the issue, the police commissioner and mayor will announce a new plan to tackle it. >> we are prioritizing, we are focusing on that particular crime because one subway system, two on our streets, three in our housing developments. four potentially in our schools and in our parks is going to be a significant deterrent among the public. >> and police chitioner bratton says increase in stax and slashing has been in the bronx. as for specifics of this plan to tackle this issue, the police commission or says all of that will be addressedded a news
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11 a.m. at police headquarters. that's latest live from here in gramercy this morning. ben and juliet back to you. >> kerry drew back to you. this in action on associated press perhaps one of the explosions near a starbucks cafe and then other mother a baggage counter. >> seems to be a theme here. : let's get over to mike quickly for a check of the weather. >> partly cloudy sky this morning. it is cold begun not quite as cold as yesterday but still chilly stuff. 36 degrees your startoff temp with warmer high temples in the afternoon. that's all coming your way as well. "fox 5 ny" weather app itunes and google play store and breakdown daily and hourly forecast and the whole thing is free. we're back in a little bit. with real fruit and low-fat yogurt,
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including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> good morning everyone. we've got a clear sky for starters here in the tristate region. 36 degrees out at central park right now. and our temps this morning starting off about where we should be this time of the year. maybe a little bit below normal. 35 in newark. 28 degrees in allentown, and 33 bridgeport. and yeah your sky is mainly clear. we have a lot of sunshine coming up for you. winds are a little bit light tear today but they're still
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15 miles per hour. from the west, now we do have a u few very light snow showers just to our north. a little closer to frontal boundary that is fizzling out on us and not amount to much at all but more clouds and perhaps a quk flurry again to the north of the tristate renal and no problems out there weather wise today. we will bring you more clouds tomorrow along with warmer temperatures. infact, your temps up close to 70 tomorrow. even on thursday looks like your temps ahead of the next upcoming wet weather makerrer not here until late thursday and friday. leading up to it quiet out there today sunny skies. up to 54. 68 on wednesday. thursday, your high at 66 degrees. there's showers late thursday into friday. east orer sunday is on dry side. but the day following looks luke it could be damp again. all right let's bring in ines and see what's going on. getting beyond 6:00 so time to pick it up.
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>> rush hour starting. all right, sir now we have stalls out there hutch new england by drawbridge after, a stall blocking a lane. bruckner traffic slow because of a stall over by that trough bridge. hunts point bridge one accident pushed off to shoulder over by s3 pioneer drive so traffic moving better than before. watch out for some activity off to the side. as for george washington bridge driving into the city upper, lower level good. 495, 20 inbound. a five minute delay. ben and juliet. >> thanks very much ines. 6:17 following breaking news out of o brussels belgium morning. there were explosions at the airport there also at a subway station leaving if at least dossen dead and local media in brussels is reporting that there are 21 people ted in three explosions in brussels. two explosions at the departure hall at the airport and one at the train station. >> there's a lot of pictures of damage online.
6:18 am
inside that departure hall. one of the explosions may have happened near american airlines check-in counter a flight scheduled for a little bit later on after that explosion bound for philadelphia. perhaps, the second explosion near a starbucks let's go to robert robert lifer in our newsroom following the latest details. if that is the case you can't get past assumptionmen air and starbucks these are two pus corporations. >> message to the united states perhaps. >> precisely ben and juliet i've been monitoring scwie sky news partners in europe, but one of the commentators are saying on there if you know anything about the airport in brussels you can pretty much walk right into that main area with no identification, no nothing and detonate one of these devices very easily that appears as, though, that's what happened
6:19 am
the latest perhaps 21 dead that has had throng waited all over the place throughout the morning. but reported at least 13 have died in these three explosions first twin explosions in the departure area at the airport. according to reports from witnesses, people could be heard shouting in err arabic also gun shouts sounded before twin explosions blew apart airport and scene inside the airport is described as one of great carnage. only the left there you can see debris, baggage that was strown about. people many dazed walking away from the scene. you can see blood on the floor, people running away trying to get away from the airport with smoke billowing 13w509 sky. and it wasn't over then because
6:20 am
was another explosion at a metro strags in brussels which led the brussels transport authority to shutdown all mass transportation throughout the the city. so at least 13 have died. at least 35 injured. french minister says his country, france will be deployed 600 additional police officers at the borders, and on the transportation, mode of transportation there presumably the metros and so forth. >> you know one issue in those paris attacks was the terrorists largely based in brussels but if you know anything about the european union line crossings country line is key to crosses state lines here in the united states very easy. but now that board or has has been sealed and rail service soot l shutdown.
6:21 am
no flights heading theren if delta fliewght 32 in the air from jfk was rerouted to amsterdam and asaina flight 887 rerutted as well. >> we're monitoring all of the different news outlets especially from brussels and continue to follow this story throughout the next several hours. >> plus updating you on the presidential ration. donald trump and hillary clinton
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>> all right welcome back we are following this situation that is developing in brussels belgium and bringing you more on that me a moment. buts first presidential candidates continue their campaigns before contest in arizona,th, and idaho. a day after the republican front runner donald trump traveled to washington. liz dahlem is live in midtown with the latest on this story. good morning. >> good morning called western tuesday. the final fat candidates hoping to get some big wins on this primary day. and yesterday donald trump, the the front runner for the republican party, traveled down to d.c., and made it pretty clear he plans to be there one way or another. today voters in arizona, idaho, utah, and american samoa head to polls. voting comes a day after republican front runner, donald
6:25 am
city he would like to call come o november and met privately with republican lawmakers. >> a luxury and amazing. >> trump addressed american israel public affairs committee or iowa pack which is country most influential proisrael lobbying group. >> palestinians must come to the able knowing that the bond between united states and israel is unbreakable. each presidential candidate except bernie sanders addressed the annual conference, with sanders had a scheduled conflict. trump opponents passed on claim that he had be neutral when trying to broker a deal between israeli and palestinians. we need steady hands not a president who says he's neutral on monday. proisrael on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because
6:26 am
well, my friends, israel's security is nonnegotiable. [applause] >> let me be very, very clear, as president i will not be neutral. >> ted cruz cloor on another matter during a form on cnn he was asked whether he had consider being trump's vice president. >> i have zero interest whatsoever. if donald trump is a nominee it's a disaster. hillary wins. l >> trump was asked if he becomes president would he make ted cruz his vp he said crazier things have happened. live in midtown manhattan. back to you guys in the stewed is owe. >> liz dahlem for us in the brussels, belgium. >> we're following that twin explosions at the airport another at a subway station. dozens reported dead. that number is fluctuated but local officials are saying that -- local media rather are saying
6:27 am
more seriously injured.
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>> tuesday morning following breaking news overseas, explosions in brussels, belgium two explosions rocking the airport there. a third explosion happening at a subway station. arts reports that 13 people killed. there are conflicting reports about that. and then about an hour after the explosion in brussels someone in union head quarter withs there are reports that ten killed there. but again situation is fluid there conflicting reports about the injuries. moment. >> confirmed this morning at least -- at least 13 people killed in the three explosions and perhaps as many as 35 injured. we have seen numbers as high as 21 killed in various explosions. >> that's ben simmoneau i'm juliet huddy news jots let pets
6:31 am
and sky news our partner. but let's quickly get over to mike for a check of the weather which is beautiful and very have calm which is what we need on a day like this. >> quiet an cold and breezy too. 36 at central park. 33 bridgeport as well as islip. winds are coming in from the west around 7 to 15 miles per hour. so you feel that chill in the air. but other than that a mainly clear sky. sun is not quite up yet. skies are brightening but sun is not up for another 25 minutes or so. anyhow there's a stalled out frontal boundary to north of us and that will be focal point for more clouds and isolated flurries but that's no problem in the tristate. 47 by midday and high of 54. breezy as well. tomorrow with partly cloudy sky is. shower chances pick up thursday night into friday. friday soggy with a high of 60 and then it cools down and sunshine return on saturday with a high of 53. let's bring in ines rosales and
6:32 am
because they are starting to build in. good morning ines. >> good morning mike people are going to work right now. things in new jersey fine no problem in morris candidate. 80 can be 287 good. pack a look at the l.i.e. by 106, 107, eastbound traffic no problems at all we have a problem on grand central parkway. this will affect your commute from northern state here. traffic approaching 168th street moving slow because of an accident blocking two lanes eastbound side you're fine. ben and juliet. >> thanks very much ines. 6:3 following breaking news out of brussels belgium morning pex plosions at the airport also at a subway station. dozens perhaps dead. many, many people injured. happened several hours ago around 8:00 local team in brussels. fox 5 robert moses live now in the newsroom with the leapts. robert this death toll fluctuating all morning. what do we know? >> local media reporting up to 21 people have died in those three explosions two of which
6:33 am
and a third taking place 80 minutes later. let's take a look at some of the pictures that are coming out of brussels this morning and they are or horrific. this is photograph of a woman injured in one of the blasts at the airport. the dust covering her face and the blood cover her face as well. the panic on her face so true of so many people who were at the airport this morning. around 8:00, two explosions ripped through the airport . one right near a baggage counter, another near a starbucks that is according to witnesses. you can see people scampering away from the airport trying to get to safety. according to reports there were shouts in arabic as well as gunshots that proceeded those two explosions. you can see the smoky air there at the airport. and then about 80 minute or so
6:34 am
a metro station in brussels right near the your european union headquarters. late word from authorities they have died in that explosion but we don't e know exactly how many. we have heard heroing tales from people who were at the airport this morning when those who blasts went off. >> you felt the explosion? >> yeah. [inaudible] >> windows -- didn't get any information. [sirens] smoke water dripping from the ceiling. walk through puddles i was waiting for my suitcase people said this is an evacuation. [inaudible] [sirens]
6:35 am
as well as united airlines, the airlines saying employees and crewses are safe. but they specified employees and crews we don't know anything about passengers as of yet. you can see this appears to be one of the trains that was blown as a result of the explosion at metro station and brussels transport authority closed every metro station yews the city. all public transportation shutdown as a result of what has happened today. also other countries throughout europe are on increased footing. we know of increased security at both gattwik in england and david cameron will be con venge a meeting today on these attacks. same is true of the french president sway franc ois and
6:36 am
situation and we're monoer toking it for further developments. but again just a recap, 21 people dead in three explosions that is according to belgium media and incidentally these three exabout employees coming four days after the capture of salah abdeslam that carried out horrific attacks in paris back in november that killed 130 people. authority had feared there could be reprisal attacks of action abdeslam said reconvened and had ability to carry out these attacks. nobody has claimed responsibility today and wait to see if that happens. ben and juliet back if you. >> i have a friend who is in brussels, and they say that their son is a doctor at a hospital in eki one of the 19
6:37 am
a doctor there in a hospital, and they're trying to translate from french but people rifing with lost legs, disfigured people it does a horror according to this doctor. >> crossing ap wire urgently that brussels police confirming there were deaths at that subway explosion. we know 13 deaths likely most of them at the arpt. but brussels police spokesman saying there were deaths but subway station is near eu headquarters there are victims serious injuries. peep have died. i have no idea on number of injured dead and seen this fluctuation between 13 and 21 dead because there could be several dead in the subway. >> typical in a situation like this major breaking news when you're talk about trying to corp. cover an entire city and get all of that information together. so we'll continue to follow this story.
6:38 am
the markets fox means business and lauren simonetti is following that angle. >> juliet, ben this is a koord coordinated attack and any attack would make people nervous to fly, nervous to go to europe what have you. airlines stocks hit heart, travel companies i'm looking in london on some of the being travel agencies doin 4, 5, 6% in some cases. as for our stocks here at home. are you nervous to go to europe right now? if so which can out the future, dow futures not tanking that's the good news but they are lower after 7 days of gains in a row pushing closer and closer to that milestone of 18,000, dow futures are now down about 35 points. like i said, not catastrophic. but something we're watching because people are nervous. when investors are nervous they buy gold. they're up a bit today an seeing telltale science what could be a terrorist attack.
6:39 am
only europe but they have belgium. brussels a political hub of europe. you have the eu there. you have nato there about with and that airport is equivalent of our reagan national in washington, d.c. right about 24 million passengers flying in and out every single year. it happened during rush hour this is a big deal. >> yeah. and it's going to have an impact i'm sure on travel extended travel in europe because now, of course, this would be the second of these attacks four months ago targeting big european cities. lauren simonetti watching wall lauren, thank you. >> thank you. >> let's get a check of the weather with mike. how are we looking? >> all right we're looking okay here today start ising off on chilly side but it is sunny and actually warmer later on this afternoon. and it is really are going to warm up later on in next couple of days with high temps up close to 70 a few spots do hit 70s tomorrow.
6:40 am
few days but showers return late thursday into friday. it is wet but it will be rain showers passing through opposed to snow don't have to worry about that. let's see what's happening take a quick snapshot of the commute hello ines. >> traffic jammed because of an accident here 168th street westbound you have two lanes blocked so you can see traffic parkway. driving into city lincoln tunnel 495 let's go to that camera shot. 30 to 45 inbound. let's go to that one. 30 to 45 inbound. george washington bridge and holland five to ten.
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>> big headline on this this tuesday morning breaking news out of brussels, belgium. a terror attack in that city several accident plosions, two at airport. one then subsequently at a subway station in heart of the downtown part that have city. bottom of screen there belgium media voterring 21 people killed in those separate attack. the number is flng fluctuating as more reports come in. robert moses is trying to call all of this information together as he has been at 4:u 30 this
6:44 am
>> fluctuating throughout the morning. all of europe on heightened footing show you first scene around 8:00. all of the that rubble strown about. abandoned lug aiming and people running away from brussels airport. two explosions ripped through that area around 8:00. one near a baggage processing counter excess baggage payment counter and second near starbucks there. proceeding those two attacks, rots say that shouting in arabic could be heard as well as gunshots, and then about an hour our hour and 20 minutes after that, there was an explosion at a metro station, a subway station in brussels right near the european union headquarters. we know from police there in
6:45 am
that blast at the train station as well. we don't know exactly how many. these three explosions coming four days after this capture had of salah abdeslam believed to be only surviving perpetrator who carried out those attacks in paris back in november that killed 130 people. dramatic video of his capture there from four days ago. abdeslam was taken alive and there was some fear among law enforcement officials that there would be reprisal attacks coming as a result of his capture. he had alluded police for months now. but he was finally braight brought into custody and authorities feared there could be reprisals and this may or may not be a reprisal for his capture just a few days ago. franc ois holland president of france as well as the british prime minister david cameron will be presiding over meetings
6:46 am
we know that security has been increased all across europe. mainly at gattwick and heathrow as well and presumably so many other places across europe. keep in mind brussels seat of the european union but a key city in all of europe. brussels airport serving 23.5 million passengers per year in something like 26 different cities. so that airport is a key hub in all of europe and what happens there undoubtedly has an effect not only in europe. but also here in the nypd is saying that it is monitoring the situation in a statement it says it's away of the situation and we're monoor toking it for further developments as are we. ben and juliet. >> couple of quick flight notes robert robert there were a couple of flights from jfk to brussels in the air when this occurred.
6:47 am
diverted to amsterdam. and asian with that not clear where there will be diverted to but brussels airport is closed. >> quick statement from charles he said what we feared has happened hit by blind attacks. that was a big concern, obviously, parises terrorist attacks and their fears are come true and we want to get a quick look at sports now starting with the rangers they're making the push for playoffs they face florida at the garden. >> skates in a nice goal. rangers win it 4-2 in the second place. >> brooklyn islanders hosting to tie the game at one. filly retakes the lead, though, a little bit later as you're about to see, and they win it 4-1 the final. islanders in fourth place as a
6:48 am
rangers. men ncaa tournament resumes thursday. last night the women favored u yukon playing final game. she scored 21 on night. they win is 97-71. >> hopefully we have nice weather today here in the new york city area. michael. >> it does pretty good for us here juliet and ben. and our temperatures not too far off from normal for this time of the year. so or why forecast high is 54 and 51 normal high temp. record high today is 478 degrees set back in 2012. and we're staying away from the records but we will be getting into the 70s soon enough. but at least some of fuss will. but yeah doesn't look look records tumble any time soon. a clear sky out at central park. sun sup in 7 minutes. 36 central park, other regional temps, 33 in bridgeport as well as islip. same in poughkeepsie.
6:49 am
winds coming from the west, northwest at 7 to 14 miles per hour. we do have a mainly clear sky here. clouds u up to the north but follow the a problem for us. a stalled out fromghts boundary lingering up there extending back into northern plain states. but no real weather developing in that area for them or for us really. if anything a few flurries up well to the north of us but we're going to see on future cast pretty good looking day today which we see a mainly clear sky today into tomorrow. tomorrow there are more clouds but warmer temps come in with a west southwest flow and that will bring in warmer temps tomorrow as well as thursday. and then eventually some showers try to swing through here but not until late thursday into friday. today mostly sunny with milder highs topping out 54 degrees. 68 your high tomorrow. into friday there's showers, easter sunday looking pretty good with a mild temperature as well. the "fox 5 ny" weather app with daily and hourly forecast
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right now on grand central parkway an accident westbound at 168th street has two lanes blocked affecting your commute on northern state parkway. boulevard westbound. go to trains, because they're doing fine. close to schedule . street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and juliet. >> breaking news out of brussels, belgium two at airport in that city and hour or so later a third explosions at a subway station. reports of myriad of injuries robert moses trying to recall information for us this morning. robert. >> the belgium prime minister is speaking at a press conference right now and he said we were hit by blind attacks. first of all, at 8:00 thissing morning local time welcome those twin attacks at the bros l's
6:54 am
carnage there according to the bell belgium prosecutor one caused by a suicide bomber so you have twin blasts around 8:00 morning. an hour later an attack, explosion at a metro station in heart of downtown brussels near head of the eu headquarters, and according to the belgium transport operator, 15 people were killed in that metro attack alone. again that is unconfirmed. but from prime minister many injured but they have no death toll. that has fluctuated throughout the morning. one important note of timing here, these attacks kale just four days after the capture of salah abdeslam who was taken
6:55 am
he's believed to be the only surviving member of the terror ring that perpetrated those awful attacks back ins paris. there you see him. those attacks back in november that killed 130 people and injured scores more. the fear for law enforcement authorities was it that after after abdeslam's capture there would be reprisal attacks no one has taken responsibility for attacks today but it could urn tout to be that those authorities worst fierce have been realized. closer to home nypd says it is aware of what is going on in the capitol city. brussels and is monitoring everything there for further developments but again many people dead. many injured. we're monitoring a ap wires even as we speak. we know many have died. we know many people have been severely injured. we'll have another report right after the the top of the hour.
6:56 am
>> you have to wopgder were some of those killed americans? we know perhaps one you have these explosions happened it near the american airlines check-in counter there was a flight -- american airlines flight 751 scheduled for 9:40 this morning. it was bound for philadelphia. from brussels could be a lot of people from new jersey scheduled to be on that flight. >> you have questions about this go to the twitter page or website for the brussels airport they have a lot of interesting information that is coming out. and we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. greg and rosanna have the latest news out of brussels, belgium. >> we will see you tomorrow morning.
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these six "good day new york." it is march 22. i am rosanna scotto. greg: that's no, forget about it. you will not see it is to fall or winter. a terrorist attack in brussels, belgium.
7:00 am
we are getting a number of new working reports on how many are dead. you five more fans 8000 fatalities, at least, at this point. president obama wrapping up his trip to cuba. it was kind of a telco for, it seemed like, going on. if we could go live that to build job. this is tends. rosanna: this poor young boy is probably so scared. people are very, very nervous this morning here at. greg: we have our eye on what is happening overseas.


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