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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we are getting a number of new working reports on how many are dead. you five more fans 8000 fatalities, at least, at this point. president obama wrapping up his trip to cuba. it was kind of a telco for, it seemed like, going on. if we could go live that to build job. this is tends. rosanna: this poor young boy is probably so scared. people are very, very nervous this morning here at. greg: we have our eye on what is happening overseas.
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we are on high alert. if you are planning on heading out of town this week, just give yourself some extra time at the airport. greg: let's get to work. the snow is over. mike woods. mike: done with snow probably until next season. some times, mother nature throws you a curve ball. that does not seem to be the case. a pretty chilly start to your tuesday evening. twenty-three in monticello. here is what is happening with the wind. starting to be around to the southwest. that will be printing in the warmer temperatures.
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coming through at 8 miles per hour. we do have a mainly to your skype. we have a lot of sunshine on tap for you here today. nothing really coming at you as far as rain or snow is concerned. high of 254. there are the shower is making a comeback. here comes ines. ines: good morning. the grand central parkway. accident. let's go to our cameras. an accident here. this is pioneer drive. second accident in that area this morning. southbound side, not affect it.
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495, 45 into the city. about a 15 minute delay from each approach. greg: thank you very much. terrorist attacks at the airport. we hope that this is over. it is not clear that it is. rosanna: several explosions that we know about. the number of injured and dead still coming in. the situation is changing as we speak. we will talk to congressman king in a few moments. what are you hearing, robert? >> reporter: the belgian prime minister just said what we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks. at least 21 people have died in these three explosions this
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you are looking at a live picture from sky news. that is the interior of the brussels airport. you can see the windows loan out there. one of the explosions happened near a baggage counter. another one happened near a starbucks. the significance is anyone can walk in with no identification, no boarding pass and detonate a device. one of the class was likely caused by a suicide bomber. about 80 minutes after those two explosions at the airport, there was a third explosion. there you see the smoke from
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the headquarters of the european union. they were told to stay in place. an extraordinary situation unfolding this morning and brussels. using some extraordinary words to describe what is happening there. >> trying to back down the hatches. sort of like the u.s. and 9/11. they have quickly deployed everyone to the streets. >> the timing of these explosions is significant. believed to be the only surviving them for of the terror
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horrific attacks. the prime minister was quick to say that there is no link established between the capture and these three explosions. authorities had feared that there could be reprisal attacks after his capture. the terror group has vowed to retool its efforts and carry out attacks very much like this one. we know at least 21 people have died in these three explosions this morning. it will continue to fluctuate. >> we have respected voice,
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>> good morning. we naturally go on higher alert. have you heard anything about an increased threat to new york. >> no specific threat against the united states right now. for the last few months, europe has been on high alert. whenever that happens, the nypd and all the elders in new york -- yes, there are definite is emphasis going on in new york. rosanna: is there somebody next to you? we hear another voice in the background. >> no. rosanna: okay. do you think that this was a
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it happened near a delta counter or in the american counter. they talked about a starbucks. what are you hearing this morning? >> all of that is being sorted out. we do not need a signal. we know that they want to get us. the attacks against new york. we are the number one target in the world. the fact is, we new york have to realize that we are the number one target. because of the effort to the nypd, the joint terrorism task force, that is why they have not been successful. these people talk about profiling and the police going
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greg: just a couple days ago, they captured the guys involved in the terrorist attack last november. they say that there is no link between what is happening. do you buy that? >> islam was there. one of their top people. isis and all of these is on this terrorist groups. they always want to get the upper hand. they always feel like have to respond. they have to do something. they can strike anywhere that they want. odds are, this is a response to that. if that is the case, that shows how defect if isis is. they can put tick other in attack of this magnitude within
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this is a well coordinated attack. this is, the only way to stop it is you have to have surveillance. for many years, the europeans thought that the united states was over react doing. they thought that felt that we had become islam of phobic. europeans are now starting to realize your paris, you have bill john. the rest of europe is now realizing how real the threat is. rosanna: congressman, i am just
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schools in our area. a lot of families take trips. some of them overseas. would you suggest some people in our area traveling to paris, london right now. >> i do not want to tell people what to do. certainly, you throw in belgium and paris. london is probably as prepared as any city can be. people hold themselves into a false sense of security. the fact is, if anything alert americans how real the
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we cannot let our guard down. greg: traveling at this moment in europe. we appreciate it. much. rosanna: breaking news going on. president obama is wrapping up his historic visit to cuba. he will also meet with political dissidents. last night he and his wife attended a beautiful think dinner. greg: they had a fine meal. there had been some awkward moments. a weird handshake yesterday that we may be able to show you. in the meantime, listen to this. >> the embargo is going to and. when? i cannot entirely be sure, but i
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the path that we are on will continue throughout my administration. what we did for 50 years does not deter our interests or the interests of the cuban people. greg: castro did not want to take questions, and i do not know if he did. rosanna: president obama went to pat him on the fact. that was his awkward moment with his hand up in the air. the president is leaving for argentina get today. greg: donald trump and a peck. a big speech in washington, d.c. very controlled. reading from, i believe, a
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rosanna: briefing is off the cuff. greg: a very important speech. let's go to liz dolan. >> reporter: good morning to you, greg and rosanna. today is a really big day for all of the five final candidate. hoping to wrap up some more delegates. while visiting washington, d.c., donald trump will be there one way or another. arizona, idaho, utah and american samoa had to the tolls. donald trump traveled to washington. a city that you would like to call home come november. >> 300 rooms.
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it is going to be amazing. >> the palestinians must come to the table knowing that the bond between the united states and israel is absolutely totally >> reporter: sanders had a scheduling conflict. trump's opponent said that he would be neutral. >> who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. well, my friends, israel's security is gone negotiable.
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>> reporter: during a forum on cnn, he asked if he would consider being trumps vice president. >> i have zero interest in this. if donald trump is the nominee, it is a complete disaster. hillary wins. >> reporter: he said, crazier things have happened in politics. we are live outside of trump tower this morning. back to you. greg: wall to wall trump. much. it was a different kind of donald trump. he said that he would tone it down, and he did. i am not only talking about the apex speech. later, he gave a press conference.
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donald trump, it was borderline precedential. his demeanor and his attitude. rosanna: he said that he would greg: he was wild that those events in arizona. classic tromping campaign mode. a different type. rosanna: did you see that he hired somebody on the spot yesterday? greg: he liked her look. we will see it in a moment. rosanna: remember we told you yesterday about some guy that was dressed up as in easter bunny had the easter bunny and the father involved in the brawl are going to be in big trouble. both charged with aggravated
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greg: which one was the bunny rabbit. greg: both had outstanding warheads. slipped from a chair. a you following? greg: the 23-year-old guy is the easter bunny. both men are in court this afternoon. greg: that is a stressful job, wearing those costumes and hanging around the mall. rosanna: i guess that those costumes can be slippery. mike: we have another springlike day.
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pretty close on those numbers. you have 33 and islip. it is a little bit breezy. not as bad as what we had yesterday. three-9 miles per hour. it looks like a few little snowflakes. maybe a few little flurries. none of that has really bothered here in the tri-state region. high pressure is in control. you get more of the westerly and southwesterly flow as we head into tomorrow. today, not so much. a little bit warmer. look at that. sixty-eight is are high tomorrow.
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as we go and towards easter weekend, easter sunday in particular, looking pretty good right now. it looks dry for you. let's bring in nine as. ines: good morning, mike. a nice sunny days. two ladies doing fine. let's go to our cameras. keeping an eye on an accident. this is pioneer drive. delays, it you can see that they are there. morning. if you are taking the tappan zee
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this rosanna: kennedy airport this morning. flights are normal. greg: you may see more security. we have an issue and brussels, belgium. 747. where is that? >> look at that jump up.
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it is a big one. >> probably be done for did. brussels is shut down right now. >> that is a 747 coming in. all right. thanks a lot. we have more news to tackle. whole hogan. rosanna: the jury went back to work yesterday. it took them only three hours. his sex tape lawsuit against gawker. this is for punitive damages. last week $150 million in compensatory damages. he sued gawker after they posted a secret video of him having sex with a friend's wife. he hopes it will stop other media sites from hurting innocent people.
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we are very excited. >> it will be interesting to see what he actually winds up with. greg: i think that he will be a very rich man. name. all right. you heard about the debate government. well, i guess apple has refused to help the government gain access to the san bernardino killers iphone. rosanna: we think we found a way to unlock the iphone. greg: on their own. rosanna: it is really important help. the feds were sent to go to
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they asked for a delay. they're getting help from an outside party. the third is testing is still required. greg: in the meantime, apple is still unveiling new homes. take a look. it is a smaller phone. slightly smaller. the latest and greatest iphone. rosanna: many of the features of the larger iphone that came out six months ago. upgrading to larger models. the new iphone will start at $399. i don't know. for women, we do not really want
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get it in our bag. greg: here is mine. rosanna: yours is like a little baby. greg: doesn't it look silly.
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>> good morning. welcome back to "good day new york." you may see a bigger presence of police after what happened in brussels. greg: we have chaos in brussels. two explosions at the city's main international airport. the latest death toll number, 28. twenty-eight people killed in brussels.
7:31 am
officers on the streets. >> the situation in brussels not over yet. people are on the alert here and in europe. obviously, springlike weather is making a comeback. that was mostly in eastern long island and connecticut. you have 35 degrees out at central park. thirty-two in poughkeepsie. it is a mainly clear sky throughout the tri-state. they are much lighter. starting to pull around to the southwest. 18 miles per hour.
7:32 am
high pressure and control. that will keep us pretty quiet here. it also allows for our temperature to start picking up. some of us may even hit 70 tomorrow. it gets a little cooler for you on thursday. it looks like we have a nice weather condition outside. ines: some nice pack of sam problems. always a slow ride between the felt merge and the brooklyn bridge. this accident was blocking a lane here. off to the shoulder. you still have traffic moving slow their. the lincoln tunnel, and bound, about a 45 minute delay.
7:33 am
thirty minutes on the lower level. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> terrorist attack seems to be underway in brussels. rosanna: we're hearing here in new york city that we are not taking any chances. the port authority is stepping up security. we're keeping an eye on things this morning. >> let's go to robert moses. >> the belgian prime minister said that the fears there have been realized. twenty-eight people have been killed in these three explosions.
7:34 am
that airport. thirteen people died in those two a taxpayer. they took place inside of the departure hall. the significance of that is anyone can walk into the airport with any kind of bag and potentially detonate a device. at least one was caused by a suicide bomber. you had the explosion at the subway station right downtown brussels. you can see the smoke there emanating from underground. fifteen people were killed in that attack. fifty-five were injured. the pictures from underground are just amazing.
7:35 am
there you can see the triage unit above ground. seeking help after that horrific explosion. the border has been shut their own as a result of what took place today. early this morning, we heard the harrowing stories from those that were out the airport. >> we did not get any information. >> we had to walk through puddles. and on that.
7:36 am
attacks is noteworthy. four days after the capture in brussels. there you see him taken into custody four days ago. he was believed to be the only surviving member of the ring that carried out those horrific attacks in november. many authorities had feared that after his capture there would be reprisal attacks as a result. no one has taken responsibility for these explosions this morning in brussels. it is possible that the capture in the three explosions this morning are related. they have vowed to retool after his capture and continued their capabilities. we will see if they are in fact behind the attacks in brussels. the prime minister is having a
7:37 am
he says, is centrally, we are at war. you have increased security. you see the press conference. increased security. additional french troops are being deployed to secure the border there with belgian owned. taken. brussels is a key city in europe. peripheral effects all across the continent and here in new york city. twenty-eight people have died according to reports in those three explosions in brussels this morning. greg: thank you very much. terrorist top target in north america.
7:38 am
chaotic scene there in brussels, belgium. what does this mean for us here in new york city? rosanna: ben simmoneau. >> a stepped-up police presence. you can see three nypd suvs parked that to back right there. there are another half-dozen or so nypd vehicles just down the block. this would not be quite this visible. there are a lot of police officers in and around times square. some 50 million to arrest come to new york city every weekend. it is known as the crossroads of the world.
7:39 am
we have noticed increased security there as well. it appears to be even more so this morning. about a half-dozen police vehicles parked outside of the entrance. it is one of the busiest subway stations. it is not just the inside. you are likely to see guards, more guards with heavy weapons as well. the three biggest airports in the area. back here in times square, a lot of police presence across this area.
7:40 am
the area. greg: thanks a lot. if you see something, say something. a new campaign that will highlight. people, ordinary people from all walks of life can help. greg: boy, oh boy. nothing stops us. we continue our day. nothing is going to stop us. greg: i like it, rosanna. it was that hot dog guy that's also thing a few years ago.
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finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. mike: welcome back, everyone. a mainly clear skies. that will eventually start we have to fact that back that camera shot out here a little bit. there is not a whole lot tri-state.
7:44 am
player. that is in upstate new york. a bigger controller of the weather. it looks like we will keep it mainly clear. instead of coming in from the northwest, -- that will bring us a warmer temperature as well as a few more clouds. it should not be a problem for us here. we have a high temperature going up to 54. there is the rain chances coming in. do not forget the fox5 weather app. let's bring in nine as. see what is going on. ines: good morning. no major issues.
7:45 am
traffic moving fine. crossing the 59th street bridge. let's go to that camera shot. back to you. >> stabbings and slashings. there is a problem and maybe a plan to do something about it. >> dealing with the issues. kerry drew has more from gramercy. >> and increase. many of those happening in the subway system. they will be announcing a new police commissioner testified at a city hall budget meeting on monday when he was questioned
7:46 am
slashings across the city. >> identifying where it is occurring. >> reporter: there has been more than 150 additional slashing and stabbings this year. >> fueled by emotion. family situations. the nypd has already deployed were officers within the subway system. today after months of downplaying the issue, they will announce a new plan to tackle it. >> obviously, people are kind of scared that this is happening across the city. it is crazy to think about that it can happen anywhere. >> i try to be aware of my
7:47 am
>> the police commissioner says it has happened in the bronx. the police commissioner says all of that will be addressed during the news conference that takes place at 11:00 a.m. greg and rosanna, that the you. greg: that is the old police academy behind kerry. they've moved it over to college point clean style. precinct. remember the police academy. rosanna: okay. i was wondering. thank you, kerry. shall we talk about rangers now? >> making a push for the top
7:48 am
i watched this game before. rangers go on to win it four-two. rick nash. over to brooklyn now. scoring the 20th of the year. leaving a little later on. they win it. five points behind the rangers. resuming on thursday. second round action. yukon. final home game. the huskies roll big time. ninety-seven-51.
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moving across the river in queens. what is your favorite police academy movie. the international player. i did not see that one coming. assignment. i can relate to that. >> the police academy, it was the one in los angeles. >> boy, oh boy, do we need the police now. this morning, of course, we are on high alert. we think the men and women. >> we have some entertainment headlines. what is the latest?
7:53 am
cash out. >> had to keep working with doc or luke. claiming he drugged and raped her over a decade ago. she signed it in 2005. doctor luke denies the allegations. she is now trying other legal maneuvers to try to get out of that contract. >> let's move on. let's talk about this. >> for whatever reason, they had a public naming contest. some dj cot involved.
7:54 am
it is called bodhi. >> their equivalents of howard stern came up with the idea. there. no way. vessel. they will find a more legal and fitting name for the boat. >> it is a popular name. >> i know what you mean. should be, hopefully, good. should we take a quick peek?
7:55 am
rosanna: this is the lego batman movie. >> this version is different than the other version we're talking about. his 2014 lot buster the lego movie. scheduled to be released in february of next year. do not get it confused. >> i hope it was a good movie. all right. can we talk about our facebook fan of the hour? greg: mira or mira? rosanna: good this coming way
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multiple explosions. at least two at airport and one in subway station at the heart of the city. what is happening over there. what does it mean for us here in new york. increased security. >> increased security for sure. president obama meanwhile wrapping up short trip to cuba. he wrapped up with a press conference with leader raul castro. what was he doing with the president's arm. >> or his wrist. awkward moment. this is history. donald trump in washington, d.c., yesterday. it was a donald trump we've not seen, calm, subdued, measured, on message. there were some amusing moments as well. whether you like him or not, was showing what a president trump might look like? i think so. >> i think so.
8:00 am
hired, or wanted to hire this woman on the spot. >> watch this. remember "the apprentice," this woman asked donald trump a question, in middle. press conference. con up here. great moment. he hired her on the spot. >> veteran of the military. >> first time they met. he want to talk to you. we'll going to hire you. salary. that. he loves deals. >> she was overwhelmed. later. he had a gut feeling about her and hired her on the spot. >> we need a little levittty every know and then. we're dealing with major issues. brussels hit hard by terrorist attack. 28 people killed. we feel ripple effect in our area new york city.
8:01 am
streets and subways. port that is right making sure our airports are safe. >> looking at 10 downing street. not sure who the person is. pictures out of london. all people on alert. we'll hopefully see more security. >> united airlines issued a statement. flight 950 from washington dulles, arrived in brussels. everyone got off the plane. flight 999 newark liberty was rerouted to a remote location. everybody has deplaned. they're all okay. right now united airlines suspended all service in brussels at this point. >> brussels not the place you want to be going to. >> i'm sure if you want to get out you can't get out now. that is an issue. >> mikey, what is going on. >> we have calm picture. clear skies. a lot sunshine. a little cool for starters.
8:02 am
we'll take that as well. we'll look at averages. forecast high is 54 degrees. normal high for today is 51. not too much warmer than normal. not close to record high of 78 degrees set in 2012. now regionally not too bad ad all. typical for this time of the year. 29 degrees in buffalo. there are a few more clouds up to the north than we are here in the core of the tri-state. even there the clouds are barely capable of producing a few snowflakes there. there is stalled frontal boundary. you see clouds and showers that try to pop up over next couple case -- days. it is good for us in the core of the tri-state. not as windy as what we had yesterday. you will see high of8 degrees in the city. a few more clouds tomorrow as
8:03 am
there is the shower chances trying to edge back into the tri-state region. looks like easter sunday on the drier side. temps where they should be. get back over to ines. we see troubles on not only roads by railways too. >> good morning, mike. queens, traffic slow on lie. normal delays. even jackie robinson parkway heading towards the grand central slow ride all the way to the northern state parkway. look at your commute. lie swamp road. no issues, traffic moving fine both ways. as for trains, a there is a police investigation. no service in either direction between 145th street and 118th street. the investigation is by 157. there are signal problems. j trains are terminating a marcy avenue. m train, 71st street bound
8:04 am
they're terminating at chambers street. effect. greg and rosanna. siege. two explosions at airport and subway station in the heart of the city. 28 people confirmed killed. information. this coming from "the daily mail." two suspects arrest ad mile from the metro station 11:00 a.m. this morning. they're hopefully getting an idea what was going on if these people were involved in the attack. >> robert moses has more. robert. >> reporter: brussels airport is incredibly busy. last year they served 23 million passengers. we look at pictures coming out of the airport. all of that debris following twin explosions that took place 8:00 local time this morning. you can see people fleeing the airport after these explosions
8:05 am
they apparently took place in departures area, specifically right by the american airlines desk as hundreds of people were checking in for their flights. that miss you a flight just -- that gives awe sample. shouting in arabic was heard gunshots. the carnage was not over there. because an hour or so after those explosions at the airport there was another explosion here at the metro station in downtown brussels, right near the european union headquarters. we are hearing reports that 15 people were killed there and 55 injured. the train that was affected by this explosion completely mangled, almost not recognizable as a train. there you see first aid people, first aid commanders and crews
8:06 am
we heard from the former u.s. ambassador to belgium earlier this morning and he had some amazing words in comparing what happened today to 9/11. >> there is disarray in trying to batten down the hatches it seems like. i don't know, sort of like, remember u.s. 9/11, we didn't know what we didn't know whether there is more to come but they quickly deployed everybody to the streets. [inaudible] >> reporter: these attacks come just four-days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, that man. what dramatic video we saw when he was herded into that awaiting police car after being dragged out of that apartment complex in brussels. the significance of his arrest is this. authorities feared there could be reprisal attacks to get
8:07 am
he is believed to be the only survivor of that terror ring that carried out the horrific attacks in november that killed 130 people and injured scores more. there you see the scene in brussels this morning. there is no group that claimed responsibility for the attacks although there is some speculation it could potentially be linked to the recent arrests of abdeslam. much of europe is on war footing. the prime minister in france said that we are at war with terrorists. prime minister david cameron of great britain is convening a meeting today to discuss the so. of europe is on increased security footing as are we here in. nypd stepped up its visible presence here in the city. that is the latest live from the newsroom this morning. greg and rosanna, back to you.
8:08 am
ben simmoneau in times square confirms greater police presence. >> police department said they would step up presence in the police and subways. also in the airports as well. >> let's go to times square. ben is there. >> greg and rosanna i count by my estimate dozen nypd police vehicles within a block. you can see three suv vehicles parked by the pedestrian plaza on 43rd street across from 7th avenue. there are six more vehicles down by the times square subway station. let's show you increased video not just at times square but visible sites across the city. nypd are the monitoring the developments from brussels all night and decided to step up those patrols in these visible locations. times square is a tourist mecca. some 50 million plus tourist as year come to new york city. the vast majority of them at some point stop here in times square.
8:09 am
eight lines, one, two, nqr, s and 7 crossing underneath sometimes square one of the busiest in the system. there are armed guards in the subway system as well. nypd is careful to say, quote, at this time there is no known indication the attack in brussels has any nexus in new york city. we'll continue to follow the situation in belgium closely with the joint terrorist task force and fbi and justice department deployment accordingly. we spoke to some individuals. some people were not aware what was going on in brussels. one individual was a german citizen. here is what some people had to say. >> absolutely terrible because i think there is no, okay, what can i say, force to stop those guys. >> and that certainly does seem
8:10 am
presence. likely see more officers places like times square, penn station, grand central, big transit hubs. also airports. port authority will step up visible police and security presence at the three big airports in the new york region, newark. that is the story from times square. back to you. >> thank you, ben. this is related to the airport at laguardia. lax. stopped by tsa for random serve. guess what they found in her bags? >> what. >> pounds and pounds of cocaine in her bags. she got away. going through the process with her shoes off. >> i heard she had gucci shoes on. i wouldn't have left the gucci shoes.
8:11 am
70-pound of cocaine in her luggage. hero dog. saw something similar in jackie brown, quentin tarantino movie, remember? pam grier was moving drugs. they know who she is. have not released name publicly. probably apprehend her pretty soon. they check flight attendants and pilots sometimes too. >> she should. we live if crazy world. let's talk about the five candidates that hope to pick up delegates in arizona and utah. >> once again donald trump dominating coverage. yesterday on cable, i was watching a lot of cable cleaning out my close let. it was wall-to-wall trump with a little bit of obama in cube. let's go to our reporter. >> liz dahlem, trump tower in midtown with more. liz, how is donald trump doing this morning? >> good morning, greg and rosanna, things are pretty quiet out in front of trump tower. one police car.
8:12 am
goes out here right now. yesterday his speech was more refined than usual, not so off-the-cuff. donald trump made it clear when he was in washington, d.c. yesterday he will be down there one way or another. today voters in arizona, idaho, utah and american samoa head to the polls. the voting comes a stay after the republican front-runner donald trump traveled to washington, a sy he would like to call home come november. he met privately with republican lawmakers. showed off the new trump international hotel on pennsylvania avenue. >> 300 rooms. super luck sy. it will be amazing. -- luxury. >> he addressedded aipac, the country's most influential pro-israel gripe. >> they must come to the table knowing that the bond between united states and israel is absolutely totally unbreakable.
8:13 am
candidate except bernie sanders attended the packed conference. trump's opponents pounded on his past claims that he would be quote neutral trying to broker a deal between israelis and palestinians. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable! well, my friends, israel's security is non-negotiable. [applause] >> let me be very, very clear. as president i will not be neutral. >> reporter: ted cruz was clear on another matter. during a forum on cnn he would ask whether he would consider being trump's vice president. >> i have zero interest whatsoever in this. listen, if donald trump is the nominee, it's a disaster. hillary wins. >> reporter: all the candidates waking up to news of the attacks
8:14 am
twitter or doing interviews on tv, especially trump who was on "fox & friends" earlier this morning saying, quote i woo close up the borders until we figure out what exactly is going on. a lot of reaction coming from the candidates this morning after those attacks. we're live at trump tower in midtown manhattan. greg and rosanna back to you. >> thanks very much. we'll stay on donald trump for a moment. this was interesting -- >> sidebar. >> in middle of a press conference. hired a woman or would at least interview her. >> offered her a job. >> alicia hawkins. she asked a question about the hotel and other matters. he said you seem impressive to me. >> she is a veteran. she said would you hire veterans like me in the construction of the hotel. >> what are you looking for? what kind of a position? come up here. come here. smart, good.
8:15 am
we need good people. how are you? >> i'm fine. >> so what is your experience in front of the world? >> well i design. i do all types of decorations. >> you like this building? >> yes. i do. >> here is what i'm going to do. there is the man. stand right over here. if we can make a good deal in the salary she is going to probably have a job, okay? >> got to make a deal on the salary. >> if only "the apprentice" was at that easy. made a positive impression. donald trump said, hey, sometimes you get a gut feeling about these things. if everything works out, she will work for the trump organization. >> you never know. all this was going on president obama in cuba. it was historic visit. today he will do a televised speech to the nation. he will meet with political dissidents. >> here is the state dinner from last night, the first lady in the middle there.
8:16 am
he met with business leaders entrepreneurs those who would like to build a hotel. donald trump said he would build a hotel in cuba when the time is right. >> the president wants to do more. >> the embargo ends, when, i can't be entirely sure but i believe it will end and the path that we're on will continue beyond my administration. the reason is logic. the reason is that what we did for 50 years did not serve our interests or the interests of the cuban people. >> all right. what about that weird moment at the end. watch this. >> a little strange. >> they hold hands like, there we go. didn't want to grab? i don't know. >> and the winner is? >> high-five that missed somehow. >> looked like the president, looked like the president was going to tap him on the back.
8:17 am
looked like he was going like this. >> let me see the picture one more time. >> go back again. >> looked like he was going to pat him on the back and raul castro grabbed his arm. then he looked like, see? >> you grab my wrist. you grab my wrist. >> greg, first of all -- >> that is what he did. >> never have a limp wrist. >> we're recreating the moment. >> put that wrist up. >> watch. am i getting my inspiration from him. look. we did it. you see? tell the president not to have a limp wrist. mikey, what's up? >> you have a strong arm. >> i'm a righty. he is lefty too? that is weird. try that again. >> why did you have to bring that up? >> awkward enough. >> there you go. that's the one. >> and the winner is -- the one with the limp wrist. >> nice job. anyway, all right, good morning to you folks.
8:18 am
show you what is happening. 37 is normal high. 37 is normal low. we're dropping down to 35 degrees in central park. winds coming in from the west at 16 miles an hour. we have 20s and 30s. 26 in sussex. islip. winds are coming from the west and southwest. the little direction change will warm the temps up. wind are six to 13 miles an hour. not as much as yesterday but a little breezy outside. mainly clear sky. high pressure anchored down over the southeastern states. not too much happening over the eastern seaboard. this is the stalled frontal boundary to the north of us. what will happen especially in the afternoon a few more clouds develop around the frontal boundary later on. maybe a few snowflakes flying. that is primary upstate new york
8:19 am
the tri-state stays dry. a little breezy. wends from the west and southwest, that pulls up warmer air. we'll be warmer today and even warmer tomorrow. highs get up close to 70 tomorrow. notice clouds and isolated showers north of us tomorrow as we head into wednesday and thursday. increases, our temps increase and chances of rainfall, well that picks up later thursday into friday. but today does not look like we have rain out there at all. sunny sky in the afternoon. 54 for a high. a little breezy too.
8:20 am
you tomorrow.>| . hov lanes are fine. driving into the city, the george washington bridge, you want to take the upper less. look at that camera shot. it is 45-minute delay. don't be surprised with extra police presence you may see. keeping an eye on it. haven't seen anything out there. as far as lower little, 30-minute delay inbound. and turnpike about 45 to 50 into the city. holland tunnel 30 from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. really chaotic situation in brussels, belgium.
8:21 am
downtown. >> right. >> worried about what could happen elsewhere. >> right. we're keeping an eye on things for you this and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> so this is how it went down in cuba. you're raul, i'm barak. >> why do i have to be raul? oops. there we go. >> and there you saw it. >> there is the picture. >> there is the picture. >> now we know. >> etched in my memory. >> you want to barack. i'll be raul. >> okay. that is how you do it. >> yeah, that is very diplomatic. slightly painful. that. >> that is too. fox means business. hi, hello. i have two stories for you guys this morning. before we get to the new phones at apple i want to update you on the stock market reaction to what is going on in brussels
8:25 am
brussels airport and the nearby train station. you can say that investors are getting used to these mass murders and these killings. stock futures are down but not falling off a cliff. down 50 points on the dow but down first time in eight days. travel stocks and airlines are getting hit hard. obviously you turn on tv and see another explosion or terrorist attack and you might be afraid to fly. the other story is the new iphone, it is four inches, and starts at $400, preorder it starting next week on march 24th. new ipad pro is much smaller than the 13-inch one. this is 9.7 inches. this is cheaper. starts at 600 bucks. i want to point out that research does show that the bright light glare from the devices affects deep sleep. apple changed the glare. it is softer.
8:26 am
maybe you can get better sleep. not pure science but just saying. >> lauren, thanks a lot. look at the phone. rosanna's phone is the big phone, iphone 6. i have the 5. the 5 is basically the same sign about as the new sc. the cool thing about rosanna's phone which didn't come from apple is this. ready? ready? >> by the way it is highlighting. people were tweeting me, t-w-light. l-i-te. >> beyonce's friend invented this and gave it to, well, he is selling them. you might be able to get one for free, if he drops by "good day new york." >> exactly. we'll see what apple does. like a smaller phone. otherwise we never get it in our
8:27 am
anyway, in other news, we're following what is happening in brussels. continuing coverage right now in brussels. we know, well we're hearing at least 28 people were killed in several attacks in brussels this morning.
8:28 am
here in new york city as well. imagine your body being buried while you're still in it. imagine the horror. you'd struggle, but struggling
8:29 am
imagine your whole life reduced to thinking about your next breath. eventually you'd welcome death, but an emphysema sufferer can go on living like this for years. if you smoke, death could be the least of your worries. stop before the suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
8:30 am
>> okay. that is a big tv screen i think over in times square, right? that can't be happening -- >> what was that? >> a little bit of a laser light what else? live look at times square as we have greater police presence there in other public areas of new york because of what is going on in europe. >> we're safe right now. nothing going on in our area. rather safe than sorry. police presence on subways and streets. of course port authority is beefing up security at the airports as well. >> this is downtown.
8:31 am
how are you feeling otherwise? >> other than that, spring is in the air. how are you? stuff. we're basically having a yard sail, garage sail a week from friday. >> next friday? >> april 1st, rosanna. all the books we intend to read, we're selling them. >> i do have a lot of book. >> hundred. >> now i know what to do with them. >> anyway i dropped by friday. >> are we giving money to certain charity or have we decided that yet? >> yes. we'll find a suitable charity. >> last time we talked about side. >> i raised money for awareness. those campaigns are still existing. i don't know. >> meantime, by the way -- >> basically we kept the money! bucks. we were giving away stuff. shakes that day.
8:32 am
>> is it over? >> i missed it. >> i'm sorry. >> what goes on? >> shamrock shake is the green mint flavored shake that they sell or give away on st. patrick's day. >> that is a shame you missed it. if i had known i would have gotten you one myself. >> i'll get over it. next time. >> we're trying to have a little lefty what is going on -- levittty what is going on with the world. >> heavy day. take a fresh air and breather. this is nice day in terms of the weather. it is cooperative here. cool temps, a little breezy but not as cold as it was yesterday. we're looking at a lot of sunshine for the next couple days. warmer temps are just around the corner too. today your forecast high is 54 degrees. which is a little warmer than normal but well away of the record high of 78 degrees. it's a little early for those sort of temperatures to be here
8:33 am
we have 35 central park. 36 in bridgeport. 37 in montauk. 27 degrees in monticello with mainly clear sky. winds are out there but they're not as big as they were yesterday. winds coming in from the the west at 6 to 13 miles an hour. it is breezy as opposed to windy like we saw yesterday. mainly clear sky across the majority of the tri-state. high pressure is locked into the southeastern states. that will keep skies mainly clear. the frontal boundary to the north of us will hang out a little while. keep clouds up to the north of the tri-state. maybe showers there too. but not for us here in the tri-state. we'll see mainly sunny skies, high temp 54 degrees. some places like the interior sections of new jersey, like, newark may hit 70 but yeah, looks like we'll be fairly warm next couple days.
8:34 am
thursday night, friday we have shower chances. looks like easter sunday will be dry after all. yesterday it looked wet. today not so much. bring in ines with any big hang-ups out there. we had problems on the both the roads and rails. what is going on, ines. >> we have problems right now. long island, nassau county normal slow spots. once you get up into the southern state parkway, lie is slow by glen cove road. traffic jam on staten island expressway because of this accident. this is bradley avenue. police are off to the side. they were blocking one lane. most is off to the side. traffic jammed on the eastbound side heading towards the verrazano bridge. west bound you're fine. george washington bridge driving into the city, upper levels 45 minutes. increased police presence could slow down the commute. keep eye on that. lincoln tunnel, 495, hour delay inpound. holland tunnel, 30 minutes.
8:35 am
one train, no service between 145th and 168th street. rest of the trains running on or close. street cleaning rules in effect. >> thank you, ines. deadly coordinated terror attraction in brussels, belgium. the capital of belgium. at think point we're hearing 26 confirmed dead, that number reduced from 28 a few minutes ago. >> we know brussels virtually shut down the airport. two explosions there. the subway, we know an explosion happened there. transit flights to and from brussels airport suspended right now. all subway lines suspended. >> questions that come to mind, what does this have to do with the apprehension of the terrorist suspect from the paris attacks last november. you remember some of those people, those who helped him, terrorists themselves fled to brussels last fall. robert moses has more from the newsroom. robert? >> reporter: greg and rosanna,
8:36 am
havana, cuba, was briefed on attacks. the numbers continue to fluctuate really by the second. latest death toll from the belgium media is 34 people dead. so that is 14 dead at the airport and defend dead in the metro -- 20 dead in the metro station attacks. that is not confirmed by the authorities. we'll take you through the timeline. this is first of all incredibly eerie video from the metro station where this took place. this is a live feed of our partners from sky news and this is a look at what it looks like underground after these explosions at the metro station. so let's recap the timeline. around 8:00 a.m. local time at the brussels airport series of explosions, two explosions in the do departure hall. originally there was reporting that it had been at gate.
8:37 am
saying that is not the case. it did not occur near the check-in counter. two different explosions. at least one according to prosecutors in belgium carried out by a suicide bomber. that is according to prosecutors in belgium. and then about 80 minutes or so after this attack, came the attack at the metro station. this in the heart of downtown brussels right near the offices for the european union which is people were rushed out of the station on gurneys. some were treated on the sidewalk by first-responders. a scene of carnage playing out all across brussels and people at the airport were there to see and hear it all. >> you felt the explosions? >> i did, yeah. and -- [inaudible].
8:38 am
didn't get any information. >> walked through the metro. glass. smoke, water dripping from the ceiling. had to walk through puddles. and we were evacuated. i was just waiting for my suitcase and then somebody said over the loud speaker, this is an evacuation. we just went outside -- [siren] >> reporter: the timing of thieves attacks is significant because just four days ago salah abdeslam was captured in brussels. he was dragged out of that apartment complex. who could forget this scene as he was apprehended by police. he is believed to be the only surviving member of the ring that carried out the attacks in paris in november that killed 130 people. some authorities had been concerned that after abdeslam's capture there were reprisal attacks. important to note that no one
8:39 am
today's explosions in brussels. but the speculation of course is that these explosions are linked to abdeslam's capture. just crossing the ap wire, obviously the official death toll stands at 26 and at least 136 injured. belgium media reporting that 34 dead. so there is discrepancy. >> it's a small world. what affects us there, we're seeing increased security throughout our town. >> we're not taking any chance. we see more police on the streets and subways. of course more security at the airports. fox 5's ben simmoneau is at the crossroads of the world, times square this morning. what are you seeing, ben? >> reporter: yes, indeed, rosanna, police are always visible in times square. even more so. look behind me on 43rd street across 7th avenue. you see police suvs parked
8:40 am
there are several more near the times square main subway entrance, 42nd and 7th. that is the nypd order of the day, visibility. they're stepping up presence at these major sites. city of 8 1/2 million residents and many, many more tourists. you will see more police in places like times square, penn station, grand central. in the subways, stations, big ones and on the trains as well. we spoke with subway riders this morning as they were headed for work. and some unaware of the events of what is going on in brussels this morning but they say, you know, they are concerned about the vulnerability of our mass transit systems. frankly new yorkers, many of them have no other choice. this city would not function without its subway. have a listen. >> everyone says be careful, be careful, be careful. i says i will be. i always look for the police presence. >> i think we have to do something about it sooner or later.
8:41 am
correct thing to say but i'm not going to say what i really want to say. >> reporter: back here live in times square. again you're likely seeing that police presence for the foreseeable future. the nypd says it has been monitoring the situation in brussels all night. they want to point out though there is no connection at this time, no nexus or anything may be connected here in new york city. also, rosanna and greg, an increased security and police presence at the three big airports, laguardia, jfk and newark this morning as well. we're live from very busy times square. back to you. >> robert, thank you very much. you remember the old slogan, if you see something, say something, corny, but it works. mta came out with public service campaign to remind people if you see something say something. they used people who saw
8:42 am
>> this ad will feature new slogans, new yorkers keep new york safe. show people who actually did say something. >> these are faces of everyday riders and they come from all walks of life. in that regard they truly represent the diverse community that is new york. >> it comes at a perfect time. the mta says the public safety videos will run online. print ads are on trains, buses and stations. >> he might not have been in the subway, faisal shahzad, the guy wanted to blow up sometimes square he was apprehended by a hot dog vendor and guy selling souvenirs. the smoke coming from the guy's car. >> there is this guy who ran in a suit, did you see this. >> this guy look, he ran the whole race in a suit. suit and tie. >> 13 miles.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
up on "good day." its sleek design... is mold-breaking. its intelligent drive systems... paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. r starting at $38,950. >> the shuttle. i never take the shuttle. i'll tell i why. >> why? what is the problem? >> while you do the walking and waiting around underground, you
8:46 am
grand central. >> rather not shuttle. >> seems like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. >> i'm a walker. when there is a chance to wake i prefer to walk. especially now with the weather. it is a great time to get out there and walk. >> okay. >> meanwhile, while we're worrying about terrorist attacks in brussels. >> what? >> we're also worrying about stabbings and slashings here in the city. the city is acknowledging there is real increase in this stuff going on. >> yes, we have an acknowledgement we have a problem on our hands. you heard about this, random slashings, sometimes, yeah, a stranger gets slashed by somebody for no reason. other times there is some sort of a grudge. we've seen a lot more of them. kerry drew more from gramercy. they have a new plan to handle this. hi, kerry. >> reporter: good morning to you, greg and rosanna t has been a disturbing trend last few months, stabbings and slashings on the rise across the city. the police commissioner and mayor will announce a new plan
8:47 am
police commissioner bill bratton testified at city hall hearing that he was testified about a recent spike of slashing across the city. >> this has increase and we'll attempt to identify where are the increases occurring, who has been involved. >> reporter: increase has been dramatic. bratton says there were more than 150 additional stabbings and slashings this year, up 20% year. >> a lot is fueled by emotion, disturbances, disputes. family situations. >> reporter: many incidents happened underground. the nypd already deployed more officers within the subway system. and today, after months of downplaying the issue, the police commissioner and the mayor will announce a new plan to tackle it. >> hoping that it is a good plan. obviously people are kind of scared that this is happening across the city. i know, fortunately, hasn't happened to anybody i know or in this area. but it is still scary to think
8:48 am
i try to always be aware of my surroundings especially this time of the morning. >> reporter: police commissioner bratton says the biggest increase in stabbings and slashings happened in the bronx. when asked about the specifics of this plan yesterday the police commissioner said all of that will be addressed at a news conference that is set to take place today at 11:00 a.m. at police headquarters. so that is the latest live from here in gramercy this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. >> last two guys, kerry drew, you spoke to. they looked like twins. which is cool. >> looked a lot a like. >> reporter: two different guys. we noted same thing. >> they had the same concern. all right, well, thank you. >> maybe you can talk to this new up-and-coming designer, andrew warren about that look. you know, he is, one of the talked about young kids in the design world. >> that girl is not wearing any clothes under her jacket! >> well you can talk to andrew
8:49 am
showed his spring fashion line few weeks ago. >> he looks a little goth. not this, but that. >> he has a-list crew part of his posse. bringing some of them. as show us the spring designs. >> see if model crack as smile. please. nope. not going to happen.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> all right. giduce. what was her name. theresa? she went in jail. now it is his turn. he goes to jail. not camera friendly. >> you don't want a camera in your face when you go to jail. as you know he and his wife were on "the real housewives of new jersey." he started drinking he says, two bottles of wine a day when his wife theresa was serving her 14 month sentence. he says basically in jail he is
8:53 am
he is going to spend 41 months behind bars. in 2014 he and his wife pled guilty to fraud. >> it was nice of the judge, by the way to seriously, to stagger the sentences because they have kids. joe was able in addition to the drinking i'm sure he took care of kids. she was in jail. now they switch. she was in jail. he was at homed with kids. >> we're talking about reading. what are you reading these days? the best-seller list from "new york times," we have it. we have idea what is out there and what people like to read. >> you know what? i'm not reading like i used to. seems like such unnatural act. there are some tweets to read. so many instagram pictures to look at. >> stop it. fire touch, by patricia briggs. the steel kiss by jeffrey diva. >> and so on. do you notice people don't talk about books the way they used to? every year there was must-read book everybody talks about. >> it depends.
8:54 am
>> doesn't happen as much. combined print and ebook, non-fiction is more my style. do you read ebooks or -- >> i like a hard copy. unless i'm traveling then i put it on my ipad. i find if it is on my ipad i tend to drift. >> right. because there is other stuff to look at. >> right. >> like a book buying machine. you buy all the books and have to get around to them. look at this guy. new york city marathon. he ran the whole thing in suit and tie. >> 13 miles in suit and tie. we'll talk with me. he actually did pretty well-running by the way. >> looks like he is running for the let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
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brought to you by mazda, driving matters. >> okay. we have our inis it gram picture of the morning. this one comes from fox five viewer. instagram. them. coming up on fox 5.
8:58 am
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