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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway. fresh is what we do. greg: live look at that. get away please. a police station in gramercy park. the 1-3.
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greg: well, the 1 -3. rosanna: why do they say it like that? greg: i don't know. you never said 71. rosanna: i say we are in the 19th precinct. greg that is not wrong. often, yeah, 1-3, 1-9. by the way, on the other side the police academy. the police academy movies, they never happened there. rosanna: all right, it is a spring like day in new york city. what a way to wake up to find out terror attacks in bresz ussels.
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the heart of the city. the belgium government has reported 34 people killed. this is in retaliation of the one of the terror suspects ap rehented from the paris attacks. rosanna: we heard two explosions near the airport, near the delta or the american airlines terminals and near a starbucks. very american type of outposts. greg: sure. what does that mean for new york, we have peter king, a leader on homeland security matters, republican from long island, peter king spoke to us earlier. >> that shows how effective that
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together within 72 hours or 96 hours thanks was a well, well coordinated attack. this is not a bomb in a garbage can. airport, subway station, this is again, also appears the type of explosive more sophisticated, the only way to stop this we have to have surveillance and monitoring where the attacks are coming on. greg: well, brussels has been in the headlines, one of the terrorists went to brussels and that city was on lock down in the aftermakt of paris. paris is a beautiful city. quiet. known for the culture. rosanna: yes, they are on high alert as well. london, paris, on high alert
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robert moses is following the situation and he's in the news room this morning. robert, what are you hearing? >> the official death toll at 26. airport. station. however, as greg mentioned we have heard reports from the belgium media that the death poll could be as high as 34. late word from belgium media there was a rifle found next to one of the deceased perpetrators at the airport, that seems to drive the fact that there would be shots heard before the twin explosions. it was around 8:00 this morning when the two explosions took place at the brussels airport. this is a very busy airport
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passengers each year. a scene of carnage there and debris, broken glass, people rushed away from the airport. 80 minutes later came another explosion at the metro station in the heart of downtown brussels near the european union offices are and this is so erie. this is from under ground a few minutes after the explosion. you are seeing the people making their way out. the train itself hit by the bomb is barely recognizable as such. as a result of what happened this morning all of europe is on the highest level of alerts possible. airport security is increased
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across france, denmark and poland and france, the prime minister there is saying that country is at war with these terrorists. now, let's talk about timing for one second because it is significant, four days ago you recall that the lone surviving member of the ring that carried out the horrible attacks in paris arrested there in brussels. there was fear after his capture that there could be attacks to get back at the authorities for bringing him into custody and in fact, we don't know who is responsible for today, but it is possible that these do prove to be reprizals for his arrest. the terror group that he's associated with has vowed to retool their efforts and this is a similar attack to one back in
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series of attacks coming one after another that puts a strain on the police force and really forces the authorities to divide and conquer, and in dividing, perhaps they are left vulnerable and that may be what we saw this morning. 26 deed in the three explosions. any new developments, we'll bring them to you. greg: thank you, robert. folks, there is a substantial military presence in brussels. back to new york, what does it mean for us, it is a small world when something happens over there, we are on high alert here. we are used to that after 9/11. rosanna: we are looking at times square, it is business as usual, however, more police presence in times square, on the subways, at
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chances, we all know, you know t terrorists love our city, unfortunately. >> greg: or hate it. here. attempted attacks. we are going to live to ben simmoneau. ben? ben: it is business as usual in times square, the morning rush hour is winding down. the increased police presence on 43rd street here. you are going to see more police officers, more police vehicles on every corner, and outside of the times square subway station, one of the busiest stations in the system. there is no known connection to the attacks in brussels to anything in new york, however,
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presence of the police above ground, at the stations and below ground in the subways, on the plot forms and on the trains as well, because one of the explosions happened in a subway station in brussels. we spoke with some of the new yorkers this morning and of course, they are concerned. >> everyone tells you be careful, i say, i will be. >> we have to do something about it sooner or later. i don't know the correct thing to say. ben: you will see increase security in police presence at the airports and port authority is making the authority more visible. the ticketing counters, it is not taking security to walk up to the ticket counters, but today you are going to see more police officers in those areas.
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square, back to you. greg: you are right, ben, you don't have to go through security just to get into of the airport. there was a time to go all the way to the gate to accompany your loved ones. rosanna: yes. greg: a lot going in the world. donald trump high lights in a moment. mike: the temperatures are starting about the same as yesterday, but the skies are much clearer. 37 degrees central park and poughkeepsie. 40 newark. 36 allentown. 28 monticello. we have clear skies and the ripeds are light coming in from the west and southwest. they are starting to switch directions on us and starting to pull up the warmer air into the tristate region again. the temps are going warmer than normal.
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variable in central park. so again, that is going to bring in the warmer temperatures. we have a mainly clear sky. a few clouds up to the north. there is a frontal boundary up there, a stationary front and washing out and that is the vocal point for the clouds to develop and a few snow flurries up there later on in the day. high pressure is in control. we are going to keep it mainly clear for the most part here. until later on, it takes about another day and a half or two days before dealing with the clouds and perhaps showers. to the futurecast, mainly clear skies for today and this evening. tomorrow we have a few clouds rolling into the picture. there is a rain snow mix possibility up to the north. headed to thursday, that is when
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the shower chances are picking up, especially thursday night into friday, that is when the better chance of rain is coming at you. this workweek is quiet. we are seeing a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. lighter winds. up to 47 by midday. high up to 54. tomorrow 68 in the city. starting to come down just a hair on thursday. good chance of showers early friday. as we go to easter weekend, we have easter sunday coming in on a dry note. partly cloudy skies and high of 55. then more shower chances are returning here as we get to monday. we have the weather forecast information available to you. text word weather and we'll send
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over to you. rosanna: did u i don't see mike's rascally rabbit? greg: it is like from 'twixt. rosanna: he's taking after the master. greg: yesterday, donald trump was in washington dc and i have to tell you, he was very, very calm and cool, he said he would tone it down and he did. rosanna: he did. even the way he walked up to the stage was different. there is a different demeanor. greg: today i will use a teleprompter. then he had a press conference at the old post office on pennsylvania avenue, which by the way, is a beautiful facility. he's turning it into a hotel. again, not like the rollicking free wheeling statements, it was very controlled.
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something unusual that happens, yesterday he offer add woman a job on the spot. the woman was at the press conference, she's a veteran. >> what are you looking for, what type of position? come up here. come here. [indiscernible] we need good people. how are you? what is your experience in front of the world? >> i design, all types of decorations. >> you like this building? >> yes, i do. >> here is what i will do, here is the man. if we can make a good deal on the salary, she probably have a job. >> wow, he had a gut impression
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good worker and a veteran, served in afghanistan and iraq and she was emotional after wards and crying. rosanna: we hope she gets the job. greg: remember the hopes on the apprentice. just make a positive impression. >> she's a veteran. she's got a little bit of a leg up on the competition. rosanna: president obama was winding up the historic trip to cuba and there is raul castro. greg: that was at the dinner. a moment that has gone viral, as they say, was the hand shake after the press conference, and raul didn't want the questions. rosanna: he took a few. maybe two or three questions and ended it. what was that? greg: we have it. rosanna: slow it down. this is what i think happened,
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give him a tap on the back. he didn't want a tap on the back. he wanted to hold, like i'm the winner. victory. instead the president had -- greg: i will be barack. rosanna: i will be raul. greg: nice job. whoa. rosanna: awkward. greg: take a picture. rosanna: very awkward. greg: you can't blame the president. rosanna: what is that all about? you have to put up the wrist. do the power sign. greg: this is fine. rosanna: this is showing a sign of weakness, it is awkward position. greg: a sign of weakness. make a fist. rosanna: thumbs up, anything.
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come home the president. rosanna: well, he's going to argentina. greg: oh. no jet lag going to south america. rosanna: coming up, we are talking spring. by the way, we have very impressive models with him this morning. greg: welcome to "good day new york." we are meeting you and meeting the guy that ran the half marathon in a suit and tie. no shorts and a t-shirt for him. rosanna: 13 miles in a suit and tie. when we come back. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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$39.99 per month. call now. ask about free installation and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. greg: look at the fashionistas in the front row. rosanna: i won'ter if we are impressing. greg: a guy let us sit in the front row. rosanna: yes, thank you dennis. greg: folks, new york city, capital of the fashion world. we have up and coming fashion designer, the next calvin klein or something like that. rosanna: he's andrew. by the way, you come from the
9:21 am
>> yes. >> your grandfather? >> yes, my grandfather was huge. unfortunately i never got to meet him. broadway? >> yes. >> heads down? >> that is your grandfather? >> yes, his name is on there. that is great. >> find the picture. that is wild. it is online. >> did you meet your grandfather, did he inspire you? >> he passed before i was born. i am very close with my grandma and my family, we are all doing this together. >> fantastic. you were born to do this stuff. >> i never knew it was what i wanted to do, and jeff goldstien
9:22 am
>> the clothing line is getting a lot of attention and the girls that model your clothes are getting a lot of attention. tell us about your friends. >> today i have four of them. but i use a lot of my best girlfriends who all have different styles. >> they are all hot. you can see that from space. >> talk about the first design it. >> this is kiera kennedy? >> of the kennedies? >> yes. >> which one? >> robert kennedy? >> robert kennedy's daughter? >> yes. >> of course. i see the resemblance. >> well, back to clothes. >> i like the way it is lose in the front, it is fitted in the back. that is an interesting look. right?
9:23 am
>> what is the price tag? >> the price is 625. >> where do you buy it? >> you can buy it online and blue and cream in the summer in the hamptons. >> very pretty. it has a lot of movement, right? >> pretty for a party. >> say hi to your dad. >> this is alexia. >> talk about the clothes. >> this is actually my best selling piece. she's wearing a royal blue one, coming in a variety of colors. rose, white, silver. on my instagram you can comment on a collage and win of the dresses. >> comment? >> yes. >> social media is part of your
9:24 am
>> yes. >> at one point, the instagram of the rich kids? >> well, not by a choice. >> any press is good press. well, not really. what is your deal. ie know her mom christina. >> how do you know andrew? >> i have known her forever. my brother-in-law's parents grew up in the same town as my sib blings. >> so you are getting the models friends. >> they are my best friends. >> thank you, so much, that is gorgeous. beautiful color too.
9:25 am
>> so this is matieste's grand daughter. >> wow. >> you can start a university or airport. together? school. we clicked automatically. >> this is the thing about going to school in new york city, you meet a lot of people with interesting backgrounds. >> how about that. >> what is this? >> it is a burnout. you can put it over a skirt. i like it worn with a bathing suit. >> this is very europe. >> have you ever been to europe. >> yes. >> st. bartz? >> yes, every christmas. it is for family time. >> good for you.
9:26 am
>> 295. >> for the skirt? >> for the skirt. the suit is not mine. not yet. >> now i get why the models don't need the money. >> she's dad was the house dj jelly bean. >> she's gorgeous. her mom was a model. >> i'm 5-9. >> can anybody wear something like this? >> this is one of the looks, the top actually fits everyone because it stretches. >> it is a little 70s. >> i like it.
9:27 am
>> bell bottoms. >> they are a disco pant. >> what is the website. >> just drew >> can we have the models come back. >> thank you so much. >> politics for you? >> no, i want to be in a fashion industry as well. >> she's been helping me. >> well, i am taking art in a different form, i'm an actress. i have had a couple of short films. >> i own a couple of businesses.
9:28 am
>> chocolate with a surprise toy. >> these girls are on the way. andrew, everything is pretty. it is a nice young feel. >> i am lucky, i have these friends. i have had tiffany trump in the show. >> well, man, you know all of the right people. you areal leapted too. >> i'm working with a group on the 31 #st and rebuilding the shepherd. >> all right, now you are rubbing it in. >> thank you, andrew. in new york city, you never know who you meet. we meet the guy that ran a half
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greg: that guy won it. rosanna: we are talking about a guy that ran 13 miles in a suit and tie. i mean, at first i thought this is not possible, he ran all 13 miles like that. that didn't stop him or hold him back from running. greg: it is looking like he's running for the train. he's got the nike sneakers on. rosanna: he ran 13 miles in an hour and 18 minutes. greg: his name is rex woodbury and he's the guest on "good day new york." rex, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> why did you do this? >> i read an article about the world record, i saw the time, i think i can do that. this is made for me.
9:33 am
well. rosanna: did you buy a certain time of suit? >> i wore what i ran to work. it is the same company. >> what do you do? >> investment banking specialist. >> for how long? >> for 8 months. it is. i liked it, it is fun, kwishgy. >> did you feel restricted? can you move your arms back and forth? >> it was a little uncomfortable. the pants were a little too lal tored. greg: i would have thought you just got in the race. >> i got are you on the way to work, how is d commute, you are
9:34 am
the last half i was okay. >> were you sweating bullets? >> yes, i was. it was a cold morning but stuffy in the suit. >> that is a suit you wore? >> yes. >> you washed it? >> no. it is on the list. >> you said, what is the brand? >> it is my suit. i have heard of them. >> are you involved with them? >> no, i just wear their suits to work. >> so they made you a suit for the race? >> yes. >> a different fabric? >> well, it is the same fabric but deck it out for me. >> let's look at it. >> i'm not smelling the jacket.
9:35 am
smell your clothes. >> why not wear a tux for the marathon? the real marathon. >> that is a good point. >> maybe. >> are you thinking about it? >> well, i don't know. i don't know if a world record exists. >> what's next for you? >> what is next, i will go back to running in a t-shirt and shorts f. someone breaks the record, i will to do it again. i grew in arizona. i went to dartmouth. >> and you work for an investment banker. >> yes. >> downtown. >> how old are you >>l>> 22. >> we have a young ones on the show. >> i read an article in the new york times, o you any you are entitled.
9:36 am
right now. >> i don't think we are entitled, we are engrossed in social media, i am going to stick up for a generation, we get a bad rap. >> i am impressed. rex, put your social media stuff out there. what do you have? >> rex woodbury. >> what is rex short for? >> rexford. it is. my parents wanted to add something to it. rexford ronan woodbury. >> you are on your way. you can't keep up with him.
9:37 am
say. he's 22, he got got out of school and he's an avid runner. >> thank you. >> coming up, have you heard of latin bugaloo. >> what about him? >> he's terrific. he's a legend in the music world. >> you don't know anything about that. >> coming up. the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun?
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rosanna: latin bugaloo. i never heard of this genre but i like it. this is latin soul music, greg. okay. it was made famous in the south bronx and brooklyn, we have up with of the leaders of that latin bugaloo music. >> joe is with us. welcome. >> hi, how are you? >> ... then you shake your money maker.
9:41 am
you have a documentary about the music? >> yes, i like it like that. it is looking at the history and legacy of the music. the culture movement coming together to make this fusion. greg: i like it that, i like it that, what is that? >> a song by pete rodriquez. >> oh. >> what is the difference? >> he played the conga. >> so the bug can you find it in the
9:42 am
>> yes, yes, it is resurging. the around the world there are different names for it, but new york is starting to discover it and with the help of the show spreading more. >> bugaloo brought on the boogey. >> yes, you are hip. a break dancing, that came from the bugaloo oovment>> where the documentary. >> >> itunes and amazon. >> what do you hope they'll get from it? >> it is time to recognize the latino mu musicians that made
9:43 am
>> let's see it. >> take it away.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> all right. >> are you in the guardian angel
9:47 am
angels angels? >> no. >> where can we see you? >> april 9th brooklyn at the walt whitman theatre. >> pump it up. >> i like it like that.
9:48 am
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rosanna: what happened to you? greg: duran duran. we have a special photography segment coming up. >> you know, i developed a good friendship with the photographer, he shot everything at the garden and there is george right there and on valentine's day this past year, he celebrated his 50th year add the garden. this story is so much fun. >> his camera is huge. >> he's a professional. >> greg, he's seen everything.
9:51 am
you know, anything you see at the garden, whether a presidential nominations, pope's there, he's seen it all and given advice to lebron james. so much fun to do. take a look. for over 50 years, george has been the official photographer for the garden and captured so many of the famous arena's biggest and best moments. popes, presidents, rolling stones and stanley cup champions and nba champions and heavy weight champions. >> to capture the emotions and the events, wins, losing, history, history of madison square garden. it is a privilege.
9:52 am
so much history, rank the top five moments.>> one of the top five moments was willis reed walks to the court to inspire the nikss to the next championship. >> number two, a heavy weight fight, not just any night. >> the ali fraser fight was international. that was the greatest event in all times. >> there is a guy shooting frank sinatra and capturing him ring side. ie answered as many questions as i could, i told him as much as i could about taking photographs for life magazine that hired him for that night.
9:53 am
holding up the cup in 1994. rangers won the cup and got rid of the curse. that was impact on society in our culture. >> number 4. not a sporting event, what happened in 1979 when pope john paul the second said mass at the garden. >> one of the top five pictures is pope john paul. i captured the moment. that was my greatest moment. >> the two concerts, the concert for new york city after 9/11, and the 12-12-12 after superstorm sandy. the two greatest concerts i ever photographed. >> he's witnessed lighter moments and given advice to one
9:54 am
>> i remember talking to lebron james backstage before going into the first game, before he played his first game, he was nervous, i told him, the pope was nervous before he played the garden and miked jordan was nervous. >> i asked george, after shooting so many famous people, for all these years, is there a common trait or characteristic they all share? >> one of the common characterists in some of the people that are iconic and after taking pictures in and of themselves are iconic, i see there's a charisma that certain people have. >> the energy that george captured and shared so well.
9:55 am
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rosanna: okay. thank you so much for liking us on our facebook page. >> greg: we have a weird image of the president shaking hands (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? p head to your neighborhood p
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by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> announcer: now, here's wendy!


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