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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 23, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". an apparent attack in brussels. i wanted to know what the mayor's reaction. >> he got his day in middlesex county court today. >> added in my possession. bill: family planning tools.
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>> we woke up to an apparent attack in brussels. will we no right now is dozens of them killed and hundreds of an injured. more details are emerging. i want to go with the mayor's reaction was now the city would react to it. the mayor continually stressed that new york city preparedness is at his top for events like these and he claims the record at least 20 attacks and have improved their ability to immediately stop attacks like this. i asked a question. >> monitoring about 100 people 247 who could be inspired.
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could be copycat attacks? >> we arewe're going to ramp up on all of our subjects. >> there are at anyaren't any time people we are watching closely. >> trying to cut funding, and they are concerned about that because it will deeply affect how they handle things. bill: thank you. we have heard how new york city is preparing. >> just like new york city officials said, there is no specific and credible threat , but the office of homeland security are ramping up for being vigilant command monitoring the event in europe. it comes on the heels of the 10th annual conference
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listen to such speakers. they experienced this firsthand as his department battled to islamic extremists leaving 14 people >> the 1st indication. detective who had just come >> several. >> at least 20. >> the number turned out to be 36. that is huge. >> after the attack candidate donald trump and others come out saying he needs to more surveillance of mosques. i asked if that kind of action could have
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attack. >> you need that human intelligence, people that are willing to step up and say, you need to watch that guy. >> what we found is that you can have such a thing as too much space. wallowing through this haystack of information. what is better is following up on specifically just like any other criminal investigation.
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us to be afraid. bill: i had a huge cult -- a few call as this morning. terrify. blue-collar worker, every housewife, you have to speak up about this. >> got his day in court, but he did not turn out the way you wanted. >> a case involving a semi automatic bb pistol. it is a firearm under law. it law. it is not the propaganda. >> standing by charges. an actor and comedian, filming a scene that involves gunplay. the gun was just part of a role he was playing. you probably should have. >> i had it in my possession for about five minutes. that is when all hell broke loose. my career -- this is crazy.
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to hammer out a deal. >> similar offer has been rejected. >> and yet he acknowledges that he has done time on prior felony convictions. it isconvictions. it is tough to tell whether they will play badly. his case now goes to trial. you be the judge. hit us hit
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show. >> now shot to death killed himself police said today. the death was not a homicide but a suicide. the officer took his own life sometime this was the police radio call. >> priority two. >> listen to the anguish of one of the brother officers as he comes upon the body. paramedic. >> getting everything. >> step on it. >> get to the cinema. >> hurry up.
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it is not a homicide. thoughts and prayers are with the family. teesix you are chasing your christie. a major eventgovernor christie. a major event to discuss the growing our next step in new jersey. >> i am at monmouth medical center where governor christie just give us an update on his plans. this comes after the government hundred million for mental health and substance abuse. thirteen recovery coaches for former addicts do so purpose is to convince drug abusers to go and treatment. the problem is paying for the treatment. so i asked governor christie. >> that will need to be significant the more
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providers. we will be working with not only the government put the >> meanwhile, one of the leaders. so far he put together for reversals. they have had success getting them into treatment. bill: the news dominated today by the islamic terrorist attacks. >> this roundtable is focused on addiction, but brussels took over the
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there is no intelligence. but the same time he was the public to be aware of what is happening. >> are you seeing from brussels morning. >> as for security, the governor has ramping up patrolling. they will be more security at airports, transitions, additional agents at customs teesixteen. bill: "high speed chase",. >> philadelphia police are looking for these three men. the unknown white males. i
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unknown objects. they went on their merry
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>> the officers were able to arrest him. check out this hilarious interview. a chance to ask a few questions. >> observations. >> is that why you rent? >> trying to your rid of it. >> you are looking for a date in the laundromat. >> looking for love in all the wrong places. a new york minute has become valuable.
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>> yes, you heard right. full of opportunities. bill: we definitely do have a lot of singles coming to the door. >> check out the vending machine. the team behind this place, soap is added to everything. >> it would hope there is something ever everybody. the vending machine this at random articles and it. not for human consumption. >> personal lubricant. the morning-after pill.
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therein lies. >> only an amazing guy would do his laundry year. that guy is smart. >> there is a bar here, too. >> i'll take him. >> embodies the 2nd date. >> not just for people who do laundry,laundry, people like peter. is a lot going on. >> i've got a lot going on. >> you going to do all right >> so, a waste of time, live
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>> double or nothing. bill: i've got nothing. >> it is good to know the person you are dating has been underwear. i don't know if it is a great thing. separate flights from the colors. >> that was really good. [laughter] >> take a look, parterre in the heart of jersey city. closed until further notice. this is not the 1st time
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exact problem. lead was discovered in 2012. i spoke with one who says she is extremely concerned. >> not only for my own child with thebut the others. right now none of the kids complain beautiful park. the playground has been off-limits. the people being out the most are in this neighborhood. >> officials believe the lead came from nearby construction. >> i don't wantedi don't wanted to be caught up in the bureaucratic process and take forever. >> we spoke with elise who has been following this catastrophe for a while. lead poisoning is extremely dangerous. >> very old problem in new jersey. seeing it in the water of
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>> have i madei made any mistakes this one? >> you put your friends. >> the internet totally lost its mind over this video. the woman dances. did you miss it? now you see her, now you don't. i'm skeptical. >> quality-of-life debate raging for the past couple of months. anything that improves quality of life is welcome. they hang happily of the branches of one street on the upper east side.
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block of east 51st street. they bringthey bring smiles. >> and a safe in the world. it is kind of thing. >> each are unique, but even more exclusive is that the artists that hung in the middle of the night have no identity as of yet and wants no recognition that a little bit of difference. >> i think it is wonderful, the simple act of kindness and is totally anonymous. >> i ami am certainly capable of a random act of kindness. and also, making a really awesome birdhouse. i went to michael's.
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birdhouses. >> i wonder if it's on sale. >> mind blowing. >> blowing. >> i settled with one language rather lovely. >> complete with a little slot to see whatever bird can get in there. they're goes my anonymity. bill: they make an awful racket in the morning. i cannot imagine it is positive for everybody.
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bird. a lot of them are next to them. not really working. teesix you were going to say something inappropriate? hold on a minute. over you going to say? >> you don't like birds you can eat. bill: that is a valid. >> my goodness. >> the oldest came the book fios is not cable. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. your body
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i want to say our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and all of the victims families from the horrible attack that happened this morning in brussels, belgium. at a time like this i know it's hard to laugh. we're going to do our very best here to make you laugh, with another episode of "dish nation. coming up, we havage ella in studio with us, and we're going to talk about the premiere episode of dancing with the stars. first we have to get to some headlines. adele is busting out some pretty impressive dance moves.


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