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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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steve luke everybody. how is it going. i am greatly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. it is going to get up into the 60s mike woods says. greg: lythgoe oversees to belgium. the two guys on the left. believed to have. brothers. concern is very, very high after what happened yesterday. rosanna: two siblings from new york are missing. they were reportedly at the airport. they were talking to the family
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the line went dead. they haven't heard from them since. greg: donald trump. what he would like to do to terror suspects. they are also threatening tweets to otherwise. rosanna: shipping will soon be a thing of the past at yankee stadium. greg: you cannot chew tobacco anymore. basically, fans do not do this, players. rosanna: they would rather have the seeds. greg: sunflower seeds. rosanna: you know what i recommend, big-league choo. it was big in the six grade.
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greg: rosanna, mike, how are you. we are all hopefully a little bit more chill here at "good day new york." bob ross. there he is with the white shirt and tie next to mike. meditate. it was our first lesson. it had nothing to do with religion. >> totally. we have had friends and we have seen colleagues talk about it. how it has kind of changed their lives. why not learn that the practice. we will not show you our this. we are learning it and it is personal. >> yes. i have high hopes.
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guy on tv. [laughter] mike: -- [laughter] anyway. greg: that was a fun little field trip we had. rosanna: if you notice a change in us, tweet us. facebook us. let us know what you think. greg: we have 45 minutes yesterday. mike: somebody has to do it one more time. mike: anyway. and nice looking date coming up for us here. southwest wind bringing your temperatures up this morning. that is why it is not that out at all right now. long island later in the afternoon, it will not be quite as warm.
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time of year. thirty-four in allentown. forty-four in sussex. keeping and i on the radar. maybe a few sprinkles. that should be about it. here is the radar and satellite. there is a stalled out front to the north of us. that triggered some showers. we cannot say that a quick sprinkle was out of the question. other than that, we have a stalled out front to the north. it will hang there for a while. today, for the most part, it is trite. it is a warm southwest wind. not bad. that is your past chance of
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here comes ines. she will give you the details. >> good morning, mike. leaving only the right lane open eastbound. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. westbound traffic moving fine. expect some minor delays. trains are doing fine this morning. no problems with that. jim smith is in skyfoxhd to tell you all about it. >> good morning. big problems on the westbound cross bronx. we have the left lane block off. they're hard to blaze. westbound traffic on the cross bronx.
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>> thank you very much. to brussels first. we have the identities of two of the bombers. believe that they died in the attack. they were not all suicide bombers. another suspect has apparently been taken into custody. rosanna: they do not know whether he just chickened out with the bombings or if he somehow survived. robert moses is following the situation. >> the one who survived the attack for whatever reason has been identified as kim jong un. the suspect on the right. he has been taken into custody. believed to have been the only palmer at the brussels airport
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there is ample evidence that the same cell that carried out the paris attacks perpetrated the brussels attacks, two. identifying that two suicide bombers in this photo at the brussels airport as brothers. rented an apartment last week. there, authorities found fingerprints involving the man that help carry out the paris attacks. he is believed to have built a bombs used in the paris attacks. notice that the two accused each were a glove on the left hand. the three men are believed to have carried bombs. >> we feared a terror attack would have been.
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the airport. just, well i'm trip rubble and survivors cowering in fear. another explosion an hour later. survivors in a dark tunnel that look apocalypse it. president obama was in cuba during the attack. he was briefed by phone. >> fighting against terrorists. >> more than two dozen were her. police conducted raids throughout the day in belgium. the state prosecutor's office
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in one home. the mother of 23-year-old daughters. brussels airport on her weight to new york to visit her mother. she was killed. one of her daughters was injured by shrapnel. there was a device found out the brussels airport. it is not clear whether he intended to pull himself up for this effect out of the last minute. the airport remains shut down. a decision about how long it will remain shut down could be made later today. greg: thanks a lot, robert. new yorkers. a brother and sister believed to be at the airport just prior to the explosion. rosanna: they were on the phone with their family when the
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then the phone went dead. it looks like alexander's girlfriend, she went on twitter. still saying that they need help. >> living in manhattan. did say that she worked for a design firm and chelsea. >> in the hospital somewhere in they are alive. hopefully their family will get some information shortly about this. >> it affected new york city in a big way. you sought extra security out there. it happened during the middle of an election year. >> i heard the debate. does it help or untrimmed hillary? does it hurt hillary? does it help donald?
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carried has more from times square. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. the nypd has left up security here in times square and across the city. additional officers assigned. meanwhile, political experts say the attack could have an impact on the presidential race. >> reporter: presidential candidates here at home work with to react. >> the last thing we need, my friends are leaders that insight or fear. >> that is exactly why we cannot afford to alienate all the muslims in the world. >> it is important that we not succumb to bigotry. we are not fighting a religion.
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his response to the attack. cruz was in new york city on tuesday. he called to law enforcement to step up their policing of muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. >> focusing on where threats are emanating from. >> the statements he made today is why he will not become president of this country. >> it is demagoguery. >> a look at the officers patrolling this pedestrian plaza. a unit that will be patrolling the subway station the load times square.
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threats at this point here in new york city. for now, that is the latest. greg: kerry, thanks a lot. joined by the homeland security advisor. there she is on the left. fran is also a new yorker. lives here, works here. fran, good morning. should we be worried here in new york. >> new york has traditionally been a favored target. as best as we can tell, there is no specific or credible threat to new york or here in the united states. you look at the paris attack and now brussels.
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capable threat. president obama yesterday, in the beginning of that speech, expressed condolences to brussels. it would have been nice if you sort of reassured the american public. there is a lot of travel back and forth. americans are, understandably, rallied by a bunch of this. >> they are thinking about going across the pond. >> the state department has issued a travel warning. advising folks to be aware of it has not been confirmed to
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there is a bomb makers. a third polymer involved in brussels that is still at-large. there is an ongoing effort. >> some basic things. you have to be careful about public transportation. you have to be aware of the surroundings. do i want to take my kids into this environment, for example. >> real quick. i heard this from a couple counterterrorism people yesterday. we are on a much better footing than we are in western europe. our laws, practices, protocol. do you agree with that?
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we are. the agencies in europe do not have the information that we do now. they are learning a hard lesson here. >> this attack happened before security in the airport. >> i think that that is the question that people are going to ask. you can keep bushing your perimeter out. what happens when the guys then take the bombs to the curbside. the five build a wall, someone will build a ladder that is 2 feet higher. the point is to intercept these
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the idea is you have to enhance your intelligence capability. intercepting these threats much sooner then that. >> what their grievance is, my understanding, belgium is not cooperating with our allies. that is their grievance. >> you remember going back a decade ago. guess what, we removed the true skin they were still planting and plotting attacks against. isis has a philosophy of establishing. you know what, even if belgium was not cooperating with us, they have the capability and
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attacks. greg: thank you for joining us. >> safe travels. >> let's not get too stressed out. rosanna: anything could happen. anything can happen anywhere. >> you are going to europe. trip. all right. you have to think twice about it. sounds like they're going to disneyland. >> going around the corner. anyway. let's show you what is going on. first of all, we are into spring. feeling more and more like it
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probably the best looking day of the week. fifty-two is the normal highs. seventy-six is the record high for today. we do have a decent amount of cloud cover. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy right now. there is a frontal boundary of there, too. you start off at 50. you wind up end up at 67 for a high. shower chances really not a problem. it does not look like a ton of rainfall. sixty-four on friday. it is all clear as that user buddy comes to town this weekend. let's bring in ines. >> does have problems right now. there is an accident leaving
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that is what is affecting the commute this morning. westbound side, not a big deal. this is westbound as you approach the major deegan. the deegan has an accident south found out fordham road. let's go to our cameras. take a look at that i like you. traffic at a crawl because of an accident by the clearview
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greg: hey, jim. what are you doing up there? >> making our way to a problem that i believe ines mentioned a moment ago. greg: an accident on the long island expressway. on average. >> traffic on the bqe. >> how many accidents, roughly, a day. let's start with right now. ines: so far, only one.
7:24 am
ines: 45. rosanna: let's talk about some other things that are happening. reality tv star joe did each day -- not happy about the camera there. this was a while ago. his wife got out of his in a few months ago. the judge sticker for them to have staggered sentences. he is going away for 41 month. maybe he will have good time -- time off for good behavior. he has been living here illegally in the u.s. and he was a child. he could be deported to italy as
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sentence. greg: i think you may be onto something. posted this picture with his daughter on the up. she posted it to her instagram. greg: 41 months. three plus years. okay. remember rolfe four. the mayor of toronto. rosanna: i love tim. he was unusual. he used to dance at the middle of city council p5 it was amusing at times. he had a problem with drugs and alcohol. just 46 years old. rosanna: he was undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of cancer. greg: inglewood new jersey. a very old church there that broke out in flames overnight.
7:26 am
right before easter. flames shot out last night. heavy smoke blanketed the area. multiple fire crews were called in. the church and pastor said no events were scheduled last night. >> right now, no one was inside the building. watching the firefighters were very diligently and praying that they remain safe. >> not sure work easter services will be held this sunday. greg: 150 years, that church. jimmy, how are you doing up there? >> there was another vehicle
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life' s sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. greg: they are is the toe truck.
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greg: that is the shoulder. it is not a multi car pileup. just one guy in the middle. the cops had to come and everything. the mac thanks a lot, powell. >> i would rubberneck and gave him such a nasty look. [laughter] >> they used to be friends. rosanna: that is so cool. 7:30 a.m. in the morning. i woke up this morning to a bunch of tweets and e-mails. i was on the real housewives of beverly hills last night.
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let's watch. rosanna: did you pull anybody's hair out? i did not pull anybody's hair out. i did not even realize. i did not sign any papers. i hosted the global alliance dinner in the city. gg's mom was honored. you'll mom. it was lovely. i learned a lot about lyme disease. it is really rough. we have to concentrate on finding some keywords. people just suffer with lyme disease four years. >> you are on national
7:32 am
a reality show, nonetheless. >> what do you think? >> this is not going to take you to the next level. >> no, it's not. rosanna: what does that say about our show? [laughter] greg: just kidding. rosanna: he is watching right now. i do not know what i was doing last night. i was watching a dvr and version of the good wife.
7:33 am
rosanna: it was finale season. >> i got so mad. >> a lot of tv last night. >> i know. isn't it terrible. >> up and running. skyfoxhd. a lot of clouds in the area. the one thing that those clouds will do, it will not keep your temperatures down. not only clouds in the area, but southwest wind. forty-seven and islip. there is the southwest wind. seven-13 miles per hour. we have plenty of cloud cover outside.
7:34 am
the north. nice and dry out there for you today. just a few sprinkles in the area. sixty-three tomorrow. the weekend itself looks good, including easter. anyway, let's bring in ines rosales. >> all right. let's talk about the commute. a car flipped over eastbound. affecting the commute there. a couple of problems in the bronx. one lame blog with an accident. the cross bronx at a crawl. the hutch, as you make your way towards the deegan. let's go to our cameras. another accident on the l.i.e.
7:35 am
at least one landlocked with this accident. the bqe, normal delays there. greg: and up date on brussels. take a look at this, please. the two people on the left. they have been identified as brothers. twenty-seven and his brother 30. the man on the right you saw in a white coat, there are reports from belgium media that he has been apprehended. they do not know why he did not die. they have him in custody. >> unconfirmed reports that the
7:36 am
more than 200 injured. we're keeping an eye on the latest information. >> higher here in new york. governor cuomo announced a plan to light up the world trade center. in the life of the phil jones live. yellow, black and red. >> if you saw it with the naked eye, it did look like the colors of the brussels flag. greg: another far less serious matter. they have outlawed were about to
7:37 am
field. rosanna: it will be signed by the mayor. even by major league baseball players at yankee stadium and citi field. greg: this stuff is a dick is. rosanna: it is not good for you. greg: i did it for about six months of my life. >> i remember. >> no worst aspect of this. everyone sees your saliva. liz has more. >> there is one today. we are on fifth avenue. this extends far beyond just a baseball game. if you are buying any ticket to
7:38 am
this will apply. you will start seeing the signs popping up. letting people know about this change. the city council passed a new legislation yesterday. players are no longer allowed to use chewing tobacco. neither are the fans. it is something that you see pretty regularly. a number of major cities across the country, already putting two in place. there are a lot of questions. what will they be like. first-time offenders pay a $100 fine. we spoke to new yorkers out
7:39 am
they, of course, have an opinion about this. >> you should be there to watch the players. you should be very to enjoy the sporting event. >> like i say, people have rights to do what they want to do it. >> a lot of people saying since it is a legal substance. >> signing off on this bill. it will take effect before opening day. greg and rosanna, back over to you. >> i have been doing a little research. not everyone is familiar. >> here is a ballplayer.
7:40 am
his mouth? what i recommend is something i call big league chew. it is shredded bubblegum. i think that it is great. they thought that they were encouraging tobacco use. this is fun stuff. >> i heard a lot of them are having the sunflower seeds. >> you cut up a potato. rosanna: 7:40 a.m. light him up if you've got it. meanwhile, it is a gorgeous day. no one is sitting in times square. greg: people are too busy walking.
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>> welcome back, everyone. we have a warmer day coming up for you today. it looks like we could. approaching 70. we have a chance that showers coming back at you. your sunny skies will be back. if picture-perfect looking easter sunday. temperatures may look a little bit cooler. fifty-one england cold. a mostly cloudy sky around the tri-state region. showers not a big problem. that should hear about it. that will be the focal point for the showers that we do see in the empire state here today. high temperature goes up to 67 degrees this afternoon. parisien mouth for you this afternoon.
7:45 am
that is your best chance at rainfall. high tempo 68. the weather has daily and hourly weather forecasts. >> a huge fan. let's bring in nine is right now. let's see what is going on. >> three problems on the l.i.e. back to little neck parkway. approaching the tappan zee bridge. one landlocked with an accident there.
7:46 am
that has been cleared away. things are running on or close. skyfoxhd. jim smith is over that. good morning. greg: over the eastbound grand central parkway. the southbound van wick. additionally reporting an accident. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. mixed martial arts. >> it is like anything goes. >> i am not crazy about this. you may be living in the right state. it is only state in the country
7:47 am
it looks like, though, that could change. >> great athletes. greg: when can we do it here in new york and what changed? legalizing the sport. the only state left to do so. all they need now is governor cuomo signature. we think he will sign it. it will be a state law. the state passed the bill.
7:48 am
there is a of a lot of politics involved. yesterday i went to an mixed martial arts academy in tribeca. >> this is very tame, by the way , compared to what we saw on the cage. >> why do you think that it is so popular. >> and gives you a chance to express yourself in a a lot of different ways. it is a total body workout. >> mma promotes violence. mostly people that do not practice mixed martial arts. >> mma on the amateur level. not talked about as much. >> what can you do in mixed martial arts that you cannot do in boxing. >> take down submissions.
7:49 am
duke: do you want me to show you? greg: rosanna is thinking about it in a very different sense. disgusting. [laughter] >> making you tap out. >> you could make me tap out. >> we had a boxing match one time. what happened there. greg: are you done? >> are you finished?
7:50 am
the mac the crowd loved it. president obama. going on to win it. >> usa. usa. a lot of people thought that the president should have been at
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greg: the auto show is in town. is that like an old corvette? >> it looks like an old-school corvette or something. greg: not known for their sportiness, but things have changed, i guess. the perfect combination of work and then just drinking. ben simmoneau is there. >> good morning. a little early.
7:54 am
international auto show. there will be dozens of world reveals here. you will see new models of various cars. we will show you one of those. we will also show you one if we can hand to the right here of a new audi's. coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour. you have everyone from kia, toyota and honda date. cadillac, land rover. yes, full flow. they're kind of known today for safety. that car looks pretty cool, i think, up there. a lot more to come from the auto show. it is not open yet to the public. when it does open, tickets run
7:55 am
rosanna and greg, back to you. >> this morning, i have been getting a lot of tweets about the dog. >> now familiar. definitely. rolling stones confirmed his death yesterday. also received a kidney. he had a kidney transplant. >> 1991. forty-five years old. greg: adelle, the singer, was
7:56 am
listen to this. rosanna: this was her concert last night in london. their smart phones in solidarity with brussels. she has never been so moved at a show in her life. >> mariah carey was scheduled to play a concert this weekend. her security team are urging her to postpone it. the show was on her birthday. they're worried she could find herself a target here. she will not be able to get into the country. tmz also says that no decision has been made. waiting for advance from the
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8:00 am
mike woods with the details. close to 70 degrees today. >> wow. belgium media reporting that a third suspect has been captured in brussels. two other bombing suspects have been identified as brothers. meanwhile friends and family are awaiting word about two siblings from new york. they were in the airport when the bombs went off. reportedly they were on the line with their family. then the line went dead. they hope they may be missing or in hospital and they are okay. >> what does it mean in fork for our security? what about politics? there are two the people rosanna were talking about. we hope they're found safe and sound but they haven't been heard from since the blast according to reports. this is election year. does this help hillary, hurt hillary. does it help donald trump, does it hurt donald trump? with about ted cruz?
8:01 am
what effect this has on the presidential race. >> we have the international automotive show at the javits center. that looks like a cool car. >> that looks like a race car. i worked on race cars for 13 years. >> you did? >> i'm looking for a job. one of the funniest things in the history -- >> i love when you quote the jerky boys. >> i'm only one doing it. there are die-hard fans out there. hi, everybody, what is going on. >> noise to have everybody here with us this morning. >> auto show in town at javits. lots of cars, lots of people and, rosanna, they usually have a spokesmodel or two. >> where are the spokes models? you love the spokes models. >> we spoke to one. 95 out of 100 say the same thing.
8:02 am
>> part of their job is to laugh every time they hear it. >> do you come with the car? >> don't be objectified. >> i don't have a problem with it this morning. we all did our tm. i got no problems. >> actually, it is true. we all went to meditation orientation. mike woods as well. not sure if this is going to change our lives or change our morning but we'll give it a try. >> it will. i have faith in it. i do feel a little something already. i've only done it twice. >> they say it's a practice. you have to learn it. we're at beginning of the practice. >> more on that. >> thank you, bob roth. >> that is the car show. you think they will bring us some considers on friday? >> sure. greg asked to drive a few cars. >> are you afraid to drive with him? >> last time i went with him in petty cab. i was nearly thrown out with the pedicab.
8:03 am
ere was sorry. jobou have sitting next to me like this. >> anyway. >> friday is just around the corner. so it is easter too. us. lot of sunshine, warm temps coming up for us. a little rain in between. let's look at maps, show you what is going on. the forecast for you out there, forecast high of 57 degrees. average high is 62. we'll take 67 degrees. that is not bad at all. 46 in poughkeepsie and 39 degrees in monticello. there is a good amount of cloud cover in the tri-state region but that will not hold the temps down. warmer temps are not coming in because of sunshine. it us more of the southwest wind. that's still happening. winds coming in from the southwest at around six to 13 miles per hour which continues to pull up the warmer
8:04 am
the reason we have stalled out frontal boundary getting close to us. that is where clouds are focused. but for us i don't think we'll get much out of it other than more clouds and some warmer temps with theave high temp makes it up to 67 degrees. 63 for you on friday. you do have showers coming through on friday. should be out of here in time are to the weekend. weekend still looking pretty good with mainly sunny sky saturday and sunday. let's bring in ines right now. to see what is going on. not only troubles on the roads but rails. >> always something going on with the rails. this is subway. new jersey commute. look at 287, how traffic is rout 24. there was accident on 24 columbia.
8:05 am
route 70 westbound, use local . >> we have new information about the bombers. two others are identified as brothers. >> ones on the left. >> wearing black shirts. believed they died in the attack, suicide bombers. >> there were reports one on right may have been arrested. you know, we all got our hopes up i think. robert moses, that may not exactly be confirmed, right? >> reporter: greg and rosanna there are conflicting reports
8:06 am
has been identified as najim laachraoui is in custody. earlier belgium state media s backed away from this report. other outlets in this country "new york times" and wash upon toast say he is still at large. we're awaiting confirmmation from the authorities. laachraoui is believed the only bomber who did not die. the terrorist group representing the biggest threat in europe and beyond. the belgium state broadcastter identified the two black-clad suicide brothers as brothers. khalid rented an apt that police raided last week. there authorities found fingerprints belonging to salah
8:07 am
he was then arrested. belgian newspaper identified third man as najim laachraoui. he is believed to have built the bombs in the pair rid attacks. notice each of accused suicide bombers wore a glove on left hand, perhaps to have concealed detonators. they are believed to have carried bombs in the suitcases on the lug arrange carts they were pushing. >> translator: we feared a terror attack would happen and this is what happened. >> reporter: local ex-please shuns were heard at the airport. video shows clouds, of dust, rubble and survivors cowering in fear. >> i was run, running. >> i see a lot of people with blood. >> reporter: little more than an hour later, another explosion on brussels in heart of the european union. survivors streamed through a darked tunnel that locked apocalyptic. president obama was in cuba at attacks.
8:08 am
>> we must be together regard let's of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. nearly three dozen killed, more than 200 were hurt three mormon missi iepolice conducted raids throughout the day in belgium. in a statement. prosecutor's office found a bomb packed with nails and along with chemicals and he that was searched. we're beginning to see the tastes of the dead. a mother of twin 3-year-old daughters was at the brussels airport on her way to new york to visit her mother. she was killed. one of her daughters was injured by shrapnel. there is late word this morning that the airport in brussels which is closed today will be shut down until at least tomorrow evening. within the last hour or so belgians all over the nation observe ad moment of silence to
8:09 am
injured. greg and rosanna, one of the many unanswered questions here, whether these attacks were meant to avenge the recent arrest of salah abdeslam or whether they were blaore that arrest. >> i wonder what he said? remember when he was arrested he did a lot of talking. >> what he said was reported. could that have been code? >> i was thinking same thing. could that have been a signal for these people to do something? >> interesting. robert, thank you very much. we'll stay on this for a bit. two new yorkers were in brussels at the time of the explosion. in fact they were at the airport on the phone with loved ones. then the line went dead. they're missing, rosanna. >> sasha and alexander petrovsky. they were on the phone with their family and all of sudden line went dead. a friend posted on facebook asking for help locating them. another friend went on twitter.
8:10 am
she has not tweeted anything in the last 11 hours. hopefully they get some word about them. the young woman graduated from mary mount college. she worked as intern in design company in chelsea. we hope for their family's sake they are found and they survived this. >> let's look at aftermath of the attack young woman on a bench, talking about the women on the right. flight attendant actually on her way to newark airport. her name is nidi pacakar. she was on the way, dead heading they call it on jet airways flight, intending to take the flight in newark. >> she is okay. in the hospital in brussels according to our family. >> if you look at her right hand, appears she is covered in blood. but i saw that picture. she looks dazed.
8:11 am
glad she is in the hospital and will be okay here. >> attacks are taking center stage in the presidential race. in new york city ted cruz made comments about muslims that everyone was very quick to respond to and offer criticism. >> all right. too. hillary clinton weighed in. basically everybody weighed in on what happened overseas. how does this by the way affect us here in new york city? let's bring in kerry drew, she is in times square and it is noted there are a lot more cops around. hello, kerry. >> good morning to you, greg and rosanna. nypd stepped up security here and across new york city in response to the brussels is attacks. chief bratton said counterterrorism teams have been assigned to major landmarks and subway system. they say the attacks could have impact on the presidential race in wake of terror attacks in brussels, presidential candidates here at home were quick to react.
8:12 am
to people until we figure out what is going on. >> the last thing we need, my more fear. >> we human intelligence we need. that is exactly why we can not afford to alienate all the mulls limbs in the world. >> reporter: democratic candidate bernie sanders tweeted quote, it is important we not succomb to bigotry. we're fighting a terrorist people. we're noton. republican ted cruz is making headlines for his response to the attack. cruz was in new york city where he spoke for an event on upper east side and called for law enforcement to step up of must minimum neighborhoods in the is. >> it is standard law enforcement, it is good law enforcement to focus on where threats are eminating from. anywhere there is locust of radicalization. >> reporter: those comments prompting strong reaction from mayor de blasio and bill bratton.
8:13 am
with the comments. the statements he made today why he will not become president of this country. >> i have to say that is reprehensible. the comments are not about safety and security. it is demagoguery. >> reporter: another live look at nypd officers patrolling pedestrian plaza in times square. police commissioner bratton says over next several days you will see increased police presence in heavily populated areas like times square. it is important to note authorities say there are no known credible threats to new york city at this time. you. >> thank you very much. it was easy to forget yesterday was primary day across the for president. all right, donald trump won ted cruz won utah. pretty much as expected. >> right. so ted cruz won the contest in utah, fueling hopes among some that trump's momentum can be slowed down. for the democrats, hillary
8:14 am
adds 75 delegates to her growing total but bernie sanders really gave her quite a trouncing in idaho and utah. >> here is an item. remember jeb bush? >> remember jeb bush. >> he quit the race and boy, that was, he didn't do too well. you're looking at ted because he, yes, george w. bush endorsed ted cruz yesterday. pretty much understood he does not like donald trump. >> remember when he said donald trump's a jerk. can i get this off my chest? donald trump's a jerk. >> low energy thing really stuck on jeb bush. he tweeted today, that cruz is principled conservative who can unite the party. by the way, we totally missed the headline. ted cruz was getting money from new yorkers is unbelievable. if brussels didn't happen i would have been outside with a big placard. this guy had a lot to say about new york morals and came here to town to collect some buck. >> remember the new york values thing.
8:15 am
boy, oh, boy, donald trump, even if you don't like him, he put him in his place. >> he had audacity to get some money? lucky we were focused on other things yesterday. >> lucky i don't have your baseball bat here at the office anymore. here is back and forth on twitter between trump and cruz. it got kind of nasty. ted cruz, forces loyal to ted cruz put up a picture of melania trump. melania married to donald trump. some picture book from her modeling days from "gq" magazine. you see trump there, lying ted cruz just used picture of melania from "gq" in his ad. be careful, ted, i will spill the beans on your wife. exclamation point. >> what does that mean? donald. >> we didn't do it. if you try to heidi, mrs. cruz, you're more of a coward than i thought. what is going on?
8:16 am
likes use of that picture from melania's modeling days. it wasn't this. it was another one. >> she is state of undress. she was undressed. >> heidi cruz, by almost all accounts is wonderful woman. 43 years old. harvard business school graduate. rosanna, some time ago, this has been reported and documented she had something of a nervous breakdown on side of the road and police actually, they didn't arrest her, they didn't do anything wrong. they detained her. worried about her. i think that what might be >> i don't think you need to bring in the wives right now? isn't there enough between the men to kccupied? >> good idea. >> anyway, president obama, let's talk about him. he is in argue argue today. he is going to meet with the president there. >> this is cuba yesterday, by the way with raul castro, moment of silence to honor t belgium. a lot of folks, rosanna, here, there was debate, sidebar story, whether or not the president should have gone to that baseball game after what
8:17 am
and in his speec n europe for i think like 50 seconds or so. >> there was a moment of silence. anyway, before the game the president made his way through the cheering crowd. he shook hands with yankee derek jeter who was there. that was nice.ere >> good thing, usa. tampa bay devil rays beat cuba, 4-1. they they would hair own against the devil rays. make 35 bucks a month. they're playing millionaires on that field. >> it is 8:17. let's talk to mike woods. >> it is warm again. our temps are above normal by 15 degrees. especially highs when it comes later this afternoon. 52 is normal high and 37 is the normal low. we'll see temps above normal. all the way through this weekend. even with raining coming through it should be above normal.
8:18 am
generally trying to come in from the southwest. generally that southwest wind does bring you warmer temps too. right now albany sitting at 48. 37 in williamsport. 41 in buffalo and 51 degrees in pittsburgh with partly to mostly cloudy sky. keeping an eye on radar and satellite. most of that rain is to the north. looks like good rain coming down along the massachusetts-connecticut border. new england you have a bigger risk of showers than what we have in the sky state which will be more of a mixed sky. clouds and son coming at you today. with warm temps, the southwest wind keeps your temps above normal. high of 67 degrees in the city. southwest winds moving through at 20 miles an hour. high of 63 tomorrow. 64 on friday. a decent rain chance. saturday and sunday look nice and sunny. easter sunday in particular looks good. shower chances monday andday.
8:19 am
itune store, google play store, free and ready to go right now. going on. we have issues with the roads and rails today. good morning, ines. >> good morning mike. there are problems out there. rails are doing fine. roads have traffic jams. lie working on this accident for about an hour. this is examined by the lie. delays continue after that. go to the cameras. staten island expressway by victory boulevard, volume heading towards the verrazano bridge but not too bad of a ride. heading towards the gothels bridge. george washington bridge lower level accident. causing 45 minute delay on lower level and upper level. holland tunnel 15 to 20 from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> with all the tweets and texts an instagram we're going to try something, wbo. seems like unnatural act these
8:20 am
page turner, rosanna. harlan corbin. >> we love him. bunch times. "fool me with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:23 am
>> top of the empire state building, right? >> last night looking to see ifave colorsn respect. >> appropriate that build something think, 86 years. >> it forgetha a plane crasheto obviously the building with stood it. >> thank goodness. greg, because fox means business. >> lauren simonetti joins us. hi, lauren.
8:24 am
it's a they're test flying it th like th g like this in the sky? a whole bunch of reasons. first of all it can stay without a human crew in the sky for three weeks at a time this is grwa literally tonsca a shipping cargo. a way toep those guns and wg options for this air lander 10 which i'm calling the giant flying bum this morning. >> i love fat airplanes. >> looks like a blimp. >> it like.
8:25 am
this is, goes this thing, 50 years. shuttle around parts for apollo spacecraft. they put it in the middle. itiddle and splits in half. y. they have been doing planes f is newocheck it out. >> thank you, lauren. appreciate it. >> later. she's gone. >> uber, do you get >> no. >> i do. they are shaking things up in the food world. they are starting uberat they did a test it officially launched in manhattan as a sta yesterday. now anyone below street can order foo week from uber eat.
8:26 am
taking over. >> seven a.m., to 10 p.m. 100 restaurants participating. >> look at this sleek commercial. they're like google. they're getting bigger and have a lot of money. >> right now it is free. we don't know what will happen. they say it comes very quickly. >> should participate in this. your competition will probably do it. go for it. >> check it out. >> meanwhile coming up on "good day new york," we're getting more information about what happened in belgium. apparently the guy on the right is still on the run. >> they believe the two on the left, dark shirts, brothers, suicide bombers dead.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
>> hey, folks, we are live in times square, new york. hey, a little bit of tension in the air because of more police presence especially in times square and on the subways. hopefully that will make everybody feel a little bit safer. >> new york we're told remains a
8:30 am
>> no credible threat. >> america is better equipped, much more on a kind of a war footing when it comes to terrorism than they are in western europe. we heard from fran townsend, former counterterrorism advisor to president george w. bush. >> right. >> a lot of things after 9/11 we did they are just starting to do in europe. >> look how clean times square this morning. it looks nice and clean. 8:30 in the morning. nice to have you with us. we'll go live to brussels in a few minutes. >> actually let's do it right now. channel 5 reporter for many years, covers foreign issues for fox news channel. what is it like over there? >> great to talk to you, greg and rosanna. it is a somber mood as you can imagine. we're in the heart of brussels. the downtown area and central plaza. let me set the scene a little
8:31 am
this as you can see one of the memorials that has been set up. the candles and flowers this is side of the main memorial in the center there of the crowd self thousand people, several those people showed up before noon. there was a moment of silence. greg and rosanna it, was powerful and it was emotional. it was still and silent, people standing together and holding hands in solidarity after the wake of the terrific -- horrific attacks yesterday. after the press conference we're getting more information. let me get to that quickly. there were reports first of all, that the third suspect in the airport bombing, the man in the white in that still shot from the cctv video was arrested. well, that is not the case. obviously in a fluid story sometimes reports come out, conflicts reports. now we know that person has not
8:32 am
what police and officials have said that he that he did leave behind a suitcase full of explosives and basically bailed on the operation, leaving the other two attackers to carry out the suicide bombings. now, one of the suicide bombers, according to officials, has been identified as ibrahim bakraoui. he is in the middle of the cc. they found in a trashcan his testament, his suicide note, his suicide letter. his brother challenge lead, initially thought to be beside him in the picture. that is not him. that person has not been identified. but this guy's brother, khalid said to carry out metro bombing in brussels that killed all the people as well. overnight, greg and rosanna, a number of raids was carried out across brussels. one person was arrested.
8:33 am
we don't know if that was in connection with yesterday's attacks. airport meanwhile remains shut down. that will be the case throughout the rest of the day, possibly even tomorrow as well. transportation remains limited. officials confirm that 31 people were killed. more than 200 others injured and again, many of these people were critically injured. so that number could certainly escalate. coming back here to downtown brussels again, just to show you the area, thousands of people from memorials, security is high. we've been seeing a lot of police as you can imagine with sub machine guns walking around. again despite yesterday's horrific attacks, thousands of people came here, undeterred. one woman said belgians are resilient in times like these. there is you can imagine a lot of media, international media
8:34 am
so a somber mood but definitely people showing solidarity point. going back to that moment of silence it, really was powerful. everybody was quiet. it was quite an emotional thing, people, greg and rosanna, they remain undeterred. they come here to show their support and solidarity. >> i'm happy that the people of brussels are banding together. those who do not live in brussels, when do you think they will be able to get out of there? >> reporter: that is a good question. you can drive out of here. in fact we arrived in paris earlier this morning from tel aviv and we rented a car and we drove from paris to brussels. it was, it was an easy drive. we didn't hit any security checkpoints. there was one check point we saw on one of the plain -- main highways going out of paris. that is the only checkpoint we saw. one quick point. french terrorism officials said they increased security.
8:35 am
charles de gaulle, there is no security that i saw. albeit 5:00 in the morning. we saw no police. we saw no soldiers. we saw no security. i thought that was unusual, coming here obviously there is security presence in wake of these attacks but getting out, getting in and out you can drive. transportation, you're not going to fly, rosanna and greg. we're not sure when the airport will reopen. the trains, metro service is very limited. a lot of main stops that are shut down at this point. guys, back to you. lou: john huddy, good to see you begin. sorry under these circumstances. john huddy for us. >> used to report on streets of new york. >> if it is tuesday you would find him in the bronx. >> reporter: that's right. >> stay safe. believe when he got to paris airport there was not a lot of security presence. i don't care if it is 5:00 in the morning. >> right.
8:36 am
himself. anyway, interesting. mikey, what's up? supposed to be a nice day weatherwise at least? >> it is. warmer than normal temperatures. january and february were well above normal. looks like doing the same thing. here is what we have for the month so far. 47.6 degrees is the average temperature by is 6.6 degrees recall wither than normal. we'll continue that trend. warmest day was9 degrees own the 10th. the third, coldest day, 26-degree reading. so far as precip goes we're 2.23-inches below normal in terms of rainfall. what rain we do have coming up does not make up difference. just brings us back a hair. anyhow we have 51 degrees at send truly park. 43 at bridgeport and poughkeepsie. farther north there are showers.
8:37 am
it is the warm southwest wind temperatures. not the abundance of sunshine because that is not happening. you can see the where the showers are near massachusetts and connecticut along that border. pretty food showers are firing up there -- good showers. that frontal boundary is up north. showers will be a little spot at this there. still some clouds around as our temps start dipping down. it will be a mild night tonight. your low drops down to only 52 tomorrow morning. high of 63, with partly cloudy sky. doesn't look like a lot of rainfall as we go from thursday into friday. over the weekend we have a lot of sunshine back again with temps a little above normal. yeah, it looks like it will be fairly mild for you on monday and tuesday but you do have some
8:38 am
all right a let's bring in ines rosales to see if we have anything that is a problem with the commute. >> good morning, mike. we have a hot spot. 287 traffic southbound and rout 80 slower than normal all because of a earlier problem on route 24. a car flipped over by columbia. leaving only right lane open. left at that delay. cross bronx, this accident involving two tractor-trailers occurred before 7:00 this morning. the left lane is closed as you approach the major deegan. westbound is backed up to the hutch because of that. let's go to our cameras to see how things are moving southern state parkway by exit 28. a little slow eastbound. there is accident off to the shoulder. you may have a bit of a back off. westbound fine. gwb upper and lower level 45 minute delay. as for the lincoln tunnel. hour inbound. holland 30 from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. farmers, soldiers, marines, and
8:39 am
tobacco. >> i don't want to see this. really? >> sorry, rosanna. you have seen it before on the ballfield, haven't you? >> from afar. >> chewing tobacco unfortunately for some a way of life. however, coming up, pretty soon, it will be least at new york city stadiums. >> well the city council officially pass ad ban on smokeless tobacco a events. it is going to be signed by the mayor will ban chewing tobacco at sports arenas and stadiums. what does this mean? will they comend start arresting people? granderson, whoever? i don't know if he chews tobacco. >> granderson does not chew i would bet money. >> whoever does. will they stop the game, you have a ticket now? >> you raise and point but officially it is illegal. probably a good thing. let's go to liz dahlem. she is hanging around the yankees souvenir store. hi, there. >> reporter: good morning, greg and rosanna.
8:40 am
and 36th streets. chewing tobacco, seeing players do it during the baseball games is pretty common sight but not anymore. this ban will stretch far beyond the sport of baseball. anyone has ticket to see a gamer to msg, barclay center, citi field, yankee staved yum, smokeless tobacco will be banned. you will see signs in clubhouses and stadiums across the city. the city council passed the legislation just yesterday. here is how it is going to work. players will not be allowed to use chewing tobacco, patches or gum. neither will the fans. this is something we've grown accustomed to as we watch the spot. yankees and mets were put on notice and told this might be happening. a number of major cities across the country already gone through with a band just like this. san francisco, boston and l.a. have done just that. there are a lot of questions an concerns. how is this going to be enforced?
8:41 am
we kind of look to the cities that already have this done, to see what they're doing. soon fran offers, excuse me, san francisco gives first-time offenders $100 fine. if you do it again within a year, it is a $500 fine. we spoke to new yorkers to see what they had to say about this. of course they have their opinions. >> i don't think you should be able to chew or spit in stadium in public space. >> reporter: why? >> it's gross. you have to be cognizant and aware of other people who are there to enjoy the game. i don't want to sit down on a bench and step in a bunch of like spit. >> reporter: mayor de blasio still has to sign off on all of this. and if he does, it is likely that this ban will go into effect before opening day for the mets and yankees, which is about two weeks from now. we're live outside of fifth avenue on 35th and 36th street. i will send things back over to you. >> liz, thank you. rosanna, what is your favorite
8:42 am
the chewing tobacco what is the your favorite? >> i have notidea. i have never done that. >> i prefer skoal. copenhagen is too potent. i did it six months a year. >> i remember you were walking around here with a pot likes a whole entourage. >> its pleasurable but does catch up to you. i don't recommend it. >> interesting to see how they enforce it, that's all i'm saying. >> right. >> meanwhile, i love red fu. part of lm the fao. -- hmfao. he has a new song.
8:43 am
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>> looks like a race car. >> wonder what that is all about? >> we've worked on race cars for 18 years. >> you have not. sounds like a jerky boy quote. >> should i bring my tools? there is one nice car. they have hundreds, maybe thousands of them over there at center. >> ben simmoneau is over there right now. i guess things are a little quiet right now. bin, are the doors open to everybody? >> no. today is media day, greg and rosanna. we're getting cool reveals, world reveals including world
8:46 am
audi h8 spider. convertible. they unveiled the white coupe in november. this is first time we're looking at convertible. this is pretty impressive. i want to bring in the product could. his name is anthony. anthony come on out here. let's talk about this car if we can. >> sure. >> this is the first time we look at it. available next year. >> you see this next year in the springtime, yes. >> reporter: what is so cool about this car? >> this is pretty awesome. this is 540-horsepower, sear to 603.6, 3.seconds. top speed 198 miles an hour. >> reporter: the coupe is fastest car audi ever built. >> this is the v-10 plus model, that does zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. we say 3.2 is closer to under 3. >> reporter: under three? >> 3.2.
8:47 am
it goes 205 miles per hour. >> reporter: wow, who needs 600-horsepower? >> you can never have enough horsepower, ben. let's be honest. when you look at these two cars, the coupe has split in two. you have upper and lower. that means when we chopped off the roof, you can still keep the lower side blade which previous generation car did not have. you have a lot of family resemblance between these two cars. >> reporter: let's talk about when this car, the spider, the convertible will be available. not until next year. pricing has not been set? >> not been set, no. >> reporter: everyone wants to know. >> everyone wants to know pricing. you will have to wait a little longer. >> reporter: how much does the coupe start? >> coupe starts 162, nine and the split is 189, nine. >> reporter: we have to show peters inside of the car.
8:48 am
you can see your gps, your dash instruments, your cluster, everything is controlled by a screen here. it is latest in technology, really. probably doesn't come cheap but still pretty cool to have. again this car will be available in 2018. the race car behind us is impressive in its own right. this won a number of races, anthony. tell us about that. >> the first u.s. debut was at daytona and it won in the race 24 hours. this just raced from sebring last weekend, came in third in its class. >> reporter: there you have it, guys. greg, i think this would be right up your alley, if you can afford the price tag that is. audi r8 spider. ii have a little a familiarity with this vehicle this guy is my >> no way. >> can he get us discount there, on audi. >> reporter: they would like to know if you can get as you family discount? >> well, we can work something
8:49 am
>> reporter: he actually had one of the r8s. he is driving around because he is product manager. he won't let anybody else drive it. good luck with that guys. back to you. >> what about a lease? ask him about a lease. >> reporter: greg wants to know about a lease. >> i don't they're leasing this car. but if you really have to ask. >> reporter: there you go, greg. if you have to ask -- >> if you have to ask, you can't afford it. >> he is snob. being nice about it. >> greg, tell him greg will call your brother-in-law after the show. >> reporter: greg drives a honda. >> 2003 honda. 400,000 miles on it, baby. >> reporter: 400,000 miles on it. >> wow. >> thanks, guys. >> that's nice. that is ben's brother-in-law. >> he is married to ben's, i have mental block. ben's wife is that guy's brother.
8:50 am
most likely scenario. >> actor richard schiff is coming on. i know him from account the affair." he plays the lawyer. he is in this show called the row. premiers tonight.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
>> all right, did you hear about this? justin bieber on a world tour. he is canceling all meet-and-greets with fans effective immediately. >> wait a second. >> they spend $900 to see him on meet and greets. he announced on instagram yesterday. he is drained. he is unhappy after meeting one-on-one with fans. >> most people don't get this opportunity, backstage with the star. >> costs $900 to do this. >> okay. >> anyway according to "tmz" the real reason he doesn't want to do the meet and greets because it is potentially dangerous. a fan got close to him on meet-and-greet on monday. fans who already bought special tickets can cost up actually $2,000. >> what is up with the video.
8:54 am
not just justin bieber on stage. looks like him back at a stage on a strip club. >> "the beebs" will perform at barclays center in brooklyn in may. probably no meet and create. >> sarah palin former vice-presidential nominee, remember her, reality star? todd, her husband was in snowmobile accident reeasily, will she get her own reality show? >> she may be a judge in new courtroom reality show. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
good morning, this is your captain speaking. it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and a light tailwind out of the northeast. blue skies smiling at me
8:56 am
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>> good day brought to you by mazda. driving matters. >> our instagram picture of the
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greg: hi, everybody. times square. you never see anybody sitting in those chairs. rosanna: having a little coffee break. it is a good day to be outside. 51 degrees right now. you know, while you are walking around times square, heavily


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