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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. >> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . juliet: they are looking for another attacker in the brussels bombings. news is coming in by the minute and will have a live reporting. ben: peter liang was convicted of killing a chai curly and now the family of the young man is speaking out and you will hear what they have to say. >> obama is showing off some smooth tango moves down in argentina . we will have the highlights. ben: do know how to dance the tango? juliet: i want to take ballroom dance i think it
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ben: we took them when we were getting married. my wife and i . juliet: i don't have a ring so i failed there . i am juliet huddy . ben: i am ben simmoneau . it was 520 when we walked in here and now it's 56. >> it's pretty impressive. good morning everyone. : yesterday was nice in the low 70s and we will show you what's going on out there this morning. it's definitely different. 45 in central park and 47
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43 in montauk and the wind comes in from the east and that's a problem that we have here this morning. it's coming off the colder ocean water acting like an air conditioner . given on quite a bit from was nice while it lasted but it was done. cooler temperatures, today and we will deal with some showers. mostly cloudy skies like we saw yesterday as we broke out into sunshine. there is clouds hanging around with variable pressure swing through to give us a chance of showers later on tonight and tomorrow. we'll see as temperature wise will get up to 570. 670 is the height tomorrow and they will be scattered showers . doesn't look like a big
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drying out by the weekend. let's bring a nine as rosales. ines: 's recording rules are still suspended. castle hill avenue one lane blocked so watch out for the slowdowns. let's look at the lie as things are found westbound and eastern. with the trains, everything is running on a close to schedule. >> 4:33 am in the airport in brussels remains closed. cleaners are still looking for clues . there is talk of a possible second person involved in tuesday's explosion at the subway. the manhunt is still under way over there. robert was there in the
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robert: a second man was captured on surveillance video inside the subway system alongside the suicide bomber that they already named. the unidentified man could be seen on the surveillance video carrying a large bag . it's unclear if he is alive or dead. here is another twist. investigation is becoming increasingly urgent. >> the hunt continues for the man in the white jacket in this photo taken from close circuit television. his bag contained the most important explosive. this bag exploded after the arrival of the federal police the man on the left
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bombers. he built the explosives using the attacks. they also found his do it dna on cna they found his dna on suicide bombs found . he wrote how fearful he was of being captured after the arrest of one of the masterminds of the paris attacks. he says he is in a rush and what to do and no longer to safe and hunted everywhere. there was suspicions that he was a foreign terrorist fire but belgium could not identify link to terrorism and he remained free. his brother, khalid el-bakraoui blew up a train on tuesday . the investigation goes on
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answers . the siblings that arrived on him flight to new york have still not been heard from. the same is true of stephanie and justin schultz were you working there at the time of the attack . >> we would hear something immediately, we were hoping that stephanie and justin had gotten to their car or gotten home or gotten out of the airport. >> back to the investigation. they found a large quantity of the explosive known as the atp at an apartment in brussels that the attackers used. it was also used in the terror attack which further reinforces the connection. the death tolls up to 31
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ben: robert moses, thank you. juliet: ted cruz is facing the for his remarks. they safely should increase patrols of muslim neighborhoods in this country. bill bratton is very unhappy with that comment. cruz says his top priority is to protect american lives. >> i apologize to no one. it's how vigorous i will be as commander-in-chief to keep this country safe. >> within his remarks that we should take particular attention to the entire muslim community. i have several thousands many are 1000 police officers. for him or any candidate to disparage men and women who
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country in this city, shame on him. >> nypd high surveillance program in muslim communities and has infiltrated lots of mosques in student groups. the family of a chai girl he is upset after they recommended he get no jail time. they have a reaction to the recommendation . >> this is outrage! it's a slap in the face . swift and sharp reaction from the reaction family of a chai curly. peter liang was convicted of accidentally killing him
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back in november 2014. a jury of his peers convicted him of manslaughter. you are telling me that the jury got it wrong? >> the verdict came after a three-week trial in two days of deliberation. he patrolled the office to secure the conviction and even though he could spend 15 years behind bars , they are asking the judge for five years probation , five years community service and his reason? he poses no threat to public safety. pat lynch agreed saying it's for those reasons that he should have never been indicted in the first place.the state attorney did not work on the case says the da words will hold a lot of weight at
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>> they sentenced him to jail in light of a not guilty recommendation. they could do that but it's very unlikely. we'll have more on that story in the morning. carrie gabbay was the former aide to governor cuomo. three men and a woman are wanted for questioning. the former aide was caught in the crossfire during a shootout in brooklyn. there is a reward of $22,000 in this case. in all the information should call crimestoppers at one 800-5776. a jetblue flight attendant is expected to face a judge in brooklyn. marcia gay reynolds is accused of leaving behind 70 pounds of cocaine worth of $3 million at lax. she had been randomly stopped at a check point
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guilty! >> she turned herself in at kennedy airport.she is charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute. >> obama wraps up at a state dinner at his honor. he had a little dance. he danced the tango and his wife hit the floor with another dancer. he made a formal visit to argentina and this has not happened in 20 years. he returns to washington later today . >> as part of his job just going around the countries. >> we try to warm up with this temperature of the . >> were cooling down
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holiday weekend looks pretty good. >> new police officers are
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we have a clear sky but
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450 with a decent amount of cloud cover around the tri-state region. it's cooler with a north east wind knocking the temperatures down and it's 510 there.42 in williamsport and there is a quote from sliding into the area with cooler temperatures in the tri-state. we did make an effort yesterday but that's not the case today. here is the clouds and we may have had clear skies last night but now they are pushing back and we also that will linger to the area with a stationary pressure works into the great lakes . we are going to see some changes taking place for us here. high pressure gets control and that's why we had some warm temperatures yesterday with warm air coming up from the south. we should be on the mountainside but the front drops and we had the
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as time goes on, will increase the cloud cover tomorrow in the showers will get going. i was hoping for another warm day that it will be as warm as yesterday. showers get going late tonight and tomorrow morning and we will have showers through the day. we will wrap it up later tomorrow night and we are done looking like a decent weekend coming up with a lot of sunshine for saturday and sunday. here is what to expect. it's a mixed sky and we start out by 450. the normal high today is 52 so it's warmer than normal . as we go throughout the next seven days 570 is a high today and there is a shower then we have sunnier skies saturday and sunday and looks like more shower chances back again on monday.
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little bit above normal. also, check out that fox 5 ny weather app. ines: cross bronx traffic moving a little bit better. he's found with both lanes reopened and let's look at the cameras for the commute . traffic moving good northbound and southbound with construction cleared away. it's your choice and that the lower levels at the lincoln and holland tunnel. back to you. >> the mta will run out of money for new projects by the end of june. it's a five-year $26.1 million capital pension plan. by june 30, there will be no money left to award new contracts or approve new equipment.
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budget since september 2014. >> what is it look like when you mold ? ben: hands clasped or something that you chew on. it's still unclear how they will pay for all of it . there is still some gaps in the plan. there could be more hikes coming. some of this stuff we need to keep moving. juliet: i feel like mulling looks like this come back. like that . a special graduation ceremony yesterday for eight trained nypd recruits. these people are dogs. they belong to an elite canine unit and it's part of the counterterrorism spores. the commissioners and the
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attacks lake with what happened in belgium. >> 'sare specially trained dogs so when you see them at the parade or the subway , they look for bombs that are carried by people and they are highly trained to help detect those. >> they are so great. >> cool looking dogs. >> all eight of them are named for police officers that were killed in the line of duty were killed by cancer because of the 9/11 attacks. >> still ahead, a rod goes along with the mojo. he says he would retire but then he said he wouldn't. what is the story? is he confused?
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professionals in their own tanks. is cold out here" outside. >> is not too bad outside with let's go to the weather. >> let's talk to mike on bit. freezing temperatures.
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>> as soon as i walked in . >> ines did. >> ines is very pleasant when she complains. you just go off the deep end! whoever answered the phone in his room and said they would let him know, thanks for not letting him know . >> remember the cranky conversation we had yesterday ? >> here we go again! who is the crankiness? mike: 450 with clouds rolling into the area. it's northeast rain and temperatures down. we made it up to the 70s yesterday with a lot of spots on the tri-state. it's not cold but it's
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in central park and 44 in islip. 39 in poughkeepsie and clouds are still out there with the same situation we had yesterday. mostly cloudy skies and will have a mix of clouds and sun today making it up to 570 for the high. showers don't get going until tomorrow morning. the high gets up and were headed into lots of temperatures and sunshine this time of the year where we should be. ben: let's check sports. duke: rangers host appearance. keith candle had the puck here and whips it over and rips it in at 24th and the season.
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the rangers with kevin kline. >> is a monster shot . the ranger score for the final and the islanders host them at the center. josh bailey shot there with 27 for the year. nelson hits the past and at one time for the score with three goals at 3/1. it's a season-high of four games. the next in chicago first up with a drive and finish with a big dunk. it's right your down the lane. at one point short of being the first major rookie to put up 30 and 10 rebounds. his back after missing sunday's game with a migraine. he led 22 in the second half.
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>> alex rodriguez says he plans to join enjoy the next few seasons because he might be his last. his contract runs out in 2017. he clarified saying not so soon so we will see how goes. joe gary gillett passed away . the diamondbacks announced during their exhibition game yesterday. he hit 257 with a broadcasting career making him one of the most popular in the sports world. he had all-stars games hosted by the today show. he had game shows and talk shows and he is multi talented. he grew up in st. louis
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this is courtesy of the yogi berra museum and the italian-american section called the hill. not only was i not the best catcher i wasn't the best on my street . they are great friends their whole lives and have an amazing story. we are talking about yogi's granddaughter yesterday. she told us the stories to john stirling. she told us how nice he was. he is really just a nice man and a talented broadcaster. >> he led the charge against smokeless tobacco years ago. juliet: thank you, duke. ben: that's it for this half hour. we have much more to come with top stories.
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juliet: it's cold. it's refreshing outside and in the studio. mike has a complete forecast including easter sunday. is just around the corner. the men hunt for suspects in the brussels terror attacks continues at this hour. investigators believe there could be a second suspect involved. the flight attendant is scheduled to be an a brooklyn courtroom today. do you see that? that's cocaine. she had .


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