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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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"good day new york." investigators may be looking forward to. >> brooklyn district attorney is recommending no till time in the shooting death. the family is now expressing outrage about that. greg: they found her in new york. a lot of cocaine at the gate. the flight attendant got nervous and ran off. now, she is said to trouble. kerry: a pit bull that disappeared from brooklyn was
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found 500 miles away. greg: rosanna, enjoy your self. greg: there are more people living in new york city. then ever before. about every 10 years. >> every 10 years or so. greg: it takes him a while to crunch the numbers. 8.5 million plus living in new york city. 50000 more people than we did a couple years ago. all the cool people are doing it. join us.
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mike: doing good. 71 degrees. that is out in central park. new work made it all away up to 74. today is going to be a little bit cooler. today, first of all, a cool breeze is keeping her temperatures back a little bit. kind of a mixed sky. it will be cooler because of that wind coming out in the ocean. there will be some drizzle developing parts of the tri-state. tomorrow, we have showers passing through. the possibility of storms pick up. you have 45 out of newark. same number in bridgeport. forty-three in montauk. here is a cold front thinking
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the northeast with. that keeps her temperatures down. the cooler air coming off the ocean waters, two. a mixed sky here. showers well to the north. not much of the precipitation that precipitation close to us here in the tri-state. by later tonight, this area of low pressure will bring us a better opportunity of rain at that time. temperatures creeping up to about 51 by midday. considerably cooler than it was yesterday. for this time of year, warmer than usual. be prepared. it is nice and dry over the weekend. both saturday and easter sunday are perfect.
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take a peek at what is going on. ines: good morning. suspended for religious services. you still have to feed the meters, though. an accident blocking a lane. new jersey, route eight team. two laser block with an accident. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the garden state parkway. this was blocking the left leg. now off to the shoulders. as for the trades, richard north, long island railroad new jersey transit and the path running on or close. greg: the hunt for others involved in the attack. kerry: talk of a possible second person involved.
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in new york. let's go to robert moses. kerry: there are two reports out claiming that a second man was captured on surveillance video alongside najim laachraoui. prosecutors have not confirmed these reports. the unidentified man could be seen carrying a large bag. they do not know whether he is the hunt continues for the man in the white jacket. >> he left his bag. it contained the most important explosive charger. it exploded right after the arrival of the police.
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one was hurt. >> reporter: najim laachraoui build the explosives used in tuesday's attacks. investigators also found his dna on the suicide vest in the terrorist attacks. authorities found a well recently wrote on a computer in a trashcan writing how fearful he wasn't being captured. >> a rush. unsure what to do. no longer safe. >> reporter: turkey actually deported him last year because of suspicions that he was a foreign terrorist fighter. his brother was the suicide bomb that blew up the trade in about
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airport on tuesday. americans wait. the same is true of stephanie and justin scholz. >> immediately, they had gotten in their car for god home. somehow gotten out of that airport. the magic of paris attacker arriving for a court appearance this morning in brussels. extraordinarily tight security. greg and kerry, there is clearly a connection between what
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happened in paris. >> a major story today. how many brothers have been involved since 9/11. brothers can be ideal recruits. they radicalize each other. they live in the same house often. they can communicate by just talking to each other. they don't have to resort by cell phones and e-mails. kerry: to two of the attackers have been identified as brothers. brothers acting together is nothing new. greg: the one on the left has already been captured. for it in january of last year.
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boston marathon bombers. there was at least one pair of siblings in the aircraft that hit the north tower. kerry: the former police officer gets no jail time. let's go to fox5 teresa priolo. she joins us downtown. a rally is scheduled for later today. good morning, everyone. supporters. here protesting outside. they say that they were blindsided by the letter that thompson sent to a judge asking for leniency. they were more outraged by the fact that they found out on
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>> this is a slap in the face. >> sharp reaction from the family. outrage over a letter. the judge that will send kids rookie police officer. convicted of accidentally killing him in the poorly lit stairwell. back in november 2014. >> a jury convicted him of manslaughter. you are telling me that the jury got it wrong? >> that came after a two-week trial. although keith could spend the next 15 years behind bars, thompson is asking the judge for five years probation. 500 hours of community service in six months house arrest. his reasoning is he has no prior criminal history imposes no
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pat lynch agreed. it is for those very reasons that he shouldn't have been indicted in the first place. >> our non-jail recommendations. kerry: he is due back in court on april 14. a nonbinding recommendation. jetblue checking in at the gate there at lax. 70 pounds of cocaine. she ran off.
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70 pounds of cocaine. $3 million. stuffed in the luggage at lax. she took off her shoes and ran from the scene. she turned herself in yesterday. she is charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute. greg: we have this also. a big crane is of either type the bridge. remember the accident a few weeks ago. one person's body is still inside the tugboat underwater. harry hernandes. he is believed to be submerged. they need the crane to lift the top row.
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procedures were started by 7:00 o'clock. also, part of the recovery of the person on board. that will be part of the process of slow. it has started. we have seen a lot about committees. greg: okay. jim smith. thank you very much. president obama is wrapping up a trip. dance diplomacy. greg: a little stiff. those seemed to be overwhelmed
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the theatrics of it all. the tango. it is a complex and fun dance, i am told. initially, he was just walking. kerry: do you know what they were doing. mike: who knows. he looks like he gave herself a i. [laughter] greg: is this okay. are you okay with this? [laughter] things are looking a little cool. forty-four out at central park. our temperatures came down from what we have yesterday. it will make a big difference for you. let's check it out.
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8 degrees cooler and sussex. 5 degrees cooler in poughkeepsie. the northeast wind tends to cool us down this time of year. we have wind coming in from the northeast around three-14 miles per hour. that is one of the trends we will have for you today. partly cloudy skies. the clouds with the showers and whatnot, they are further to the north. it looks like we will see some shower chances picking up. now from that front, but the front to the west of us. pretty good shape. that's when we'll keep your temperatures down. the shower chances start picking up. rain coming through as we head into tomorrow morning.
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and isolated thunderstorms in the area. it is back to clear skies and a lot of sunshine. you have spring skiing all over today your high temp jerk goes up to 57 degrees with a partly cloudy skies. tomorrow is going to be wet with patchy rain. highs getting up to 57 tomorrow. we do have some shower chances back in the tri-state region once again. overall, these temperatures are not bad for this time of year. >> good morning, mike. watch out for an accident south bound. two lanes of blogs without accident.
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verrazano bridge. heading towards the bqe. let's go to our cameras. over by terry wrote. westbound. you are fine with that hov lanes. the upper level, your normal 40 minutes. lincoln tunnel, driving into the city, 45-50. back to you. greg: let's take a peek outside. we are about a half-hour into this day so far. jim. show us the city, please. you come back from a camping trip. you know you are getting close. kerry: when was your last camping trip? greg: let's see. boy scouts. i know you can see a building down there.
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greg: ricky martin. kerry: this is an iconic song. 1999, i think. i did not know what that song was about. >> you does not know how he got there. here we go. >> you wants to sleep in. i told you. kerry: i never knew the words. >> back in 1996.
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the time. neither did any of his other lawyers. before deciding to rich ride him. he is under fire right now. his inappropriate relationship with a member of his staff. he is saying it was not physical. there are recordings of him and her speaking in a very sexually direct way. kerry: admitting it was inappropriate. he did not have a physical
7:23 am
he did ask for forgiveness. >> i have made the mistake. i am just asking those that have been involved, including the people of this state to forgive me. >> he has been aware for it to years now and has no intention of resigning. greg: southern california. a big drug bust. kerry: four football fields to a restaurant in mexico. >> donald trump has been speaking out. we will be able to take care of the tunnels below ground. the sole purpose of hiding a drug tunnel. 3 pounds of marijuana was
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kerry: we have this. a reunion between a woman and her dog. found in north carolina. kerry: this is unbelievable. spotted in charlotte, north carolina. at this time, did not have a collar on, but his microchip was. it was a happy reunion. such a happy ending. a lot of times you hear about the job going missing and you don't hear the happy reunion. greg: i have heard of hogs walking off with back from florida. i guess somebody stole the dog. is that what happened here. no one knows how the dog got there at this point. we will let you know about the reunion.
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then ever before. i guess if that is a good day. greg: 55000 more residents this year than it has lashed your. the city's population 8.55 million. compare this to upstate new york which lost over the year. coming right here to new york city. greg: okay. this is happened every 10 years. let's go outside one more time. shall we? it doesn't look that interesting to me. kerry: a live look at a downtown parking garage. greg: that motivates me this morning.
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greg: carbohydrates.
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about five years. the doctor says it is basically like eating a donut and you should not do that anymore. i guess it defeats the whole purpose of the bagel. kerry: i can never get rid of bagels and entirely. greg: good for you and rosanna. tough job, by the way. it is okay in the spring. in the winter, just ask sam on the corner. you have to call that hang somewhere. >> probably a leftover day-old bagel. greg: let's get to work. kerry: good morning. mike is here with a look at the forecast. mike: springlike whether.
7:30 am
definitely changing on us here. temperatures are cooler. we still cannot complain. take a look at the averages. also, take a look at what the averages are. the averages are right here. we will get up to 57 for a hike today. back down to 55 on saturday. we will hang right around the 55 degrees range. your temperatures are not bad at all. a little bit below above all. we have been mostly cloudy sky at this point in time did there are some showers just to the north of us. this area of low pressure will drive up the moisture and force that front to head north.
7:31 am
though wet weather. a high of 67 for you tomorrow. all of these temperatures are above normal. that is not so bad. greg: let's bring in ideas. ines: in accident blocking two lanes. 287 doing good in jersey. westbound, making your way to nassau county. as for the bqe. traffic backed up to the felt
7:32 am
everything running on or close to schedule with the trains. greg: investigators believe a second man took part in tuesday's subway bombing. could still be out large. meanwhile, the main suspect in the terrorist attack, they will not fight extradition to france. they are amazing. a k-9 unit yesterday. they are very effective. selling everything from bombs to money.
7:33 am
listen to this. >> the threat we are facing, bombs carried by people we are facing. highly trained to help protect those. kerry: they are highly adorable. >> you are nice to a police officer and you say please, sometimes they will let you pet them. they form a very, very tight bond. officers either killed in the line of duty or died from cancer. after the attacks of 9/11. kerry: the mta claims it will run out of money for new projects by the end of june.
7:34 am
the subway system really is pending here. we hope that it does not break. >> good morning to you. this is not a good position that mta finds it self in. it is going to run out of money which nobody wants to hear. second, that mta claims that they cannot keep up with the increase in ridership. we have some numbers to show you. the ridership has indeed gone up. 76 billion riders last year. the mta has not been able to keep up. if you train feels more crowded, it probably is. the demand of the aging system
7:35 am
all the time, that is what has been struggling. speaking of money, that mta says it will run out of cash flowing about three months. it will not be able to pay for infrastructure projects. elicit approves a capital budget. they claimed this in the last board meeting. take a listen. >> running out of money. that is too simplistic. >> 230 this year. >> what would it actually be when you run out of money? >> making new awards.
7:36 am
we can make those awards. >> june 30. that is the date that was mentioned in the board meeting. they approved a plan to fully fund this deal. they need lawmakers in albany to act. the mta has found it self before. a lot of concern from writers. we are live from the upper east side. that to you. >> remember. not too long ago, this is what you encountered on the subway. this is what a lot of the trains look like in the 80s and even early 90s. it was crazy. never understood what satisfaction someone got. it was wild. the trains today so much
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kerry: this time of year, it is a gorgeous site. the blossoms connect it to remain on the trees 44-10 days. >> that is right. the mayor of tokyo brought over a few trees. this is really neat. a great place to ride a bike. ride along the water. there is the jefferson memorial.
7:41 am
around it. getting there is such a hassle. there is a huge crowd to get to this tranquility. >> you have to go back through the chaos. kerry: we have our own cherry blossom festival. a lot of music. a lot of art. very fantastic. what is the big deal about those things anyway? >> cannot make it down. out there. it feels like it will be a
7:42 am
we are almost on point. a little bit above normal. we were way ahead of the game. forty-four breakdown of bridgeport. partly to mostly cloudy sky here in the tri-state. nothing to worry about. later tonight into tomorrow. it will be quite mild. let's check those out one more time. forty-four trails open. it is down to 10 inches. produce sure things are on the wind downstate chair. partly cloudy skies coming here today.
7:43 am
more clouds, more showers. a lot less sunshine for this time of year. another chance of rain coming up for you on monday next week. slightly above normal temperatures. daily and hourly temperatures. download for free. put it to work today. we have a good group here. this is from that you sent yesterday. spring $2016. we have ines and sale. rosanna scotto. jim kerr. also his wife. a big shout out to ines. we had a great time last night. they put together some great programs throughout the
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really nice to get out. >> where is greg? >> good morning. traveling in new jersey. keeping an eye on accidents. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. heading towards the triborough bridge. the george washington bridge. forty-five minutes. same goes for that lower level. greg and kerry. greg: thank you, ines. the yankees. we have known this for a long
7:45 am
the team is worth $3.4 billion. >> back in january of 1973. they reported $10 million. he and his new assembly have no plans of selling the team. valued at $1.65 billion. greg: it is time for sports with the duke of new york. [laughter] nevermind. you do look like you are sucking it in a little bit. >> i worked out for like five months. >> something, i don't know. >> shoulders being bigger and
7:46 am
>> the duke of new york joins us. >> i will actually interview last week. >> rangers hosting the bruins at madison square garden. the 24th of the season. i talked about you, by the way. rangers in the second. unleashing a monster / shop. rangers go on to win five-two the final score. the rebound. twenty-seventh of the year. taking the past. they went it three-one the
7:47 am
basketball. third quarter. he will finish. twenty-nine points on the night. putting up 30 points. ten rebounds in a game. a big night. new york led by as many as 22. 115-107. they play tonight at the garden. a-rod told that to espn yesterday. the yankees, nothing is set in stone. babe ruth for third on the all-time. we saw that.
7:48 am
some sad news to pass on. a sports legend has passed on at the age of 90. an iconic 57 year broadcasting career. the most broadcasted game of the week. also hosted for johnny carson. multi talented. annually. he grew up in st. louis. across the street from another legend yogi berra. probably not the best catcher in the major league. i was not the best catcher on my street. >> here he is believe it or not
7:49 am
gerald ford. he seems like a great guy. very, very nice. young broadcaster. john said the exact same thing. how nice he was. five, six years ago he was leading the campaign as well. he talked about a wonderful relationship. these are pictures provided by the yogi berra museum. lindsay will be in at 9:00 o'clock to talk about that
7:50 am
it is really great. growing up as a kid, you hear him broadcasted game. it just felt special. it was a big heal. >> a great broadcaster and the sources and everything else. >> great guy. going outside, shall we. a pretty decent day. new york city is bigger than ever before.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
been the super bowl is there. it is on channel five. you guys are not coming.
7:54 am
awareness. >> the whole time i was looking at the big scoreboard. essentially, watching the game that way. that tv is huge. who remembers this show from the 80s. it is about a high school basketball team. watch this. >> a local basketball star. he appeared. >> curb your enthusiasm. he was on the board of that country club.
7:55 am
the head of that union. what else? >> 71 years old. so far we do not know the cause of death. we're talking about david hasselhoff. >> there they are. he made it they watch. these guys, they are all caught up and looking great. >> a watch was the number one show in the world. it showed him running in slow motion. >> she had that pooley. >> when did this movie come out? >> it is set to release in may of next year.
7:56 am
pilgrimage there. >> our beloved coney island open for business. the first 96 people online this saturday will ride free of charge. they will get to ride that one free as well. >> the whole team there. it is very, very rickety. i think that that is part of what makes it so thrilling. rosanna was hysterical, actually. it was so much fun. we got to ride it twice. kerry: thank you. just like our good day page at
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stay with >> okay. hello, everybody. kerry: i am and for rosanna this morning. highs in the upper 50s. rain could be on the way for tomorrow.
8:00 am
involved in tuesday's explosion. this as the airport remains closed. >> a big announcement from the brooklyn da. threatening no jail time. it is not sitting well with the family. we have a live report. >> we have a real problem here. too many people writing this stuff. they need a lot more money to keep this going. >> a little dance diplomacy. everyone talking about it this morning. greg: very if. who was seducing who? michelle is over there dancing with some guy, by the way.
8:01 am
temporarily transported just for a second. >> fair enough. >> yes, indeed. who knows if he ever tango before in his life? arthur murray. amazing. how did he do? did it help? >> promise so overrated. >> rosanna is elsewhere. she will be back on monday. mike: it was okay outside.
8:02 am
cover outside. we also have some rain in the area at that time. let's take a look at the maps and show you what is going on. a few more clouds in the area. today was a cool breeze that had zero temperatures down. struggling to get them back up. by later tonight, lots of clouds out there. tomorrow, showers and storms will be passing through the tri-state region. it is now 42 out in islip. we also have the northeast wind coming through. that is a bit of a breeze. not too bad.
8:03 am
cool air with us. we would get back up into the 50s. we will have to wait and see if that happens. precipitation to the north. we will get our own here. the area of low pressure which will force the front to move through the northeast region. we will keep it on the partly to mostly cloudy side. kind of scattered showers throughout the day. maybe a quick thunderstorm here and there. the weekend actually looks nice and sunny and dry.
8:04 am
you have to deal with rain. okay. let's get back over to ines rosales. >> always something to talk about. let's talk about the bronx. two lanes are blocked with this accident. causing exiting delays. you are dealing with normal delays. two problems on the fan with. northbound headed towards the cute garden interchange. those are normal delays. let's go to our cameras. you do have to laze fair use balance.
8:05 am
railroad, new jersey transit in the path trains are all running on or close. greg: thanks a lot. a memorial. you can see flowers and signs, tributes. i heard that they are having a tough time investigating. nineteen separate police departments in brussels. they have like 15 mayors. they are looking for these guys. of possible second person involved at that subway station. robert moses is here now.
8:06 am
>> you brought up the point of coordination. that is going to know doubt be a key part of this investigation. prosecutors have not confirmed this account. still not clear if he is alive or dead. that makes at least two suspects still at large. this morning the hunt continues for the man in the white jacket. >> the most important explosive charge. it exploded right after the arrival of the federal police.
8:07 am
was one of the suicide bombers. he built the explosives used in tuesday's attacks. the man in the middle is identified as one of the other suicide bombers. born in belgium. he wrote how fearful he was of being captured after the recent arrest. >> a rush unsure what to do. no longer safe. >> turkey actually deported him last year because of suspicions that he was a foreign terrorist fighter. he remained free. his brother, the suicide bomber that flew up a train about
8:08 am
airport on tuesday. americans wait for answers. siblings who arrived in brussels on a flight from new york still have not been heard from. the same is true of stephanie justin scholz. that and spoke iphone. >> stephanie and justin had gotten in their car or gotten home or somehow gotten out of the airport. >> incredibly anxious moments for these families. the explosive was found where the attackers lived. a key ingredient in the explosives used in paris. that links these two events. the driver of the subway that
8:09 am
back at work. >> robert, thank you. new photos in the shooting death. a shooting aid -- a aid to governor cuomo. take a look. police are now looking for a man and woman they believe are involved. there wanted just for questioning. there is a reward of more than $22000 in this case. if you have any information, please call crime stoppers. >> outrage this morning. recommended that the former police officer got no jail time.
8:10 am
of people. >> let's go to teresa priolo. she has more. for parker good morning, everyone. it will be filled with people that support him and his family. they are very upset about a letter that was sent by the da to the judge. they were blindsided. they found out about it on social media. >> this is a slap in the face. his life does not mean anything to them. >> sharp reaction from the family. outrage over a letter. the judge that will sentence rookie police officer peter
8:11 am
>> a cheery convicted him of manslaughter. you are telling me that the jury got it wrong? >> that came after a trial of two days of deliberations. although liang could spend the next 15 years behind bars, thompson is asking the judge for five years probation. 500 hours of community service and six months house arrest. mr. liang has no prior criminal history and poses no future threat to public safety. it is for those area present that liang should have never been indicted in the first place. it will hold a lot of weight at sentencing.
8:12 am
it is possible that he could do that. very unlikely. >> back in court april 14. the judge can do whatever he wants in this case. the last time a police officer was convict did, brian was his name. convict did of a lesser charge. he, too, was given five years probation. greg: thank you very much. in los angeles. all of that cocaine left by a flight attendant who freaked out when they started to search her at the gate. she ran off. left her shoes there. she got away. she turned herself in. marsha gaye reynolds. accused of -- kerry: leaving behind 70 pounds
8:13 am
that is worth $3 billion. she had been randomly stop at a check point for airport workers. she turned herself in activity airport yesterday. >> the top of the bridge. inside the tub boat. this happened a week ago last weekend. this is quite a complex operation. a crane their listing the tub boat out of the water. sherry hernandes. they have not been able to retrieve this man's body. he hailed from staten island. >> a man who spent 20 years
8:14 am
from jail. >> arrested in the bronx. a man was shot in the head. third team witnesses to prove it. >> his lawyer never contacted any of those witnesses. who got involved? dateline nbc. they do a pretty good job over there. now, he is free. prosecutors are still thinking about retrying him. what about newark, new jersey? do we have a situation here in new york? >> setting up a website. they sent home a letter just for
8:15 am
the letter also says though water is extraordinarily safe. you can go to schools .nyc .of. >> i think that they got rid of that board a while ago. check this out. quite a time at the state dinner there. take a look. what do you think, kerry? >> i think there are some pretty good dance moves. i think you did a good job. >> i think that he will be remembering this for a long time. take a look at what is going on here. is that appropriate with this
8:16 am
>> he is enchanted. remember michelle is just a few feet away. look at that. >> some good moves. i thought he was pretty good. >> fond memory. probably thinking about it right now. [laughter] all right. it is time to do the weather. you know what, we have a sign for sure.
8:17 am
>> you want to try? [laughter] >> nevermind. >> that was really impressive. [laughter] >> hank you for that, greg. here's what we have with the weather headlines. we have the wind coming off the ocean. that easterly wind calms you down. just keep that in mind. that is not until tomorrow really. the sunshine will be back again. we do have a mix guide. forty-four. same thing for you in bridgeport. checking in at 43 degrees. still no rain in the area or
8:18 am
there is another area of low pressure. that is the one that will bring the rainfall later on tonight. today, kind of a mixed sky. it is all clearing out by the time we get to saturday. high temperature today is 57. nice and sunny and dry for easter weekend. showers make a come back on monday. downloaded today. let's bring in ines rosales. what is up? >> not much, actually. your commute between rockland and westchester county looks good. on the bronx river parkway, capitol hill.
8:19 am
as for the george washington bridge, taking that into the city, we have no problems. it looks like an accident. about an hour delay on the upper level. lincoln tunnel, 495. i will go with that number heading inbound. with the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. greg: thanks. kerry: the hottest show on tv. empire. joining us at 9:00 o'clock to talk about the show and her role. with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good
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kerry: thursday morning. greg: classic overland to us. a great album. never found out who that was. what? it was dave from full house. that is what i read. greg: you read it on wikipedia? kerry: i read it on a couple of gossip sites. all right. they look around the hudson valley fair. kerry: joining us now is lauren simonetti. >> we have that hearing postponed. unlocking the samper to denote terrorist iphones. the reason it was postponed is because the government said we had an outside hardy that
8:24 am
our right. we now know. i was thinking it may have been some government agencies. even john mcafee. reports are saying it is an israeli company. the name of that company, we will see if it is successful. >> okay. i am sure that they will still welcome their assistance. you never know. stockholders. >> already said, even if uncle sam asks us, we are not changing our minds. >> pre-ordering the products
8:25 am
9.7-inch ipad pro. it will start at $299. wireless carriers are offering incentives. orders placed today are scheduled to go out. >> what is the special edition. >> that is back in the day. >> anyway, special edition. who remembers who eat anderson? >> a great show that a lot of people are talking about. i most fondly remember him from coming to america. alongside eddie murphy and
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
greg: okay. we have really cool type of music. oh the comic strip live. seinfield performed there. that is a great place. kerry: never been there. greg: we have the tango music on, everyone is talking about president obama and the girl he danced with. this is the president in argentina. i am looking her up on facebook. kerry: that is her. he's a public figure. greg look at the leg. i bet the president is still thinking about this. seriously. it is impossible. the intentions are pure. he's celebrating the culture. when they touch you like that,
8:30 am
right and other regions. ines is saying no. greg: it is just a dance. did she push it too far. mike: you have to drag them along. kerry: that is the dance. >> greg: she's no kidding on facebook. she's mora. i sent her a friend request. kerry: i don't know about that, greg. greg: we'll see about that. this is argentina. kerry: if she accepts you, maybe we can talk to her on the show. greg: hi, what's going on? mike: it is looking good.
8:31 am
time of the year we can't complain. we have cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. the wind coming off the ocean is knocking down the temperatures a bit. 44 degrees at central park. we have got 37 degrees in sussex. 36 in monticello. a little of this and that and that is happening throughout the day. 45 degrees in bridgeport. temperatures are down 7 degrees in central park. 9 degrees cooler in poughkeepsie. 8 degrees cooler in sussex. the winds are 5-13 miles per hour that we have coming through the tristate region, that is knocking the temps down a bit. with the wind coming off the ocean waters, the water is cool and acting like an air
8:32 am
we have the snow way to north. this is the one coming through here. that is bringing in the wet weather. so the high temp today, cooler and for this time of the year it is not bad. as we go throughout the next 7 days, high of 67 tomorrow with the showers and isolated storm or a heavy downpour. sunny skies returning for you saturday and sunday, yeah that is including easter sunday and monday a few showers back to the picture again. now to ines rosales. ines: want to tango? mike: i don't know. something for fun. ines: here we go. pit bull. here we go. easy there. mike: we don't want to hurt anybody. ines: please don't. the street cleaning rules are suspended.
8:33 am
garden state parkway in the express lanes. queens a couple of problems on the van wyck. now to cameras and look at the l.i.e. on long island, traffic doing fine. as for the george washington bridge, on the upper level, l.i.e. there, doing fine. lower level on the gwb. holland tunnel 30. trains are running or close. >> greg: thank you, ines. new developments in the brussel terror attacks investigation. kerry: investigators believe a second man took part in the subway bombing and could be at large and the hunt is continuing for the man seen in white moments before the bombings at the airport. the attacks leaving 30 people dead and nearly 300 injured. the main suspect in the paris
8:34 am
court this morning in brussels. he's not fighting extradition to france. >> people at home are generally more nervous because of what happened overseas and maybe also a little bit the trains seem to be falling apart, actually the mta is saying that the railroad is stressed, almost to the breaking point, too many people are riding the railroad. what's going to happen next. we are going to our reporter. kerry: liz is joining us live on the upper east side. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, this is not a great position that the mta is in and not what the riders want to hear about. the mta is set to run out of money and potentially stop some of the big projects, the second issue is they just don't have enough trains, workers, to keep
8:35 am
ridership and seeing it going up in the past two years. the subway system carried 1.76 billion riders last year and that is up 12% since 2009. if you are feeling more crowded, well it is. it is an aging system and that is what has them struggling. upgrading the signalling system allows running more trains that and decades decades to install. the mta is about to run out of cash in 3 months and not able to pay for new infrastructure projects, like the east side access connecting grand central terminal to penn station and second avenue subway unless albany acts and approves the capital budget. the riders are not happy to hear about this.
8:36 am
and taking the trains. not having a train every 20 minutes it is not okay with a city of this many people. >> the mta chairman is saying that the money is running out by june 30th. the mayor and governor did agree last october to push this deal forward and fully fund the plan, if the albany lawmakers do not act that is not going to happen. back to you. greg: as hard as it is, it is better than it used to be. who remembers the graffiti. this is impressive. all the trains used to be covered in this stuff. john travolta on the subway in saturday night fever. that is what it looked like. it is nothing like that these days. some people i wonder if they miss the schemes.
8:37 am
a charlie brown guy. kerry: when did they cover the trains like that? greg: that is a good question. i was told they would break sfwoo the subway yards. that is one thing i heard. all right, what else? kerry: long awaited reunion going to happen in brooklyn, a lost puppy found 500 miles an away. greg: he looks like a great dog. he was found in north carolina missing from brooklyn. kerry: he disappeared six months ago and then a miracle spotted in north carolina. he wasn't wearing a collar but the micro chip worked. >> will he remember me. it has been so long. he was so little. so i'm curious if he's going to
8:38 am
kerry: so far nobody knows how he got there. he's doing well and has been neutered. he's going to hitch a ride. >> developments on the president's dance in argentina. there they are having a great time. the president with mora. kerry: soon to be your facebook friend. greg: well, here she is on facebook. this is good news for all parties, she's got a serous boyfriend. she's a very serious dancer. kerry: she is. greg: there she is again. they like to travel together and she likes kittens. kerry: interesting leg move. greg: this is customary in tango. kerry: is that is the one with the rose in the mouth?
8:39 am
show, the skent of a woman. >> all right. don' t let dust and allergies get between you and life' s beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes
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greg: it is feeling like friday. it does. i don't know why. any way. >> we have a live look at the upper east side. this is early j-lo. greg: pump up the volume. anybody? i met her once. kerry: really? greg: dr. raj is here. dr. raj, m.d. kerry: a new study saying a small number of people are actually living a health life style. >> good morning, not great news.
8:43 am
americans an assessed the body fat and whether they smoked and 3% are qualified to be health in their definition. they didn't smoke, exercised two and a half hours per week and the body fat less than 20% for men and 30% for women. and the diet was okay with, many department smoke, but for all four factors, only 3% of the americans actually qualified. still a lot of work to go there. all risk factors for cardiac disease. once more showing that we are not very healthy. greg: when filling out the forms, are you a smoker, what about the e-cigarettes?
8:44 am
cigarettes. kerry: what do most people fail in? in the exercising? >> this this one body fat. a lot of people don't know about the body fat. you can measure your waist and neck or go to a facility. >> those charts are unreasonable. >> they are harsh, but to get under 30% for a woman is not that difficult. >> i'm 5-11 and 205 pounds and i'm obese. >> that is body fat. >> i will bust that too. >> maybe next week we should figure out the body fat and report back. >> yes, great idea. >> let's do it. exercising the brain, exercise is great in terms of heart disease, cancer risks and great
8:45 am
looked at people here in manhattan over five years and giving them the cognitive tests and measured the exercise and followed them five years and those that exercised regularly had much slower decline in the cognitive and ten years is saved in terms of brain aging for the physical activity. one more reason to exercise as much as you can, it is good for the brain as body. >> doc,thank you. going to dc and they are raging about the cherry blossoms. the trees are old, about a hundred years old, they are blooming now. kerry: this is the peak time to see the cherry blossoms. greg: this is connected to the jefferson memorial maybe. getting there is a hassle. the beltway, the parkway around
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> check out the ducks. you have a boy duck and a girl duck. >> how do you know? >> the boy duck has colorful head. with green feathers, they have to to impress the girl ducks. that is essentially it. see the greenish duck. any way. see the hoops we are jumping through to impress you guys. the feet are moving like crazy under neath.
8:50 am
in the hip hop house of payne is charged in a road rage fight. >> yep, we heard this as we were watching the ducks. danny boy o nonnor riding in a car and the police said that the carrolled through a stop sign and almost hit a pedestrian, and the petted threw somethingal the car and someone in the car and confronted him and o'connor and the pedestrian threw punches and they were charged with assault. kerry: every year the library of congress chooses 25 recordings to include.
8:51 am
greg: good for her. this is an awesome song. this song isn't going any where, but it is officially preserved by the library. gloria gaynar, fantastic lady, so inspirational and she lives in jersey. kerry: the classic song piano man is selected and master of puppets. greg: okay, what else is going on. we have this. kerry: it is the final season of "american idol" and i have been watching it.
8:52 am
there are just a couple of weeks left before the winner is announced. there is a pop legend stopping by. >> the one standing in the corner and you never see her face. we are going to see her. what else? >> then she's singing cheep thrill. after that the contestants go old school. the e street band is on tonight and dealing with the contestants as well. >> greg: so easter is sunday & the run up, we are doing something special at battery park city, giant bunnies are on displace. they are two stories high and 40 feet long and they glow in the dark. >> how cool is that. it is work of an australiian
8:53 am
they are in battery park city. brookfield place. greg: that is amazing, great food, great stores and ice skating just ended a couple of days ago. cool, rabbits on display in the run up to easter. so sorry, april 17th through the 30th. that is both after easter. okay. >> keeping the celebrations going. coney island is opening and that is a sign that spring arrived. the wonder wheel is celebrating their 96th birthday. so the first 96 people in line on saturday ride it free of charge. greg: been there and done that. we have road that. again, that roller coaster going back to world war one. it is wooden. that is part of the thrill. tdz steep and fast, but --
8:54 am
greg: absolutely. it is a little ricketty. or true the lou mar park thunder bolt. >> we have louie coming up. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
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kerry: time for the instagram
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9:00 am
>> the tango music. >> greg: more people in new york city than ever before. 8.55 million people. >> that is according to the new u.s. census. added 50,000. >> we'll take it. i thought we were at 7 million. it is looking beautiful today. we have a tango music on. why, because president obama is in argentina and look at his dance at the state dinner.


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