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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> the tango music. >> greg: more people in new york city than ever before. 8.55 million people. >> that is according to the new u.s. census. added 50,000. >> we'll take it. i thought we were at 7 million. it is looking beautiful today. we have a tango music on. why, because president obama is in argentina and look at his dance at the state dinner.
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>> the president got pulled up to the dance floor. i read the reports he was tez tenant to do it. once he did he was into it. greg: i think he practiced, i do. it is impossible to dance with a woman and not get a certain feeling, i'm not calling ate dirty dance. but look at this. i mean, what's a guy supposed to do and feel? huh. it is sanctioned. michele is just a few feet away. that. she had a dude to dance with. >> i think he was blind sided with this? >> nope, nope. he's going to remember this for a very long time.
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now. it is conceivable. what else? number one, the population increase. that happened. a legend died we heard. joe gargilio dead at the age of 90. take a look. >> sun dial, no. >> [indiscernible]. >> that is a taste of it. one of the most famous men in america at one point.
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caster z and lindsay the great sports journalist and your dad was a friend. >> he had a 57 year career and your grandfather grew up with him in st. louis, what was their friendship look? >> they knew each other for the better part of 90 years. they played on the seam teams together and watched the cardinals together and lived in the area together and we are friends. it has been a big family affair. >> very sorry for your loss. joe used to say let him rest in peace. i wasn't the best catcher on the block.
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>> a lot of the sports heroes are going into broadcasting, and they do a pretty good job, but he was legendary. >> he broke the mold. he wasn't, he didn't go to school to be a broadcaster. he wasn't your perfectly clothed, he was a character, he spoke the street lingo. he did the today show for a number of years. he used to co-host at times for johnny carson. look at the head of hair there. that is something in itself. >> not a pretty boy by any means. when i say he broke the mold. he used to fill in for johnny
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o on the show, lenon and mccartney. that is joe doing that interview. >> so many people know him from watching, you knew him personally. >> he was a lot like on television, who you saw is what you got. he was funny, and personalable and he would my stories and critique and took the time to do that and he was a wonderful guy. >> amazing sources. the fame us up in the stratosphere. he's siting with the then president ford. they are taking this together like brothers. everybody from the presidents to the cab drivers loved this guy. he was comfortable in his own
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they are real guys. >> joe sent me three sleeves of photographs and my grandfather and joe with a number of the presidents. one with gerald ford and they are cracking up. >> there they are. i wish i got to know him. never did. never met him. it is a memory i will always have, as we know, yogi passed away six months and a day earlier. about a month before i was there visiting him as they did on the weekend with dave from his museum and putting yogi on the phone with joe, you had to sit and listen and see the look on
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they pick it up like they never missed a beat. it was like back on the hill. i said last night, they are up there and having a good time together and grand ma is probably cooking them a nice meal. >> i bet you when joe got there, hey, pal you are late. >> lindsay you tweeted they are laughing together again. they were like family. >> i don't ever remember them together not laughing. they talked about the old italian guys on the hill with the nicknames and they had a great time together. american classics and you too. you guys you are the best, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and as we get ready for the weather.
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bloom in washington dc. i'm not sure it is worth the hassle to see. it is a pretty yes. >> it only happens about 4-10 days day wor of this. >> would you like to sit in traffic for hours to see a tree? >> well, you have to post a picture. >> don't get me started on the instagram stuff. mike woods, what's up? mike: it is feeling like spring around the tristate and down to mid atlantic region and the nation's capital is doing well. we made it up to the low 70s in a number of spots yesterday. today is different, we have a mix of the clouds. the winds are cooling coming off the ocean waters and picking up the water temperatures and coming inland and cooling the temperatures down.
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we have a chance of showers and a thunderstorm rolling on through tomorrow as a front crosses by. that is out of here by the time we get to saturday. the weekend is nice out there saturday and sunday with high temperatures in the 50s. close to what we should be this time of the year. we trying to pull it up. 45 central park. 46 islip and bridgeport. 44 in montauk. 39 in monticello and wind coming in from the northeast. the temperature changes today, cooler for just about everyone. 7 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 5 degrees cooler in montauk and cooler in islip. you know, the temperatures came down with the east wind. that is coming through 5-16 miles per hour. the cool sea breeze is keeping the temps down today. it is more of east northeast
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mixed sky. showers up to the north of us. the area of low pressure and cold front swinging through tonight and tomorrow. that is going to thicken up the clouds tonight and bringing in the showers tomorrow morning. throughout the day, you are fine, a mix of clouds and sun. the cool wind is keeping the temperatures down. tonight that wind is going southerly again ahead of a cold front and the showers are popping up. so 7:00 scattered showers in the region. it is a -- not a solid all day rain. the weekend should be fantastic here with the sunshine. so today partly cloudy, 50 degrees. up to 57 for the high. winds are not a challenge.
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mostly cloudy skies and showers and isolated thundershowers. that is out of here by saturday. 55 then. 57 on monday and rain chances are picking up again and all the way through the 7 day forecast, temperatures at or above normal. again, easter sunday is looking fantastic. mild temperatures can't do much worse than that. back to you. >> mike, thanks. >> empire, boy oh boy, we are happy. it is a major, major hit. every since january of last year, this show is breaking records here on fox. the story so compelling. kerry, you are addicted to it? >> yes, hot show returning to fox next week. it is a crazy season with the family back stabbing back and forth. great music, too.
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and here is the thing, we are not going to call her that, we are calling her saraia. welcome to "good day new york." congratulations. >> thank you very having me. thank you for saying that. >> it is a unique name, you don't need the last name. >> thank you. it is very unique. thank you for pointing that out. >> the success of the show is incredible. how has your life changed. this is your first role? >> first major role and the best thing that could have happened to my career. so i mean, it is changing it dramatically. receivering different now.
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>> season two, part two. 2.5. >> wednesday at 9:00. let's take a look. shall we? >> yes. >> lead with your hips. imagine knocking down everything in your path. every move you make think someone is watching you and trying to take a picture. >> sounds awful. get used to it. >> fans are obsessed i read you are stopped on the street and people think you are the character. >> yes. when i i have curly hair i'm an on the plane and they are oh my god. >> you are also looks like good friends with taylor swift.
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>> take a look at the squad. tell us about this. >> boy, i got asked to be part of an amazing video. it is a major production. i mean compared to thriller. to be part of something like this, this is a journey. i was glad. all the girls so nice. this is so much fun. >> how did that come about? did you just get a call? >> yes, we did. she was so personal about it. she was actually on the phone. >> what is the message here? are you emerging from a nuclear holocaust. >> well, it is about having a really good relationship and then turning on each other. that is what they are doing right now. we have her army and taylor has
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i'm on taylor's army. >> you are delem na in this? >> yes. we got to pick our own names. here are other names. okay. so i started looking for a cool name. i searched problem or something like. >> i love it. >> the saur are yous is a great thing. where'd you grow up? >> san diego, california. >> you realized you wanted to be in the arts when? >> like ever since i can remember. probably like ten. >> and your family? >> we are all from san diego. some are spread out now. i am actually my dad's side of
9:16 am
grandma has music on her side. >> congratulations. you are a cover girl. what is that like to be part of that? >> so i had a vision board last year, well 2014 before all this happened and that was on the list as well as the show. this is mind blowing. greg: cover girl makeup? >> yes. >> they have been around for a long time. congratulations. listen, if rosanna was here, i will ask for her, what's going on the side, are you dating anyone she wants to know. >> i'm not dating instagram? >> yes. >> can you tell us anything about the season 2.5? anything to tell us?
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to reunite forces and some people are turning against each other for sure as in married and my character is having talking drama. greg: what about the cookie? >> she's in and out of everything. >> like cher, madonna, we have serayah. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> continued success. >> louie anderson is here. he needs the anderson. but he's famous. i got to know him or familiar with him in that coming to america movie. but he's done a heck of a lot sense. louie anderson is joining us. he's promoting p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more
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so you can love cereal... again! >> louie anderson. i became acquainted in the coming to america movie. on queens boulevard.
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he's busy, lots of performances across the country, particularly in las vegas. the show basket is on fx and the season fe nal lee is airing tonight. see him tonight through sunday at carolines. the one and only. >> great to see you. >> we are watching it together tonight all the people coming to the show. there is a viewing party, and martha kelly from the show is going to open my show and i'm going to perform and then we'll watch and live tweet the show. greg: that should be fun. forgive me, i am behind. >> we are not going to forgive you. just kidding.
9:22 am
show, it is about the family. it is mom and two sets of twins, chip and dale. those are played by. i'm the mom. there i am. it is a wonderful show. it is about honestly about family. kerry: you play a woman in the show, you do it so convincingly. you wanted to be authentic. what are you channelling in this role? >> my mom and five sisters. my mom had a style of her own. i wanted to be called christine on the set. i never answered to louie. >> were they considering a woman for this? >> they were. a british actress.
9:23 am
i they were thinking of her and she wasn't available. it is a sound. louie said like louie anderson. should we call him. louie, we want you to play zack's mom. i'm in. >> we'll watch a clip. hit it. >> you are hired. >> my cody is dating a 21-year-old. >> they have parted ways. >> it is mutual. >> and chip's better off for it. >> poor chip. first his father falls off a
9:24 am
out of the marriage, my goodness. very sad. >> well, girls, who is ready for desert. ie love it. >> the voice, that is louie. >> i do play his mom. i'm really invested in this family and this character. i'm having a blast. >> you started when and why? >> 1901. >> come on. ? >> no, i started in '78. i have had a blast. >> a lot of comics, they run around on stage, especially in the 70s. you had a certain style. i call it hill rare yous and dour. >> yes, jack benny, johnny carson, bob hope.
9:25 am
i can be silly. you know, i just had to be myself on stage. i always did a show where the people could watch it with families. i have been a family, i didn't have the easiest time growing up with my dad. >> where'd you grow up? >> in st. paul, minnesota. >> and one of a 11? >> yes. >> how was that? >> everyone for themselves. it is growing up in three families, there is a 20 year age gap. so the older kids, middle kids and the younger kids. >> you have been doing the comedy thing for a number of years. are you still getting a thrill? >> i do. what i love the most it is immediate. you are playing the millions of people at home and you are not
9:26 am
i try to do one thing, it is make people in the audience forget about their troubles for an hour. that is the goal. >> where are you living now? >> in las vegas. >> i saw on the strip a louie guy in a costume. >> the life with louie. >> thanks so much. baskets finale tonight. watch it with him. >> it should be a lot of fun. >> the star of the show at carolines and watch the show togethers. great idea. thank you so much. >> thank you. great to see you. >> a couple of things, gospel fest. that is cool. >> that is coming up. we have a fashion show, talking about kid picks. they are looking good.
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>> classic abba. >> oh,yeah. this came out in 1976. still great. all right, time for a fashion show. order online and they provide the styling online. this girl is your stylist. >> this is stitch fix. julie is with us. we are talking about your service. how did you come with the idea. >> i didn't come up with the idea. you go online and fill out the profile. a stylist is matched to you and she's picking five items for you
9:31 am
the clothing and you get to pay for what you keep and send back easily what you don't. actual person? >> actual person that is seeing the data and picking out the products for you. >> do you have enough people helping? >> yes, 2500. >> take a look. number one. ines is the model. >> yes, i am. >> looking great, ines. >> ines is wearing a really pretty bold colored dress. this is part of the spring bold trend. a shoe with a little bit of neutral feel all though metallic. great way to wear the neutral. >> what is she into. she went online and told the
9:32 am
>> i filled out a profile, i wanted work clothes. i don't like patterns. they picked the stuff that works on the camera. think picked another dress i wouldn't have picked but i like it. >> it is a beautiful blue with a panel. >> she's looking great. now get her a date. julie, what about another look. how about punk or ultra formal? >> we don't do to top hats of tails. we are only doing women right now. >> julia huddy. >> looking great. >> i love this.
9:33 am
it is made for wearable. slimming. fun variation on jacket in suede. suede i love it. how does this work. >> if you keep what you like. it is hers to buy. she's buying it. >> you can return it if you don't like it. you only pay for what you keep. stick it in and send back what you don't want. >> how much? >> so this jacket is $168. so we have great sort affordable pieces and great quality. >> is that suede? >> yes, heavy. >> but the prices range in 30 to 300. >> stay right there. who is next? >> that's it. we have a picture of juliet in a different dress. >> very cool.
9:34 am
>> thank you. >> next up we have deena. come on in. >> you do kid picks. >> this is similar for children? >> yes. >> we shipped the first box a week and a half. >> so brand new. >> yes. >> how does this work? >> similar to stitch fix. go online with your daughter and fill out a quiz, it is less than two minutes and ask about the favorite colors and patterns. we still it. put it in a box and ship it to your door. you have 7 days to try it and send back the rest. >> the average piece is 12.50. >> what is up with only girls so far? boys wear clothes to? >> yes. they are starting men's in the fall. again, for us, we started with
9:35 am
future to the boys. >> bring in the cute kids. >> she's five years old. this is greer. she's wearing one of the classic looks. has a swirl factor. >> do a spin. >> do you take ballet? remember aubrey tattoo. >> she's got great shoes. it is up to you whether you want the shoes. >> at least two complete outtits in each box. they mix and match. >> this is great. great for the moms.
9:36 am
character on sesame street? do you watch that? >> no. didn't that cool any more? >> how about elsa and frozen? >> yes. >> what about olah? >> next one here. >> sara, she's ten years old. these are more girly trendy. she's wearing distressed jeans and layer tank under a sweatshirt. great for school and going out and unbelievable sandals. >> very cool. ferris, where do you go to school? how old are you? >> ten. do you have a favorite character? elmo. >> thank you. anything else?
9:37 am
>> sign up online. >> ferris, you can come here. >> you can join any time and no commitments are involved. shipping is free both ways. >> very simple. >> you can't lose. thank you so much. greer and ferris. thank you guys. >> let's look at the outfits again. >> ines and juliet, thank you. and good luck with the men's line. i highly recommend it.
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. >> a little bit of everything. >> there is a health delicious way to control diabetes if not reverse it. >> just about all of us are fat, overweight. i have seen the charts.
9:41 am
the book again. doctor, welcome to "good day new york". >> thank you. >> the 8 week diet. blood sugar, how does that work? >> the blood sugar levels, if too high you are prediabetic and higher you are a die better, 18 million americans are predie prediabetic prediabetic. >> 80 million people? >> yes. >> how many will when we come back down with diabetes. >> 30% every five years. so most become diabetic over time. >> you are taublging about the 3 core principles. lay them out. >> it is 800 calories for 8 weeks and tested in the leading universities in europe and australia. >> 800 calories. >> yes. that is a small number.
9:42 am
lots of recipes and they are amazing filling. people are saying you struggle at the beginning, but feeling better in 3, 4 days and average weight loss is 33 poupds in 8 weeks, some losing 70 pounds. >> wow, that is fantastic. it is hard to estimate the calories. >> actually, that is why we have the recipes here. there is actually all the food in there especially chosenen because of the nutrition and keeping you full. so there is a lot of food you can eat for 800 calories if you choose the right food and keeping you full. eggs, protein, vegetables, allowed an occasional treat as well. >> alcohol is no no. >> yes, moderate amounts okay.
9:43 am
>> one drink a week. possibly a couple of glasses of wine over the course of a week. >> you talk about exercise and stress affects the sugar lechls. >> the thing about stress it is a driver. that is why we eat. we reach for the fat stuff. if you are a cave man running away from ta a tiger, you need the higher blood sugar levels. you have to manage that, i have a section on how to do it. mindfulness, this is a kind of form of meditation, and becoming sort of online app thing to do, it is probably the best way of managing stress.
9:44 am
techniques, doctors and psychiatrists and this is something to do in ten minutes in the morning. doctor, we are impressed. put up the book again. very impressive. we americans are really kind of wow, he's british, he's smart. you are. thank you so much. >> give it a go. let us know. >> 30 pounds in 8 weeks. wow that is a lot. >> excellent. so gospel fest is coming up in may. we have one of the greatest singers in the universe is
9:45 am
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one of the the greatest gospel singers are living in this area.
9:48 am
i have seen him perform live. donny will be at gospel fest may 7. the one and only, welcome back do "good day new york." >> so good to be here. >> gospel fest is happening on mother's day, honor thy mother. what a great way too celebrate mom. >> it is e motor vehiclesal and powerful. it is going to be packd with the greatest gospel singers. >> you walk around the stage, you get down. you go into the audience. you are a wild man up there. >> yes, it gets that way. >> you have been part of this for a while now. >> yes. what are you singing.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
[applause] >> beautiful as usual. just a taste. all right, by the way, gospel fest, one of the reasons i am keen only it, i got to host it.
9:52 am
i got to sing a song with her. it was a privilege. >> that is cool. >> you are seeing donny there on may 7. it is a great day. thank you very much. where do you sing on sundays? >> in freeport, new york. i can't wait to see you hosting. get your tickets now. this is going to be historic. >> thank you so much. >> maybe a duet. >> it will happen. >> see you later. we'll be right back with more
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today's 9:00 facebook fan of the hour. >> we listen the eye of the tiger. some of those guys live in the area. rocky 3, the best rocky. rocky 1 was the best. >> we have a fairly typical string coming up. a little above normal with the temperatures. today the forecasted temperatures, the low 44 degrees and 57 is the forecasted high. the normal high is 52. 76 is the record.
9:56 am
47 at central park. 46 islip. partly cloudy skies here right now. we are seeing both clear skies and sunshine going forward throughout the day. the night into tomorrow, we have an area of low pressure and sweeping through. today is 57. rainy and wet tomorrow. nice and dry over the holiday weekend here. over to you. greg: mike, thanks a lot. what is the president of the united states thinking about now, i think it is the girl he danninged the tango with yesterday. everyone was watching. >> she's a big time dancer in argentina. look at the president go. greg: look at that. gee. it is impossible not to get certain ideas and feelings. i went to her facebook page, she's got a serious boyfriend. so any way.
9:57 am
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy!


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