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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: hi, everybody. welcome. i am greg kelly. it is good friday. kerry: a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. mike with this checking the easter weekend forecast. greg: to american citizens were killed in the personals terror attack. they were the missing siblings we have been reporting about. greg: did you hear? this was a real surprise. love that hearing on -- gary handling show. that at the age of 66.
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trump and ted cruz is getting uglier. a little bit of a feud going on. greg: not that unflattering. i think they look fine. it is getting very nasty between donald trump and ted cruz. news to some of us that he lost his half-sister back in 2011. donald trump lost his brother to our call is over decades ago. in the meantime, however you doing? rosanna is busy hiding easter eggs for children.
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you. today's going to be a little sloppy out there for you. i don't think it will be that big of a deal. we can handle it. we're going to find some scattered showers. it is not all about well organized. new york although if that through pennsylvania. it is patchy showers. it will bring in the warmer temperatures. we are now at 52. central park as well as allentown. 48 degrees in french port. southwest wind tried to kick in. the wind coming in from the east for a while. now they're trying to become more southerly. schnauzers -- showers are
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as the front crosses by, that it's only have better potential for thundershowers in the area. it just does not have enough of the ingredients to get things going. today, guess, scattered showers and storms through the morning. tomorrow you will see sunshine again. more showers coming back to you on monday. okay. let's bring it over to our ines rosales. some backups on wet roadways. >> street cleaning rules are suspended today. good friday traffic, lighter than normal out there. slow approaching exit three. westchester county looking good. not dealing with any delays this
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bridge. headings towards the 59th street bridge. if you need to take the upper-level, it is a slow ride crossing the bridge. you want to take the lower level. that is a good idea. the lincoln tunnel, five-minute delay, believe it or not. greg and kerry, back to you. speed back the two siblings, brothers and sisters from manhattan, they were lost in the terror attack earlier this week. there were fears that they were lost in numerous reports telling us that they are. sasha just went to college a few blocks from where we are. >> six arrests were made around
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connections to this suspected ringleader of the terrorist attack. >> good morning to both of you. we have fortunate news. the two siblings expect to fly back to new york on tuesday. they are reportedly confirmed dead. killed in the brussels terror attack. waiting to return to new york when the blast went off. new developments, the man arrested has been linked to the terrorist attacks. the suspect was in the advanced stages of planning a terrorist attack. over belgium, more arrests. authorities have not said if
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last tuesday's attack. another suspect may be linked to the explosion. a large bag full of explosives. police believe this sketch of the suspect. facing criticism over the handling of the situation. the government was previously more and. given the current situation. you cannot leave the field. >> secretary kerry had a meeting. he also acknowledged the two
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called the attacks despicable. greg: okay. thank you. a massive slashing in yonkers. a cab driver fighting for his life this morning. night. without warning, a passenger stabbed him in the neck. 914 -- there's an award for any information. that jet blue flight attendant we told you about yesterday trying to smuggle cocaine. greg: a couple days ago, she was trying to take a flight that lax. they found 70 pounds of cocaine.
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catch her. the judge has agreed to a $500,000 bail package. the judge had second thoughts and ordered her to remain in jail until at least this afternoon. she was in big trouble. >> getting pretty ugly. donald trump and ted cruz. >> donald trump is married to lonnie on the right. donald trump. drop the dinner so you can be. no need to spill spell that being, the images are worth a thousand words. why did he do it? what is the message here?
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whatever he is getting out. >> going deeper and deeper to the gutter. it is not easy to tick me off. i do not get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, you will do it every time. >> trompe mention tidy cruz earlier this week. posing partially nude back in her modeling days. ted cruz says he had nothing to do with that ad. greg: front-page story about ted cruz's half-sister. we have known this for a while. kind of a touching picture to his family. donald trump also, the times ran a story a couple months ago about his story fred who died from causes related to alcoholism.
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this feud. in the meantime, our election day is coming up. i believe today is the last day to register if you want to vote. >> your application has to be postmarked no later then today. remember, new york is a closed primary. you have to be a registered republican to vote in the republican race. a registered democrat to vote in the democratic race. let's go to the airport. laguardia airport. let's face it. what a dump. it is obvious when you walk through it. it really needs some refurbishing. wow, look at that. >> port authority bus terminal. that needs some serious work.
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the money has been secured, i am told. kerry: it is going to happen. it has been given the green light. let's go to teresa priolo. >> reporter: good morning. who knew that these two entities were actually connect it. that is what we learned yesterday. one new york for member decided to drop his proposal that would relocate the bus terminal out of the town while in new jersey appointee said if you are going to do that, i will advise your plan. >> it is the nearest commuters and flyers from around the tri-state have been waiting for. newark and the authority court yet airport and even out bus terminals.
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a crumbling outdated airport last july. his playing alone would cost $4 billion. this project represents the largest partnership for new infrastructure in u.s. history. >> the new laguardia. voting to approve the plan. still some discrepancy about how much it will cost. >> the cost of this project is $5.3 billion. >> let me finish.
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designing to create headlines. >> a surprise with the new bus terminal in midtown. whatever the price tag. that new terminal alone could cost $10 billion. approving the laguardia and newark projects. $70 million for the hudson rail projects. it marks the single largest allocation of times by the authority in one day. >> with this vote, they could start breaking ground on that new terminal as early as this summer. they will start submitting designs and will have a concept by september. back to both of you. greg: gary shandling. dead at the age of 66. this was a real surprise to us.
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hosting the tonight show. he was terrific on that program. kerry: his publicist said it was apparently a massive heart attack. he was 66 years old. especially sad considering he just joked about his funeral and one of his last appearances. take a look at this. >> what i want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee at my account. at five just wave on and say he is not hitting up. kerry: that was just two months ago. greg: that really got jerry seinfeld. he doubled over in laughter. he was so kind and generous.
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gary was a very special comedian with a beautifully unpredictable mind. he voluntarily offered jokes and ideas from oscars. no, no, no. i love you. i cannot accept you are gone. greg: another. the former fire commissioner. former chief of the administration for children's services. died yesterday at the age of 83. a great guide. good friend of "good day new york." very sorry to report this. eighty-three. kerry: dedicated servant. his father died from cancer and will be cremated.
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jesus christ. today, cardinal dolan will take part over the brooklyn bridge. replicating his last steps as he. the cross to the crucifixion. at noon at st. patrick's could you drove. by the way, 30:00 p.m. this afternoon, cardinal dolan will lead the clear chief. greg: jellybeans on sunday. mike wasn't standing by. i actually like the blood jellybeans. save them for me. mike: a good weekend coming up for everyone no matter what jellybean you like. i personally like the rhesus peanut butter eggs. sunshine coming back to us.
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high temperature gets up to 54. a high temperature of 56. a cool start to the day. 52 degrees with a mostly cloudy skies. that is the only thing we have really seen so far. your warm temperatures are just down the street. a big contrast to 52 we have in central park. we will see high temperatures getting into the upper 60s. the main event is coming through here later this morning and into the early afternoon. expect the wet weather for the first half of the day and into the afternoon. high temperature goes up to 67 degrees.
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wash our chances on monday. let's check out what is morning. teresa: team accident on 287. you can see delays all the way back to the turnpike. putnam county looks good. that is the lookout route 80. traffic moving fine heading eastbound. lincoln tunnel, no delays. traffic moving fine. heading towards the toll plaza. same goes for the belt parkway. kerry and greg, back to you. greg: what is your favorite jellybean, by the way? >> i like the popcorn. greg: they put them right in
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it totally throws you. i never dissected one. all right. a live look at washington, d.c. the cherry blossom you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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greg: great. great. great song. anybody. how about you? weddings, two you get up there and tear up the dance floor? greg: weddings are tough for me. kerry: and what way? greg: all right. we've got to get to work. former nypd officer peter liang has apologized to the domestic partner of the man he killed. kerry: meeting face to face. he apologize for the ricochet
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she told him that because of his actions -- >> disgrace. the community and the state of new york. kerry: violins is inevitable if liang does not get jail time. he will be sentenced next month. he does face up to 15 years behind bars. >> busy hacking american computers. they sponsor this all the time. they charge several individuals
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several banks and websites from 2011 and 2013. some of those banks are in westchester county. the iranians, they really want to disrupt commerce in america. listen to this. >> the ability to control larger levels. clearly oppose a clear and present danger to the public health and safety of americans. greg: she is talking about the bowman dam, by the way. it is not like a boulder dam or anything like that. this is kind of symbolic. these guys are in iran. does not look like they are coming here any time soon.
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speeding tickets in new york city. very lucrative for the government of new york city. >> new york city brought in a seven and a half% increase from 2014. parking fines brought in the most money. new york school zones in 2014. the city only god $2 million. lead footed traverse. out more than 31. greg: parking tickets. take a look at this. one of them was walking around queens. kerry: a 3-foot reptile. able to trust the threat with a bucket until cops got there.
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it is now at a nearby animal hospital. we do not know who it belongs to. greg: "good day new york." what do we have here. good friday. the markets are closed, i am told.
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greg: reports this morning that the two new yorkers that we have not heard from for several days were in fact killed in the brussels terror attack. kerry: six people arrested.
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>> we are. this is basically a suburb. just kind of follow me. i am thinking park slope when i first got here. two people, two of the six people were arrested during the raid last night. this has been a constant. other braids were in central brussels. we are also getting word today that investigators are looking for a serious man. the second attacker in tuesday's metro attack.
7:31 am
they are looking possibly for a second person involved in that attack. also, the third suspect from the airport bombing. we talked a lot about this over the last few days. airport surveillance video. they are hoping to track him down before he carries out possibly another attack. that is what he was apparently planning to do. a large-scale. type attack. they are very concerned that something else could happen. how much information they'll jump authorities have about all
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before this happened. one of them was actually detained and deported. this was back in june. turkish officials say they gave out some authorities a heads up that this guy was red flagged. ultimately, ended up coming here and he and his brother carried out the bombings. serious, serious concerns about that. authorities say that the situation remains grave. they are concerned that another happen. greg and kerry, back to you. greg: these be careful. it looks particularly quiet at the neighborhood you are at right now. any idea if it is unusually
7:33 am
>> not so much. there are people in here having coffee. having some food. we were in one area yesterday. a lot quieter than normal. usually it is more busy. it was not that busy. there were not that many people out. it is downtown brussels. the bars, the restaurants, they were not hacked. that is definitely unusual. i hate saying that there was a tension. there really was a tension. like i said, authorities are concerned about that as well.
7:34 am
we also have this. we're hearing from the family. the brother and sister were in fact lost. both of them. alexander and sasha. >> we do have more information on that coming up in just a little bit. >> michael at this year. >> good morning to you both. it does get a little bit better as we get into the holiday weekend. there is someone out whether out there, too. the forecast high for today is 67 degrees. the normal high for today is only 53. not even coming close to the record high of 79 degrees. we have seen a few passing light showers. not that big of a deal.
7:35 am
of us. getting a little concerned. it gives us on the chance to get down to the ground. create a little heat energy. at this point in time, it does not look so bad. temperatures are warmer by about five as much as 12 degrees. that general warming trend will continue as we take a wider scope look. the cold front is facing its way through. we make it up to 67 for a high
7:36 am
more showers are expected on monday. >> we do have a couple of hotspots. street cleaning rules rules are suspended for that reason. there is an accident blocking a lane. that is traffic back up. over on route 80 here, traffic looks good. with the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. greg and kerry, back to you. greg: think you very much. confirmed now that the brother and sister duo from new york
7:37 am
in the terror attacks in brussels. >> a family friend has now confirmed their death. let's go to robert moses. good morning to you, robert. >> good morning to you. this news coming from a statement obtained by the daily news confirming that they have died. that is what many of us have feared in the days following these attacks. sasha graduated here on east 71st street. officials said that two americans were among the dead. it is not clear if they were those two people to which the
7:38 am
they had been visiting the netherlands. they are dutch citizens that reside here in new york. and in turn. alex is engaged. his future father-in-law described him as brilliant, clever and smart. these last few days have been filled with anguish. awaiting word on the state of their loved ones. earlier today, secretary of state john kerry spoke about the siblings. >> the united states is praying and grieving with you. for the loved ones of those that have been very cruelly taken from us. including americans.
7:39 am
obtained by the daily news, the family would like to express their gratitude for all of their compassion. they now need time to grieve. according to a family statement obtained by the daily news are among the 31 dead in those horrible attacks. that is the latest. greg and kerry, back you. greg: robert, thank you very much. greg: a dire warning this morning about our son.
7:40 am
new research published in the journal disputes that. having a weaker magnetic field then our son. anyway. we could suffer blackouts. this is not peons the realm of possibilities. this is midtown on good friday.
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greg: take that, washington, d.c. somewhere in midtown manhattan. >> where are we? >> outside the plaza. president of "good day new york." one more look at the sun. we were confused by the astrophysics of it all. a new study says the sun should experience a small super flare every millennium. a millennium is a thousand years. astronomically speaking is not very long. that is actually a pretty frequent occurrence. the affects on earth could be
7:45 am
life on earth according to the professor at the university of warwick. could be severely disrupted. large scale power blackouts. okay. it looks like something we could recover from. >> it could cause blackouts. greg: once every thousand years. mike: remember y2k. heading into the holiday weekend. mild and breezy.
7:46 am
sunshine is back. the temperatures will be impressive beard we are going up. 48 degrees in poughkeepsie. there is a lot more action to our southwest. getting a little bit more sun heat energy. it helps enhance some of the showers and storms. they make the approach here in the tri-state. ski report. frozen granular positions there. twenty-eight trails open at this point in time. we're wrapping up the ski season. sunny and cool. starts out at 39 degrees.
7:47 am
that, it will be cool for starters. we are good in sunny for the weekend. more wet weather for you on monday. as for thursday of next week. live radar. that is on the weather wrap. it does not cost you a thing. we will show you where that rain is. by the way, we have a birthday shout out. i am not sure who that is behind her. all big fans out there. happy birthday to you from your sister and colleague.
7:48 am
let's go to our cameras. westbound issues. an accident and a stall. a little tough to see. 495. greg: thank you so much. a quick graph of sports. the mets got a late surge. 104-95. greg: formerly of the knicks. knicks beat the bulls. last night at the garden. they did it again.
7:49 am
oregon beating duke. rookie goaltender. devils go on to win it three-set the final score. a big charity event. his foundation is sponsoring it. easter is coming on sunday. there is something for adults. getting menaced by giant cedar rapids.
7:50 am
they are wearing easter get up. and extreme egg hunt. i did it. looking at your easter basket and chocolate. the mac a batting cage. >> it is game time. >> no. no. no. i was not the only one who got the runaround.
7:51 am
>> the bag of candy to caesar tickets. >> really? kerry: it looks kind of scary. especially the part where the bunnies are attacking you. it is whatever works. let's take a look outside one more time.
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kerry: a little traumatized by it. greg: full body contact.
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>> looking at a haunted house. >> a full place called full bunny contact. you know what. check it out. great reporter, by the way. >> i think i may stay away from that. check it out, if you would like. >> they are in cuba. the first time ever. they have played just about everywhere. >> the government act actually banning music. mick jagger credits president obama for this dramatic change. >> a very good impression here. a very interesting thing.
7:56 am
>> i love how there is still a band. they did not break up. the rolling stones, when they go to cities, they are like tourists. i once saw mick jagger going into a museum in philadelphia. they were just checking out the sites. good luck in cuba. >> madonna, here in the city, is in some hot water. >> very controversial video. she lives on the upper east side. a great spread up there, apparently. she wants that sidewalk all to herself. look at that stuff. city rules do not allow for that. in this case, the paint in the
7:57 am
yellow strip of paint there, they kind of altered the sidewalk. the neighbors are upset. greg: it was not because we
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good day new york. >> okay. hi, everybody, how's it going? it's good friday, march 25th, i'm greg kelly. >> and i'm carrie drew. showers and thunderstorms a possibility, but mike says this weekend will be very nice. he's got the full easter forecast coming up. >> a brother and sister from new york confirmed dead now in those brussels terror attacks. sasha and alexander, sasha, by the way, went to school in this neighborhood. >> meanwhile, overnight in brussels six people were arrested after police conducted home raids there. authorities have not yet said if there's a link to tuesday's bombing. >> ted cruz and donald trump, they are really, really mad at each other, and it's gotten rather uncomfortable. okay. donald trump retweeted this image, drop the banner, please. no need to spill the beans, the
8:01 am
what's that supposed to be all about? donald trump genre tweeted this. apparently some sort of slam against heidi cruz, ted cruz's wife. it's really quite nasty. hey, it's good friday, and come on. >> yeah. >> what's going on weather wise, mikey? >> yeah. >> looking okay, good weekend. >> yeah with, it's kind of gray outside, few little showers, not a big deal. yep, it's easter weekend, but as we get into the weekend itself, things looking pretty good. show you what's happening at point in time. live radar picks up on showers across the tristate region, but it's just patchy, light showers. some are way out east, some down to the southwest, but they've been rolling through the entire tristate region. none of it is all that tremendous at this time. the heaviest showers are closer to hartford or back over pennsylvania. but there is the potential for a
8:02 am
later on in the afternoon. we're still warming up, it's now 50 out at bridgeport, 53 in central park, 47 in sussex, 53 in allentown, temps are warmer than yesterday, that's for sure, by about 5-12 degrees on average around the tristate. again, the southwest wind is pulling up the warmer temps. scattered showers here and there, but they will become more numerous, more widespread as we head further into the later morning and early afternoon hours. as that front gets closer to us, it's not going to make a huge rain day, but it'll be decent for the fist part of it. temps up to 62 by midday and a high of 67 today, and a high of 54 tomorrow. the rain is out of here, sunny skies on sunday too on easter sunday, and then the showers are making a comeback as we head into monday of next week. let's bring back ines and see what's going on with the commute.
8:03 am
side to me. guess a lot of folks took off. >> yes. traffic lighter than normal. street cleaning rules are is suspended because it's good friday. route 109 in jersey city closed both directions between manhattan avenue and county road, an accident involving power lines. other than that, you're fine on the turnpike, the parkway, no issues on route 3 or route 80. the lie, you're okay. take a look at our cameras, this is rock lan county, the thruway over by the garden state parkway heading towards the tappan zee bridge, no delays northbound. belts parkway by jfk, no delays either. as for the trains, running on or carrie and greg. >> okay, thank you very much. the latest now on the situation in brussels, and a big new york angle here. a brother and sister who were feared lost in the terror attacks, it is now confirmed
8:04 am
sasha and alexander pa, azowski, they were in the airport at the time of the blast. >> sasha was a student at the manhattan college. fox 5's robert moses joins us live from that school with more information. good morning, robert. >> greg and carrie, good morning to you. that sad news, the news that so many of us dreaded to hear, came in a family statement earlier today. sasha took classes here at marymount manhattan college on east 71st street. separately this morning, an official said at least two americans had been killed in the attacks in brussels. it is not clear if that official was referring to the brother and sister or someone else. sasha and her brother, alexander, were at the airport on tuesday in the departures hall. they were preparing to fly back here to new york when those
8:05 am
they had been visiting the the netherlands. they are dutch citizens who resided here in new york. sasha, at one point a production intern at a company called shera events, alex is engaged. these last few days, as you can imagine, have been filled with anguish and anxiety as word was awaited of the fate of sasha and alec. earlier this morning secretary of state john kerry spoke about the americans who were killed and injured. >> the united states, i want you to know, is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those who have been very cruelly taken from us including americans. and for the many who are injured in these despicable attacks. >> there is an american couple, stephanie and justin schultz,
8:06 am
those attacks. we do not know their fate as of yet but, again, the sad news this morning, confirmation from the family of sasha sal and sander -- ash shah and alexander that they are among the dead in that horrific attack at brussels airport. that is the latest live from outside marymount manhattan college this morning, greg and carrie, back to you. >> robert moses, thanks a lot. >> we're also learning of more arrests. six people were arrested after raids in brussels last night. authorities at this point have not said if those arrests are connected to the bombing. >> things are very, very tense though in brussels. we saw john huddy there earlier. liz dahlem has a wrap for us from the desk. >> good morning. there were raids all over last night, and police are still trying to untangle this web that consists of this terror cell, here. there was a significant arrest in paris that reportedly stopped another potential attack.
8:07 am
to the paris attacks earring leader --'s ring leader. there was no reported connect to what happened in brussels. over in belgium more arrests. six suspects detained late last authorities haven't said if there was a clear connection to last tuesday's attack. >> translator: the government and the competent authorities will do their utmost to shed light on both these attacks. >> authorities believe another suspected may be linked to the subway explosions. another man can be seen in surveillance video alongside the main bomber carrying a large bag possibly full of exploratives -- explosives. the belgian government is facing criticism over its handling of the situation. administrators admit the government was previously warned by turkish officials about one of the attackers who was a foreign terrorist fighter.
8:08 am
minister and the inner cabinet requested clearly that i stay on begin the current situation. -- given the current situation, that in a war situation you cannot leave the field. >> reports indicate the two brothers involved in the attacks had been stalking a top nuclear scientist. a hot of video footage was recovered from their apartment, and it's possible they may have been plotting to kidnap that scientist and get information toover or nuclear material. a lot of people are fearful that something else may be coming in the coming days. >> we hope and pray not. thank you very much, liz. >> here at home a mother and son are dead after a triple shooting on staten island. >> the killer opened fire around 6:00 outside the mariners harbor houses. it may have been an argument over a car sale. the gunman shot 21-year-old anthony rivera three times in the face. his mother heard the shots, ran outside, and the gunman shot her in the face. they both died.
8:09 am
another guy there that was shot in the leg. the gunman ran off. if you know anything about this, please call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. again, three people shot, fatally a mother and son. terrible. >> very sad. well, the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating. it just keeps escalating by the moment. >> okay. and this is their spouses, melania on the right, heidi cruz on the left. ted cruz -- i'm sorry, donald trump tweeted this image, retweeted it. what is he getting at? >> well, basically, they're images of the two women, and it says no need to spill beans, images are worth a thousand words with. mrs. cruz with a not-so-flattering facial expression. >> people are interpreting this as donald trump putting down the appearance of heidi cruz. here's what ted had to say about that. >> seeing him go deeper and deeper to the gutter, it's not easy to tick me off.
8:10 am
but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that'll do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward x leave heidi the hell alone. >> wow. pretty intense there. donald trump still on top in delegate count, and a lot of people think he's marching toward that nomination. a lot of people also think it can't happen. i don't think it says on donald trump that a lot of people have that caveat, retweets are not endorsements. i don't know if he has one of those. i don't have reaction this moment from donald trump. it is getting nasty, but they have something kind of extraordinary and kind of sad in common. a major story in today's new york times talk about ted cruz's half-sister miriam. she died at the age of 49 back in 2011 in suburban philadelphia. again, they share the same father. she had a very troubled life; alcohol and drug addiction. she died, actually, the coroner ruled of an accidental drug
8:11 am
ted was at times close with her. i think he financially supported her child, his nephew. but it was a stripped relationship at times -- strained relationship at times. and donald trump also lost a brother to, well, alcohol-related illnesses, fred trump. it's interesting that this scourge affected both families. you can read about it in today's new york times. they also did a pretty sensitive portrait of, yeah, donald trump's brother fred. all right. >> today is good friday, the start of the three days before christians believe jesus christ rose again, of course, easter sunday. >> okay, this is not a police event. theythey have this every year. cardinal dolan will take part in something called the way of the cross over the brooklyn bridge. >> it's supposed to replicate jesus' last step as he carried his own cross to the crucifixion.
8:12 am
10:00 at st. james cathedral basilica, and at noon at st. patrick's there will be meditations on the last words of christ, at 3:30 he will lead the liturgy of the lord's passion and death. >> okay. say high to his eminence. he's terrific. mikey, what's happening? >> well, getting ready for a is sunny weekend, but before that happens, we've got to get through the rainfall and the gray skies out there today. sunshine, beautiful weather's coming up over the weekend, high temps in the mid 50s. seasonable temperatures, basically, but today's going to be warmer than normal. what's going on? well, we've got the clouds out there, 53 at central park, it's south wind that brings in the warmer temps, around 7 miles per hour, and it will be warm in general. you're at 66 in philadelphia. soon our temps are going to be like that in the mid to perhaps even upper 60s as that southwest wind continues to press into the tristate region. 49 in albany and 53 in williams
8:13 am
here's what we have, first a few scattered showers have passed on by, but as we expand the view out, a lot more to our southwest. at least patchy showers through the first half of the day, and then into the often a few more showers, perhaps a few isolated thunderstorms pummel through with the cold front that passes by, and then it should wrap up by later on this evening. that's what the future cast is saying as well. and it will be out of here by tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, clear skies on saturday as well as sunday. clear. at least through the beginning of the day, and then later in the afternoon some clouds start gathering to the west of us as we head in toward the end of sunday. yep, shower chances starting to pick up again, especially as we head poo monday. today we've got showers, high temps between 57-67 degrees. breezy and mild with that southerly wind starting to push back into the tristate. however, by this evening it's president bush gone, and tonight -- pretty much gone, and
8:14 am
lows between 32-42, so you'll feel that chill in the air tomorrow morning, and that's the way it's going to be the next couple of lows. highs right around 55 degrees, somewhere in that range both saturday as well as easter sunday. a little more rain coming at you monday as well as thursday of next week, but generally speaking, these temps are at or above normal for the entire seven-day stretch. all right, the fox 5ny weather app is at the apple itunes store and google play store, it doesn't cost you a thing, so let's put it to work today. speaking of that, ines, less people going to work on good friday. >> if you have to go to work, at least you're not dealing with traffic. meters remain in effect. connecticut, no issues, as far as your commute in new jersey, par sipny area, morris county, 82/87 doing fine. let's take a look at staten island expressway over by victory boulevard, lighter than
8:15 am
towards the verrazano bridge. as for the lincoln tunnel driving into the city, a nice ride this morning. take a look around the toll plaza, you're just going straight through. slowing down into the tunnel, no problems. there were some issues on the gwb upper level, minor delays at the cash toll plaza, on the upper level holland tunnel, also a delay-free ride from both approaches. carrie and greg. >> sad to report, yesterday we learned garry shandling, the comedian, dead at the age of 66. >> passed away yesterday in los angeles. no official cause of death yet, but his publicist says it was apparently a heart attack. shandling, best known for the larry sanders show, we're going to be talking to one of the co-creators of that show at 9:00. especially sad considering shandling had just joked about his funeral in one of his last appearances. >> what i want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee to do a count, and at five just wave it
8:16 am
up. [laughter] >> that's comedians in cars getting coffee with jerry sign fell. just a -- seinfeld. just a couple of months ago. boy, a really nice guy, always struck me as. >> yeah. and so many comedians and actors have come out to say to how kind of a person he was, so really, really sad news. jimmy kimmel tweeting, quote, garry shandling buzz as kind -- was as kind and generous as he was funny, and that's saying a lot. and steve martin, a beautifully unpredictable mind, he even voluntarily offered jokes and ideas for oscars. maag relate cho, no, no, no, i love you, i cannot accept you're gone, rest in power, my hero. >> he started as an engineering major in college, and then he
8:17 am
also we lost nicholas skapeta, the former commissioner of the fire department, he was in charge of the administration for children's service, close associate of mayor bloomberg and mayor giuliani, dead at the anal of 83. -- age of 83. >> we are remembering him this morning. >> nicholas, by the way, actually he ran acs, and for a while when he was growing up from 4 to, like, 12, he was raised under the care of foster parent ands group homes. he was separated from his brothers. so when he became the head of acs, it was kind of perfect -- >> yeah, personal connection to it. >> -- he knew what it was like to be one of those kids. rest in peace. j.r. smith formerly of the knicks, now of the cavs, soon to be a guest of need -- good day new york. >> going to be stopping by at 9:00. >> said to to be a very nice guy.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
>> you know what i miss? >> what do you miss? >> my hoverboard. [laughter] 2015 was the summer of the hoverboard. >> and then what happened? >> and then everybody was like, you can't ride it, it's illegal. finally, i had to get off it. >> yeah. >> it's the only time in my life i made a run for it. i was on the hoverboard, and a security guard said, hey, stop, i just turned around and went the other way. [laugher] i had that for about 30 seconds. anyway, i don't use it anymore -- >> did you get chased after? >> yeah, yeah. they were on the walkie-talkies and everything. i guess it was the right thing to put it away. >> you can still ride it in your house if you're careful.
8:22 am
here? >> it's easter. you might think halloween's the biggest holiday for candy, but easter hops over it. >> carrie, keep going. >> americans spent $823 million on easter candy last year, that's up from halloween's haul. part of the reason, experts say people hand out cheap candy to trick or treaters, and on easter people splurge on -- >> interesting. because you're not giving that stuff away. >> exactly. >> you are, it's for your friends and family. it's for immediate loved ones, so you do the higher quality stuff. i am somewhat surprised. anyway, easter, that's a really great component of it, all the candy. lauren simonetti, from the fox business network. >> speaking of easter, the playboy bunny is up for sale, the entire playboy company. and we're hearing it could fetch half a billion dollars. okay, let me give you the story here. remember in january the almost 90-year-old hugh hefner, the
8:23 am
sale, and the condition was whoever bought this mansion for $200 million, that was the asking price, they had to let hef live there for the rest of his life. so many calls poured in they said what if we sold the whole company? now they're toying with that prospect, and like i said, the price tag would be about $500 million. it would entail the mansion, the digital assets, the magazine, and the march issue is the first one without nudity. selling "vanity fair" without fashion in it. so when people say they really read the articles in playboy, i guess now they're finally telling the truth. whoever bias it might make it nude again, right? >> you never know. >> probably. >> yeah, could be. i wonder if it's worth more without the nudity than with the nudity. i know not everybody in his family thinks that was a good idea, like his son. >> it might be one and done.
8:24 am
nudity these days. >> exactly. >> that's one of the reasons they decided no to -- all right. thank you very much, lauren. >> happy easter. >> if you're not sure where to find fox business in your area, go to >> coming up, the batman v. superman movie out today. i always thought they were friends, at least they were when justice, you remember that? >> oh, yeah. >> well, a guy who's in the movie will be here. >> yeah. harry lennox is going to be here at 9:00 to tell us all about it. and what else, greg? >> oh, there's the apple store. i think you can buy the new iphone starting today, right? >> yeah, and that ipad. there's something new -- >> the phone se. doesn't seem like there's much of a line there, right?
8:25 am
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>> on this good friday, this is our great tradition here at good day new york. we've been doing it for a couple years now this song every friday at 8:30. does it feel like friday? friday. >> it did. a lot of people are off today, people take off from work. >> good for them. >> i would love to know how this tradition started. >> randomly, these things. we did it more than once, and all of a sudden we had a tradition on our hands. >> i love it. >> so we're looking around town, what is going on. not too much actually. nothing other than that woman. [laughter] walking down the street. oh, there she's got some company. >> it's good friday. >> do you ever find yourself walking behind somebody, and you think they think you're following them? >> yes. >> it's awkward. >> it's a personal space issue. >> i'm going this way too. how about when you get on the elevator with somebody outside the building, and you find yourself -- >> definitely creepy. >> it's awkward, and then you've got to make the small talk sort of.
8:29 am
hey, how's that for an opener? [laughter] >> that's good. you are following them. >> you live in an elevator building? >> i do. >> how about mike? >> i do. >> yeah, yeah. if they follow you inside your building, and then you get scared, that happened to me one there. >> do you ever hear about those social experiments where people walk into an elevate e and they don't turn around? >> that is strange. who socially experimented $i don't know. i've seen it done in video, and aye read about it. we walk into an elevator -- >> you monitor what floor you're on. that's very key. >> right. >> you're looking at fifth avenue. is the apple store in sight? there's bergdorf goodman. >> good sales. >> there is the apple store which, by the way, is in the basement. it's not above ground. >> yeah. i like that one. >> how you doing? hope you have the day off.
8:30 am
she's coloring eggs and all that stuff. have fun, rosanna. >> she's sleeping. [laughter] >> mike, what's up? >> it's great outside, but at least it's not pouring down rain. we have seen some rain, but it's kind of few and far between as far as the patchy showers that we do have, so it's not like a through. here are the weather headlines for the next few days. first of all, a few showers out there today, mild and breezy at the same time, so at least it's warm, and you've got the warm factor in there too. now, the rain is out of here as we head into the weekend, so it will be nice and sunny, but your high temps come back into your 50s. that's pretty much the norm, and rain showers do get back into the area as we kick off the next workweek in particular. here's what we see on the radar, not picking up too much over northern new jersey at this point in time, but scattered showers around that, including some back over pennsylvania, some down to the south, some that have moved over to connecticut.
8:31 am
tristate up around sullivan county, quite a few showers, but it's nothing that's all that tremendous at point in time. your temps are pretty warn,51 in montauk, 53 in allentown with a mostly cloudy sky and only a few patchy showers here and there. our winds are pretty light and variable at this point in time, but they are, generally speaking, going to the start coming this from the south, and that will make us a little warmer outside. we also have the cloud cover at the same time and the showers, so it's warm, but it's not like you're going to be doing an outdoor lunch. i guess you could if you could get it in between passing showers. we'll continue to squeeze out rain here and there, maybe an occasional thunderstorm scattered around the tristate region, but it should start clearing the area by later on this evening. a little bit, we'll take whatever we can get. we're more than two inches in terms of rainfall for the year. as we fast forward to easter sunday, your forecast, if you're
8:32 am
temp right around 39 degree, it will be on the cool side, but we get up to 49 by 11 a.m. and high of about 56 on, at 3 p.m., but still dry. a few more clouds in the afternoon. as we go through the next seven days, a high of 67 today, warm but windy and wet. drier saturday and easter sunday, but showers come back monday and also more on thursday. all right, let's bring in ines and see what's going on with our commute. it looks dead out there, that's a good thing. [laughter] >> it's not dead. it is lighter than normal. street cleaning rules suspended because of good friday, meters remain in effect. traffic a little lighter than normal, but we do have some problems. manhattan and county road because of an accident involving downed power lines.
8:33 am
suffolk, nasa county look -- nassau county looks good. let's check out the lincoln tunnel, no delays inbound, dead. normally a 45 minute delay on a doing good. hold land, gwb, same section. everyone moves at the speed limits between jfk and leopards boulevard. as for the trains, running on or close to schedule. carrie and greg. >> okay, ines. so it's been confirmed, a brother and sister who lived in new york city, they were killed in the brussels terror attacks. the blasts at the airport. >> these are pictures of sasha and alexander pin chow sky, two of the victims at the airport. the siblings were dutch citizens. they were on their way back to new york when those bombs went off, and this morning u.s. officials are saying two u.s. citizens died in the attack, several are still missing including a kentucky couple,
8:34 am
as for the investigation this morn, six people were arrested in homes in brussels last night, but authorities have not yet said if they are connected to the bombings. and in france police arrested a man they say to be in the final stages of a bomb plot who had tied to the mastermind of november's attacks in paris. >> very sad. well, folks, back here in new york we have learned that it's happening for sure, laguardia and the port authority bus terminal will be being renovated in a major way, and let's face it, both facilities need it. let's start with laguardia. over the years it's been noted it's kind of a dilapidated heap. it's needed some work for a very long time. they've been working on it piecemeal here and there. even the vice president called it a third world airport. that wasn't very nice, but there was some truth to it. and how about that port authority? legendary for being crummy. and seedy. and a bit of a pit. well, they're both beginning to get billions and billions and billions of dollars more a face
8:35 am
a $4 billion redevelopment, renovation is in the works. let's check in with fox 5's at teresa priolo. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, carrie and greg. when you talk to flyers inside, the word they use to describe both the port authority and laguardia is the word "dump." they don't like them, and they are so pleased to hear there's going to be an infusion of cash to both. let's start with the laguardia expansion project as it is officially known. it was first proposed by governor cuomo back in july. it will connect, this is the main part, it's going to connect all the terminals, something that doesn't exist right now, and revitalizing laguardia is going to cost anywhere from $4-$5.5 billion depending on who you ask about a price tag. this is welcome news not only for the port authority board members, but also for flyers. >> a $4 billion cost, this project represents the largest
8:36 am
new infrastructure in u.s. history. >> it could use a facelift. it's a convenient airport, it's small. i prefer it over some of the others in the area, but it'd be nice to have some new felt facilities. >> it'd be nice to live in a modern country that has nice airports. >> we have an antiquated airport, and they have to do something here, so if we're going to pay tax, what else are we going to pay taxes for? >> here's the interesting thing about the laguardia project. we learned yesterday it wasn't going to happen unless the bus terminal project was also approved. that was the real headline yesterday. so the way it went down is that one new york port authority board member agreed to abandon a plan that would have seen that bus terminal actually move to the other side of the hudson to new jersey. he abandoned that plan in exchange for a new jersey appointee backing the laguardia extension plan. nobody knows exactly how much
8:37 am
but we're hearing anywhere from $10-15 billion. these were part of 400 projects the port authority has recently green lighted, money thrown at the hudson rail project, more cash thrown at the pass station. according to the board member, they say yesterday was the single largest allocation of funds in one day in the port authority's history. checks. that's the latest from laguardia this morning, back to both of you. >> thanks a lot. the george washington bridge apparently in for some cash. so remember the flight attendant who was caught in los angeles with all that cocaine allegedly? she ran away, she got away. she turned up in new york, she's in jail. pail has been set at $500,000 -- bail has been set at $500,000. the judge doesn't want her to leave so fast. >> her name is marcia gay reynolds. this judge ordered her to remain behind bars until this afternoon to give prosecutors in los
8:38 am
case. she is accused of kicking off her heels and running off after she was stopped for random screening at lax last friday. officials say she left behind a suitcase that was filled with 70 pounds of cocaine. she surrendered at jfk on wednesday. the defense says she may not have known about the drugs while prosecutors suggest she may have done this before. >> okay, so a great big lizard, known as a kimono dragon, was found in flushing, queens. they got nervous, and they called the police. >> it's a bizarre story. this is a 3-foot reptile. it turned up on a street in flushing yesterday. residents were able to trap the pet with a bucket until cops got there. experts say, luckily, it was not fully grown, because they can get up to 8 feet long and weigh 200 pounds. the lizard, by the way, is now at a nearby animal hospital until its owner can be found and questioned.
8:39 am
video of a kimono dragon. what is he eating? >> that is huge -- >> let's see, they're carnivores. okay. it's not like they eat leaves and grass, they like meat. it's able to locate its prey using a keen sense of smell which can locate a dead or dying animal from a range of up to 6 miles. now that's crazy. how fast can they move, by the way? it seems like he lumbers, you know what i mean? at 6 niles away, he'll -- mimes away, he'll get there in two days. one was on the loose in queens. >> i'm surprised people were able to catch this thing -- >> oh, that's a soccer ball he's playing with. oh, wow. >> look at that tongue. >> and look at the mucus. all right. so garry shandling, folks, dead at the age of 666789 we heard -- 66. we heard the news yesterday, great comedian, and we're meeting some of his friends today, his collaborators who worked with him on some of his greatest prompts.
8:40 am
coming up at 9:00, we're going to talk to one of them.
8:41 am
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>> little bit of madonna as we hook at madonna's house on the upper east side. madonna -- [laughter] some controversy here. she has a beautiful townhouse. huge, big, she deserves it, she's earned it, but does she have the right to claim all the parking space in front of her house? apparently she or her team have done that. see that big yellow strip? yeah. that wasn't done by the city, that was done by somebody who works for madonna. maybe madonna herself late at night, who knows? they even altered the sidewalk a little bit. you see it's imprinted -- >> that song, by the way, is causing a commotion. >> great madonna classic. goes back a ways. >> now madonna is causing a commotion with the neighbors and with the d. opt -- d.o.t -- >> get it? neighbors in particular. although here everyone seems to be respecting that yellow paint. jessica formosa has more. >> this all started after a
8:44 am
madonna, and even though they are very irritated, what people don't know is this is actually her driveway. >> she's got the only double-decker two-car garage townhouse in the city, let her have her driveway too. >> it doesn't affect me whatsoever. as a matter of fact, i'm sure anybody parking in front of a driveway would get ticketed. >> the material girl is causing controversy. her $40 million townhouse on the upper east side is now decorated with these sign toes, tenant only. >> even though she put her own thing, it is a driveway. >> it turns out that her people did all of that, and they did it not allowed to do that. >> we reached out to the department of transportation who came out to inspect the property after receiving the complaint. it sent us this statement in part, quote: city rules do not allow for the defacement of sidewalks or illegal placement of signage.
8:45 am
some residents on the block expressed their feelings off camera saying what she has done is in poor taste. so that madonna had this to say on instagram. yes, i am madonna x that is my driveway. and if people park in front of me, i can't drive in my driveway. so sorry that the city doesn't like the color yellow. we will keep a nice dull gray to keep our neighbors happy. i'm saying three extra hail marys this easter for this transgression. >> we found the curb painted yellow in front of this garage. d.o.t. has notified madonna that she has 30 days to remove the imprinted no parking sign and the paint. if she doesn't, then she is subject to a violation, and that comes with a $250 fine. on the upper east side, i'm jessica formosa, fox 5 news. >> i take it all back, madonna is a victim here, seriously.
8:46 am
one more time, you know, if it's in front of just the garage, that's fine everybody knows you're not supposed to park in front of a driveway. >> maybe she's had issues in the past -- >> i don't care if you're on the upper east side, you can't park in front of somebody's garage, driveway. so good for madonna. and, again, she's not the only one who's done this with the paint, although the no parking imprint, that is varsity. >> i think madonna can afford $250, what do you think? >> who knows? she's touring relentlessly. >> i think she's got it. >> okay. well, what else is happening? >> well, coming up on good day new york in the 9:00 hour, the new york international auto show opens today, greg. >> so this car, as seen in smoky and -- what was that show? smoky and the bandit, that's right. look at that little thing. oh, but the doors open vertically. >> ooh, that is so cool. >> very small.
8:47 am
like starkey and hutch -- >> which one are you going to get us? >> let's try them all. >> they're over there at the javits center week. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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>> look at this live. it actually looks really, really nice. >> it does. >> cherry blossoms in bloom. thank you, teddy roosevelt, and the mayor of tokyo -- >> it looks so peaceful. people walking around, enjoying the good friday. >> getting a bit of a hassle, but the cherry who isesomes -- blossoms in full bloom. >> we have some buzz on some potential blockbusters opening this easter weekend. >> be a monument. >> batman v. superman with ben affleck and the other guy out this weekend.
8:51 am
some people not impressed. i hope it's good. this is kind of one of those must-see movies, in my opinion. >> yeah. >> ben after flick is -- after fleck is batman. cute. >> you just kind of melted. with a special appearance from wonder woman. >> a big fat greek wedding. now my daughter is all grown up. colleges? dream big? >> i'm interested to see how this is going to do. >> my big fat greek wedding 2. what happened? >> this is taking place 14 years after the original. the characters are back -- >> yeah, i know. but did she get remarried? >> there's some wedding going on. i don't think they've given it away yet. yeah, 14 years after the original. we'll see what happens. >> what else? the rolling stones are in cuba right now for the first time ever. these guys have played everywhere.
8:52 am
in havana, the whole crew. >> they'll play a free concert there tonight. for decades the cuban government actually banned rock music and persecuted anybody caught listening to it. fans had to smuggle in records to listen to rock music. frontman mick jagger credits president obama for the change. >> i think he made a very good impression here, and he made a very good impression, he said some very interesting thing, he was very charming, and we're very pleased to be here, obviously. >> very cool, mick. i love how the rolling stones are still a group, till together. >> free concert tonight. more than half a million people expected to cram into the stadium to hear the stones and thousands more will be listening in the streets. >> "american idol," are wow watching that? >> i am. the big three-night event for the finale kicks off on tuesday with a 90-minute lookback at the show's 15-year run. for the series grand finale on
8:53 am
final winner be announced, but past winners like kelly charkhton and carrie -- clarkson and carrie underwood will take the stage. you can watch all of it right here on fox 5. >> so j.r. smith will be here, formerly of the knicks, now of the cleveland cavaliers. that's pretty awesome. he's got a charity that he's promoting and a special event tonight. let's take a look outside if we can, please. on this good friday. it feels like it's good friday. very, very quiet. a lot of people have the day off.
8:54 am
8:55 am
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hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. >> for our instagram picture of the morning, this coming from @nyc loves nyc. let's check in now with mike for forecast. hey, mike. >> hey there, carrie. and, hey, got another shoutout to jaden. happy birthday to you from your family. there you go. let's show you what's happening. wow, we jumped all the way up to 61 degrees.
8:57 am
52 in newark, 59 in poe poughkeepsie. our temps jumped up because that south wind is coming on through, and it's going to be a warm but wet day out there. scattered showers coming through, high temp up to 67 this afternoon, and over the weekend it will be sunny, dry and cool. not bad, highs in the mid 50s. >> thanks, mike. just about 9:00. here's a look at what's coming up, nba player j.r. smith coming
8:58 am
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greg: welcome on this good friday. i forgot that good friday is a day off for a lot of folks. a couple years ago, started a store right across the street. if the camera goes a little bit to the right, there is the apple store. no. no. it started.


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