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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg: welcome on this good friday. i forgot that good friday is a day off for a lot of folks. a couple years ago, started a store right across the street. if the camera goes a little bit to the right, there is the apple store. no. no. it started.
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>> no kidding. >> then it moved across the street. there is the main department store. that is where arthur stall liza minnelli steal a tie. anyone remember that movie? aren't arthur was a crummy movie. i am sorry. >> it has a lot of good tops. good genes. >> a low cost you 600 bucks. seriously. a couple of things going on. good friday, everybody. getting really intense and personal. here we go with that picture again that was re- tweeted by
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somebody put on the top there, no need to spill the beans. the images are worth 1000 words. donald trump said to not take on my wife or i will take on yours. i will spill the beans on yours. he was referring to heidi having a nervous breakdown a few years ago. is he trying to undermine or demean the appearance of heidi cruse? maybe, maybe not. >> seeing him go deeper and deeper to the gutter. it is not easy to take me off. i do not get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do me every time. donald, you are a coward.
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i will beat him for the nomination. donald trump will not be the nominee. >> he is leaving right now. >> donald trump will not be the nominee. reason why, republicans are coming together and uniting. donald trump is a train wreck. greg: a reporter that is actually very good, by the way. reporters are constantly trying to put the people that are covering it in awkward positions. he said that he would support the nominee. she is trying to say you could not. i understand. he is understandably upset. >> here is what cruse also said. not acceptable for him to attack
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>> you have to be careful in my opinion. all right. by the way, these two gentlemen have something in common. you may not have called it. a big story in today's new york times. a drug overdose. an accidental drug overdose. this is not some scandalous story or anything like that. he wonders if he could have done more over the years. he did try to help her. he did help her son that went to military school. it is interesting. it can affect any family. while he was going to harvard law school, you know, his sister was essentially living in a
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that is interesting. you saw, terry, donald trump, this issue has impacted his family as well. >> here is a picture right here. something in common. something that they share. >> donald trump has spoken occasionally. very openly, i think, about his brother fred. he had this disease that he could not be. they have that in common. a couple other things going on. the cherry blossom festival in washington, d.c. things coming to life. it is spectacular.
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they get to see the trees. going through all that chaos to see the tranquility. yesterday afternoon on, my smart phone blew up. gary shambling the comedian has died at the age of 66. really got famous. first for johnny carson. he was gifted. listen to this, please. >> i am so excited to be here. >> have you gotten your free pen yet?
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they have a death calendar, two. >> we are joined by a good friend. a colleague. together they cocreated the show. allen's wife, serve, welcome to "good day new york." we are very sorry for your loss. >> i was just totally shocked. i spoke to gary over the weekend. we wanted to get together. it did not work out. he said i'm not doing any thursday night. i was going to call him last night. my phone blew up with my wife and kids. everybody that i ever met, essentially, expressing condolences. i was totally blindsided, as we all were. >> he struck me as a happy guy.
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>> he was really smart. i think what i remember the most about gary, i speak to anyone who does what we do as a living, how generous he was. how smart he was. speaking to sarah silverman did everyone will tell you how smart them. he taught them how to write. i have been very fortunate to career. >> what are some your favorite memories of him? >> he would come over to my house. he related that her two dogs.
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mike children as they were plutonium. [laughter] we all made fun of him because he wanted to, he just did not know how. what was great about him was his ability of self application. there was nothing that was off limits when it comes to making fun of himself. i think that that is what people will remember. there was a vulnerability that we all sort of felt. greg: that is great. here is a little more. >> two men put on little shorts. oil love. put on gloves. weigh themselves and then take their robes off. >> he never married.
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he did not have children. he would have these basketball games. whoever was in town, we would go and play. he would put out food. his house was everybody's house, to a great extent. greg: harvey levin joins us right now from tmz. harvey, can you hear us? there you are. hi. we were all shocked to hear the news. do we have a cause of death? >> look, there is not an official coroners cause of death, but i can tell you everything that i have heard, it is a massive heart attack. the night before he died, on
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he called a friend that was a doctor. look, i feel short of breath. i am achy. i do not feel good. the doctor was concerned enough he came over to the house. he looked at him. the doctor said, look, if you still feel this way tomorrow, you should go to the er. he was going to go on thursday, yesterday afternoon. he had what looks like a harder heart attack in the morning. he was just hours from going to the er. when he came desperately ill, he called 911. fell into unconsciousness during the call and collapse. the dispatcher said the paramedics. they went in and found him.
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everything that i am told, it was just a massive, massive heart attack. greg: a couple months ago he was on that show with jerry seinfeld. he spoke about, alan, bringing you in on this, plans for his funeral. listen to this, please. >> what i want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee to do a count. outside just wave it off and say he is not getting up. greg: that is funny. i don't think he had a sense that death was near. this was a surprise. he was not known as having health problems. >> no. he was not known for that. i do not read anything into it
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jerry were being really funny in the moment. i know he had some difficulties a couple years ago. he got over them. this is why one of us is so shocked. he seemed like he was okay. kerry: how do you think he will be remembered? >> certainly with larry sanders, turning the dial a couple of making fun of it while paying all modest to it. greg: your memories of gary.
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cross paths. >> he was at the top of the game. it is interesting. look, i will say this. gary was an interesting talent. there were some people in town that felt it was difficult. there was an agency that he worked with. there are people that are difficult that people do not want to work with. so talented that that was never an issue for the people that worked with him. he was an extremely talented guy. >> thank you very much. very sorry for your loss. greg: all right. it is 9:14 a.m.
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is kind of gray outside. temperatures are coming up big time here. as far as rain is concerned, just a few patchy light showers. you have more showers down to the south. it looks like a line of storms is coming down through pennsylvania. we will be at risk for more showers and some thundershowers. they could all be running through here. things should start to slow down as we head towards the evening good meal. your temperatures rocking it out. expecting them to continue to climb. the wind direction is changing up on us.
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into the tri-state region. also kind of sets you up for the potential for stronger showers to pop up. what we have seen, not too impressive. though cold fronts swinging us. there is just not a ton of lift with it. we will see some scattered showers and a few thunderstorms in the mix. occasionally, some heavier downpours. not all that impressed with the showers coming through here today. for his later on this evening into tonight. tomorrow we will start off with a mainly clear skies. we continue through the day with that. your lows drop down. our high temperatures will be right around the mid- 50s. it does stayed dry for both saturday and sunday. speaking of which, let's look at
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we will see sunny skies with cool, cool low temperatures in the morning. >> a high temperature around 56 have 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. today's high temperature is 67 degrees. a little windy and warm. sunny, but try over the weekend. also thursday of next week. interesting weather. at least it is warm. kerry and greg, over to you. >> thank you very much. you are about to look at them live on the couch here. jr smith. superduper basketball player. how are you, sir? are you feeling good? >> absolutely.
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greg: jr smith on his way to becoming a basketball and jed. now he is with the cleveland cavaliers. he has a great buddy and lebron james. jr smith. running a great charity. welcome to "good day new york." >> what is the best part of being in cleveland, not new york. [laughter] >> we struggled a little bit. >> before we talk about
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foundation. >> silent auctions. jerseys. a lot of basketball stuff. >> the jr smith foundation. it raises money for kids from our area. even cheerleading camp for young girls. >> a lot of them do not have the resources. situation, do what they love to do most. greg: in your situation. this. you go from being a regular 19-year-old kid.
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it basically happens overnight. i was still able to be somewhat of a normal 19-20-year-old. greg: what was a big first thing you bought yourself when you could. kerry: you played 12 seasons in the nba. when do you think it will happen? >> hopefully this year. i would like it to happen as
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greg: jr, did you want to wipe the slate clean? you have your opinion. they have their opinion. maybe hard to deal with at times. do you want to leave that behind? >> i think the funniest part was i have never been mike that franchise. for me, i was not really the main guy. i was not taking on shots anyway. there was no pressure of that. kerry: i have to ask you about a
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tell us what happened. >> his dad let him do it. greg: i know you like winning. it is not new york. i will be generous here. closing the big city. it was great for me. kerry: you grew up in jersey.
9:26 am
the charity event tonight. you walk into the arena with someone who opens the door. it would be great. >> i do not know if you will get booed or cheered. it is more beef with cleveland. i got a plan from mama's college. another play basketball in canada. everybody is good.
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your career. it is so good to me too. real quick. kerry mentioned. obviously. i am already a on extremely picky eater. greg: what do you like to eat? >> serial. >> favorite cereal. kerry: is that a tough one? >> very good. can i recommend count dracula.
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anybody can go to this thing. i want to put it out there one more time. jr smith casino night. that is tonight. seven-11. it is fake gambling, by the way. jr smith. thanks. say hi to lebron.
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you'll get free installation, tv equipment and epix included. and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. greg: hi, everybody. two of our favorites. here we are a little bit earlier than that. i think that that might be out of west. all ways friends. michael keaton as batman. please going, please. they are no longer friends, apparently. they had an epic fight in the
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then athletic is batman. it is out today. very, very exciting. here is the trailer. >> two dozen on the third floor. why don't i drop you off on the second. greg: if you are like me, this is must see. you have to see this movie. we have harry lennox with us. here he is. let's take a look at him in uniform. yes, looking at the river.
9:33 am
how's it going? greg: historically, they have been friends.
9:34 am
the two aliens coming to work. i hope that is just the misunderstanding. they both are inherently good. or does one go bad? >> i do not think that people, i think that they are both heroic. there is some great quote. yet they can have a disagreement . at one point you are interested in religion.
9:35 am
my mother said, you have to go down and get a job. there were a lot of days i was not working as an act there. my goal as a young man was to be the first black pope. it is a little too late. i have always been interested in the religious subjects. i try to apply that sent the discipline to my acting class. greg: harry, that is interesting.
9:36 am
not do it. i packed a big wallet here. garden city junior high school. kerry: i read that the movie was filmed in detroit and chicago. did you have any scenes in your hometown? >> i did not. i did not get a chance to shoot in chicago. >> congratulations. the movie is out today. i predict number one at the box office this weekend. kerry: have a great weekend. greg: all right, folks, for those that back this. good friday.
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>> you are an expert on it. >> i will make you fishers of men.
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greg: if you cannot afford a delorean, maybe you can get that thing. oh, my gosh. close the door. >> let me see it. that is cool. excellent, mike. mike: i will get it. i will get it. don't you worry. >> i have room for a passenger
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greg: very cool. albright. everybody has heard of fettuccine alfredo. here is where it actually came from. let's go to rome. that is where it started. the same family. you got to go to this place. they are connect it to the guy who connect today. it is located on. kerry: east 54th street here in the city. nice to have you here. alfredo is your --
9:42 am
partner. nineteen for it even. we saw in new york city we needed a recipe. she could not eat anything else. the story, that is the history of the fettuccine alfredo. it is absolutely delicious. >> james, can you tell us? did not get it everywhere. >> this is a real classic. just butter and cheese.
9:43 am
>> you guys are off tonight? >> i am originally from italy. it is like sweet bread that you eat when you finish your lunch. you eat a lot. you actually eat it for the morning after. >> would you say that this is a bestseller? >> it is a lot. >> this will be my first time. >> afterwards, you will need a nap. >> you cannot come to the
9:44 am
in italian, what is down here. >> it has lobster. it has avocado. >> boy, oh boy. that's thing is stacked high. >> fabulous. that is amazing. kerry: do you have people that come to the restaurant from rome? >> oh, yes. >> very interesting. >> very, very special. >> they are excellent. i have to say they are
9:45 am
>> about 85%. we do a small. >> we will try it. alfredo 100 did how is mike doing with that little car outside? did he get it started yet? >> picking out the other machine over here. this thing is a machine. i was just asking about the mileage. what you get out of it. you are not going far on a gallon of i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with
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and fights mucus. mucinex fast-max. flu liquid gel that is max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. >> hey, everybody. welcome back. talking about all of these awesome cars that we have out here. the in running out today. it is the largest and oldest
9:49 am
>> tell me about this. >> we have a thousand vehicles at the new york auto show. this is the smokey and the bandit. the trans am that is built. the original car had it hundred 40-horsepower. it was originally built in 1977. this is the first vehicle that has come out. this is the first one built. >> let's talk about this little car over here that greg kelly is behind the wheel love. >> this really is sort of a -- i think we will get the first accident. [laughter]
9:50 am
put him -- it is electric. it is a concept vehicle. looking at the future of mobility. it has a 40-mile range. it is really strong upon us. >> going up and down. how does that work? it goes up. it is between the size of a motorcycle and a full-sized car. >> you look cool. ra, mike. coming back to you. >> i think i can almost run out
9:51 am
>> is it okay for city streets? >> out in san francisco. >> you can see there is a lot of pickup and go. check out this final car. >> the fastest and most powerful streetcar that is made in the united states. srt. it has a hemi engine in it. you really want to get going. this car has so much depth. >> it starts at $64000.
9:52 am
muscle cars. seven dollars per hour. there is nothing going on. >> a facility. i think it is working really well in san francisco. >> i did not know was sidewalk legal. [laughter] >> greg kelly on the sidewalk in the car. >> oh, no.
9:53 am
>> the idea of this thing is you can pick up a car. they come up in pickup the vehicle afterwards. >> this is the scene that the auto show has been around for so long. everything from we have a car on it. it is an exciting show. >> it is so hard. i cannot warn anybody i am >> i think they can hear you from a mile away. [laughter] get out of my way. i am coming through.
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have a happy easter.
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better. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> my girls are always turned out. and here's wendy!


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