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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at 10:00 p.m. >> another series of raids today and security forces try to wipe out the brussels terror network responsible for those bombing. materials and chemicals. >> we are learning more about the victims. tonight. >> reporter: the brussels attacked left victims from 40 different countries. people from all over the world, some were going home and others were writing a subway train some families are morning and missing. stories of survival are emerging.
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airports on tuesday, he was so close to the explosion literally lifted him off the ground. >> i was at the back of a check in line. the blast was really loud. >> reporter: suffering burns covered in debris and covered in blood, the missionary, who also fairly escaped the carnage at boston marathon bombing in paris bombings relied on faith. >> god can hear the prayers, i believe that. you can hear the prayers of everyone. >> reporter: prayers for live lost. mayor bill diblasio confirmed two of our own were killed in
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>> to such shots. >> a robot moved in to check a man for explosives. the later moved him away. this led to a terror group in france. >> reporter: john kerry offered sympathy and help to the people of belgium. they insisted the administration is taking the fight to isis. >> we put special forces on the ground in syria. we are more engaged with more people doing more things than we ever were before. >> reporter: and total, belgian nine people into custody in the last 36 hours. many of these of these raids where earlier this week an apartment linked the attackers turned up even more bomb isis flag. back to you. >> reporter: the prime suspect
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attack has stopped cooperating with police. being extradited back to france. >> the second-in-command was killed in an airstrike in syria. the commander who went by several aliases was killed during yesterday's raid. prior to his death the isis commander had a $7 million bounty on his head, making him the sixth most wanted terrorist >> there is no truth to the rumor that the federally funded fight terror. he wants to cut the funding in half next year but officials say they do not expect congress to pass the president's proposal. they also also stressed the importance of that money.
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funds to the most manager target officials admit the money they pay will dry up sooner than expected. they say that's due to major departments such as un general assembly. the searches on for the suspect wanted for shooting a teen outside a public housing complex this afternoon. please say it happened around 5:00 p.m. at the jefferson houses on third avenue. the 17-year-old victim victim was shot in the headxd{. >> is shooting scandal rocking the nypd. they report about 200 sergeants who pass the exam last year will not be promoted while officials look into the allegations.ko people who took the initial
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during bathroom breaks and answers to the test were posted in on an online message board before the test was administered. it is not fair to label everyone who took the test as cheaters. >> a war of words between ted cruz and donald trump is getting nastier. they claim cruz has had several extramarital affairs. here's more on the mudslinging that is going on. >> reporter: # cruise scandal was the number one handle on twitter. >> ted cruz attacked a report in the national enquirer alleging he had had multiple affairs. >> the story is garbage.
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it is a tabloid smear. it is a smear that has come from donald trump. >> trump said he doesn't know whether or not the story is true but denying he had any involvement with it. the dean of the school of public affairs. >> obviously the national inquirer doesn't have a sterling record for journalism. one of the things that's interesting is that one of the alleged affairs is someone who is a prominent donald trump public affairs person. how this all fits together will be interesting. >> i don't make a habit of supporting people who attacked my wife and attack my family. donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. this man would be an embarrassment as president. >> reporter: this latest clash started earlier when the two leading candidates started spreading over spouses. trump compared the looks of his wife and ted cruz's wife.
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i don't get angry often. but you mass with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald you're a coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> reporter: trump sent out a tweet saying he might be having a mental health crisis. a string of potentially unfriendly northeastern states are on the way for him next. >> bernie sanders was campaigning in portland and seattle. 101 delegates are up for grab. sandor benneta trails hillary clinton by about 700 delegates. >> a hollywood superstar and his wife are helping hillary clinton raise cash for her presidential campaign. they will join clinton in san francisco on april 15 for a fundraiser.
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cost a mere $350,000. the power trio will head to los angeles for the fundraiser on the 16th. the cost for a seat at the table, $33000. >> new yorkers love to come with different nicknames. the latest one may be stretching it just a bit. tell us about it. >> tribeca. >> know, that sounds like a drink. >> it's broadway, it's lafayette and it goes all the way down. >> catherine clark, reporter at the real deal magazine said there's plenty to like. >> you can live here, you can get a bargain over what you're going to get in the neighborhood next door. all of the amenities are just a very short walk away. >> you're in the middle of a very hot neighborhood.
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nothing. a developer came in and built everything. they suddenly thought maybe there's some opportunity here. >> he bought his apartment here 27 years ago and is as surprised as anyone to see the neighborhood booming around him. >> there's always been creative types that have lived here. >> 27 years ago i moved here. it was obvious this would be a developing neighborhood. it's so close to the subway and it's a fabulous place. >> catherine clark said there are still some deals to be had here. she predicts the entire real estate market will be due for correction in about six months.
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>> unfortunately work going back the other direction for the weekend. >> we had a nice treat this week with temperatures above average. we made it to 72 . we made it to 74 toward newark. seventy-one in sussex. we in sussex. we were cooler out toward the east. it's been a roller coaster ride as far as temperatures are concerned. were in the 50s at the beginning of the week and we spike to 71 on wednesday. tomorrow we will drop back into the mid-50s. that's actually normal for this time year. it looks like we will stay pretty steady as we go into the weekend and right into next week as well. right now, temperatures still, temperatures still pretty comfortable in many locations. it's 53 toward bridgeport. fifty-five in central park. fifty-six toward newark liberty
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earlier is now long gone. we do have colder air that sitting off toward the west. it's nice and dry toward the great lakes and were expecting that weather to come right into play for tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for your saturday. temperatures are slightly cooler than we saw today. >> were going behind the scenes where he's getting his take on the meaning. >> these are nothing like the cakes decorated at home. one woman's elaborate easter tradition putting to good
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mass at the vatican today. it's part of the schedule of events marking easter. following mass he attended a ceremony marking the path jesus took to his crucifixion. the procession began at st. james cathedral and made stops at city hall and ground zero before ending at st. peter's church. >> here's a message for everyone this easter. >> we are so glad that you decided to extend your stay here at lakewood. >> did you ever expect this kind of following? >> i never did. >> what do you attribute it to? >> i don't know. my parents for 40 years, they they served in the church and built the foundation, but some of it is just the salvaging of god.
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>> on this night in newark new jersey, the the prudential center has been transformed into a mega- church. >> lights camera and then a rock band warm-up the 14,000 fateful fateful. the crowd is waiting eagerly for famed evangelists. >> i seen him before and i think he's wonderful. i'm looking forward to see him. >> backstage we have a rare and quiet moment before he starts the three-hour service that resembled a broadway production. >> are there any ritual you are doing to get yourself mentally and spiritually prepared? >> i'm not an entertainer.
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follows and is easily one of the most well-known pastors in america. he broadcast from the church in houston texas each sunday. he reaches more than 100 million homes in the u.s. and millions more in a hundred countries around the world. >> the popular pastor is known for preaching the so-called gospel of positivity. >> may be things are going my way but i believe things could be my day. i believe that's when god can begin to open doors. on this stop in newark, it's a family affair. like victoria often joins joel on stage. >> his two children sing with the band.
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>> you might have a lot wrong in your life, but do you have your health? if you have a grateful heart, discouragement can't stay in a grateful heart. >> are you ready to celebrate a risen savior today? >> my easter message in general is that as we celebrate the resurrection of jesus, let it begin in your own life to forgive yourself for mistakes you've made. even if you're not religious, just let it be a time of new beginnings. >> it's a packed house here. they are telling us there once a year message of hope. >> i turn on the tv and then what i'm going through, it's just amazing. >> you always feel better when you leave. you know tomorrow will be better. i want them to go home knowing that their best days are still in front of them. that god is good and he is for them.
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mistakes. that there's something for their future. >> that's a message resonating with this audience. >> easter is also a time for family traditions. one woman is honoring her ancestors by keeping a custom alive. >> i take. >> she set a small table and is surrounded by egg shells died in intricate patterns dating back almost a century. this is something they do not rush to meet the deadline of a television story. >> done to her satisfaction, the three hours to complete. fax five gave her 40 minutes. >> she drops her eggs into a
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>> this is the ukrainian word for our easter egg. >> they likely wrote on eggs to celebrate the coming of spring. various design symbols and colors symbolize different things. >> this symbolizes an eternity because it has no beginning and no end. after removing the egg from the die she exposes her complete design by melting off the beeswax over an open flame. eggs break often. >> sometimes you do it at the very end when you're taking the wax off. i've done that more than once. it will just drop out of my hands under the table. >> this one survived. while it might not meet the standards of the other dozen eggs she completes every easter,
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she moved to this country from western ukraine as a baby. she has eggs in her home she finished 30 years ago. >> it gives me a sense of attachment to my ancestors. >> they show us which car are drawing the most buzz at this year's auto show. >> first publishing nude photos
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sports cars, electric cars, super luxury cars, there's something for everyone. >> you are the highlights. >> i love car i love car. >> i wish i could afford some of these cars out here. >> definitely love them. >> ford, i'm a big ford fan. >> the crowds are revving up their engines at the new york auto show. >> there's nothing better. >> there's something here for everyone like this highbred from toyota. it's fueled by nitrogen. there's plenty of luxury here including this rolls-royce fully loaded with everything you will need, including an umbrella. >> over at maserati, they just released their first suv called bellefonte.
10:25 pm
engine made by ferrari. the bmw seven series is the only car in the world that features this stereo system. if you're not in the office for a new car, there are plenty of activities. >> the auto show is open through april 3. reporting inside i'm with fox 5 news. >> he's cashing in on bad drivers into pays. record amount in traffic
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are. the national average for unleaded is about two bucks a gallon. some prices were up more than 30 cents in the past month. people will, at least for now, keep buying new cars and trucks. that puts us on track for record sales for the year. wall street is up 13 points. remember the market has closed for good friday. in the meantime we just got a little cheaper to borrow money for a new home. the average year of a 30 year fixed mortgage is ticking down slightly to just above 3.7%. we have been moving higher over the past few weeks. >> there is new employee benefit making waves in benefit. more and more employers are giving their employees a set
10:39 pm
paying off loans. they are all offering this very nice perk in the list keeps on growing. >> one of the world's most iconic magazines could be up for sale. they have hired an investment bank and it could fetch as much as half a million dollars. playboy recently revamped the magazine and dropped nudity from its products. >> the reviews are in and critics seem to hate batman versus superman. is it really as bad as they say? >> reaction from that is coming up next.
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there are critiques of the new batman and superman movie. what went wrong? we sent matt king to get reaction from the comic hero
10:43 pm
>> it was kind of a blur. i think the yawning joke is appropriate for this movie. he did not enjoy the movie. >> that is gentle when reading what other critics wrote. they rated it just 29% on rotten tomato. >> seemingly every critic hated it but they still projected to make $180 million this weekend. the highest weekend of all time. >> it's a long time coming. i'm a big d.c. fan. i'm a little over the whole marvel universe. >> fans disagreed with her views of their 200 $50 million film. >> my friend sighed and said it was great. you can't really go by everybody else's opinion. >> i thought it was good. i had a lot of fun. i enjoyed it. >> those familiar with the
10:44 pm
of death for the franchise and had nothing but positive reviews of the dark knight. >> he did pretty good as batman. i loved it. i'm a huge batman fan. i watch batman all my life. i read all the critics. none of that's true. i think the only reason they don't all like it is because it's not a very grounded film. it's very science-fiction. i just like ben affleck in that too.
10:45 pm
weekend. zoo topia. this weekend if you want to stay inside, that's okay. the weather will be relatively nice especially for the egg hunt >> alright folks, let's talk 72 in central park pit was nice and mild out there. we had that number at about 245 earlier this afternoon. that is well above our normal temperature which should be in the low 50s. in the low 50s. we will be close to average as we go later on in to the weekend. inch of precipitation from around lunchtime. area -wise, the rainfall amounts he came in quickly and exited just as fast as far as new york
10:46 pm
that kept your temperatures down. the high ratings were mostly into the 50s. we did break into sunshine. right now it's still pretty comfortable in the city. were at 55 degrees. it's a degree warmer. cooler air is just starting to move in to monticello. there is colder air on the way. we have a change in wind direction. it's now shifting to the some colder air across the region. it will actually be normal temperatures that were expecting as we go through the weekend. we look to our northwest and that will show our cold air region. temperatures are in the 30s down state. you will feel the difference tomorrow. west. and that's going to slide over the northeast as we go into tomorrow.
10:47 pm
system that still developing toward the west. we are seeing some rain showers and snow showers across western portions of the u.s. there's also an area of low pressure that will be developing across the gulf coast. these will be affecting us by the beginning of next week. they will result in cooler temperatures. readings will be in the 70s from near new orleans. the pacific northwest will be dry with temperatures in the 50s. to look at our future cast, we will wake up with plenty of sunshine. on sunday, we will see some clouds mixing in with the sun throughout the day. no rain is associated and we will stay dry for easter sunday. all eyes will turn to the west
10:48 pm
headed our way. it will get here possibly as early as sunday into monday but more likely during the day on monday. clearing skies and a little bit chili. our numbers will drop to the upper 20s. expect plenty of sunshine tomorrow but it will be a little cooler. our high will drop into the upper 40s to the upper 50s. on easter sunday, after a chilly start, we will see nice weather with a mix of sun and cloud by the afternoon. temperatures should be in the mid-50s for high. we'll start off the week with a little bit of wet weather. temperatures will be staying in the 50s and by the end of the week, temperatures rise back into the 50s. we will also see an increase in our chances of rain. we expect scattered showers on thursday and friday. overall it looks like a typical spring week ahead. so far the weekend is looking pretty good for easter sunday. >> thank you audrey.
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new york is much more than fire and traffic accidents.
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>> we have arrived at the dump. >> people come from all over. >> that is so far down. >> i did it i can't believe this view is right in our backyard, 22 hours from new york city how's that for attitude you can look back at a picture of yourself and say you look really good. >> i got a challenge for you. >> what you think? who makes the most decisions in your relationship? >> my wife. >> because? >> she just has better judgment without a doubt.
10:53 pm
>> that's why i'm single. >> how you do and everyone let's talk a little baseball tonight for both the mets and the yankees. the regular season begins in just ten days. it is time to start tightening things up now so it will be all systems go for the respective openers on april 4. down sarasota florida, there was nothing tight at all about the performance on the mound. he is making his bid to be in the starting rotation. he's given up six runs and five hits. he walked three and struck out five. of the six hits, three of them were home runs. there was another two run bomb and they lost the game 11 - 10 in ten innings. that's not what important but what's important and not good was his performance in which he lost three nothing and 5 - 1.xd
10:54 pm
very good. that's always the case barring injuries, but as far as the starting rotation goes, were just ten days to that season opener. there are plenty of questions that need to be answered. one in particular being eve on nova and cc sebastian. as far as the mets starting rotation goes, no questions at all here. again, as always always the case barring injuries, the defending national league champs possess one of the best if not the best rotation in all of baseball. their young as well. noah syndergaard here is just 23 years old. he is 6-foot three texan might have the biggest upside is all. today against the cardinals he threw six innings allowing two runs. he walked none and struck out nine. he looks very much like he is ready to go for the 2016 season 16 season. today's game by the way, called after nine innings. the score was tied five apiece. on the ice tonight the lightning was 7 - 4. the cast edge the devils in ot 1 - 0.
10:55 pm
even three months old and she's already gone viral. >> meet isabel catherine. she made it to the internet because of her hair. her cousin decided the babies luscious locks deserved and audience. >> look at that hair. some say she looks like me. >> i agree. >> she must have the same hair product. >> same hair. >> there's lots of pictures of this little baby float around and she looks like she has the best disposition. >> she's so cute. she's so happy. so weatherwise this weekend is looking good.
10:56 pm
specially anyone heading out for easter egg hunt. were expecting the rain next week. the weekend looks really good. >> good. >> thanks audrey. >> very good. all right. out of time, out of content and all the rest. have a great night.
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