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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  March 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day early call" . good morning new york and surrounding areas. damages on the 40s right now. there is some lousy weather moving through the area. bring your umbrellas. audrey printers is in and she told us >> the death toll climbs in the massive suicide bombers in pakistan. the breakaway faction of the tele-band is claiming responsibility for the class. >> easter worshipers at st. patrick's cathedral are frightened to say the least. protesters disrupt mass . we will tell you why, coming up. >> paperless prescriptions. the rules change the way
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>> this is a smart move. it makes sense. doctors that write or . juliet: good morning, robert moses. robert: thank you. juliet: it's a polish celebratory day. they throw pussy willows at each other. be 10 they do that in's very famous. buffalo is one of the few places that does it. they throw pussy willows at each other and they scored each other with water guns. >> we will be doing none of
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>> you need to umbrella. you have to be dodging the rain. it's a wet ride for you. it's all across sussex county. steady rainfall picked up west or east of the nassau border. temperatures are pretty good now mostly in the 40s at 420 in central park . 440 in newark and i slip out towards bridgeport and out towards montauk. looks like we will stay time of year . in northern new jersey were at the same part with 440 in westfield. pembroke, you check in at berkeley heights and we are at a straight 40. windspeed is looking pretty light at the moment considering what we are expecting. they will be picking up and speed later today and tonight and gus could go as high as 45 miles per hour.
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effect starting at 2:00 this afternoon. let's look at the satellite and radar and we show rain is moving its way and towards the region.we have a batch coming in from the southwest with a front lingering to the east the west moving into western pennsylvania. as all headed in our direction so we'll have. the rain with varying intensities. have your umbrella handy. we'll have most of it clearing out in the afternoon hours and will probably see the sun before it sets later on this evening. for today, rain and drizzle with wind picking up this afternoon in the southwest. it's certainly a 25 mph but gust could go as high as 45. temperatures are above average for this time of year in the mid-50s. tomorrow, the rain is gone and the sun returns. strong gusty when will stay with us for tuesday. high temperatures in the low 50s and it feels like the 40s.that's how you should dress. by wednesday, the high temperature of 500
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by the end of the weekend , temperatures get mild we would increase the chance for scattered showers by thursday and friday. that's see how it looks from the roads. to let's head over to ines. ines: let's start out with queens. accident on the bridge from queens to one lane closed. the bqe two lanes are closed with a brooklyn bridge of an accident involving a car . pay attention to those roads and what's going on. there is flatbush avenue with an accident there. on long island, sunrise island closing both directions because of a traffic investigation between expressway in washington. let's go to our cameras and show you how things are moving by the toll road. so far, everything is running on are close to schedule. tree cutting rules are in effect . >> incorporated you come ines. please on the hunt for a robber that was targeting
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>> this is frightening. he is suspected in five violent robberies where he would hold the victim's up at gunpoint after following them into the building. the most recent happened on saturday near ocean park a. police say, in that case, they followed an 83-year-old into the building and knocked on her door. after she opened it, he hit her in the face object . >> sickos. >> anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at one 800 577 tips. >> it looks like he has some gray hair.he might be on the older side. it's 5:05 am. it's a scare for worshipers. not what you would expect on easter sunday. the worshipers got frightened when animal-rights protesters responded to service. live outside st. patrick's was what went on.
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day, you will see police presence. especially on a high holy day like easter. yesterday as people celebrate mass, they were sent running to the cathedral fearing for their lives. the protesters disrupted the mass.>> hundred celebrate easter mass. >> we prove that we have morally failed as a culture. >> animal-rights protesters emerged from the congregation during and in celebration and began disrupting the service. it started as one man with able and police were arresting him with others joining in. >> this video was taken by a camera strapped to a
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it's the response they received that's mixed. some users praise their efforts saying i was unsure about disrupting a church but i have change my mind. it makes sense . good job, activists! countless others like ricky and a present of the service in he says , all you did was instill fear and confusion. some people than from the church in freight . the possibility of causing a fright is high. organizations are reprehensible and irresponsible. there are those who agree with collectively leaving the position and they question the choice of venue. honestly, you should be protesting in churches. if you read through the facebook comments you'll see at first a lot of people did not understand what the protesters were saying. they had no idea what was happening.
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turned on his t.v. teresa, quickly maybe i'm missing something but what is a tie between st. patrick's cathedral. what am i missing? >> they just felt as if a religious service would be the right time to protest animals being killed for consumption. the people who eat meat . some people a lot of people are vegan , although i don't believe the two are tied . >> okay thank you very much. >> we will ponder this. 5:08 am and the death toll has climbed to 70 after a suicide bomber targeted christians in pakistan. 300 people were wounded in the bombings happened inside a crowded park in
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it's a city that's really been struck by isis types sympathizers. this park was filled with families. many women and children were there. they said obama did targeted christians there . >> it makes us really sad. we are feeling so upset because it's our day of worship and a holy festival. it's innocent people. >> the breakaway faction swarthy allegiance to isis and they claim responsibility. the army is now surrounding parliament and other she did things to prevent riots. they are rallying their sincerity. >> the brussels now with hundreds of immigration and government protesters descending on the memorial for last week's terror attack.
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chance and fights woke out. right police had to use water cannons to disperse them. two more americans have been identified as victims of the brussels airport coming. use of pictures of them there. justin and stephanie scholz say they died in the blast after having just obama is calling the family to offer his condolences. four americans have been identified so far. >> counterterrorism is a concern. officials are criticizing the republican candidate, ted cruz. cruises using fear in his campaign when it comes to new york in the muslim community. gary drew joined us with a look at that and the battle over the candidacy. the battle continues with nearly all of the candidates appearing on the sunday talk show. one main topic is a tabloid
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cheating on his wife. cruz is blaming donald trump for the story. trump says he has nothing to do with it. on the talkshow circuit , donald trump involved any involvement on the national story. there is nothing to do with it. >> the story is garbage in its tabloid smear and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. >> john kasich is weighing in. >> families have to be off limits. you can't get these attacks on families. in the wake of the brussels attack , they will patrol communities before they can become radicalized. in the daily news, bill
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here is a response from deputy commissioner john miller. >> when you have people campaigning through fear and using that as leverage in giving advice to the police it's not the direction of american police should be taking. >> the vermont senator picks up landslide wins in alaska, hawaii and washington state . hillary clinton still has a sizable lead sanders says the campaign has momentum. >> i will not deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs. we have come a long way and you will have to concede that in last 10 months, we have a path towards victory. >> even after the wins, sanders is trailing hillary clinton by significant number of delegates needed for the democratic nomination. he plans to stay in the race to the very end. thank you very much.
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given birth to a baby boy. beautiful inside and out. she is a really lovely i like her a lot. >> it's baby number three four donald trump starter. she announced the birth of theodore james on twitter. she and her husband jared feel blessed.theodore is his eighth grandchild. more on doing his day coming up. >> it's interesting. they throw pussy willows at each other. it's more on the new law and the change for the way the prescription gets to the pharmacy. >> audrey is keeping track of the forecast. we listen to one of my songs, rob thomas and hold on for ever. >> we are anticipating rain. it's coming across long island with . the drizzle and patchy fog. the wind picks up later
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don't you just love it welcome back. at 5:16 am. say goodbye to prescriptions that your doctor handed you.
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it's a tease. audrey is fascinated by the story. i know you are too. >> will get to that in just a minute. it will get to the weather first. we have a temperature feeling okay right now. we're in the 40s and it's at 420 in islip . ridge port, montauk in new york city and poughkeepsie. we are in the 30s towards monticello and were trekking in at 860. it's about the rainfall and we see steady rain overstepping parts of the area. it's a part from long island with a batch of study rainfall working in. you could see the yellow shaded tones working in an eight if you are driving across the northern state , it will be right now for the next 15 20 minutes. you will encounter the
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down this morning. it's moving and northward towards coastal connecticut towards the parkway and 95. we are getting wet now but areas to the west appear to be relatively quiet . we have patchy drizzle picking up across new jersey. it's across western pennsylvania moving into the region. we are expecting intermittent periods of rain all of this is clearing up this afternoon. at 4:00 we could break into sunshine before it sets this evening. we will have some patchy showers for much of the activity moves off towards england. we will have much dry weather for your tuesday expecting sunshine with winds picking up. patchy fog will be an issue and temperatures will be in the mid upper 50s. it will be partly cloudy with the gust up to 40 miles per hour.
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freezing mark in the north and west in the 40s. tomorrow, it's nice and windy with temperatures in the 50s. you will want to dress for the 40s for when that little bit colder now. we have a chance of showers later on the week and temperatures warm up into the 60s by then. there is a check of the weather. let's see how it looks this morning with ines and annette tate. >> the commute this morning as a little bit tough out there. the triborough bridge with an accident across manhattan in one lane closed. the brooklyn bridge closed with an accident and it's just clear down by flatbush. it's good news there in long island it will be at sunrise highway . there is an accident investigation closing on sunrise between the twister base press way in washington avenue. let's go to the cameras and
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the garden state parkway. no problems heading towards the tappan zee bridge. if you are heading northbound towards harrisburg no issues. let's go to the lincoln tunnel. no delays at the moment. that goes for holland and the george washington bridge. >> you guys have probably been waiting. say goodbye to the prescriptions from your doctors. you can never read them. >> professionals in new york state must not send prescriptions to pharmacies. liz joins us now with more . it's much-anticipated. >> i appreciate it.>> it's an important one clearly because of the prescription drug abuse across the country. >> you will not get that piece of paper anymore. you will get an acknowledgment to your email that email has been sent. paperless subscribing to fight painkiller abuse. the new rules took effect yesterday and the law requires doctors , dentists and others to electronically send
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through pharmacies. they have an unusual circumstance. thousands are getting an extension. it sounds like they are still working out the case. governor, says there are 60,000 prescribers using the technology and others continuing to run the software so seems to be picking up . eric schneiderman says the first major phase is the secure database to prevent doctor shopping and it has been widely held as successful.despite the new laws being held by state leaders, some of those are concerned about the penalties. they are really cracking down on this with a huge spike in people that are addicted to forging the prescriptions and asking for more drugs.
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>> you have to see if there is a correlation. >> was go to california with a wild police chase caught on camera. police say a woman carjacked a driver in los angeles getting cheese and ram the car. she spun out there. the suspect tries to jump into a police vehicle in an apparent attempt to be considered one of the dumbest humans on the planet. i would imagine this person wasn't in their right mind. she was taken down by the officers and she complained of leg pain and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> we told you about the story an army veteran who fought off a man trying to steal his motorcycle. he is being rewarded . kawasaki is giving brandon jenkins a new motorcycle worth $9000. the scene went down to mesa arizona continuing with the crazy stuff.
5:23 am
police and tried to take his bike. jenkins wasn't having it he says his training kicked and we fought the man off. the suspect got back into a truck and took off . he crashed on the interstate. he was wanted for hit and run last month.>> we have a lot more coming up. bad reviews cannot stop the crusaders at the box office. did you hear about ben affleck? when he was asked about the critics saying it was terrible he said yes, i agree.
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the rally is set today for albany pushing for a minimum wage. governor cuomo wants the wage increase included a state budget. the proposal would gradually raise the wage from nine dollars to 15. the rest of the state by 2021. republicans say they want to make shay's sure such a sharp increase will affect the economy.robert: despite some awful reviews, batman versus superman took down the competition. that is intriguing.the film features the superheroes taking in 170 million. that's the sixth best opening of all time and the best ever for the
5:27 am
the disney animation hit utopia came in second with 23 million. rounded out the top five. my big fat greek wedding with miracles from heaven and the divergent series , allegiant. >> that's stories, when we return. none of those sound remotely interesting. robert: 527. we don't make money off of them so what do we care?
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bit. >> from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up". juliet: feels like a monday. >> sure does. juliet: showers moving towards the area and is not too bad.aubrey tells what to expect for the rest of the day in the week , coming up. police are on the hunt for a armed robber targeting elderly woman in brooklyn. >> protesters interrupt easter mass. worshipers were quite
5:31 am
it's something like that freaking people out . we'll have a live report on why they were there. >> the nypd counterterrorism sheet claims that ted cruz is campaigning to fear. it comes to security in new york city. good monday morning. i'm robert moses in for ben. he will be here tomorrow. >> i am juliet hardy. >> think you from our family to yours. it's a polish day and this is where you are encouraged to wet the ladies down by taking buckets and throwing them at the women. >> we should not encourage that. >> we can fight back tomorrow. we get our revenge by throwing dishes or crockery at the boys. [laughter] i have three ladies here today and i will not be tomorrow. >> ben will be here tomorrow. >> you get the wrath of any reporter that you throw at us .
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not be a good move. >> i would not wait until tomorrow to throw anything back at you. what you want to have handy as your umbrella. we have are in coming in from the tri-state and is coming down pretty steadily. we have pockets of yellow indicated here on the radar. they see the steady rainfall with an area in norfork and down to southport. we have experience rainfall and to the west, it's looking pretty quiet. just a couple's body showers towards new jersey and we apache drizzle reporting. if you want to be aware of the roadways this morning. fog is an issue so be aware of that. temperature's are feeling pretty good warming up in the low 40s across the region. it's moving towards west chester and it's 420 in bedford and 40 and by with new rochelle in hudson.we check in at 420 in the
5:33 am
rain is over spreading the area this morning and it will start to feel and more so . there is a larger batch sitting to the southwest with a front towards western pennsylvania. that's where much of the rainfall comes in developing across the area and filling in across the morning. much of this will clear out as we get into the afternoon. rain and drizzle is likely so watch out for patchy fog with wind increasing later this afternoon. it's coming out of the southwest at 25 mph with gusts as high as 40 45. tomorrow it's windy and it's on your android. we are just in the 40s with strong winds picking at chile. wins in the 50s by the end of the week getting milder. we'll have chances on thursday and friday. looks on the road. ines is here and she looks at the travel update .
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morning. on the bridge there is an accident in the bronx manhattan coming from queens with one lane closed in bqe. there is an xml the brooklyn bridge coming with one lane there. long island is closed in an accident investigation is there eastbound and westbound between the expressway in washington avenue. on occasion, they let traffic through but it's mostly the westbound side . there is an investigation going on. let's go look at the freeway with no problem in either direction heading towards the tappan zee bridge. speed restrictions and as for the cross bronx, doing fine with no problems . train is running on or close. >> it's 544 in the death toll has climbed to 70 after a suicide bomber targeted christians in pakistan. we hundred were wounded in the bombings happened at a crowded park filled with families celebrating easter.this is in the city of lahore.
5:35 am
celebrate the holiday and the bomber targeted the christians. this is an allegiance to isis claiming the responsibility. the army is now surrounding parliament and other strategic buildings to try to prevent the riots by militant protesters who are rallying there since saturday. the bombing happened during easter celebration with a lot of children. yesterday, hundreds of anti-immigration and antigovernment protesters descended on the memorial for the terrorist attack the . they shouted anti-isis chance like naughty slogans. they use water cans to disperse the protesters. two more americans identified as the 's of the brussels airport bombing. the family that you see there's say they died after just having drop her mother off. they watched her go through security.
5:36 am
condolences and four americans have been identified so far. >> 5:35 am. in the race for president ted cruz being criticized for his comments on security here in new york. he is also coming under attack by donald trump. that battle continues to be personal . >> have we mentioned this before? >> maybe once or twice. if you thought these attacks would stop , you are wrong. they continue this weekend with donald trump and ted cruz pointing fingers at each other. one of the main topics on the sunday talkshow circuit is the national enquirer story published on friday claiming ted cruz cheated on his wife heidi. he accused trump of being behind the story but trump denied any involvement . >> do you categorically guarantee that no one on your campaign no one tied to your campaign had anything to do with the
5:37 am
>> i have nothing to do with it . >> the story is garbage. it's tabloid smear . >> family has to be off-limits. you can't get these attacks on families. >> meanwhile, a big huge weekend for bernie sanders picking up a landslide victory in alaska and in washington state. sanders is trailing clinton by a significant number of delegates needed . he says he does plan to stay in the race until the very end. as for the comments about policing , we will your reaction to that, coming up. >> worshipers that seem patrick's cathedral when protesters disrupted easter mass. the group jumped up and started shouting. teresa will tell us all about this. what is the link and why st. patrick's cathedral? that's my question.
5:38 am
juliet. theresa: it started as a peaceful celebration here at st. patrick's cathedral and evolved into this. take a listen . >> we have morally failed . can you imagine sitting here trying to worship during easter mass and hearing that animal rights activists with the group gave parishioners and worshipers the scare of their life. they jumped up during the service. this started at one man with a megaphone and others jumped in. the organizers or someone who appeared to be the organizer had a camera strapped to his chest and all the congregation could see was blinking lights attached to himself from some people thought it was a suicide bomber. they chose st. patrick's cathedral because they knew they would be a very large crowd here on easter. they chose easter , according to the facebook
5:39 am
them it's a tradition where lamb is typically the name main focus of the feast. they say it's a violent tradition. they also wanted to provoke discussion.they did that but they also promote sphere. one person was arrested and he will be arraigned today. the group plans on protesting outside the arraignment. juliet: oh boy! doing that with families trying to celebrate a nice holiday there was children there. >> that and after brussels? was fresh in everyone's mind that's really a charge time when you think about it.>> let us know what you think. audrey is in with the weather. i am always curious to know how you navigate in those heels. >> they are not that high. >> why don't you try them out? i have given up and i have
5:40 am
>> estimate she was there. without incident. >> i made sure i wear heels where i can go to and from quickly. >> these are good these are steve madden's. >> rain showers coming in across the area. you really want the rain boots and not the heels because we expect a wet day across the tri-state. we see it across long island and portions of connecticut where we are picking up lane. some of it is picking up steadily across areas of sussex county. 42 islip in montauk and up towards west chester. we have the same number in new rochelle and out towards hudson. this afternoon we see temperatures rising in the mid-50s and we see the satellite and radar showing rain moving and to cover the space here in the tri-state. much of it is across these transactions and we see steadier rainfall move-in.
5:41 am
entire region as we go through the next several hours. we have a larger front sedate towards the west igniting more rain. watch out for intermittent periods of rain today as well as patchy drizzle. the wind will pick up later this afternoon and right now they are relatively light. they will go as high as 25 mph and there is a wind advisory going into effect tonight. cost will go as high as 45 miles per hour. it will last rate through the day tomorrow. tomorrow we see more in the way of sunshine. the wind will be sustained tomorrow so it looks like it will be a pretty chilly day with temperatures feeling like the 40s. strong gusty wind. sunshine on wednesday with a high of 55. mild on thursday and friday with a chance of showers. the weekend looks pretty dry. you could track whether with the fox five weather at .
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your itunes store. ines is here and she has an update. a lot of accidents are out there with no problems on 95. you make your way down towards greenwich. going through the tappan zee bridge on 287 across west chester the bronx river parkway will be fine. here's the lie over by holbrook road. as was found in eastbound traffic moving fine. as for the george washington bridge, we are dealing with a wet commute in the upper and lower levels doing fine. >> thank you, ines.we have a lot more coming up with syracuse bands in the house.they might make it into the final four with history at the second time. we have that up next in sports. >> good day is coming back
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apparently clashing with police at a memorial for victims of the brussels bombing. in the meantime, two more americans identified among the dead making a total two four. 31 people were killed in the attacks. >> place on the hunt for this armed robber. he targeted elderly woman in brooklyn. he is suspected in five violent robberies. he would hold the ends up at gunpoint after following them into their buildings. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at one 800 577 tip 's. >> new york state's new laws are now in effect. healthcare professionals electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies. you will not have their scripts anymore that you can't read on paper anymore. it's aimed at fighting painkiller abuse. it makes a little bit easier to see clearly what will be prescribed.>> 5:46 am. duke is in. syracuse becomes the first to get the final four? >> the fourth double-digit
5:47 am
>> it's a funny because my wife is a syracuse grad and my wife was putting the baby to bed and i was saying it's a blowout , down by 16 it's over! >> little did i know, someone in the weather center is pretty happy today ! syracuse is facing virginia. what an amazing comeback . it's a game for the ages. they are down by 16 when the second half picking it up . virginia looks great. they knocked on the three in virginia is on top by 11. syracuse made a huge comeback. michael j gets the rebound scoring upcourt anyways it in with moments later and malachi richardson takes it in for the layup with 21 of his in the second half scoring a 58 lead. it's part of the 24 when one at 62. syracuse says he becomes the first seat to make the
5:48 am
carmelo anthony in 2003 posting this on snapshot. the young boys, eat! >> i wanted a little bit more than have to specify these things clearly, duke . [laughter] juliet huddy he said no one else will make it. it was good. it was nice we will fix that. >> notre dame went to face syracuse next weekend. the final four in the first half with johnson and a nice turnaround jumper. the tar heels are up with 12 rebounds. the irish came within one in the second half. they control the game once again with carolina. he was back in the final four for the first time since they wanted all. syracuse plays on saturday
5:49 am
oklahoma. that's in houston. >> the next are eliminated from the playoffs but last night the pacers won the rockets. for the third straight year they missed the postseason hockey. it's a coming-out party for eric stall. he had his best game since coming over from carolina. he had a pair of goals in the second with the ranges up 2/1. the penguins leader send it into overtime with crosby scoring for the game-winner. they beat the rangers 3/2. the devils are down in carolina facing the hurricanes. the score 36 seconds in the first period. one of those is vic you're getting another in the second. the canes beat the devils at 3/2 in the final score. >> the cubs centerfielder scheduled by a form of b's in the meeting. he climbed to the centerfield to remove the press.
5:50 am
more than five minutes making his way into the stands. he ran for cover. they abandon them in seattle. hayward said he was stung 10 times in the face and neck. he is not's very painful though. my wife is legit to b's and it can me very dangerous. >> second one guy is holding his beer saying yes! >> we have the beer and that's all that matters. >> sometimes when you do swat at the b's like that they come after you. >> . [laughter] think you, duke. you like nature on your plate? >> i like the weather nature. >> weather is a part of nature.
5:51 am
sign. >> tomorrow you will be happy. today is not the case. ran across the area and we are seeing it spreading across the region. temperatures are okay right now at 420 in central park. the same number in bridgeport and even towards poughkeepsie. temperatures right now at 360. as we mentioned, rain is over spreading the tri-state so we are starting to see it through . let me show you another one. rain is coming in from the tri-state. it's raining across the tri-state. the computer is frozen up completely. take my word for it and keep your umbrella handy. we will show you the radar coming up in just a few minutes. >> let's check traffic. commute this morning with some issues right now in
5:52 am
sunrise highways closed in the expressway and the washington avenue. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. 287 by durham avenue. no problems heading northbound and southbound side doing fine. over in lie, we have a slowdown there was traffic starting to build as you head over to grand central pkwy.. as part of the morning routine on the eastbound side.we have a lot more coming up including who leak kim kardashian sex tape that made her a super rich action. >> the new book might have the answer to that question.
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at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. . robert: 5:55 am. entertainment news. juliet is excited about this . juliet: yes. >> games of thrones have more to be excited about after the trailers we can. >> you are in the great game now.>> that was clichi. we do not see john smith. he is coming back. he is not dead.
5:56 am
the last trailer had 30 million views in last 24 hours because it's an awesome show. >> season six on april 24. you should start watching that. you have good parents watching to make sure. >> it's a new book alleging that kim kardashian and christian are deliberately leaked the infamous sex tape . >> the book called the kardashian dynasty is written by ian. kim signed a contract with david in attainment in 2007 to leak the tape that she made with ray j . the book quotes the source in the adult cam industry advising her that if she wanted to achieve fame , this would do the trick. >> the person was pretty much right .
5:57 am
route to berkeley center. they played a lot of new material without the set coming from anti-. she did a medley of her greatest hits with full versions of her lesser-known songs. the show isn't getting good results with good reviews. she will play in newark on saturday. her and her brother austin celebrated eastern with an egg battle.three, two, one. >> it's a series of interesting videos that she posted online. she went head-to-head. and tapping were two people aggressively bump easter
5:58 am
them cracks. >> one of the people or the eggs? that's unclear. we look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> good morning everyone. happy monday. [laughter] oh, we love mondays don't we? it's going to be rainy out there so keep an umbrella handy rain throughout pretty much the day. audrey is here. yes. and she has the complete forecast for us. >> at least 70 people now reported dead after a massive suicide bombing in pakistan, the attack targeted christians who were gathered together for easter sunday. >> nypd commissioner bill bratton and john miller are stepping up criticism of republican presidential candidate ted cruz. bratton claims cruz knows absolutely nothing about


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