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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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march 26 -- march 29. greg: we have power our untrimmed untrimmed -- power outages. rosanna: it is not a terrorist attack. >> he may have gotten it at his wife or something like that. greg: it is in cyprus. the city looks to rein in some of those characters at times square. you have heard about this.
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it is gaining some support. also, a lot of pushback. they want to pay drivers from doing inks like asking you on a date. basically, new rules go into effect. greg: are they giving you a hassle? female passengers are chatted up a lot more than the guys. fair enough? rosanna: i would ask audrey more than me. audrey: never.
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>> if you are up for it, we will turn you in. [laughter] rosanna: let's talk about that wind. it was howling last night. another windy day we're expect across the tri-state area. plenty of sunshine across the region. it is 44 in central park right to the head 44 out at newark liberty airport. monticello is our cool spot on the map right now. let's head up towards westchester. waking up with 42 degrees. the same number in the bronx.
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really strong across that area. right through the 6:00 o'clock area. north and east of the city. i have seen as high as 39. sustained wind between 15 and 20 miles per hour. it looks like we will stay nice and dry, too. courtesy of high pressure which will be a dominant weather feature over the next couple days. plenty of sunshine and
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50s. it will make you feel a little bit more comfortable. temperatures will rise into the 60s. that will be nice. clearing out just in time for the weekend. let's see how clear it is on the roads this morning. ines: not so bad. speech restriction on the gwb. no problems on the sawmill.
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the peak you leave. headed towards the brooklyn bridge. traffic, normal pace there. on the way to cairo. planning in cyprus. rosanna: he wants us i love him to speak with his ex-wife. at this point, it is a little shaky. twenty-seven years the road untrimmed untrimmed -- 27 years
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right now that is ongoing. rosanna: the cairo airport is delaying the flight because of security related incidents. greg: last night if yesterday. really, really windy. rosanna: trees knocked down. some of them fallen on power lines. greg: i am glad you got a chuckle out of that. >> greg and rosanna, 56th street the 25th and sixth avenue.
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going up. yesterday, the city ordered that all crane. rosanna: your in advance of these high winds. they fell right on top of cars. a big tree also fell in brentwood. a woman was it by falling construction debris by 545 in
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the national weather service. reporting wind gust between 40 and the. 58 miles an hour yesterday. the wind was a whole lot worse earlier on. you heard offer you say that. greg: take a look at the crane behind you. you are on the west side. >> right. that crane looks like it is not
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backing its position. >> i've noticed a lot of construction sites out there. the trains were kind of locked down. >> those characters in times square. there has been trouble with them lately. a push to put them in certain zones. if you want to avoid them, you can. >> the city council is taking up that till tomorrow. they will talk about designated zones for the characters. rosanna: how do you feel about it? teresa promo untrimmed untrimmed untrimmed -- teresa priolo.
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very funny, but a or also very true. >> your childhood is immediately ruined. >> walking around times square nowadays. >> it is only a fun experience if you enjoy being groped by then. >> reporter: -- >> it is just overwhelming. i do not want to be harassed by the street performers. >> sometimes they are forceful. being back sometimes it is more than a little forceful. >> billionths of negative impressions going out about times square. >> the power to regulate the
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create zones that would contain these characters. that way you could interact with them only if you wanted to. times square original. >> my freedom to roam around. so be it. >> it will not handle that to her and comedy show tickets. there is a separate piece of legislation that will go before the city council. this will actually cost them their jobs if this goes through, they say. the vote is set for april the seventh. greg: thank you. we started a pilot program last summer. we mark off that areas on the
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let see. who else. greg: costume characters. that kind of thing. we invited people to occupy those spots. it worked out. rosanna: i have no problem with the zones. everyone is there. everyone can coexist. greg: if you want to be around those half nude people, you can. rosanna: everyone has their. greg: breaking news that there was a gunman on the loose in the capital. they kept control. it was scary for a little while. rosanna: the visitor center will be back open this morning. police shot a man carrying a gun. officials say it is not the first time this man has caused a
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he is 66 years old. he is from tennessee. greg: the capitol police knew about this guy. he was arrested last october. he went into the house of representatives and started shouting things. he skipped a court date. listen to this. >> based on the initial investigation, we believe that this is an act of a single person who has frequented the capitol grounds before. there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. rosanna: standing by receiving multiple injuries in this attack. she is okay. greg: brussels. they had a guy in custody. they had to let them go. lack of evidence.
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loose, they believe. rosanna: the brussels airport is still closed. no date has been given for reopening it. on sunday, police arrested three people. new evidence revealed there was no grounds to hold him. greg: here in the city they are practicing for a terror attack. a response from law enforcement. a tabletop exercise held yesterday. with some pretty big movie pieces. listen to this. >> do not wait outside. go in and go to the front. >> user so were in serious exercises. they are a reminder of just how prepared the nypd is. rosanna: more than 500 officers.
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did you hear about this, actually? in american airlines pilot showed up drunk for work, apparently. rosanna: it happened over the weekend. let off the plane at the detroit airport. he failed a field sobriety test. from detroit to philadelphia on saturday. flights had to be revoked. the airline says it is cooperating in the investigation. apparently, they are still looking at the pilot. greg: you can get drunk in the back of the plane, not the cockpit. fair enough? rosanna: if they are outside, i say hello. i want to see their response. what did you do last night? i like to know their whereabouts greg: you were going to get yourself tossed off the plane. federal marshals, we have a
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audrey puente, that is not a good idea. nosy rosie. audrey: i like it. starting off in the 40s. not too bad. same number in islip in bridgeport. with the freezing mark up towards monticello, a cooler start for you. it looks like everyone will see temperatures in the 50s later this afternoon. westfield, checking in at 44. as will his montclair. hoboken, 44 degrees at this hour. relatively quiet across the region. any precipitation. the thick weather story today are the gusty wind continued to move across the region. the wind advisory will continue right through the afternoon hours.
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this morning. sustained wind is between 15-20 miles per hour. that will pretty much be the case for the rest of the afternoon. we do have wind chills in the 30s across much of the tri-state area. we have high pressure, we have an area of low pressure first exiting the area. across portions of maine right now. moving out towards our northeast. high pressure will be coming in from the west. that will dominate our weather over the next couple of days. a look at our future cash shows sunny conditions for your tuesday. anticipating dry weather today into tonight. funny skies. high pressure will be in control. that will keep us nice and dry. a system coming in from the west.
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thursday. the rain should hold off until thursday night. not the case today, expecting plenty of sunshine with windy conditions. high temperatures will be in the 50s. tonight, clear and cold. lows dropping into the 20s north and west. highs in the 50s. sixtys for thursday and friday. download our weather out. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. inez rosales. ines: good morning, audrey. 684. you have one northbound and southbound. you can see that there is a little delay. a slow ride backed up to queens boulevard. the l.i.e., always slow. traffic slowdowns by the
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let's go to our camera. take a look at your commute this morning. you have some volume. moving a little bit below the speed limit. george washington bridge. normal delay their. lower-level, 20-30. route three in the turnpike, about an hour and bound. these exclusive of planes. looks like they have a little slowdown headed towards port authority. the holland tunnel, 10-15. greg: outside of our tv studio, we have a plan last summer. the naked cowboys, the two arrests -- rosanna: i like that.
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greg: the city council is considering a similar idea. everyone got their box and they stayed there. they may apply this concept to turn square. rosanna: how do you feel about it? go to our facebook page. weighing in at.
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rosanna: i am thinking pretty good. i have been doing a little meditation. >> in the morning, i will have to find another time. i cannot do it out for 30. i have things to do. i have to move. we need to work it in. greg: private school kids, a lot of them have spring break this week. enjoy yourself. take a look at this. a guy wins the lottery last fall. wins over nearly a half a million dollars. there he is.
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home and killed him. now they have made several arrests. rosanna: apparently, the people arrested range in age from 17- 17-27. greg: just 20 years old. that was obviously a lot of money. greg: the fbi said it has access data on a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. greg: apple said that they would not help and they did it, but the fbi figured it out on their own. rosanna: resisted due to privacy concerns. the fbi has not said how it caught into the locked phone. the big question now is will the fbi share the technique with
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that iphone? >> right. >> somewhat reassuring to know that it is a hard code to crack. >> you try to get into rosanna's phone. greg: i do not have the usual. greg: i will keep trying again. do not walk my phone up. >> phone this disabled. try again in one minute. greg: no. you are going to screw up my phone. [laughter] there is a new charter school in harlem. rosanna: adding educator to his resume.
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it opened this fall. just off central park. only six-seventh graders. out of grade every year till there are 700 students for grades six through 12. greg: the deadline is april 1. helped hire the principal. he interviewed candidates. that kind of thing. publicly funded, in part. rosanna: speaking of fools, the operator has a very good resume and reputation. she says, the key to her success is that they do not follow the old rules of education. >> folks who think that they get, it you know, maybe too much in the way of resources.
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they deserve.
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the chrysler building is their favorite building. rosanna and dry, a few weeks ago, each of us have a trouble with sleeping. rosanna gets up and eats cake every now and then. we went to nyu and they hooked us up. unfortunately, for me, i did not get up and sleepwalk during the study. that was interesting. we both fell asleep right away. rosanna: it was pretty good. rosanna: i heard that they wanted to commit both of us to different hospitals. basically, we have rooms waiting for you. part of our sleep trouble has to
7:31 am
you know what i mean. greg: reminiscing about ernie. rosanna: i never needed an alarm clock. my kids were my alarm clock. i never had to set one. it was pretty cool. audrey: the start of a different lifestyle. i had trouble sleeping. ra. if you are just getting up this morning, you are in store for another win the day across the tri-state area. we do have temperature readings in the 40s right now. we are at 44 degrees right now in many locations. in poughkeepsie, 43 degrees.
7:32 am
the wind will be the issue today. the wind advisory continues to be in effect for the county shaded on the map. it should expire around noon time. it will further move eastward. we could see gust as high as 50 miles an hour. so far this morning, only of this highest 40. sustained wind coming out of the northwest. that will continue through much of the day. high pressure is in control. keeping us nice and dry for the morning. the kids rushed out to the school bus. you should probably add another layer this morning. temperature readings in the upper 30s to the mid- 40s across the region. this fact is noon, high temperatures will move into the fit these. it will feel a little chillier today.
7:33 am
as today. it will feel more comfortable because the wind has lightened up. we will see an increasing chance of rain. that really does not arrive until the evening on thursday. it clears out just in time for the weekend. let's see how looks on the roads. ines rosales is here. ines: let's start off with putnam county. you can see traffic moving slow. an accident blocking two lanes. your new jersey commute. doing fine for the most part. a little bit of a slowdown. let's go to our cameras. take a look at york news this morning.
7:34 am
hamilton bridge, new delays. the belt parkway. normal delays westbound. greg and rosanna. greg: we have an active hijacking situation going on. cyprus. flying from alexandria to cairo. both cities in egypt, obviously. these are passengers coming off. for crew and three passengers. the rest were allowed to leave the plane. the president does not think the hijacking has to do with terrorism. they believe is his ex-wife.
7:35 am
the hijacker is -- that is kind of wild. the taxi and limousine commission. it will be illegal or at least against the rules for them to even comment on the appearance. >> let's get the details from juliet huddy. hi. tell us what this is all about. >> this comes down to an issue of vagaries. now, some changes being proposed. the tlc, at the end of next month, considering and hearing
7:36 am
changes. basically, laying out the stipulations. certain situations that have to do with sexual harassment. we do not want -- we want the well-behaved cabdrivers that are not making people feel creeped out. these changes would create nuclear her definitions of what is not to be talked about were done to passengers. officials say this is not a response to an uptick. overall complaints to the taxi and limousine commission -- this has nothing to do with sexual harassment complaints.
7:37 am
if they are implemented, these changes, the cabdrivers here will not be allowed to talk about passengers physical appearances. you cannot say things like you look ready, sweetie or your so and so is sexy. none of that. you cannot comment on their physical appearance. also, you cannot express the desire to date a passenger, p with a passenger room and romantically or sexually. i think you know where we're going here. listen to what they had to say.
7:38 am
anyway i can. >> i feel really good about it. >> he just took me on a joy ride yesterday. it kind of frightened me. i was a little frightened. >> yes. you can understand. if these rules are put into place, the cabdrivers, if they break these rules, they are subject to a fine. we will keep you updated on the story. >> thanks. we will stay on this for a moment.
7:39 am
prohibited and should be. >> there are so many ways to turn in a cab driver. rosanna: then you have to follow up. >> unless it is really reprehensible. greg: hey, you look nice today. >> thank you. >> cabdrivers have a tough time, by the way. a woman hailed a cab and took it all the way to pennsylvania and did not pay the driver. >> $600. she has been charged with theft of services. denver pennsylvania. >> it is not a straight shot
7:40 am
>> be right back. goes into the garage, closes the door and duces -- disappears. greg: that was her mug shot, by the way. rosanna: still ahead on "good day new york." an important stop by (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. unit a wind advisory. we could see gust as high as 50 miles per hour. i have seen them of to about 40. northeastern new jersey. it expires up until about 6:00 o'clock.
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of the day. back to that in with the current temperature. nice and dry. that will stay with us. not only for today. on thursday, it is offshore. out west to make its way to the region. slightly cooler. those strong winds. it will be called in the suburbs. the rain clears out in time for
7:45 am
fortys by sunday. the windy conditions. normal delays. seventy-eight-280. let's go to our cameras. there is an accident there that has cleared away. eastbound side, you are fine. upper and lower level. not too bad. the gwb, better options. you want to take the lincoln tunnel. 495. greg and rosanna.
7:46 am
duke got a haircut, everybody. >> no glasses. no glasses. >> i have a stigmatism. the final spring training start.
7:47 am
coming back to new york. >> my understanding is yes. investigated. >> late leave feeling. not headed to the playoffs. facing the pelicans. second quarters where we pick up. the knicks up five at the break. not a bad play right there. fourth quarter. the score, 22 points on the night for him. he was in job back off the court to his mom.
7:48 am
the arena. ninety-nine-91 the final score. knicks down five. twenty points for him. joe johnson throws a pass. the sweet 16. it will happen on this one. yukon is just too much. up in the hot seat. parents cheering. at least her mom does.
7:49 am
seventy-third straight victory. greg: three games in a row. >> incredible. yankees beat the tigers. a two run double. matt holliday takes four total. six innings. that's lose it. >> he is a large man. we should probably no more the next day or two.
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whatever works for you. makes me look a lot smarter than
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rosanna: the day is coming right hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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greg: adam levine from maroon five. rosanna: that is not adam levine. greg: room five. rosanna: it is the same look. what else do we need? greg: got to go to work somewhere. all right, everybody. elton john. the legendary entertainer. he is being sued. personally accused of groping a security guard. rosanna: sexual harassment and batteries. the story of them, there were three alleged incident that went down in 2014.
7:54 am
too racy to say on tv. the security guard said he try to verbally and physically resist. the reps are not commenting on this suit. greg: gary shambling died last week. all of his friends would gather and they would play pickup basketball in the backyard. coming by last week. talking about it this last sunday. whoever was in town, kevin kneeland, myself, we would go and play.
7:55 am
rosanna: what a nice tradition. greg: it all came out on this past sunday. this is a way to say good by, i guess. rosanna: died of a massive heart attack last week. rosanna: according to the new york times, stating the famous selfie wrap video. the times also said this behind the fish video. the new york times also says
7:56 am
>> doubt was clever. what do we know? anything? >> and improv actor. greg: this is all they could. only saying she was born in manhattan in 1971. efforts to uncover her real name proved clueless. you are welcome on "good day new york" at any time. >> that would be nice to have her here. we have a facebook fan of the hour that we need to say hello to. johnny. i like that name. thank you so much for saying nice things about us. greg: once you reach the age of
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people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. greg: hi, everybody. what is going on? wind advisory still in effect for much of our area. most of the day should be
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greg: a lot of the construction has been shut down. rosanna: breaking news. forced to land in cyprus. all of the hostages have been released. the hijacker has been arrested. he wanted to send a letter to his ex-wife in cyprus. greg: described as a professor. of veterinary science. regulating nudist and costume people in times square. thinking about giving them a zone. you can be free of them, if you want to be. rosanna: if you choose to take your picture with them, you can
8:01 am
greg: they cannot leave the zone. rosanna: how's it working? we are in the zone. next week's wisconsin primary. the next right here in april 19. greg: vernie sanders has 15 of the last six contests. rosanna: hillary clinton has a big rally here tomorrow. we matter. get out and vote. we love that. greg: i think that you just like being bossy. what is going on? rosanna: we can hear it. i have never felt that, but i
8:02 am
greg: yeah, i would move. b-17 it was very windy last night. we still have a wind advisory in effect. let's talk temperatures first. central park is reporting 44 degrees. bridgeport, a degree higher. monticello is higher. bronx checking in the mid- 40s. yonkers, 44 degrees. here is the wind advisory that i just mentioned. gradually, they will kind of
8:03 am
50 miles per hour. i have seen them up to about 40 miles per hour. sustained wind between 10 and 20. here they are out of the northwest. continuing to be sustained throughout the day. high pressure is a dominant weather feature for today. much of the northeast is pretty quiet. and drive. high numbers will be in the 50s today. make you feel slightly chillier. it will feel more comfortable because the wind will be much lighter. the rain does not come in until thursday night. out of here just in time for the weekend.
8:04 am
roads this morning and the rails. ines: good morning, audrey. the commute, well, we've had a problem spot. tulane's blog here. the taconic is doing fine. normal delays here on the l.i.e. here's westbound towards the bqe, also a slow right. let's go to our camera. exit 21, a slight delay. gwb, upper level. 35 miles per hour. inbound upper level, traffic at a crawl because of an accident. backing things up. forty-five on the upper level. thirty on the lower.
8:05 am
that is an hour delay. greg and rosanna. greg: a big airliner was hijacked several hours ago. the situation is over. the hijacker is said to be under arrest. egypt air. the airliner, on a flight from alexandria to cairo. forced to land in cyprus. rosanna: it landed in cyprus. brandishing a bomb l. sohn said he wanted asylum. others said he wanted listeners of egypt three. dealing with a broken heart and
8:06 am
greg: a professor in egypt. it is over and no one was hurt. rosanna: let's talk about the wind. hopefully your car was not subject it to with. leaving homes and businesses in the dark. >> two hands on the steering wheel kind of day. both hands on the wheel because it is so windy. greg: you are by a construction site. that is always worry some.
8:07 am
in the exact same condition. let's take a two were all around the area. right on top of cars. long island. a tree fell. a big tree came down in brentwood. also making its presence felt here in the city. she is expected to be fine. we have seen dust of 40, sometimes 50s.
8:08 am
the wind has died down here in the city. it is much calmer now. does remain in effect for much of our area. greg and rosanna, back you. >> years ago. life is flying by. we have this. a sexual assault in the famous stonewall inn. rosanna: the person that was sexually assaulted was a transgender woman. here is a look at the wanted poster. the woman was in the unisex bathroom of the bar. this guy came in and assaulted
8:09 am
the man goes to the bar frequently. may have been dealing drugs. 1969. helping give rise to the gay rights movement. >> in a month or so, less than, actually. bernie sanders versus hillary clinton and ted cruz versus donald trump. rosanna, usually a primary. greg: we never account. greg: this time it is different. >> the republican presidential candidates getting ready for town hall meetings today. rosanna: let's bring in bed.
8:10 am
actually means something. featured a lot of new yorkers. hillary clinton will kick off her campaign tomorrow morning. you have to rsvp. then you can go, if you would like. bernie sanders calling for a debate. he is a brooklyn native. she moved to new york and became a senator here in 2000. 247 delegates are at stake. second only to california. you are looking at donald trump and john kasich. not surprisingly. a 27-point lead. in the meantime, a former big supporter of his is claiming
8:11 am
it this far. did not want to be president. working as a communications error. trump never intended to be the candidate. his pride is too out of control to stop him now. >> the investigation is continuing. started setting up interviews. this could mean that the investigation is nearly complete. trying to determine if there is a prosecutable case. >> banks a lot. you mentioned 1988. rosanna, he bet on the wrong horse that year.
8:12 am
he was only 39. ed koch they are endorsed him. i am pretty sure michael dukakis former governor of massachusetts. he went on to get the nomination, but lose to george bush. >> this is before the internet was invented. i hope that he is not around. rosanna: mayor koch, rest in peace. costumed characters can ask for your money and times square. greg: some people complaining that they are too aggressive. there is an idea. a proposal to put them in certain zones and times square. they they're thinking about putting a bill together.
8:13 am
all of this. >> it can often seem like anything goes. there is a line. when you talk to people in times square, they have no hesitation. >> when elmo grabs your [bleep] in times square. >> times square is only a fun experience if you enjoy being groped by old men. even a few. >> it is just overwhelming. >> i do not want to be harassed by all of the street performers. >> sometimes they are a little
8:14 am
>> we have two deal with it. billions of negative impressions going throughout the world. it would contain these characters. pedestrians interacting with them only if they want to. the bill even has the support of a times square original. >> i think that it will increase the quality of the performers. >> it will not -- also working in times square. >> this does not just apply to times square. there will be a public hearing tomorrow.
8:15 am
to be zones of the world. greg: we have our own ideas about this. so far so good. people from idaho. rosanna: always looking up. not looking where they are going. >> we invited these guys to come. we conducted an experiment. >> ben simmoneau played the role of a businessman that wants nothing to do with him. greg: i like that. [laughter] rosanna: they stayed in their zone.
8:16 am
gracie mansion. >> you will be okay with me. >> rosanna, you would be lucky to remain in the city. >> only you guys could get results like that. i think it would be a good idea. >> just saying. >> let's get all of the weather here. temperatures are feeling pretty decent this morning. forty-five and islip this morning. forty-two is the reading up towards monticello. continuing to be pretty blustery throughout the area this morning.
8:17 am
expiring as the day goes on. progressively weaning off into the evening. gust as high as 50 miles an hour here at that is what we are seeing right now across much of the area. here are the wind gusts. thirty-one in montauk. as high as 40 this morning. current temperatures feeling like 20s and 30s across the area this morning. beautiful dry weather. quarter tomorrow. great lakes down towards the southeast. that will be moving into the area. relatively quiet the next couple of days. sunny skies today. high pressure keeps a strike tomorrow. we will have some clouds rolling in towards the afternoon. it will be dry today. plenty of sunshine and windy conditions.
8:18 am
it will feel more comfortable because the wind will have lightened up. they clear out just in time for the weekend. a drop in temperatures. that is a check of your weather. ines: the wind causing some problems out there. speed restrictions. route 80. 287, not too bad. normal delays westbound. no problems among island. suffolk county. you do have an accident being worked on. it is off to the shoulder here. a slight delay their. no problems with the southern state or the northern state. fdr drive, heading towards the 59th street bridge.
8:19 am
affecting the six train neared the rest of mass transit running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: filling out all that we accumulated. spring cleaning in our future. we will do it with this guy. rosanna: nate kirkus. one of oprah's favorite. one of our favorites. don't you feel better when you get rid of the clutter. greg: who remembers this picture? it was taken by danny clinch. the legendary rock 'n roll photographer. danny had this big book make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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don't you just love it rosanna: it is not freezing out.
8:23 am
those are a lot of folks out there. rosanna: a lot of people have off this stage. walking and texting could be illegal in jersey soon. greg: eighth-grade hall monitor. >> i was the great hall monitor. by the way, back then, a racer clapper. during like whatever. it may have been during class. greg: nothing has changed. it is smart. got good grades back then and things are still going her way. rosanna: let's talk about the fbi and the iphone. the fbi says they cracked the code. what does it mean if you have an iphone and security concerns.
8:24 am
the fbi can get in? >> they needed to get into the iphone. very few people have a problem with that. apple did not cooperate. do they write in the section about iphone? plans for futurists attacks? >> the justice department has dropped against apple, just so you know. apple did not want to give that information. they said that it will set a precedent with privacy concerns. the big question now is will they share the technique with other agencies. the manhattan da has about 200 lots iphone they will need help with. >> let's do the business news. rosanna: let's get down to business.
8:25 am
the simpler, the better. >> it has been working. lots of changes coming to the company. one of the more popular changes as all day full breakfast menu. different items under 300 calories. may be it will be some sort of tie up between the new slogan. i have to look down. it does not roll off my tongue. we are not sure. maybe able to wear your big mac on your phone pretty soon. i do not go for the slogan. greg: it will not catch on. >> the music that goes with it. >> i am starving. i've got you covered.
8:26 am
>> french fries all day. >> lauren, thanks a lot. >> remember that madman show. >> i love madmen. >> all right. what else do we have going on? rosanna: one man's junk is another man's treasure. we will talk to a sanitation worker. people cleaning out their junk. this guy is picking it fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more.
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8:29 am
rosanna: paparazzi. what is that? greg: an ornament on a car, now on the chrysler building. rosanna: i never noticed that. i always look at the top of the building.
8:30 am
hood ornaments on the chryslers. isn't that cool. rosanna: it looks like a cannon or something. greg: it is a bird. there is a great movie a guy is who sitting on this thing. part bird, part man. chrysler building, nothing like it. rosanna: thank you. we want to shout out, joel, his birthday. hez he's a postman. greg: how is business by the way. joe, thank you so much. christmas is not right around the corner. rosanna: talk about the weather, the wind is forceful. >> yes, blustery across the area and continues to be the case
8:31 am
we had a wind advisory in affect and gusts as high as 50 miles per hour and recorded that yesterday in newark and other places close to that across long island. to the temperatures, starting in the 40s. 44 in central park. it is 40s across long island. 44 in poughkeepsie. monticello 34 degrees. in northern new jersey also in the 40s. here is the wind advisory from northeast new jersey across the city. it is expiring in north east new jersey and the city around noontime and eroding away in the late afternoon hours. gusts as high at 50. this morning as high as 40. the sustained winds are 15-30 miles per hour. so that is making for blustery
8:32 am
northwest. it is mainly clear conditions northeast. we have low pressure moving up to maine and behind it high pressure coming in from the west here. this area of high pressure is dominating the weather. so for today, temperatures are in the 50s. when you factor in the winds, it is feeling chilly. tomorrow will look the same with plenty of sunshine. thursday and friday high readings in the 60s. increasing the chance of rain on thursday night and friday wet. but the weekend is looking dry with a mix of sun and clouds. how to roads this morning. ines? ines: well, it is a busy morning.
8:33 am
we have rockland county and approaching the tappan zee bridge. 35-mile-per-hour speed restrictions on the tappan zee bridge. now to the cameras and look at the staten island expressway approaching the verrazano bridge, a lot of delays, especially headed to the lower level. the upper level still a delay there. 96th moving southbound. george washington bridge bridge, 45 on the upper, 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel 60. tlans are running on or close. greg: thank you very much. we started the day with the news of the hijacked egypt airliner. it was hijacked and forced to land in cyprus. >> the hijacker is arrested.
8:34 am
several people were seen leaving the plane earlier. some climbing out of the cockpit window. the jet was hijacked for several hours. cyprus, by the way, that is where it is now. still don't know why he did it. >> there are reports he's a 27-year-old professor of veterinary medicine. this is over. no one was harmed and the hijacker is in custody. >> the taxi commission is planning to tighten up the rules on sexual harassment. >> there are tales of uncomfortable comments and
8:35 am
there are new rules in effect that say what drivers can do and can't do. by the way, they are not supposed to say you look nice today. >> what are you thinking, juliet? >> we have in midtown, this is lexington and 44th. i texted a couple of my girlfriends and six responded and have you ever had a situation in a cab in new york city that is uncomfortable and all saying yes, from creepy torques disturbing to frightening. it is not anything to laugh at. the end of next month, the tlc is hearing testimony about a series of changes to what is currently considered a vague set of guideline when it comes to cabby ies and the way they are
8:36 am
these changes would create new crystal clear definitions on what is not okay to talk with you or to do to passengers. just a note, officials says this has nothing to do with sexual harassment complaints, but overall, there is 23% increase in complaints about cab drivers, just 1% increase on sexual harassment complaints. here is the deal, if the rules are implemented, cab drivers you cannot talk about passenger's physical appearances, you can say things like well, you look pretty pretty today. you cannot express you are a cab driver any desire to date a passenger, to be with a passenger, to be involved with a passenger, or worse, sexually involved with a passenger.
8:37 am
tweeters loved this, the song by salt and pepper, let's talk about sex, do the opposite if aur cab driver. listen to the cab drivers and passengers have to say about the new rules. >> >> [indiscernible]. >> i support the rules like that. i don't take the cabs any way because of those reasons. it is a good idea. >> after yesterday, i feel good about it. harassed me because he took me on a joyride and pranked me. he went in a different direction and turned the meter and i was frightened.
8:38 am
the move to propose the new guidelines is in response to a concern that the current guidelines are vague. if these rules going into place, you are breaking the rules, you are subjected to a $2,000 fine and revoke of yur license. >> thank you, juliet. all six of her friends had an issue in a cab with a cab driver. >> it can be creepy. >> what about meeting somebody, like at the work place, i mean, right. place. what if you meet someone you like. rosanna: you have to be careful in the work place. you will wind up in hr.
8:39 am
work and fall madly in love. steve lacey and anna gilligan. rosanna: oh, thank you for that. that's fine. everybody left happy. greg: not everybody. rosanna: moving along. i don't want you to strike out. greg: again. hi, duke. duke: well matt harvey. is he or isn't he opening for the starting. he's not pitching in the final training game today because of a nonbaseball medical issue. the opening night start is this sunday, when asked whether or not he's back in time, quote, hard to say, but the team is adamant it has nothing to do
8:40 am
>> it is nonbaseball related issue that he's got to address. we need to wait for medical information before we decide if it is a great concern or no concern. >> there is a chance of returning to new york for further testing. opening night for the mets is sunday and harvey was supposed to make the final spring training start today. >> how many games can he play this year? >> those limits, he's another year removed from the surgery. rosanna: he wanted to go a few more innings in the critical game. i don't want to bring that up. let it go. we were there. greg: i understand, rosanna, you remember the whole thing. rosanna: i do. let's taub about a party.
8:41 am
we need to learn a trick or two. how about lauren conrad, now a mother and party giver and has a new york times best selling book, lauren conrad celebrate. she is perfect for the show.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
george michael and wham. watch this. look at rosanna over there. she's now playing asteroids and using a booth that inserts you into your favorite movies. how are you doing, rosanna? [laughter] cut. do it again. turn around. what is that thing? rosanna: i don't know, something part of the tribeca film festival and they have brought it to us and you can play it and they have scenes to insert yourself in. greg: like playings a adestroyeds and put in the
8:45 am
oh, take a look please. not really. cute. it needs work. rosanna: i was overacting. greg: you did acting in school. rosanna: theatre. greg: i want to show you the new map. come back. rosanna: thank you. sorry the disturb everyone. greg: whoa. rosanna: what happened? greg: this map is confusing. 70 miles of new bike lanes throughout the city. rosanna: are you able to drive a car in the city. 15 miles of protected bike lanes expected to open this year, the bike map is free publication districted with the libraries and schools and bike shops. not the car dealers.
8:46 am
upgraded lanes and 15 miles of protected bike lanes. what is the difference? i don't know. we don't ride bikes in the city. rosanna: i know if i catch you going the wrong way, i will stop you. i will stop you. greg: don't pick a fight. rosanna: i will stop you. don't even try to go on the sidewalk. greg: remember her being a hall monitor. we have this, rikers is in the news for a lot of bad news, but this is a good news story, we are told, a new technique for cutting back on gang violence and putting the inmates to good work. rosanna: they are training and taking care of the dogs. lisa is showing us how it is helping the inmates and the dogs. >> we are here at rikers and getting upclose and look at a program that is changing young
8:47 am
behind the intimidating jail, something unusual is happening inside of the building, rndc. temporary home of 180, 16-17-year-olds that were arrested and can't make became but not convicted or sentenced. lenny is a mix a rescue dog, given loving care by a hand picked group of inmates. we can't show you their faces because of legal reasons. they are in the same season. >> during the nine weeks program, they are taught by a professional dog trainer. lenny lives with the group and they are responsible for all aspects of his care. learning responsibility and self-discipline along the way.
8:48 am
instead of just being here and now i have something to work with. keeping me happy. >> the correction department says she's seeing positive changes in the teen participants on many levels. >> the officers who they work with are so supportive of the program and also allows the kids to see the officers in a different light and creates a connection between the officers and the kids, otherwise might not have existed. >> the commissioner is saying it has benefits beyond the fences of the jail, since the program began no violent incidents and 8 of the dogs have found permanent homes. >> that cute brown dog born where my dog came from, the north shore animal league, spike. my he rest many peace.
8:49 am
rosanna: lulu is resting. get off my pillow. >> so folks, last year at this time we were cleaning out. we get rid of the extra stuff. we sold it. rosanna: we had a lot of things. >> the crown i decided to keep. we had a big sale. we are doing one this week. rosanna: spring cleaning here we
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying your next one. >> william shatner is great. formerly captain kirk. does hef a son he's not knowledging? rosanna: well page six is
8:53 am
happens to be a radio host in florida is demanding william shatner take a d.n.a. test and put the end to the speculation of whether or not he's his father. greg: he claims his mother had a brief affair with shatner. shatner denies this. he's been making the claims for a long time and now he's looking for money and he wants that d.n.a. paternity test to establish. >> also, instagram is changing the feed and the users are freaking out. the posts are no longer appearing in chronological order. notifications. instagram is saying no reason to panic and assured that nothing now.
8:54 am
what filter do you have? no. rosanna: you have to have your notifications turned on. the change is bringing the app in line with the news feeted ds are ordered on facebook. you are promise me, and promising everyone you are going to do social let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans
9:00 am
nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. rosanna: looking good. a little chilly and windy. greg: last night, rosanna's bidding almost fell over. rosanna: it sounded like it. lulu was going crazy with the wind. greg: the next time you feel the building move; move. rosanna: they are built to sway. greg: the moment i feel it sway, i am evacuating. i know they are supposed to move a little bit in the high winds. rosanna: they have to. greg: i know, if not, they would


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