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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. rosanna: looking good. a little chilly and windy. greg: last night, rosanna's bidding almost fell over. rosanna: it sounded like it. lulu was going crazy with the wind. greg: the next time you feel the building move; move. rosanna: they are built to sway. greg: the moment i feel it sway, i am evacuating. i know they are supposed to move a little bit in the high winds. rosanna: they have to. greg: i know, if not, they would
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like the movement. rosanna: you can't move. greg: i will move into a basement. rosanna: the flags are flying in the wind. it is a windy day. greg: it seems to have settled down. the cranes are not moving. the wind was so intense last night, if you tried to get out of the car, i saw this happened, the car door forced him back in the car. rosanna: trees were coming down. it was no joke. very strong winds last night. it is windy. you know what, i don't think we are in kansas any more. aunty em. here we go. come on, greg. greg: cute. rosanna: we have video. greg: this is a nice picture.
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rosanna: i love the wizard of oz. i like going from black and white to color. i love all the songs. greg: and now when riding in a cab, they are not supposed to speak to you. rosanna: sometimes you are nerve nervous when in a car with someone you don't know. greg: there is a new set of died died -- guidelines, sexual harassment is not allowed in the cab. i was surprised juliet reported that she ask add has dozen friends and at some point or another they have had an awkward or creepy encounter with a cab driver. rosanna: that is interesting. greg: there are great guys that drive cabs. it is a hard job.
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traffic and the people in the backseat are not the nice either. greg: yes, but a cab driver can't comment on the passenger's appear, not even in a nice way. some of the rules are vague. $2,000 fine. rosanna: wow, that is a lot of money. to say you look pretty. well, taxi drivers have a lot of restrictions. greg: we are going to hear from cab drivers and passengers. [indiscernible] >> i support rules like that any way i can. i don't normally take the cabs for those reasons. yeah, i it is a good idea, should be enforced. >> after yesterday, i feel good about it.
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give me a courtesy and took me on a joyride and pranked me and going in a different direction than he should have and turned the meter. i was frightened. rosanna: you are in close quarters with somebody you don't know and in a moving vehicle. greg: everything about the cab driver is posted for you in the backseat. the first name, the last name, the high sense number, a hot line. they have a tough road to hoe. any way, though we don't want people feeling awkward or uncomfortable. rosanna: it is a wake up call to everyone. be nice to one another and be appropriate. you know, when walking on the street or walking down to the subway, there are people saying
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warranted and no recourse. greg: april 19th is primary day in new york state and for a first time in the long time it is going to count, make a difference. this is a competitive primary. bernny -- bernie sanders is going strong. >> wisconsin is next week and i think it is us. april 19th. and it was so funny, in the beginning new york never counts. it is not a done deal. it is everybody is saying hillary clinton has the democratic nomination, i don't know. greg: yea, five of the past six sanders. donald trump when he announced for president he had no intention of becoming the president. rosanna: then what happened?
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way and any way it is her account read about it in the daily news. the last time of a competitive primary going back to 1988. look at this. this is al gore in 1988. what'd he do? rosanna: he invented the internet. actually he had a great environments environmental film. greg: inconvenient truth. al gore coming in third place and ed koch paid a political price for it. e endorsed him. he came in after jessie jackson. remember that? rosanna: yes. maybe some of the candidates will come on "good day new york." that would be amazing.
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greg: and woe us. rosanna: we have to spring clean. we have to go to the weather outside. audrey: temperatures are closing in on the 60 degree readings further on into the week. 44 in central park. 46 islip. 47 in bridgeport. and we are 45 in poughkeepsie. monticello is cool at 34. it is not about the temperatures or precipitation today, it is about the wind. they are picking up in speed yesterday afternoon. they are continuing to be blustery this morning. the national weather service is continuing the wind advisory for the counties shaded on the map. the advisory is expiring by noontime across northeast new jersey and moving to the east. so we could see the gusts as
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so sustained wind direction is northwest and the speeds are between 15-20 miles per hour on average. the gusts as high at 36 in islip. it is feeling like the 30s at this hour. a little chill out there. nice and dry. plenty of sunshine across the tristate. in fact, much of the northeast is quiet. we have high pressure coming in from the west. the low pressure is exiting to maine and high pressure coming in from the west here and that is the weather feature in the coming days. we have a nice dry slot of weather from the great lakes down to the southeast. that overspreads the area and keeping us quiet. in the meantime, we have plenty of sunshine for you. clear skies for tonight. tomorrow more of the same. plenty of sunshine on wednesday. thursday we see increasing
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next rain maker, that is not impacting until thursday night. those showers will last into friday. not the case today. you need the sunglasses. even though temperatures are in the 50s today, it is feeling chilly because of the winds. so probably dress for the 40s. tonight cold with the lows dropping down to the 20s in the suburbs. tomorrow plenty of sunshine and the temperatures in the 50s and feeling comfortable because of the lighter winds. thursday and fridays 60s. we also see increase chance of showers on thursday night into friday. more good news, the showers are ending just in time for the weekend and the temperatures in the 50s on saturday. cooler on sunday with highs only in the 40s by then. >> happy spring everybody.
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march 29. rosanna: the pressure is coming to clean out the closets and get rid of the clutter. greg: i'm into it. i got into last year. we got rid of the stuff we accumulated. we had a sale outside. we got rid of a lot of side. i felt decluttered. >> it plays mind games with you. we are starting today. >> hi, everybody. look at this mess. >> whose locker is this? >> we are backstage at "good day new york." johnny, this is his stuff. this is our floor manager. >> this is from all of the crew. rosanna: you don't need this. this is a perfect thing to get rid of.
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greg: you have a lot of valuable stuff. mike and i are throwing this out. >> what'd you think? rosanna: what about the shower and bath stuff? >> this is like from 1979. rosanna: when are you taking a bath at fox 5? >> that is from a store not open. >> let's see if this works. hold on. it works. it can stay. greg: johnny, not bad. a lot of this stuff i wouldn't giveaway. this is good stuff. we spring cleaned your closet. >> thanks for cleaning up my stuff. rosanna: we have an expert here. you and i have not done enough cleaning. greg: nate is here.
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rosanna: he was a great interior designer and then oprah embraced him and we couldn't get near him. we loved your show on tv. it was amazing. >> you are on the show. the whole family. i never ate better. that is the truth. greg: welcome back, nate. >> thank you. rosanna: spring cleaning there is a reason for it and there is pressure. >> the weather is getting insides and people panic. i partnered with ebay, super excited, it is called hello spring. i'm a double virgo. everything in my life has to be organized. virgo's are like that? >> yes, nothing under the bed, nothing in the closet i don't wear. i'm the guy. this is what's going to happen. greg: you are a neat freak.
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rosanna: i didn't realize that virgo is a neat freak. >> when? >> september. >> what is up with the baskets? poor johnny. he's got a candy problem. make it fun, get the family involved. ebay before you send stuff to ebay, three baskets, toss, donate, sell. toss things that are broken. no wants that stuff. that goes. donate, gently used clothing. designer clothing, mistakes, you know, you bought this. it is cute. >> she may use it in the future. >> maybe it is the wrong color, they didn't use it. shoes you didn't return.
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somebody else's stuff i want it. >> exactly. 160 million people that want your things on ebay. greg: how do you make the call between the donate or sell? >> stain or torn or in bad condition, it is a donate. if it is something that is gently used, you don't like the style, not working for you, i went through in fact i have over 60 of my mine items, march 31 it is going up, i'm donating the proceeds to charity. when am i wearing the cuff links. rosanna: they don't hold a memory? >> no. the memory, why am i still shopping, i have too many things. greg: i love that. when you hold on to stuff it is attached to the past. >> that is true.
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the cuff links, you are always borrowing mike's. greg: can i make an offer? >> no, go to ebay. rosanna: is it hard to do? >> i'm the same way. i pictured myself of a camera trying to take pictures of this. just go on slash valet, tray print out postage is free, they'll put the pricing on it and when it sells you have a choice to donate or keep the money. greg: do you have to set up a bidding war or just a price? >> you can -- people think it is an auction site, but 75% is buy now. >> what is this here? >> that is the landing page for my stuff. for spring cleaning i gave
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your home for spring and getting rid of the things i don't want and seeing what everyone else is doing. >> what is up with the poster? >> this is a photograph contemporary. it is one of three. i never hung it. it is going in the auction. rosanna: did you spend a lot of money on that? >> i did. >> and you are getting rid of it? >> yes, i made a mistake. i have seen you on the weekends, you have so much stuff. come on. you never wear the same outfit ever. these are from paris. greg: seemed like a good idea at time. >> i thought i would give this away as a gift. i just never did. time to move on. greg: it feels great.
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rosanna: i did that once, i got rid of dresses and now i want them back. >> this is very interesting partnership for you with ebay and putting pictures of yourself on there and see if anyone has the dresses. greg: we could use the money. >> could you? rosanna: listen, this is a great, great motivation to get our act together and clean out, donate. >> donate, absolutely. greg: nate, you are all right. thank you. >> great to see you. check him out on ebay. rosanna: fantastic. greg: we are meeting the guy that used to collect garbage and now has a museum. lauren conrad is coming up. and mr. glin ch, a great photographer from the rock and
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it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. >> we are just a few days away in the opening season for the mets. >> matt harvey better play.
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>> matt harvey just met with the reporters and he had a bladder infection and he had a procedure and the blod clots have passed and he's fine and starting opening day and may throw a couple of innings tomorrow in a mets spring training game. harvey met with the reporters and he's saying he's going to start on opening day. may throw in a spring training game to get ready for that. he had a bladder infection and had blod clots in the bladder and had a procedure tomorrow. that is the breaking news regarding matt harvey. so mets fans can breathe a sigh of relief. >> there is a very special festival coming to new jersey. i want to show you first though a picture taken by danny clinch, one of the great roll and roll
9:22 am
rosanna: and a local guy from toms river, new jersey. greg: you may know some of the photographs. this is the center fold, if you will, of the magnificent book, danny clinch still moving. welcome the "good day new york." and these are really, really special. >> thank you. thanks for having me, i appreciate it. rosanna: you have designed album covering right? >> i shot a lot of album covers. i think i have done six bruce springsteen album covers. greg: what about this picture, who is that? >> it is phish.
9:23 am
i showed her the photo. rosanna: it is looking retro. greg: talk about the festival coming up. >> it is a music and film festival. it is about films and music and there's a great resurgence in asbury park. it is honoring the past. they have screened a lot of films there in the past. there are films i made there and helped to cureate the films. rosanna: do you have to sign up for the tickets? >> yes, go to ticketmaster is see the schedule. >> we'll put that up on our
9:24 am
>> it looks like bruce springsteen springsteen. who is that? >> my father. >> by the way, the camera, well not what i expected. what is this here, sir? >> this is a -- rosanna: film version? >> i have a film version. it is a quiet camera. it is unassuming. you can get in there and shoot it up. greg: this is your preferred camera? >> i never leave home without this one. rosanna: we talked about how photography changed, you bought a roll of film, and sometimes lasting the year and you get the film back and oh, i missed the moment. now you know whether or not you
9:25 am
>> as a documentaryian, you are used to carrying the film with you. it is easier to have a thousand shots on one. >> you more than anyone knows what it is like to be a rock star, you are on the stage with the performers and what is happening here. you are seeing the performers and the crowd raging. >> i think that's my sweet spot to be hiding behind the amp, and when you feel the moment happening, and you can get up there and get the whole story there. >> who is that? >> pearl jam at wrigley field. >> what time of access do i don't get? >> it is about the relationships. i have built up the relationships, and for example, with a band like pearl jam, fu
9:26 am
can go and hang out, but my favorite thing is getting someone writing a set list or the band rehearsing backstage and those moments not everyone gets to see. >> is it true your mother was a photographer? >> yeah, my mom is a photographer and she's my inspiration for photography. >> are you still on the road? >> i was at madison square garden last night with bruce springsteen. i go on the road and follow some of the bands around on assignment or because they are friends of mine. >> you are one of the few taking iconic pictures, they are slowly disappearing, like, we remember pictures from the 60s and 70s, and why is that happening,
9:27 am
now the great pictures are lost in the mix? >> if you focus on the great ones they'll reveal themselves along the way. what i love about instagram and social media and taking the photographs, i felt lucky when i walk down the street i look hard at things, i think a lot of people are discovering that now, what a great moment and sharing it with people. it is a great exercise in creativity. >> the music and film festival when? >> april 8, 9, 10. the film is the highlight miles ahead. it is awesome. he's going to do a q & a and a lot of great bands are playing. we are playing with the jazz
9:28 am
rosanna: wow, you wear a lot of hats. is bruce showing up? >> you never know. he's not on tour that weekend. rosanna: anything could happen. greg: danny, thank you so much. >> coming up, lauren conrad is here, a new york times best seller and perhaps you remember her from the reality at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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brookside. talk about delicious. >> show me the provide of garbage removal. it is a beautiful day. we are spring cleaning. >> yes, that is a theme on "good day new york." >> so people are getting rid of stuff. we count on the department of sanitation to help us. interesting these guys, they have an interesting job and guess what, they see the nasty stuff and every now and then they find a treasure. >> and one of the men start add museum. >> sanitation workers can take
9:32 am
work place with the items. it is a model of a heart. >> little pianos and 30 years of collecting, so the speak. greg: let's meet the collector, this is nelson, retired now from the department of sanitation, welcome, sir. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> nelson, what happened, you are picking up the trash and how would was your attention? >> what happens, when i pick up the trash and see a bag, my sensors go off, i look at it, i feel it, i hear something. >> take a look. this is cool. pez dispensers which i think are amazing. luke skywalker, over how many years? >> a few years. this is early
9:33 am
these are probably about 20 years old. what neighborhood? >> east harlem, manhattan. >> nelson, you are not going through every bag? >> no, no. the ones i sense. >> let's see, what else. signed by somebody. >> wow. is that worth something? >> well, i don't know the value of it. >> forgive me. who is he with? >> yankees. >> what else? >> what is here? >> 1980 new york city marathon mug. >> i see why somebody wouldn't want it and why somebody wants it. rosanna: has a collector come to garage and said hey this is
9:34 am
want it can i oufr you something? >> people come in and say would you sell something. i couldn't sell it. nothing is for sale. >> a lot of people get rid of stuff because of paying for the storage. where is this place and who is paying for it and is it working out for you. >> well, 99th street in new york city on first avenue between 1 and second avenue. new york city department of sanitation. >> so it is the city's stuff? >> yes. >> we can walk in and see it? public. >> so you are giving a private >> exactly. >> nelson, you have acquired pretty interesting stuff. you guys will open the door to the public in the future? >> yes. >> when? >> we don't know yet.
9:35 am
>> what about this lena book? >> don't worry, it is tech neckly trash. >> that is jackie kennedy. best wishes. wow, that is signed. >> tell us the story here, nelson. >> found on 97th street on fifth avenue. i found it on 97th street. >> can we have this one? >> no. put that down. >> you can ask the city for it. >> call deblasio. >> what about this book? >> it is signed by lena horne.
9:36 am
>> wow, she was a great singer and pioneer. wow. this is pretty neat stuff. thank you, nelson. what are you doing these days? >> retiring, working out with my wife. >> what is the best thing about being a sanitation worker? >> working, great job. >> can you hang off the back of the truck? >> no. we can't do that any more. safety concerns. that was cool. now we have safety concerns about that. rosanna: glad you are fine. don't listen to him. greg: it was fun. what about removing the snow? >> i loved removing the snow. >> people forget the guys that take the garbage do the snow too. amazing stuff, nelson. tell deblasio i'm keeping this one. >> no problem. rosanna: you have such a good relationship with him.
9:37 am
>> lauren conrad is coming up, and she's a great party planner. greg, maybe incorporate this stuff into the party.
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> a junk rosanna, what comes before part b? party. we throw what we think are killer parties.
9:40 am
we are getting ready for the company and when they arrived we had a great time. rosanna: yes, but we miss a detail or two. greg: are you kidding me? rosanna: that is part of the entertaining, getting a good guest list together. greg: you need great food and drinks. rosanna: what about the oscar party? >> greg: i think we are pretty good, but we could learn something, let's learn from one of the premier party enthusists in the universe, lauren conrad, welcome to "good day new york". thank you for having me. >> one minute on the reality show and then a beautiful mother. how many children do you have? >> none. >> all right. >> she's working on it. >> okay. you have a great book out.
9:41 am
what happened from doing reality tv to having a book come out? >> a lot. it has been 8 years. i have written a few books and this is the most recent, it is about party planning and just how to enjoy times with the people that you love. >> lauren, we mentioned our basing -- basic elements for a party and what are yours? >> a plan. in the book, we talk about putting together the plan and enjoy the party. so often everything is at the last minute and you are running around and you are not having fun. it is about being prepared and doing the things and enjoying the party. rosanna: as the host you have to do things beforehand. what is the biggest mistake when throwing a party? >> oh, a lot.
9:42 am
i will invite my friend from high school with the current people i'm hanging out with, sometimes you can't mix the two groups. >> i think it is fun to introduce people in that setting. i prefer a smaller party. i like introducing people that way and this could be the right time to introduce them. greg: i like that. that is a spice of life. so several occasions for parties, birthdays, oscars. rosanna: weddings. some of these you can relate. i saw pictures of you in here. >> yes, the majority of the book is shot from my home and have people over and we used occasions sto to illustrate the ways to do things. it was a lot of fun.
9:43 am
guests, what is something to remember and keep in mind. something to do or not to do. >> you remember you are being invited. don't bring someone if you department have a plus one. rosanna: you know what i don't like, i love when people bring me flowers, i don't love it when it is not in a vase. you are in the middle of a party and you have to find a vase, cut the stems, bring the whole thing or don't bring it. >> that is actually a rule. but nobody is turning down the flowers. >> no, i love them. but i need the vase. >> i usually put them in the sink. in the laundry room and arrange
9:44 am
greg: here is an idea, lauren, hiring staff or a person to help you out. even folks of modest means can do that. it takes a load off the responsibility. >> if that is a possibility that is great. even helping in the kitchen. keeping up with the dishes and serving, that makes a big difference and ending the evening with a clean kitchen. that is the best ever. rosanna: i know you love writing the books and doing the entertaining, about what getting back to tv, that kind of entertaining? >> i'm on tv now. this is me. >> i know. what about a reality show? >> well, it was great. i am happier off television. >> you are? >> yeah. >> and with the drama? >> yeah.
9:45 am
greg: i get that. one more thing, how wrapped up to be about the right fork, the wrong fork? >> i think it is -- i don't know. greg: it is overwhelming. >> the ruse is work your way in. start from the outside. that is what you do. work your way in. >> don't be hung up about it? >> yeah. >> you can meet lauren. booed bookends tonight at 7:00. >> she's in connecticut tomorrow night 7:00. thank you again. so nice to see you. good luck. >> thank you for having me. >> tribeca film festival is a tradition, they have been doing it and helped out in the wake of september 11th.
9:46 am
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>> the tribeca film will be out in force and seeing the robert denear row. >> he started the thing in the wake of the september 1st is 1 attacks and doing a lot for the neighborhood neighborhood. >> nobody wanted to go downtown after the attacks. >> we don't think about the original meaning of the film festival. it is so much bigger. >> lots of films. it is the time and we love it. joining us from the film festival, steve and lauren, they have a new feature. hi, guys. >> hi. >> tell us about the festival this year. it is april 13th-24. tickets are on sale today starting at 11:00 a.m. >> where
9:50 am
>> they are regal battery park, bow tie chelsea and sva theatre and bmcc. >> it is cool, some of the showings out outside of tribeca. >> yes, expanded beyond it. we still have a nice footprint in tribeca. >> people think you have to know someone to get a ticket. >> it is really open. >> even the big ones? >> absolutely. you can see the tickets that are available and that is part of why we are doing reactor. >> elvis and nixon is one of the big films. steve, can you tell us about that?
9:51 am
>> i will tell you. >> okay. >> it is a centerpiece film. it is getting great performances. kevin spacey. >> if don't know, elvis presley send a note to president nixon and saying i want to meet with you. when you are elvis, you can go to white house on demand if you wanted to. we can't wait to see the movie. >> steven brought in a tribeca reactor. you can play it? >> yes, it is debuting today. it is floating around the locations and at the hub. >> so you are going to move it around town? >> yes. >> talk about what it is.
9:52 am
this is standing nine and a half feet tall. >> that allows you to be in a movie? >> yes, powered by an intell camera and judging the acting and putting the participant in the scenes. >> it is not requiring a quarter. i tried it. i was in the sixth sense. >> let's see you acting. >> i think we need a dose -- >> an an acting lesson. >> yeah. >> the best thing about it, it
9:53 am
today, hub during the festival and you can win tickets with this. >> oh, win tickets to one of the shows? >> you win tickets if above a 96. >> my grade was a minus. >> how did i do? >> it was really good. >> roll it. >> it just looks like rosanna is in front of the tv and blocking our view. >> it is fun. >> this is an awesome community event. say hi to bob for us. >> bobby.
9:54 am
>> so nice to meet you. thank you for bringing this in. it is a lot of fun.
9:55 am
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. yes, i'm about to fall. hi, everybody. thanks for watching our show. [ cheers and applause ] >> my cohosts, my studio audience


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