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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" juliet: good morning everyone. donald trump said something that was a lightning rod and a got a ton of attention. the topic was abortion. he reversed his stands and said the stance didn't change. you'll hear all about it but lots of folks are shocked this morning over the comment . >> chris christie says new jersey transit riders should not worry about a fare increase. not this year. next year is a different story. despite a $50 million budget cut . >> it's a real cast of characters that show up for these proposals. >> were the video and will show you a little bit . i am
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juliet: i am juliet huddy. oh brother. ben: i am old enough. juliet: old enough is what he says like he's getting too old. ben: i will be 35 years old. >> when is your birthday? ben: saturday . >> happy early birthday! from you, i know you may not but i from this one i don't know. juliet: you look great ! i love the outfit! >> thinks. it turned out to be nice. were readings in the 50s and we talk about it 60 in poughkeepsie. overall, we have lighter wind making it a more pleasant day than the previous one. right now we sit in the 40s
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already in central park . 39 islip and we are in the 40s towards montauk point. the wind is relatively light and they have now shifted to the southwesterly wind.that's a good one for us if you like mild weather because we see the bump in temperatures is beginning to the afternoon. look at the satellite we show some high clouds out there with rain sitting to the northern portion. we will remain dry for at least one more day.we watch the system to the west and it will approach us and give us a shot of rainfall later on tonight. enjoy a dry day with temperatures moving into the 60s later this afternoon. it will be breezy tomorrow. we need your umbrella handy tomorrow. we try out and cool down over the weekend with temperatures in the 60s and in the 40s on sunday. the head over to the ines on this early hour .
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pretty good start this morning. meet in queens looking good with construction going on. not seeing a significant delay .let's go look at our cameras. we look at the brooklyn bridge and there's no problems northbound and southbound. here is the ramp moving just fine. with the trains, everything is running on or close to schedule. strickland rules are in effect . >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> the republican front donald trump comments on abortion and how people on both sides of the issue see it. he says women should take some form of punishment for abortion. then later on he tries to clarify and i mean tried to change his position. >> he is live from the latest on the comments and the outrage that they spark. >> good morning to you. it's no secret that donald
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to appeal to women. what he said about abortion will not help matters at all. add this to the list of controversial things. whether it is standing in be seen. >> do you believe in a principle? >> the answer is that there punishment . >> $.10 or 10 years? >> it drew swift condemnation.bernie sanders called him stream phone and hillary clinton explains him as horrific. >> what he said today was outrageous and dangerous. >> his fellow republicans criticize them to .>> ted cruz said once again, donald trump has demonstrated that he hasn't seriously thought through the issues and he will say anything just to get attention. john kasich was in queens and he hit trump card . >> of course women should
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i think donald trump will figure out a way to say that he was misquoted or whatever but i don't think so. i don't think it's an appropriate response. i think it's difficult enough situation. >> the only people came to their defense was chris christie. >> with him, everyone wants to make a big deal. >> after making a remark, trump tracks and in a statement he says if a abortion is banned the doctor or any other person performing the act would be held legally responsible , not the woman. the woman is a victim as is the life in her womb. >> the next big contest comes in wisconsin. the market larger school poll shows cruz leading trump at 10 points in wisconsin. that is significant because trump lost their and based on the dell for the anti-trump camp that they
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from him in july. that is latest live in his room this morning. people are frustrated with hillary clinton and they will not acknowledge what it is. they are not supporting doing anything effective. if you are going to fight it you are going to call it by its name and use the tools we have to defeat radical islamic terrorism to keep america safe. >> they asked we like better
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he says he dislikes obama's policies but he said if he saw trump on the cars back off camera he would not know which panel to use. >> that was funny. >> how do candidates take their pizza. eating a slice at gino's with a fork.>> people care about this people that in your full a few years ago. kay said remedies a mistake and remedied in his ear eating the rest with his hands. eat people eat pizza with your hands. >> of its piping hot , don't pick it up with your hands. >> i disagree. >> there's so many things to worry about and how we the pizza. ben: use your hand! juliet: people yell at me because i like my flake
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back off! let's go to the democrats off now. hillary clinton is in westchester. ben: nice campus . juliet: arrival will be in st. mary's . the senator is making a comeback and pushing for debate in new york.big wins in several states and has the clinton campaign scrambling a little bit . >> if the democratic party once a strong candidate that will be trump badly , i am the candidate.
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than bernie sanders hosting primaries on the 19th and the next primary battle comes on tuesday in wisconsin. >> it was a sight to be seen at the city council meeting. it was a whole bunch of disney characters in attendance. they want to voice their opinion. >> teresa pillow tells us what went down. >> it's not the justice league but the superheroes and villains we hope gotham will do right by them. people come to me and tell me they want to take a picture. josi martinez doubles as
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he has been charged with disorderly conduct on more than one occasion when searching for a tip. all he's referring to gives tourists a fighting chance at getting through times square unscathed by breaking up these plazas into zones. it will be defined highly visible areas providing ample space for commercial activity, entertainment, expressive vending and solicitation without impeding those passing through or wish to enjoy time square. >> they will regulate the zones and they say the activity will be about the size of the city bus. for what it's worth, the naked cowboy is on board. >> it just organizes everything that's already going on. >> torres agree and they say it's about time. >> mickey mouse will go
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give him a five or $10 tip . we do it big in texas but that is wrong. >> . >> you tell him!>> we are looking at a breezy and mild day. temperatures will get close to 700. allergy central. probably has a complete forecast. >> casting call controversy. we will tell you what
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good morning everyone! we are starting off with a nice morning across the tri-state area. we are going to have a mix of sun and clouds for your thursday. it's breezy but mild with temperatures around 500 by the time the kids had off to the bus stop. looks like it's just some light layers because it will be mildly those afternoon. in the 40s across much of the tri-state at 490 in islip and 44 in bridgeport. 47 in poughkeepsie and sussex has these numbers running milder than they were at this time yesterday. it's telling us we are in
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across the region. satellite and radar shows were a few clouds coming through what we start out the day with mostly sunny skies. clouds are on the increase ahead of the system between wet weather from the great lakes all the way down to the mississippi part of the nation from yesterday. we will only see some showers out of this rubber day tomorrow so for today, it will be dry with clouds and sun tomorrow with the rain showers in tomorrow bring us a wet morning commute . everything was out by late tomorrow night and were relatively quiet with a quick passing shower. the weekend looks to be pretty quiet. today we see temperatures near 500 and we will rise into the 60s by lunchtime. you have a high near 70 later that afternoon. we will be in the 70s on friday and saturday looks like the passing showers in the afternoon turning cooler and chillier with temperatures in the 40s.
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into the beginning part of next week. you could check the weather anytime at fox five ny weather. check your forecast anytime in the day.i am to go i am going to go over here and get my voice back. >> happy almost friday. ines: no problems on the tappan zee bridge. looking good new jersey at 82/87. let's go to the cameras and look out things are moving in the lie. westbound and eastbound traffic there on the george washington bridge picking up this morning and the upper level. you are fine and the lower level in the lincoln and holland tunnel looks good. >> despite the $57 million budget gap for new jersey transit , governor christie says it will not be a fair hike this year. >> last year the transit
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the governor says the department is asking for every money and every budget to close the gap and have to find a way to close it on their own. he says they will deal with real union may be in june 2015. >> the manhattan studio apartment might seem like the stuff that legends are made but it can be yours. sky town in cooper village are holding a lottery for rent as 1200 per month. you have into today to apply so hurry up. the lottery will give up to 15,000 applicants a spot on a waiting list for an affordable apartment. he says they base on very based on unit and size. >> $1200 is pretty cheap. >> the producers stored up some controversy with an open casting call. people think is
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linda schmidt tells us what they mean. >> there is no doubt about it. hamilton is the happiest on broadway. it's also embracing diversity. when this turned up on the website , it raised a lot of eyebrows and drew some sharp racism. there's an open casting call seeking nonwhite men and women ages 20 and 30. the civil rights lawyer says the problem is it's illegal. >> if you were white , you should not apply. if you flip the script and say white actors only i'll sharpton would be out there demonstrating. >> the broadway musical is about the life and death in the finding father of alexander hamilton. the principal roles were written for blacks and hispanics to celebrate the diversity however, mclaughlin says the show cannot prevent a white actor or someone who is not in their 20s or 30s from
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>> you cannot tell any actor, i can't come to the audition because of their color of their skin whether you are black or white and if production companies are doing that and it's illegal. if productions companies are doing it with black or hispanic actors, that's illegal. >> the equity union criticize the posting thing it was done by the show and it's not an official equity casting notice. it's not in compliance with the construction language. after three days of controversy, the producer released a statement saying the casting will be amended to also include language that we neglected to add. that is that we welcome people of all ethnicities to audition for hamilton . >> you haven't seen it yet? juliet: i have not by
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still go. maybe should buy your tickets now . >> spent all of my money on the concert tickets. maybe i'll have a chunk leftover . >> don't listen to him . >> i can't afford $1000. it's a tough break for the yankees.
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ben: right back. there is a shift in the southwest.
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across the northeast. out towards the mid-50s in buffalo and 50s and william port. tomorrow showers are coming into the region. playing sunshine today with clouds this afternoon. ben and juliet, over to you. ben: time for sports. duke: good morning!>> they face the mavericks in dallas. camillo anthony will pull off and get the jumper for a game-high 31 points. you will take your hand off and get inside for the landlord.
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the final score. chapman will come back and after being hit by a line drive. he left yesterday's game against the was five of seven and he came back to hit it in the inside . it was his non-throwing hand. yankees say you see a hand specialist to determine next course of action. the next line starts the season and the yankees won the game on tuesday. brian mitchell is another reliever spraining his big toe. it could be a very painful injury. >> after a bladder issues care, matt harvey made his final struggle with it giving up three runs into heads over three innings. they all come on the home
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last night was a much anticipated reunion show. chris russo said they knew they would get a big welcome from the fans. >> . [laughter] i want to know one thing. where have you been? [laughter] they all want to know that .>> you guys i did not get up until late covering for something. they got back together for the big show. they talked about current staffing gave some advice. >> is fitzpatrick in the building tonight?
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[laughter] [cheering] he kind of ripped him for the performance against buffalo. it's kind of painful. the show raise more than $1 million. it was fun. a lot of fun. they are huge innovation and it was kind of cool. >> they got a ton of press for that. >> 19 years. >> on the air from five and half hours every day. >> why did they split up? they always had their fights but they got along. 19 years is a long time. >> people like to try new things. not all. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more,
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crayon . juliet: [laughter] were looking at temperatures in the upper 60s today. is it the 70s and could is it the 70s and could that we possible? like you need to take an umbrella later on. rain is on the way. >> severe weather as tornadoes and debris flying


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