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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: that is it for march. greg: tomorrow is april fools. ines: and it has been on my mind. greg: get here early. rosanna: it will be gorgeous, highs in the 60s. maybe a chance of rain. we won't spoil it. we will just say breezy, warm, the sun is coming up. greg: donald trump says something and a lot of people are upset. >> you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? greg: for the woman, he was pressed into saying it, he took it back later on. this has sparked furor on the campaign trail. rosanna: he backtracked on that one. democrats are trying to woo you today, the bronx will be feeling
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bernie sanders will be campaigning, hillary clinton got a rock star welcome in harlem, it was fun. ben: how did she rock the apollo? did she walk onstage and give a speech? costume characters from times square showed up at city hall, they were invited, they weighed in on the proposal to put them in little boxes in times square. rosanna: did you go dress-up yesterday? greg: we have explored this issue, gone undercover in costume but we don't work there. the 27 hamilton, the musical you know that is beloved by everyone from the president of the united states to greg kelly, they are under fire for putting out a casting call for, quote, nonwhite men and women.
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now they make some changes. maybe you should audition. he don't stop. ben: we are lucky we got into theater. the coolest thing about hamilton, you saw it. very talented. a couple things happen. the guy with the dogs, there smart. looking at this, doing this, now check this out, jumps through the hoop, knox the ball first, trying to get him to cooperate. ultimately the dog taught me how to do this trick.
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greg: rosanna got in the act. rosanna: thank you for not pulling that when i was on it? greg: we thank universal and the puppies for coming on "good day bronx and brooklyn. rosanna: some more backstage shenanigans on my facebook page. feeling good today? have a good night's leap? greg: mind your own business. what is going on? wondering. yesterday turned out to be pretty nice. >> meteorologist: if you are waiting for spring weather today will be a taste of it. as kids head to the bus stop you won't need all the layers you needed yesterday morning, temperatures mostly in the upper 40s to love 50s, they will be
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mild by later today. areawide we will see nice readings to start thursday, 52 liberty airport, islip moved to 51 , 48 in montauk, pick at the end monticello, winds relatively light but note the direction, out of the southwest, milder wind direction will bump numbers to above average readings, mostly sunny to start the day, mostly cloudy in the afternoon ahead of this rainmaker that will bring showers friday. today will be dry across the area. that is a quick check of the weather.
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westchester on sawmill, and for the tappan zee bridge not a bad ride, long island, suffolk county doing okay, slow spots, lie, minor delays. let's go to the garden state parkway, traffic jammed approaching exit numb 151, then you have to slow down around that. cross bronx toward the bronx parkway westbound, stalled tractor-trailer in the center lane slowing things to the new england thruway, trains on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: donald trump said something controversial yet this time he is clarifying it. at a town hall meeting with chris matthews, chris was grilling him on abortion and got him to say women who have abortions, if abortions are considered illegal someday, should be penalized in some way.
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thing, backtracked and tried to get himself out of a big mistake. robert moses joins us with the latest trump comments that are getting everybody talking. >> 24 hours ago we thought the thing with his campaign manager would dominate the news cycle. almost eclipsed that. donald trump has made a habit of saying provocative things and struggled to appeal to women. these comments, pro-life groups said they would never advocate the punishment of women who receive abortions. >> you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no is a principal? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman? >> yes, there has to be some
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swift bipartisan condemnation. bernie sanders called them shameful. hillary clinton described them as orphic and telling. >> what donald trump said today was outrageous and dangerous. >> reporter: trump's for the republicans criticizing too. ted cruz said in a statement donald trump has demonstrated he hasn't seriously thought through the issues and he will say anything to get attention. john kasich who was in queens yesterday hit trump hard as well. >> women shouldn't be punished. i think probably donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say a was misquoted or whatever, but i don't think so. i don't think that is an appropriate response and it is a difficult enough situation. people to come to trump's defense was chris christie. >> people misspeak all the time. with him everybody wants to make a bigger deal over it. >> reporter: a few hours after making his remarks trump backtracked. in a statement he said of abortion his band, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would
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the woman. the woman is a victim in this case as is the wife in her womb. a new quinnipiac poll out in the last hour shows clinton and bernie sanders would beat any republican they face in new york state. that is not a huge surprise. john kasich is the most competitive republican, he narrowly loses to clinton according to this new paul. rosanna: governor john kasich is in town, pizzagate once again. did you what he did? ben: he is eating pizza with a knife and fork. i give him a pass on this one. we don't have many rules. whatever floats your boat, do it. we can't see the good part where he puts the pizza in his mouth.
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rosanna: he started with a knife and fork, drop it and pick it up in your hands. >> bill diblasio, knife and fork and donald trump did it, i get it because when i eat pizza with bread i have to take a four hour nap. he wanted -- didn't want to eat the bread but just the cheese. sarah palin, by the way, five years later, endorsing him for president and that endorsement was considered a key one. rosanna: both democratic presidential candidate coming to a neighborhood near you. the big new york primary april 19th. hillary was in harlem yesterday but will be in westchester
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greg: carrie drew is in the bronx. >> reporter: both candidates will be in new york today, bernie sanders will hold a rally at 7:00. you can see preparations underway, all these cones lined up blocking out parking spots in the area, hillary clinton will hold a rally this afternoon, the new york primary a few weeks away but all lies are on the battle in wisconsin. >> it is a thrill to be live at the apollo with all of you. >> reporter: hillary clinton appeared in front of the apollo theater drumming up support for the april 19th new york primary despite the latest polls showing bernie sanders with a four point lead in wisconsin ahead of the democratic primary. sanders has won five of the last six primaries and looks to keep his momentum going. >> of the democratic party once a strong candidate to that will defeat trump or some of the
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think i am the candidate. >> it matters where we stand in delegates and popular vote. right now i am gratified i have more votes than anybody in this election, nearly 9 million, that is 1 million more than donald trump, 2 million more than bernie sanders. >> reporter: clinton and sanders will campaign in new york today. clinton will be at suny purchase and sanders at st. mary's park in the bronx. as they hit the campaign trail both are keeping their rhetoric focused on the gop. >> they are asking americans to give them another chance. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, right? [applause] >> for the life of me i don't understand what they are trying to accomplish.
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and win in a free and open and fair election, get out of politics, get another job. >> reporter: the bernie sanders rally will take place at st. mary's park, the hillary clinton rally will take place at suny purchase at numb 1:00 pm. he new quinnipiac university poll found clinton ahead of bernie sanders in new york, the poll showed 54% to 42% in clinton's favor. back to you. greg: that parking lot looks pretty empty. rosanna: dozens of families displaced, apparently keeping pigeons on the roof and hundreds killed during that fire.
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flames, 11 injured including a firefighter. greg: this goes back 20 years, some of the pigeons were smart. a lot of folks took to twitter in the neighborhood, they had videos of these birds flying around the neighborhood, they could fly 1000 miles. you heard back in the war they were doing little notes. rosanna: that is going on on broadway, hamilton, the biggest hit musical on broadway in a very long time. juliet: nonwhite men and women age 20 to 30, nonwhite, technically that is against the
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correct and reverse their casting call. rosanna: a civil rights attorney says they can't prevent a white actor or someone not in a 20s or 30s from auditioning. >> you cannot tell any actor i cannot come to the audition because of the color of my skin with you are black or white. of production companies are doing that to even white actors it is illegal, and production, black or hispanic actors that is illegal. >> they put out a statement they regret the confusion, will change the language, they welcome people of all ethnicities for hamilton. greg: we went to hamilton, there we are, that is one of the things about hamilton and we did
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it did not go well. enough said. rosanna: we sent our regrets. new york city parking attendant hit the lottery jackpot and is not going to quit his job. greg: gregory velez won 4 $.6 million, cash for life drawing, he won in my neighborhood at the same newsstand i go to at the parking garage we have been using for years. juliet: he said he was not going chauffeur. february when he got bored, lotto. it was a quick pick. greg: the south end newsstand sold the ticket because they are going out of business, got to close down, any day now, losing our candy store and our newsstand. juliet: is it too hard for real estate?
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george, well done, more than 4 million bucks. juliet: are you ready for a good beautiful thursday fantastic weather, get out and walk? >> meteorologist: people get very happy, everyone is extra friendly. you may want to think ahead. lunch time, outdoor cable feeding, this is the day to do it, this is my pick for best weather day of the week, 52 at central park, southwind coming in from south southwest direction across the area, that is a good wind direction, that ushers in mild temperatures from the southwest over spreading the area bringing it to above-average readings this afternoon. very nice across the northeast, 50s in boston and albany, 50 in williamsport, nice number in philly, dc checking in at 55 , nice and clear, thin clouds, the
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making its way into western portions of new jersey and the hudson valley. those clouds ahead of a system bringing rain from the great lakes to the deep south and we can expect wet weather across our area as we go into tomorrow. it will be wet across the region, scattered showers across the day and things dry out briefly friday night before we have a chance of a passing shower saturday. we are going for numbers in the 60s, tomorrow in the 70s, we will dodge some rain showers, cooler and dryers take a dip, in the 40s by then. that is a check of your weather. ines is here with traffic updates. >> staten island expressway towards the verrazano bridge, brooklyn side normal slow down, putnam county, 684 no issues, let's take a look at long
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everyone done westbound, easter looks good, gwb, upper-level, 4045 inbound, 20 to 40 on the lower, closer to 40 minutes, backing up on the turnpike, the holland tunnel 10 to 15, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. look at that. come on. central park. greg: we took the rowboats. is that central park for sure?
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don't you just love it greg: very inexpensive. rosanna: affordable, they bring in designers, high end designers, make more affordable line to them.
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there is. i never look when i go there. if i go there it is for me. i am on a mission, you know what i mean? they started in sweden. and now look, a huge building on fifth avenue -- a big store on 86th st.. greg: are they just renting? greg: i can't tell. they started with a couple shops in europe in the 1940s. of the 27 multiple tornadoes in oklahoma sent debris flying, chunks of trees and structures shoot up like paper in a breeze, according to the national those tornadoes touched down several times, you see in these
7:23 am
several transformers in the area, residential area sustained heavy damage, tween 9 people were injured. greg: gail martinez was killed, her husband, kato martinez, stationed in the netherlands, he survived along with four children but the husband and children still in the hospital, gail martin is still 24 years old. rosanna: they were dropping off her mother at the airport when the explosions went off. siblings alexander and sasha pik pikowski were flying back to the city. alexander was secretly married
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family didn't know but they had been married for a year or so. greg: the governor of alabama is in the middle of a sex scandal, an inappropriate relationship, he is under fire, there are calls for his impeachment, he may have to step down from office. the woman on the right is his communications director, he was talking to her inappropriately by his own admission. this could be awkward and weird, could be a sample of private conversations that have become public. >> sound like they are having a conversation in the bottom of a
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the 27 i won't ask you what he said. governor bentley admits he made inappropriate remarks, the communications director -- >> she will no longer be paid by his campaign, mister bentley is 73 years old, a republican, went on a campaign last time, a dermatologist by trade and was a baptist deacon. take a nice walk today, look how pretty it looks outside. greg: there is the beach on staten island. >> joe is off all week. staten island is on the boulevard.
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running on the beach. that lasted two days. >> a good place to go running. there are a couple people out there. a great place to visit.
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>> how happy are we today, look how gorgeous that looks, you think? >> it's a sunny day. >> our winter was actually pretty good. it was very mild. >> that looks like a lagoon. >> blue lagoon. brooke shields. >> joe, i think -- >> gray kills marina. >> that's a marina that got really roughed up during sandy? >> yep, during sandy, yeah. the waves came in, and there's the condos off great kills that were devastated. >> boats that were, like -- >> they ran aground. like a hip was. you -- ship was. you remember that tanker?
7:30 am
back to the blue lagoon then. brooke shields and -- >> christopher atkins. >> look at you, audrey. where he's he been? >> we don't know. >> we know where she's been. >> somehow these kids found themselves on an island all by themself, and they didn't explore the island, but they did explore. [laughter] >> gotcha. was that one of your favorite movies? >> it was one of those movies you snuck at your friend's house. >> veronica ran a very tight ship in that kelly household. did she? strict mom. >> we were running circles around her. great mom -- >> now you say it. >> hi, everybody. all right. what's next? the weather: >> weather. yeah. audrey. >> it looks beautiful from that shot, as we just mentioned, and we're in store for a very nice day. the first half of the day is where we'll see the most in the
7:31 am
i'll show you the satellite, clouds are starting to edge into western portions of new jersey. it's going to be breezy, but the big story will be the mild temperatures. we're going for high numbers in the upper 60s across much of the region. interior new jersey could probably hit 70, and it'll become cloudy tonight. rain showers begin to arrive overnight into very early tomorrow, and tomorrow morning's commute, it will be rainy across much of the area. cooler weather for the weekend, it and looks dramatically colder as we start our first weekend of the month of april. so right now on this last day of march we are starting out with 52 in central park, 51 in islip, 42 in bridgeport and 40s in poughkeepsie. sussex is checking in at 36 degrees right now. our winds will light, but they're coming out of the south/southwest, that brings in milder temperatures across the area. our satellite9 and radar shows mostly sunny be skies, but you can see the clouds in western
7:32 am
down from sullivan and orange county, so we're going to see more clouds on the increase through the afternoon, but rain should hold off until tomorrow. the rain is across the western great lakes, actually, western new york into the great lakes, and it will be moving in sort of a north/northeast direction. today we should start off with sunshine, temperatures rising into the muddle to upper 60s. tomorrow in the 70s but, again, a rainy day, and then we'll dry out for saturday with just the chance of a passing shower in the afternoon. highs only in the 40s, factor in a wind, it will probably feel more like the upper 30s, so don't put away the winter weather gear just yet because temperatures stay in the 40s next week. >> let's start off with problems in queens, the van wyck northbound jammed approaching atlantic avenue, an accident blocking a lane. your commute in new jersey,
7:33 am
slower than normal past 280, there's an accidented on 287 northbound by exit 239 blocking two lanes. problems on northern state parkway, this is westbound. this is over by wolf hill road, an accident off to the shoulder showing things down, eastbound side you're fine. as for the cross bronx, if you're heading westbound, stalled tractor-trailer in the center lane slowing everyone down to the new england thruway. then the three train, there's police activity. southbound no service between pennsylvania avenue and new lots avenue. rest of the trains are running on or close. >> they showed up at city hall yesterday for a council hearing. rosanna, they're proposing all kinds of rules to keep these guys under control. >> they always have interesting people at city hall, but this got interesting when they came in costume.
7:34 am
how they feel about the proposal to section off the pedestrian plaza in times square. >> some say it's a violation of their constitutional right. >> well, what about my right to be able to walk on the street? >> hey, rosanna, you don't like it, move to milwaukee. i don't think it's going to work, but who knows? okay, you're right, open mind. >> fox 5's teresa pri owe elope has more from times square this morning. >> good morning, everyone. here's how this would work if this plan was in place, i'd actually be in the activity zone as i walk closer to the camera, i would then cross into the flow zone for all the pedestrians. this is a plan that has a lot of support but not among a lot of the times square characters, and they made that known yesterday. well, it's not the justice league, but these sometimes-superheroes and villains are hoping gotham will abandon a proposal to section off pedestrian plazas like times square. >> the people come to me and tell me i want to take picture with you.
7:35 am
so i'm going to walk in times square even today past the law. >> jose martinez doubles as the dark knight. he's been charged with disorderly conducted on more than one occasion for being too aggressive when searching for a tip. the proposed law he's referring to would give new yorkers and tourists a fighting chance at getting true times square -- through times square unscathed by breaking up these plazas into zones. a flow zone would be marked by tape for pedestrians and an activity zone for characters and december knew das. >> defined, highly-visible areas for commercial activity, entertainment, excessive matter vending and solicitation without impeding those passing through. >> the d.o.t. will regulate these zones. of they say thing activity zones will be about the size of a city bus. for what it's worth, the naked cowboy is onboard. >> my opinion, it just organizes
7:36 am
>> tourists agree, and they say it is about time. >> mickey mouse go crazy on you when you don't give him a $5 or $10. i'm from texas, and we do everything big in texas, but that right there is wrong. >> i love some of the responses you get in times square. it's going to impact things here. 7th. greg and rosanna, they think they can have this up and running by the end of may. back to you in the studio. >> let's stay on it and revisit our famous undercover operation when we went in costume to times square as elmo and big bird. >> it's go time. >> rosanna, what were your impressions? other than it was a lot of fun. >> i enjoyed dressing up. of course, it was just for an afternoon. [laughter] we got to meet a lot of interesting people. we did not ask for donations, although we accepted them -- >> i had a blast. i tell you though, i did not
7:37 am
of these costume guys impeding someone who wants to walk by. if you take a picture with one of these guys, you should probably give them a couple of bucks. >> maybe you don't want to take a picture, maybe you happen to walk by with your family to go to the theater, and all of a sudden these guys are around you, and your kids want a picture with big bird. >> well, yeah. it. i have not seen these people accost anybody, hey, you'd better take a picture with me. all of the disputes seem to happen after a picture is taken and no money is offered. >> when with you were on -- you got carried away, by the way. >> i almost had a fight with another elmo. >> it was fun at first x then they were like, okay, beat it already. >> they're very territorial. anyway, i am in favor of zoning, you know? i love to go to the theater, but i will say on a matinee day you cannot walk through that area. you just can't. >> can't walk through the area?
7:38 am
there's a certain amount of chaos associated with the characters in times square. >> i'll take your word -- >> from my experience. >> gotcha. i'm not a theater goer by you, and it's not on my way home. what else? >> let's talk about a $1200-a-month manhattan studio apartment might seem like the stuff of legends, but skytown and peter cooper village are holding a lottery for rent-stabilized apartments. little while. you have until today to apply. >> yeah. >> the lottery will dui up to 15,000 -- give up to 15,000 applicants space on a waiting list, based on unit size and income, of course. >> you liked living there, right? >> i did. i wish i still did. it was a great deal. >> why did you move? >> well, i was hired by fox, and they sent me to atlanta. >> i lived in atlanta. >> it's not new york, put it
7:39 am
>> all right. what else is going on? >> well, the roots have pulled out of the david bowie tribute concert taking place tonight and tomorrow. >> well, hey, that's nice that there is a tribute, first of all, at radio city and at carnegie hall. >> so questlove, who you know, made the announcement. the decision to bow out seems to stem from an issue over shared equipment with. >> he also has a great gig on -- >> the fallon show. the lineup, meanwhile, continues with cindy law per, she's great, debbi harry, we're sorry questlove couldn't share, but the show must go on. >> let's take a peek outside. weather wise it's delightful, we're told. >> oh, look at the m and ms. did you ever go to the store in times square? >> no.
7:40 am
>> oh, you don't like m and ms? >> i'm more of a mike and ike's kind of guy. >> what kind of childhood did you have? >> they're great, i'm more of a -- it? >> you can get them anywhere. i never really got the themed restaurant. if you want to go to a candy store with everything in it. dylan's candy bar. >> yeah, i like dylan's too. >> also economy candy on the lower east side.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> the bayonne bridge i think, right, joe? >> yep, bayonne bridge. they're putting that new deck on so they can get the freighters underneath the bridge. >> they're elevating it. >> so did they close it? no, it's open. i see cars on it. >> there's a new bridge on top of where the cars are and, rosanna, show us the river again there, joe. they'll be able to bring in boats. basically, it's not high enough.
7:44 am
missed the bridge, and they've got to wait until hoe tide to make the -- low tide to make the trip. >> makes perfects sense to me. >> what else? >> i think it's time for a little audrey update, that's what i think, what else. hello, audrey. >> good morning, to you guys. it looked really nice in that shot. very nice conditions to tart off our thursday, but clouds on the increase later this afternoon. right now we have readings in the 40s and 50s in newark and central park, 51 in islip, 42 in bridgeport, and montauk at 48. the winds are relatively light coming out of the south to southwest, that's a good wind direction if you like warmer temperatures. clouds starting to work their way into western portions of new jersey and the hudson valley, so catch that sunshine early, everyone will be overspread with clouds coming in ahead of a system bringing rain from the great lake toss the deep south. there was severe weather across positions of texas, arkansas and
7:45 am
reports of more severe weather across alabama, tennessee and possibly georgia later this afternoon. as far as we're concerned, we're going to squeeze out one more dry day day before rain arrives tomorrow. sun and clouds for your thursday, we could have a couple of isolated showers tonight, but it's really tomorrow morning at this time that i anticipate more widespread scattered showers across the region. that will last throughout your friday, so have your umbrella handy tomorrow, and then on saturday most of the day will be dry, but there is the threat of a passing shower especially north of the city late in the afternoon. today's highs, very mild. low 60s to low 70s into interior new jersey. we'll be in the low 70s in the city tomorrow, but it will be a wet day, and we cool it off over the weekend. highs in the 50s on saturday, 40s on sunday, and those 40 degree readings are going to stay with us at least for the first half of next week, is so keep the cold weather gear handy. follow along with our weather reports and our daily and hourly forecasts with our fox 5ny weather app.
7:46 am
play store or itunes store and, again, do a search for fox 5ny weather, and it'll pull it right up. traffic update. >> hi there, audrey. if you're traveling this morning, westchester from rockland county, delays on the tappan zee bridge. westchester side, 287, bronx parkway, doing fine. long island, the latest on the lie -- delays on the lie westbound, but not too bad. let's go to our cameras, take a look at fdr drive by 96 st. southbound towards the 59th street bridge, normal stop and go, northbound towards the try borrow, you're fine in that direction. trains are doing fine this morning, a look at the bqe, moving slow as usual, no problems on the grand central. gwb, upper level 45 r, inbound 30, and with the 3 train southbound no service between
7:47 am
avenue due to police activity. gregg and rosanna. >> thank you. >> let's talk knicks. hello, duke. >> yes. they were already eliminated from the playoffs saturday night, but -- officially. but they were in dallas to face the mavericks last night. let's pick it up with just over a minute left in the fourth, carmelo anthony's going to pull up and he can still get up. the mavs rallied back. gets it back, easy lay-up, and dallas goes on to win 93-89, the concern 91-89, the final score. yankees closer, andrew miller -- until chapman comes back -- has a chipped wrist fracture after being hit with a line drive. wrist. miller left yesterday's game against the braves of after throwing only one pitch in the
7:48 am
it's so scary when guys -- he's mad. >> well, he knows he's hurt. >> after getting hit on the inside of the right wrist on his non-throwing hand, the yankees say he will see a hand specialist to determine the next course of action. brian mitchell also sprained his big toe in this game, that's a painful injury. the yankees won, by the way. >> sprained his big toe? >> yeah. a turf toe, greg, and spraining your big toe affects your balance. matt harvey made his final spring training start yesterday, struggled giving up three runs and two hits over two innings, all three coming by way of the ryan zimmerman home run. harvey not happy with reporters and the tabloids making fun of his situation, did not talk to appropriators. mets lose 12-1. and as i said, he was not happy. i kind of don't blame him. it was a serious situation, but, you know, there was a lot of interest in his --
7:49 am
>> bladder. >> moving on. last night it was a much anticipated mike and the mad dog reunion show, they knew they'd get a huge welcome from the fans. >> eight years in the making, we'll call this eight years after, how about that? >> eight years -- has matt harvey gone to the bathroom yet? [laughter] >> i want to know one thing -- >> yes. >> so do these focus: where have you been for eight years? [laughter] >> they all wanting tock there. >> yeah. entertained? >> it was pretty good. you know, i had to go to bed, but i watched for about an hour and ten minutes, and they had joe torre, tom coughlin, mark messier. >> looks like tony robbins up there, the motivational guy. >> they reflected on the show's history and also gave advice to a certain jets' quarterback. >> patrick in the building
7:50 am
[cheers and applause] >> that's patrick here, isn't it? [cheers and applause] >> the guy with the beard. >> [inaudible] >> i know. >> reunion show raised more than a million dollars for the garden of dreams foundation. finally,s this is really cool. at citi field for 2016, greg, rosanna, everybody asking about you yesterday. >> what's new? >> mr. and mrs. met came out, the coca-cola corner, there'll be new interactive social media-based activities, and mike piazza weekend's going to be huge, all the food -- >> oh, reyes was there too? >> and, of course, mamas of corona. yesterday i met be irene, she and her sister ma eerie.
7:51 am
and they're big fans of good day. marie was asking me all about the baby, and irene actually -- [laughter] i brought home a box of cannolis and a box of sandwiches for the baby. >> look at you. and you didn't have anything? >> i did. >> because i know your body is a temple. >> it was great to see everybody yesterday. the food was amazing, the ballpark looks great, and we're ready for some baseball. >> all right. thank you, duke. >> thanks. >> coming up on good day new york, we've got a heck of an 8:00 hour, and the 9:00, even more interesting. bob rice is going to be here from nbc. >> used to be the boss over there. that looks like a control tower for not a -- yes. for newark. sorry. joe, what are you doing you're not working for us? we don't have you on too much. >> i work the afternoons. i don't like getting up at four in the morning. >> i heard that. you work the afternoons, huh?
7:52 am
go to work at the crack of two in the afternoon. >> oh! [laughter] >> nice life, joe.
7:53 am
7:54 am
us these ooh beaut make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> okay. the notorious b.i.g., he would have been 44 years old, and they have a nice tribute concert they're setting up over at the
7:55 am
>> puff daddy is hosting the bad boy family reunion, that's what it's being called. it's going to take place the day before what would have been biggie's 44th birthday. it's bringing together big names in hip-hop like lil' kim, mace, french montana, faith evans is going to be there, guest performances from mary j. and jay-z. >> so the notorious b.i.g., his real name, by the way, was christopher george wallace, born in brooklyn. and, but he was killed in los angeles in 1997, kind of a drive-by shooting type situation. he was in a or car, car pulled up, opened fire. that case, reading here online, remains unsolved, rosanna. >> wow. well, the concert will take place at barclays center on may 20th. meanwhile, did you watch cookie and lucius last night? >> oh, yeah, empire was on. did not see it. give me the highlights. >> the rest of the lyon's den was back, empire returned.
7:56 am
continued, and without giving any of the spoilers away, here's a few highlights. the first hour picked up where the break left off with, you know, rhonda who was pregnant getting pushed down the flight of stairs. we find out immediately what happened to rhonda and the baby. not going to tell you, greg. you have to watch. catch the next episode next wednesday night at 9:00 right here on fox 5. >> how about that cookie? that's all i know -- >> cookie just was slapping people, she was saying crazy things last night, she was up to her old cookie self. >> this' the only thing -- that's the only thing i know about empire. >> whoopi goldberg can add medical marijuana entrepreneur to her resume . >> there she is with her friend. this is geared toward providing relief for women during what they call that time of the month. >> the company is called whoopi
7:57 am
>> look, if it's legal, good for whoopi. there she is in, i think, is this sister act? sister act brought gospel to japan. >> right. well, she's very popular. by the way, some of the products that will have this medical 345eur7b is sipping chocolate and a bath soak. >> you get high in a marijuana bath? get back to me on that. >> all right.
7:58 am
thank you for saying nice things fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
8:00 am
day new york. >> hi, everybody, welcome to the last day of the month. march isover, april fool's day is tomorrow. going to be like the world series around here. >> i am on guard and thinking of things. tweet me, facebook me with suggestions to get him. meanwhile, let's just enjoy the day. it is gorgeous. warming up to the high 60s, tomorrow we're going to be in the 70s, but tomorrow i think we might have a little rain. today sunny and breezy, in fact, don't believe me, believe audrey puente, she's here with the details. >> yeah, mike woods still on vacation enjoying the desert southwest. we also have, donald trump on the campaign trail saying something kind of wacky yet again but clarifies it. it made a lot of people mad, and a lot of people are trying to use it for their benefit. i think he said, rosanna? >> he said women should be punished if they have an illegal abortion. >> it caused quite a firestorm and he, essentially, took it
8:01 am
>> bernie sanders is going to hold a rally in the bronx. >> hillary clinton is making the rounds as well, she's up in westchester county. >> meanwhile, did you hear about this? some security guard on long island is accused of recording video of a teenaged boy going to the bathroom. he then posted the video on his snapchat. he's in trouble. >> that's against the law. there's a picture of the suspect. all right. we also have this, hamilton u, great musical, great show. rosanna and i saw it, loved it. really did like it, actually. >> you were so inspired by the rap. >> and also i didn't get bored. but it's in a little bit of hot water about a casting call where they specifically said non-white actors need not apply, essentially. >> but now they're taking it back. they're taking it back, and they're massaging what they're looking for. >> don't apply if you're white. they've taken it back but, hey,
8:02 am
casting call if you're black or hispanic don't bother, huh? >> i don't think i've ever seen that. >> in black and white? maybe in between the lines. more from the heat theater in a little bit. >> it's 8:01, weather is glorious. >> do you want to see the dog tricks from yesterday? universal, the service came. they're performing in the bronx. you love this stuff. >> these dogs are so smart. >> universal is here. that's juan, by the way. look at him. but the great thing about juan, he taught us how to do the districts, or at least -- trick, or at least he tried. >> going through the hoop. watch this. >> that's the way it's supposed to be done. >> then he let us try. the dog was cared. [laughter] >> i don't blame the dog. >> he ran away twice, i think. but after a while -- >> i should have had a treat there to help you, greg. >> we got the hang of it thanks to woon. watch this, huh? here comes the dog. going to make his jump. [laughter] >> no, no, i'm telling you, he did it.
8:03 am
>> and then look who got in the act. rosanna. >> thank you for not pulling that out while i was on it. >> you didn't even try. universal, the circus, is in the bronx and in brooklyn for pretty much all of april. >> by the way, i had the flag at one point, you were jumping over. what happened to that video? >> i made the jump. >> what happened with that, that video got lost on the editing floor this morning, greg kelly? >> hey, it can happen. >> with 03. now we can takewet, audrey? >> let's do it. day. it is officially the season, but it hasn't quite felt that way. now we're going to see temperatures soar into the 60s, and i think a lot of folks are going to enjoy it. starting off nice already, temperatures in the 40s to low 50s and with high temperatures in the 60s later today, that's going to put us above average. normally we should be in the low 50s, we're going to be well above that.
8:04 am
don't think we're going to go thereafter up the thermometer, but it will still feel nice. 55 in the park at the moment. we're going to be in april tomorrow. a southerly wind flow right now, a southwest wind is going to help usher in the milder temperatures across the area. nicewet frommal beenny -- weather from albany to boston to philly. and we're in the 60s already in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. so look at our sat right and radar shows we have had plenty of sun hine this morning, but now clouds are starting to work into northwestern new jersey and into the hudson valley. they will make their way eastward, and the rains associated with the clouds should hold off to the northwest. the system is bringing rain from the great lakes down toward the deep south, but we should squeeze out one more dry day before we have to break out our umbrellas. so we'll have temperatures soaring into the 60s later this afternoon.
8:05 am
with scattered showers throughout the day, and on saturday we'll get relatively drier. there could be a passing shower in the afternoon, but the big story will be the drop in temperatures, in the 50s on saturday, 40s on sunday and 40 degree weather is going to be with us at least for the first half of next week. let's get a check of the roads this morning, and for that we're going to head over to ines row sal race. -- rosales. >> problems, still working on the van wyck northbound atlantic avenue, out this for over an hour. cross island parkway, new approximate southbound by northern boulevard with, 6:a crash. route 78, we're dealing with an accident westbound, the expressway lanes, exit 50 there's an accident. problems. take a look at the commute on staten island, the expressway's been doing good. no problems on victory boulevard bridge. 3 trains this morning, police
8:06 am
southbound no service between pennsylvania avenue and new lots avenue. rest of the trains are running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> let's do politics. new york state doing it in a big way. our primary count, it's a competitive one. donald trump said something kind of wild again, and it's got the whole world talking. >> his comments on abortion has a a lot of people upset. he originally said women should face some form of punishment for illegal abortion, but he later changed that. robert moses has been trying to piece it all together. it came during an interview on msnbc which, by the way, was very prosecutorial. say yes or no. >> sometimes you've got to do that. what happened, robert? >> he was pushing him. >> the line of questioning was pretty sharp, and then later on in the day trump sort of backtracked on that first statement. now he insists that his position on abortion has not changed.
8:07 am
reagan and said he is pro-life with exceptions. now, some of those in the pro-life camp said that trump simply went too far. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> donald trump's comments on msnbc drew swift and bipartisan condemnation. bernie sanders called them shameful, hillary clinton described them as horrific and telling. >> for what donald trump said today was outrageous and dangerous. >> trump's fellow republicans criticized him too. ted cruz said in a statement, once again donald trump has demonstrated that he hasn't seriously thought through the issues and he'll say anything just to get attention. of john kasich who was in queens yesterday hit trump hard as well. >> of course women shouldn't be punished. look, i think probably donald trump will figure out a way to say that he didn't say it or he
8:08 am
i don't think that's an appropriate response, and it's a difficult enough situation. >> one of the only people who came to trump's defense was new jersey governor chris christie. >> people misspeak all the time, you know, and you can't -- but with him everybody wants to make a bigger deal over it. >> a few hours after making his remarks, trump backtracked. he said that if abortion is banned, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. >> all right. the next big contest to watch is the wisconsin primary. according to a marquette university law school poll that just came out yesterday, cruz points. a cruz win could potentially further embolden the anti-trump camp to work to deny him that nomination in july, and then after wisconsin we have the big contest here in new york. >> okay. thanks a lot.
8:09 am
john kasich, by the way, in queens. campaigning in queens. they don't see a lot of presidential candidates. of he was there. >> yeah. yesterday he he decided he was going to taste a little pizza. finally! he had it in his hands, but he started off with a fork and knife, and apparently somebody whispered in his ear, put down the fork and knife. this was in gino's -- >> you fold the pizza, you eat it that way. >> that's how most people eat it. >> somebody gave him a hard time. look, if you want to use a knife and forbes knock yourself out. -- fork, knock yourself out. de blasio did it. >> donald trump did it because he didn't want to eat the bread. >> yeah. i was on this no-carb kick for a while. pizza's everywhere, you can eat the cheese, still get a good pizza feeling. >> right. anyway, let's talk about trump's republican rival, senator ted cruz. he made a late night tv appearance. he went on jimmy kimmel and stuck to his positions despite
8:10 am
>> was he funny? >> i didn't see it. he also called out hillary clinton and the president for being too politically correct on radical islamic terrorism. >> let's listen to this. >> i dislike obama's policies more. >> i see. >> but donald, donald is a unique individual. [laughter] i will say i was watching the early part of the show, and if i were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera -- [laughter] i'm not confident which pedal i'd push. [laughter] [applause] >> wow, senator cruz! >> he's going to kill donald trump? >> hey, donald trump has threatened to kill somebody on fifth avenue, remember in. >> i don't know. >> hey, it got a laugh. >> jimmy kimmel pointed out that ted cruz isn't well liked in the senate, and senator cruz told him when you stand up to washington, they don't like it. >> all right. so on the democratic side, both bernie sanders and hillary
8:11 am
city today. >> yeah. they're getting ready for the big april 19th primary. hillary yesterday was in harlem at the apollo, today she's going to be in westchester, and bernie sanders is going to be at 129 mary's park in the bronx bronx. he was in wisconsin yesterday because they have that primary first, and then it's new york. anyway, carrie drew is in the bronx this morning a little early. she's early to the big campaign there. but she's feeling the bern, i guess, already. right, carrie? anybody show up yet? >> not yet. good morning to you. bernie sanders will be here tonight. he will be holding a rally behind me in the st. mary's park, and you can see there are crews kind of setting up, getting things ready, cleaning up the garbage and setting things up. also we've seen a number of cones in the area blocking a all of the parking spots in the vicinity. hillary clinton will hold a rally this afternoon at sunni purchase in westchester. clinton and sanders campaigning in new york ahead of the primary
8:12 am
next up, tuesday's primary in wisconsin. >> it is a thrill to be live at the apollo with all of you! [cheers and applause] >> democratic front-runner hillary clinton appeared in front of a packed house at the famed apollo theater in harlem wednesday, drumming up support for the april 19th new york primary. this despite the latest polls showing vermont senator bernie sanders with a four-point lead in wisconsin ahead of next tuesday's democratic primary there. sanders has won five of the last six primaries and is looking to keep his momentum going. >> if the democratic party wants a strong candidate that will defeat trump or some other republican and beat them badly, i think i am the candidate. >> well, i think it matters where we stand in delegates and, frankly, in popular vote. right now i'm gratified that i have more votes than anybody in this election, nearly nine million, and that's a million more than donald trump, and it's two and a half million more than
8:13 am
>> clinton and sanders will both be campaign anything new york today. clinton will be in westchester on the campus op of sunni purchase and sanders at st. mary's park in the brocks. and as they hit the campaign trail, both are keeping their rhetoric focused on the gop. >> they're asking americans to give 'em another chance. you know, fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me, right? [applause] is so for the life of me, i trying to accomplish. >> i say to those cowardly governors, if you can't stand up and win in a free and open and fair election, get out of politics, get another job with. [cheers and applause] >> the bernie sanders rally will begin at 7:00. the hillary clinton rally will purchase. by the way, that is the same
8:14 am
bid for u.s. senate in february of 2000. meanwhile, there is a new poll out today, a quinnipiac university poll, that shows clinton leading sanders here in new york 54-42%. we're live in the bronx this morning, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> let's see them one more time, thank you very much, carrie drew. hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. bernie sanders, those cowardly governors. at this point, should we make our endorsement? >> obvious what? >> -- of what? eve. moving on to other stories, a security guard at a long island school accused of recording a teenage boy using the bathroom and then posting it to snapchat. >> cops arrested daniel williams yesterday. they say he walked in the restroom at roosevelt high school on tuesday, began filming this boy who's 16 years old. they say the boy appeared to be
8:15 am
mr. williams is due back in court april 11th. >> you heard about the guy robbing elderly women in brooklyn and queens. we have new surveillance video of the guy police believe doing this. >> it's really very good video. take a look at this. do you know this man? they just released this video from the latest attack which happened last saturday near ocean parkway and beverly road. in that attack, police say, the man followed a woman 83 years old into her building, hit her in the face, at no time steal anything. police -- didn't steal anything. police say the other attacks were similar but resulted in robberies. if you know who he is, please call crimestoppers, 1-800-577-tips. >> here's an item, new jersey transit, there will not be a fair hike anytime soon. we heard that from governor christie yesterday. that's his opinion. >> yeah. last year new jersey transit raised prices by 9% because of a budget gap, but speaking on his radio show yesterday, governor
8:16 am
ask for more money in every budget to close gaps and that he tells them they have to find a way to close it without the fare increase. he also said the new deal with rail union workers won't result in a fare hike until at least june of 2017. >> it's great that governor christie is back doing his job, huh? how about that, getting involved in the minutiae. good for him. what else? >> a 40-foot art installation called big bling coming to madison square park. look at that. >> kind of looks like the world coaster. >> it's a mock-up. it will be made of plywood, chain-link fencing topped with 24care rat gold leaf. >> how big is it going to be? >> he's huge, greg. i think it's 22 -- 40-foot. >> all right. >> 40-foot art installation. so are you interested in this? it will be installed in the park
8:17 am
he's had some of his work shown at the knew -- museum of modern art. >> look at all these dogs. they're just hanging out. [laughter] >> hopefully, they won't enjoy it too much. sculpture. >> imagine that, right? dogs, they have no -- they have no problem doing that stuff anywhere in front of anybody. [laughter] [laughter] forget that. >> you thinking about that? >> no, i'm not. audrey, what's going on? >> let's think about some nicewet? great day to be outdoors with your dog because we are going to experience temperatures well above average for this time of year. normally we should have high numbers in the mid 50s, soaring to the 60s today, 70s tomorrow, but we'll drop down by the we could and have highs below average by sunday and next week. 55 in central park, it's 53 in islip, we're in the 50s up towards poe kip she, 40 degree
8:18 am
winds coming out of the southwest which is a nice, mild wind direction, and that's going to help bump up our numbers to above average readings today. lots of sunshine to start, we're starting to see clouds work anything from the west across northern portions of new jersey and up towards sullivan and also orange counties. these will slowly move eastward, so we're going to go with a mix of sun and clouds for your thursday, and they're coming in ahead of the system that's currently bringing rain showers around the great lakes this morning. i think most of this rape will hold off until -- rain will hold off until overnight tomorrow, but i'm not going to rule out the chance of an isolated showers. much of the dame hours -- daytime hours will be dry. tomorrow we'll be be in the 70s, 50s on saturday with 40 degree readings for sunday. factor in a gusty wind, and it will feel more like the 30s for the second half of the weekend. keep that winter weather gear handy because it's going to feel and be in the 40s monday,
8:19 am
and we also want to let you know about our fox 5ny weather app, you can track your daily and hourly forecasts by downloading the app free at your google play store. let's see -- oh, actually, let's give a quick shoutout to luke who's celebrating a birthday today, this comes from your girlfriend, and she wants to wish you all the very best on your special day. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning with a very special woman, ines rosales. >> thanks, audrey. the commute in morning, tappan zee bridge from rockland county, normal delays, traffic backed up to the palisades, reports of a stall on 287, the cross west k4eser but the hutchton river parkway. everything's moving fine. the george washington bridge, normal delays if you're heading towards the upper level, 45 minutes, 20 at the lower level. 495, lincoln tunnel, about 45 inbound. the holland tunnel, 15-20 from each approach. greg and rosanna.
8:20 am
this guy, a big shot in entertainment and news. former head of nbc. the national broadcasting company. him, bob wright. >> yeah. he's going to be here. he wrote a new book called "the wright stuff." 9 in it he talks about why he got involved with autism speak, but he also talks about donald trump and some of the people that he worked with. >> oh, that's right, the apprentice. >> on nbc. >> he was donald trump's boss. that should be interesting. >> yeah. >> let's take a quick look outside if we can. weather wise, rosanna, it's delightful. >> and claudia's going to be delighted, it's her birthday. her husband adam says they're watching every morning. we appreciate that. all right, enjoy it. good day's coming right back. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> very flavorful candy. >> oh, jolly ranchers, very nice. >> wait a second. donald trump is on the phone. donald trump, can you hear me?
8:24 am
>> hello, greg, i'm doing great in the polls. you're giving me that look again, i am working on the voice. >> i know. [laughter] >> there's plenty of material. excuse me, excuse me. >> the problem is when he really calls in, nobody's going to believe it, because you are imitating him constantly. >> you'll be able to tell, and we expect to hear from donald trump before the primary. he'll be on again and, in fact, we've invited all the candidates to appear on good day the new york. >> wouldn't that be awesome, to have hillary clinton here and bernie sanders and kasich? >> they did local tv in iowa, let's do local tv here in new york city. >> interesting. that'd be fun. let's get down to business. fox means business. hello, lauren simonetti. >> hello. it's spring break, summer travel coming up, record passengers are what the airports are expecting. so the lines are going to be long regardless, but they're going to be even longer right now for two reasons. remember that precheck program? it started a couple of years ago. you get prevetted ahead of time, you pay $85, you hand in all of these documents, you schedule an
8:25 am
they say, okay, cower you're approved, you can go there i with your belts on, shoes on, and you can keep your laptop where it is. they were expecting 25 million people to sign up, we got more than 9 million. at the same time, the tsa cut back by 10% the number of agents that screen you when you go to the airport. it's one of the reasons why the lines are really, really long. you've got to give yourself plenty of time and pack plenty of patience on your next trip, you just do. >> i had a friend do that, they went to the airport for the interview, everything is great. they're like in and out. >> the problem is they do have to plan it and go to the airport when you're not going on a flight, you know what i mean? >> so a lot of people say in theory it's a great idea, but it's probably easier just to wait online for whatever number of times we fly. >> had an off day, go out there. how much does it cost? >> 85. >> $85? okay. >> that might be worth it. all right. lauren simonetti, thank you so much, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up on good day new york -- >> we are officially not
8:26 am
we haven't been on a plane in a long time. >> i know. we've got to change that. tatiana, she's the star of orphan black. people tell me this show is unbelievable. she plays, like, 13 characters. she's like, she plays herself in the same scene three times sometimes. she's like a clone. >> wow. >> have you heard about it? >> sounds like it could drive you insane, but by all accounts she's totally sane -- >> and she's an amazing actress. she will be here in the 9:00 hour. all across america families are
8:27 am
for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card.
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8:29 am
greg: a live look at the brooklyn bridge a. scene of a many a movie. a scene of a bike versus scotto incident. >> no no, it was a roller
8:30 am
down. what happened to the roller blader? >> my sister ran after him. she got him. >> then what? >> she talked to him, forcefully. >> don't mess with the scottos. >> it was my mom. >> a view of manhattan on the other side. what is the pizza place? >> grinaldi's. every never gone to pizza over there. i go o the river cafe. that is a special place. greg: the lines discourage the people. >> yeah, i don't like to wait. i want it right now. you know what, it is so funny, sometimes you wait in the long lines and i then i could get
8:31 am
so many great pizza places in new york city. greg: we have these things to entertain us while waiting in line. have you noticed. >> what is a thing you would wait in line for? >> one thing i would lite in line for, the last time, let me think about something that doesn't get me in trouble. >> a movie? >> i have gone to the movies in a year. no one is doing the movies. how with you? >> i waited in line for a new iphone. it was an hour wait. my kids kid that. my daughter was in the line and many helicopter went over here. greg: that was fun. what else? >> it is 8:31 in the morning. it is a beautiful thursday. >> little friday.
8:32 am
the week for the next seven. it is the mildest one. get out and enjoy it. talk about the temperatures now. we have readings in the 40z and 50s across the tristate area. we are starting at 55 in central park. 53 newark. 50 in montauk point, too. 47 sussex. bridgeport 46. now these numbers are running 15 to 20 degrees warmer than they were about 24 hours ago. that is telling us that we are off to artnd leading us to a day with above average temperatures. that is curtesy of the southwest wind flow. now, we are starting with a lot of sunshine across much of the area. the clouds are starting to work in from the west. the clouds overspreading
8:33 am
into the hudson valleyal creeping to the east. the rain showers are held to the northwest, and it is tomorrow when we anticipate the rain moving in across the region. the rain is part of a larger system affecting the great lakes down to mississippi valley. severe weather is a potential for the southeast states today and lighter rainfall around the great lakes and that is headed in your direction tomorrow. this time tomorrow, i anticipate a wetter commute. plan accordingly. you may need extra time tomorrow morning and have the umbrella handy. scattered showers throughout friday. in the afternoon on saturday a passing shower. enjoy today. we are expecting mild temperatures. it is breezy today. but very mild with a southwest wind flow. tomorrow we go to the 70s. we have to dodge the rain
8:34 am
saturday and the temperatures drop into the 40s on sunday and cold for the first half of next week. now to traffic. ines? >> ines: good morning, queens we have a number of problems. jackie robinson parkway a slow ride. grand central parkway an accident. new jersey commute, dealing with delays on 78. earlier accident here headed west bountd to the garden state parkway. now to cameras and looking at the bruckner here. you have the normal delays westbound, traffic is jammed up. george washington bridge, upper level 45 minutes. lower 30. lincoln tunnel 45-50 minutes head to the city. holland tunnel 20 minutes.
8:35 am
between pennsylvania avenue and new lodge avenue. greg: okay. thanks a lot. hamilton the musical, a big hit on the broadway, and a big hitted. this was going to happen, some controversy surrounding the show. what is this about? rosanna: they have an open casting call and advertised for non-white performers. the ad upset a lot of people and if the shoe was on the other outside. ben, hello. we have been there and enjoyed hamilton and that is what i would line on line for that, tickets to hamilton. ben, take it away. ben: this is a hot ticket and the show is expanding and launching a production in chicago and casting for a nationwide tour and possibly launching in london and they are
8:36 am
to replace some of the actors that have been here when the show came on broadway. they have posted a notice for open casting call and the language in the casting call is drawing a lot of attentioning asking for non-white actors in the 20s and 30s. there are laws against this type of language in employment advertising, especially in new york city, it would appear to be discriminatory on a number of fronts, in a certain age range and asking for non-white actors. auditions should be open to everyone. this does appear to be just discrimination. have a listen. >> you cannot tell any actor, i
8:37 am
because of the color of my skin whether black or white. if a production companies are doing that, that is illegal. >> now, in a written statement t producers of hamilton are going to change the posting that appeared on the website and regret the confusion, the auditions are open to everyone, but they are not backing down from hiring a diverse cast, it is important to the show, the president saw the show and liked the fact that a lot of actors are non-white, even though they are playing the roles of white people. so that is the story from the times square area and now rosanna, greg, cue up the video of the two of you going to see hamilton. greg: we are going to get to that. it is a classic.
8:38 am
a couple of things about this, i heard this, take a look at this, this is a story of america in the 1700s, 1800s told my today's america. i like that. rosanna: we enjoyed it. greg: the story of america, it is everybody's america and told my today's america. good for him. it is a mega hit. we were in the audience, it was fun. rosanna: it was a lot of fun. we got to meet the cast after wards. greg: now to controversial audition that we had. rosanna: why bring that up? greg: dress up, not down, and maybe wear a crown. make a night of it go to fresco. rosanna: g rock is at it again. you should audition. i will go with you. greg: you think so?
8:39 am
go to our facebook page. greg should audition. which character do you want to play? greg: hamilton. rosanna: how'd i know. greg: the house in westfield, new jersey, a person is obsessed with. they are sending letters to the owners of the house for years. creepy letters. the current owners bought it o couple of years ago and now they are yep upset, the previous owners didn't tell them. >> it is going for 1.2 metlife stadium, a hundred thousand dollars less than before. three days after the closing, the new owners started get the crazy letters and calling themselveses the watcher. greg: they brought the leter to the police, the watcher might be a female.
8:40 am
they don't know who is sending the nasty notes. it is traumatic for the family. rosanna: yes, everybody is suing everyone. the current opener is suing the old owner and hollywood is listening. they have bought the story and it is now being developed. greg: it is a nice house. it is looking dark and spooky. i am sure it is nice. >> batman, and maybe spiderman, spooky. greg: not spooky. >> sometimes. even penguin. they showed up to city hall and voicing their opinion on the proposal to section off the pedestrian plaza in times square and keeping the charactering all in one other. there would be a flow zone. many of the characters don't like the idea. >> the people come to me and
8:41 am
with you, it is not my fault. so i will walk in times square. >> mickey mouse goes craze on you when you don't give the tip. >> the zone is about the size of a city bus. >> you remember the pope mobile in new york city when pope francis was here, it was a little fiat. it is up for action. today is the cutoff. >> you can find it on charity the latest bid is $250,000. all the money is going to catholic schools and charities. cardinal dolan is going to greet the winner and bless the car. the auction is ending today. if you would like the fiat, talk about you got major credit on
8:42 am
how many people can buy a car that the pope was rided in new york city on. >> wow, that is fantastic. we road shotgun with the pope. it was cool. rosanna: greg, that was actually a wax statute. we put monsignor franco in the car with us too. people were running and praying. i was facebook living at the time. people were losing their minds. we had to tell them no, no, it is a wax figure. >> "good day new york" is coming
8:43 am
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colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. rosanna: all right, we are talking health stories, dr. raj is here. >> what's going on? >> we are talking about school breakfast and it is a big problem in new york city. mayor bloomberg stopped the program because of the concerns
8:46 am
causing obesity for the children. this is something that in the classroom and the option for the classrooms and they found it actually didn't impact the school performance based on testing and other factors, but didn't increase obesity. it is a wash in terms of positive or negatives. many people feel it is a very important option for the kids that are not able to get a breakfast at home, however, it department impact the academic performance very much. so probably going to continue any way. >> what's for breakfast? >> that was part of the interest, like bagels and cream cheese. another>> like the eggs at the buffet. >> yes t powder. not great. talking about the exercise and the impact on muscle function as we age. this was a study that
8:47 am
that were high performance athletes throughout their life and measured the muscle function and the nerves attached to the muscle fibers and found those that had exercised their entire lives as higher muscle function, when comparing to others, they didn't have many functioning muscle fibers. we all lose the muscle mass and this is another reason to continue exercising throughout your life but the muscle fiegers will function better and having more muscle mass and that is important for prevenlting fractures of the hip and other things like that. greg: you know who is getting bigger and better. mike woods. >> he does a lot of weight training.
8:48 am
>> that's it for now. >> thank you, dr. raj. >> are you reading the book, there is a new book, it is getting a lot of attention, called the right stuff. he talks about the work with autism speaks. he has a personal connection to it. he talks about the business. starting off donald trump with celebrity apprentice and talking about passing on apple. "good day new york" is coming
8:49 am
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>> weddings can be expense. we have the first billionaire wedding. the father is worth over $6 billion. this is the dress.
8:52 am
moscow. j-lo performed there. to perform. she made a number of costume changes. sting was there. elton john and beyonce. they were rumored to be performed on the second day. that is taking place this weekend in london. the cake nine tiers high. it is taller than a person. it was garlands of white and pink flowers. when a few billion, what is another billion. >> look at "american idol" the top four are taking a trip to home tones ahead of the finale. the contenders are mckensey, trent and portia and dalton.
8:53 am
big fe finale. catch it tonight. >> tatiana starring in the orphan black. she's playing like 13 characters. all right, we are going to meet tatiana coming up. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:54 am
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>> wow, a what a pretty picture. thank you so much. this is our instagram picture of the morning. send us your shots. it is a gorgeous. do you think they used a filter on this? >> sure.
8:57 am
we are seeing more of that today with the mild temperatures coming in. we are expecting the high numbers in the 60. >> thank you. we have a great show, bob wright is coming up and the actress tatiana and young kids, butting artists from our area who are
8:58 am
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>> oh, so busy in times square right now at 9:00. greg: where the characterers and creating chaos? >> it is too early. they work later. they are there for the theatre time at 7:00, 8:00. greg: are you kidding, i see smurf and mickey mouse and olaf. they are there. breaking news. rosanna: 9:00 in the morning, wow, they are working overtime. greg: they are in the the news


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