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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> oh, so busy in times square right now at 9:00. greg: where the characterers and creating chaos? >> it is too early. they work later. they are there for the theatre time at 7:00, 8:00. greg: are you kidding, i see smurf and mickey mouse and olaf. they are there. breaking news. rosanna: 9:00 in the morning, wow, they are working overtime. greg: they are in the the news
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city hall, they don't want to be penned into one area. rosanna: well, it makes everyone's lives easier if you are working in the area. the city council is considering zones for those walking freely and those that want to take pictures with the characters. greg: the only time there is the issue when the person doesn't tip or only offers a buck. rosanna: we don't know that many incidents. if you go and look at the police blotter, you would be surprised how much that happens. they are looking harmless. greg: it sparked a debate with the nudist women. roz that is a horse of a different color. >> listen to the people and the characters. >> the people come to me and
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with you. it is not my fault. >> mickey mouse goes crazy on you without a big hip. that is wrong. >> they are doing everything big in texas. regulation. i have friends working in the area and saying it is impossible to walk around? >> impossible? impossible? rosanna: well, difficult. it is a hassle. rosanna and greg. you are the elmo. and you were misbehaving. you grabbed her soda. >> she was laughing.
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under cover. rosanna: well, we had a camera. greg: here we are in a moment. things. that is cute. we are holding paws. around. listen, a lot of fun doing that. it is hard work for those people doing that every day and trying to make a living. greg: the problem is overhyped by we, the media, the characterers getting in way of pedestrians. rosanna: greg, i disagree with you, if you talk to be the people living and working there, there is a different story. greg: we can agree to disagree. you are right, it is not my neighborhood. rosanna: and you don't work there. greg: it is new york. it is not on my way home. one or twice the month i go through there. rosanna: it needs to be managed.
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>> i just pass through and i can pass through. rosanna: barely. greg: no. rosanna: you are hassled. greg: the problems do happen when you don't tip. that is a sense. rosanna: we wish them well. everyone deserves to make a living. no doubt about that. greg: so donald trump, what'd he do now. he was being interviewed by chris matthews, well questioned. rosanna: he put him on the spot. he wouldn't let him get out after vague answer. greg: they were discussing abortion. >> i never under a pro life question. what crime is it? >> it is human life. >> should the woman be punished for having an abortion. >> well. is it a crime or murder, you have to deal with it under the
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punished? >> people in certain parts of the republican party and conservative conservative remembers say yes. >> you are running for the president, do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no? >> the answer is that there needs to be a form of punishment? >> yeah. >> to the woman? >> to someone. i do take positions on everything else. this is a complicated position. >> you are pro life and you want to ban it? religion. >> it seems he didn't have a formulated opinion. >> he was thinking about it as he went along. >> chris matthews wasn't letting him off the hook.
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>> if it is illegal abortion. >> any way t comment got him in a lot of trouble. >> he had to retract it. >> all right. so he's still dominating the headlines. how governor kasich from ohio, in queens. rosanna: he went there and made a stop and stopping for a little pizza. greg: that is where he got into trouble. there he is. eating with his hands. not until an aide said, put down the knife and fork and eat it like a new yorker. this is how he started the meal. rosanna: he's not from the area. there are people, going to italy they are very, very thin pizza and they eat it with a knife and fork.
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places like philadelphia get worked up about it. the population comes and goes. rosanna: we like to fold our pizza. we like to fold it. greg: we like people marching to their own drummer. there is deblasio. how about trump. he did it in times square back in 2011. knife and fork. the media going crazy about it. rosanna: he didn't want to eat the crust. he was on a diet. he was having the total sauce on it. greg: and the cheese. if you want to eat a pizza without the heavy feeling that is a way to do it. rosanna: if i'm having it, i'm going for the whole thing and worry about it tomorrow. >> i agree with you, rosanna. i'm with you. well, do on outdoor lunch today. this is the pick for the best weather day of the week. we are going to experience mild temperatures.
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that is above normal for this time of the year. the record on the date is 86 in 1988. we are not near that. area wide we are in the 50s across the area. up to 56 in poughkeepsie. 58 in central park. we are 56 islip. 54 bridgeport. our wind justs are blustery anticipated we are expecting a breezy day. we started with the sunshine. the clouds are starting to work their way in from the west. they are overspreading northern new jersey and into the hudson valley. a mix of sun and clouds for thursday. the rain associated with the clouds are to the northwest, it is a larger system from the great lakes to the ohio valley and to the deep south. severe weather was produced in texas, arkansas, louisiana yesterday. and that severe weather threat
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states in the afternoon. we are on the northern fringe of things. i am anticipating scattedered rain showers tomorrow. too. tonight the clouds are thickening up and rain showers tomorrow. they are scattered in nature on friday. briefly dry. passing showers to the north on saturday. overall much of the area is staying dry. the talk over the weekend is the drop in the temperatures. the temperatures are the talk today, well above average with the low 60s to low 70s. tomorrow in the 70s in the city. take the umbrella. on sand in the 50s. 40s on sunday and feeling like the 30s. cold is staying with for the first half of next week and the highs in the 40s.
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time of the year. over to you. greg: nbc. competing network. great history. nbc, depend on the season. any way, it is a great institution and for a long time led by the next guest, bob wright. the guy on the right there. now he has a new book, called the wright stuff from nbc to autism speaks, bob wright, welcome to "good day new york". >> thank you so much. the today show asked me to come ratings ratings. give up.
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there. great to have you here. the book is interesting and refleshgss on the success and how you started autism speaks and how it is personal for you. my grandson is 14 years old and he's fairly severly autistic and he'll never work for google or one of the lucky kids, but he's certainly got abilities but it is hard to communicate and that is the reason we did this and went around the country and we saw all these parents and in terrible states and no insurance, they were broke. treating a child of autism in the home is very expensive. the founder of home depot called me up in 2004, i hear you are
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i would be happy to come with you. i will tell you what i learned. we need to have awareness. i can't get political things done, i can't get the medical things unless we have the awareness. that is how we put together the beginning of it. i found three organizations and one in new york, new jersey and one in california, really good family driven organizations. we put them together and merged them together. >> i would love to get your take on the documentary pulled from the tribeca film festival. the dock frr om the uk believe that the vaccines are linked to the rates of autism, he's discredited, you are the expert on this issue, what is your take, sir?
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book. i don't believe that autism is triggered by vaccinations. but a lot of people do, and you have to respect them, because the coindense of diagnosis and problems with the vaccines reactions happens all the time. issue. every time johnny gets a vaccination he's feeling ill, the doctors say don't worry about it. and pretty soon he gets autism. the coincidence is striking. i spent 18 months trying to independently look at this and what we found though more work should be done on the vaccine safety and if they did it, it is not that expensive and making it better and giving people more of
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we have not found a direction connection. the person you are talking about is discredited and that is unfortunate because he's the director and writer of the particular movie called vax. that makes it harder, he's a lightning rod for this. i know, they try to -- so much pressure they had to pull it. rosanna: in the book, you talk about donald trump and he's on everybody's mind, you knew him because you were in business with him with celebrity apprentice. >> yes, back 30 owners. >> and co-owner ov the miss universe, he's a win oriented, very good and sharpening the tools available, this is very
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saying, do you think donald trump would make a good president? >> well, it is the way i would have written it without that. i have known him a long time. he's shown very good judgment in business and he is very actually very conservative when making decisions and he uses a lot of advice. we are not seeing that come through the campaign. rosanna: are you supporting him? >> yes, i'm a republican, i supported the other republicans that are all gone. >> you would vote for him in the primary and the general? >> yes, he's got to fight this image that he's antiwoman. >> he seems to be fanning it himself. but you are seeing behind the scenes he's a different type of guy?
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he's at erratic or shooting from the hip. he may say things to drive the negotiations, when negotiating, you have to set a table. >> you had to negotiate a deal with him? >> yes. we negotiated the deal, he wanted to build television city on the west side before the apartments and he wanted us to move there, i was at g capital and when we bought rca he wanted to build a 102 story building there and nbc building, we spent 8 months in negotiations on that, i didn't do it. i took a better deal that i had with rockefeller center, and he admired that we stayed toe to toe for a long time on that. rosanna: well, also in the book, you talk about passing on apple, which is unbelievable. you talk about the culture at ge
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council were clueless about the digital technology and dismissed the opportunity to buy into apple in 1996. >> well, i was there, i was part of it. there were 20 of us. a fellow known as the desiel was the ceo. jobs is out. he was fired and out with doing the next projects. they were having a terrible time. and this guy came to meet us, about the program we used to meet outside of big executives every three months and he came in and gave a speech and he broke down in the presentation. and he started to sweat, like really, really sweat. he was dropping the sweat. you don't know the pressure.
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this is a good company. you should be here and own a piece of the company. rosanna: because he was sweating he pushed the people off. >> well, we thought they might go the chapter 7. we didn't have the skills to help them. we couldn't jump in with a consumer devices. we had knew knew what we didn't know. >> too bad, today you will be a billionaire. what was your first job? >> paper boy. >> newses day? >> long island press. >> after college? >> after college, my first job was with ge as a lawyer. >> you paid it to the top of the corporate ladder? >> yes. i left twice. >> was that the key to tet
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>> well, in my case, i left to take a clerk ship with a famous federal judge in new jersey and that was a three and a half year departure. >> and enhanced the departure. >> and enhanced my skills. i then went to cable. i stayd with the cox family for three and a half years. rosanna: in the book, i want to talk about your wife, you speak in glowing terms, your soul mate and she's struggling right now with pan kree attic cancer. how are you doing? >> it is difficult. she was diagnosed october 2015, the worst day of my life, we have been together 50 years, 48 married, no cure of this. the treatments are awful. just awful.
9:20 am
and blood letting. every doctor is like a mortician. because they know you are going to die. it is so awkward and difficult and so i'm doing personalized medicine for her. i can afford to do. now we are finding drugs are matching up with her tumor that are not drugs in the protocols and not as many side affects. everybody is trying to do this now. it is personalized medicine. it is to get to the point, she's very chemo is knocking her out. >> please give her our best. rosanna: prayers for her and your family. >> thank you so much. she's here and watching.
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she's going to speak tomorrow. >> what are you watching on tv? >> a lot of news. it is fascinating. >> it is great drama. it is scripted news. >> stuff happening in reality is better than the house of cards. >> it is incredible. actually. thank you greg, rosanna. congratulations on your great successes here. all theedz people here, i remember half of these people from nbc at one time or another. >> thank you. coming up, tatiana will be here. >> bbc america. it is so good. >> she plays 18 characters. she's a great actress. coming up. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe...
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>> we are in the art gallery. >> take a look at this. this the huge. it is magnificent and done by up and coming artist in cooperation with a leading artist.
9:25 am
>> jeff kuhn is mentoring the kids. this is corner of howard and laugh lafayette. >> look at the beautiful piece of work in the studio. >> it is huge, greg. greg: we are going to meet our new friends. rosanna: the lead artist on this, tell us about this. ground swell? >> yes, it is an organization that works on the community murals and we have done 500 murals throughout the city. this one was incredible. we had a great team. >> tell us about these young people that were chosen. >> this is our a-team of the ground swell. they are amazing. we come up with the ideas and
9:26 am
>> let's meet everyone. >> i'm a college student and here with ground swell. >> nathan did you climb up there? >> we designed it to scale. >> beautiful. where are you from? >> brooklyn. >> i'm from brooklyn as well. >> i like this. brooklyn is well represented here. >> how did you get involved with the project. >> through a college professor. i was interested in work and hey, ground swell is a good opportunity for you. you should go for it. what is it like working with jeff, he's a big deal right now? >> it is a privilege an honor.
9:27 am
process and creative thinking. a very unique individual. >> unique how, there is a story there? >> the way he elaborates, he's very articulate. there is something he pulls out of everything. >> hello. >> i'm from east harlem. >> did you ever think you would have this opportunity? >> how old are you? >> 18 years old. >> your is displayed on a huge building in soho. what is that like for you? >> it is amazing. to see it on you have to stand on a different street. >> how big is this? >> 150 feet. the kids designed it and you have people going up? >> yes, we designed it as a team and came up with a good design
9:28 am
murals and they fak ri kated it to the building. >> it is a great project. a city program. how do you get involved? >> ground swell and you can get involved if you are 16 and over. you could be one of the mouth participating. greg: i have a great idea. sign this. >> it is hanging -- don't rip it. greg: will you sign this for us? >> this is how the design came together. theedz are the preliminary sketches and ended up looking like that. >> your family must be so excited, right? >> this is just you so unique. >> by the way, did you get the permission of the hotel? >> yes.
9:29 am
to happen. he's a big art collector. >> yes, he is. >> the young people will be awesome artists to come. >> happy to recognize you. congratulations. you can see that for free just go to the building. o this thing we hope is going to pay for our retirement. get super famous. oh, good. thank you. [laughter] >> don't worry, it is a print. >> we are going to meet the star of bbc america's orphan black.
9:30 am
crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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introducing the fusion
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with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion. >> hi, everybody. orphan orphan black. >> it is on bbc america. characters. it is crazy, assist in the 4th season. so happy you are here. i am curious, you play various characters in one scene. you are talking to yourself, basically, two or three times in
9:33 am
do you do that? >> very very complicated and technical, and within the move, times over. so it is a lot of talking to a tennis ball or my twin double, but it is complicated. >> is your clone double on the tv? >> we see her shoulder. >> is she just reading the lines? >> she's amazing. i am lucky to have her. he's a committed actor and generous. >> it must be hard for you, first of all, you are carrying about every scene. you have different hair. and make up for every scene. it takes forever to shoot a scene?
9:34 am
we are a canadian show. we somehow manged to push all the high concept stuff into a short time frame. >> a lot of the american shows are filmed in canada. >> yes. do we have a clip? yes, take a look. >> best never mentioned to anybody calling mk? >> no. she never said anything to me. she didn't share every little thing. she protected us. >> from a clone in a mask venlt what's up with that? >> for the record i don'ts find it amusing. >> this is a peek of the 4 ths season. and yet another character there, another clone. >> yes mk. is there a message of cloning
9:35 am
>> it is less about cloning, we delve into the science of but the morality and what mean its, religiously and politically and in terms of individuals. >> very cool. orphan black on thursday, april 14th on bbc america. how did you get into the business? >> i started when i was nine. i was a dancer and i sort fell into the community theatre and never stopped. >> what are they saying about drum z in canada? >> watch out. >> i want to know about the healthcare in canada. you don't pay for it? >> no. >> is it good? >> yes, incredible system. very equal. there is no pressure on us. >> who knows if it would work here. i like canada.
9:36 am
>> congratulations on the fourth season. all the best. >> thank you. >> okay, we have a few things coming up as we look at the mixing ball up there over the harlem river. we'll be right back.
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it is gorgeous weather. it is the kind of weather to break out something new. we are something new. >> exactly. >> i have the spring colors on. the spring dress on. >> i said that looks amazing on camera. i love the colors. >> new dress? >> do you like it, greg? >> what about a new attitude? >> that is coming later. >> i feel good today. where'd you get that? >> h & m. i couldn't wait online. i just went online. they must come with a man for 629 doll $629 or something good.
9:40 am
>> well, if anything is out there hand sm fabulous and smart. >> so where'd you get that? >> i wept to st. marks place. i love the east village. take a look. >> spring is in the air and people are lighting up and peeling off the layers. mine is by zara and on sale for 59 bucks and the rom per $49 and the boots, you saw them, guicc 199. how to st. marks. eye catching shoes, where'd you get that? >> they are dock martins.
9:41 am
my girlfriend led me in the right direction. she said go with the wing tips and i said what are wing tips. now i know. i'm going to the grave with these. >> now, not exactly when you are needing a rainbow afterro wig, he's got you covered. 25 bucks for me and for you $20. there you go, a bargain on the street. you caught my eye because the ends of your hair are a fabulous purple and they match the hat. you'd you get that? >> vintage, coming from a shop that isn't open any more in brooklyn. have you ever seen ends around the corner.
9:42 am
>> fabulous like retro clothes and fashions. >> great, i will check that out. i like how you have the hat on with a leather jacket and the rest is casual and your head is going some place fabulous. >> i just woke up. >> >> at second and 7th, where'd you get that. ends is brapd nd new but vintage inspired. this is 75 bucks. now that everyone doesn't need a heavy coat, i think it is just adorable. what'd you think? crop tops are the rage. this is so cute. it is 75 bucks and by a company
9:43 am
laugh, trashy diva. 48, how cute is that. that is adorable. ends has their own line, called end, and how adorable is that. 178. this is called a wig old dress. that term made popular in the 50s. straight down narrow long, you wiggle in and wiggle out. wear it all summer long. pin up. marlin monroe is missing the swim suit. this is 85. straight out at 1955: this is $45 and it is really special. try it. it is tutu cute. there you go. >> i like it.
9:44 am
before i go, i have a couple of adorable photos of our line producer's son. these are the sneakers, he's 3 months old. how cute is he. he's dylan and he's got a hoody on. like fatter like son. his dad has a hoody on and baby had a hoody on and we were missing with him. he never woke up. >> he's a good baby. >> and a cute baby and well-dressed baby. >> we have to talk about taco thursday. greg, are you ready? >> never say no to a taco. >> we have freewayed oyster tack co-s.
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p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying your next one. >> tacos, my mom used to make them with sloppy joes. we are looking at the upper west side. it is new and hot. extremely popular. they are selling tacos like
9:48 am
rosanna: it is pretty. open about four months. we have an opener and the chef with us this morning. what does this mean and where'd the name come from? >> spanish for beach, and betty, of the two flint stone mom ls betty was the cute one. that became slang for cute girl on the beach. >> why tacos? >> we wanted to do california coastal cuisine, but the whole coast of california, fun stuff from food truck, l.a. health food and what is the heart of
9:49 am
>> how'd you get into the business. >> all right, how'd you get into the taco business? >> i am from texas. my family is from mexico and i have been around this cuisine. >> i like the different tacos, oyster tacos? >> yes. >> are we making that today. >> did you make that up or part of the tradition? >> it is inspired by the oyster rockefellers, but in terms of beach food, combining the shell fish with sausage, it is a beach food portugal, spain, that is typical for them. greg: i will be all i can be, would you mind cooking for us? >> today we are doing a dry method. we are getting the oysters and
9:50 am
>> dry them out? >> yes. put them in the flour. >> that is one big oyster. >> yes, egg wash. panco. >> that makes it crispy, greg. are you frying it in olive oil? canola. >> corn goodness. >> how long have you been cooking? >> pretty much my whole life, but professional ten years. >> all right. brown it on both sides? >> yes. this is the finished product. then what, chef? >> we are going to get the taco shells here. the shell is important. >> soft shell, corn.
9:51 am
only tacos, can't get chimicunga. we have health bowls. we have amazing roadside chicken, like you would find with the spices, dry rubbed. >> chicken, so the chickens are sold roadside? >> yes, we have a wonderful tender chicken available. >> i like the displays. it is a platter like this. take a look. how much for four tacos? dollars. >> for the whole thing? >> yes. >> do you need reservations? >> both. >> good to know. you can be spontaneous, greg. >> 320 amsterdam avenue, new york city. >> fantastic.
9:52 am
you can use which ever you want. at home you can use mayonnaise. that is the bottom of it. i will put this wonderful ois ter on top it. >> where do you get them from? >> meat without feet. >> you can shuck your own oysters oysters. using the stews oysters, they are meatier and a great flavor and more inexpensive way to go. >> you have to be careful shucking them. >> we have a mix on top. >> well, think chiptole is shaking in their boots right now. >> well thanks is different than
9:53 am
>> a little fresco. >> beautiful. do you have plans to open up a few of them? you do. so right now on the upper west side. >> yes,>> where else? >> we are looking across the united states. >> thank you so much. thank you betty where ever you are. married to barny, that is great. >> "good day" is cocking right at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out
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rosanna: susan, looking good. >> when rosanna wears the one should you are outfit, she means business. >> hot night. thank you for saying nice things about us. >> thank you. they are on the something. betty was hotter than wilma. shoulder. look at wilma. >> yes, those were the days. watching the flintstones in the morning. >> the campaign.
9:57 am
>> donald trump also. >> mayor deblasio. >> the real way to do it, we are liberal about it, is john travolta travolta, give me two. >> all right, we are live on our facebook page. coming up. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, re going
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