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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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everyone before they go inside st. mary's park. it is a slow process. new york is one of the biggest contests left in this primary. nearly 300 delegates at stake. hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in westchester county and tonight senator sanders will speak before this big crowd in the south bronx. >> a candidate that's speaking for the people that represents the bronx is huge. >> for him to come to the south bronx, st. mary's park, is awesome. >> i'm here because i think it's important for new yorkers to show up. >> reporter: the energetic and diverse crowd in the south bronx where vermont senator bernie sanders is looking to boost support among minority voters. >> people live out here. this is where the soul of the people are. he's showing that he really cares and he knows that there's some people that's been deprived and treated horribly for years, and he cares. >> reporter: sanders, originally from brooklyn, needs to make this a close contest to keep his
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political experts say it won't be easy. >> new yorkers remember the good work that senator -- that hillary clinton did when she was senator for this state, and she was very active, very engaged. >> a recent quinnipiac toll showing the former senator with a 12-point lead, clinton sounding confident during a campaign stop in westchester county. >> i have earned 9 million votes in this election already. i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have 2-1/2 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> reporter: those attending the rally say sanders have pulled off plenty of upsets and are confident. >> the numbers don't favor him, but it's not over. as long as he's mathematically in it, there's a chance. >> reporter: we can expect to see plenty of the candidates in the empire state before that
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this is considered the most important presidential primary in new york state since 1988. back to you. thank you. on the republican side, donald trump is taking a lot of heat for comments he made over abortion yesterday. even after backing down and later clarifying his comments. linda schmidt is joining us live from column because circle where a rally wrapped up earlier. >> reporter: good evening. you know, you're talking about trump backtracking. he started that after the backlash started. part of that was a demonstration that was held here a while ago. the reason they picked this location is because it's across the street from one of trump's buildings. donald trump's national campaign spokesperson is on damage control. >> it was a simple misspeak. >> reporter: the misspeak is his clear position yesterday on
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abortions if it was illegal. >> there has to be a form of punishment. >> reporter: the backlash was almost immediate. most mainstream pro life activists and politicians strongly disagree with him. >> it's never been the position that women should be punished for undergoing an abortion. >> reporter: instead, mainstream pro life advocates believe doctors and clinics who provide abortions should be punished. >> it's clear he hasn't thought very deeply about this issue. >> reporter: trump's campaign released a statement reversing his position. it says in part that if abortion would become ill legal, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. some officials from new york and women's rights activists demonstrated outside of one of trump's buildings on the upper east side. >> no self-respecting woman or
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presidential candidate that would punish a woman's rights, a woman for exercising their constitutional right. >> reporter: in other donald trump news, he tweeted this afternoon he had had a meeting with the chairman of the republican national committee, and he held that meeting just two days after reneging on his pledge to the rnc that he would stand behind whatever nominee or whatever candidate, rather, became the republican nominee. he had pledged that a few months ago, but two days ago, he reneged on that pledge. after they ended up meeting today, he did tweet this out. he said the meeting with the chair of the rnc was very nice and that he was looking forward to bringing the party together and that that would happen. but again, i think we're just going to have to wait and see. back to you. ernie: we'll have a lot of political activity the next few weeks in new york. thank you for your report. >> other stories to tell you about. it looks like terrorists may be
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cops. a pro isis group tweeted personal information of 55 new jersey transit officers and called on isis supporters to carry out lone wolf-style attacks. experts say it shows the need for tighter cybersecurity. >> i think all across the world hackers are getting better, more sophisticated. we have to face reality. cold war. the breaches are the third certainty in life. ernie: twitter suspended the accounts, but not before the information was downloaded several hundred times. >> a potential three-week government shutdown is looming in atlantic city, but governor christie says he won't let city officials declare bankruptcy. the governor says that would hurt the credit ratings of other towns throughout the state. instead, he wants to provide an aid package that includes a large state takeover. that's what's happening in the news. nick gregory is here. it's a beautiful day.
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ernie: it was beautiful. nick: we made it into the low 70s in the city. a little cooler along the coast. we'll keep the mild air another day. now we have to pay the bill. ernie: you always say that. nick: and it happens. we are going to be seeing showers later tonight. we'll see more showers or a thunderstorm tomorrow as we return into the lower 70s tomorrow. but we're talking colder air at some point over the weekend, particularly for saturday night into sunday. 73, 49 today. way above average. the average high should be 55 and the average low around 40. 86 was in 1998. it was 14 on this date in 1923. it can get quite cold. not that cold ahead, but it will be chilly. 6:39 is the sunrise time. it sets at 7:20. tomorrow you won't see much sun. 67 now. the humidity is up there. 49 percent and increasing with a south wind that's gusty. clouds increasing as well. pressure 29.84 and steady. coast. 73 at newark.
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today, 65 at bridgeport and mid 60s islip off to the east end where it stayed at 60 in montauk. they're in the 50s there now up to southern connecticut. 63 monticello. again in the lower 70s as you move through the hudson valley to newark. 67 here in the city. and our temperature gain a good one. 10 to 15 degrees in most locales from 24 hours ago. like i said, the wind has been busy out of the south and continues to do that. speeds of 10 to 20 miles an hour. the gusts are in the 25 to 30-mile-an-hour range, gusting 33 at islip. 25 sussex. we'll see the gusts continue tonight and return tomorrow. the wind will be out of the southwest, 15, gusting 35 as we head into tomorrow. no rain nearby yet. however, look to the west. look west of scranton, back into central pennsylvania on fox 5 sky guardian. there are some showers but they're not holding together a great deal. this has been a lot of rain coming later tonight. there'll be some showers, but the chance will be greater, particularly as we head into
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flow still in play. there's a storm through wisconsin. there's the cold front causing showers and thunderstorms. can't rule out a thunderstorm tomorrow as the front moves along. 59 at the door in the city. mid 50s in the burbs. a couple of showers from time to time. not all day rain, but look at the temperature. 69 at lunchtime. 74 in the afternoon. at that point, a thunderstorm may be rolling through. it will be cooler at the coast tomorrow. the shower threat goes away. notice the front doesn't go that far offshore. clouds and sun will be left behind on saturday. can't rule out a couple of showers in the afternoon. it's with this front coming through with the chance of showers saturday night. that's some snow with that system. it will be turning colder behind that. we may see snow showers in our sunday morning as the sunday. cloudy, breezy, showers tonight. 58 in the city. tomorrow, 74 in the city. near 60 along the coast with showers and storms.
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a couple of showers. 58. snow showers, rain showers at night. sunday, windy, 43. getting some rain for the opening day for the yankees at 51. snow tuesday morning. 42. ernie: you have a lot of everything. nick: showers thursday. ernie: it's april 1st tomorrow. might have a few tricks of my sleeve. nick: wouldn't be surprised. ernie: thank you. coming up, ever look around your house and think there's no way anyone would want some of those used things? think again. you can sell almost anything if you know where to go. we'll show you next. >> if you haven't been to a library in a while, you'll be surprised at what you find there. we'll look at their evolution in a live interview with new york's former schools chancellor. that's tomorrow at 6:00. we'll be right back after the break on fox 5. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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ernie: welcome back to our feature story. you know how the old saying goes, one man's treasure is another man's treasure? well thanks to the internet, that's never been more true as christal young shows us tonight. you can sell anything nowadays. check it out. >> 85 percent of my apartment i've bought online from people who used it before me. >> reporter: ebay and craigslist
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and are the gold standard for selling things online. now the field is crowded with a bunch of new ones that make it easy for you to post and sell just about anything. >> what's great about these, they're easy to use. you can experiment with different ones. for instance, there's a big difference between thread up and posh mark. they send you a bag and you put your stuff in it, send it. they do everything for you and pay you up front. posh mart, you'll make more money but you need to be more interactive. >> reporter: the web sites work differently, but all have really funny commercials to catch your eye and encourage you to make a buck. >> you have to let it go. >> i can't. it's my lucky ball. >> i tell you what, let's sell
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take a picture and post it. >> hey, i saw your post. i'll take it. >> sold. >> it's time to snap, post, chat and sell. time to let go. >> we found lots of people who are making money from the things they're not using. >> i sold a dining room set that was a glass table and chairs online. i got about two, 300 for it. it was something i got from my kids and was taking space in my apartment. it was easy. >> i've sold clothing and furniture. i had things that were priced at maybe $100 and over. after the bidding would cease, i'd get between 70 and 90. >> linda owns the shop linda's stuff. she has more than 100,000 items for sale and lots of tips for anyone who wants to get in on the action. first, take plenty of clear photos.
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and finally, ship quick. christal young, fox 5 news. ernie: thanks. what can we sell? what can i sell? mark is joining us right now. thanks for being here. you know what? we've been watching this. you're not surprised by this expanding trend of being able to sell anything online? >> i think we have known each other since there was only ebay which is like the dark ages. i've been working on what i call the direct revolution. the way people use technology to buy and sell stuff. no, i'm not surprised. but i'm impressed. ernie: you're impressed. >> i'm impressed by how many options there are and how fast the world of apps is growing. ernie: you were saying the key here is the fact that it's been localized? >> here's the thing. people are saying -- in silicon valley, people are saying why aren't people buying through ebay? isn't that enough? people are saying i've got my mobile device.
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that's a mile away. i can use the app to do that. i just feel like it's right there within reach and i can get it. or maybe i just want to look at side tables. ernie: categories. >> it's like going into different rooms on my phone. ernie: that's creating a lot of this interest obviously. >> for people who love that shopping experience, it's a positive experience that's positively addictive. they love it. ernie: the interesting thing is that it's not just that, but also churches and other organizations looking for donations, they're not losing out. they're creating their own apps. >> you're right, ernie. a lot of people think, wow, it's so easy to sell things. that's going to hurt the charities. in fact the people used to have garage sales. they've got new options. people who want to give, it's easier to give. the churches are tapping in through the other apps. they'll come and get it. it's so much easier. less in ending up in the trash. ernie: you expect more of this to develop?
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i think we're really in the beginning of this fervent of innovation. we'll see more apps, maybe some consolidation, but for now more good stuff. ernie: thanks so much. time to put your spelling to the test again with this question tonight. this is a tough one. can you spell millennium? do you know how many l's and n's there are? see how people did. it's coming up. >> and new york was recently ranked near the bottom of the best cities to live in. so we were wondering how can we get back on top of that list? we find out monday. next, russ will join me with a lawsuit involving the usa women's soccer. we'll be right back after the
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what's going on? russ: as they said in jerry mcguire, show me the money. ernie: it is about money. russ: i have to tell you, if you ask me the u.s. women's soccer team is standing on some very solid ground right now. ernie: break it down. russ: we're talking about the world cup champs. so here really is the discrepancy. and it is all about the money. the u.s. women's soccer team generated something like $20 million more than the men's soccer team. ernie: that's a big number. russ: that's according to the u.s. soccer federations 2015 financial report. that said, the women make something like four times less. ernie: that's a huge difference. russ: breaking it down into dollars and cents. if the women play or win 20 friendly matches, each woman gets $99,000.
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if the men do the same thing, $263,600. ernie: there's a lot of hard information. they're calling for an investigation. what do you think is going to happen? russ: to me, they filed a complaint with the equal employment opportunities commission. they're represented by jeffrey cass ler cassler. the women are going to continue to play. i've got to believe somewhere down the line, they're going to win and get a windfall back. because it's common sense. we always say show me the money. the bottom line is who generates more. ernie: they deserve it. russ: the women are more successful. we're talking about the soccer team. the women's soccer team is more successful. and they're generating more money. so where's the beef? ernie: exactly. they're going to find the beef, i hope. russ: i believe so. ernie: let's talk about matt harvey. we were talking about his situation with the mets. they were lucky. he's okay. russ: they escaped.
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problems with injuries. russ: all of a sudden the yankees got -- the strength of the yankees team is supposed to be the bullpen. a weak part of the team is the starting rotation. i'm not saying michael pineda is bad, but today he got whacked, the starting pitcher. the bullpen, however, let's remember something. chapman, he's serving a 30-game suspension to start the season. yesterday miller, a key part of the bullpen, had a chip fracture in his right wrist. the bullpen looks like a weakness. ernie: joe girardi has some concerns. next, one of the most commonly
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ernie: time for a spelling bee. can you spell millennium >> m ernie: nope. what did you say? >> m i- ernie: no. >> millennium. ernie: you missed one.
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>> m - m- >> u-m ernie: you got it. try it. >> it ps 's -- did i miss -- ernie: you missed an n. two n's. millennium. >> millennium. ernie: let's keep asking the question. how do you spell it? >> millennium -- ernie: can you try it? >> no idea. i can't. ernie: millennium. two n's. it's okay. have a great day. bye. bye. >> didn't we have fun with that. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5, our
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a wave, have a wonderful evening. we'll see you tomorrow. did you have trouble spelling that word? refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today.
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share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- >> jessica simpson just shut up all of the haters. >> down in mexico on a little ladies' trip and she's pouring out of her bathing suit. she's also wearing daisy dukes, a cowboy hat and it looks awesome! >> that guy definitely asked for a hug good-bye. >> oh, give me a hug, i'll see you soon. >> oh, you guys know about that trick? >> yes, we know. >> kim kardashian out to dinner at craig's with lil kim. we get them leaving and you see kim going around the car and gets like hip checked. >> we ever see them together before? >> i saw a photo of them from 2006 hanging out with paris hilton. it's amazing how much they changed. >> you know who hasn't changed? nick cannon?


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