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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at ten. >> they have a big turnout for sanders rally. this is a battleground state for the fight of the democratic nomination. >> hillary clinton is ahead in the polls on the republican side. donald trump is leading by 34 points that was before the abortion comments yesterday. >> reporter: for the first time since 1988, almost three decades ago, voters in new york matter in a presidential primary. empire state is a big prize for republicans and democrats and
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hopefuls spent time here. >> thank you south bronx. >> bernie sanders is looking for a boost in the south bronx. new york is shaping up to be a key state in the primary. >> the history of real change in america never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. >> reporter: the "brooklyn" born vermont senator is hoping for an upset and it shows he trails hillary clinton by 12 points in the democratic polls. he is spending a second consecutive day in new york. >> i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have two 1/2 million more votes than bernie sanders.
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new york but his controversial comments on abortion are making an impact. >> and anti- trump rally{ said. >> a lot of people might not like trump but they know he is the right person for the job. >> when he does these events and people press him, he becomes unmarked and has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to figure out all the mistakes he made. >> it's the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about all of the serious issues. >> reporter: it shows clinton and sanders could be trumpeted general election. republicans the best at the
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you can expect to see plenty more candidates over the next back to you. >> thank you dan. republican presidential candidate john kasich had a lot of explain them to do today, not ate pizza with a fork and knife in queens just like mayor diblasio did in 2014. who could ever forget that? he said the slice was too hot and though it may have offended new yorkers, his wife approved. she was glad he finally learned how to use a utensil properly. >> well, in the meantime with most polls showing hillary in new york, the former secretary of state does not appear ready. vermont senator explained why mrs. clinton should face off with him on the issues affecting new yorkers.
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eight years in the senate and i think she should be proud and willing to debate the issues facing new york city and new york state. we want that debate. we look forward to her coming on board and accepting our challenge. >> she has said she is open to4f q idea of a debate but has not yet agreed to one. coming up at 10:30, we will have more of that interview with bernie sanders. >> of virginia bus station shooting leaves an officer dead. it happened at a greyhound station in richmond.{ it a man approached the trooper, pulled a gun and and shot him in the chest. the gunman was then shot by other officers. two other people were wounded but expected to be okay. it's unclear what the motive >> they will soon run out of money. way to get the city back on track is to have the state takeover but not everyone agrees.
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allow atlantic city to file for bankruptcy if it runs out of money. this comes more than a week before atlantic city faces possible three weeks government shutdown because it cannot make payroll. >> atlantic city runs the home of the casinos and it's going broke. they're fixing a 1 million-dollar budget deficit and that's not including its debt. this is happening because the city's leader refused to cut cost especially when it comes to services and munificent municipal salary. >> 93% are in the police department or fire department. >> he is opposing bankruptcy because it would hurt credit of towns all over new jersey. he would only sign a package of the comes with legislation that allows them to take over a large part of a local government. >> i don't want this response
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i don't need the responsibility of running atlantic city on a micro basis on top of being governor of the state of new jersey. >> it is my responsibility to make sure it gets done. >> he added the major city had agreed to the takeover at one point but they talked him out of it because of his opponent who will be on the democratic ticket. he said there is zero substance to the accusation and this amounts to nothing more than a they also responded with a statement that impart reads, the fact remains governor christie has sufficient authority to save atlantic city from financial catastrophe but instead he makes excuses. >> if the bills are not passed he vowed he will also fight
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northern new jersey. christie's response of that is like one guy with a bucket trying to be bailout water off the titanic. >> back to you. >> thank you lydia. it looks like paris -- they called on isa supporters here on the u.s. to carry out lone wolf attacks. they show the need for tighter cyber security. hackers are getting better. sophisticated. we have to face reality. the cyber war has replaced the >> it's really crazy stuff. twitter suspended the accounts but not before the information was downloaded several hundred times. >> a belgian court has approved the extradition of paris terror the belgian and french
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to proceed with the transfer. they say he had been one new york's most wanted in the paris attacks last november that left 130 people dead. he was captured earlier in a massive police raid. >> lawmakers have come to a tentative agreement on the state budget. the key highlight, it's in the minimum wage raising to 15 bucks an hour. that will be phased in over the next six years. it includes tax clots cuts for the middle class. >> temperatures really warmed up today to 70s. just a light jacket necessary if you're out and about tonight. tomorrow, i think were going to get some rain. ran a key but mild. it's actually not too bad tonight. there's not much rain around.
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as we go in take a look the temperatures, we are pretty mild. it's mid 60s to the north and west of the city's and in the 50s along the coast. we've had a breeze out there that continues and will still see gusts at 15 - 20 miles per hour. things are starting to peter out a little bit. we may have some scattered thunderstorms as the front approaches from the west. the wind will be a bit breezy at times. there could be a little son but don't count on it. they'll be a fair amount of clouds.
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little bit of sun. it'll cool down saturday and there is blue starting to appear. that means the cold air will return and you could see some snow showers. it's 53 as you get to the suburbs. showers will be moving in. seventy-four in the afternoon. >> in early april fools prank targeting trader joe's and their customer. >> they announced the food market would close all 457 locations by january of next year citing financial problems. fear not, it was carried out by yahoo news. they immediately denied the story. i thought it was funny that one person tweeted this is a really dumb prank.
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another reader tweeted you can tell me classes cancel when it's not and you can put salt in the sugar shaker but do not play with me about trader joe's. >> this tweet may have summed it up perfectly. it made me gasp. yahoo! news has not explained why they people are very passionate about their trader joe's. it's a question parents across the state are asking. >> should kids take the common core tester opt out? the heated question of one local districts. >> a popular athletic line is dissing beyonce and what has them wishing they could take it all back. >> coming up your fellow
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and this lady's next week children in eighth english-language portion of of the new york's common core testing. part. are deciding to opt out saying the test are flawed and unfair. especially to minority parents. >> this affects every child in new york state between the age of three and eight. the common core testing has already been built into what youngsters are learning. children out starts next week. >> i don't understand what the reasons are with this. what are they actually doing for our kids? schools out and in fact it's almost bedtime here but there's a heated conversation playing
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out testing?{ >> all the testing and what's going on, i am definitely going to make sure we do not do that. >> the government gave millions to those who went with the plan. it came with a few goals, one of them was to help close the achievement gap these are real issues that hit home. 56% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch in the district and more than half of the entire student body is nonwhite. >> i'm a firm believer in fighting these. i would opt out my child every time. there's misinformation and fear and a real concern for parents that this standardized test will have long-lasting implications on their child's education.
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>> if the person is making the test and their product of culture eric a, they assume everyone that is taking the test is from their same culture. so if someone who is not in that culture takes the test or is not raised in that culture then naturally they will suffer. >> i'm hoping we can get together and we can say no we opt out. we need to be the advocate of the kid there are supporters. this common core was intended to do and create a level playing skill. i think everybody needs to take a breath. business leaders want better prepared job candidates and common core addresses that need. they need to compete in the future workforce.
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for the businesses, that's what we want. 20% opted out in 2015. that is more than 200,000 kids who didn't take the test. some expect those numbers to grow this time around. in the newsroom, i'm with fox 5 news. >> a new report by the cdc said autism rates could be stabilizing or the number of children being diagnosed with a condition has been holding steady over the last few years. the report says one of 68 children had autism in 2012. that's the same the same rate as in 2012. experts believe it could reflect the fact that the screening methods are now diagnosing the correct number of children. >> okay next time you're at subway, how clean is the surface that they are using? half of the delis of the 300
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not clean the slicers often enough. >> bill cosby will include the allegations in the museum of the african-american history museum which opens in september. the exhibit will focus on his comedy and television career and dozens of women kill accused him of drugging and assaulting them. >> lulu lemon responded all wrong to a deal with beyonce . >> beyonce has legions of loyal fans behind her every step of the way. they came out in full force after the originality. the beehive is a force to be reckoned with. >> we come together as a group.
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it all started with the announcement of beyonce 's athletic line. it developed as as a collaboration with topshop. one tweet question whether the brand was supposed to be like lulu lemon to which that one replied, they do say imitation is the best form of flattery. maybe beyonce beyonce is so crazy in love with our brand she'll make her own. that opened the flood gates for them to respond with tweets like these predicting the end of lulu lemon. lulu lemon and top shot did not respond to our request. they did take down the original tweet and dialed it back responding to the beehive saying they were fans and meant no harm. what makes the fan so loyal? >> because i love her. the beehive is a major brand. when you see them on twitter and
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par for the course. her fan bases some of the most loyal and devoted base and the entire world. there are so many fans. they are literally in all.{ who runs the world? beyonce . don't mess with the beehive, they will come after you. the first 4g theater is now
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jennifer hudson will be added to the list. it will also feature kelly clarkson and carrie underwood who were both american idol winners.
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if you're looking for a more to union square. >> simone is looking silly in that video. she is taking us to the first 4g theater. >> the night at the movies just got more immersive. this is new technology designed to enhance the 3d moviegoing experience. here's how it works. these chairs vibrate, pulse, go back go back and forth to reflect the action on stage. >> this is my first 4d experience. were about to watch the first 15 minutes a batman versus superman. here we go. air blast from behind do and in front of you when you're watching an explosion. there's an option to turn on water for these flashier scenes.
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effects it was really fun. the king camera angles are higher in your chair can move seeing it from the camera perspective. concerned about the whole film. will there be movement? will be distracting the entire time? there will be spritzed throughout the movie where there might be some motion but there's motion and 3d. lightning that will happen as well. i'm looking ahead to some of the{ seasons. jungle book, disney, the huntsman from universal and
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experience will set you back about $8 on top of the regular ticket price for 3d movies. in union square, fox 5 news. >> one-on-one with bernie sanders. will you win new york? >> yes we will. what the presidential candidate has to say about everything from beating hillary clinton to donald trump to eating pizza. >> he weighs in on the right way to eat pizza in new york. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network...
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still feeling the burn. that was seen earlier tonight with the bernie sanders rally. he supplies a lot of people including hillary clinton, but not bernie sanders himself. interview. >> he covered a lot of stuff. think about this, the last time that new york democratic primary
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led by a whopping 48 points. now just a few weeks later, her latest cut to 12 so it makes sense. >> will you win in new york? >> yes we will. >> just three weeks until the primary and he is telling us he likes his chances. >> the "room" on senator is confident ahead of his rally in the bronx tonight. even though hillary clinton led leads by 12 in the latest poll and she's been endorsed by governor cuomo and mayor dimaggio. >> i like all of those people, they're good people, but whether it's colorado or washington, we have the entire establishment against us and guess what, more often than not, we win. >> so far the democratic primary has been tough. hillary clinton's chief strategy said this eyebrow raising comment.
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campaign like a "brooklyn" "brooklyn" night. and she's going to campaign like a senator. >> i do know, i want in "brooklyn" and were very proud of that. if it means being aggressive or being smart or tough, expect except that title. >> somebody hits us with a knife, you wouldn't wouldn't hit back. >> he's also going after trumps comment that he wouldn't go after isis. >> the idea of talking about using nuclear weapons, and when you have so many weapons all over the world, it's totally insane. on pizza that culinary issue that divides so many issues,
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>> i know i have to admit it, i'm picking up the pizza and eating it without the fork. >> he plans to spend a lot more time in newhkp( york and you heard it there, the "brooklyn" native was expecting all that time in the empire state to put him over the top. so what was it like? i said it's basically, he's all business. let's do it. he gave you good pizza. good stuff. thanks. donald trump{ is not wanting to put all his cards on a table but it hasn't stopped them from creating a trump card game called humanity hates trump. it contains an outrageous trump quote made on the campaign trail. if you pull the ultimate trump card, you automatically win.
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area walked out today. they're on a 24-hour strike demanding higher pay and better benefits. there. there were similar walkouts at other airports across the country. they are also protesting unsafe working conditions. >> lifton uber can vary greatly depending on where you are going. fair estimate is a new app where you can compare prices. there are so many apps. you start by plugging in the destination and where you're going. fares can vary between the two companies. >> it was a huge night for tesla out the electric maker is unveiling its model three and fans waited outside the store for hours just to make a thousand dollar deposit to get on the waiting list. the tesla three is going to have
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before tax credit. this is a 911 turbo which burst into flames just before noon today. workers quickly put it out but the exposition area was filled with smoke. it's unclear what caused the car to go up in flames. it was going to be part of a special presentation that opens to the public tomorrow. that is now being removed from the floor. >> the urban jungle is going to get a little weird this summer. a floating garden barge will be bringing nature to the city. here's a preview. >> what is now{ a concrete peer will soon be transformed into a new landscape. this is an edible food for us that will be floating on the hudson in the east river this summer. a forceful of edibles edibles to pick and enjoy. throughout the summer it will be floating from port to port bringing its foliage from
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>> what would a day look like? >> you can to her was somebody who knows a lot about the edible qualities of these plants and pick food, take a break, hang out and come back. >> there will there will even be a small structure with events of dance performance in poetry reading. what's the message you hope people will take? >> i hope people can think about the future of food in the city and what it might look like to provide fresh free food as a public service. >> beyond the summer they're hoping it makes a permanent impact on your. >> we would love to establish a permanent place. were thinking about interdependency and not just moments moment. how we can create a way where we are providing for ourselves. >> it will be free and open to
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and you can have more details all around new york by visiting their website. in "brooklyn", fox 5 news. >> air travelers are going to call out. >> donating and why harrison cause. >> be sure to check out the fox five ny weather app. it features daily and hourly forecast. you can track storms right where you are. you can get weather headlines and storm alerts when it's nearby. download the free app today. refresh yourself
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. leaving your current job and looking for another one? one in four jobs plan on changing jobs this year. around one third of companies are expected to add full-time workers over the next few months and that's up from last year. there hoping to push the dow positive for the year.
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gas is a dollar 86 in the first three months of the year. that's the lowest quarter we've seen in 12 years.zv keep in mind prices have been heading higher in march so we will keep watching. mcdonald's is super sizing in china. the iconic fast food chain is opening new stores in hong kong. that's business, i'm charles payne. >> you can get an up close encounter with hans solo. this jacket is being donated by harrison ford. he is trying to help find a cure for epilepsy. bidding is now open and will continue through april 11. that will get an ungodly amount. let's all for good cause which is very cool. >> they talk too much, take up too much "room".
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right there. there are several social media sites dedicated to getting revenge.
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annoying passengers when you are up in the air and you can't get away from them. >> but you can shame them. social media has opened up a whole new way to get revenge. >> i had a full two hour section by him. >> some guy sneezing all over hit himself. >> she was old elderly person.i] >> after getting out of flight, many of us want to find the first rational person we can and share with them what we just expense. >> when somebody falls asleep and they start leaning against you. >> someone ate a fish dinner. >> opinion passenger going to the lavatory during a flight and sets his hair on fire while he
10:46 pm
>> go to sassy, they spent seven years working as a flight attendant and battling growing aggravation with rude passengers. >> they journaled about the worst manners in the sky. she now receives submissions from all over the world. >> in the beginning it was crewmembers. now it's 95% passengers. they don't want to sit next to those people that you see in the photos. >> the member of these offenses remains constant but with a smart phone and every pocket, they can now ease their pain by document it, leaving us to imagine all of the things we dread seeing when looking over at the passenger next to a.
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king, fox 5 news. >> as a pilot, i've just look out the window.{{ >> you don't have to do tsa or any of that stuff. you just{ follow the plane. >> that's true. we have to travel on the airline , i just look out the window. >> if was nice to be outside{ today. it's nice ou ! now. >> it's still my. >> as per the good. , were looking at mild temperatures overnight. we are still waiting for some showers to come in. there's a few south of the city. i will show them to you in just a second.{ don't expect to see much fun tomorrow. it 62 2 degrees now. humidity has been increasing with a soft win. we do have some mid to high clouds that are scattered across the sky. the pressure is steady. we have the showers right here.
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guardian. there's a couple showers exiting dutchess county in connecticut right now. the poughkeepsie high was 74 degrees today. sixtys as you moved to bridgeport and tomorrow it's going to be cooler at the shore. it's 50s they are now. sixty-two in town, mid, mid 60s northwest. still 68 in allentown. there's a nice temperature gain of 15 or 18 and and a lot of the area from last night. the wind will continue breezy at times at 15 - 25 miles per hour. sixtys everywhere tonight in the northeast. clouds are here and scattered showers approaching but the line of showers are so far off to the west. we stay in that flow and the
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canada, there will be severe states. tomorrow. it will be renting all the time we will stop at 74 degrees tomorrow afternoon. showers on saturday. it brings more showers saturday night and they couldn't even turn to snow showers on sunday as it gets colder. we will be back into the upper 50s on saturday. here comes the blue. there's the cold for sunday. clouds are breezy and we could have some showers. will be in the 50s and 74 tomorrow but will be low 60s scattered showers and southwest breeze. more showers at night and isolated snow showers as it gets colder. sunday will be windy. only 43 degrees.
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couldko rain in the afternoon and that could be an issue. forty-six wednesday and showers return thursday. >> wow, a low of 28 tuesday morning. >> that's a lot to consider when you look at the forecast. thank you.{ >> a woman soccer star is saying show us the money. >> they want to get paid what men get paid. what's so hard about this? >> we have construction going on in both directions. various lanes will be closed from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
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i will keep you all right how you do and everyone. u.s. women's soccer players are saying show me the money. if i was the soccer federation i would be listening very, very carefully because i have to tell you, i think these ladies are standing on some very solid
10:54 pm
with the equal opportunity employment commission. the women's team which as you know captured the world cup generated nearly $20 million more revenue last year than the u.s. men's team. the women are paid almost four times last. what about this, each u.s. lady would earn $99000 if their team 120 friendly matches matches. on the other hand, if a men's team 120 friend friendly's they would get more than $200,000. they earn somewhere between $5,017,000 for each game played. the five women hope carli lloyd,
10:55 pm
represented by jeffrey kessler, a high-powered attorney attorney who is also represented the nfl, nhl, and other players association per the women are far more successful than the men and most important, they generate more money. it sounds to me like they have themselves a pretty good case. on the other hand, he has a pretty good headache with the season opener coming up. those yankees have some pitching goals. the strength of the yankees is supposed to be the bullpen, but not now. he suffered a fracture yesterday coupled those with the 30 game
10:56 pm
looks very weak. that is a fair sized problem to have. they beat the blue jackets 4 - 3. it was the panthers 32. >> sometimes you love your dog so much you just don't want to go anywhere without him. >> even at a baseball game. check this out. they took their dog to a spring-training game and a baby carrier. there there he is, the white fluffy little angel. the dog is having a good time. you can tell the couple notices the camera and they give a little wave. there they are giving him some water so he can stay hydrated while watching the game. he's waving again. this guy dog knows he's the king of the world. >> that's exactly what you're going to do with your dog.
10:57 pm
month or say. owner. >> did you see the look on his face? it was like are we getting out of here?ad.j >> have a good night. refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today.
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