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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" , this is true for >> hillary clinton is not too happy . >> she said i am sick and tired of the bernie sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it! >> we will tell you what happened during her rally that set her off . >> a $166 budget deal today. we will tell you where some of the money is going. >> tesla reveals its newest card. it already has more than 100,000 orders. people line up to buy it
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35,000?much cheaper than their previous car i drove a tesla for a story i'm working on and it was really nice. fun to drive. good morning, juliet. juliet: good morning, ben. i am okay. ben: happy april fools' day . juliet: happy day before ben's birthday . ben: audrey, good morning. at the end of the weekend! we are in store for a rainy end. let's reflect back to yesterday. temperatures in the 70s at 730. i slept came in at 650.
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they're still in the 60s at many locations at this early hour. 670 in sussex and out in the island is a nice start with temperatures in the 50s. >> the nice weather is here courtesy of the southwest wind that's coming in at 10 miles per hour. we will see temperatures still above average as we go through our friday. this time we have rain gear handy because we are expecting scattered showers throughout the day.we see portions of new jersey this morning. we have a line as developing out to the west and it's crossing into the area as we go into the day. we are expecting on and off showers and a threat of storms later this afternoon. temperatures are mild in the 70s across the area. tomorrow we are still
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with highs in the 50s and there's a threat of a passing shower in the afternoon. looks like we would see rain and snow mixing in early on sunday and we should see plenty of sunshine for much of sunday with everything clearing out early in the morning. temperatures drop on the roads this morning. >> happy friday! the commute is off to a good start. let's check out long island . the commute in new jersey looks good. no problems on the parkway . so far so good . >> let's look at the fdr drive. construction is going on so let's look at the camera. street cleaning rules are in effect . >> hold up your left hand . >> other way . >> what is that? nothing . >> nothing . >> is a diamond
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ben: maybe it's a joke. april fools' day? juliet: i saw it on yesterday but i did not say anything . >> is an engagement ring? ben: anyway , all right ines. juliet: mike is not even in town. the day is getting more interesting. the presidential candidates are not taking the day lately. donald trump is coming up for a big meeting. she lost her cool at the end of the rally. carrie joins us live with more . kerry: for the first time since 98 the risk of a big impact on a primary . any of the hopefuls are in our area .
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quite a big turnout for bernie sanders in the bronx. new york is shaping up to be key state and this year's democratic primary . >> the history of real change in america never takes place from the top on down . it always takes place from the bottom up ! the vermont senator looks for an upset in the empire state but a new poll shows he trails hillary clinton by 12 points. >> clinton spent the second day campaigning in new york holding a rally in westchester . >> at 1 million more bows and i've 2 and a half more than bernie sanders. >> clinton response to a greenpeace advocate the
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>> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me ! i am sick of it! more fallout from donald trump with a controversial comment on abortion. >> women's rights outside his building with his campaign insisting that he can appeal to female voters. >> a lot of people might not like him but they know he's the right person for the job. >> the gop rivals criticize his remarks. >> uses the windows events and people present he has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to correct all the mistakes they made . >> this is the latest demonstration of our little you thought about the issues facing this country.
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, he had a very nice meeting with the chairman. next up , all the republican candidates in wisconsin . ben: thank you, carrie. budget cut in new york. governor andrew, and the state legislators announced a deal for the final vote not have an answer later today. you could say they reached a deal in time by the end of the day . it raises the minimum wage to $15 per hour . another major crew for cuomo is an agreement on paid leave with 12 weeks paid time off. next year's state budget terrorism and pays for a new airport. chris christie in atlantic
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gambling mecca is going broke . it's facing $100 million budget deficit. he says he would only sign the package if it allows the state to take up a part of the local government. he says the city is in this spot because the leaders refused to cut costs. >> hundred and 19 city employees have salaries over $100,000. 93% of those are in the police department or the fire department. i don't want this responsibility. i don't need the responsibility for running atlantic city on a micro basis being the governor of the state of new jersey. it is my responsibility to make sure it gets done. >> let's be honest. the state takeover did not really work out so well. >> christie says the atlantic city mayor has
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state assembly speaker says there is not been able on the bill . >> he says christie has the authority to not blame others. it's the blame game . bill is the only option. >> a new round of testing has found high levels of lead at eight more schools in new york. 76 of the 324 samples collected in buildings last week were above the epa level which means more monitoring is needed. of those, 16 came from water fountains or other sources of drinking water. the test results, few weeks after elevated levels of letter found that 30 schools in the district. >> enrichment, a police training exercise at a bus station turns deadly. officials say state trooper
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greyhound station. he died being shot after other troopers. two women were wanted during the shoot out. injuries are not life-threatening and he was a former marine and he had in a virginia state trooper for two years. >> tesla unveiled thousands of people scrambling to get it. the lower price modeled three starts at $35,000. it's about half the price of the previous model. the car is said to go 215 miles before you need to charge it. zero 16/62. bill had a 15 inch touchscreen control pyro and autopilot features.>> itself. >> you can do it in the . >> in the first 24 hours, phone banks are open and they took 115,000 reservations.
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delivered until late next year. >> they were saying it's a make or break for them. the midprice car point. big things could happen. we could be on the road to success. >> overhead, so much excitement in the studio. ben's birthday tomorrow! carrie has hardware on her written finger and that explains why she has been over the moon. not that you are cranky before but it's the first day of april. we will have the april showers in may flowers and get all that allergy nonsense out of our system. audrey is back with the forecast.
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good morning , everyone. it's a nice morning across the tri-state. you step out and you think it feels like summer. temperatures in the 60s across many locations in poughkeepsie and work . 67 in sussex and it's a nice start temperatures that are a little bit cooler in the 50s. wind gusts are blustery in the tri-state and it looks like it will be breezy and blustery . it's a wet one for some
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we are experiencing light rain showers now with lots of clouds in place. keep the umbrella handy because we will expect on and off showers. we will see thundershowers this afternoon with a line west. look at the future cast and there is a widespread rain but enough to where you could get a quick downpour and you will be happy that you had your umbrella handy. tomorrow we wake up with mostly cloudy skies and another round of rain coming through late in the afternoon. as we go overnight saturday night and sunday, it's another disturbance passing and it could end with white snow mixing in. much of sunday will be dry and look slightly better. we will go with rain showers on and off today with temperatures soaring into the 70s. just like yesterday. tomorrow we drop down into
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40s on sunday and if you bring in the wind it will feel like 30. we stay unsettled on monday and temperatures go into tuesday and wednesday. here's a check of the weather let's get a look at the traffic . ines: the rockland westchester county with no problems. kings are fine on the bronx river parkway. the bridge is wrapping up construction and all and should be open . that's between the couples and the verrazano bridge. let's look at your commute . on the lie, heading westbound and making your way towards the bqe . making your way towards a van wyck with no issues there. the george washington bridge in upper and lower level. all things are moving fine there. overnight construction is going on. in the lincoln and holland . >> thank you, ines. >> hot wheels with the new york auto show making a
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the automotive journalist posted the video on instagram. it was filled with smoke and no one was hurt. something went wrong with the engine x was on? >> the car was was a really old one? >> i do not know the answer. regular porsche exhibit . >> it was a special thing. your favorite deli could be laced with germs . the cdc tested about $300 across the country and they found that half of them don't clean the slicers every four hours like they recommend . it could give a risk for listeria, salmonella and other creatures and critters. according to the cdc, the delhi chain was more likely
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>> speaking of germs, you think about the germ and the plague . before we get started, get in each other's jugular veins, i come bearing gifts!it's for the birthday boy! i am a big spenders here. that is very and grateful of you . >> look! open this up! it's a little spongebob squarepants. >> $.99 it's peeps! >> these are all mistry flavors. >> i will pass on that one. >> you are so overcome with emotion . >> is there money in here or something? curtis: they are looking to shake me down.
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down, donald trump meets with the rnp.basically it was the clearing of the air and the new york times is reporting that trump said they are arguing about delegates that will happen in cleveland. it's classic good cop bad cop . here is to donald to is not having a good weekend. i would say it's probably the worst week for him since he launched his campaign. >> so instead of apologizing , what is he do? he blames team trump. we have to get our together instead of pointing the finger at himself and saying man, have to start schooling myself. >> he won the primary but
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for delegates, ted cruz actually went out of their with more delegates than donald trump. >> you know the rnc will do anything they can to give casey or cruise. >> oh, please it's a scenario with the rnc's vision. all these guys have nice cushy jobs. they will be on there took us. blasting in the world that they want as donald trump as the nominee of the party. >> hillary clinton had her rally in new paul yesterday. there was a bit of a ruckus going on there. do you have that? >> i think we have the soundbite. >> .
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clearly not too happy . that was after an uprising at her rally saying something about she wins and we lose. >> it's another one shaking his finger.i did not have sex with that woman! it's too much. millions of dollars giving speeches and she rolls in more from the fossil fuel industry and everyone else in hollywood. all those frequent joints. massive amounts! why is she protesting? did you see the bernie sanders in the middle of st. mary's park? in the south bronx?>> you have to give him some play. >> if you are talking
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going to talk about them showing off at the rally. >> bernie it's time to come back to brooklyn. what is this with the bronx? return to your roots! he doesn't seem like car that would type that would drive a car. >> it's right out of the convention. i'm going to the car show with my older son . >> you tell him we set high. >> you are going to plug it in and go around the block ? >> is 215 miles on the charge. >> ben, can you see your man driving around the tesla? >> it's not a beemer, bends or a bentley.>> it's a
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>> johnny birthday cake oreo? >> we have lots of surprises. >> it's april fools' day. don't get full. >> still ahead, the rangers fall short ends words is
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good morning. it's a nice start across the tri-state. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it's higher than what it should be at 550. here in islip, we start off this morning in bridgeport and at 67 now in central park. 66 in poughkeepsie and 61 towards monticello. body showers pick up this morning and you will need umbrella handy. we will expect scattered showers throughout the day . it's warm with high temperatures soaring to the 70s.>> duke is off this morning as we have sports this morning and we start with hockey. >> eric makes his first visit .
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carolina has victor rath finding the shot here. we will put it past him and that was your game-winner. the final , rangers lose. >> the panthers in the third. with florida's jonathan moving short side winning 3/2 . >> the islanders host the blue jackets third. the power play with lee bringing it home. the go-ahead goal and it holds up for the final. >> basketball with the nets out in cleveland. lebron james goes under and up for the layout . it was 26,000 moving him into the 12 all-time spot on the nba scoring was. he finished with 24 points and the cavs beat the nets
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>> it's crazy how that works. >> is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience
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is that coffee? nespresso. what else? look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from


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