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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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april fools day. yeah. are you ready? >> no. i'm not ready. okay, prepare for you're -- >> snakes, i've had what else? >> a snake was a great one. monkey mask. who know who is will happen today. ines rosales is play a -- >> can't tell if it's real or not. joining us april first. warm 64 degrees outside. >> but that's going to change i see that big headline there cool weekend. like in the 40s could be messy. audrey puente in for the still vacationing mike woods. >> school of neerk have high levels of lead includes two charter schools as we also. all of the big fans are in town. hillary clinton and bernie
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verbally with a beshes bernie sanders supporter. she's suck of it. a pr portia burst into flames. how did that go up in flames? >> portia. but big fire over there in the javits center. what had else? fans of trader joes didn't think yahoo! april fools jock was funny. apparently you know on i'm one who doesn't reads to the bottom. if you read to the bottom you would know that it was a prank. >> coif a lame one. sk but people who love frozen mangos were with going nuts. >> the boss. so anyway be careful out there april first for some reasonable we decided to golf on each other on today, and could happen any
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>> okay, so parking the other prank is ines said she got engaged we didn't know she was dating anybody. >> wow. >> dating anybody concern fort is like i hope he's not watching. but i qoangt show you. get to you in a second. got the blue autism awareness. so folks you know what we're watching weather, temperatures are pretty good this morning. if like mild weather today is your day folks. soaring into 70s in the tristate area. starting out with temperatures in the the 60s i'll show you in just a moment but showers rotated through across the area this morning. we're going to see a theme of scattered showers so have your umbrella handy.
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but line to the west to ignite showers this afternoon. mild across the area. 64 central park. 10 degrees cooler in islip nice with 54 degrees there. same for brej port. montauk a degree warmer and fin land into the 60s this morning and see very nice readings later this afternoon. winds gust up to 20, 25 miles per hour this morning so it will be a breezy day for your friday. here's a look at some of those showers as they rotate through mostly cloudy sky with a exemption of loild and jersey "jersey shore" and a cold front from the west. that front is sitting just over western portion of new york and pennsylvania and showers associated with it and those will get in here later on in the afternoon. winds will pick up tomorrow night with a high wind watch in effect for tomorrow niewght with gusts as high as 60 miles per hour in the wake of that front
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today hue numbers in 70s across region. tomorrow will drop down it into 50s. there's a chance of lingering showers on saturday afternoon and clipper system saturday night into sunday. and that one coulding night snow showers talk more about coming up in a few minutes. right now the morning commute and head over to ines rosales. hello. >> good morning audrey hot spots out there morning. as far as your commute in new jersey no problem things are fine. earlier problems by exit 689 thatting loos good. now things movings on fdr drive by 79 et street normal buildup there to 59th street bring no problem northbound as for becomes bqe bridge empire state building.
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with an earlier problem on unauthorized tractor trailer blocking offramp to brooklyn bridge closed for a half an hour. trains on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna back to you. >> more on this your ssks in a few moments. hillary clinton got in somebody's face but interesting on the campaign trail. people saying she lost it yesterday are. but sometimes you get sick of it. >> i don't think she lost her temper. some did did but interesting exchange she's in new york because we have a competitive primary in two weeks. >> bernie sanders blowing it up in the bronx yesterday. thousands of people showed up u. famous faces as well. >> let's do it kerry drew has more on what's happening in new york. hi. >> political expert saying april 19th primary in new york is most important in decades.
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for grabs on republican side. 247 on dmbts sides and yesterday three of the presidential hopefuls here fighting for votes yesterday. big turnout request new york shaping up to be a key state in the year's democratic primary. >> the history tiff real change in america never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. looking for the upset but a new quinnipiac poll shows he trails hillary clinton by 12 points. complin ton spent a second straight day campaigning in new york. holding rally at the purchase in westchester. i have one more million votes than donald trump and two and a half million more than bernie
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now this event mag making hells hells -- money and accusing her of taking money from fossil fuel companies. [inaudible] more fallout from donald trump controversial comnts from abortion. women rights activist protesting outside trup building in columbus circle but his campaign insisting he can appeal to female voters. a lot of people may not like mr. trump personally but hen he's the right person for the job when you look at issues that are important to those people. trump gop rivals criticizing his remarks. >> appears when he does these event and people press him, he becomes unmored. and then has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to correct mistakes he made.
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demonstration of how little donald has thought about serious issues facing this country. >> a relatively quiet 24 hours for donald trump. he spent yesterdays in washington, d.c. meeting with the head of the rnc at the party head quarter withs. this just days after he backed out of a pledge to support eventual republican nominee trump recording he had nice meeting. battle for candidates tuesday primary in wisconsin. >> thanks had kerry. by the way let's bring it up one or more time. did she lose her temper. hillary clinton that's what the headlines say. >> she's more frustrated than anything else. >> in a competitive race and bernie sanders hot on her heels. but you know it was a blunt exchange but yoang she -- >> finger pointing going on there. >> u have you seen what donald trump does out there? saying she lost it? i thinks that's a little unreasonable.
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and shook hands. with her -- not with her. here she goes. new round of test and they found high levels of lead in water at eight more schools in newark. >> remember weeks ago we had that report. now even a bigger problem. we thought this could be like flynt, michigan who knows how it will turn out. 76 of the 324 samples collected in buildings last week above epa action level they call it means more monoer toking and testing are needed. okay. so keep that in mind, and yeah, it's tough turned off water in some of the schools, however, we're told that main drinking supply in newark for residents is safe. remember that young woman we told you about a few weeks ago 20 years old. beauty school student. she was walking on the lower teds. well now apparently she's admitting that she slashed
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>> this was a hate crime and woman with said she was walking in lower manhattan a few weeks ago. recently when she claimed a man grabbed her from behind and he called her a terrorist but after checking surveillance video police say they could not find any evidence of the attack. and she confessed to making it all up. at least that she was attack part and held for psychiatric evaluation. j you know goes to show so many cameras all over the place. you never know who is watching. when you go outside you're being photographed. nypd lieutenant who supervises harassing officers stripped of his badge and gun. >> yeah, remember this. back on march 17th a mailman taken intotcustody and argument with the cop o, and he was arrested. the video has been shown. rosanna it's hard to tell what's
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there's no violence but there are raised voices. commissioner has voiced concern about how this arrest was handled. several reports say lewis the lieutenant who is basically in charge of the operation has been placed on modified duty and taken away his gun and badge at least for now. that's glenn greys by the way, the mailman took him away 27 years otdz. he says he shouted at the officers after they nearly hilt him with unmarked police car. he was delivering packages at the time. they cuffed him i think he was ncially charged with reu.s.resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. there was a bit eve controversy about mail truck hftion it was left on the street unattended. post office they don't like that. so the internal investigation helicopters. continues. >> lawmakers in albany worked through the night to get a budget passed. the $156 billion deal covers areas including raising minimum
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>> showings the restaurant b-roll. putting pressure to raise rates of workers, now they're raising the city and state workers but won't happen had in the next year or so. >> 15 the new mnl in the city. it will not go into effect for two years, and maybe even longer outside o the city people lements go to teresa priolo in midtown. with more. hello there, teresa. >> good morning everyone when we start talking about state budget people eyes glaze over. but when you see how it will impact people could inning workers at a place like mcdonald's who make minimum wage. >> i applaud the leaders for coming up with this diverse plan, a plan that does this much good in different areas.
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nearly time state budget a framework governor says will help families of backgrounds state wide. most grabbing attention headline, minimum wage hike. >> you can't raise a family on $18,000 a year in the state of new york so we want to raise the minimum wage which in and of itself would affect 2.3 million workers. deal raises the minimum wage in new york city to 15 an hour by 2018. in westchester, and on long island that will happen by 2021. there are some caveats for small businesses in the city and upstate workers. another major cue for cuomo agreement on paid leave. getting 12 weeks off to care for newborn, sick relative and families with military had deployment. concept that governor says boils down to quality of life. >> we don't live at work but at home with families, and we should have the capacity to be
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>> 156 billion dollar spending plan also allocates money for aid for mta to redo penn station and laguardia airport for house hoing and homelessness and combat terrorism. includes a 4.2 billion dollar income tax cut by 2025 so average taxpayer making less than $150,000 will save 767 starting in 2018. >> now this plan certainly has its critics almost on each and every one eve these issues. eaters way greg and rosanna lawmaker will be back at it at 9:30 this morning. this budget plan will have the signature by the day and not a year where it is august before we get a budget passed. latest from midtown. back to both of you. >> where are you standing treetion one more time? in front of mkdz. thanks a lot.
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you go there, see pretty moldses and beautiful cars, very expense i ive one car caught fire, a porsche inside javits center. take a look at this. automotive journalist captured this video and put it on instagram. but whole exhibition area was filled with smoke. thank goodness nobody was hurt. officials say something went wrong with the engine had. do they rev engine while inside? >> it's fun. privately owned it going to be part of a special exhibit that opens this morning. obviously, not anymore. >> so governor chris christie as we know and lings, you know, got that going on. he was going or for it with some mm caught on camera and noticed and tweeted whatever.
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digging into chocolate m m&m. >> like his taste so far. wait a second he appears to be pouring a bag into a box i have m&m's and that's what's happening everyone is like man he lukes m&m's. >> endless but that's not true. >> apparently version he bought bsh where was he by the way? >> at one of the march madness games by the way. so in certain instances you buy a box and inside that box of m&m's is a bag and he dumped bag into the box. so not like head one bag and one bogs and combined them. >> no, just one box. but anyway it's gotten so u out of hand that governor christie called into boomer and cart to set the record straight. >> there's a bag inside the box -- >> why go being a box -- eat them out of the bag? >> because it's easier to hold
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>> not a bag but into another bag he was transferring m&m's from a soft paper to the box. how many times have i told you that? you open the box there's a bag inside the box. why they do it that way, i have no idea. when you open up the bag you pour bag into the box stoss easier to hold o. >> this is ridiculous. called him a dope by the way. those guys dopes -- anyways mars who makes them says it is packaged like that to keep m&m's fresh. >> i don't governor christie should be eating those things anyway. >> from somebody who doesn't it eat anything that's nailed down, nothing is safe here from tic tac. >> look at this. keeping it in check. >> it lose weight without gastric bypass. and now eating m&m's.
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we will continue offcamera. audrey. they cut his body open to lose weight and now for his health and family. >> and greg look its good. 64 degrees in central park. we have a south to southwest wind flow to bump our numbers above average for tristate area and much of the notion. readings in 60s in albany and boston of 5 in williams port and colder air is waiting in wings. we have fine readings in 40s to bosser low. radar shows scattered showers picked up here. now we see action crossing over long island so a little bit of a slick ride this morning across l.i.e. and southern sate. relatively quiet for the rest of the tristate area but a line of showers developing to west here. to our area and within that line
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thunderstorms. ahead of that front we do see warm air up and down eastern seaboard. so look at our future cast shows just scattered shower it is not a widespread rain but could result in downpour and you want to have your umbrella handy should owe get caught in them. isolated thunderstorms and wake up with lots of clouds. showers through jersey shore and long island and hudson veal and then tomorrow night a clipper system willing night snow showers across hudson valley and connecticut and plenty of sunshine for second half of our weekend. not the case today. lots of cloud in place with scatrd clowrdz. tomorrow in the 50s. 40s return on thursday and fool like 30s so we want to bundle up. temperatures below average into next week as well.
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now the roads this morning with ines. >> hello audrey good morning. sleek out there and slippy watch out for foggy conditions. long island suffolk county fine on l.i.e. for your commute in new jersey good. cameras tack a look at the staten island expressway by clove road to us to verrazano brenl normal delay eastbound. windchill outs for an accident by slawson avenue. 59 the street bridge had a problem this morning on upper level. traffic slow. the traffic you see mooing that's the express lane. hov lane heading to manhattan a stall and accident leaving slowdown it on 59th street freeway. gwb 0, 5 express. other o approaches five to ten. 495 to lincoln tunnel a 30 to 40
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holland 10 to 15 from each after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... s something you earn.
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>> hi everybody heads up april fools. we knows what's gong to happen all right. i have my eye on you too. >> good because i have something planned for you. >> bring it on baby. earlier fascinated by that hijacking story out of cyprus this man took over an egypt air flight no one was hurt but he guarded some sympathy when we learned this might be an effort
7:24 am
>> now we're getting a look at the ex-wife. this is cy mustafa married five years before divorced together. the guy on right is geneticker wife say he was not a nice guy for five years of marriage it was for her hell on earth. called it darksest time in her life. abusive. she said, it, quote, hell were threats, beatings, torture and fear. he's still in custody. egypt, they want to prosecute him in jimght. but for now stl in cyprus. hijacking happened and, of course, kid with the hijacker who posted his picture. j you can see a fake bomb belt on. let's talk about this smithsonian with bill cosby in a
7:25 am
allegation against him. j now include ails in part of the exhibit on new african-american history. the african-american history music that opens in september and they were planning a bill cosby exhibit and feature. now it will include yes, that as well as comedy and television career. dozens accuse him of drug and rape him back to 1960s at the same time he had one of the most iconic shows in tv history. cosby show so governor christie speaking about atlantic city that so manies to be always in trouble. : it is gong broke facing $100 million budget deficit swefs matting debt. governor christie opposing a bankruptcy filing to hurt credit rates of other towns in jersey. and only sign an aid package to
7:26 am
city government and city is in this spot because they refuse to cut costs. >>119 city police have salaries over 100,000 declares. 93% of those are either in the fire department on fire department. i don't this responsibility. i don't need the responsibility of running atlantic city on a microbasis on top of being the governor of the state of new jersey. but it is my responsibility to make sure it gets done. >> like that chris christie is back rolled sleeves and getting into the job gone. >> chris christie says atlantic city mayor once agreed to takeover bill but democrat vincent has not allow a vote on that bill, and anyway it's just a mess. see how it works itself out. >> so i think it's time to go to break and maybe when we come back lets see who we can got a goof on. no --
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>> yeah. the high line. can't quite figure out that attraction. >> come on. >> no, i know, people go up
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once you're up there, you walk back and forth. >> i know, but it's nice. you can sit down, you can get some ice cream, you know? you can look into the windows of the standard and see if anybody is doing any afternoon delight. i mean, it's lovely. [laughter] >> that is lovely. you can be a voyeur. i did not know about the ice cream. >> there's a kiosk up there. >> they spent so much money on that thing, and there's a great park just a couple of blocks away. the tourists love it. all right, it's april fool's day, and rosanna's -- >> i'm on guard. >> -- so paranoid. >> for good reason. >> well -- [laughter] >> you brought in real snakes. >> this was, we're going to go back a couple years. watch this, i got her good right here. >> some of our people are saying snooki dose -- goes to college. oh, no, what does this say? what is snooki going to speak
7:31 am
ooh, no, i can't say that one [laughter] >> april fools! [laughter] ah, or i didn't know it would come off. >> you should quit while you're ahead. you got me good on that one, so that should be it, that should be the end. >> this was a couple of years ago. i think it's time -- >> a new one? okay, i just want you to know, war. >> with i declare on you. [laughter] >> be on guard the whole day. even after you lee here. [laughter] -- after you leave here, okay? i just want you to know, it could happen at any time. >> true. [laughter] >> come on. >> you gotta get -- okay. i anxiously await what you've got. >> i got up early this morning, so i'm ready for you. >> happy april fools day. audrey puente, that was a classic. >> audrey, we need to get back to ines.
7:32 am
is she really engaged? >> of course she is. >> does anybody want to see ines? >> let's see the ring. >> after my traffic report. >> she's very nonchalant about this engagement. everybody. what's going on? >> well, mild temperatures, and we are going to see some rain in the forecast, and there is actually snow in the forecast. >> what? >> that is not an april fools joke, no. total coincidence that it's on the same day, just like ines' engagement. temperature reading in the 60s across the tristate area, 64 in central park, 67 at newark liberty airport, 50 degree readings across long island and connecticut, and 55 is actually what should be our normal high for the day. you can see we're already well above that across much of the region. our winds are light right now, although they've been kind of blustery from time to time. that trend will continue through the afternoon.
7:33 am
picked up by the radar. we had some action earlier this morning across the jersey shore, now it's shifted northeastward across long island. area wide i think we'll stay pretty much with on and off showers across the area i today, and then a front is going to pass through this afternoon, and that could ignite a couple of isolated thunderstorms. the front is sitting over western new york and pennsylvania, and it will slowly make its way eastward to get into the region later this afternoon. our future cast shows it's not a widespread rain, just scattered showers. but if you get caught in one of them, it could produce a downpour, and you will want that umbrella handy. lots of clouds in place for tomorrow morning, there will be some rain coming in across the jersey shore and long island because that front is going to get hung up just offshore, and we'll see a disturbance right along it. and then tomorrow night another disturbance, a quick-moving clipper that will produce snow across the hudson valley and
7:34 am
of here very early probably before you even wake up sunday, and the big talk by then will be have moved in. it's going to be dramatically colder than today. over the weekend high temperatures in the 50s. that clipper allows more some snow showers early sunday. highs only in the 40s on sunday, and factor in a gusty wind, and it will feel as though it's 30s. moving into the mid 50s by thursday. kind of unsettled over the next several days. ines is here with your traffic update. >> good morning, audrey. wet roads this morning, kind of messing up the commute. there's a stall on the bronx over on the deegan southbound by have been cortland park -- van courtband park. westbound from the new england thruway heading towards the bronx, your commute on long island, nassau county, the lie, not bad.
7:35 am
your normal slowdown all the way towards grand central. long island expressway over by clove road, traffic unusually light heading towards the verrazano bridge. there's an accident by slawson avenue, this is a backup that's slowing down traffic. the bqe, an unauthorized tractor-trailer, cleared away, so now it's normal delays. belts parkway in front of jfk, a little rain but traffic, normal delays. as for the train, running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna. >> so, ines -- >> greg. >> as far as we know, you haven't been dating anybody. >> because you never ask. >> we ask all the time -- >> no, you don't. >> the headline is ines came in and announced that she's engaged. >> i never announced. >> what do you mean -- >> it looks real.
7:36 am
>> are you engaged? >> yes. >> it happened last night? >> yeah. >> on a weeknight? >> i don't know how this works, are there rules? i don't know. [laughter] >> did he get on one knee? >> yes. >> when are you getting married, because i want to make sure -- >> i didn't even get that far ahead. >> he and i want to go. >> how long have you been seeing this guy? >> we want to give you away. >> is his name george glass? and does he live in canada? [laughter] >> something's up. something's fishy. >> all right. we'll see. congratulations! >> you never asked. >> ines, congratulations. >> you don't exactly look, you know, really thrilled. >> she's got a glow about herr. herr -- her. >> i was hoping you guys doesn't notice. >> i think she's fooling us. congratulations, just in case. >> cover your bases. >> tesla -- >> the electric car! >> they just unveiled this
7:37 am
people are trying to get their hands on it. it's called the model 3, and it's affordable, much more so than the company's other cars. >> by the way, i don't usually ask for this, but let us know on facebook if you're buying ines' story. [laughter] >> concentrate on the tesla, because that's where liz dahlem is. she's in manhattan's -- are you inside the showroom or outside the showroom? >> we're just outside on 25th street between 10th and 11th avenues, and this car is so new, they don't even have it on display yet. what has people so crazy about this model 3 is the price. that's what everyone is talking about. there was so much interest yesterday, specifically in burbank, california. there were 500 people waiting outside in line pitching tents, trying to get inside to make a $1,000 down payment in order to secure this luxury electric car. and it has a lot of perks to it. it can go up to 215 miles on one
7:38 am
pretty fast, can go from 0-60 in under six minutes. and the crazy part about it, all these people are showing so much interest without having even soon the car yet. take a listen. >> it's true. it's funny to put a deposit down on a car you've never seen but it's, you know, it's a tesla, and it's affordable. so i'm in it for the future. >> the tesla, you know? but because of my passion to have one, it's energy saving, you know? so that's why i'm here. i want this. i think this is the car of the future. >> and they're going to have to wait. the car won't even be in production until next year, and the cost is expected to be around $35,000 after the tax breaks. and here you're looking at the model s, the luxury sedan, which is much more price i.
7:39 am
lot of people curious as to this could be the potential test to show if tesla can get out of the niche market and become more of a player in the auto industry. but it seems like it already is. we're live in chelsea this morning, greg and rosanna, back over to you. >> okay, lilz, thanks a lot. still a lot of people not buying that ines is actually married, that she did it on a thursday night. >> i'm not married. >> she's engaged. >> right, right. >> all right, focus. focus now, because we have other stories to talk about. >> well, that's a big one. this is secondary -- >> are you upset that ines got engaged and she didn't get [laughter] >> thanks. >> ines, we were never met to be. [laughter] but i do admire her. >> let's talk about that floating food barge. did you hear about this? it's going to go up and down the east river this summer. we're used to garbage barges -- >> more on the garbage barge in a moment. they call this thing a food
7:40 am
it's got a greenhouse and all kinds of things. it's a garden, and you can eat the stuff; lettuce, tomatoes, that kind of thing. >> yeah. it's an art installation too. it's created by some artist named mary mattingly. she says the barge will have edibles that people can pick and enjoy throughout the summer. >> i think when people come onto soil we can think about the future of food in the city and what it might look like to provide fresh, free food as a public service. >> did you catch that? swale, which is a term for a low, marshy stretch of land. it will be floating up and down the east rhode island starting on -- east river starting on june 28th and, yes, this is preferable to the infamous garbage barge that made headlines in the late 1980s. >> it was called the gar barge. it was trash that started, i think, in islip from long island taken north, to north carolina. they rejected it there.
7:41 am
>> it went all the over the country. >> it went down south to bebelize. >> and back to new york. it was kind of an embarrassment embarrassment -- >> nobody wanted it. finally brooklyn, we tack -- we take it in. guess where we buried the ashes? back in long island, in islip where it originated. you can't make this stuff up. >> all right. so it's april fools, and we already tried the monkey mask. what about the trader joe's thing? >> did you hear -- yahoo!. yahoo! did a big joke yesterday. there was a mysterious press release that came out yesterday morning on yahoo! announcing that trader joe's was going to be closing all its 457 locations by january of next year. they said they were having financial problems. apparently, many people did not read all the way down in the article, and they started sharing the news on social media, but it was a hoax. if you read to the bottom,
7:42 am
a joke. and trader joe's, by the way, not happy with this story. >> that's a weak joke. i try the monkey mask, that was fun. there are other companies that have been pulling mild pranks. open table, they put up an ad for lick bl photos, just lick the photos on your smartphone to sample a meal before you make a reservation. that was bogus. [laughter] >> that's very funny. >> lexus is reimagining the driver/vehicle interface with velcro seats. that was nonsense. >> and zip car came out with an ad for sophie driving, an app that uses your picture to match you with a car. other products include wayback burgers, cheese whiz milk shake. greg, i know you would look that. roombas that teach zumba, you know, the carpet thing? and google express doing deliveries via parachute.
7:43 am
it is susan waits' birthday. she watches us all the time, and gio's 18th birthday, and my sister-in-law, nancy, prebirthday. thank goodness she wasn't born on april 1st. people are weighing in on ines. >> yeah, what do they think? ines, a lot of skepticism. let's take a peek outside, please. seriously, she comes in on april 1st, announces she's engaged? we didn't even know she was dating anybody. >> she didn't get engaged on april 1st, she got engaged on march 31st. >> as recently as last summer we were trying to set her up through that matchmaker. >> well, you know, sometimes a guy needs to be challenged.
7:44 am
7:45 am
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th don't you just love it >> good morning, everyone. it's going to be a warm and breezy day across the tristate area. we're also anticipating showers, and there's the chance of an isolated thunderstorm too later on this afternoon. lingering showers tomorrow afternoon, and it will turn cooler, and then high winds on sunday and much colder weather by then.
7:47 am
degrees colder than today. 64 right now in the park, a very mild start to our friday x temperatures are mild all across the northeast with readings in the 60s from boston toward d.c. showers being picked up by the radar, a larger line of rain sitting off towards our west, and we are expecting strong, gusty winds saturday night into sunday, and that's when we have a high wind watch that goes into effect. not the case today, just breezy and on and off rain showers expected, 74 for the high in central park. we'll be in the 50s on saturday, 40s for sunday and factor in the winds, and it will feel like the 30s. you can track the weather with us 24 hours a day by down leading fox 5ny weather. find it free at google play and itunes, and you'll be able to watch the rainstorms with our live interactive radar and also get daily and hourly forecasts. let's get a check of the roads this morning, and for that we're going to head over to ines.
7:48 am
westchester towards the tappan zee bridge, you're fine. 684, delays southbound starting to build, exit 2, accident blocking a lane. staten island expressway, keeping an eye by clove road, traffic looks light, there's an excellent by slawson avenue, that's where the backup is, so if you're getting on the expressway past lawson avenue, you're fine, you're not going to deal with delays. let's go to the gwb, looks great this morning. upper/lower level, no delays. lin condition tunnel -- lincoln tunnel, 30-45. hold land tunnel, 10-15 from each approach. street cleaning rules are in effect today city wide. greg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. so let's do sports. it was the rangers, and they were down in carolina, and, rosanna -- >> it was 3-3 in the third period but carolina scored to break the tie. rangers lose 4-3.
7:49 am
>> islanders actually won 4-3. they were at the barclays center against columbus. 4-3, islanders win it, good for them. >> jersey devils down in florida, they gave up three goals, they lose 3-2, the final. >> all right. basketball, the brooklyn nets on the road in cleveland. lebron james looked at 12th place on the all-time scoring list as his team wins. >> derek jeter even got woo the april fools joking yesterday. kid you see? everybody thought he was going to trail ya to play baseball. >> everybody? come on, nobody. >> he tweeted this announcement last night that he was going to, i don't know, some team in australia, but it was an april fools joke. >> does australia even have baseball down there? >> i don't know. the yankees' twitter staff replied back saying, "good one." >> so we all fly sometimes. don't fly as much as i used to, not worth the hassle. less face it, it can -- let's
7:50 am
>> sometimes you can shake the people sitting next to you. matt king shows how social media has opened up a whole new way to get back at them. >> i had an an executive leadership coach sitting next to me, so i had a two hour session. the place. >> she was ab elderly person -- an elderly person, and she was biting off her toenail. >> in of us -- many of us just want to find the first rational person you have. >> when somebody starts falling asleep and leans against you. >> a passenger going to the lavatory during a flight and set his hair on fire while he was smoking crack cocaine. >> sassy, sean kathleen spent seven years working as a flight attendant and battling rude passengers, journaling about the worst-mannered humans in the sky
7:51 am
them served as a form of therapy. she now receives photo submissions from all over the world. >> in the beginning it was exclusively crew members. now it's 95% passengers. they don't want to sit next to those people that you see on, in the photos. >> i don't want to be next to them. >> the number of these offenses has likely remained constant, but with a smartphone in every pocket, well-mannered fliers can document it, leaving the rest of us to imagine all the things we dread seeing when looking at the passenger next to us. >> the talker -- >> a weapon. >> at laguardia, i'm matt king, fox 5 news. >> looks like melissa mccarthy, that woman with the web site. who remembers steven slater? >> oh, yeah. he opened up the pair cute at the exit and went down? >> whatever happened to that guy? who knows. let's take a look outside, if we can.
7:52 am
>> someone's running on the high after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mmmm, yoplait. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
7:54 am
>> greg, i know this is one of your favorite movies, right? >> top gun. tom cruise, maverick, goose. >> tom cruise was so hot in this movie, right? okay, well now it's confirmed, producer jerry bruckheimer says that there will be a top gun ii with tom cruise. >> that movie came out in 1986,
7:55 am
are they going to bring back val kilmer? >> anthony edwards? >> they can't bring back goose, remember? he was in that crash. >> what about kelly mcgillis? they all look so much different. >> except tom cruise. i think he's going to have to be an admiral or something like that. >> i can see it. >> i don't know if i am going to see it because, after all, i lived it. yes, look at that top gun. >> looking good, hot. >> is this kind of boastful? deal with it. no, proud to serve. that's in kuwait, by the way, 1998. >> wow. >> that was a great movie, it was, top gun, and look forward to top gun ii. >> thank you for your service. >> carry on. [laughter] >> i don't know what to do. okay. let's talk about beyonce. she launched a new fitness clothing line, it's called ivy park, named after her daughter, blue ivy. cute, right? laughing at? >> she's just staring at us.
7:56 am
it includes crop tops, tees, sweatshirt, leggings. for a while yesterday lululemon learned the hard way that you should never throw shade at beyonce. they tweeted out, they do say imitation is the best form of flattery. maybe beyonce is so crazy in love with our brand, she made her own, and that made fans go nuts! >> come together as a group, and she has a big fan base. i mean, it's going to be a big impact. >> it's a major p brand. >> beyonce's fan base is probably the most loyal, most devoted in the entire world. and anyone that hates on beyonce is really taking on the fans. beyonce's fans are not only dedicated, there's so many of them that they literally are an army. >> rob knows. he knows. so anyway, lululemon pulled the ad down, and they apologized in another tweet. >> wow. there she is in that promotional all right.
7:57 am
gino powell be, thank you for supporting good day new york. >> thanks, gino, whichever one you are. i think it's the one on the
7:58 am
want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush
7:59 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> april 1, april fools, be on guard. good day new york is here. we've got some stuff planned, and you are in my focus. >> you talk a big game, rosanna.
8:00 am
>> bring it on. let's see here, weather wise, what do we have? april showers bring may flowers, that old saying goes. >> so cute. but it's warm already. it's 64 degrees, going to go up to the 70s. >> nice but cold this weekend, chilly rather. >> let's talk about the presidential campaign. it is in full force. donald trump coming off a big meeting with the rnc chairman yesterday, can he unite the republicans? hillary clinton looking to fight off the bern. by the way, she took on greenpeace activists yesterday right in her face pointing, saying i'm sick of it. >> well, it was a little tense for a moment. all right. so what else? up in albany they're working on the budget, looks like they've hammered out the big components of the deal. and we could see the minimum wage go up in new york city to $15 an hour. >> tesla reveals its newest car. it already has more than 100,000 orders. people were lining up to buy it without even seeing it, by the way, because i think it's like in the 35,000 range.
8:01 am
so governor christie, people saw him doing this. a little picture, he was at a basketball game. if you look closely, he seems to be pouring a bag of m and ms into a box of m and ms. some of us don't have that much to do, and he really sparked a furor on the internet. >> he really did. he's okay. he explained it. speak. jokes. >> okay. so here's the thing, rosanna is so, like, rigid, you know? i can't really get anything by her, so we're going to savor some highlights from years past. let's go outside for a moment. >> you're not going to do anything this year? >> maybe, maybe not. so this was 2014, and remember when i brought in -- this was not even a sneak attack. i was very open about what i did. watch this. >> that's not -- >> it is a real snake. >> oh, my god, what are you, crazy? >> it's beautiful. i just want you to -- [laughter] >> you nuts?
8:02 am
>> no! it's a real darn snake. >> don't worry, he's pretty much harmless. >> pretty much -- [laughter] >> every time you're here -- [laughter] there's always, you know what? i got my back -- [laughter] i will take you down. >> yeah with, hit me, not the snake, okay? >> the snake is p innocent. >> have a seat, rosanna. >> that has a tongue. >> i know it does. i e love how you grabbed the bat. i loved it. >> because i didn't know who i was swinging at. you probably first. >> and it was interesting that rosanna does keep a bat with her on set just in case. >> i do work with you with, you know. [laughter] >> anyway, audrey's here. she's a tough chick, the two of us will take you on. anyway, yeah. it's april fools, and -- >> i'm ready. and you better be ready too. >> it's not on your timetable. >> fine. >> okay.
8:03 am
>> just so you know, just saying. >> which means you have to be on alert until midnight tonight. >> it could go all the way to your house. i have people breaking in right now. i got my people breaking in. [laughter] >> okay. nothing illegal, okay? all right. what else? >> all right. it's feeling pretty nice outside. we have readings in the 60s already in central park, we're in the 50s out across long island, and we also have some rain showers. here's a look at our sky guardian radar, and we have a couple of light showers picked up on and off through portions of the jersey shore and long island, and now they're slowly working northward poo the coastline of connecticut -- into the coast right-hand of connecticut. central portions of new york and pennsylvania, we're keeping an eye on that one later on this afternoon. right now it's readings in the 60s in poe poughkeepsie and sussex. we're at 64 in central park, 55 in islip and 54 in bridgeport. our winds are relatively light,
8:04 am
times and will be breezy today. we are expecting the winds to pick up in speed tomorrow night, and that's why we have a high wind watch in effect for that time period. satellite and radar is showing here is that batch of showers i just showed you closer now working into connecticut, sort of a quiet zone across northern new jersey or much of new jersey and the hudson valley, and then another line of rain showers developing to our west that will be moving in here for the afternoon. to have your umbrella handy. while it won't be a widespread rain, we do anticipate showers that could produce downpours. there's also the threat of a couple of isolated thunderstorms, and temperatures will be mild, high numbers mostly in the 70s. over the weekend the temperatures drop, 50s tomorrow with lingering showers tomorrow afternoon especially across coastal new jersey and the east end of long island. then a clipper system moves in saturday night into sunday, that's going to produce snow showers sunday morning. they'll be gone very early.
8:05 am
colder with highs only in the 40s. below average into next week with readings in the 40s and 50s for monday, tuesday and wednesday. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning with ines. >> good morning. if you're taking 684 southbound, two accidents causing a lot of delays this morning. this is all by exit 2 and exit 3, two separate accidents slowing everyone down. that's causing a three-mile delay there. tappan zee bridge, things are fine. watch out for period restrictions. bqe westbound, traffic jammed because of an accident, clear view expressway southbound, expect delays approaching the lane. look at the staten island expressway, there's an accident eastbound, it was blocking one lane causing delays, and this is clove road here, this is why traffic lighter than normal here, because everyone's behind that accident. if you're approaching the verrazano bridge, you still have delays. trains running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules
8:06 am
>> the newly-engaged ines rosales. >> right. we'll talk about some of the facebook comments i got. >> i'll tell you the story later. >> yeah. >> the story. >> so while ines was celebrating her engagement last night, lawmakers in albany were working through the night trying to figure out what to do here in the city and the state. >> that's the state capitol which looks a little bit like disneyland, you know what i mean? >> it's pretty cool, i've been inside. they're working on a $156 billion budget deal, okay? >> some of the headlines, a $15 minimum wage has been, essentially, agreed to. >> but not anytime soon, greg. >> two years in new york city and beyond that for the rest of the state. let's go to teresa priolo, she is outside a mcdonald's in midtown. hello. >> hey, good morning, greg and rosanna. i too have spent a lot of time inside of that state capitol, and i think disney world's a lot more fun. law makes will be back at it at
8:07 am
get this budget done, passed and on the governor's desk today. and as they work, people like these workers here at mcdonald's will be watching because they make minimum wage. >> i applaud the leaders for coming up with this diverse plan, a plan that does this much good in this many different areas. >> governor andrew cuomo applauding state lawmakers for their nearly on-time state budge, a framework the governor says will help families of all different backgrounds statewide. the most attention-grabbing headline, the minimum wage hike. >> you can't lead a decent life on $18,000 a year in the state of new york. so we want to raise the minimum wage which in if of itself would affect 2.3 million workers. >> the deal raises the minimum wage in new york city to $15 an hour by 2018. in westchester and on long island, that will happen by 2021. there are some caveats for small
8:08 am
upstate workers. another major coup for cuomo, an agreement on paid leave, getting 12 weeks paid time off to pay for newborns, sick relatives and for families with military deployments. the concept the governor says boils down to quality of life. >> we don't live at work, we live at home, we live with families, and we should have the family needs you. >> the $156 billion spending plan also allocates money for education aid, for the mta to redo penn station, for the second avenue subway, for the new laguardia airport, for housing and homelessness and also to combat terrorism. it also includes a $4.2 billion income tax cut by 2025, so the average taxpayer making less than $150,000 will save $767 starting in 2018. now, all of these different issues have their critics. some people were hoping that the governor would put something in
8:09 am
that hasn't happened. greg and rosanna, for so many governors passing an on-time budget has been a source of pride, and it used to happen so infrequently, so this year it's sort of a half victory. that's the latest, back to you in the studio. >> all right, teresa, thanks a lot. >> all right, new york matters. even's saying the presidential primary -- everybody's saying the presidential primary on april 19th is really going to count. >> hillary clinton versus bernie sanders, donald trump versus the world, and back to hillary though. did you see this video? a skirmish, an argument, an in your face encounter with a bernie sanders supporter. she really got into to it with this person, pointing the finger and that kind of thing. some people said she lost her temper. i thought she was just very direct and blunt. but let's bring in carrie drew. hi, carrie. >> good morning to you, greg and rosanna. we'll show you those moments in just a little bit. the new york primary is less
8:10 am
being called the state's most important primary since 1988. because of that yesterday three of the presidential hopefuls campaigned here. >> thank you, south bronx! [cheers and applause] >> a big turnout for bernie sanders in the bronx with new york be shaping up to be a key state in this year's democratic primary. >> the history of real change in america never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. [cheers and applause] pleasure. >> the vermont senator looking for an upset in the empire state, but a new quinnipiac poll shows he trails hillary clinton by 12 points. clinton pent a second -- spent a second straight day campaigning in new york, helding a rally in westchester. >> i have one million more votes than donald trump, and i have two and a half million more vote than bernie sanders. [cheers and applause] >> and this moment from the
8:11 am
clinton's response to a greenpeace activist who accuse her of taking money from a fossil fuel company. >> [inaudible] >> i am so sick, i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about that, sick of it. >> more fallout from front-runner donald trump's controversial comments on abortion. women's rights activists protesting outside trump's building in columbus circle, but trump's campaign insisting he can still appeal to female voters. >> a lot of people may not like mr. trump personally, but they know he's the right person for the job when you look at the issues that are important to those people. >> on the campaign trail, trump's gop rivals criticizing his remarks. >> it appears as though when he does these events and people press him, he becomes unmoored. and then has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to made.
8:12 am
demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country. >> donald trump, by the way, was in washington, d.c. yesterday where he met with the head of the rnc, this just a couple of days after he backed out of a pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. trump tweeted that he had, a quote, very nice meeting with reince priebus. meanwhile, of course, the next primary is tuesday in wisconsin, the one here in new york, april 19th. >> thanks a lot, carrie. what did you think, rosanna in did hillary clinton lose her temper in that little -- >> maybe for a flash, but i think she was more frustrated. >> i think the headlines -- >> lots of pointing. >> i heard somebody say she had a meltdown. it didn't look that way to me. chris wallace, i'm sure you've seen this, do you think technically she lost her temper? how would you characterize it? >> no. i actually would side with you on this. i thought she was direct, and
8:13 am
not something she's always shown in this campaign. it was a genuine moment, i thought it was refreshing. >> yeah. a lot of people have criticized her that he's very scripted, very old school politician, and this seemed like, okay, she's real. >> yeah. exactly. but i will say this, she does have a sizable lead in the delegates but, clearly, bernie sanders has gotten under her skin both with the comments that he's made, the attacks that she's not authentic, that she's not sufficiently liberal and also the fact that she's won phi of the -- i guess six of the last seven contests, and he's tuesday. so is she's feeling the heat. the fact that she has spent three days campaigning in new york, a state that she represented for eight years in congress, is kind of remarkable. >> well, bernie sanders, what he's doing to her, nothing compared to what donald trump could do someday if we get there. what's going on on your show on sunday?
8:14 am
york shortly after i get off with you, and i'll be interviewing mr. trump at trump tower, and we'll have that exclusive interview on sunday. obviously, a lot to talk about. he's had a rough couple of weeks, especially the comments about abortion, but in addition, of course, the battery charge against his campaign manager for roughing up a female reporter, the whole back and forth about ted cruz's wife, and he's lost some altitude. he's now trailing ted cruz in a state he was winning in wisconsin, he's now trailing by ten points. so we'll talk to donald trump about the state of his campaign. >> okay, have a great weekend and safe travels here. >> you do a great job with trump, by the way. he seems to respect you. of you give him, i think, a hard time which is your job to some degree. you guys ever hang out off camera? have you ever had a coffee with him? >> i've spent a little time with him off camera.
8:15 am
about trump off camera, he is a different person in the sense that i'm sure you guys have spent time with him off camera. very personable, less over the top, really an attractive guy. i wish more voters got to see that side of donald trump. >> all right, chris, thank you. appreciate it. i was with him a few months ago, and he was there with his family, and he was bringing everybody over to our table, my family's table, to introduce us to melania, and it was just very, very normal and very, like, family oriented. >> went he gets to that podium, though, in front of all those people, excuse me! get him out. it's been wild to watch. >> all right, governor chris christie, i haven't spent any time off camera with him, but yesterday he was involved in m and m gate. >> tell me about this. >> well, apparently he was at some basketball game, and he ordered one with of those big boxes of m and ms. and in some of those big boxes there's a plastic bag.
8:16 am
take a look at the pictureful here we have it a little bit closer on the ipad. we're going to show you what's happening here. he seems to be pouring a bag of m and ms into a box of m and ms which would anticipate potentially extreme gluttony. >> that he had, basically, two things of m and ms. >> however, he was being efficient because this box came with a bag of m and ms already. >> exactly. >> and she was just dumping the -- he was just dumping the bag into the box. >> and yesterday he went to boomer and carton, and he had to set the record straight. >> by the way, you know who's weighing in? mars company. governor christie. >> there's a bag inside the box, you done. >> why would you go bag to box? just eat 'em out of the bag. >> you know why? because it's easier to hold the box than it is to hold the bag. >> so it was not taking a bag of m and ms and putting them into another bag, he was just box.
8:17 am
>> you get the box, you to open the box, there's a bag inside the box. why they do it that way, i have no idea. >> seems like a waste to me. >> you pour the bag into the box because it's easier to hold. >> now listen -- >> it makes perfect sense to me. >> rosanna, he had surgery not long ago to reduce his size. >> okay. >> he's eating m and ms, rosanna. >> so what? maybe everybody needs a little -- >> because, rosanna, he could start looking like this again. look, i've been there myself. [laughter] i know what it's like to carry an extra 30 or 40 pounds, and after you get surgery for this kind of thing, you should avoid the m and ms, fair enough? >> fair enough in. >> what are you, like the doctor of all weight loss? >> richard simmons is not void. all right, what's going on, audrey? >> looking very mild this morning across the tristate area, so you might want to shed a layer because we are experiencing temperatures well above average for this time of year. 64 in central park, 67 out
8:18 am
50s across the islands where we're also dealing with rains in areas like islip and montauk. the winds are relatively light at the moment, but it will be a breezy day, and those winds will pick up in speed as we go into tomorrow night. fog has also been an issue, there is a fog advisory across portions of suffolk county, that's kind of slowing you down on the lie and the southern state. here's a look at the radar that shows the rain through the area, island. enough to slick the roadways and show you down just a bit. it is moving in a northeasterly direction, 95 and the her it will probably deal with wet roadways. elsewhere it's dry and quiet, but out to the west we do see a line of showers across central pennsylvania and western new york. that's headed in our direction, and it will be arriving here as we go into the afternoon. so while it won't be a widespread rain today, we will have scattered showers that
8:19 am
and there's also the threat of a couple of isolated thunderstorms with that front passing through. the front kind of gets hung up just over our area or just to the southeast of us, and we're going to see a disturbance that will give us rain showers tomorrow afternoon across the jersey shore and parts of long island. then on saturday night into sunday morning, a clipper's going to pass through, and that's going to make snow showers across the hulledson valley and into connecticut. could see it as far south as new york city and long island, but everything should be out of here early on sunday, and we'll spend much of the day in plenty of sunshine can with dramatically colder temperatures. high numbers today, near the 60s across long island, tomorrow we drop down to the 50s, and then we stay below average as we go into next week as far as our temperatures are concerned. let's see what concerns you have on the to roads this morning. >> good morning, audrey. problems out there, for sure, and as you mentioned the fog and
8:20 am
with the commute. there's an accident on the bronx road parkway southbound blocking a lane to deegan, traffic slow because of earlier problems by van courtland park, there was a stall and an accident. those cleared away but left traffic backed up to westchester. 684, two separate accidents by exits 2 and 3. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the garden state parkway, see if we can take a look at that camera no, we lost it. accident by exit 149, gwb looking delays, no delays, upper, lower level, your choice. lincoln tunnel, a little tough to see, but actually 30 minutes. the hudson river crossing's lighter than usual. holland tunnel, it's about a 10-15 minute delay from each approach. street cleaning rules are in effectty wide. >> ines, join us at the table, we're going to inspect your engagement ring. >> we'll be right back with more.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> here's the deal. i actually took a gemology course. >> did you really? >> is that a scotch tape holder? >> no, it was -- i see numerous occlusions -- >> what kind of glass is it? >> does it have the four cs? >> yeah. >> clarity -- from there's a porous quality to -- >> i am ruling this genuine. but your story is still very, very shaky. >> if it's genuine, where'd -- >> on the facebook page tina says congrats. >> thank you, tina. >> okay? susan says, she's fooling us. >> okay, again -- >> irene hunter says, i believe her. >> ines came in this morning with this rock on and told everyone -- >> i didn't i didn't tell anyone. >> are you engaged? >> you didn't ask. >> what do you know about being a gemologist? did you use the empty scotch tape holdersome. >> did you like how i used occlusion?
8:25 am
>> let's get down to business, real business. >> ines rosales engaged? >> yeah, right, we're not, we're not buying it. >> hmm. april fools. good morning. >> you think? i think it's a joke. i feel like i would know about it, i hope, ines. >> well, you would. i haven't seen you, though, in a while. >> you haven't seen her? >> good point. >> you know, you could have brought it up. we had dipper together as a group -- dinner together a as a group two weeks ago. >> right. and we were drinking. >> yes, indeed. >> it's like a truth serum. >> ines, it's a good prank if it's a prank. less than five minutes from now we get the government jobs report for march. it ises april, and the first friday of the month you get the old month's jobs data. we're looking at 205,000 jobs added. what do you need to know? you want to see wages go up and hear more people saying they're
8:26 am
because they're feeling good about things. it's also the first day of april which is traditionally a very good month for the stock market. your 401(k) is probably looking just fine now. i mean, the dow was up 7% in mar. it's up 1.5 percent in the first quarter which ended yesterday, so things are certainly looking better. a couple reasons for the green arrows, if you will, oil prices, that helps the energy companies that trade on the exchanges. the fed has essentially targeted maybe two rate hikes this year, that makes the interest you pay on your credit card go up, not four, two is a little better for some people. and finally, there really aren't that many sign that is the u.s. is head today a recession. >> all right. i guess most of that sounds pretty good. [laughter] right? >> no april fools, it is good. >> the gist of it is good. thank you. [laughter] >> happy weekend. >> all right, you too. thank you, lauren. coming up on good day new york, you know, we could be headed to a brokered republican convention in cleveland. what does that mean exactly? >> yeah.
8:27 am
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greg: all right, it is our "good day new york" tradition. we love this, we play this song every friday at 8:30 without fail. rosanna: we celebrate the native new yorkers and those that aspire and those that haven't been here for a long time, like bernie sanders. >> i used to hear he drove a cab for a while. >> i can see that. >> any way, hello. i hope you are doing well. april 1st. april fool's day.
8:31 am
greg: rosanna is like a cat. rosanna: that is not true. i like a good joke. but today is the joke is on you. greg: bring it on. rosanna: i have eyes in the back of my head today. greg: we have a classic? how about it? which one, the snake or the monkey man? rosanna: either one. you got me good. now i know what to expect from you. greg: the monkey mask goes down on one of the best spoofs and goofs ever. pressing rewind and play. rosanna: some of our people are saying snooki goes to college. oh no.
8:32 am
stupid or i can't say that. oh! greg: april fool's. i was so excited. the thing i like the most is the people at home seeing it happening before you could. that is the fun part. rosanna: yeah that was so fun. revenge, it takes me a while, i'm like a turtle. when i cross the finish line it is good. greg: you talk better than you fool. i'm waiting anxiously. audrey: good morning. things are looking good this morning as far the temperatures are concerned. we have a little rain to contend with. i hope you enjoyed yet. that was the pick day of the week. warm. it is warm and breezy and
8:33 am
across parts of the area this morning and also a chance for isolated thunderstorm later in the day. looking ahead to the weekend, we have a chance of showers in the afternoon tomorrow. saturday night into sunday morning actually a threat for the snow showers believe it or not. 64 degrees right now. what a great start for this early morning. we see the temperatures soaring up to the 70s across much of the region. all across the northeast nice readings with 67 in albany. we are just under 70 in philly and dc. but colder air is sitting to the west. the 40s in detroit and buffalo. the numbers are dropping into tomorrow. before that happens, we have to get through the rain. we have a couple of scattered showers along long island and working to coastal connecticut. so i-95 is a slick road at points, the northern parkway as
8:34 am
also the l.i.e. are problematic and fog on long island too. give yourself extra time. a little bit of a break and a line coming in from the west and swied spread showers and threat of isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. keep the umbrella handy. the showers could produce a downpour. the temperatures are mild with highs mostly in the 70s. now tomorrow down to 50s. in the afternoon, a week disturbance. and then late in the evening into early sunday a clipper system is moving in. it is giving a shot of the snow, especially in the hudson valley and connecticut. let's talk traffic right now and for that we are headed to ines. >> good morning, the rain is slowing everyone down. excuse me. i have something in my throat. now to the cross bronx. traffic delays westbound and
8:35 am
if you are travelling on 684 westchester a three mile delay. staten island expressway eased out. delays approaching the verrazano bridge. 106, 107, wet roadways. westbound traffic is moving fine. eastbound a slow down there. the crossings are doing great. to delays on the gwb upper or lower. 495 no traffic here headed to the billboard. that is 30 minutes at most head odd to the lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel 15-20. for the belts parkway, normal delays. trains are running or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg, rosanna?
8:36 am
>> not to mike woods. >> you would think she would be jov yil about it. >> i am shy. i was dreading this. >> being engaged? >> no, taking the questions from you guys. >> we are not buying it. >> the responses on facebook are funny. >> talk about tesla. maybe ines and her fiance would be wanting to buy a tesla. >> revolution azing the car industry. a new model 3 is much more affordable than the other cars that have been running. >> people are signing up to buy it without seeing it or taking it for a test drive. liz is outside of the show room in manhattan. anybody out there? >> no, it is quiet here.
8:37 am
rosanna, this car is so new the model 3 it is not even on the floors yet. it is unveiled last night over in california and people are just going crazy over this model. really because of the price. the fact that the car can go over 215 miles on a charge. there is a ton of interest in bur burbank. 500 people in live to put down a down payment. the crazy thing they haven't seen it yet. take a listen. it is true. i funny putting a deposit down on a car you haven't seen. it is a tesla and affordable. so i'm in it. >> the future is being tested. because my passion to have one,
8:38 am
so that is why i am here. i want this. this is the car of the future. >> they are going to have to wait. the car is not going into production until 2017. the cost is around $35,000 after tax breaks. back out here live, you are seeing the s luxury model. that is what is going on inside of the show room. that car is double what this new model 3. critics are saying it is a test for tesla to see if they are going to be a big automaker in this massive industry. the interest is certainly there. we are live in chelsea, back to you. thank you, liz very much. >> a porch is nice and fast, and one blew up during the auto show.
8:39 am
nalists were there and posted this. they put at the fire quickly. nobody was hurt. something went wrong with the engine. the car's privately owned and going to be part of a special exhibit opening this morning. i say porsche. >> folks, the jobs report is out. raw numbers are coming in. the economy added 215,000 jobs in march, last month. >> a little more than expected. >> is that a lot or a little? >> unemployment rate up the 5%. it is not including the people that stopped looking for a job. the jobs report is key to investors and indicates how the largest economy is holding up.
8:40 am
all right. donald trump, ted cruz, what is going to happen politically, if no clear winner before the convention with all of the delegates you need, that means a brockered convention. rosanna: so re-imagine, imagine what that would be like. we are bringing in the experts and gaming this out and how it is going to go down. if one candidate doesn't have the delegates, how it works and what happens next.
8:41 am
about lyme disease after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
8:42 am
8:43 am
greg: a little classic madonna. what was the deal, rosanna, living in fort lee with the pool guy. rosanna: i haven't seen that for a long time. greg: that goes back a ways. rosanna: now the temperatures are going up. 64 degrees right now. so many of us, including myself, very, very happy that the temperatures are going up, however, doctors dealing with lyme disease and the patients ill with that disease are busy this time of the year. once the temperatures go up, the ticks come out and we need to be
8:44 am
look for. greg: lyme disease is very, very serious and under estimated by some of the physician. we have steven philips a lyme specialist and here to help us out as we are getting ready for tick season. good morning, sir. >> >> good morning. >> so what are the symptoms? >> you can have no symptoms and symptoms from life threatening to everything in between. we go through the list of symptoms and ask for headaches and stiff neck, cognitive problems with memory and con senation and mood changes, psych problems and in terms of muscle symptoms, muscle pain at rest and at motion. rosanna: so anything and can be misdiagnosed. >> one of the nicknames is the
8:45 am
it can affect any part of the body. because of that, it's a source of controversy in the medical community. it is hard to reconcile, the people are getting infected and not sick or getting sick decades later, that happened to my dad. they thought it was meningitis and heart pappiations and he almost needed a heart transplant. >> it takes one tick bite, going in the woods and one tick can do this? >> ticks are ses pools. lyme disease is caused by one type of bacteria. there are a number of strains, 300 of strains that cause the
8:46 am
there are cousins to the lyme disease, they are not lyme but close cousins and they do the same thing but never test positive for lyme. >> so you don't have to see a bull's eye? >> no. >> these ticks hide in private spots on the body? >> the ticks are tiny, it is about the size of a poppy seed and crawl up in the crooks and crannies. >> on your body? >> yes, they want a protected spot n. the armpits, in the groin, in the areas that you don't think to check on. they hang out and drop off. sometimes people get a rash, and sometimes you won't. the rash doesn't have to last that long. >> rosanna and i don't have lyme disease and we don't want to get it and what can we do to prevent
8:47 am
we like the outdoors. >> there is primary infection, avoiding the tick infested areas. rosanna: that is impossible. is it in central park as well? >> i don't have the stats on central park. some of the parks in new york city, a park in the bronx found the ticks afacted by lyme. the birds are carrying the ticks and they fly all over. rosanna: assume we are in tick country, what do we do? >> focus away from the ticks for a second. it is not just the ticks. two thirds of the chronic lyme patients are actually coinfect coinfected. it is a polarizing illness,
8:48 am
bacteria spread by the tick that spreads lyme disease and spread by the bugs, like fleas and lice and reports of spiders and ants. rosanna: i'm on high alert here, what do we have to do when going outside? >> i would say you have to be our own best health advocate. the primary prevention stuff, tick checks, using insecticides that spray on the clothing, but not on the skin. what happens when you get the symptoms and they do a simple lyme test and it is negative and they are saying it can't be lyme. if you wake up and it is a beautiful bright sunshine day and you open the day and it is perfect, on that perfect day the
8:49 am
they are insensitive in the simplest of terms and in a very small percentage of the patients they are sensitive. they are defining sensitivity tests based on the stereotype. >> where can we find you? you are a specialist and you have your hands full. >> i'm in wilton, connecticut and booked up to september. i'm not looking for business. i would repeat the request that nobody call. i need another doctor to help me. i want a young doctor, smart and nice and has an interest of helping people. >> have you tried linkedin? >> i don't know. >> we appreciate it. thank you so much.
8:50 am
>> i am going to cover up. i'm not going any where. i will wear a bee thing. >> you have to live your life. >> live your life and be careful. >> thank you. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers.
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greg: all right, is this entertaining, playing cards, a card game inspired by donald trump. rosanna: it is called humanity hates trump. that is not nice. it is intended to bash the front runner and laugh with him. >> all right, whatever. >> back in the 80s, there was a donald trump game that he marketed and sponsored.
8:54 am
watch this. >> look at that. >> that's what happening right now. also, the battle of the pillow es. this is last year. 5,000 people will turn and fight with the fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more,
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mmmm, yoplait. greg: hello. rosanna: look at that. it is a little balmy out there. it is moisture in the air. it is going to rain. greg: so far, april fool's day is a bust. rosanna has been talking a big game for weeks. rosanna: greg, it is only 9:00. i am going to school you. it may not happen on the air. but watch. greg: sorry, folks, everything i tried -- yes? rosanna: what have you done today? greg: you have disrupted it. rosanna: yes, i have eyes in the back of my head.


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