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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> wow. well it's official. no yankee game today. home opener scheduled for 1:05 but still raining in the bronx and mants. >> when did we become such wimps and postponing against astros till 1:05 tomorrow. >> i heard a rumor that alex rodriguez just thought it was
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sweatshirt at home that is what i heard. : a bad rumor greg kelly that you have started. it's not true. >> he had enough time to go home to get his sweatshirt and get back. >> top saying that, it's not true. >> this is strange. >> you never hear them canceling home opener. at least you give it a shot. >>you know how many people were taking the day off for the home opener. >> i find it harder and harder to sit through a baseball game. i just like there's -- >> you can't sit through the show for three hours. are you kidding me you're walking around. >> excuse. excuse me i'm not the only one. rosanna a roughly speaking, generally speaking rosanna, who is winning? she's like i don't know. cleveland.
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>> yankee game you know it's social. so you're talking an so you may not always -- have your eyes on the field. >> you're oblivious. >> i'll watch and we like him. yankee home opener look probably a very rare occurrence that they cancel a game due to the weather. but they are. 1:05 is first pitch term to. >> no game today. >> so let's rehash shall we friday? april fool's day. you know rosanna i give you credits. not that much credit easy does it. >> stop taking it it back i guilty you good. you had no idea you knew something -- >> excuse me i love that donald trump coming up a grilled cheese segment and one of the guests proportedly a -- >> restaurant -- grilled cheese expert was a hand-in, phony, fake rosanna u knew, yints and guy was saying
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while you were skeptical you still did not know you had your radar up. but you still were not positive it was an april fools joke until the very end. >> but i kept saying we have a live one. ine-i think this guy might be crazy i'm not sure. i wasn't like saying oh within thank you very much. these sandwiches are great. >> you weren't but we did take you on a little bit of a ride let's watch greg in action. >> does anybody know where the grilled cheese who invented it? >> i don't know. i'd like to look at him, though. >> what your story? >> philadelphia a restaurant that we opened in philly call mr. cheese opening one in brooklyn a nice area to bring a restaurant over -- >> opening up and you never saw the place. >> no. >> delegated all of that stuff? >> i sit become and sign the
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it's scraped off the donkeys and himalayans. >> i can't tell if you're being legitimate. you mentioned hooves. donkeys from walking up and down mountains accumulate limestone from the mountains. >> are you having a good time? >> i'm having a blast. everybody -- nobody go anywhere. and -- >> how about this, april fools. >> oh, good. just look at it. it was god. listen, we've got you off your game. you weren't sure. >> rosanna -- >> you were not sure greg now in hindsight you want in on the whole thing. >> you have your whole team of producers executive producer okayed it. >> i was skeptical and throughout the segment what is up with this guy. and then you say wild stuff yourself. i will tell you what, that threw me.
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>> he said i got so worried i thought you broke. like gowanus near that, you were saying what -- about collateral damage. >> i needed to get you totally off your game. we did, you were ngt totally like this could not be april fools joke but didn't know it -- until he said it. prank tear named ed bass master. >> what would have been great if a guy who has no idea and goes along with something lying that. that would have been great but that didn't happen. very, very good. >> don't forget ines. she also had a great april fools topper. >> not good. she comes in on friday morning and said she's engaged it took
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was bogus but she said i got engaged last night it was her misdemeanor. unchanged. i don't know for all we know we thought you didn't have a boyfriend all of a sudden i got engaged what's it to you. i got engaged. you gave it away because you were so untransformed by the process. >> not biggest thing that's ever happened to me. >> wrnght -- [inaudible] >> greg thinks you would have been more enthusiasting if you were truly fen gauged. >> qeem we'll find out. i don't know. >> a weeknight fen gaugement never heard of the boyfriend. ring looks bogus. >> you don't know what ines does she goes out a lot. not pining for you greg.
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we had a very nice -- dinner and that didn't come up. >> i asked aboutiers. you were pointed you didn't ask. anyway, ines nice try. we saw it a thousand miles away, though. >> that might have been easier ines what do you think? >> television fun. i wanted to have fun. thanks greg. posted it on my facebook page people were asking as a bad night. you should have said it was april fools. actually when i said is this an april fools joke that's violating rules of april fools. rule according to greg kelly. >> listen ben simmoneau brought me a card that's how fit he was. >> ben likes ines. >> he bought me a card. >> engagement card.
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you should have told him the truth. thank you ines. >> everything else we say on this show is true. or per real. >> just incase. we have to move on from ines compelling as that was. ines i do think it's a good thing in your future. weed or order our books invented a rocket. blue origin rorkt that blasted off in texas not too long ago. watch this. liftoff. good for that. third time he's been able to land safely land a robert after the launch. some of the billionaires have companies trying to develop a rocket that will be able to go on for dollars and fly through
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edge of the atmosphere. >> that looks like out oar space to me. now the wild thing about this. nip, is that manner in which the rocket landed. take a look. the rocket well -- in old days we have splash down and more recently shuttle would land on a runway. look at this. robert comes down and just lands the way it took off. relying on the thrust underneath. oh, my goodness all of the people thought this is how it would take place before space travel back in 1950s and before then, science fiction movies. envisioned a big rocket ship like this one. you know landing on the moon and then coming back landing on earth and didn't happen for reasons and technical matters. but this thing happen and this may happen within our lifetime
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rocket ready for all of us by 2018 two years from now. amazing. jeff billionaire who within went to -- >> met him a few times. >> what for? >> he and his family used to come into the restaurant for a long time. >> who didn't? >> bill gates come in, interesting group of people you get to meet. >> first i have to get business cards. >> let's talk about presidential politics it is in full steam right here in new york city. >> you're on notice our turn to choose. know it. donald trump in the middle there. hi this is kind of excite. you know rallies we've seen seeing coast to coast make america great again. every now and then somebody gets punched out o. one of those rallies is coming to long island that looks like beth page, long island 6:00 wednesday night confirmed trump
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a permit to hold it at the grumman studio to cancel anything. but this is in the works rosanna. >> it's in the works. but i believe it's not confirmed it's not on donald trump's schedule, though. >> you want somebody to come rosanna this looks like it's taking shape. they can call it off but right now the word is that there will be a big donald trump rally, long island, wednesday night at the old place where they used to make spaceship grumman. donald trump talk about his first wife front page news and used to be every single day. >> i covered their split and dating for many, many months, now ivana trump is talking to david, and i don't know if you saw the sunday newspaper it was the front page, best ex i ever had which was a play on an old new york post headline from
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best sex i ever had was donald trump. >> and so ivana is close to donald trump, even though they're no longer married she advised him and says some things to the paper that had made some people upset. yeah, she's talking about immigration u now person who sat down with ivana trump nice to have you on "good day new york" so you reemped out to ivana trump. >> we said we love you and lot of interviewing of you. >> did she have to get per in permission? >> no -- >> a beautiful tower. i've been there many, many times. >> rosanna good for you. ferghts because when donald trump and ivana split up we did
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we were in her house. divorced but they battled it out of donald's property but they said once they were done with the money, finished business they had went back to coparenting. ivelg they have three lovely children together. nice kids, evanka donald an eric well spoken. and just really nice kids. >> back to her 67 years old from czech republic and she has some things to say about immigration. she sure did prodonald immigration plan not allowing illegal immigrants in building high wall and made a controversial statement and she said that we need an legal
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don't like to clean up after themselves. >> not the first time -- >> including george w. bush, maybe more rawly than a politician nights. do we have that george w. bush. >> as long as people try to sneak in the country to do jobs that americans aren't doing. >> to do jobs that americans aren't doing and that's what she's kind of getting at here. >> exactly. and she said i'm an immigrant myself so she kind of thinks she has the ability to -- make these stances. >> best ex-s she has. three boy was they found impressive. how does she jlg them all? >> juggling through miami, new york living a great life. she said she's free not being married and no intention. >> and not working doing jewelry and stuff. : managing her property and men
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>> and she's a grandmother eight times over. >> i know. go ahead. >> although beautiful, i think and nice person. the i wanted to ask you how did they meet? >> they met at a maxwell the hot single spot in the city where mr. bigs went to go sign their young women and she was a young woman. she was the mr. big. he picked her up and paid -- >> wait a second story is a little bit more finesse said he can take care of her and paid bill slipped out she was confused because when does a man pay for something and not expect something of a she said to me and she walks outside and there's donald trump in his limo but he's driving the limo. and then he drives her home and they continue to date -- >> driving the limo, that is wild. so dana any feedback after that story yesterday. has she called you or donald
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>> not yet. it's all her words i think she's or very unencumbers and won't take it back. as for donald i'm wait for tweets to come but not yet i haven't been a subject of his wrath. >> said something about donald trump like him or not both ex-wifes like him, and often that does not happen often bad blood forever. >> i agree. >> what else are we surprised about ivana trump? >> i asked whether or not donald was a feminist he said no he's not. he loves women tbhowt a femme two days after her rep calls me and course debated whether or not he was a feminist and went back and forth and they said donald is, in fact, a feminist so -- >> feminists is like growing up like a dirty word. we didn't want to embrace feminism name.
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into the feminist thing because doesn't have a diehard. you know you can be feminine and feminist. >> just don't call me a feminist but i support women rights. whatever -- feminist. . so everything is cool with ivana she around. still in town. what is she doing? >> in miami right now she left new york. and yeah she's veryive with a great relationship. another thing about melania. >> be okay first lady. >> okay. go tbab to ask her what do you mean by okay? >> she's quiet but she'll get the job done and -- marla who destroyed her marriage doesn't want to speak to her and she tried to apologize recently enivana does not accept her apologize. >> but they're both friends with drump donald trump two ex-wifes are --
9:18 am
now are. >> and nice kids. all of them tiffany all good kids. >> i agree. ening thank you for that. that was interesting. i had a nice sunday reading her article. >> i had a nice afternoon sitting in her beautiful home talking to her. she was quite lovely. so -- dana thank you so much. >> we have got a little bit of this, that, but yeah that weather cans yankees home opener there you have it. didn't think that was going to happen. but now look forward to tomorrow. where it will be sun sunny outside but winds coming from the north around 10 to 20 miles per hour. look at that game time temp 39 degrees so that's a pretty cool and windy day that we have out there so you have to bumgd bundle it up. but showers perhaps will have moved on by then. a freeze washing qarng for blue shaded counties and long island,
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central and southern sections of new jersey. temps upper 20s so a pushback to winter and winter weather advisory for the purple shaded counties. that's in effect basically through the day today as that area of low pressure comes on through and drops off a some accumulating snow, in fact, that's been happen hadding already this morning. now, if looks like a lot of this in the last few hours is changing over to rainfall but you see snow as you head further up to the north. this is exactly what we expect as temps climb up a little bit. 39 right now out at central park. 42 out at newark, and your temps will continue to climb as we head into the afternoon. getting more of southeasterly wind and now 41 in islip, and winds are coming from in from the east and still northeast wind out there too o. anyhow it is a little bit breezy as this comes but. here's the area of low pressure that is pushing it through, and bulk of the precip now gumming through new england that gets
9:20 am
of us. are we done yet? no. probably still see some more scattered should yous -- showers but lighter side far less than what we've seen so or fare this morning but we have shower chances through this afternoon and into the evening and then it shuts down after that. so if you want to completely dry day tomorrow is better for you. sunny and windy and cool for you tomorrow as well as wednesday. wednesday looks a little bit warmer. but it it is beginning to be dry at that time too. today high temp to 51 this afternoon with scattered showers and then 42 your high tomorrow and then 50 on wednesday. 59 on thursday and more showers coming through they be then it dries out and cools down for end of the week here. rosanna and greg over to you. >> thank you very much. andrew dice clay i have to say i saw his new show. he's so funny. you're going to die laughing and it will put you in a really good mood.
9:21 am
dirty nursery rhyme jokes. >> i was so offended in 1987. done so many great things he was funny in vinyl. they killed him.
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>> gashing and jill came up with a buck and a quarter. jill came down with 2.50. when he emerged on the national scene i remember the 1980s that's u saw coliseum seeing him live insult a staff "saturday night live" to the point where they would not do the show with him some of them. he was incredible. >> ranchy but in blue jasmine theptsed to be in the movie directed by woody allen delighted with it on show time called "dice" watch this. >> to walk planet earth. eddy murphy. it's hard to stay there. so if i grab any girlfriend and
9:25 am
make things easier. no girl of mine -- >> you're from brooklyn? >> yeah. >> we're going to have you paired? >> it is so funny andrew dice clay nice to have you on "good mockumentar. >> it is a hybrid and take things on my life and twist it and turn it, and it makings a hilarious show. >> were you ever broke? >> many times -- [laughter] as you you can see i'm not wearinglet per glab i can afford the shirt right now. but i've gone through everything. i've had an incredible career the way baraka is great on my show said to me we don't have jobs, we have a career she made
9:26 am
ups and downs and i never even through all of my down time, i always saw like the light at the end of the tunnel. >> no girl oh mine. >> is that from pal o'mine. >>i'm jus really from brooklyn i never changed of. you know, even doing the show, they try to break apart who is a part of me that is andrew and part of me that is dice, and i'm acting like andrew and i go, we share the same closet that's the bottom line. >> so all right dice something is online. right the show doesn't start until sunday night. >> till sunday night but this is first time that show time has ever done this, like show tomb history when they air the first episode which will air every sunday 9:30 on show time and people can binge watch it and
9:27 am
>> that's good there's already something online on youtube. is that the opening? >> that's the pilot episode. i don't think that's the episode people will see sunday. >> check this out. >> you're bad luck in a jump suit. i need you to leave. >> you crazy. i lost 100,000 dollars. there's no ere explanation. it's you. 100 grand? >> maybe you should is leave. >> listen to me. you need to leave bushwick now. >> fine. fine. for the record, you're out of your mind. >> by the way this is run joke during the first episode. >> there's always a problem with me. that's the bottom line. but blaming somebody else for. >> exactly people are getting become at me from all of the
9:28 am
we have incredible guest stars. adrian brody hands down one of the greatest actors i've ever worked with. >> how many episodes by the way? >> six episodes and it's just a very exciting time and again done your show through build again. working with bobby vinyl and martin. but surreal. >> upis the that they killed you off. : if you get to work with him who cares. here comes dice and my fans, people will eat it up. it's that funny. >> did you reinvent yourself. my sense is you are didn't because you remember in the 80s how many people you offended. i was there. a national conversation about andrew dice clay being offensive. >> i was under microscope of journalism.
9:29 am
>> woody allen, you know, yellen who brought me on for that had last season of entourage said i was going to blow up from entourage. >> our standards change? did you change? did we -- you fit into our puzzle or other way around? >> as a live. i'm never going to change. people see me for a reason, and i love making them last way the way i do. i'll be doing concert at paramount. >> never backed off. >> political correctness i cannot do. we're making fun eve people who are are we making fun of? >>now you're accepted by elite and with you. >> when i went from club to 20,000 seats a night and all over the country. journalists were a little afraid
9:30 am
want to create in elvis comedy, gladiator of comedy like a heroic comic per people because i was an actor, performer, and i did that had, but you know even eddy murphy asked me how do you feel -- fill 20,000, you make 40 million i'll switch places. >> but i geared myself because i grew up new rock. you know, watching you know the greatest elvis, and movie stars like james deen and brando and stallone and i realized in world of comedy that kind of image was never done. so -- >> still doing it. >> 100%. >> i thought nora said if he comes on the show i'm not on this show. back then. >> only thing what happened was nora was done.
9:31 am
it wasn't about me but her fight with -- like lauren michael. >> all right. i didn't know who it was at the time. so i used to if file t follow "saturday night live" when they were on. once i got into comedy, i didn't know the cast. so when -- michael says to me nora dunn isn't here, i feel bad he goes because of you. and i go i don't know who that is. meet her, sleep with her, whatever -- did i do wrong to her now. >> do you have a nursery rhyme for us that's clean? >> clean -- >> you know little boy blue -- he needed the money. oh. dice -- 9:30 sunday nights. >> show time. >> really excited to be -- little boy blue needed some glue -- >> wouldn't pay for that. [laughter] >> trying to figure out. >> he wanted it the real thing.
9:32 am
>> it's bad. funny bad. you know people love to do that at the end of the show with me. >> andrew dice clay legendary you're a legend. brooklyn here now it shall brooklyn in the house, i'm over here. >> anyway, thank you again. >> thanks for the laugh. coming up, best selling author civil sylvia day is here one with you, the latest volume i think the last volume in her cross fire series. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. fios is not cable. we're wired
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crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador.
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it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> hey, everybody. sylvia day is here, her new book, one with you, the fifth in the crossfire series. sylvia day, something like who or so novels. 42 different language. >> millions and millions of copies worldwide. >> she is probably quite well to do, a great storyteller by all accounts. welcome to "good day new york".
9:36 am
>> what does this mean to you. >> the title is kind of tell you a little bit what is happening in the story and this sells you we're wrapping it up at the end of the series. >> this has to be a little emotional for you, right? >> i really thought it would be. readers say they will grief. when we get a five-year process write these books. readers following along four years. a little bit after delay from the time i turn it in until the time it is published. i said i probably would be devastated. when i got to the end of the book i was elated. i think they are exactly where they need to be. i can move on to the next series. >> every seen the movie, "misery"? >> yes. >> are there any fans being irate and try to do something to you. >> i crack ad joke the other day with my assistant. because we're wrapping up series that has been a part of peoples lives for the last four years,
9:37 am
that they want, are they going to be upset? absolutely. >> oh, boy. >> those new to series, what is going on here? set us up big picture. >> the crossfire series is love story. we've been following a young couple, ava, just moved to new york. she figures manhattan will be her next great love affair. a few days in she meet gideon and her entire life change. >> what is gideon's deal. he is a billionaire. >> gideon cross, is billionaire but a hot mess. >> rigs? >> 50 shades of gideon? >> no. >> what is he into. >> it is a little darker. these characters are victims of child sexual abuse. it sounds really dark and it is. we delve into very realistic aspects. trying to come into a relationship later on.
9:38 am
you're not in mystery for five novels. otherwise i don't think we have 18 million people invested in it. the people have a lot of issues to work through because of issues they have. >> when you sit down and come up with an idea, you say this is enough for five books, or do you just take each book as it comes? >> this case i thought it would be two novels. i figured the first book would be ava's story and second book would be gideon's side of the story i would be done. halfway through the second book, i told mid tore, no way i will finish in two novels. i don't know if i will finish in four novels. i'm not sure six novels. but it ended up in five. >> how old were you published your first book? >> i was 30. >> what were you doing that paying bills. >> i was in the army, russian link case. >> you went to monterey? >> i did. >> you speak russian.
9:39 am
it gets rusty. i would get it back if i emersed in it. >> meet sylvia day. put it up on the screen. >> tonight she has a book signing. see her at 7:00 at, oh, mohegan sun. >> mohegan sun. it will be fun. >> working on other book? >> apple store soho tomorrow at 5:00. i haven't o haven't heard of book signings at mohegan sun? >> yes they do. they have a program, winning authors. authors meet some of the mohegan sunner. >> you can't get to mohegan, she is at apple in soho tomorrow at 5:00 as well. >> absolutely. >> one quick question. as you have developed in your career, have you changed your style because all of our attention spans seem to be very limited these days, you know what i mean? we're this, that, the other thing. reading a book is almost unnatural act. have you modified your style a bit over the year? >> no except maybe my books have gotten longer.
9:40 am
fans are getting shorter. my books are getting longer as i go. >> it consider i cans say better. congratulations. >> congratulations. hot off the presses. "one with you." the end of the crossfire series with sylvia day. thank you. >> all right. watch out for those hardcore fans. "misery" is one of the best movies ever. >> talk about organizing yourself. it is april. people start thinking of spring cleaning. >> marie talks about cleaning your house can have magical, spiritual effects. you know what? i think she is right. i've been doing this, rosanna. >> and? >> some wild things have been happening to me while i was
9:41 am
more when we fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power
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i have got to go through my closet. i have to give away. it's time. >> spring cleaning is coming back to "good day new york." we'll have a huge giveaway on friday. >> that is the first step in spring cleaning, right. >> marie condo is the expert in this matter. she has a new book, magic of tidying. she has a huge following. when you get rid of stuff, your life opens up. it is pretty amazing. she came here. i think she is on to something. only keep stuff that gives you joy. if it's a book you will read some day, forget it. that day -- >> she may be on to something, that marie. >> so, by the way her english is very, very minimal. >> she sat down with an interpreter with us. >> japanese interpreter. we spoke through the interpreter, but marine condo is our guest recently on "good day new york". >> >> translator: so glad to be here, thank you so much.
9:44 am
joy you supposedly feel when you tidy up? >> translator: spark of joy you feel selecting things you like. things make you happy. >> now marie says in her book that, if you declutter, if you tidy from to the to bottom, there is a vast difference in your life. >> translator: so what happens when you are declutterring, homing sensitivity to what makes you happen happy and what brings you joy. that is could be applicable to other areas of your life, be it career or interpersonal relationship with other people. you figure out what makes you happy. >> i know i need to tidy up. i have spring cleaning is not -- i need to, it is in the bedroom where i have books and magazines that i haven't read. how do i attack that? >> translator: first you need to calm down and then you need to
9:45 am
is my number one role i show, introduce in my book. there is also specific order of categories that you need to go through i recommend. clothes, books, paper materials and what is known in japanese miscellaneous items and attack the sentimental items the last. >> the book is very beautiful. >> it was very important to me compact as well. >> it is beautiful. >> i notice the way you fold your clothes, i years ago used to fold them very flat, you lay it out like this and in the drawer like this. but now i notice that you like to roll. >> what you're aiming for is smooth rectangle and stand up right on its own. laying it like this readily clear how many what type of clothes that you own. >> that's true. when you have everything kind of flat, where is that orange thing.
9:46 am
where is that orange shirt and you made a mess of the whole drawer. >> the book gets rather deep by the way. this is more than just organizing. you talk about people holding on to things out of fear of the future and unnecessary attachment to the past. >> the way i see it there are only two reasons why people can't throw or discard things away, one is anxiety toward the future. the second reason you hold on to the past. >> rosanna thinking she may need that some day is not a good enough reason to keep something? >> so you need to begin by confirming whether that object really makes you happy in the now and when you know that, you need to, if it doesn't make you happy in the present you need to let it go. >> what are the benefits beyond being clean and neat? how can it change you? >> it really clarifies, organizes your mind-set, having a cleaned, organized state environment around you.
9:47 am
you need in life at the moment because, that is very ordered, clear. >> she has been doing this since she was a kid. >> translator: i did research in tidying and organizing since i was five. >> did you follow your husband around the house when he dropsing something? >> translator: i quietly organize my own things. that's what you need to do. >> that's what you need to do. japanese art of declutterring and organizing. when you want itchy,
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>> take a look. there she is in the green t-shirt. sky is, sky jackson. she stars in that show, "volt" on the disney channel. >> young kids from our area, basically made it in hollywood, right? this is so unbelievable. >> only 13. but a big, big career in tv under her belt already. listen to this. >> just tell awe story. see that on the wall. >> nope. [laughter] >> and live happily ever after without a great fall. >> quick. hide it. >> whatever! [laughter]. >> i'm glad we didn't play this nursery rhyme with andrew dice clay here. it would have a different ending. sky jackson, nice to have you on "good day new york". first of all happy pre-birthday.
9:51 am
>> on friday. >> what are we doing. >> chill with friends. get my nails done and go to ruth steak. >> ruth chris steak house. i get a big kick. you love what you do? >> i do. >> what is "bunked "all about. >> that is spinoff of jesse. we have adopted kids and everyone doing things. we have the nanny, butler. then our parents decide to end is us to camp where they actually met. they want us to learn a normal lifestyle. of course we don't like it at first because we don't really have anyone doing anything for us. and then we meet new campers and new friends. we start to learn the new camp lifestyle. >> clip from fox. let's see skye in action. is that already. that was that. >> we got a taste of it. >> thank you. >> see that on the wall. >> nope.
9:52 am
>> that was, what we saw before. okay, so one clip. so meanwhile, i'm just fascinated, you grew up, where were you born? >> i was born in staten island. >> staten island. >> i kind of lived almost everywhere else. >> what did you not live in. >> i have not lived in brooklyn i believe. >> brooklyn is a hip place to live, skai. maybe when you get a little older. >> you're 13 years old. i understand you started in commercials and modeling. when. >> when i was nine months old my mom put me into print. i started as baby baby from there commericals. >> including the bandaid commercial. >> i was so little then. >> only bandaid brand. >> so cute. >> and so lucrative. listen i'm not getting into your finances. >> please don't ask skai how much she make. >> you're 13 years old. >> and a 1/2.
9:53 am
>> i don't really know how much i make. i let my mom handle that. i want to be a normal kid. not worried about that. >> when you are 18 you will buy a lamborghini. >> no. i won't -- >> good, beautiful car. >> a nice cars but still practical. >> so can you kids, friends your own age? i know you're on the set. you get homeschooled. how does that work with meeting kids your own age and doing some things going to the movies and stuff like that. >> it is a little bit hard for me because i am working 24/7. i have a couple friends i met previously. one of my best friends, jake and kyla. i hang out with them. so i of course meet new friends, like at events and stuff. those are my main friends i can always pick up the phone. >> she has a good head on her shoulder this kid. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> finding colon cancer early gives me the best chance for treatment. we got screened because i know colon cancer
9:54 am
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>> nick, thank you so much for saying nice things about us. on the fox5ny facebook page. >> how is the meditation going? you brought us all to that class? >> we're all doing meditation, group@9:00 a.m. >> i kept on messing up the code did you? >> i did. >> a bunch people are quiet. >> nobody saying anything, bob roth our teacher and mentor. i have to say it is helping me a little bit. how about you? >> i am waiting for result. i don't seem a little more grounded? >> he said it will take a while. >> a less overwrought. >> we're trying transcendental meditation. it is interesting. >> greg is more into it than i am. he really, like yells at me because i don't do it before i
9:57 am
>> you thought i would be cutting class. >> 4:30 in the morning. >> blowing it off. no, as matter of fact since we learned ritual. i kept up with. jerry seinfeld tried it. >> we'll be on the "good day new york" facebook page. >> if you want to engage with fox 5 twitter and youtube and facebook pages. go to fox 5. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. hey there, heard the good news? spray 'n wash is back... and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains,
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mini babybel. snack a little bigger. live from new york city it's the the wendy williams show. "wendy" my >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now here's wendy. [ applause ] [ screaming ] . >> wendy: yes! thank you for watching. say hello to the co-host my studio audience. all right. how you doin'?


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