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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> they finally agreed on a day . april 14. it's just days before the big primary. hillary clinton amber bernie sanders. >> common core testing begins. how many students will take that test. college basketball has a new champion.i'm so happy villanova one . >> yay! ben: i like the coach. he is very well-dressed. much like you . >> the guy was a heartbreaker. >> they have one a lot of times. >> very cool.
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>> good morning. >> it is 4:30 a.m. on april 5. it's tuesday morning. >> it is tuesday. how do you say it when it begins with a t ? mike: good morning.ben: it's not acceptable outside this morning. it's too cold . juliet: it's a recordbreaker . mike: it's not a recordbreaker but it's cold. maybe in certain parts before the city, it's 21. >> hello, it's april. anyway, it's a cold day out there. it's well below normal.
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have it not only today but tomorrow. here we go again. you could see the teens out there. 18 teresa marcello and 28 in central park.300 montauk. they also have wind out there and it's when you do what we had yesterday coming from the north east at seven 20 miles per hour. that makes it feel colder than it is. not the best is drier . the light rain just want to hang with us. snowflakes on the wrap your to the catskills in the poconos. we will see a general trend of living sky coming at you is because forward . here's the showers yesterday. pushing down to south and we are done with that. sunshine is back to colder temperatures are back.
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the northwest . there has been some snow sticking around for a while and i don't think it's so bad. there is some standing water. high temperatures today is your evening temperature and it's 170 shy of what we typical see this time of year. it's quite a bit. a little bit of that last until friday. there's a couple more days of a cold stuff . let's bring in ines rosales . >> the weekend doesn't work any better. >> look at the bright side. traffic is looking good.
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doing fine on 280. let's look at the cameras. the fdr drive at 79th st. southbound traffic living okay. there is construction set up leaving the left lane open as you approach 64 street. it's on the northbound side with the cross bronx on the alexander hamilton both are moving fine and the trains are running on or close to schedule. >> thank you. it's a terrible story out of brooklyn. a construction worker tried to take back his truck and the thief ran over killing him. police say the suspect, joshua colsn, jumped into an idling truck around 9:00 am in greenwood heights. the owner is philip and he chased him another car. he tried to get into the truck's cab but police say he fell and he was run over , running off on foot .
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man. he was charged with murder, larceny . >> three teenage boys were arrested after one of them threatened a 12-year-old girl with a loaded gun. a 13-year-old boy brought the revolver to ps 179. he waved at the girl and handed it over to a 15-year-old had who had the gun in his jacket. box of ammo was found in a 14-year-old. no one was hurt . it's the fourth time in a month and a loaded gun was carried into a city school. a new round given this morning.they say there was major changes to the exams. it doesn't mean you won't have your kids opt out. last year one in five students refused to take the exam. kids will have more time to finish the test.
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against them.they shorten the math exams by moving the math problem. >> common core is very confusing. when i went home i got really upset and that made my parents upset. they replace the test vendor with more input from teachers. >> the race for the white house with hillary clinton agreeing on a date to debate. >> today's primary in wisconsin might be the last time that donald trump's rival could stop him from gaining enough delegates from winning the republican nomination. it's not looking good there. robert moses is live with a preview of the primary. >> 96 delegates are up for grabs on the democratic
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42 on the republican side. today is as much about momentum going forward as it is about delegates.ted cruz and bernie sanders have narrow leads which they would like to turn into victories. >> i would like to introduce my wife millennia. >> donald trump enlisted his wife where the character witness last night at the other with a surprising number of empty seats. he admitted it was a bad week. trump is attempting his standing along the boats today. >> he will punch back 10 times harder. no matter who you are, a man or a woman. he treats everyone equal. >> 20 miles away, ted cruz energizes his supporters . >> the entire country its eyes on the state of wisconsin.wisconsin has a
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>> cruises ahead of trump . doesn't sound like he believes them. >> if we do well here it's over. >> they both: junkies into drug out he is one in 30. he says he will not bow to trumps demands. >> we should have been here tonight this was fantastic! >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will debate at the brooklyn navy yard, five days before the state primary. clinton was in the city yesterday and she touted governor cuomo's plan to raise the minimum wage. >> donald trump has said that wages are too high. >> he is fired that's funny. >> clinton probably is laughing when she sees
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the race is tight .she held a rally in milwaukee. >> we have won six of the last seven primaries. >> if there is a record-breaking turnout in wisconsin, we will win here as well. >> settling on a date for the debate in brooklyn was easier said than done . bernie sanders scheduled a rally in washington sq., park on april 14. that has now been canceled to accommodate this debate . >> less than five seconds to play with villanova back
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it's good.if a massive celebration on the court as noble wins 70 7/74. is it the title for the wildcats of 1985. it doesn't look that rowdy. >> there were some arrest and bonfire that are lit . ben: if you know where the school is, it's a tony neighborhood . juliet: for the most part, it's a great gathering from what i understand. need to watch that kind of stuff. ben: bonfires are not good . juliet: there was a handful arrest and several injuries. they appeared to be minor. let's talk about the
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play the homeowners today. oliver ripped one team official for suggesting that certain fans did not belong in that section. matt king will tell us about this. the resulting explosion on twitter. >> maybe the fan is someone who is never seen location. it's frustrating to the existing fan base. >> these rich people couldn't wait to sit next to people who aren't as rich.>> john oliver played w fan. it seems to suggest those who can't afford to sit in expensive seats will disturb the fans who can.
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tickets for $.25 each. >> is fans obliged. >> the experience is the product. that's what he was speaking to. >> the codirector encouraged us not to take the words out of context. yankees believe someone who pays less devalues both the transaction of buying it and the experience of sitting there. form a business standpoint, he understood the opinion
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doesn't make it right. oliver sticks it to the yankees in the name of a good joke and level of the economic playing field for one homestand. >> it used to be something that was much more accessible. >> in west village, i am not getting on fox 5. >> that was pretty funny. >> yankees are taking oliver's contest in stride. he is a good friend of good day new york. he said in a statement, everyone is welcome. i think john oliver for buying the yankees tickets. >> he has a good sense of humor. >> still ahead, a freeze warning is in effect . we should not be rising up . >> where the outrage. >> there is no outrage here. it's my job!mike has a chilling details and the future of the weather. >> we look at the trade
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good morning. let's get you going on the sunnydale there. it's kind of cold .it's a little acl there to the north.we did have some snow and ice in the area and it's frozen up on some of the car service .
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there early to get is going. it's cold out this morning. it's sunny and breezy today with a high temperature at's a freeze warning . >> frozen up on the car services? >> surfaces. >> car services? >> surfaces car surfaces . >> go back to sleep like you always are. >> freeze warning later on tonight. they will drop down to the teens and 20s once again. yeah, here we go. 280. this is one of this thought in central park where it's warm. we have places that are a little bit warmer but still, the word northwind is coming in and it's a little bit colder. 28 there in central park and 26 in boston. 330 in philadelphia. there is a gradual clearing
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of here in the rain is out to see. there's a few snow showers out near the catskills and it will break down soon. it's really about the cold air that sitting with us the next few days in the morning. it's dropping down to 440 for the high. 26 is the low and we will have a freeze warning for you tomorrow morning. you will have a high of nearly 600 on thursday and it will be wet . you will see a cooldown as we head into the weekend. don't forget your weather up with headlines all lined up for you. let's bring in ines rosales. >> we do have problems in the morning commute. there is a accident by the baltimore parkway eastbound. in a set expressway, you are doing fine heading
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of construction was ramping up , we will take a camera and take a look by the lie. no issues westbound or eastbound if you're driving into the city. the george washington bridge looks great . the upper and lower option no problems for the holland tunnel. two trains are southbound by jackson avenue. you have some delays this morning on the eighth avenue bound train.give yourself extra time. three cleaning rules are in effect. >> at least the l train is running. >> the repair to the l train tunnel under the bridge damage by super storm sandy is going to
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it's the way it is.the upside is that it speeds up the work that the mta has to do. it gets you all over with at once instead of piece by piece. the downside is that it would cut off the main crosstown route for hundreds of thousands of commuters like ellen chang. >> i would probably move closer to manhattan or further south . l train is the only search engine. >> i'll find out what i will do when my lease is up in two months. >> in a statement, they say is committed to meet regularly with residents ,
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consult with officials. another possible plan is to maintain limited services at the lines 5 manhattan stops going along 14th st. the writers alliance deputy next if one does. >> there's a lot of time for the mta to get it right. the only way it will happen is if writers speak up and say , this is what we need a place and this is what we need around the city. >> from union sq., jennifer rameau's fox five news. >> still ahead, the rangers play the layout spot with a big win. sports is up next. >> all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast
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good morning. all right it's cold outside. we had temperatures below freezing for everyone across the tri-state. that includes montauk sitting at 300. 290 in islip and 220 in sussex and 18 in monticello. there are services where
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be aware of it . it takes a while to get out there and do what you have to do. the skies clearing out and we will see sunshine make a comeback . as we go through the next five days, there's a warm-up coming up on thursday. it comes with wet weather at the same time. it will be out of here by the time we get to the weekend. it's cold and to. >> it will be cold but sunny so we can get the yankees (today. duke will join us later on. time for sports. it's villanova and north carolina. juliet: i am psyched ! it came down to the final seconds . marcus page goes for the
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game-tying three-pointer. villanova went 77/74. people are talking about the greatest play in the ncaa. we are the wildcats first national title since 1985. it's 50,000 kids and it goes every year. >> okay. >> the rangers are looking for a win to clinch this playoff spot . he blocks the shot off his hands. he really begin with that . in the second period, it's 2/1 rangers. he gets his own rebound of course in its 26 in the season. rangers win 4/2 for the final spot .
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the tampa bay lightning. for the manager joe girardi entering his ninth season, it's no big deal.
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up".>> is freezing cold outside. the yankees get ready to play their home over a period like woods tells us how much a warm-up for the game. >> a battle today as the republican rivals try to stop donald trump in the primary. the quote polls show ted cruz. he is not dropping out of the race says john kasich . >> common core testing begins today. kids i am so sorry. >> many students will up out once again? we shall see. >> is not that bad we had to take standardized testing. >> villanova fans have gone wild in the streets after their team wins. it's the ncaa championship . >> it's 5:00 on tuesday.


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