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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" >> the road to the white house is getting complicated. interesting. going to new york today, ted cruz and bernie sanders when in wisconsin . >> the fbi investigates the corruption while the legal perks of some members . juliet: turkey trouble for one town in new jersey. how they are looking to get rid of the beautiful birds. they have a waddle google we read the red thing
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>> . [laughter] it's 4:30 a.m.. if you're watching you a friend of my dad i'm truly sorry . >> i think i missed something there. before it's cold outside. here we go again. notice how many people were tweeting in about the demise of their plants. it was not good. what we talked about was a freeze warning yesterday and have it again this morning. 310 and is 25 in islip. 33 and montauk. 16 and monticello. windsor from the northeast at three miles per hour and we have a clear sky.
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happening and that's how will start off for the day today. looks like it will stay that day for the majority. there are things on the move with wet weather and clouds way back to the west that will start coming to our area into tomorrow. temperatures will be a little bit warmer but we are on our way back down . will start to climb back up to 450. temperatures will drop a hair as the next approaches the area. the high temperature tomorrow is up to 600. now, it's our chance on never did look like a beach weekend.
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we are off to a good start. the 70 and two he looks good. when the bronx, you are fine on the bronx river parkway. let's look at the fdr drive. traffic is reduced to one lane heading toward 61st. it's not a big deal right for the bqe, no problems this morning. strickland was in effect citywide. >> thank you, ines. security on all ireland long island will be tight. donald trump is not the only turning his or her attention to new york. after yesterday's primary, robert moses has the latest on the election. >> ted cruz won the badger state by more than 13 points. it was an important victory
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primary and a big state . it also increases the likelihood that donald trump will not get the necessary delegates to secure the nomination before the convention. point. it's a rally cry it's a call from the hard-working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. >> we have a choice. it's a real choice. neither trump or k-6 book publicly after the results came in. is a blistering statement. >> ted cruz's words that a puppet. he is being used by those attempting to steal the nomination from mister trump. we have total confidence mister trump will win in new york where he holds a lead . with wisconsin the book, the attention shifts to new york where it holds primary on the 19th. thousands i expect it in bed page for a trump rally. new york and other northeastern states are
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crews will be campaigning in the bronx and just as cruises wisconsin victory was expect it, so was bernie sanders. paper beat hillary clinton winning his six straight . >> momentum is starting a campaign 11 months ago in the media determining that we were a fringed candidacy. >> clinton held the town hall last night and she tweeted her congratulations to sanders. she went on to say to all the voters and volunteers who forge your heart into the campaign, forward . the city council will vote on a bill that may eventually keep those custom characters and their special zones. if today's vote passes, the bill will give the department of transportation to regulate all pedestrian prizes leading to custom characters in special areas. the zone idea specifics are
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say would let people choose for themselves whether they want to interact with the characters. >> lawyers for peter liang want a new trial for him. they say one of the jurors failed to disclose that their father had been convicted of manslaughter for accidental shooting someone. that's exactly what peter liang was convict them. they released a statement saying he received a fair trial and will respond to the motion in court. he was convicted of manslaughter in february for the accidental shooting that killed a chai growing inside a brooklyn stairwell . he is expected to be sentenced next week . >> this morning we learn about the fbi investigation into the nypd. >> members of the department got nice parks. teresa is live with more. >> good morning. we are talking about golf
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republic in a $5000 custom-made private security detail with police officers in uniform at the western wall. it's a trip that was all expense paid. that's what we're talking about this morning. 20 officers involved in a quick protocol investigation . some of them are high ranking. >> were looking for tickets to the super bowl with golf outings in the caribbean. lavish gifts for those in the upper as one of the nypd. it's all in exchange for special treatment .that is the allegation and now the fbi is investigating. >> the nature of the business and investigations will have to see where it goes. it's something that we will participate in and cooperate fully with. >> bill bratton is speaking about these allegations now that one of his top detectives , michael molly
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duty. the detective pled the fifth when he was questioned by grand jury. >> he has been placed on modified assignment for the good of the department. that's all i can say at this time. >> allegations came to light to to politically connected businessmen. liberals both friends with mayor diblasio. there were so many phone calls to and from the police. 20 officers are involved with the deputy inspector of the upper east side 19 precinct. the former chief of the nypd with philip banks. her union cheek is also reportedly involved.
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york post that a number of the officers had been interviewed by federal investigators and they went on to say they are fully cooperating and they are told they're not the targets or the subject of this investigation. the bottom line is, there is more to come. >> that's not a. >> thank you, teresa. >> have you ever heard of the university of northern new jersey? it does exist. some people have heard of it. they set it up to bust a fake student visa ring after setting it up, investigators say and a host of people who did not seem to care that they did not offer courses or degrees.the us attorney's office safe fraudulent workers lord them with a promise to education, jobs and visas. >> these were brokers, recruiters and employers who unlawfully and fraudulently obtained or
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visas for 1000 foreign nationals from 26 different countries. >> 21 people have been charged in this scheme. >> officials have a wild turkey problem. they are fighting back with audible animals. >> of about 20 airplanes to the public. the environmental officer say the loud noises were to humanely scare away the birds. they were captured yesterday . the aggressive bird has been terrorizing the residents and some attack cars in some people . one flew through the kitchen window.they destroy everything. he knocked everything off the counters. there was mud flying everywhere and water everywhere. >> residents don't have options. citizens are not allowed to touch the birds. only the state has the
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a wild turkey attacks me like one did it was a horde of them. it's no joke. i was out at a vineyard in california. we doing to that tricky? >> i was walking and came after us. it was horrifying. >> still had, it's freezing outside . >> when will it warm up? that's the question .
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before . mike: up to 430 in central park but well above normal by 140. 44 is the high at newark and 40 in islip. we have 310 in central personality clear sky and the north wind coming through at 5 mph at many locations are talking about the wind and it's another freeze morning for us in the tri-state. renowned philadelphia and 23 in williamsport. same thing in albany with a clear sky and it looks like a quiet holiday coming up. looks like we have clouds . >> juliet loves that.
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bring us some rain. it won't be until later tonight in early tomorrow. we have a clear sky with high pressure and control . we will take a look at the feature cast to see wood indicates.basically, it stays clear that the majority of the day and the high clouds are working their way through. by 7:00 yesterday, showers come in here and they pick up throughout the majority of the day. was a solid day of rainfall with a few dry spots here. pretty wet here on we have the wet weather left over. ahead of it today, we see a dry one with 440. temperatures had stepped such keep steady tonight and it goes into early friday. it's another small chance on saturday.monday and tuesday were more rain chances and will see some catch up work as we fall behind.
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of rainfall. >> headlines on the weather up . it cost nothing.still free. let's bring in ines. >> it's nice and dry. >> did you have that this morning? the westbound highway may have encountered it in the westbound. the right lane remains trapped because of the retaining wall last night . just expect billing closure with no major backups. in westchester county, things are doing fine. let's go to the cameras in long island in the lie. no problems westbound and eastbound. these are looking good in the george washington bridge in the upper and lower level moving find with no problems in lincoln or holland. everything is running on or close to schedule. >> mike piazza is not happy that a piece of memorabilia has been sold. the mets fans will remember
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here it is is the first home game following the september 11th terror attack . the jersey that he wore was up for option. the mets sold it three years ago. they were under constraints after the whole thing . piazza says it never should have happened. he told the post that the team is working with the current seller to get the jury back . >> yankee fans may have noticed some creatures behind home plate. two teenage turtles sitting there. you can thank john oliver for that. oliver brought some premium seats and resold them for $.25. whoever got them had to dress like they have never sat in luxury seats. oliver decided to troll the yankees after what he called elitist comments made by a top official. two more fans promised to
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belong there and they will have tickets to tonight's game. >> you are a diehard yankees fan. john oliver wants to poke a little fun at the yankees expense after there was this comment about how they can't print tickets because they want to make it harder for people to buy the seats at a discount. >> your shoulder is enticing. i will try to focus on your question. if you cut my veins, i believe yankee pinstripes. you could not the more right . i am not siding with them . it's the yankees who are quite elitist. i am surprised they haven't built a mute to put the alligators in and separated. it's the crhme de la crhme.
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how they are in trouble. attendance is down off the board. yankees are successful at doing that. we are taking out a reverse mortgage and that's just the parking. it's microscopic . we need to put them under a red light microscope . >> it's way off the hook and a family of four or five they just can't afford to go to baseball games. >> people like a void in the others who should i put on the show. >> is gone out of control. >> let's talk politics. wisconsin with trump could be in trouble . >> is cruise going to be swooping in? >> do you think that's going to happen in new
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>> he is crashing and burning but anything to deprive the domination of the donald. that's the goal of cases , crews in the rnc.>> did he call ted cruz a trojan horse? >> i heard that lip. >> new comments to that? >> ted cruz was an outsider. it's anybody with trump. instead of letting it be fair and square and determined by the voters who are coming out in unprecedented numbers because of donald trump you guys getting people to come out, they will decide they want to declare the winner in the back room and one only knows who they will come up with mitt romney, please. >> we were talking about
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. >> is hillary in trouble? >> big trouble. when bernie sanders can beat you five or six times in a row now you come into a state where you are the carpetbagger in little rock. she is in trouble if she can't when you're. >> it was not quite like that. >> if you're going to the trump rally, to us at juliet buddy . just talk about it. it should not be laughing.
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good morning. >> i was cold yesterday. >> the yankees got their season underway against the
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>> it's a lot colder. >> top of the sixth inning with the astros down. the game is up at two and they are giving up two runs striking out four. in the eighth inning it's the same score and this is where the game turns. he had a soft round and they throw it over his head . joe girardi with carrera on
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baseline . neil walker goes deep. it's his first home run. it's three straight pitches. uconn versus syracuse with their ever doubt that they win it? 10 rebounds to rub the orange 82/51. >> it's yukon with the fourth straight national title.
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he finished his career with a record at one and five. that women's basketball versus men's basketball. >> the mets tried to get back and with mets mike piazza jersey.>> i want to talk to the mets. >> it says something not good.
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>> the homeowner for welcome to "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" . juliet: i have already seen you for the past half an hour. okay let's make it all about you. where did spring go? >> it was here. it was not terrible but april has been lousy. >> is a huge disappointment. >> i would like to find spring and dry it by the hair back here. >> hopefully the temperatures will warm up. michael tell us. is this his turning point? it certainly looks like it will be a lot harder for him to win the nomination outright. >> this is not good. the fbi is questioning top officials of the nypd. the corruption investigation could involve


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