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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> my aunt and uncle's old neighborhood. sunny side queens. sunny out there and chilly. >> rosanna i thought iftion going to the city for the fall. >> you can see the big building, and it was queens. technically new york city and talk about how they have to go to the city. like we're already here. mans was a city in those day. >> i catch myself saying that. i'm in the city. [laughter] >> now it's backwards brooklyn is the place to be. some say. >> so funny when i was in brooklyn everybody can can't wait to get become to brooklyn on the wrong side. [laughter] >> one step behind wherever you are. wherever you go there you go. who said that?
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welcome "good day new york" 9:00 hour big happen technician in new york. rode is happening here in new york. >> well tonight one of those great big rallies that trump is famous for hes lost pretty big in wisconsin last night. want to he brings his battle to new york again. a rally at the old grumman factory in long island in bethpage they turned this into a tv studio years ago. one of the cools things about many place in my opinions it's history they built the lunar module lift. the one that actually isn't that qield? >> amazing. they built that thing on long island, half of it by the way is still on the moon. you see parking lot gold part. >> that's still there. that was a moon buggy. we littered basically up there. it was necessary.
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>> great they're not talking about moon landings, though, an out of this will world rally. >> 12,000 people you see people unloading their stuff, equipment but there will be protesters nfts one planned nearby. these rallies are pretty wild. we've seen some things we've never seen before in politics in this country. do you remember when donald trump buzzed rally in alabama with a very big plane. by the way a lot of his rally is passionate people who were supporting and those not passionate as wls. >> iowa state fair he was giving little kids rides on his helicopter that fueled trump mania like that guy it shall not, he's dominated for better or for worse political dialogue for the past 7, 9 months. >> interesting in his backyard. let's see what happens tonight.
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security because a lot of ticket the can be gotten online so that means you really don't know who these people are or can he find out who they are. and see if they're supporters or protesters. >> president of the united states protesters endured before presidents, so -- huge tonight at 7:00 an shown interesting. right? >> proorm is less than 18th. but they have a big campaign rally featuring bill de blasio, her former -- former friend that you are kind of working together. do we have a picture bill de blasio luck ant to work with hillary. >> he knows her very, very well. >> ever since hillary is like see ya been dissing him. >> paying and went to iowa and
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campaigner going door to door with he and his wife chirlane that is called grunt work what they were doing. >> wouldn't let him make any speeches i think it was deliberate in politics these are rules of politics. you do this. i won't do that. there's a -- >> reading into the headquarters in lower manhattan. but hillary's campaign manager -- is beginning to be there. not hillary. >> who knows what will happen before campaign perhaps up in on primary campaign. so robert oscar winning actor, great actor great guy. great new yorker by the way. >> your buddy i call him had bobby. but you know he and jane rosenthal in charge of the tribeca film festival one of the hottest tickets in town. two of them started the film festival after 9/11 after that was devastated they wanted
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now, of course, it's taken on a life of its own but a lot of talk has been dominated ab certain documentary that was scheduled to run in the tribeca film festival called vaxted is there a length between vaccination and autism? >> guy who need this documentary read about this in the times is largely discredited he said there was a link and people say there's a link how researchers are spotty and he was largely discredited but his film scheduled to show in the tribeca film peflt until -- >> until all of the controversy but robert de niro took on controversy head on media when i asked him about it. >> i was a little surprised i guess when i heard some people --
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and so let me just full it. deal with it later and it did get a lot of attention. >> hope to bring it -- >> plan on working that out now. not in the festival. : not releasing it. >> but the festival. : hit close to home. >> sure. would be in my own experience, my kids -- anti-vaccine movie it wasn't, it wasn't anti-vaccine. it's what was put into the vaccine and how it was dealt with, it's very complicated. i love getting information from people into it all of the time. >> i'm not showing this movie, do you think? >> listen some might say we did. some say we didn't. got it from both sides and say good you did that. some say they're pissed off.
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things have good intentions. >> obviously a controversial issue and part of issue that we dealt with -- and it's, you know, we're known for our documentary films and that became -- an issue with our filmmakers. >> so i got the impression yesterday that robert dee near row wants this vaccine -- documentary out there . it will not be apartment of the tribeca film festival. but he thinks it's important enough for people to make their own decisions and to get the -- documentary out there. it was screened already last weekend at the film center. >> well what was he like? >> i have to say he was really in a good mood yesterday. we had a great conversation he was seeing more of the interview on monday. we played a game. i went over -- he had iconic quotes in his movies so we went over -- he was able to guess the origins of those quotes. >> how's that for absurd quiz
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>> did it ten years ago and he was cloudy on a few. i don't know how many movie he's done. >> he doesn't sit around watching his own movies he's busy making new movies. >> we address the fact that he's working so much. he likes to work. >> one thing that is coming out a movie about this woman. rosanna we have this guy hanks on the other day. this is -- famous meeting between richard nixon and elvis presley in 1970s so famous he could show up at the white house and essentially get in and he had a meeting with president nixon and it's in a new movie called nixon and elvis not sure there's kevin spacey as nixon. who is elvis by the way? >> i don't know. but debut. michael shannon in revolutionary road. very good actor this is premiering i believe at tribeca. yeah with a big red carpet thing and do we have people by the
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>> you were sitting with the people. those are the -- like i'll call your assistant. you're looking at her. we'll have our people call you. also that party looks fantastic but candles all of that stuff. festival next wednesday, and like i said i think on monday hear from robert de niro about other o things that are part of the festival. . who watches people's court mike woods will be the courtroom reporter. you know -- mike will be doing that. >> going to air some time in may but i did the back room krowrt reporter do you think you should have done that to the neighbor's cat. >> post trial analysis. >> exactly. coming up in --
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in the meantime catch people's court emny nominated. anyway let's show you today. first of all we have our sunshine back. sunny and chilly with some clouds showing up late in the day. and then by tonight clouds have thickened up with a chance of showers that will be coming at you later tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow it's pretty much a solid day of rain out there but on the milted side as well. now, this morning, it is cold freezing had in most spots pretty much everywhere earlier this morning but now sun is outs. back up to 37 in tottenville. 34 in paramus and if in hoboken. as we check out city temperatures 37 newark. same in montauk. 35 in islip. yeah central park the 34 drags there. but generally speaking a cold start but doing its thing and seeing warmer temperatures and they're warmer than yesterday in most locations anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 7-degree jump as well as newark.
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and we're going to see plenty of sun throughout the day today but clouds that are moving into the west of us closing into the tristate region. aside we head into the afternoon and this evening and tonight they'll thicken up and rain gets going thanks to this area of low pressure driving warm front, alluded front to drive through northeast and replace high pressure with clear sky for now and yeah cuouds start working their way in. high clouds later this afternoon but still dry. that's the future cast. as we head into tomorrow morning. yep rain showers do start breaking out around tristate including connecticut, an the city. out in to long island everyone new jersey getting showers as we head into the morning commute and through the day tomorrow. then it starts to slowdown and back off for us as we head into evening and overnight hours and then cooler weather seghts in back behind that. today you've got basically a sunny day but chilly. high temp in the city 46 degrees. showers get going later tonight. with northeastly cloudy sky
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in that south wind that helps to pull up temperatures hold steady and overnight hour. winds from the south 10 to 20 and there's your seven-day forecast. high of 46. 60 tomorrow with showers coming through. lasting into early friday. more shower chances for you saturday and then monday, tuesday more rain out there as well if you luke it warm only day for you there. >> closeest we came for royalty. you're looking at jacqueline and her sister, lee. >> lee is in the pink, i believe, and what are they on a camel? yeah, they are on one -- about are you sure that's her on the left? i don't think it is. >> it is -- yeah. ask her it shall sort of ex-daughter-in-law should be considered daughter-in-law >> she says daughter-in-law and i think of her --
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and there's lee. alive and well ins paris, new york back and forth. she had a son named anthony late great anthony died years ago. but he married a wonderful woman named carol who per some reason went on that real housewives show. [laughter] of new york and has proven to be a fan favorite styles controversial. running around with those women on the show, now she's on our show again. tonight is season premier. 9 p.m. on bravo. >> hi carol. nice to have you back. all right are you nervous about tonight? >> no. no -- >> how it goes. >> i watched the show yesterday and i wrote a blog. so that will be up. no ting this is my fourth year so i'm used to it. what goes down? >> you know i fight with everyone.
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no i think this year i'm more than any of the other years i feel like when we were filming it, we were like yen for me we were having like a -- a lot of fun. certainly drama but it wasn't -- it wasn't like dark and mean. s it was just like real and authentic and at this point we all really know each other really well although there's a u new girl named jules. do it they all hate her? >> no. not yet. >> real housewivesesome >> she is a housewife she's a mom with two kids married. she's a house quite a few. now -- you went to london it and brought back your husband's ashes. filling your house? >> a strange turn of events and i never imagined going to the
9:15 am
did and i'm glad saying when i was 80, looking back on my life i don't know i have it. but -- >> can you tell me about your late husband anthony. >> he was abc news producer and we met this was i like to say our fairytale come in handy. he had an office on the fourth floor and was on the 7 st floor and i was working for peter jennings and we met and he was amazing. >> the name like ring a bell. did you like think okay is he kennedy, related at all? >> not really. at first we worked on this piece, you know this hour special and the mendez murderses. >> lyeland and eric. this is i had money and flew out o the whole staff and we remember at the four seasons i was like 20 --
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know, my first big story. no, one someone told me who he was retd to his mom is jackie kennedy's sister -- and -- but it department have any significance. and i never thought about that. >> anthony passed what 16 years. that is you such a long time. you have like this young hot chick. [laughter] what's going on with the young hot chet? >> he's great. been a year and a half, and you know, he's -- great. it's great. everyone -- focuses on that he's younger and quite a bit younger. >> not ask how old you are but age gap? >> 22 years. but you know our friends will know us together. there is -- no one brings it up. not an issue.
9:17 am
listen to this, we have a clip. >> old, though. >> new season? >> probably. maybe not. take a look. >> party for any girlfriend if i canny and ended up going to places where they have to stand. a jazz band or reggae. an my -- >>ing reggae -- i get things wrong. i know. >> reggae -- yeah. reggae like ray. reggae band. >> they have a band that plays music. >> ramona has no embarrassment about her -- an it's rude to point all of them out to her. but i could not let that go. [laughter] >> was this before and after she was drinking her own wine? >> this was lunch time and -- >> she doesn't drink at
9:18 am
>> so it's reggae for the record and couldn't get her hands aired it. >> going to behave this season? >> one thing that has really changed is without spoiling it too much. ramona lost 180 pounds, and she is lighter and dare i say -- >> okay. she's chill and i always thought she was hilarious. and i know people say she's crazy, this and that and we're all probably crazy. but she always cracked me up. this season she's just really funny. >> you know kawrl it's wild something bad happened. you know mendez boys we talk about this is how you met your husband. lyle and eric convicted of killing their own parents back in i think '89 and here they are. shortly after they were arrested and good little boys in cheap sweat shirts. anyway, a terrible story. but something kind of beautiful
9:19 am
that's how you met your husband. >> yes, yes. i sometimes -- i like to recast it and think maybe we met or you know over you know in the gulf car. you know, under attack because sometimes i think you should say that should have been our story but i'm okay with that that was a pretty big story at the time financial >> for hard core fans out there, they have an opportunity. >> you did a bus tour or something look that. or what are you doing? >> only seen pictures of this bus. a huge bus shrink wrapped. signage. i'm going to be at spin which is a ping pong club on the surprise. but maybe i'm not because i know. when will you be there? >> noon today. >> various scenes in new york. >> i had a ping-pong tournament. >> people from nebraska will be
9:20 am
where what's her name threw her leg at what's her name? >> i'm not -- not that stop but what is a stop on the bus that's the very famous -- on the circ going crazy. >> can you go back there in they want a private room in the back. >> that is very funny so this year no legislation being thrown it be because she's a part of it anymore. >> no, no legs thrown. just insult and -- we know jones. >> carol thank you very much. say hi to your mother-in-law lee i understand you're still in touch. always leaked her from afar. >> all right good luck with the new season. >> stay above the fray carol. >> you've heard of rob delaney with age hue social media presence. very funny. show catastrophehorse a taste of his standup. >> you have a little kid you know what they do every morning, the fist thing they do is they
9:21 am
hoover up to your heart, and they suck out everything that is good about you, and then it's gone. [laughter] you have nothing left to offer the the world. you know. that speaks to rosanna in a after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn.
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i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >> you have a little kid you
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furs thing they do is they took a hoover up to your heart and they suck out everything that's good about you and then it's gone. [laughter] you have nothing left to offer the world. you know? >> we theard that joke a couple of minutes ago good then pretty good now. but great stand-up comeed yap and staffer that show catastrophe. season two premiers april 8th which i believe is the day after tomorrow. >> sure it. it is. on amazon check this out, please. >> what i just said. right now i don't know that i do care. about that -- i mean two kids u urd age of three. job is a nightmare and they use up my daily care units so sometimes when you need attention at the end of the day i have nothing left for you.
9:25 am
i know that's not fair but what do i do? >> i have a feeling that is realistic welcome back to "good day new york." prchl so you're the writer of this show as well. >> sharon and i write the show together. skt is this based on your real life? >> god absolutely. i have three kids under age of five. i mean it's just a war -- like the forgot about the war zone. asking for support they're not sending it. >> so you're sent by the end of the day nothing left for your wife? >> i'm working on that. a better dad than i am a husband. because you do it if or your kids but your spouse you have to work at it. a b minus husband. tell us about b plus moment that was minus when does it get good? >> parenting or fathering? >> the spouse relationship.
9:26 am
do is get a baby-sitter every morning from 9 to noon and get to know each other again. say hi, who are you? and that's important. it's good for kids to that you like each other. >> i've heard saturday night but it shallening by nighttime i don't care. don't touch me by 10 p.m. i'm in a coma. >> are we able to download all of it at within time when it comes out? >> boom you can snort them up in a row. friday on amazon prime it cools out. all at once so you can be a shut-in and watch all in one day or paste it out. it's morning -- i don't know. >> so amazon prime. >> look we've got to consider the audience. a lot of ladies an gay gentleman went to see that. >> ripped is this a good or so-so moment for you? >> it's all right i get fatter every day. two kids i work out.
9:27 am
>> so this has been released in the u.k. how did they receive it? >> well, if they don't it like it in america they're wrong. >> the accent, though. i was there and like you're smarter and then you see somebody with their finger up their nose and they're had not -- >> better manners than we do. >> generally. threat or of good manners but you get to know them. terrible like us. >> that's a relief. rob where did you grow up? >> outside of boston in marble head and then n nyu. >> family here? >> in greater boston area. >> when did you realize come dives for you? >> i was doing a national touser camelot and did a sound check and like i said something funny and people laughed. i'm like forget musical threater
9:28 am
i told a stupid sorry and people laugh. like that's crack compared to marijuana of musical theater. >> well, all worked out very nice. rob thanks for dropping by. season two premiers april 8th day after tomorrow. you have to sign up for amazon prime? >> you have to. but i deliver stuff to your house with amazon prime. [laughter] >> it's win win. >> tow come in little shorts because then -- >> on your request. that is probably in your file but that's what you need. >> rob you're all right. thank you, pal. >> congratulations again. so mckenzie no longer on "american idol" but he's on "good day new york." pmpleght he's talented and going to perform for us this morning. he's going places.
9:29 am
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9:32 am
don't volunteer, mckenzie. >> mckenzie borg, everybody. >> thank you. >> between him and lapore that. they don't know who will go home. >> then what happens? >> just, like, telling ryan, let me do it for you. i will do it for you. because she, she gives amazing performances every week. not to say i don't but she, i don't know, kind of encapsulates this show is about. >> she is a big presence. but you don't volunteer to be kicked off the show, mckenzie. >> it is up to the fans? >> yeah. >> did you sense the way they were going to go? >> it was week before. judge gave me a sense. >> look how far he got. >> how many people did you beat? 10,000. >> a good about it. yee. >> is it a little bitter sweet, because this is the end of "american idol?"
9:33 am
were part, i am part of such an amazing show that had such an impact on our country. >> mckenzie, you're how old? >> 23. >> where do did you grow up? >> louisiana. >> you've been doing music borderline professionally? >> three years. songwriting. not me as an artist. feels great to be in the spotlight. >> you as an artist you're actually recording your song? >> yes. that is the weirdest thing to me. i went basically from my bedroom to national tv and now that is the single, roses, that will be the single they release. >> great hair by the way. >> thank you. >> are you going to sing for us, roses? >> yes, roses. >> how lucky can we get?
9:34 am
life is like like it goes to fast h you reach out and grab it because is goes to fast but you're still here, and i see your face, it is kind of light in here, let's get out of this place roses are red, roses are red
9:35 am
love in my heart, love in my heart knows when you're mine no way out, no way out of this mess so darling, we'll help you get out of that dress >> nice songs. >> mckenzie borg. very impressive. >> thank you. >> you will do well in life. >> thanks. >> what is next in your immediate future? >> the finale first. kind of promoting the single. see how that works out. maybe i will be here more than a day. come back and play some sets here. >> that will be great. all the best to you.
9:36 am
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picture perfect? well... "perfect" might be a slight exaggeration. swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> i can't wait for the donald trump rally tonight. i will meet all my friends. >> are you imitating donald trump? >> what do you think, rosanna? >> you're a great person. i love your family. politically i don't think you get me.
9:39 am
wonder about greg too. actually -- >> can i tell you? he told me that about you. he seriously said that about you. i wonder about greg. >> he is a great guy and he says nice things but then he says nasty things. i don't know what -- >> he loves you both. really does. he likes you. he likes "good day." >> he has been a great guest on this show. look forward to having him back. >> maybe next week or week after. >> really? he is so busy. >> talk about you. >> you know i'm never opposed to that. no, actually we're talking about april showers. so this addresses how to still work it out and not look like a drowned rat. >> you mean in the rain. it rains in april. >> for everybody. there is cute little girl. jacket greg, i want you to look at the end. take a look. >> it is possible to look fantastic in the rain and we're going to prove it.
9:40 am
but you can stay cool. i'm at melissa's closet. cute shop in chelsea with a style expert britney. britney, you rounded up a lot of really practical things for the rain to keep you stylish even though it is not nice out. >> yes. with the totes wear proof flats. don't wear the bulky rain boots, this will make your outfit really cute. these are only $55 and under. you ever them for the guys too. >> all right. >> the guy has a dress shoe. this can fit over his shoe for 20 bucks. >> i like it. >> there you go for the shoe ware. this is fun jacket a collaboration with k-way. you can this pouch puts around our waste into this fabulous jacket. >> i love that. >> finally we have the handbag raincoat. >> please. >> basically when you're going out and your designer handbag,
9:41 am
we tuck it under our shirts. look so ridiculous. exactly. this has different sizes. container store for 30 bucks. for our models, this is patty. she is a ball of cuteness. come out. 29.90. she has a little top on. she paired it with great jeans from bloomingdale's. i love top of color from her foot. these are hunter boots from bloomingdale' you can show your boot off. >> i love it. >> turn for me, add independent. >> singing in the rain. >> we have shirel. this ask raincoat from george usa. the best thing about her pants, you never know, when you throw water on the pants they instantly repel.
9:42 am
on her feet are totes waterproof puddle flats. >> these are the ones we saw earlier but in the fun color? >> yes. already for the rain but faxable at same time. morgan is what we call casual chic look, this aqua jacket from broom ming dales. this is pop of doctor bloomingdale's. this is last from off-season and hunter umbrella. she is very, very stylish and ready for her brunch. >> very nice. i like how the boots are very fitted to her leg. >> if your calfs are a little bigger they have adjustable buckle on the side. couldn't forget about the guys. >> never. we need a men's look. >> we have beney, come on out, benny. if you have to have a man's look. this is
9:43 am
i love the little rope detailing on the side. it is detailed and fitted. it looks like a trench coat but it is a raincoat that repels the water. >> seems like you could hook up and with the girls and you guys can go out. >> doesn't matter. let it rain. >> thank you, guys. you look amazing. [laughter] sweet music, right? greg, what are you doing over there. >> anybody wear poncho? what happened to the poncho? >> that is good question. remember, like your head sticks out. >> everything was dry. everything was dry inside. thanks very much. >> greg is reminiscing about the poncho. >> that was fantastic. >> wire it with dungarees. that is favorite word of his. >> we have the star of "top chef," hanks out with padma. great food. >> he knows how to cook.
9:44 am
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9:47 am
great on "top chef." great restaurateur and chef. look at all of his joints. >> these are major restaurants. i love crafts. >> this is colikio and sons. >> is this 15 years already? >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> these restaurants are great. the greatest thing is, his cameo appearance on "the simpsons." here he is actually having a conversation with marge in the kitchen. i love it. but tom is with us today to took and kel tell us about a very new and unique program from the good people at john hancock insurance. >> first of all, tom, nice to have you back. >> thanks. great being here. >> where is "top chef"? what is going on? >> "top chef" we finished airing our finale and we're about to start production on season 14 in charleston, south carolina. >> i used to not be able to announce where we're shooting but now i can. >> what is the great deal down there? >> charleston has great restaurants.
9:48 am
>> it is amazing city. i do consulting down there. i can get a little work in as well. first off, we're making a pharaoh salad. >> what is that? >> pharaoh. >> like a weed almost. we have vegetables, carrots, celery. >> this is farrow. >> this is a wheat. you can make pasta with it. water on it. >> all of it? >> that's fine. there is recipe you can follow. this is going to cook for about 35 to 40 minutes. nice simmer. once comes up to a boil, turns down to simmer. separately we have boiling water and blanch vegetable. >> what does that mean to blanch? >> quickly cook. >> gotcha. >> any greens, vegetables is kind of nice. it looks like this. the farrow obviously looked now.
9:49 am
it is real meaty grain. >> it is. and simple. adventables. we have a little bit of vinaigrette and garlic and vegetable oil. finish it with radish. >> while you're doing that, tom, there is rumor going around the insurance company will give you a break if you eat healthy. >> this is great program. i teamed up with john hancock, the insurance company. we start ad hello any initiative food company. the idea you get rewarded for doing something healthy is nice. the idea if you buy fruits and vegetables, you get up to the $600 a year towards fruits and vegetables, that combined to going to a doctor to reduce cost of your life insurance program. >> that sounds like a win-win. you have to sign up with john hancock to reap benefits? you can't go to walmart and -- >> sign up with john hancock and rebates through the insurance company.
9:50 am
running with the healthy food initiative program. i love the idea. i love to incentivize people, the idea to eat healthy. buy fruits and vegetables and took a little bit. that is reward. >> that is great. insurance companies are dig you smoke ad cigarette six years ago, we'll not insurance you or your rates are going up. >> you get $600 to go towards fruits and vegetable. >> when i was 26. my dad passed away at 52. >> what did he pass away? >> he had lung cancer. we had insurance policy. great to know my mother was okay and taken care of. >> tom, there are a lot of chefs out there but you're a celebrity chef. how did you do it? >> i like to say chef celebrity. you know, celebrity chef i don't love that term. >> celebrity chef, chef celebrity. how did you get to be a celebrity? >> it was interesting. i was in chef? new york several years and approached by a production
9:51 am
>> magical elf. >> magical e.l.f. they did "project runway." they do project green light. >> they noticed you how? >> i don't know. saw me on one of these shows. >> he has great restaurants, you really do. >> so they asked me to do a show. i said no. they asked me again. i said no. can we come to get you on film. we want to make offer. come to l.a. for proper screen test. no, i'm not going to l.a. but -- >> high maintenance, tom. that never happened to us. >> there were a couple people done tv reality shows. >> galloping gourmet. >> that was fun. >> some of those cooking shows. >> some early reality shows i didn't love. i finally relented. i said come on in. they wanted me to go for screen test but i said no. i had a small documentary done by opening of crafts. i sent them that. we make me an offer. i said fine. >> what was your reaction? >> fine. fine. >> this what they wanted him because he didn't want to do it. it was challenge.
9:52 am
deal by trump. >> i don't think i have read that book. >> tom, i heard you have a new restaurant opening up. >> i do. we're opening a restaurant fowler and wells, in the beak man hotel. june, late spring, early summer, somewhere in there. we're really excited about it. >> this build something interesting. where is this. >> this is five beacon. >> is that a landmark building? >> this is landmark building. this building was built in 1830s. >> like an old boys school. >> this was, is this a building where the lawyers would come in from u.k., would have a bunch of offices up there. it was -- it's a great old building with a lot of history. >> meanwhile the salad is almost done. >> can we try it, tom? i know this wasn't locked down. sorry about that, tom. >> okay. >> okay.
9:53 am
greg? >> shall we? >> don't fall on that. >> no. >> using the big spoon. i'm good. >> you can use the spoon. >> you're going to use the spoon. >> how is padma by the way? >> she is great. has a new memoir doing really well. she is doing really well. >> that is delicious. >> this farrow stuff is really great. tom colico. >> such a great spring dish. >> by the way if you want to meet tom, you can. check this out. >> central terminal vanderbilt hall today at 1:15. what will you do there? >> we'll demo the salad there. there is whole bunch programing. there will be a bunch of people there.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
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live from new york city, "the wendy williams show." >> my girls are always turned out. i'm giving it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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