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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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clear they will not tolerate violence. this whole event more than 400,000 for the county, money that the trump campaign will not reimburse the county for. we're outside of the trump rally. let's send it inside to joe with more. >> reporter: thanks. we're here today gruman studios. they used to house airplanes. now it's the home of movie sets. the blockbuster tonight is republican frontrunner donald trump. take a look around at the crowd as we pan around. some of the crowds that were let in, the first ones were running towards the stage to get a front row spot and catch a good glimpse of the republican frontrunner during his speech. you can see through the crowds some of the heavily armed police officers here as well. this will be the first we've heard from the republican frontrunner, donald trump, since that 13-point loss in wisconsin to ted cruz. we're now in the crucial
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trump is up big in the latest poll released this afternoon. he gets 52%, more than doubling the guy in second place, john kasich, with ted cruz back in third at 17 percent. now, trump tweeted earlier it's good to be home and he's looking forward to the rally and the it. we talked to one of the coordinators who said they're expecting big crowds. take a listen. >> we're trying to keep it to 10 to 12,000 people. registered. we really expect a big turnout because everybody is coming out for this. i know at some point, we'll shut it down, but i know that a lot of people went online to register, so there's a lot of interest in this. >> reporter: a lot of interest in this indeed. the rally is slated to start at 7:00. the crowds are filling in. they'll stop it at 12,000 people. there will be overflow. that's the latest from inside. back to steve and dari. steve: thank you, joe.
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in the city when a heckler challenged the texas senator on his anti-immigration policies. dari: jessica shows us how cruz dealt with the protestor in the bronx. >> leaders met with ted cruz for over an hour. there were supporters as well as protestors. protestors. >> to receive this right wing bigot is an insult. >> reporter: two protestors with rebel d interrupted the presidential hopeful while he spoke with leaders behind a curtains. >> ted cruz has no business being in the bronx. this is an immigrant community. we deal with climate change every single day. he wants to say it doesn't exist. >> reporter: the two were escorted out by police. the meeting was put in place by ruben diaz of the bronx. he says he will not vote for a republican in this election, but leaders gathered to discuss values. >> we spoke about moral issues,
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we spoke with him. we are concerned. >> reporter: two months ago ted cruz made comments about new york values in an attack on trump. today he says those words were for liberal democratic politicians. >> the values of the liberal democratic politicians that have been hammering the people of new york for a long time. >> reporter: taking a punch at mayor bill de blasio. >> the actions of people like mayor bill de blasio, in every time there's a confrontation, between criminals and police officers, the liberal democrats side with the criminals and the looters and rioters rather than the police officers. >> reporter: the texas senator thrilled about last night's wisconsin victory, claiming it was a turning point in this election, one that won't benefit republican frontrunner donald trump. >> he gets very angry when the voters reject him. >> reporter: new york's primary is on april 19th. in the bronx, i'm jessica
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dari: the other republican presidential hopeful, ohio governor john kasich, is far behind in the delegate count. his top campaign advisors are reportedly meeting with gop leaders in d.c. today, discussing ways to keep kasich in the race so that he can fight for the nomination at the convention in july. steve: on the democratic side, fresh off his win in wisconsin, bernie sanders held a rally in philadelphia. the latest poll show he's made up ground as hillary clinton's lead has been cut to single digits. dari: speaking of hillary clinton, she was also campaigning in pennsylvania today. she addressed the afl-cio convention in philly. she has an appearance in pittsburgh this evening. there are 189 delegates up for grabs in the april 26th primary. steve: a teacher was arrested for carrying a gun into school. jason adams was stopped by a school security officer this morning. police say he has a legal gun permit, but it is against the
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school. he's been placed on administrative leave. security guards were put into all schools in newtown following the sandy hook elementary school massacre in 2012. dari: 35 people were killed in brussels. the tsa was at the brussels airport when the bombs went off. he told the committee strengthening u.s. transportation security is his top concern. >> recent attacks remind us it's that the threat to transportation is real and our work to insure freedom is never done. i can confidently tell you we are on the job and focused on protecting the public. dari: the senate plans to add new provisions for more security in an upcoming federal aviation administration bill. steve: a pet store in paramus has been closed after police found 67 puppies left in a van
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yesterday. the dogs were in undersized crates and left in the cold. officials say the pet shop will remain closed while they look into how the dogs got there. dari: a project aimed at protecting the city's water supply has been put on hold by city hall. steve: liz dahlem shows us why funding has temporarily dried up. >> reporter: new york city's water system is old, complicated and comprised of three tunnels. the first was built a century ago. the second a 80 years old. the third opened in october of 2013 and was built so the first two could be shut down for inspection and repair. tunnel 3 brings water to manhattan and the bronx, but to supply water to the 5 million brooklyn and queens residents, two deep shafts have to be build. according to a 2012 engineer's report, construction was supposed to be done by 2018 and the more than $300 million project was budgeted for by the
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mayor de blasio moved the financing for the third tunnel to other projects. >> we took the money that was scheduled for years up ahead, we put it on hold for a budgetary reason. we didn't think that the estimate was accurate. i could say very comfortably that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do in terms of showing people the commitment. >> reporter: the senior researcher for the center for an urban future says the administration could have its reasons for deferring the project. >> our water rates have increased significantly over the last two decades. so i think in some ways, they're very smart to be thinking about reining in capital expenses. they want to complete tunnel no. 3. >> reporter: he says if any of the tunnels were to fail, residents could be without water for up to three months. that has this senator, who represents queens, upset. >> if something happens to tunnel 1 or 2, queens and brooklyn are going to be in
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be able to run the city. there won't be any water. >> reporter: the mayor promises the city is committed to the project and construction will begin in 2020. there's no set completion date for water tunnel 3. in a statement, the mayor said he wants new yorkers to know that the water tunnels are safe. from lower manhattan, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. steve: and going to an open house without leaving your home. dari: the real estate agent who's bringing his listing to your phone. steve: and the race to the top of the world trade center is on. how an agreement was finally reached in the name of charity. >> breaking the mold of local news, particularly in this market. it's a brand new era. we want to be at the forefront of it. >> we are celebrating everything "empire". >> the legendary d.j. is with us. >> you were there for the birth of hip-hop. the public has to hear it. >> when the public gets it, that's when you know where it's going. >> in a city where every time
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steve: this next story has my attention. tour the apartment of your dreams from the comfort of your couch. dari: yes. we don't have to leave. alison morris is here to show us how periscope is making it easier for you to buy a house or apartment. >> reporter: i knew you'd like this. steve doesn't like to leave the house and loves social media. i feel like an old lady saying this. remember the days when people used to take the village voice and tried to find listings? the days of doing that and running from open house to open house, waiting in line and trying to snag a decent apartment, those days are gone. in fact, actual open houses could become a thing of the past
5:13 pm
you on a live tour on your phone. >> new york is a very, very busy place to live. it's difficult for potential clients to come during a lunch break. >> reporter: rick hernandez is bringing apartments for rent to his clients. using periscope right on his phone. >> we are live in a studio apartment in harlem. when you do with periscope an open house, you get a lot of people quickly, and you can scope out or move out the people that are not interested. >> reporter: that saves time for renters and hernandez. >> there's the bathroom as you can see. a beautiful back splash. >> reporter: he can show dozens of people an apartment in a matter of minutes. >> this space is only $2100. >> reporter: he can show several
5:14 pm
we're off again. welcome to another edition. >> reporter: even taking time to answer specific questions. >> can you open the fridge? how big is the closet space? some don't have that big of a closet space. they're good constructive questions. how involved is the super? >> reporter: he connects with serious renters. >> give me a call. >> reporter: to see the place in person. >> stay tuned. we have one more today. it's the swanky one. >> reporter: he's been hosting this for eight months and has nearly a thousand periscope followers. some are seriously shopping, others checking out what real estate is going for. >> we have apartments that are as inexpensive as $1,500 and apartments as expensive as $25,000. they spend a lot of money here so you can see everything this apartment has. overall, an amazing apartment in
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>> reporter: he says scoping houses aren't just for busy new yorkers. he even rented an apartment in washington heights to a troop serving overseas in iraq through this. he does say once you're serious about a place, for liability issues and so you know what you're getting, come down and see it in person and then make your deposit. steve: it's genius. the branding is hysterical. scoping houses. dari: that will be a show. steve: i'd watch that on hgtv. you can get an idea from it. you can get a good idea. >> reporter: so many places you can weed out with the video. steve: there's ones you know you won't live in. dari: you can buy a place in dubai. >> reporter: amazing. steve: thank you. very interesting. nick, we're mired in -- i went out for coffee at 4:00. it was so windy, so cold. everyone was like ugh.
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yesterday was very winter. nick: exactly. it's only going downhill tonight. we're talking about showers coming in past the midnight hour. tomorrow looks like a wet day, although it will be a warmer day for once, for one day before it turns chilly, end of the week into the weekend. 48 and 30 today. below average by 10 degrees. 79 and 21 in the records. 6:29 is the sunrise. down 7:26. don't plan on seeing the sun tomorrow. 43 now. humidity has been increasing with a south wind. as you pointed out, it is gusty and the clouds are increasing. we'll see that trend continue as the night goes along and the rain showers come in later. as you look at fox 5 sky guardian right now, we have some showers starting to appear way off to the north and west. that's north of scranton going up to binghamton. the rest of the area is quiet. these showers will slide off to the north, but it's a wave of rain that's back in ohio that gets here especially for tomorrow.
5:17 pm
only in the upper 40s from the hudson valley to newark and sussex. 43 at monticello. it's 51 in allentown. low 50s in southern and central new jersey. mid 40s as you move across long island. temperatures aren't going to change that much tonight. we'll be looking at a southerly wind. with the cloud cover coming in, it will hold the temperature up. we're holding at 43 now. 43 at islip. 44 bridgeport. mid 40s by poughkeepsie. 39 in monticello. we're up now two to five, six degrees in the area from 24 hours ago. so here's the wind. it's going to stay gusty out of the south. 15 up to 25, occasionally 30 miles an hour. it will stay gusty for tomorrow. look at the gusts in newark, gusting to 30. gusting to 31 at islip. and up there at monticello as well. we have the clouds increasing. the area of rain is still way off to the west here. it's past the midnight hour that it gets in here. it will be showery starting for your morning commute. and we could run into a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon as the front moves along.
5:18 pm
offshore. this storm heads towards the great lakes area and the cold front eventually comes through. ahead of that, that strong southerly wind continues as we head into tomorrow. so that's going to help warm the temperature up. in fact, we'll be up through the 50-degree mark by 9:00 a.m. with showers. 55 lunchtime. 60 in the afternoon. can't rule out the thunderstorm threat at that point. the showers are likely to continue through the evening commute and die down a little bit after that, although it will be unsettled as we go from friday to saturday. here's futurecast. here comes the showers tomorrow with the strong southerly airflow. this front moves along. watch what i mean as things stay a bit unsettled. this large swirl going on in the atmosphere here. clouds, a couple of breaks of sun friday. can't rule out a shower in the 50s. this system swings across for saturday. clouds, breaks of sun maybe, but there'll be some snow showers in the morning and rain showers scattered in the afternoon as it
5:19 pm
midnight hour. otherwise, cloudy weather tonight. 45 in the city. 30s to the lower 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow, it's showery. afternoon thunderstorm and a gusty southerly breeze and up around 60 in the afternoon. there's the seven-day. there are a lot of clouds for friday. breezy day at 52. breezy saturday. chilly, only 45. again, snow showers in the morning and scattered rain showers in the afternoon. sunday is beautiful. just cold, 29 to start. 45 in the afternoon. 56 on monday. showers in the afternoon. we jump to the 60s tuesday. and slightly cooler wednesday. dari: all just keeping our heads down, getting through it. steve: i look and i drift off. what am i looking at? thank you. dari: an annual charity run up the world trade center was in danger of not getting off the ground. tonight, that race is back on. steve: linda schmidt shows us how the tower climb was rescued. >> reporter: the tunnel to towers stair climb is going to
5:20 pm
this is the fundraiser from last year. the tunnel to towers foundation held the charity climb to raise money for build high tech homes for soldiers returning from iraq and afghanistan who are triple and quadruple amputees. but last month the durst organization, which leases and manages one world trade center, told the group that they could not have their stair climb, citing logistical concerns. that's when fox 5 did a report and interviewed the tunnel to towers foundation. >> come on. what is really the inconvenience? is it so inconvenient for people to run up those stairs and give up their lives? >> reporter: after the report aired, governor cuomo and the port authority, which owns the building, got involved. they convinced the durst organization to reconsider and sit down and talk with the tunnel to towers foundation. fox 5 has now learned that happened and now the stair climb is back on. it's going to be held out one world observatory, which is part of one world trade.
5:21 pm
was made in the stairwells on 9/11. >> there's so many stories of heroism that day, it's incredible. a lot of it happened in the stairwells running up and down, firefighters with their gear on, you know, saving other people's lives. >> reporter: frank and his family started the tunnel to towers foundation in memory of their firefighter brother steven. on 9/11, he ran from brooklyn through the battery tunnel to manhattan wearing his full gear and lost his life at the twin towers. the tunnel to towers stair climb is going to be taking place may 15th, but only a thousand people can participate. if you're interested, i would recommend that you sign up now. steve and dari, back to you. steve: great cause. i don't think i could finish it. that's a real deal workout. thank you, linda. >> big disappointment for janet jackson fans. dari: but happy news for her. why the singer is delaying her comeback tour. steve: plus the homegrown boxing
5:22 pm
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today - at dari: when it comes to country music, he was the biggest outlaw of them all. merle haggard has died.
5:25 pm
behind bars in san quentin prison in the late '50s before turning his life around. 38 songs hit no. 1, including okie from muskogee, working man blues and if we make it through december. haggard was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1994. he died today of pneumonia. he was 79 years old and it was his birthday. steve: he was the real deal. janet jackson is laying her unbreakable world tour to start a family. she posted a video on her twitter account. >> it's important that i do this now. i have to rest up, doctor's orders, but i have not forgotten about you. i will continue to tour as soon as i possibly can. steve: i love the angle of the video. i want to shoot mine like that. dari: the background. steve: there's a lot going on. dari: yeah. steve: jackson did not say if she was pregnant or trying to conceive but hopes to be on stage as soon as possible.
5:26 pm
the finale of "american idol" starts tonight. only three contestants are left. dalton, trent and laporsha are fighting to be crowned the last "american idol" champions. like the rest of america, harry connick, jr. has no idea what to expect. >> some people think she's going to win say there's no way dalton can win. dalton has fans who say we'll vote for him. dari: viewers get to vote tonight. the winner will be announced tomorrow night. steve: decades in the ring have not slowed this hard-nosed boxing trainer. >> dari: we talk to teddy atlas about his roots. steve: and the plan to keep
5:27 pm
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steve: a boxing trainer who's taught the best knows there's life beyond the ring. dari: russ salzberg joins us with more on teddy atlas. russ: i've got to tell you,
5:30 pm
revered in the world of boxing, one of the very best in the business and he doesn't pull any punches. you'll see just why this staten island guy is so much more about substance than show. >> good. there you go. that's very good. instead of waiting for me to catch up, doesn't it make sense to stay ahead of me? >> reporter: for teddy atlas, it doesn't matter if he's in the ring teaching kids -- >> i'm not hitting you with the left hook. isn't that better? >> reporter: -- or working the corner in a championship fight. >> the heat doesn't bother us. we live in the heat. >> reporter: the sport of boxing is known as the sweet science. for teddy, it's a serious business. >> there's a danger element to it. you could go inside the ring and come out with less of yourself
5:31 pm
it's a tough business. you better be strict about it. you better be serious about it. you better have boundaries. you better have rules and laws about how you prepare for it. punches aren't just thrown for the sake of throwing them. they've got to be thrown from the right position at the right time. >> reporter: he has prepared fighters all over the world with great success. timothy gratly squares off against manny pacquiao. but despite all of his success, he remains grounded. >> a lot of people forget where they came from. it's important to you not to forget. >> it's where i grew up. it's where my father's from, my mother's from. this is where the memories are. people that i care about. you've got to show them you care about them. you come back and let them know
5:32 pm
we try to help people. it's important to help people, isn't it? >> he learned about caring from his late father, a staten island doctor who treated those in need for free because as he would tell his son, these people shouldn't fall through the cracks. in his honor 20 years ago, he created the dr. theodore atlas foundation. >> it's our privilege to be able to come back to a place that you love and maybe help just a little bit. it's a good thing. russ: you help a lot. >> a little bit. a little bit. a little bit. russ: helping kids have their lives pointed in the right direction is a top priority of the foundation. that's why teddy opened up three boxing gyms, two in staten island and one in brooklyn. >> you teach kids to be in control of themselves. we teach kids to have pride about themselves. some of the kids have no reason to have pride. boxing can be used. we use boxing. i'm not ashamed to say it. we use it as a tool to get the
5:33 pm
to be responsible for themselves. you can't be a good fighter if you're not in control. and if you don't understand that you have to be in control. russ: there was a time when things got out of control. under the tutelage of his mentor, one of the first kids teddy would train would become a heavyweight champion, mike tyson. after guiding him to success as an amateur, an ugly incident would destroy the relationship. you're in the catskills with mike tyson, training him as an amateur. he grabs your wife 11-year-old sister and tells her what he wants to do to her. you find out, you grab a gun, stick it in his ear, put it in the air and pull the trigger. was that defending the family honor? was it being just crazy or a
5:34 pm
>> i thought it fs was -- making sure he couldn't take something away from a family member of mine that they could never get back. it's -- i didn't want him to do that. i didn't want him to take that away. i cared more about that than i thought about anything else at that moment. >> reporter: after that incident, teddy was offered 5% of tyson's earnings, which would be 300 million, if teddy would go away. so he left. but he told his mentor to take the offer and shove it. the move cost teddy millions, but none of his principles. >> if i do something today that's a little weak, i try before i do it. i feel the same as anyone else. i feel like, gee, that might be convenient. that might be easy. it might make a few extra
5:35 pm
it might be comfortable for the minute. but tomorrow, how am i going to feel about it? russ: since that incident 33 years ago, there have been a lot of tomorrows for teddy. but any regrets? >> no. i've been blessed. i have two very healthy beautiful children and a great wife. russ: his reputation is rock solid. tomorrow evening we'll have more on the impact he's made on his hometown community in staten island. steve: very cool. thank you. dari: the city is one step closer to corralling the costumed characters and panhandlers in times square. steve: sharon crowley shows us how city lawmakers plan to pen them in. >> reporter: the naked cowboy at times square and other costumed characters who take pictures for tips may be restricted to one
5:36 pm
>> to protect people who are simply there to observe or to pass through or want a clear passageway to get from one block to the next. >> reporter: today a new york city council committee passed a bill to allow the department of transportation to restrict where the characters could panhandle. the move comes after complaints about nudity, especially the painted ladies, and aggressive panhandling of tourists. safety here has been a concern. police arrested more than a dozen costumed characters in the last year. supporters of the bill say the costumed characters will have plenty of space here on the plaza and they'll be able to have signs encouraging tips. not everybody is hit. >> i'm a hero. i want to be the first hero to be arrested. i'm not going to be in the box. i'll be walking freely in times square. >> spiderman needs to move? >> he needs to swing.
5:37 pm
aggressive. if you know where the zone is, that's a great idea. >> reporter: supporters of putting the characters into a zone say is simply a way of keeping this a family-friendly plaza. the bill goes before the council thursday. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. steve: a chance to win the hottest tickets in town has returned to times square. speaking of times square. dari: the changes that have been made to hamilton's ticket lottery. steve: and the medical procedure that is helping people ditch their reading glasses. dari: but first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> a new partnership was announced at the chelsea terminal warehouse aimed at revitalizing a local farm. the state is joining with baldor to create a system for chefs to get their food from new york farms. >> we have about 120 different grower-shipper manufacturers
5:38 pm
we expect 14 to 1600 of our finest chef. >> we're here to celebrate the partnership to get our restaurants and chefs to commit to using more new york stuff. dari: you can encourage restaurants to buy more local food through the program. >> the aspca celebrated 150 years of saving animal lives with an adoption event in manhattan and brooklyn. they teamed up with the mayor's alliance for nyc animals to provide free adoptions today. you can find out more at animal alliance and that's your new york minute. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest
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court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. dari: hamilton's in person ticket lottery is back, but there are some changes. steve: lidia curanaj shows us what's different this time around. around. >> reporter: the broadway smash hit hamilton is thrilling and dramatic and so is the feeling if you managed to snag a ticket. >> trying to get the crowd out of here. >> reporter: it's why hamilton is offering its hugely popular live lottery drawings outside the richard rogers theatre starting today.
5:42 pm
by hamilton cast members. the person that maked this happen again, mayor bill de blasio de blasio. >> we need hamilton. we need hamilton to correct our history. we need hamilton to tell us some of the things we needed to hear. >> reporter: it's only being held on wednesday matinees. >> hamilton is my favorite musical. it's just -- it's so exciting. i can't believe i'm here. >> reporter: lottery tickets cost $10, a steal considering it's sold out for many, many months. tickets on secondary sites go for more than most people's mortgage payments. >> they posted it on instagram yesterday. we've got to go. >> reporter: the chance to win is tiny, but odds are stacked against alexander hamilton 2. look how that turned out. >> i'm in town for three more days. it's a dream come true. >> reporter: there will be a
5:43 pm
afternoon due to a student matinee. as for the digital lottery, that is still going on for all other performances performances. i'm lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. dari: reading glasses aren't the only answer for people who are far sighted. steve: the new eye surgery that's changing the way people can see the world. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us
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for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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white house says it's taking leftover money aimed altitude t fighting ebola and will fight the zika virus. president obama has called for about $1.9 billion in emergency money to fight the zika virus, but that request, like so much, has stalled in congress. dari: okay. so if you want to get the most nutrients out of your fruits and vegetables, experts say that you need to store them properly. otherwise, you could be ruining the full health potential of your food. steve: joining us now, nutritionist rachel. this is interesting. this is my idiocy will shine through. how you store the stuff makes a difference. we'll go through a list of common things. watermelon. >> right. so we're coming into season for watermelon. it's a delicious fruit. the best way to store it to maximize the antioxidants is out on the counter. that's when it's whole. when we slice it up -- steve: keep it out of the
5:47 pm
dari: when it's cold. we showed a quarter of a watermelon. >> if you're buying it cut at the supermarket. stick it in the refrigerator. dari: refrigerator buying it cut. most people in the city probably buy it cut in one form another. steve: keep it cold. dari: makes sense. steamed broccoli. talk about that. broccoli. >> how we cook broccoli can make a difference again with the antioxidant properties. steaming it is going to be the best bet. microwaving it or boiling it is going to degrade up to 90 percent of the antioxidants in that broccoli some research has shown. steve: you pay a price for convenience. you lose the nutrition basically. >> well, you know what? it's interesting because antioxidants are one property of why fruits and vegetables are so important. we still have all those vitamins and minerals, the fiber, things that make it good. that's one piece of the puzzle. but we want to be aware of it. steve: makes sense. carrots. >> carrots.
5:48 pm
more beta carotene. this is the health property of the carrots. you can take it to the next level by cooking them first and then cutting them. you get more antioxidants. dari: you cook them whole and cut them after? >> exactly. now, the flipside of that is that there's another antioxidant, polyphenols. they're in higher concentrations in raw carrots. it's a toss-up. before our listeners are freaking out -- dari: yeah. which is better. >> how do i deal with all this information? having fruits and vegetables -- steve: is good. >> -- is great. the most you can get, the better. steve: three more. dari: leafy greens. >> you can maximize your absorption of antioxidants by adding it with a healthy fat. dari: avocado. >> it's a great example. it's an easy one.
5:49 pm
nuts, olive oil, these are great examples. steve: blueberries. >> blueberries in general, you can't go wrong with -- steve: that's what dr. manny was talking about. >> and fiber. with the fruits and vegetables, frozen can be a great option. they're flash frozen at the peak of freshness and it is seiling al sealing the nutrients. steve: goes against what you think. >> i like that information for fruits and vegetables. it's pretty widespread that most fruits and vegetables, getting them frozen is a good bet. it's usually cheaper. enjoy them throughout the year. it's more accessible. you don't have to worry about them going bad. that's a great piece of information. dari: wild blueberries are easy. steve: rachel, good deal. let's talk about the weather. windy, raw, cold, the whole thing today. nick: the whole thing. we have showers that will be
5:50 pm
as you look at the map, while it was in the 40s in the new york city area towards much of new england, look back towards pittsburgh. 66 for their high temperature today. that warm air will be surging northward. our temperature kind of flat. we're in the middle 40s. that's where we're going to stay as temperatures go along. we'll probably start to rise as the night goes along with the cloud cover coming in and the gusty breeze out of the south that will continue. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, the band of showers north of scranton continues to move to the north. we're not concerned about that. look at the wide view. you can see there are showers lining up from buffalo right on down to cincinnati and westward. those are the showers coming overnight. they'll be around tomorrow. probably most numerous late morning through the afternoon. going to be an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. the gusty south wind will return. we're in the lower 40s. the temperatures are going to stop about here. it will start rising through the night because clouds are increasing across the area. that will hold the temperature
5:51 pm
44 bridgeport. it is 48 at sussex. 51 at allentown. there's a sign that the milder air is trying to push in off to the west. montauk, 42. 46 in the hudson valley. our wind out of the south. it's gusting at times, higher than these numbers. this is the sustained wind, 10 to 15 to 20 miles an hour. the gusts have reached 25 to 30 miles an hour in the last couple of hours. it will continue to do that as we go into tomorrow. a freeze warning, that is no longer in effect for tonight. temperatures will be warming up. let's look at the weather map. high pressure offshore. with the storm to our west heading towards canada and a cold front coming our way ahead of the system, there's the southerly wind. there's the area of rain. you can see it lining up along that front, michigan down to tennessee. we'll see this tomorrow. the problem is going to be as this system moves along, there will be a little upper level trough, a low pressure area in the upper atmosphere. we will turn cooler again this weekend. a bit unsettled for friday and
5:52 pm
tomorrow we push 60 in the new york area. it's close to 70 in atlanta and 80s into texas. notice chicago, minneapolis. they're packing in the 40s. we'll likely see lower 50s on friday. won't get out of the 40s for the weekend. out west warming up. seattle, 82 for them tomorrow. 84 in vegas. 70s as you get to los angeles. look at the temperature forecast on the futurecast computer model. upper 50s to about 60. much of the area for tomorrow. we cool it down tomorrow night. friday, again, back to the lower 50s is what i think is more aggressive as far as the cooler air. notice the surge of blue. that's the chilly air in the weekend forecast. clouds come in. here's the area of rainshower activity tomorrow. there's some thunderstorms going at 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. that area of rain moves along. look at friday. clouds hang around. could be an isolated shower. maybe just a lot of clouds. it will be breezy friday. we'll keep the gusty breeze
5:53 pm
weekend. 45 in the city as showers come in. 30s north and west. the temperatures will be rising through the nighttime hours. as we head into tomorrow, we'll talk about showers, a couple of thunderstorms, up every 50s to 60 with a gusty southerly wind. a bit breezy friday, clouds, breaks of sun, shower, 52. 45 saturday. there could be snow showers saturday morning and rain showers in the afternoon with a gusty breeze. nice sunday, but chilly. 29 in the morning. 45 in the afternoon. back into the 50s monday. showers late. the showers stay for tuesday as we get back into the 60s. then i think we cool down wednesday and thursday. maybe that will be the last push. steve: i'll become a morning person once we get not 29 in the morning. yikes. nick: gets your attention. steve: it does. dari: traditionally surgery has been used to help people who can't see things from far away, like me. steve: now a manhattan doctor is using it to help people see things close up. antwan lewis shows how it works. >> reporter: roughly one in five americans need reading glasses
5:54 pm
for new yorkers looking to ditch their lenses, this doctor may have what you're looking for, the camera inlay. >> we haven't had anything that's been remarkable since franklin's buy focal, 1784. >> smaller and thinner than a contact lens, it is a mini ring with a pinhole opening. it allows focused light to enter the eye. implanted in the cornea of the least dominant eye, it allows the patient to see up close without disrupting distance vision in both eyes. it makes use of small aperture optics optics. >> when we reduce the aperture, like on a cell phone, you increase your depth of focus. >> reporter: eliminating the need for reading glasses. he is the only procedure performing the surgery in the metro new york area.
5:55 pm
he couldn't read the newspaper. nothing without his glasses. it frustrated him. >> we send out contracts, keeping up with the equipment. there's a lot of small intricate parts. we have to be able to see to fix these things. >> reporter: the procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes and costs between 4 to $6,000, a small price for what you get in return. >> to go shop in the store and read labels, to be able to go to a restaurant and read a menu without having to hunt for reading glasses, they react with overwhelming happiness. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. steve: we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. dari: here's ernie with a look at 6:00. >> thank you very much. we have a full program for you tonight. we'll be heading out live to that trump rally on long island to see how things are going out there. a live report coming up. then, how your relationship might be keeping you healthy.
5:56 pm
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no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it is wednesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. we have a lot of stories to cover with you tonight. let's start with the ever tightening race for president. last night brought big wins for second place candidates. bernie sanders picked up his sixth straight primary win in wisconsin, inching closer to hillary clinton in the delegate count without counting the superdelegates. sanders is now about 250 behind clinton. on the republican side, ted cruz was the winner in wisconsin. now the question is will his momentum keep donald trump from getting enough delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention? trump is back in new york tonight trying to rally support for the big primary on april 19th.
6:00 pm
a lot of reaction. watch watch. >> donald trump has got to go. ernie: protestors lined up outside of a trump rally in bethpage, angry at his recent comments. inside, trump himself will try to rebuild support that has seemingly floundered in recent weeks. joe is live at the rally for us tonight with more on what's going on there. good evening to you. tell us about this. >> reporter: how's it going? good evening from a live grummon studio. the blockbuster is donald trump. take a look at the crowd as we're going through -- they're going through some of the announcements. as the doors first opened shortly after 4:00 p.m., the first people in line were running to the stage to get a front row spot and catch a


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