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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a lot of reaction. watch watch. >> donald trump has got to go. ernie: protestors lined up outside of a trump rally in bethpage, angry at his recent comments. inside, trump himself will try to rebuild support that has seemingly floundered in recent weeks. joe is live at the rally for us tonight with more on what's going on there. good evening to you. tell us about this. >> reporter: how's it going? good evening from a live grummon studio. the blockbuster is donald trump. take a look at the crowd as we're going through -- they're going through some of the announcements. as the doors first opened shortly after 4:00 p.m., the first people in line were running to the stage to get a front row spot and catch a
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there's plenty of security as well. the crowd is fired up as you hear them behind me. they were chanting build the wall earlier with video of donald trump's immigration policy was playing. they were cheering on some of his policies like declaring war on isis, taking care of veterans and more. the campaign threw out the make america great again hats to keep folks riled up. this will be the first we've heard from donald trump since that 13-point loss to ted cruz last night in wisconsin. trump tweeted earlier it's good to be home and he's looking forward to the rally. the crowd is excited as well. i talked with some of the audience member and the general theme is they're fed up with washington and donald trump can make a difference. take a listen. >> i am really disenchanted with the gop establishment. they have promised us things and they went into office. we elected them and they denied everything they were going to do for us. it's time for somebody like donald trump to come in and
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corruption of the gop establishment. >> i feel he's going to be a great president and he's going to get rid of all the junk that's out there. >> reporter: now just under an hour until the rally is slated to begin at 7 p.m. they're going to cut the crowd off at about 12,000 people. looking at it now, it looks about 80 percent full. the people are still pouring in. and that's the latest from inside. we'll be monitoring it all night long. ernie: thank you very much, joe, live for us tonight. joining me, robert zimmerman, political strategist. you can see the crowds get out there for donald trump. >> no question about it. this is the case around the country. he draws the large crowds. in some states where anyone can vote, he does very well. new york is different. only registered republicans can vote in the democratic presidential primary. only registered democrats can vote in the democratic presidential primary. ernie: sort it out. a lot of people are saying he's
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can he win enough primaries to clinch the nomination. what's your take on it? >> i would have to say the odds are better than even we'll have an open republican convention. what's interesting about donald trump is he has been able to build momentum, but in normal presidential campaigns, you find the party and the establishment rally to the frontrunner. just the opposite is happening with donald trump. as he's building support, you're seeing the national review and republican political leadership look for an alternative, looking at cruz as a way to stop trump. ernie: how does he fit? what do you think about his position? >> he's benefitting. he's not highly popular in the senate, he's benefitting at the strongest candidate to stop donald trump. he may get enough support to lead to an open convention. ernie: hillary and bernie, they say mathematically that bernie cannot clinch it. >> most shows that's right. bernie sanders has to win 77 percent of the available
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hillary clinton's got to win 33 delegations. she's in the better shape. ernie: what's going to happen in new york? >> i'm predicting a strong hillary clinton win. i'll tell you something, the sanders campaign has been able to mobilize a great deal of support. you're seeing issues resonate over issues like terrorism and gun safety, which work in hillary clinton's advantage and working against sanders. ernie: any chance we could see a clinton-sanders party ticket? what do you think of that? >> no. i do not see it. i think more realistically, whoever the nominee is, i think it will be hillary clinton, she has to broaden her base of support, broaden her appeal. i think having a new yorker and vermonter is not the best ballot. you'll hear names like be -- don't discount tim kaine from virginia. ernie: keep coming back. we love your analysis. >> in other news to report, terror attacks on transit systems were the focus of senate hearings today. it comes weeks after terrorists
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in a subway station in brussels, killing 35 people. leaders on both sides of the aisle want more security here to prevent a similar attack in the u.s. some of the perpetrators in the attacks in brussels were previously known to authorities as criminals. u.s. terrorism experts believe that isis is recruiting criminals to join its ranks in europe. >> brussels is just another reminder of what they did in the transit station there. ernie: the senate plans to add new provisions for more security in an upcoming federal aviation administration bill. and that's what's happening in the news right now. let's check in with the weather. we had some sun today, but still cold, raw. nick: the breeze was gusty this afternoon. that put a chill to the air. we've been in the 40s this afternoon. ernie: rain on the way. nick: we have some rain, particularly tomorrow. that will come with milder air. ernie: that's good. nick: for a day. only for a day. we will get chilly as we head into the weekend. 48 and 30 today.
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below that by over 10 degrees. 79 and 21 in the records. and your sunrise 6:29. down at 7:26. don't expect to see sunshine for tomorrow as the clouds are going to be in play. they're increasing now. 45. humidity increasing thanks to the gusty south wind at 20, 21 miles an hour. pressure 30.10 on the barometer and it's holding steady. let's look at the temperatures. cool by april standards. upper 40s for highs. newark, sussex, did make 52 allentown. 47 poughkeepsie. and middle 40s as you went on towards long island. 42 on the east end. now 52 at allentown. that's up one degree in the last hour. our temperatures not likely changing much in the next few hours. in fact, we'll start to rise as the night goes along. we're up two degrees in the city. 43 at 5:00. now it's 45. 45 poughkeepsie. mid 40s as you move to long island. the reason the temperature will be moving up is because we're
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we're in the four to 10 degree temperature gain from 24 hours ago. there's the south wind. it is busy at 10 to 20 miles an hour. occasionally the gusts are getting 25 to 30 miles an hour. we'll see the gusts continue as we head into tomorrow and as we look at fox 5 sky guardian. no rain nearby. showers up to the north. these are scooting off in this direction, but it will be these showers off to the west that will get here later tonight, past the midnight hour. they'll be around as we head into tomorrow. clouds will be increasing. as we watch the system coming in from the west, high pressure sliding offshore. a storm center is heading towards the great lakes region. there's the cold front approaching from the west. the area of rain in play. a couple of thunderstorms there, too. it's not out of the question we see a thunderstorm around here tomorrow afternoon. the other issue will be the southerly wind, the gusty southerly wind that will continue. look what it will do to the temperatures. boost it up to 50 by 9:00 a.m. as we have occasional showers. then the more numerous areas of showers come in for the afternoon. 55 lunchtime.
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of a thunderstorm popping up at that point. here's the futurecast. there's the area of rain. you can see the southerly airflow in play. watch what happens tomorrow. the showers will quit tomorrow evening. friday the system still in the area. so clouds around, a couple of breaks of sun, a gusty breeze. it cools down a bit. a chance of a shower. friday basically is dry. then there's this system swinging from the west. this could be cold enough saturday morning for snow showers to be around and scattered rain showers in the afternoon with a day of a gusty breeze and temperatures not getting out of the 40s this weekend. clouds tonight. showers come in past midnight. 45 in the city. 30s to the lower 40s in the suburbs. the temperature is rising through the night. showers and afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. a gusty breeze. up about 60. then we cool it back to 52 friday with a fair amount of clouds and breezy. again, snow showers saturday morning. those will be rain showers in the afternoon. not a pretty day. and breezy and chilly at 45. look at sunday morning, 29. we'll be back to 45, a beautiful sunday, but chilly.
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we'll be back in the 50s. i'm hoping for mid 60s by tuesday with a couple of showers. then it cools down by wednesday. ernie: okay. you'll like this story. i know you like to work out. coming up next, some think staying healthy involves a lot of physical exercise. but we often forget to also exercise our minds. coming up, how doing that can help preserve our memories later in life. >> and you can get to that later part of life by being in a happy relationship. how that helps your longevity. it's a great subject right here tomorrow at 6:00. we're coming right back. keep it here on fox 5. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network.
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ernie: welcome back to our feature story tonight. let's face it. we all forget things like our keys or where we put our class glasses. it can be the sign of a bigger problem. there are things to do to exercise your brain. linda schmidt begins our look tonight at preserving our memory. >> you can color inside. >> reporter: this 87-year-old was diagnosed with dementia six years ago. the past year and a half, she's participated in programs like painting at the new york memory center in park slope, brooklyn. i think it's beautiful. i think you've done a beautiful job. >> oh, good. >> reporter: you've got some
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the pinks and reds and yellows. what do you think? >> i like this one the best. >> reporter: some studies have shown that engaging in artistic activities can help slow the progression of dementia. you took her to the doctor and what did the doctor say? >> she had some improvement in her abilities. he's very familiar with the program. i think that he has seen it has made a real difference. >> reporter: a mayo clinic study found that activities like painting, drawing, sculpting, woodworking and making pottery challenged the brain and can help preserve it. >> based on this study, engaging in mentally stimulating activities, such as computer and craft activities, on a regular basis, at least two or three times per week, is associated with decreased future risk of dementia. >> reporter: this doctor says
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socializing, like going to the movies, concerts and being part of a book club, can help as well. >> all this would decrease the risk of early stage dementia. >> the study focused on people 70 and older but researchers are advising younger generations to start strengthening their brains now. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you very much, linda. start now. dr. devi is here. i guess it's never too early to start exercising our brain? >> i agree. the goal is to challenge your brain in different ways. for memory, you want to strengthen your building blocks. these include attention and focus. it's easy in this world to get over overstimulated overstimulated. if you do painting and sculpting, you have to pay attention to detail. you have to focus and look at what you're trying to create -- ernie: that creative activity is important.
6:15 pm
i picked up an adult coloring book. that's supposed to be good? >> yes. any activities that have attention to deal with good. this fosters new connections. ernie: you talk about concentrating on happy things. these are strong emotions. >> sure. the memories that we remember best are the ones that are the happiest moments in our lives. sometimes they're the saddest. ernie: the socializing thing we discussed, that's crucial. it gets you out talking to people and there are strong emotions involved in that and learning new things like dancing. >> interesting you mention dancing. that involves different parts of the brain. we think about memory as facts. there's procedural memory, so muscle memory and coordination. if you can connect those different aspects of the brain together, thatses u v s.
6:16 pm
do tnghireounder t stress ofti. >>hat ts tdo wit charades or jeopardy. it involves socializing. you're throwing all the things together to make the brain work ennie: we'al t n dion. those are the primary things. what else? >> attention, concentration, the speed of processing. the way we see that is recall, being able to draw back the facts really quickly, to think fast. and if you can link it to emotion, that helps cement it or code it in the brain differently. ernie: i want to draw something from my adult coloring book for you. >> sounds great. ernie: i'll frame it for you. thank you so much. stay sharp. >> one thing we always remember, the lyrics to our favorite songs. so i have a question for you on that. check this out. when the radio is playing, like in the car or wherever you are, do you sing with it? what do you do? find out what people said coming
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on friday, we take you to new jersey's pepper mill playhouse, which is announcing big shows, including one by robert de niro. check that out this friday at 6:00. first, russ will join me with the amazing uconn women's basketball team. we're back right after the break. [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn' t look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it' s like lugging this around... it' s dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get
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ernie: the most dominant basketball team on the planet did it again last night. the huskies are amazing. russ: correct yourself. lady huskies. let's make sure it's the lady huskies. ernie, they set a bar so high,
6:20 pm
but they have reached it for the past four years in a row. it is just -- they have created a situation there. i mean, you think about it. four years in a row. it was his 11th national title which surpasses the legend himself, ucla with 10. it's a remarkable feat. ernie: why are they so dominant? russ: he created a great situation there. it's like at ucla, he doesn't have to go in and beg parents and their kids to come. ernie: they all want to go. russ: if you are a great player, you want to be on a great winning program. he has the winningest in the program. he's created a terrific thing. he's created a team atmosphere. he has three girls on that team that have played together four years. each owns a national
6:21 pm
brianna is the star. they all give. that's very hard to do with star players. he's done a tremendous job. ernie: is he nba bound? what's going on? russ: the sporting news came out with something that some nba executives say there's been overtures that they're interested in him and that he is interested in them. ernie: we'll see what happens. russ: listen, he's 62 years old. i think his contract runs to 2018, which pays him 2-1/2 million in the final year. ernie: he's fine. he's fine. talk about the masters. this is very exciting. russ: the masters starts tomorrow, but they've got a hard act to follow because today, as everybody knows, the day before is the masters par 3. it's a fun event. that was 80-year-old mr. gary player. that was on the 7th hole from
6:22 pm
don't you? ernie: yeah. here we go. less by -- little by little. what a shot. unbelievable. russ: gary player, he was playing with tom watson and jack nicklaus. that was a hole in one. ones today. it shattered the masters par 3 record. nine hole in ones today. it's fun to watch. ernie: fun to watch. good stuff. the masters tomorrow. thank you. what do you do when your favorite song comes on the radio? do you sing along? what do you do?
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ernie: here's my question. do you sing along to music in the car? >> no. ernie: no? >> i just listen. ernie: no singing. >> no singing. ernie: why not? >> i'm too old for it. ernie: come on. i don't want to hear that. you really think you're too old to sing? >> i don't have a voice for it. ernie: you hum? >> unless i know the words. then i'll sing. ernie: but you like to hum. let me hear you hum a little bit. that's good. that's good. you sing a lot? >> medium. ernie: anybody ever complained? >> no. nobody's around. ernie: you just turn it up and sing? >> exactly. >> yes. i love to sing. it's my favorite thing to do. ernie: you love doing it? you have a good song? >> yes. someone just came in the door. ernie: you should be on star of the day. do you sing? >> sometimes i do, but not most. ernie: you sing loud? >> yeah. of course.
6:26 pm
>> if the music is good and it's a band you like, it's time consuming. it's a good thing. >> it's fun to sing because it's fun in the car. ernie: it's fun to sing? >> yeah. ernie: yeah? anybody ever complain? no. >> sometimes. because they think i'm horrible at singing. ernie: no. no. no. >> my sister. ernie: do you sing along? >> sure. ernie: you sound like you do a lot. >> i do. i'm listening to music now. ernie: and you're singing. what are you singing? >> i'm not singing now. ernie: just listening to it. bye! i like to turn it up and sing along in the car. great fun. what do you do? go to facebook. that's it for now. thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos in studio 5. for all of us and our control room staff, big john, give us a wave, have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. you like to sing in the car.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: when you get inside the whole kardashian family, it seems the prevailing view is he is a serial proposer. >> apparently the family does not take rob seriously. the family saying, he's told us all of this before. he goes from first date to on his knee every single time he goes out with a girl. >> problem is, he can't get back up again. [laughter] >> ariel winter from "modern family." she turned 18 recently. so she decided to display her bikini body. >> first of all, she's a little young for me to go crazy. she's a little girl trying to be sexy. >> let's look at the whole set. we got the front shot. we got the back shot. >> uh-huh! [laughter] >> o.t. genasis and sincere. he starts grabbing stacks of money like out of his pockets. >> this is play money. >> he said these are my assistants.


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