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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the mta is disputing the report.
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it is 6:00. i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy and that is michael woods. >> meteorologist: i might as well add to the list of things for you to complain about. there is a long list. let's talk about what we had in december. remember how warm it was? average temperature 50.8 . where is spring? average temperature 46, 42. we are a little lackluster this april. ben: should it be 60 every day? >> meteorologist: 58 or so. we are coming up colder than normal. we have to see if anything turns but if anything it gets worse in the next couple days. today will be on the warmer side but when the and wet, we have a wind advisory going into effect
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the south, winds coming through at 30, gusting to 50 miles an hour. that to do some damage, not as nasty stuff, tree lines and power lines could be at risk. the wind direction from the from the south later as the front gets closer, still miles, 52 central park, 55 at newark, 31 in bridgeport, the southwind does a number on temperatures bringing them up, most locations 20 to 30 warmer than it was 24 hours ago. mostly cloudy, showers not a problem. i see them popping to the south of us and we will see them filling in from atlantic waters to the west and we have to deal with a good amount of rain later this morning into the afternoon and the possibility of thunderstorms. don't forget the wind which will
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what we are targeting, storms possible as the front gets closer. through the next 7 days, 52 tomorrow, that is your dry day bringing a risk of light showers but saturday the rain/snow makes comes through. the wild weather pattern sticks around for a while. let's bring in ines. ines: things are getting busy. a couple tough problems out there. there was construction earlier westbound by the bronx parkway closing two lanes. now there is an accident by the sheridan. as for the major deegan northbound accident investigation has the right lane closed by grand concourse, w. side hwy. dealing with the retaining wall that was collapsing a little bit. northbound two lanes with the retaining wall that was collapsing a little bit. northbound two lanes closed by 125th st. there is a car fired by exit 41 extinguished but you have a lane closed.
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106-numone 07, this is the eastbound side right here being diverted off of 106-numone 07 and eastbound rubbernecking delays you are dealing with, all lanes are open, westbound slow, eastbound all lanes closed, lie in queens dealing with normal delays. let's go to the grand central pkwy. traffic to the clearview expressway trains on or close to schedule. ben: very busy in bethpage yesterday, thousands of supporters filled the soundstage for donald trump's first new york rally since the primaries began. >> he said it was 17,000 people. the police they closer to 10,000. top rival ted cruz got much smaller crowds in the bronx, robert moses here with the latest developments, the battle for the gop nomination. >> reporter: donald trump tweeted this, 17,000 people were
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told me their estimate is a bit lower, either way it was a boisterous affair with thousands of people, the crowd soaked up trump and he soaked them up right back. >> it is great to be home. this is home, it is great to be home. we love new york. >> reporter: fresh off of a stinging and sound defeat in wisconsin donald trump sounded like a man grateful for some home cooking. thousands of supporters greeted him in grumman studios in bethpage. >> i love you too. i love these people, these are my people. >> reporter: trump suggested the united states needs to toughen up. >> we don't fight like people from long island, we don't fight like people from new york. >> reporter: outside the rally a boisterous crowd of protesters made their objections known. inside trump continue taking shots at his main republican
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ted cruz. >> it is ly i and', lion ted cruz, he couldn't draw numb 100 people. you can forget about him. forget about him. >> reporter: ted cruz hope the voters don't forget about him. in the bronx he grew more sparse crowd than trump and hecklers interrupted him. >> you are not welcome here. >> ted cruz who criticized what he called new york values expounded on what he meant. >> values of liberals and politicians like andrew cuomo, anthony weiner, eliot spitzer, charlie wrangle, all of whom donald trump has supported, given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are follow donald trump's checkbook. >> reporter: ted cruz will visit
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john kasich will be in the city, he will meet and greet voters on my deli in the bronx and tonight he holds a town hall meeting in brooklyn. yesterday ted cruz was supposed to visit the bronx white house college preparatory academy but students threatened to walk out so the school canceled that visit. many of the students are immigrants and a site ted cruz's stance on immigration is one reason they objected. i mention this because this may be indicative of the steep hill ted cruz needs to climb in new york, by most accounts the trails trump by a wide margin. back to you. juliet: his comments on new yorkers alienated a lot of people throughout the city. as robert mentioned, it was not without protest. >> there was a standoff between trump supporters and trump protesters outside the bethpage rally separated not only by barricades and police in riot
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issues. >> tired of hearing him against our community. >> i don't support his racism. when you talk about building a wall to block out mexico and stuff like that, you are not helping create jobs. >> everybody selling out to the corporations, he is the only one who will -- putting veterans on the forefront. >> reporter: nassau county police said there were two arrests inside the rally for disorderly conduct. >> attacks are heating up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, clinton is questioning his truthfulness and preparedness for the presidency and sanders is hitting back at a rally in philadelphia yesterday, he went after her voting record. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the
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>> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up, they rely on republican governors suddenly having a conversion experience and becoming progressive. >> i say ironic because hillary clinton has been skewered by her critics for lying, being a liar, benghazi and so forth, the attacks come ahead of the important april 19th primary in new york. juliet: if you feel you have been spending more time waiting for the subway it looks like you are right. juliet: wait times are significantly worse than the mta has admitted, teresa priolo is at the atlantic ave. berkeley subway center with more details. >> we hear this all the time. i am sure you have heard it, people say am i crazy or am i
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tween 9 lines according to the state, six have longer than ever waits, the 5 train being worst. what is more according to the state when the mta tells you their performance is right on, you can't leave them. >> you knew it was bad but did you know it was this bad? the state's top moneyman telling subway riders things that the mta aren't getting better, they are getting worse. if you are a daily rider you already know that. >> half the city was dead, you have delays on the a, c, d, 1. i was caught in it myself. >> reporter: nick is with the rioter's alliance, taking a close look at the audit which states wait times on these 16 lines have gotten worse. on-time performance fell from 80.3% in 2013 to 78.4% as of june 2015.
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the 5 train hitting its mark less than 70% of the time. the best train, the g train, on time 81% of the time. most surprisingly the audit states you the rider can't trust the mta's map when it comes to wait times. the mta takes the average wait times of all 23 individual subway lines even those that are rarely used which ultimately boosts the mta performance numbers. the mta said this report misunderstandings, misinterpretations and misrepresentation. the just checked social media, the audit seems to jive with riders's complaints, this person said when at the train not delayed? or what about the sarcastic tweet, train delays and joseph gale offered this assessment, quote, imagine if the mta had to
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i wonder if there would be any delays, just saying. the audit also found there are 11 committees and two different task forces assigned to fixing this very issue, not a one has a comprehensive plan that would address it. bottom line the audit also says in order to fix all this you need to put more money into the system, but i bet we will be waiting for that as long as we wait for the train. that is it from brooklyn this morning. juliet: thank you very much. much more still to come on a not so nice thursday morning. take the raingear. would you rather be warm? ben: i would rather have the warmth than the rain.
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juliet: welcome back, 6:15, i can't even look at this video, police tracked down this photographer accused of climbing two manhattan skyscrapers in september, he posted videos of his feet online. he is 34-year-old james mcdowell. he was arrested twice, once last month for climbing 70 pine st. a lovely building downtown and once in january for climbing 157. are you kidding me? mcnally faces several charges and is due back in court later this month. ben: imagine being one of those billionaires and seeing him climbing outside your window? someone outside the window. we would like to be invited.
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juliet: how high is that? ben: 90 floors. it went for 1 $90 million. it is like russian or saudi. juliet: i want to go in. i want to see. i probably will not. ben: you read the real estate list and it is like three bedrooms, 12,000 ft. . what do they do? ben: incredibly opulent, sitting areas. >> meteorologist: let's get you up and running. it is mild outside, 53 central park, 55 at newark, 51 in bridgeport and islip, all these temperatures are warmer than yesterday, winds are bringing up those temperatures from the
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there is a wind advisory for long island and much of new jersey especially 7 sections but we have a cloudy sky but no real rain popping up yet but showers should start filling in as we get into the morning commute and later this afternoon seat is back here with heavier more solid rainfall? that is coming through in the afternoon. it comes down midafternoon especially long island and connecticut up the lower hudson valley and over the city it looks like we get the heaviest of the showers and storms, then it breaks up later this evening. tomorrow looks cooler and drier but still a small shower chance out there. keep that in mind, a small umbrella nearby, as we get into saturday things get real interesting, 10:00 in the morning another area of low pressure coming into town bringing rain and snow and a lot of wind and it wraps up like a
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if it holds together, that could mean solid accumulation which gives you snow but doesn't look like it hangs up because temperatures are not going back out but it is an interesting thing we see on the forecast. high temperature 60, windy and wet with storms, dryer tomorrow and more rain/snow chances saturday. for the majority of the tri-state. let's bring in ines. so far we are getting away with a dry one. ines: route 78 eastbound the right lane closed by exit 41, car fires extend was but right lane remains close, traffic backed up to exit 36 and the other problem on long island ally eastbound is close by exit 106-numone 07, west on this closer causing rubbernecking delays, traffic is backed up, take the northern state as your alternate. i could give you a live look at this situation, the lie by
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all lanes open, everyone slowing down to take a look, eastbound at the cut off, 106-numone 07 everyone being diverted off the roadway so the activities down this investigation is affecting the commute, lincoln tunnel inbound not too bad, holland same thing, bqe stop and go towards the brooklyn bridge. juliet: police need your help finding a driver who hit a 45 year mac man and left him for dead. >> this happened in a story a. ems brought the victim to amherst hospital where he was pronounced dead. the car that hit him was reportedly a red toyota driving south on 21 stoop st.. if you have additional information call police, 800-577-tips. juliet: the city is rounding up costume characters at time square, city council meeting
6:21 am
to restrict where characters can panhandling pedestrian plasmas in all five boroughs. the time square area gets all the attention. the move follows numerous complaints from tourists and several arrests by police. lawmakers say that provides plenty of space and put up signs encouraging tips. >> sometimes they get aggressive. if you know where the photo upside that would be a great idea. >> the first hero to get arrested. i won't be in the box. i will walk freely in time square. >> it goes below the city today. >> country music fans are remembering merle haggard.
6:22 am
juliet: he recorded 38 number one hits including this one, workingman blues and if we make it through december. he was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1994. he had a tough life but was so respected, really respected in the industry. died yesterday of pneumonia on his 79th birthday. we have a lot more still to
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ben: time for the healthwatch, drug enforcement dropping marijuana from the most dangerous category of drugs, listed as a schedule one drug which puts it in the same category as heroin. this would put it on par with drugs like cocaine. they consider it more dangerous than cocaine. this makes it easier to learn about medical and otherwise. juliet: a panda cub born in malaysia last year has been named. ben: meet new on nuanced. the cub was born to two giant pandas.
6:26 am
ben: the name was picked after a month-long competition. a hedgehog cafe . juliet: the establishment has drawn a lot of attention from animal lovers, fans from all over the world have been lining up, paying, hedgehogs are becoming popular household pets. they are so cute. what do they eat? do they stay that size? these animal cafe s are popular in tokyo. they have rabbit cafe s. ben: you and adam schapiro should go to a rabbit cafe . you can bond over the loss of your rabbit. what was the name?
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juliet: mine was daphne, the albino. i named it after someone on scooby doo. ramon coming on the show later on. ben: got to run. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: happy thursday. friday light. juliet: will it be a happy end of the week? hopefully tomorrow will be decent but saturday sounds lousy. a wet and warmer days expected ahead, highs will reach 60 but showers are heading our way. kind of soupy already. mike has the extended forecast. ben: donald trump before thousands of supporters declaring it is great to be home in new york. of the 15 police are looking for
6:31 am
last night, it happened on a subway train. ben: yankees scored big in their first of the season, swamped the houston astros 16-6. the offense woke them up. good morning, 6:31, i am ben simmoneau. of the 15 i am juliet huddy. we were talking about that exclusive building you can see from miami. ben: not that attractive on the outside. juliet: it is a building but it is very exclusive. one of the people who moved in, i won't say her name but it was from an article, she brought a $30 million -- it doesn't get any better. ben: got to be close. juliet: i never bought anything from burglar.
6:32 am
chauffeured? >> meteorologist: i hope so. juliet: escorted by one of the earpiece wearing security folks. the life. i am jealous. i completely admit it. >> meteorologist: get you up and running thursday morning. don't know why i am trying to call it friday. clouds have gathered around the tri-state region, central park, the rain hasn't set in yet but showers are pushing into places like philly and it will be coming close, not quite philly yet but just to the west of that and we will see showers and storms closing in over the majority of the tri-state throughout the morning. temperaturewise already warm, it will get up to 60 for a high later today as the rain kicks up a notch and continues into the early evening, early showers and breaks up, lows tomorrow on the
6:33 am
interesting, that is not just rain but snow on saturday and we could have accumulation out of it. we will give you more on that, something to keep an eye on. no snow or even rain just yet. ines: a busy thursday morning, route 70 a traffic jam the sound approaching exit 41 was a car caught fire, it has been extinguished, still being cleared, traffic backed up to exit 36. in the bronx an accident on the cross bronx westbound blocking alain. the bruckner slow towards the deegan, accident instigation has one lane closed. the lie long island not looking good between suffolk and nassau county, westbound traffic jam, delays go back because of activity on the eastbound side,
6:34 am
being diverted off of 106-numone 07. so far looking a lot better. everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: donald trump kicked off the new york leg of his campaign with a boisterous rally on long island. juliet: trump hopes to halt the momentum of ted cruz. ted cruz showed up in the bronx, spent part of yesterday campaigning. good morning, tell us about it. >> reporter: 17,000 people were in attendance in bethpage. if you ask donald trump or like 10,000. if you ask the nassau county police department either way it was packed. now the campaign has shifted to new york. thousands packed grumman studios in bethpage for the trump rally. trump, who lost the primary
6:35 am
be home, the crowd soaks up his lines about building a wall and making mexico a ford and knocking the hell out of isis and making america great again. trump could not hide his disdain for the man he has taken to calling lying ted cruz. >> spell it right. l-yl-i-n apostrophe. lying ted cruz came here today. you can forget about him. forget about him. >> reporter: police stood between trump supporters and objectives. protesters say they reject trump's candidacy for several reasons. >> it is racism. when you are playing racism to build a wall to block out mexico it does not create jobs. >> reporter: ted cruz held a
6:36 am
more sparse crowd, interrupted by hecklers. he was supposed to visit a school in the bronx but long story short some students from that school wrote a letter to administrator saying they object to him and what he stands for and the visit was canceled. i mention this because it indicates the uphill battle ted cruz faces, donald trump is expected to win. ted cruz will visit a factory in brooklyn, john kasich scheduled to visit the bronx and brooklyn. ben: thank you very much. it is now 6:36. the attacks are heating up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders though they have been hot for a wild. juliet: they are punching each other's truthfulness, clinton is questioning his preparedness for the presidency, sanders doing the same, he hit back at her at
6:37 am
of taking tens of millions of dollars in special-interest funds and went after her voting record too. these attacks ahead of the important april 19th primary in new york. ben: a 13-year-old boy was stabbed in brooklyn. police say he got into an argument on a manhattan bound train in manhattan and when the doors open the girl pulled a knife out of her bag and stabbed the boy in the stomach. he was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition, the girl, that is a picture of her, is described as 14 to 16 years old, she was wearing a black leather jacket at the time. if you saw her or have any information call crimestoppers, 800-577-tips. juliet: a little girl from ohio heard and saw pope francis, she has a rare disease called usher's syndrome. she is losing her hearing and
6:38 am
round-trip tickets to rome she got to meet the pope face-to-face was the pontiff said a blessing, gave her a hug and touched her face and ears. >> if there is any chance for a miracle it would be there. juliet: he blessed her faith and her ears. lizzie's parents created a bucket list to see as much of the world as she can while she still can. heartbreaking. fox means business. ben: joining us from foxbusiness studio is lauren simonetti. is it a good time to head to europe? >> reporter: it is because airfare is cheaper and the us dollar is strong so you can buy more stuff when you go to europe. i am surprised at this, all these terrorism threats and in big numbers, they are up with
6:39 am
travel and turkey and how should we say this? less high-profile destinations like ireland and portugal, double digit increase in tourism even in italy, these amazing vacation spots seeing big numbers, big demand and that has to do with the fact that we have seen terrorism before and we are not going to let it affect how we act and we might be finding a deal on that airfare. ben: my wife's family in greece, we consider going last summer but it was crazy, $1600 a pop. a lot of money. a lot of money per ticket. >> reporter: was in august? ben: we looked in june, july and august. >> reporter: i am sorry. maybe this year.
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i have heard that is a good time, long flight -- ben: they give you those bassinet things. i am thinking about it. and they give overnight flights. they mount a bassinet on the bulkhead. and they get to lie flat. better than us. you be the beginning pig. the prices are good.
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let's show you what is happening here, a lot going on, it turns milder, 53 at central park, the rain coming into town, not here yet, gusty southwinds, showers and storms later this afternoon, the front gets closer, we have a wind advisory, gusts could get up to 50, chilly weather makes a come back as we get into tomorrow and over the weekend another rain/snow event as well. a lot going on in weather headlines. today windy, warm and wet. let's see what is happening with the commute. ines: a tough one this morning, lie is down close between 106-numone 07 affecting westbound side, traffic jam from the expressway, rubbernecking
6:42 am
78 eastbound between exit 36, and 41 at a crawl, left lane getting through, tractor-trailer trying to clear that out. george washington bridge driving into the city, seeing a normal 20 minute delay, same for the lower level, number 95 lincoln tunnel 30 heading inbound, the holland tunnel by both approaches. duke: the yankees, and astros, looking good. they exploded last night. we talk about it when we come back. ben: entertainment is coming up. juliet: char put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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ben: checking headlines, 45-year-old man has died, this happened before 11:00 30th rd. looking for a red toyota. ben: the length of time subway rider stand on a platform going
6:46 am
comptroller increased on 16 lines. it is a, quote, misunderstanding, misrepresentation. and corralling characters in times square. it approved a bill allowing the ot with special zones before the full council later today. juliet: duke is here with a look at the sports world. reporting yankees/astros game 2. bottom of the first we pick it up, brian mc can, and the right-field line, 6 runs in the inning. michael to pitch deep, grand
6:47 am
grand slam. it is on fire. and the next inning, mark tiexie tiexiera tiexiera, that is gone, the yankees big winners last night, 16 runs, 16-6 is the final score. john oliver to address this, katy perry's -- bought the tickets in the legend section for the first three games to get back at the yankees official for his comments, fans paying full price for premium seats might not be comfortable next to fans who never said there before. the mets are off last night and
6:48 am
opener against philly, basketball, nicks and charlotte, after the game, charlotte's campbell walker had more than twice on the night, 111-97, has been eliminated, 31-48 and three games to avoid 51. and eliminate the nets playing out the season as well. the wizards last night, robinson had 23 points for brooklyn and vermont sessions had 18 points, wizards win easily numb 121-23, brooklyn lost three straight games, that is not good, masters begin today.
6:49 am
and the masters, 9 holes in one. his workout is numb 100 push-ups, numb 100 set ups, it is rolling. and today the oldest player in history scored a home run at the contest. that is not bad. once in my life please. according to published reports, the jets offensive tackle, asked him to take a pic to help pay ryan fitzpatrick. that is tough. ben: we have to take pay cuts to pay juliet huddy. duke: curtis granderson coming up 7 points.
6:50 am
forecast, doesn't seem like golf whether. >> meteorologist: not today. pretty "good day" off. we are going to have birthday shout outs on fox 5 "good day new york". my weather producer, we can't let this go by, she has three days off in a row, she will be going out somewhere. look how beautiful you look, come on in. we have treats. absolutely. we send you on your way before the showers come to town. nice birthday and a card and other good treats. enjoy your self out there. everybody else's birthday shout
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she has been here almost a year. seems like forever. what is going on in the tri-state region, birthday gifts. it has been a warm december, april, 2.6 cooler than normal but this is a warm one at least for starters but we will see wet weather coming into town, 50 mph later this afternoon, it will be
6:52 am
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ines: the commute, new jersey and long island both issues this morning, the lie eastbound accident investigation occurred early this morning. all lanes are close to averting up numb 106-numone 07 and westbound by dealing with rubbernecking delays. in new jersey eastbound jammed from exit 36 to exit 41. as far as trains, look at the checklist everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect, ben and juliet. juliet: the final contestants,
6:55 am
american idol. ben: the sobel end is run tonight, america said goodbye to dolphin rabbit tony, they will go head to head in hopes of making history as the final contestants to win the story competition. >> i am overwhelmed and inspired, bawling my eyes out when i go home. >> to be here with a fellow mississippiand is really special. almost storybook like. ben: she is the favorite. find out who wins and watch all the performances on fox 5 tonight. charlie sheen is the subject of a criminal investigation by the lapd. juliet: an incident involving his experience a, cops investigating sheen for
6:56 am
emergency restraining order against him. no response from sheen or his lawyers. >> what happens when a fan confuses chris rock and kevin hart? pretty hilarious integrated video. juliet: and overeager fan asked for a picture with heart thinking he was chris rock but heart played along and took a step further inviting her to a show that doesn't exist. >> yes i am. pleasure to meet you. okay, all right. juliet: two upcoming shows on comedy central. ben: they do not look alike. that is it for us on thursday morning, take your umbrella, happy birthday to samantha. juliet: have a little fun following her. ben: see you tomorrow.
6:57 am
@carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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rosanna: hello. "good day new york." i you cruising the scotto. greg: a little cloudy out there. rosanna: it is going to rain.
7:00 am
long island expressway. rosanna: lots of traffic in that area. greg: eastbound and westbound. rosanna: donald trump. he worked the crowd. >> lying ted. he puts it down and then he lies. if ted cruz came today, he could not draw 100 people. rosanna: anyway. lots of demonstrators. rosanna: a long welcome.


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