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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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long island expressway. rosanna: lots of traffic in that area. greg: eastbound and westbound. rosanna: donald trump. he worked the crowd. >> lying ted. he puts it down and then he lies. if ted cruz came today, he could not draw 100 people. rosanna: anyway. lots of demonstrators. rosanna: a long welcome.
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greg: a 13-year-old boy stabbed by a young girl on the c train. just third team. stabbed on the c train. the kid will be, hopefully, okay. rosanna: a new state audit says the mta is fudging the numbers when it comes to train delays. greg: i like those countdown clocks. greg: taking pictures and posting them online. greg: the cops were able to figure it out. greg: how is everyone doing? rosanna: ready for a little rain
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greg: how about the love boat. coming to "good day new york." rosanna: can i say something? one memory saturday night. how about you? greg: you stayed home on a saturday night? greg: it is a classic song. rosanna: you could not dvr back then. greg: the great guy jack jones. rosanna: i know you are up to something. he has something grand my clothes. you are part of this. it is a "good day new york" special. >> here we go.
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we have some wet weather on the way. wendy and warm as well. let's take a look at what is going on. it is a wind advisory going into effect at 11:00 o'clock this morning. it is going to be sustained from the south. the front gets a little bit closer to us. we will have to wait to see what happens on that. it looks like wet weather is on the way. i think every day it has been doing it again. anyway, we have temperatures this morning starting off in the 50s. when, they are, at this point, not so bad.
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up around 25-30. clouds are all over the place. showers not a big problem just yet. this area of low pressure is going to be bringing in scattered showers and a few thunderstorms in the mix for you. wendy, warm, wet conditions. our hike goes back down to 52. looks like the rain is not a big deal for tomorrow. yes, we said snow for saturday. let's check out what is happening with our commute. ines: problems on the expressway jim is covering that for us. good morning, jim.
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like you. a police investigation of an earlier accident. we are left with is too mild delay. some westbound slowdowns as you pass by the accident scene. ines, back to you. >> other problems. here is back up there. traffic jams as you approach exit. tractor failer caught fire. as for the bronx, still clearing away in accident westbound. traffic backed up to the front or interchange. the bruckner slow heading towards the deegan. it cleared away just recently. left is to lay on the south five.
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running on or close to schedule. greg: donald trump last night in bethpage. back home in new york. run-up to the primary on the night and. there was talk about lying ted. rosanna: he estimates that the crowd was about 17000 people. greg: robert moses, tell us more of. >> reporter: trump says that there are estimate is more like 10000. the crowd loved all of trump's lines about making america great again and building that wall. trump loved the crowd right back. >> great to be home. we love new york. >> reporter: donald trump sounded like a man that was
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thousands of supporters were in bethpage. >> i love you, too. i love these people. these are my people. >> reporter: trump suggested that the united states needs to toughen up. >> we do not fight like people from long island. we do not fight like people from new york. >> reporter: insight trump continue taking shots at his main republican competitor. the man he likes to call lying ted cruz. you have to spell it right. lying ted cruz came today. he could not draw 100 people. i think you can forget about him. forget about them. >> reporter: a visit to the bronx. a much more sparse crowd. hecklers interrupted him.
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what he called new york values expounded on what he meant. >> like anthony cuomo, anthony weiner, eliot spitzer, like charlie rangel. all of them. donald trump has given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the year. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are, follow donald trumps checkbook. >> reporter: john kasich will also be in the city. he will meet and greet voters in the bronx. tonight he holds it, meeting in brooklyn. ted cruz was supposed to visit the bronx white house college preparatory college essay. students threatened to walk out. the school canceled the visit. many of the students are
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greg and rosanna. rosanna: what about the new york values? greg: donald trump talked about that a lot last night. here is the trump protest before the rally. a bit of a standoff. listen to this. >> racism. talking about building a wall. blocking out mexico. you are not helping jobs. >> buildout wall. buildout wall. >> he is only one putting veterans on the forefront. rosanna: to arrest inside the
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there to be president. they were outraged by that comment. >> pushing his truthfulness. prepared for the presidency. going after her voting record. >> i do not believe that she is qualified. i do not think you are qualified if you voted for the war in iraq. >> some of his ideas will not work because the numbers do not add up. suddenly having a conversion and becoming congresses. >> the big debate by the way. what else is going on?
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last night on a train. greg: take a look at these pictures. this happened on a manhattan bound c train at 6:00 o'clock. the girl pulled a knife from her bag. taken to a nearby hospital. the girl maybe 130 pounds. if you know anything, please call crime stoppers. rosanna: a family from the bronx is desperately looking for a father that has been missing for more than a week. he was last seen around midnight on march 25. greg: he had gone back to a friends apartment to get his wallet and phone. a librarian in soundview, they have been searching for him since his disappearance. he is 34 years old.
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anything like that. very concerned. if you know anything, please call the police. a photographer who was accused of climbing two skyscrapers in manhattan. look at this guy. he is climbing these places and has back in september. greg: he is going to those, what do you call them, sophie sticks. they started looking at other pieces of video. they found him. they believe they got the guy. greg: he gets pretty high up there. it makes us a little nervous. kerry drew is admit down this morning. >> reporter: good morning. this daredevil photographer was arrested. including this one right here
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this is 157. the building is 75 stories tall and standing over 1000 feet. instagram followers. arrested march 20 on charges of reckless endangerment. a fire at the very top. posting it on youtube. that arrest happened after the arrest for climbing 157 last september. you dress the part and got up
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sweat. client the class leading to the rich. probably the best rooftop view in new york city. you can still see a lot of the other work he has done. he has been released without bail. due back in court for both of these arrests. he has a lot of followers. pretty unbelievable. that is the latest live here live down this morning. greg: arch 20. that was a couple of weeks ago. these images are pretty cool. rosanna: i know. it does make me nervous when i look at them. greg: he could fall down. if you fall down, not only is he doomed, but somebody on the
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rosanna: absolutely. i have to find him. all right. mike works. what is happening? mike: today is going to be bad enough out there. mild, windy and wet. then tomorrow, it will be partly to mostly cloudy. saturday looks really interesting. not only rain, but snow again around the majority of the tri-state region. we have some snow that could be acute relating. what is going on today's rainfall. so far still checking with that esp radar. fifty-four in central park. 52 degrees in bridgeport and islip. wind coming in from the south
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it will be picking up. there is a wind advisory for you and long island. on the radar and satellite, still pretty quiet. that is scheduled to push through here. it looks like a little hint of rain at that time. back down later on in the evening. tomorrow should be kind of a day off. here is work it's really interesting. friday and saturday with another area of pressure. you have a rain / snow mix coming through. it does look like accumulation. high of 60 today. wendy is well. the rain / snow mix coming through. let's get to ines. ines: a blog going on. good morning, mike.
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you still have delays. a tractor-trailer caught fire. all lanes open now. traffic moving. you will still encounter some slowdowns. sky fox over the seed not too long ago. approaching exit 41. in accident that occurred early this morning. the westbound side approaching rubbernecking delays. as for the rest to your commute, staten island, normal delays approaching the verrazano bridge. as for the george washington bridge, upper-level, 30-40 inbound. lincoln tunnel, 30-40. not too bad. greg and rosanna, back to you.
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greg: who is getting married? i do not want to turn anyone off. donald trump walking out on those rallies. he did it last night at bethpage. rosanna: it escape the crowd work. greg: a very high energy song. what else? rosanna: that nypd corruption probe. involving two former members of his inaugural committee. greg: very close. friends of marek defazio. greg: may have perceived gifts
7:22 am
taking trips for free. the investigation is ongoing. >> something is being looked at. in till we get a result, we cannot make final judgments. in terms of any past donations, i will make that determination will we see the result of the investigation. rosanna: he is basically saying, i will wait until you have this investigation until i get back the money. so, anyway, that is that. we are keeping an eye on that. smokeless tobacco. greg: baseball players cannot chew tobacco. some of them still do. rosanna: citi field at yankee stadium. that means that in yankee
7:23 am
to do during a game. greg: one estimate says that 30% of players chew tobacco. you have to go to sunflower seeds or big-league choo. shredded bubblegum. rosanna: you love that stuff. that is like so grammar school. greg: not everyone likes it because they think that it encourages chewing. it is a little bit of bubblegum. you are chewing gum. rosanna: let's talk about this little girl from ohio. five years old. her name is with the myers. she has a rare disease. she has slowly losing her hearing. eventually, her site will follow.
7:24 am
yesterday face to face. greg: this is beautiful. her parents very happy. >> what pope francis has done for her, if there is any chance at a merkel it is there. rosanna: she got to see the colosseum. they have those gladiators outside the colosseum. greg: i do not want her to have had dreams about the gladiators. greg: that is a beautiful moment. remember when he came last september. rosanna: we are praying for lizzie. you never know. miracles happen. greg: very serious. all right. let's take a look outside. cloudy. warm.
7:25 am
check this out. they gave it a paint job. rosanna: looks good. greg: held a united nations conference. rosanna: they have the ramon exhibit. at the queens museum. rosanna: talking about some of the artifacts. greg: one other thing you may want to look at. a diorama of new york city. it is the size of a football field. all of new york is basically before you.
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new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. greg: the love boat. greg: it will be a great show. i still remember. so much.
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rosanna: good memories, greg. greg: a new voice. rosanna: i was going to say, he has a sexy voice. greg: what else? rosanna: birthday. thirteen years old. he is home today. not because it is birthday. because he is opting out of state testing. greg: rosanna does not approve of the opting out thing. rosanna thinks that you should take the test. rosanna: i do not know any of
7:30 am
do the right thing. mike: i am with rosanna. take the test. greg: a very rare occasion when parents and teachers do not want them to take a test given by the state. rosanna: a reflection of the teacher. they say they are not going to hold it against them. it would also be a good indication of what schools are working and what schools are not working. mike: meteorologist on board. very good. i've got a job. we have a lot going on.
7:31 am
saturday looks really interesting. we will be paying close attention to it today and tomorrow. so far, let's compare what has been going on. our average temperature was 54 degrees. the average temperature, 46 degrees. cooler than what we have. we do have spring out there today. winter starting tomorrow. eastern sections of long island. everyone else is pretty drive. it is now 56. fifty-four in central park.
7:32 am
the wind is starting to pick up. it is later this morning into this afternoon. right at this moment, we are still getting those showers. it looks like a decent amount of frame will be swinging by the tri-state region. high temperature and the city should get up to 60 in the city.
7:33 am
morning. your daughter says happy birthday. the camino, well, i wish i could tell you that it is pretty good. to blaze quickly cleared. the bronx, not looking so good. the brock nurse lo heading towards the deed in. west side highway north bound, repairs for that retaining wall slower than normal. we will have more on that in a second. the lat, dealing with an accident investigation. an investigation going on. it has been going on for the
7:34 am
let's go back to our maps, actually. everything running on or close to schedule. jim smith is over the scene. it looks like they are on a roof, jim. ninety-fifth and 94th street. a two alarm fire. you are not seeing a lot of smoke.
7:35 am
no injuries reported. as you can see, second avenue. we have seen firefighters starting to make their way with this. >> we have another major fire to report. 740 park avenue. rosanna: books have been written about this apartment house. you have to be a billionaire to live there.
7:36 am
linked to bernie madoff, by the way. running off to the author. 740 park. rosanna: sometimes it feels like forever when you are standing. greg: an audit from the state controller. really? are you kidding me?
7:37 am
they say, of course that is the latest. greg: of the nine lines offered here, five train is the worst. >> you knew it was that. he already knew that. it is a lot of delay's. ten minutes-30 minutes. >> i was called on it myself. >> reporter: the writers alliance. weight times on these have
7:38 am
on time performance fell some percent. the worst across-the-board. the best trained, the g train. on time 81% of the time. cannot trust the mtas math when it comes to wait time. twenty-three individual sub point lines even though they are rarely used.
7:39 am
how about this sarcastic weep. imagine if the mta had to reimburse writers for every train delayed. i wonder if there would be any delays. hash tag just saying. >> fixing these problems just to get more money from our many. >> we will stay on this for a moment. hit the role. i have a pretty decent time on the train. it is old railroad. i have been lucky. i am not the only one that is somewhat pleased with the service.
7:40 am
are going to get anywhere. >> weekends are a mess. curtis granderson here. dealing with a city bike.
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mike: welcome back, everyone. showing up in the central and eastern sections of long island. we have 54 degrees out at central park right now. a mostly cloudy skies. warm everywhere. forty-nine in williamsport. it will swing up and bring showers. lighter showers for you in the morning. it picks up in the afternoon. gusting up to 50 miles an hour. that is a lot of damage. showers and storms wrapping up
7:44 am
on saturday we have a rain / snow mix. the weather app, a live interactive radar. it is free. happy birthday to you. hope you have a fantastic one. anyway, let's bring in ines. ines: it has been a busy morning. route 22. expect he lays there. traffic moving again. and earlier accident cleared away by exit 41. eastbound traffic is diverted. westbound side, you have forever necking.
7:45 am
lower, 30. holland tunnel, 20 from each approach. curtis granderson. one of the coolest guys in town. rosanna: he has a bicycle here. he is going places for sure. duke: a great year last year. game two tomorrow. what do you think? >> starting the season. i think that they have something up their sleeves. what a great way to start things off. we got a chance to see things on their side.
7:46 am
>> the trades happen. you guys are struggling. did you ever think that you would go on this great run? >> we were in contention. david wright. coming back. if a lot of people forgot that he was very instrumental. now all of a sudden, the line of change has drastically changed. a little different. >> i actually think you guys may be better than you were last october. switch hitters now. do you look at it that way? you could be better? >> lasher's team was very successful.
7:47 am
got along very well. you know, walker. added to the mix of where we are right now. a lot of those things that we slowly pieced together. >> what is the biggest difference between amed being a yankee? just that fans have been around a little bit longer for the yankees. steve 10 tomorrow.
7:48 am
it will be a surprise to me. i will not know until i stepped into the batter's box on friday. >> seeing the bikes all around the city. city state sweepstakes. twitter, instagram.
7:49 am
he went on to the side. he is tight. he did not get a chance to loosen things up. >> make sure you get stretched out. on the 30th anniversary of their last win. they are coming in. >> do you have any preference on what you want it to be? >> switching my phone. i've had country songs. hip-hop songs.
7:50 am
songs that we are choosing. greg: curtis, we appreciate it very much. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
7:53 am
rosanna: liberty needs an umbrella in her hand today. >> i have to tell you. i just hope that we do not get the wind like we did last weekend. >> i did not sleep hardly. this is it. fifteen seasons later. speak. i have overwhelmed. >> a fellow mississippi had.
7:54 am
>> battling it out. it should be interesting. lots of interesting people should llama show as well. kelly clarkson, i think, maybe there is well. greg: there is the whole family to talk about it. rosanna: kelly clarkson will not you there. she is about to give birth to baby number two. i need her future record. all right. we will all be tuning in tonight for sure. greg: charlie sheen. he may be in trouble again.
7:55 am
i don't know. her lawyer claims the cops are investigating. threatening to have her killed. an emergency restraining order. no response from charlie sheen or his lawyers. star wars. very, very talented guy. they are celebrating his work. they will be playing williams greatest hits. one of the greatest that has ever lived.
7:56 am
they will all recognize him. tickets go on sale. this is a good way to introduce your kids. greg: born in new york. how about that. greg: time for the sandbag. it is michael. rosanna: thank you for saying nice things about us on the facebook page. good day is coming right back.
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>> from fox 5 news. this is "good day new york." >> how are we on this thursday, hi? it is warmer outside. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. get the umbrellas ready. it is coming down shortly. it will be wet and warmer. highs around 60. winds could be a problem. mike woods has all the details with us. >> spelling lessons with donald trump last night in bethpage long island at the old grumman factory. listen to this. >> you have to spell it right.
8:00 am
he puts it down and he tells a lie. lyin' ted cruz came today, couldn't draw one one people. 100 people. >> lyin' ted, how do you spell it? >> donald trump happy to be home obviously. he is predicting a big win in the new york april 19th primary. >> you are looking at protesters outside of the big rally in bethpage. >> did you hear what happened in newtown, connecticut. teacher arrested charged with carrying a gun into the school. the gun was spotted by one of the school security guards hired in newtown after sandy hook mass sure in 2012. >> remember that? >> yes. >> take a look at this plies. a guy likes to climb buildings and take pictures of it. the problem is he has no business doing it. he take as pictures. pretty elaborate selfie stick. >> my goodness. >> they found him and arrested him. >> they found him using instagram. >> right.
8:01 am
new york city's most beloved punk rock band released their debut album, the ramones. they are being honored in the new exhibit in the queens museum that open this is sunday. we have linda ramon on. i believe she was johnny's wife. we have great memorabilia. >> they do have eyes. you could never see them. >> remember the song, hey, let's go. >> pump it up. i want to know what they look like without the hair? >> that was their -- >> there we go. >> that was their trademark. >> the ramones, they changed rock and roll. what else is going on? >> from 9:00 we go from the ramones to jack jones. >> the guy who sang "the love boat" song. >> we have quite a treat.
8:02 am
for jack. >> did you go through a "love boat" phase? mike woods knows. who was your favorite character? >> it was isaac. >> ted lange. >> he was the best. >> alive and well. look who is guest starring in today's episode? the. >> looking good. >> it was a star-studded cast. >> rosanna scotto. >> it was good clean fun. always suspense, right? >> a little drama. >> i don't think charlie brown was actually in the episode. >> did you put charlie brown in there? >> we will have a full-blown tribute to "the love boat" at 9:00. with mike woods pouring drinks. >> let's talk about the weather. wilt we get a big windstorm? >> 30 mile-an-hour gusts as opposed to 60. still pretty nasty. snow looks good.
8:03 am
a couple of days away until that gets here. we got to get through storm one. that is coming through today. look at maps show you what is going on out there. first one another warm one. warm headlines but warm, wet and windy at the same time. we have showers coming through the tri-state region. and they are going to -- [laughter] that is kind of funny. that is coming up in a little bit. showers and storms coming through the tristate region. it will be windy and raining. gusty winds kicking up in the afternoon with thunderstorms in the mix. chilly weather is back into the tri-state as we head into the weekend here along with the possibility of some snow. rain we're talking about here, in the east end of long island. that is where it is focused. pretty dry elsewhere. check out temps. they are jumping up quick. 8:00 in the morning. 5in newark.
8:04 am
wind gusts starting to come up here. wind gusts up to 24. 18 in sussex. we expect wind gusts 40 to 50 mile-an-hour range. especially long island and jersey shore. this is wider scope. high pressure, which the area of low pressure will push through here, showers and thunderstorms with the gusty winds. behind it cooler, drier air. that is with we have for you tomorrow. today's high temp 6with storms peaking in the afternoon. 46 is the high on saturday. rain-snow mix cord technology forecast models. wet snow could accumulate. to what degree we'll have to see. winter doesn't want to give up this month. let's get to ines what is happening out there. where is the worst of it?
8:05 am
bronx, things are not pretty there either. accident investigation northbound on the deegan by 230th street. lie, let's get to video skyfox hd over the scene. jericho, lie eastbound, 106, 10, exit 41. traffic diverted to 106, 107. there is an investigation going on. you have delays westbound. there is a second issue on the lie, as you pass the scene westbound. traffic moving slow. go to the cameras, on lie, there is car fire approaching glen cove road. hov leans are fine but westbound traffic james because lanes are blocked. trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg, rosanna. >> may have had a tough couple weeks last night but donald trump was at the rally and classic donald trump. >> thousands of people showed up.
8:06 am
people attended the event. no matter how much were there, it was packed house. >> he seems very confident about new york especially. you know what? polls seem to be backing him up here, way out in front according to at least one. let's go to robert moses. what happened at bethpage? reporter: greg, rosanna this is first time we've seen one of the raucous trump rallies come to our area. we heard trump's old stand by lines making america great and knocking the hell out of isis, his words and lamenting the fact america doesn't win anymore. the crowd soaked it all up. trump so you how sweet home can be. >> it is great to be home. this is home. [cheers and applause] we love new york. reporter: fresh off a stinging and sound defeat in wisconsin, donald trump sounded like a man who was grateful for some home cooking. thousands of supporters greeted him at grumman studios in bethpage. >> i love you too.
8:07 am
these are my people! reporter: trump suggested that the united states needs to toughen up. >> we don't fight like people from long island. we don't fight like people from new york. reporter: outside the rally a boisterous crowd of protesters made their objections to trump known. inside trump continued taking shot a at his main republican competitor. the man he likes to call lyin' ted cruz. >> have to spell it right, l-y-n 46 n a boss tree. apostrophe. he couldn't draw 100 people. you can forget about him. reporter: on visit to the bronx he drew much more sparse crowd than trump. hecklers interrupted him. >> you're not welcome here. reporter: cruz once criticized new york values expounded on what he meant.
8:08 am
politicians like andrew cuomo, like anthony weiner, like eliot spitzer, like charlie wrangle, all of whom donald trump supported given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years. if you want to know what liberal democratic values are follow donald trump's checkbook. reporter: cruz will visit a not saw factory in brooklyn. matzah. tonight holed as town hall meeting in brooklyn. police say the trump rally last night was largely peaceful. two people were arrested inside for fighting with each other. there were no incidents reported outside among protesters. nassau county had hundreds of officers on hand. the police commissioner there said the rally cost the department between 3 and $400,000. greg and rosanna back to you. >> protests, is that how you spell lyin'?
8:09 am
>> he came up with that himself. >> protest outside the trump rally. >> between trump supporters and protesters, they were separated not only by barricades and police in riot gear but by issues as well. >> we're tired of hearing him talking against our community. >> what i don't support is racism. when you become racism to build a wall block out mexico and stuff like that. you're not helping create jobs. >> build that wall. build that wall. >> there were two arrests inside of the rally for disorderly conduct. looks like everything went okay. >> that my, dan bowen, talking to trump supporter. he is a veteran and how he thinks donald trump will do most for veterans. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders they were slinging some mud against one another. hillary clinton questioning his truthfulness and prepareness for the presidency.
8:10 am
said she is unqualified. listen to this back and forth. >> that she is qualified, i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disasterous war in iraq. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers doesn't add up. they rely on republican governors suddenly having a conversion experience and becoming progressive. >> interesting. you know, part of that stuff, part of the equation is, free college tuition for everybody. >> well, at public universities. that is what bernie sanders. >> yeah. >> at least at those two events atmospherics were more exciting at sanders event of the things seemed rather tame at hillary clinton event. hey, anything can happen this politics. what is the primary? >> april 19th. >> a week from tuesday. >> their debate is next thursday here in new york. police need your help, finding a driver who hit a man in queens
8:11 am
it happened just before 11 last night at intersection of 30th road and 21st street. >> it was horrible. ems arrived on the scene, took him to ellmers hospital. where he was pronounced dead. it was a red toyota driving south on 20 first street. call the place. 800-577-tips. >> a teacher in newtown, connecticut, has been arrested charged with carrying a gun into the school. >> we know what happened in newtown connecticut. jason adams was found with concealed firearm in newtown middle school. that is not the school where the shooting took place in 2012. it is same community. he has a legal gun permit. it is against the law to carry a gun in a school in connecticut. he was placed on administrative leave. >> school guards were put in all schools following the sandy hook school massacre in 2012. the city's department of
8:12 am
lawsuit accusing it for failing to properly address violence in school. mayor is talking violence is down in schools. this suit brought by families of schoolkids and by a group backing charter schools. they're claiming the doe's failure deprive's kids to right of public education. >> a lost reports of kids bringing guns into schools. >> they want the department to create new regulation and enforce them. the doe says it has comprehensive programs in place to address bullying and violence the city is reviewing lawsuits and complaints. >> look at this. this is pretty spectacular footage from the top of new york city buildings. >> but very dangerous. >> this is the guy, his nam is mcnally. he likes to climb buildings and take pictures from tall buildings and doing it for years. he posts videos on facebook and instagram. it is illegal what he is doing.
8:13 am
>> kerry drew in midtown. kerry, they found him by his instagram post? >> reporter: exactly, greg and rosanna. this daredevil was arrested for climbing to top of tallest buildings in new york city and taking photos and videos of his experiences. this is one of the buildings he got to top of. this is 157 on 57th street. this is 75 stories tall and stands over 5 feet. james mcnally has been taking videos of his daredevil and adventures and has 30,000 followers. this is footage is some of mcnally's work and incredible but scary to watch. the 34-year-old according to court records he is a brooklyn resident. he was arrested back on march 20th on charges of reckless endangerment for climbing to the top of 70 pine in lower manhattan and hanging from a spire at the top. you can see the whole city.
8:14 am
photos and videos that he posted. that arrest happened a couple of months after another arrest for scaling 157. mcnally even post ad caption under the instagram post at that time explaining how he did it, quote, we dressed the part. aced the elevator got up with a few tricks and lot of sweat. popped the hatch and got to the best rooftop view in new york city. mcnally's arrest happened a few weeks ago. it just became public now once media outlets got ahold of court documents. mcnally has been released without bail. he is due back in court on april 20 second. the latest live from midtown. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> stay with us a moment, kerry. we'll look at video. for him and people on the ground, i like the pictures but he could do and hit somebody on the ground. what does he do whether he is not climbing buildings, kerry. >> photographer? >> a full-time professional
8:15 am
things like that? >> reporter: wedding photographer. go to his instagram you see landscape shots many times from high points. these particular images was get past security at very tall buildings get up to the very top. that is why he is facing criminal charges. >> not only that. this sends out another message. thanks, kerry. how es to get into the buildings and scale them. we're living in high alert times after the terrorist attack? >> yeah. >> how does this happen? >> i don't know. i get stopped, when i just want to pop into a building real quick. you have a driver's license all that stuff? anyway he has a method. meantime, mikey, how are you, buddy. >> always good. always good. we're still waiting for showers to show up here. depends where you are. if you're in central and eastern sections of long island the first of the rain has already come to you. but it is going to be mild and windy with periods of rain throughout the day even thunderstorms here today.
8:16 am
still some clouds in the area. it's saturday looks really interesting, chilly with snow mixed with rain coming through the tri-state region this. is pretty intense little storm swinging by so we'll have to watch it fairly close. today is pretty intense but more spring-like storm and why it is pretty windy. warnings from long island to new jersey, monmouth county from the south. winds from the south at 30 miles an hour but gusting up to 50 miles an hour. that is good amount of wind to do damage to tree limbs and power lines. not quite as bad as past weekend. still not good. so far wind gusts coming upper tweens, low to mid 20s so far. that will pick up as time goes on. very warm in newark already. 57 degrees there. 54 central park. 55 in poughkeepsie with cloudy skies. there are first of showers as i mentions central eastern sections of long island. showers fill in throughout the
8:17 am
there is pretty solid line of showers and storms west of us through the tri-state region. there is area of low pressure coming into the great lakes. that is driving it all through. cloudy, windy, wet, showers and storms today. high temp up to 60. early showers this evening and tonight. back down tomorrow morning. clouds hang in there for you tomorrow. tomorrow you see a high of 52. still breezy, not as windy as today. there is the rain-snow mix. might be really windy, similar to what we had last weekend, that snow if it comes through as forecast looks like it could produce a decent amount of snow before it gets out of here but it will be warm enough for it to go away fairly quickly after that. rain chances pick up early in the work week. keep that in mind. fox five weather app. at itunes store and google play store. happy birthday to my buddy charles. happy birthday to you, pal.
8:18 am
i like to call him chuckky. his wife fran and takes himself more seriously. very smart man. a little too smart for his own good. you know how that is. let's bring in ines rosales. see what we have this thursday morning. >> mike, it's a busy thursday especially on long island. talking about the lie here. the road closure on the lie still there, eastbound 106, 107, by exit 41. still closed because of accident investigation. it has been closed hours since early this morning. west side traffic backing up orchard bay expressway. eastbound side, take the northern state as alternate, everybody is already taking that. that will be a rough commute around that one. go to cameras, look at fdr drive, 79th street. normal delays, 59th street southbound, no problems. gwb, 45 minutes on upper level. lower level 30 minutes.
8:19 am
holland tunnel, 30 from each approach. greg, rosanna thank you. >> jack jones, the guy with the smooth boat for the love boat? >> exciting and new >> we i will be here on "good day new york." happy birthday, thank you. >> there is jack, again, rosanna. i have no idea what he looked like. now i do. >> smooth voice and smooth look. >> that face, does it go with this voice? >> yes. >> let it flow, rosanna, it comes back to you, baby. >> all right, jack jones coming up. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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8:21 am
uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside
8:22 am
>> the wind is picking up this morning, greg. >> did you have a treehouse when you were a kid? >> no. >> i always wanted a treehouse. a cousin's friend had one up state. >> and? >> it was mythical.
8:23 am
then you would see a cartoon, what was that thing, swiss family robinson. >> yes. >> they all lived in a street. >> that's great. >> where are the trees, please? they could be anywhere. tell me. >> i think it is queens, by the queens museum. >> check out the great big daiarama. >> and the new ramones exhibit. >> the current owner has avoided eviction right now. mta reportedly sign ad 10-year lose with nightlife maven scott gerber. brother of cindy crawford's husband. >> this is getting complicated. campbell apartments, beautiful bar/restaurant in the city. a lot of folks don't know about it. full-blown bar in this beautiful space. >> the current owner says he is being pushed out after 17 years due to unfair bidding process.
8:24 am
campbell's office. you're in there, feels like you're in somebody's home/office. it is very cozy. >> a judge ruled yesterday any eviction will be stopped until a hearing at the end of the month. >> i would like to see that thing remain a little, kind of hideaway bar. >> not a nightlife spot? >> or could also be another store. do we need another cell phone store there? >> i think they're looking at nightlife. let's get down to business, fox means business. >> lauren simonetti. what's going on? >> i like that color. >> like your color too. >> some of us for deck guide gone ton trade school, college, graduate school, taken out federal and state loans to finance that education. unfortunately $200 billion is owed and government is worried that millions and millions of student loan borrowers are not ever going to repay any of that money. so what do they do? they set up deferment programs. work with you to insure that you
8:25 am
sometimes they call you, not once, not twice, but maybe 300 times and are still unable to get in touch with you. so, the education department, with your taxpayer money set up something that is called the behavioral science unit to look into the psychology of why students, in particular, 3 1/2 million borrowers, do not pay their loans at all. that is how many have fallen at least a year behind. >> well, some of them, a lot of them don't have jobs. times are tough. >> even if the jobs pay, it is usually not that much that you can pay a living expenses and pay off this huge loan. >> my point is this. you guys just give us the reasons why they're not paying their debt. why do you need behavioral science unit to look into isn't. >> we did that off the top of our heads. maybe there is more to it. >> i don't think so. >> well, lauren, thanks a lot. >> thank you. when you talk about the trying to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, really?
8:26 am
this city and pay off a loan? impossible. anyway, coming up, actress kimberly williams, you remember her from father of the bride movies. she is talking about her mother's battle with dementia, in a new book, where the light
8:27 am
it is beautiful and thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> that is queens museum. here is the ramones music. a big exhibit is going to open there. >> very special exhibit, tribute to the ramones. they kind of changed music. >> linda ramone will be here with some of memorabilia. we will talk about why she wanted to put this special exhibit. grammys will do something with it as well. the ramones, iconic new york punk group, right? they changed the scene. totally, the music scene. >> haircuts too. you couldn't see their eye. >> right.
8:30 am
museum, is something really cool i recommend if you've never been. check it out, it is not a bad place. they have a huge, huge die rama of new york city. just about every building in the city is represented. this thing is size of football field. for a little scale -- >> new building in midtown, the big apartment building? >> see the guy working on it world trade center. >> they constantly update it? >> from time to time they do. you can adopt the building. it has been around for a long time, decades actually. they're having periodic updates. a diarama, i used to be fascinated as a kid. got them in museum of natural history. dinosaurs and cavemen with the rock. what else? >> if you don't want to be educated by buildings see the ramones. they were local queens kids, did you know that mikey? >> i didn't know that until greg pointed out. makes sense.
8:31 am
hello, buddy. >> howdy, howdy. all is good. decent for starters here, but -- >> what happened? because you know rob gave him his own hat that says, first mate greg. >> where's yours? where's yours? >> they took it away from me. mine said captain. i'm sorry. >> you're not in charge. >> go ahead. >> we now know who is in charge. >> captain. >> as long as i get to be the bartender. >> the captain & tenille. >> it is more like that, isn't it? >> anyway we're celebrating "the love boat." jack jones is here. >> thank you so much. i'm the bartender. everybody loves the bar tender. >> we'll cozy up to you later. >> sounds good. tell you what, it will be one of those warm and windy and wet days coming at us here, gang. get ready for it. look at these temps. average high this time much year is 48 degrees. we're at 54 and we're going up quick.
8:32 am
57 out in newark in new jersey with a lot of clouds. showers starting to pop up over mainly new jersey so far. the rest of us are actually in pretty good shape. decent amount of showers through the central and eastern sections of connecticut. we are going to see more rain as coming through as time goes on. cold front is going through us. a lot of moisture. showers and storms are breaking out. late this morning into the afternoon when the worst of the rain and wind coming on by. we have wind advisory posted for long island and most of new jersey from basically monmouth countdown to the south. showers will come through, about i would say, 3/4 of an inch of rain probably what we'll get out of it. then it will start to slow down by later on this evening. keeping clouds around and cool temps but guess what? we have another set up of interesting weather. wouldn'ttry mix coming into the -- wintery mix coming into
8:33 am
it looks like it wants to bomb out, that is intensify as we head through the day on saturday. saturday, 8:00 in the evening showing moderate to maybe heavy snow going on the city over the five boroughs at least this particular futurecast. looks interesting. stick with us for next couple of days. we'll let you know what the details are as we fine tune the forecast. today, windy and wet. high temp gets up to 60 degrees. warm out there. make it up to 52 for the high. not going on with the rain then. rain and snow coming through here on saturday. sunday looks dry. then we'll see more showers, that is rain for you monday into tuesday. so things are looking interesting. let's get over to ines rosales, see what is going on with the commute this morning. hello there, ines. >> good morning, mike. it hasn't been good especially for long island. first the lie, talk about eastbound traffic such a mess. pictures from skyfox hd over the scene not too long ago, early morning accident closed all
8:34 am
still remains closed this is traffic being diverted off of 106, 107, exit 41 since early this morning. investigation is going on. fatal accident, why it is taking so long. eastbound traffic jammed as well as westbound. go back to our maps. eastbound, that is the delay you're dealing with. try the northern state. everyone is already doing that. westbound traffic back up the to and fire by glen cove road as you approach. that is blocking a inla. bronx, southbound major deegan backed up to westchester, 230th street, northbound rubbernecking delays. go to cameras. this is lie as you approach glen cove road. i mentioned the car fire. traffic moving a little better. traffic still slow and space between the cars. trains, running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect citywide. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much.
8:35 am
hit it from 1974 to 1996. the ramones redefined to a point punk rock. >> totally punk rock. >> significant sound and signature look by the way. you can see their ice. >> i loved that song, "i want to be sedated." >> started no new york city. >> queens kids. >> forrest hills. >> that is johnny ramon. >> unfortunately we lost him, late great johnny ramone. he was married for many years, linda ramoone helping remember the legacy is the a queens museum. welcome to "good day new york." >> you look fancy. >> i get dressed up every day. >> interesting. >> why? okay. that's good. look how pretty rosanna looks. >> purple and pink. >> linda, i have to ask you about the retrospective. why did you guys want to do this?
8:36 am
>> a special time for the ramones because it is the 40th year. >> 40th year since what, the first song? >> first album. >> we're going from the first album to now it has been 40 years. so because original members are all passed away, the legacy is really, really important. johnny's legacy to him. i'm so excited and proud he left everything for me to do. so that is to me, very meaningful. so came to us a couple years ago about doing a museum. so the queens museum, we thought it would be a great idea, since the ramones are from queens. forest hills. i was also born in queens too. very nice to come home to have a museum, because there is only certain things you can do for legacies at this point. museums, books, because no one is here. so that's why. >> what is the legacy of the ramones? how would you define it?
8:37 am
but i mean you could say iggy started punk but they start ad movement. johnny's guitar styles, had millions of guitar players pick up, you don't have to practice. jeff beck, they're all great. johnny picked up guitar, taught himself. it is the sound of the ramones. he inspired kids around the world. when they got to england, everyone was so excited to see the ramones because, the clash and everybody, and sex pistols they were somewhat but they formed bands after that. so the ramones, that is their legacy. and jeans. jeans. >> ripped jeans. >> jacket. >> i didn't realize that. >> their first album cover everybody is wearing ripped jeans. >> what will see see at museum, linda. >> we'll see a bunch much boost collectibles. because queens is more of an art
8:38 am
a friend of mine did three ramones, for this art exhibit. he did tommy too. >> what was it like you were married to a rock star? i hear there are highs and lows. it can be tough on the spot. >> johnny was very intense but he was irish. and he grew up being a construction worker. he left, he had gotten laid off, affirmative action actually laid off. tommy ramone convinced him and di ditch. to do the ramones. >> life on the road. >> fun some days, some not. fun traveling the world since i never left queens. my only vacation outside of queens was florida, disney, and atlantic city and lake george. >> right. >> but it's fun but you get to know each other so much, that you start not liking hanging out together. because you're just together too much every day, every day. it's a grueling.
8:39 am
at only fun johnny was having actually playing show which is hour 1/2 of your day, your whole day of you know, traveling, unpacking your bags, packing. >> memorabilia you brought today. this is johnny's diary which he got from the bank, right? he got it from the bank. but in there, you see like he played with blondie. >> wow, "cbgb"s on july, 1975. >> isn't that crazy. >> from the first day of the ramones, to the last day of ramones, kept track of every job they played, who they played with, and the attendance. >> by the way, museum, we want to emphasize this, april 10th, which is sunday, to end of july, you can see this ramones exhibit at queens museum. what is inside there? >> all sorts of artwork and memorabilia.
8:40 am
ramones ticket stubs. things and songs joey ramone wrote. >> what song is it? >> i have to put my glasses on. >> holiday inn. that's a song right there, on that piece of paper. >> isn't that wild? >> that is photo of johnny's statue of hollywood forever. i have a tribute every year for johnny. >> this will move to l.a. at some point? >> it will go to the grammy museum on september 16th. the grammy people have been great too. grammy museum is more about clothing though too. they have taken different things from my collection and everyone's collection. so it is great for the ramones fans but grateful for everybody to go see because we learn so much. >> that is fantastic. what are you up to when you're not looking back? >> i have a great life in l.a. >> is it true you were hairstylist. >> i was, of course, years ago
8:41 am
>> i retired, probably only one. >> good tipper, right? >> you love linda. regale me with all the stories. >> linda ramone, everybody. check out the queens museum. >> it will be great. >> great to see you again. "good day" is coming right back. >> isn't that amazing? from the first day to the last day. wrote down everything. >> you can touch it. >> you feel johnny's crazy
8:42 am
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online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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>> one of those fifth avenue clocks i think. >> so cool. >> trump tower, one right outside of his house. hello. >> looks like trump tower, right? isn't that tiffany right on the corner? >> that's where "the apprentice" would have to go home. remember that? >> yeah. >> that is, whether you like him or not, it has been fun at times to watch, that campaign. rosanna we were there whether it was declared. we had a feeling this would be taken very, very seriously. >> i have to say, people talking politics no matter where you go, supermarket, hairdresser, people
8:45 am
potus. >> he has a big, big huge advantage in new york. all right. >> i have to ask dr. raj something personally before we get to what she wants to talk about. >> all righty. >> there is something going around that mimics the flu. i had it. i had chills, body aches, i thought i was going to have full-fledged flu and then it went away. what is that? >> it is a bug going around. it's a virus. probably not the actual flu, as you said it only last as day or two. it is interesting, late in the season but we're seeing this virus go around. unfortunately people are suffering a bit. >> you never really got full-blown -- it is not psycho somatic. >> it is no psycho sew mat ticks. it is not the flu. >> you have the chills and body aches. i mentioned to a few people, they said they had it too. three people in this building. >> i know you were really sick you canceled out on two big parties. >> i did.
8:46 am
>> last night. i wasn't feeling -- residual. >> that is not your style. this is real deal, not psycho somatic. >> not at all. we're talking about eating fresh fruit, apple a day can keep doctor away. there is very compelling evidence that this is true more than we ever thought before. this comes out of china. this is looking at over half a million chinese people and looked at their fruit consumption on daily basis, followed them for seven years. they found those who had 100 grams of fresh fruit a day, only one apple or orange, had significant decrease in risk of heart disease and stroke. this is something that they really looked at in china because there isn't a lot of fresh fruit consumption in that society. they felt if more people would eat recommended amount of fruits every day they could cut half a million deaths per year do you to cardiovascular disease. >> really? they have been telling us fruits are good since kindergarten.
8:47 am
in particular and stroke prevention. diet, what is good for us, not so good for us. whole milk may not be so bad. >> huh. >> we've been reaching for skim or one or 2%. studies say whole milk may not in any way increase your gaining weight or diabetes. in fact having full, fat milk make you feel full longer, less likely to reach for sugary foods or carbohydrates. it has positive effects on insulin and metabolism. >> doctor? >> yes. >> the source of the study? >> coming from the nurses health study. that big, large -- >> this is legit? not the cow lobby? the. >> very legit and published. >> you know what i mean trade groups get together. >> this is something we're seeing a lot of data, healthy fat is no longer the bad guy. really more sugar and carbs. if you do have healthy fat in the diet, whether from nut, now
8:48 am
things like that, olive oil, less likely to consume more sugary carbohydrates. >> worth a try, greg. i love skim plus. i love skim plus. >> i gotten used to the skim. >> hard to argue with these studies, right? i know you sat here before told us, don't drink the whole milk, go with skim. i know you have said it. >> i go with the research. maybe i have said it. now there is research. >> thank you, dr. raj. >> you're the best. >> thank you. >> coming up right here on good day new york. we'll have a great performance and we'll meet kimberly williams paisley. you know her from "nashville" on tv. >> i am somewhat up-to-date on the show. >> you are? >> got married to the country music star that almost doesn't show up to the wedding but he did. >> i can't believe you know that. wrote a book about her mother's battle with dementia.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>> end of an era. down to the final two contestants ever on "american idol." >> it was fun while it lasted. it lasted very long time. >> 14 seasons, greg. >> ryan seacrest, he has 7,000 other jobs. this guy is leaving. lapore -- la portia and rene. competing to be the next "american idol." >> we'll miss that. >> tonight is the night. watch it right here on fox 5, 8:00. >> there is a new "star wars" spin-off movie coming out. here's the trailer.
8:53 am
>> state your name for the record. >> jin as. >> forgery of imperial document, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault. resisting arrest. >> "rogue one." story is before the new hope. >> you call this a prequel? >> yes. >> the new stand alone film has stormtroopers in black armor. something never been seen before. this one comes out december 16th. hardcore "star wars" fans know all about this. big, big "star wars" movie comes out at end of 2017. what else? >> you know that big amphitheater on coney island on the boardwalk there? it is scheduled to open this summer. we know the impractical jokers will be there. >> sting, peter gabriel will be performing.
8:54 am
>> this will be very pretty, right. >> lighting, whatever. about time they had a big stadium for concerts. >> june 25th, they will have a performance by let the games begin. the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. at just $29.95. visit when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief- over the counter in full prescription strength. with walgreens right around the corner, it's easy to get more complete relief in a flash.
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>> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> how do you spell lion's head? >> why are you screaming so -- >> l-y, i've heard 'em pell it e, i, n, appositive to to my. that donald trump, he had a rally last night -- >> on long island. >> bethpage. >> dud you go, by chance? i feel like you're all riled up today. >> you know, it was such a spectacle, i would like to see one of these things. i'm not choosing sides here. it was too close to my bedtime, rosanna, to make it all the way out there. as you know, i'm a wild, crazy guy, i live in the city. anyway, what did you think, rosanna? what was going on? >> i knew a lot of people would show up, and they did. there were some protesters there as well. of course, there were a few


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