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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tribeca plans to sue the city for $30 million. the 73-year-old filed notice last week. he was claiming that the city is responsible for the accident that killed one person. he suffered spinal and skull fractures when the crane crashed down on him while he sat in a parked car on worth street. steve: texas senator ted cruz and john kasich back in the big apple looking to take a bite out of donald trump's lead. dari: joe is outside a factory visit. >> reporter: if donald trump continues his dominant lead in the new york polls, his republican rivals have been hitting the town, from the bronx to brooklyn, in an effort to chip away at the republican frontrunner's big lead. a packed house greeted john kasich this afternoon, here for a sit-down with the owner of mike's deli, not taking questions from the press. >> you going to win new york? >> reporter: mike runs the
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he's a fan. >> out of the three running candidates, he's probably the best nice guy. the problem is i see, my opinion, he's too nice. >> reporter: mike says the ohio governor is a cut above. >> he is the fillet. he is the skirt steak. >> the skirt steak is pretty expensive. he's the chuck steak. kasich is the fillet. >> reporter: ted cruz courting voters and spending time with local children, learning how to make maza. they trail far behind donald trump in the latest poll. kasich has a 27 point gap. cruz trailing trump by 35 points, trying to bounce back from his new york values comments that some viewed as derogatory towards new yorkers, something trump reminded voters of last night. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred, with
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so, folks, i think you can forget about him. >> reporter: if you want more numbers to make your head spin, a new poll found that 70 percent of americans and almost 50 percent of republicans have an unfavorable view of donald trump. so, steve, he's winning the head to head match up polls. when it comes to popularity, it will give him trouble down the line. steve: that's the big concern on the part of republicans. thank you. >> hillary clinton rode the 4 train from yankee stadium, but struggled to get her metro card to work. that's the true sign of a new yorker. how quickly you swipe through. she was campaigning with ruben diaz, jr., and spoke about her record as senator while taking a shot at bernie sanders. >> it's all about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. don't make promises you can't keep. know what you want to achieve and bring everybody together to get the results. and that's what i'm going to do
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and if i'm so fortunate as president. steve: she said she would take sanders as president over any of the republican candidates. dari: sanders continued his attack against mrs. clinton in philly. he says he's angry the former secretary of state implied that he was not ready to be ready. for the second straight day, he responded by questioning her qualifications to be commander in chief. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street? if secretary clinton thinks i come from the small state of vermont, we're not used to it, we'll get used to it fast. i won't get lied about. we will fight back. dari: he attacked her stance on free trade and her vote in favor of the iraq war. steve: belgium authorities released footage of the suspect wanted in connection with the deadly bombing at the brussels airport. it shows a suspect leaving the airport and walking the streets in a nearby town hours after the attacks. the man in the hat was
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surveillance video at the airport walking alongside the two suicide bombers dressed in black who carried out the deadly bombings. another bomber struck at a brussels subway station. 30 people were killed in the attacks. dari: concerned parents say new york city public schools are failing to keep their kids safe. steve: sharon crowley joins us now to tell us but the changes that they are demanding. sharon? >> reporter: they took a pretty aggressive action. a group of parents is filing a class action lawsuit against the new york city public schools system and the schools chancellor. the lawyer for the group says the students have the constitutional right to be safe in school and the doe has failed to do its job to protect them. >> he has been jumped, punched and kicked by two boys in his school. instead of helping me, they blame my son. they blame the victim. >> reporter: this mother of a nine-year-old child joined with other parents in a class action lawsuit against the new york
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the schools chancellor. >> our children are subject to violence. the violence is increasing. and we are seeing the tragic results almost daily. >> reporter: the lawsuit demands the department of education document and investigate each case of school violence and bullying and take action to make it stop. the lawyer says too many times the victim is the one who is punished by being moved to another school. >> the department of education has put up a broken system. >> reporter: we reached out to mayor bill de blasio's office for a response and they sent a statement that reads in part, we absolutely have more work to do, but school safety is showing us consistently that they can and will continue to drive down crime in the schools and keep all students and staff safe. something these parents say they find hard to believe. >> even though we're being told that violence is going down, it's going up.
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it's devastating. >> reporter: now, the group wants the d.o.e. to hire an independent monitor to investigate acts of violence on school grounds and they're upset that kids making complaints right now about bullying sometimes are moved to a new school while the bullier gets to stay put where they are. dari: that's a problem. thank you. the police commissioner taking action against four officers at the center of a joint fbi investigation into corruption in the nypd. >> based on information we know today, i have today modified and transferred deputy chief michael herrington and james grant. we have transferred deputy chief cohen and rodriguez. dari: commissioner bratton's announcement follows a report in the post claiming deputy inspector james grant accepted diamonds and cash from a brooklyn businessman. the ongoing joint investigation
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year. the commissioner says all department members with the rank of captain and above will be instructed on rules about conflict of interest. steve: the city council passed a bill reigning in the costumed characters. it allows the d.o.t. to restrict where they can panhandle. lawmakers will provide spaces and put up signs encouraging tips. mayor de blasio is expected to sign the measure into law. dari: meat is never on the menu at one pre-school in new jersey. steve: that's right. you won't find milk or cheese either. antwan lewis shows us why school officials decided to go vegan and how it was working out. >> reporter: it's lunchtime at the scandinavian school. not your typical school food. >> it's potatoes and chick-peas and spinach. >> reporter: the school is strictly vegan. no meat, no dairy, no shortage of recipes and ideas from the chef and dietician.
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enjoy and keeping in mind to put different colors and flavors and textures. >> reporter: the school opened in 2010 with four students and a vegetarian menu. a few years and 90 students later, they took feeding the kids a step further, being sought out by parents who are vegan at home. >> the majority of our families that are not have noticed a big difference in their children's eating habits at home as well. they come home speaking about chick-peas and kale and quinoa. they're open to eating that. which before they might not have been. >> reporter: it has its own garden where the kids learn the meaning of farm to table. >> she knows there's a meaning to everything she put into her mouth. it's not just removed from a store on the shelves. >> reporter: this is good. >> pretty good. isn't it? >> reporter: yeah. if vegan isn't your life-style, having a five-year-old teach you
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>> so how about you mix all of the textures, like all the colors and soup, mix them together with some rice. maybe if that makes a better flavor, then the thing we just tasted. >> reporter: i'll try it. >> he'll try it. maybe a little bit more carrots so it can have a bit of flavor. >> reporter: i'm a diet. i'll watch what i eat. from jersey city, antwan lewis, fox 5 news. dari: that kid -- steve: a future star. that's the one exception. you're supposed to never give your mic to someone else. dari: i don't think he was going to not -- steve: the kid wasn't taking no for a an answer. dari: a lesson in art history. steve: the brooklyn woman who can turn this into a work of
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plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. dari: manhattan rents, well, are bucking a trend and vladimir putin is doing a little damage control after the panama papers. steve: alison morris here with it is business headlines. >> reporter: there will be a lot of people doing damage control. we keep getting -- steve: like ashley madison for billionaires.
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this is really out there. we have more fallout from the panama papers today. those are the nearly 12 million documents that were leaked from a law firm over the weekend. they show where pretty important people are hiding their money. more than 200 people with u.s. addresses have been identified. some executives, a few wall street guys, but really no major politicians or celebrities from our country yet. so today russian president vladimir putin spoke out. he's calling this a u.s. plot and he is denying any personal connection to any offshore accounts. he isn't specifically named in the papers, but some of hi close friends are linked to $10 billion and relatives of chinese politicians and china is trying to censor the documents. >> new data on the wage gap. you might be surprised by how much women in our country are losing over the course of their careers. we're talking more than $430,000 according to a new study from
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if your latina, you're losing over a million dollars. african-american women are losing more than $877,000 over their career. the study breaks down the wage gap by state. new york is one of the best states on the list. we're no. 5 in terms of the smallest wage gap. women are earning about $6800 less than men each year. that's a lifetime total of $272,000. just something to keep in mind. next tuesday is equal payday. >> something in new york city has gotten cheaper. you don't hear that often. manhattan rents have dropped for the first time in two years according to two reports. landlords are throwing in perks and prices are coming down. they haven't come down that much. comparing march of this year to last year, a report from douglas shows median rents dropped $95. they're around 3,300 a month. rents dropped on the east side, the west side and uptown, but
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brooklyn rents are up. queens rents are down. dari: do we have any idea? >> reporter: there's more supply of apartments. dari: a lot of inventory. >> reporter: they built all of these luxury high-rises. all of a sudden, they had too much and so they're dropping -- i've seen it happen in my building. they're fighting to get people to stay. steve: there are corrections. we hate perks. how many times are you going to go to a pool? >> reporter: the only perk i want is a month of free rent or money off. i don't want any more amenities. dari: 100 percent. steve: thank you. a special honor for the jewish community relations council of new york city. the organization was founded in 1976. the city honored its work within the jewish community as well as the efforts to help other ethnic communities in all five boroughs. dari: that's very nice organization. steve: all right. i had to look to keep track.
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dari: it was torrential and disgusting. then i looked out a couple of minutes ago, a while ago. it was beautiful. the sun was out. apparently that's not necessarily -- nick: not going to last. we have clouds coming back from the west and a couple of showers to get through for the first part of the night and a fair amount of clouds tomorrow. there'll be some sun and the temperatures will start going down. we had some low 60s. it did manage to get to the lower 60s in a few areas i'll show you in a moment. the average, though, is this. 58 and 42. record high 92. record low 21. yes, it can get cold this time of year. and it can snow. in fact, it snowed this time of year back in 1982 and 1993 was another time it snowed. why do i say this? because it's going to snow in parts of the area on saturday. 6:27 your sunrise. down at 7:27. not a lot of rain today. just .09 of an inch.
5:17 pm
breaks in the cloud cover. the sun peeking through. humidity up there. wind out of the southwest and gusty. we're watching basically the area of shower activity slide to the east. we'll look at that on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. there's the 60s. poughkeepsie, 63. sussex, 61. coming in the same from the newark area. 50s to near 60 around the city. 56 bridgeport and islip. 51 in montauk. mid and upper 50s now. low 50s on the east end. back to 58 at newark. 57 allentown. monticello has chilled. down to 43. we'll watch the temperatures drop into the lower 40s in the city tonight. 30s north and west. temperature change pretty good, 10 to 15 degrees on average from yesterday at this time. the southwest wind continues about 10 to 20 miles an hour. occasionally those gusts are still exceeding 30 to 40-plus miles an hour. the wind advisory is still in effect until 8:00 for long island.
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watch the showers lifting up. the heavier rain moving behind me out to the east. the wide view shows this band of showers. we'll see how much of this holds together as it tries to swing through. we have to keep showers in the forecast first part of the night as that system rolls along. basically as this heads up to the north, a cold front will slide off to the east. our next frontal system is in here. that's going to be diving southward. you'll see that on the futurecast. tomorrow showing clouds, sun at times, 40s, maybe a sprinkle in the afternoon. 53 will be the high. we go below average. the futurecast showing that happening with clouds and breaks of sun in the forecast. then there's this system swinging to our south. there's the snow and rain for saturday. again, could be enough to whiten the ground north and west of the city. struggling to get above 40. breezy on saturday. sunshine back sunday. breezy and chilly weather.
5:19 pm
about 38 north and west. then limited sun tomorrow. a sprinkle in some spots in the afternoon. and we'll stop at 53. there's the seven day. 41 saturday. again, wet snow and rain from midday on. and sunday we'll get back to sunshine, a gusty breeze, 45. morning low 29. 57 on monday. showers in the afternoon. more showers tuesday. that's a 62 degree day. the cool-down wednesday, thursday, into the 50s. as i said the last couple of nights, that might be the last one. that could be it. after that, spring will be here. steve: we're shifting from i get it to now i'm getting annoyed. enough already. nick: i'm just the messenger. steve: thank you. dari: a grieving family is in disbelief after a shocking mixup with the remains of a loved one. steve: the mistake that's getting several funeral homes hauled into court. >> it's horrible. it's devastating.
5:20 pm
died march 22nd, her body was brought to this funeral home for burial. her family says that was where the problem started. >> me and my husband and brother-in-law felt like the owner wasn't doing what he had to do, that my mother-in-law was being disrespected. that's how i felt. so i heard good things about the second funeral home, which is r.g. o rtiz. >> reporter: it wouldn't accept her body because of delays in transportation. rivera was taken to first avenue funeral services. it was there that her family received shocking news. >> they said they cremated her. >> by accident. >> reporter: to make it worse, when they asked for her remains, her family was given the remains of another personal. >> they can't turn back what they did and i'm sorry. they said nothing else.
5:21 pm
search of crematoriums, her sons found what they believe to be their mother's remains at rosemont cream tore -- crematorium. for a second time, they were given someone else's remains. in a statement, it is heartbroken, but our responsibility to the family ended when the funeral home arrived to remove mrs. rivera. it has been 17 days since the death and still her sons cannot find her remains. they say by far the toughest part of the entire ordeal is not being able to say goodbye. >> they stole that from us, stole my last kiss, my last goodbye goodbye. it's not right. it's not right at all. >> reporter: from lower manhattan, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news.
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have to deal with. >> a dari: and how these yard lovers are using their talents to help preemies. steve: and how a trainer is giving back to his community.
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steve: tonight's the final curtain call for "american idol". dari: simone boyce is here with a sneak peek of what to expect from the finale. i've been heard everything, everybody is showing up. >> reporter: everybody is going to be there. the stage and auditorium will be packed. 60 alumni are gathering for the sendoff, including a personal favorite, the return of william hong. i can't wait to see that. he was great. okay. we all know how this night ends. there can only be one. la portia or trent will be named the 15th "american idol". in 2002, kelly clarkson set the tone for the show's success. >> a woman started it and a woman is going to end it. >> reporter: you know they're going to drag it out. before we find out who the winner is, we'll see some star-studded performances from
5:26 pm
jennifer lopez and keith urban and songs from kelly clark son, jennifer hudson, jordin sparks, fantasia, scotty mccreery and nick. that's just to name a few. and the original judges, simon, randy and paula. i spoke with paula abdul here in new york. she had a hard time finding the words to describe her "idol" experience. paula, there wouldn't be no "american idol" without you. talk to me about some of your favorite memories from working on the show. >> oh, my gosh. i have some many incredible memories. just the fact that i started from day one. i mean, and the legacy that's been built and the pride in how well these contestants are gone on and become not only multiplatinum artists, but selling out arenas and stadiums and winning awards.
5:27 pm
paula about her experience tonight after the finale right here on fox 5 at 10:00. and also harry connick, jr., has a talk show this fall. they're going to keep the momentum going. steve: we've done the season finale countless times. but the series finale, hard to get your head around. dari: the day came. steve: thank you, simone. dari: some local charities are proud to have a legendary boxing trainer in their corner. >> he's invaluable to us as a resource. steve: how teddy atlas is helping school children follow their dreams. >> dari: struggling with heroin addiction, the personal stories of people who are trying to get
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dari: more than 40 years after heroin first hit the streets, the epidemic has reached every corner of our country. steve: zachary spoke with people who are fighting to break the cycle of addiction. >> in the united states in the '60s and '70s, we had a severe heroin epidemic.
5:31 pm
concentrated in inner city non-white communities. in the new york area, it was east harlem, south bronx, central brooklyn. this epidemic is very different. this epidemic is dis disproportionately white, suburban and rural. >> reporter: this is not the block exploitation films of the past. i'm off 124th in harlem. i'm trying to find someone who can give me a better understanding of how heroin has changed over the last 40 years. >> about 10 years ago, i crashed my vertebrae in a bad car accident. my doctor got me hooked on oxy 30s. my wife started dabbling in my medication. got her hooked on them. to get her off them, i didn't know what to do because the next
5:32 pm
dope. >> reporter: i find matthew and two friends outside of a methadone clinic. they're late. the center is closed. one is crying because they need their fix. they are the new face of heroin addiction. in our area, they come from places like staten island, new jersey, and westchester. matthew is from long island. safe, white picket fence, suburban, maybe even privileged. he tells me family connections got him a job making $20,000 a month on wall street. then his life unravelled into chaos. >> the reason that we started to prescribe so aggressively is that we were responding to a brilliant marketing campaign. >> reporter: this doctor is the chief medical officer of phoenix house and executive director of physicians for responsible opioid prescribing. >> what i'm saying is that this epidemic has been caused by the medical community overprescribing pain medicine. >> reporter: you say the doctors are responsible for getting you hooked on dope?
5:33 pm
prescription pills, without a doubt, they said what do you want. i told them and they gave me. then i started doing both. the pills weren't working. >> reporter: as the color of heroin addiction has changed, so have the treatment options. >> they start off by saying we can't arrest our way out of this epidemic. what we're hearing now is a call for expanded access to treatment, a recognition that addiction is not a moral failing, but a disease that needs treatment. >> reporter: despite the birth of twin boys and attempts to get clean, his story is one of tragedy. >> my wife never returned home that night. one bag of dope and one xanax pill after eight months of being clean is all it took and it killed her. >> reporter: the new pusherman is the pharmaceutical companies. they're the winners. everybody else is just trying to
5:34 pm
reporting in harlem, zachary keisch, fox 5 news. steve: crazy. a boxing trainer who is working with the best has a softer side outside the ring. dari: russ salzberg is here now to show us how teddy atlas is helping those in need. russ: yesterday we showed you teddy atlas, the man who trains fighters. this evening we'll focus on teddy atlas the man and what kind of impact this man has on his community. >> the heat doesn't bother us. we live in the heat. >> reporter: teddy atlas is a tough guy. you can't survive in the fight game unless you are a tough guy and teddy is plenty tough. he survives in the hurt business and thrives in it. >> you know what made evander holifield so good? he was always here or here. >> when it comes to helping others survive, he has great
5:35 pm
that's why 20 years ago he created the dr. theodore atlas foundation named after his late father who took care of patients free of charge for 55 years because, as the doc would say, they needed to be taken care of. >> i started out the foundation where we were helping people falling through the cracks, people that couldn't get help. a single mom that's working two jobs. she's got four kids. her utilities are being shut off. they shouldn't be. we make sure they're not shut off. >> there you go. a thousand percent better. he operates three gyms taking care of kids inside the ring. >> hey, guys. russ: he makes sure to reach those and teach those outside of it. like children at ps 373r in staten island with special needs. >> real special people that can lead, that can show examples. it's a great gift if you can
5:36 pm
and they can follow you in a good way. i think you guys are the kind of people that can do that. you agree with me? you can be readers. >> we know we're cared about. someone from outside of our school cares about us and our kids. he's invaluable to us as a resource. and i think he boosts everyone's self-esteem, knowing a man like that is there to give to us and be our friend. russ: never forgetting where he came from, he won't leave his roots in staten island. how important is he to the community? just ask the borough president, james otto. >> a student of the human spirit and human condition and a guy who gives more to this community than just about anyone, and when you've exhausted all other avenues for help and you're really at the end of your rope, that's when we go to teddy and the foundation and time after time, they are there.
5:37 pm
people that i care about. you've got to show them that you care about them. russ: it's ironic. while he makes his living in the hurt business, the foundation is in the business of healing. >> the most important thing is we don't let people lose more than they've lost. we don't let them lose their dignity, their pride. >> we met a few times. russ: when it comes to hometown pride, all of staten island can be proud of their resident tough guy, teddy atlas. >> you see them. they tell you keep up the good work and they tell you we watch you and they tell you we're proud of you. and that's awful gracious of them. they don't have to say that. in turn, you want to make them feel good. you don't want to let them down. you know why we're stronger? we help other people. there's only so much you can do for yourself. but if you care about other people, it makes you even
5:38 pm
do a little more to take care of other people. so you've got to be better. russ: he makes it simple. don't let people lose more than they've lost. don't let them lose their dignity. there's only so much you can do for yourself. if you care about other people, it makes you even stronger. i'd have to say that teddy atlas is made of the right stuff. steve: pretty powerful lesson. thank you, russ. dari: well, knitters were stitching up a storm today. steve: the event that took over yarn shops on long island. dari: plus, her face really is her canvas. the social media star -- we love this -- who's using makeup to recreate fine art. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and
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steve: we've all heard of bar crawls, but they're not just for people looking to get to the next pub, the next pub, the next pub. dari: i bet you didn't know i love to knit. i really do. enthusiasts spent the day visiting yarn shops on long island. and jodi goldberg unravels their unusual outing. >> reporter: you may think bff stands for best friends forever, but the abbreviation means something very different to these ladies. >> best fiber friends. >> reporter: they stick together around knit together. don't be fooled. they're not always dressed like this. this is the 2nd annual yarn crawl.
5:42 pm
and we visit all 12 of them over the course of a couple of days. >> reporter: it goes from riverhead to rosalyn and huntington in between, from now through sunday, people are encouraging to support these small businesses. >> reporter: it's an opportunity to try new yarn and meet other knitters. >> it's a creative outlet. they can -- you can knit it in a different color. you change the pattern. >> reporter: the crawl is about using your skills to give to others. everyone who participates is encouraged to knit or crochet a hat that will be donated to the neonatal unit for premature babies at local hospitals. >> it's important to help others to do what you enjoy doing and to help others at the same time. >> a lot of young people want to learn how to knit. and we pass it on. >> pass on a hobby that's been around 100 years, hoping the
5:43 pm
hundreds more. >> who knows what next year will bring as far as a costume goes? steve: the whole out fit, robes, the rollers. dari: makeup skills to put a stylist to shame. steve: the woman who's a real makeup michelangelo. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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call 1-855-want twc. time warner cable. this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. dari: fox 5 health news.
5:46 pm
require insurers to cover lyme disease treatments for as long as needed. right now the cdc doesn't recognize chronic lyme disease, so many insurance companies will not pay for long-term treatments that can cost thousands of dollars a month. the bill is currently under review in massachusetts, but it's causing a lot of controversy because some experts say extended treatments are not cost effective or proven to work. steve: a report about diabetes. the disease is on the rise. dari: joining us is dr. teo mendez from new york orthopedics. he's affiliated with lennox ox hill hospital. good to have you. wow. 422 million adults living with diabetes are, in fact, in poor countries. the w.h.o. is saying. >> what's happened is that the rate has doubled really of diabetes. that's because poorer countries, china, india, have really
5:47 pm
have decreased. the united states, rich countries and northern european countries. the united states has increased. it's due to industrialization. a lot of this is due to diet and life-style. the poor countries used to be agrarian societies. they use bikes to get around. steve: they're running into the problems we had 30, 40 years ago. it's true. the thing is it's like all of our calories, the worst are the cheapest. >> absolutely. yeah. it's the industrialization of the food supply, of labor, and the problem is these poor countries, they don't have the resources to deal with it. they don't have the access to the newest drugs that we have or the education programs. steve: fair enough. that's a big problem. dari: wow. okay. you may want to switch drinking whole milk instead of low fat. we were talking about this during the break.
5:48 pm
tell everybody why. >> there's a few studies that show the rates of diabetes and obesity obesity, they've decreased the rates when they drank whole milk. the milk fats, the lipids, may be protective. some of the theorys are that when you take skim milk, the more proportion of calories are coming from sugar. steve: i didn't know until i started learning about health three years ago. you think it's basically -- >> they skim the -- steve: it has a ton of sugar. >> it's protein and sugar. longer. if you have a full glass of milk, it's a complete meal of whole milk. if it was skim, you get the urge to snack earlier. it might not be as healthy. steve: makes sense. yogurt and all that stuff. if you have a full fat yogurt,
5:49 pm
>> for a while. steve: you have the 2% or 0 -- >> it's like the french paradox for heart disease. steve: they eat rich foods but they're in better shape. dari: have full milk with the oreos. steve: we appreciate it. thank you very much. all right. we're trapped in some whacky sort of pattern, aren't we? nick: like the twilight zone. can't get out of it. well, it is going to get better at some point. i really think as we were talking earlier, as we get past the end of next week, i think spring is going to kick in after that. it's a couple of steps to get there. we'll take a couple of steps backwards into the weekend. 58 in the city. we had a bit of rain that poured. 62 at philly. 64 washington, d.c. detroit, 43. look at pittsburgh and buffalo in the lower 50s. you get an idea where temperatures are headed through the next few days moving forward. still some showers to get through tonight.
5:50 pm
we had a break. the sun popped out in the last one to two hours. that's going to go away as showers will threaten again. the heaviest rain is over. that's off to the east. we'll put that into motion. you can see on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, watch long island got a good soaking as we did in the city. and now the showers are rotating in from the west. not a lot of them. as you look at the wide view, they go back towards prime minister prime minister ittsburgh. the first chunk of the night we'll have to watch for showers. a fair of clouds for the rest of the night. tomorrow, there'll be a fair amount of clouds. some sun will break out through the morning time. 56 right now in poughkeepsie. 52 sussex. only 45 monticello. back to 57 here in town. mid 50s islip towards southern connecticut and lower 50s out towards montauk. the wind, that's been a factor. it's been gusty out of the southwest. earlier we were seeing gusts of
5:51 pm
that prompted a wind advisory that was posted from the jersey shore, the city and out on long island. only long island has it now. that goes until 8:00 tonight. the wind will stay gusty out of the southwest at speeds of 15 to 25 miles an hour and become westerly tomorrow and it will be breezy, about 15 to 25 miles an hour. there goes the storm towards canada. the cold front moving offshore, if you look off to the west, you're starting to see this moisture develop here in the northern parts of the plains states and into southern canada. that's the next system. it's a fast-moving storm that will be diving south and eastward of our area as we head towards saturday. that's going to bring us our next chance of precipitation. we're still talking the potential for snow and rain around here on saturday as temperatures struggle to get above the 40-degree mark. look at chicago tomorrow. only 39. minneapolis, 37. we struggle to the low 50s, get below average. 70s rule through the south into
5:52 pm
72 at las vegas. and 70s and 80 up into the pacific northwest. our temperature map isn't showing temperatures, but the green is indicating 50s. the blue is indicating 40s. saturday and beyond, it will be a chilly weekend. the futurecast gets the showers out of here the first part of the night. some sun tomorrow. can't rule out a shower in the afternoon as the clouds come back. then a break tomorrow night with the system arriving on saturday. by mid to late morning, we'll get into rain and wet snow. it could be enough wet snow as you move through the forecast to whiten the grounds in places. not so much the roads, but potentially the grassy, colder surfaces. 43 in the city. 30s to 40 in the suburbs. the showers will end early. then a fair amount of clouds. a sprinkle in the afternoon. 53. gusty west breeze. saturday, 41. sunny, breezy, chilly on sunday. 45. 29, 50s monday.
5:53 pm
best chance of showers tuesday. 62. back to the 50s wednesday, thursday. steve: fair enough. thank you. dari: if you think you're a good makeup artist, think again. a woman in brooklyn is re-creating classic paintings on her face. steve: incredible. backwards looking in a mirror. baruch shemtov shows us how she uses herself as a canvas for fine art. >> reporter: this is the face of lisa howton, transferred by hours of painstaking work into a replica of the mona lisa that would make da vinci proud. >> you want to find new ways of experimenting with makeup and taking it to another level. you want to find new ways to challenge yourself and break boundaries. >> reporter: after years of working with supermodels and celebrities, like taylor swift and selena gomez, she created looks that graced covers of magazines around the world. >> i think of myself as someone that works in fashion that can paint. >> reporter: as she documented
5:54 pm
took off. unlike other artists, her work is ephemeral, lasting until she washes her face. >> to paint a masterpiece was -- if i paint on a canvas, it was like me finding a way to find a way of abusing makeup. >> reporter: she plans to get out of the studio to incorporate nature as a backdrop. you can keep up with her work on instagram. in brooklyn, i'm baruch shemtov. steve: i expected him to be painting something. crazy amount of talent. dari: must kill her to wash it off. we will see you tonight after "american idol". it's the finale, series finale. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up. >> thank you very much. tonight we have more stories of interest to you. first up, how bad are the
5:55 pm
we'll take a look at a new report out that's got the mta upset and commuters as well. next, how finding true love could make you healthier and happier. we'll talk about relationship therapy with a live expert.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
it just can't shake it. 58 and 48 today. that's really where we should be as far as the highs are concerned. and some areas did make it into the lower 60s today. neither record high of 92 or 21 in jeopardy. we will see a little sun tomorrow, mostly in the morning. we've had .09 of an inch of rain. 57 now. humidity at 67 percent. wind has been gusty out of the southwest at speeds of 15 to 25-plus miles an hour. pressure 39.29 and rising. we did see 61 at newark and sussex and 63 at poughkeepsie. we were hoping for 60-degree weather in the area today. 52 monticello. 56 at bridgeport and islip. now it's cooled down a little. monticello is down into the 40s. a sign of things to come. 54 allentown. 57 in the city. and mid 50s just about everywhere else. we're up 10, 12 degrees from 24 hours ago. the wind has been out of the
6:00 pm
earlier it was 50 miles an hour. we have the wind advisory for long island until 9:00 tonight. look at fox 5 sky guardian. we talked about the heavier rain. you found it moving across@ the city into connecticut and off to the east. that's where it is on the radar. we have a little lull and shower up towards montgomery. and orange county and some showers off to the west. some of these are going to rotate through as the night goes along. take a look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can see there goes the heavy rain. here comes showers. those showers go back here to central pennsylvania. for the first half of the night, we can't rule the threat of showers out. they're kind of rotating this direction here as the system slides off to the north and east. then just a fair amount of clouds will stay for the rest of the night into tomorrow. you can see on the satellite radar movie loop how the cloud cover goes back and the showery weather goes back into the ohio valley. that's why we're not completely out of the woods yet as far as rain showers for the evening.


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