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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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is "good day early call" . juliet: good morning everyone. top officials have been transferred and removed from their supervisory post. we have a live report . >> corralling those in times square. the department transportation authority says regulations and they determine specific zones where the characters can work. >> the american idol crowns its 15th and final winner. i'm guessing he is the one. >> i am surprised because i thought she had it in the bad. >> i guess i was wrong. >> good morning, everyone. >> i am been seminal and i am juliet huddy . juliet: friday usually makes us crazy .
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juliet: i am going to the rock 'n roll hall of fame. i have two versions. thank you very much . ben: i have to warm up to it . mike: have to warm up to a little bit . juliet: i went to the rock 'n roll hall of fame rehearsal. i interviewed rob thomas of matchbox 20 and we have a lot of stuff coming up . it was a very cool night . mike: how fun! it's friday. let's get into our friday. let's get you going out the door. 400 out in central park. 36 in monticello. the wind is coming at you
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with the wind coming in from the southwest. it's more about the wind coming in from the west. it's another breezy day out there. as a quiet start to the day and there is a mixed guy that's partly cloudy here in the tri-state. the area of low pressure has a cold front and moves on.we have a thin layer that keeps us partly cloudy in a small chance of showers to the northwest. 500 by noon and we go through the next five days with a high of 40 . look at the rain and snow chance. there is an area out there as an area process to the
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it's cold inside tomorrow. the low temperature is 270. all the tulips and daffodils are suffering. let's bring in ines. >> good morning. we start off in the bronx blocking two lanes there. the commute is not too bad on 287. let's go to our cameras and take a look. no problems westbound and as for the train, turning on or close to schedule with street cleaning rules in effect . bill brought into the center of the joint fbi investigation into the corruption of the nypd.
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his room with more. he said it was a sad day for the department . theresa: he had some tough forwards. good morning, everyone. this is the fallout but it may just be the beginning. we did not know all the characters involved when it first came out but now the police commissioners naming names and he says he is taking action against those who have embarrassed the department. >> this is not a good day for the department. a solemn looking police officer says there is embarrassment caused by the nypd top cops. >> the public has expectations of officials and the police department and certainly the leadership. if those expectations are not met and the action must be taken. >> aft as a result of fbi and nypd into a scandal, bill bratton has lowered the hammer.
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transferred deputy chief michael harrington and james grant. we have also transferred david cohen and eric rodriguez. >> harrington was the commanding officer in the manhattan north precinct. the deputy inspector grant serves on the upper east side. both were transferred into giving in their guns and badges. rising stars with close connections will have a chief of department was philip banks who appears to be at the center . the fbi use wiretaps, phone records, easy top records and gps data to track the officers movement . the story broke this week and officers expected lavish gifts and luxury
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connected businessman with jeremy kreisberg. two men who served on the mayor baggio's inauguration committee. while it's unclear what if any was broken on how for it reaches, the police commissioner says he isn't letting up . >> we will follow lead where they take us.>> 20 police officers have been questioned by federal agents. many are approached according to various reports. it's very early in the morning. different papers are saying they straighten out the stories. they talk to each other and put one together . that's the latest in his room. >> at newtown high , police arrested a 16-year-old boy accused of threatening to slash the throat of a female student. the suspect had a dagger. he's been charged with criminal possession of a weapon , harassment and
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the 17-year-old was not hurt. this is a fit time the students have been caught with a weapon on new york city schools. >> cracking down on the costume characters. the department of transportation will have control and they plan to set up a zones and restrict the performers on way they can hustle. he will sign the legislation this week . he restrained a 13-year-old boy and pled guilty. his father refused to give him a tip. the very argumentative firemen? >> new rules could be in effect by the summer. there could be several on the streets there. >> a new poll shows seven out of 10 americans . ben: sorry! it's politics again . juliet: at the unfavorable view of republican presidential candidate donald trump.
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>> have to be honest. people have i hope i'm not breaking the bank but it comes as the republican front-runner make some changes to the campaign team. the democratic race seems to be having a very interesting thing happened. hillary clinton had trouble with her metro card. >> what the democratic presidential candidates want to build as a civil campaign has become not so civil. >> hillary clinton question bernie sanders qualifications during interview on msnbc. >> he hasn't done his homework. he was talking for more than one year about doing things that he hadn't studied or understood.
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with madam secretary. it's a war on iraq with the most disastrous foreign policy. i will trust the voters of new york that know me. >> many of the candidates crisscross the city and attempt to show your voters that they are relatable. it's the best way to get around it . >> the republican candidates subscribe to the theory that the key to your voters is through their stomachs . >> ted cruz visited the bakery in brooklyn and john casey died dined at the deli. crews continued what he criticized as new york values.donald trump subscribes to them.>> in
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andrew,. trump did not have any public events yesterday. he was expected to win and he said he attacked new york values. we don't forget . >> speaking of trunk, k-6 says he is not qualified to be president. >> it's so convenient.>> why don't you take it every day. >> she is a high profile person. >> so are you. >> it was an american idol reunion. >> it was a trip down memory lane. contestants from all seasons hit the stage to kick off the finale. they were crown the last
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>> the winner is trent harvin. >> he's so good. so clean! ryan seacrest announced out of the 15th and final winner , carrie underwood had 5 albums release ctr. time on the show. william he had time over people like him. he was one of the first stars on the show. we will talk to trent coming up at 820 . >> from what i understood it was supposed to be at . >> i don't know. >> still had. >> forget about the april showers!
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will come back. let's go over the almanac and show you what we have in store. it's the low for the
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drop a little bit more before we head back up to 540. the record high for today is 900 back in 91. 627 and again, 480 with a parties guy out in central park . temperatures are in the area and it's pretty mild at 460 now . 46 in bridgeport and the wind will be in the overnight hours. there's a bit of a breeze coming from the southwest. it's partly cloudy's guys that we have here. some folks were impressed and some not so much. >> now we have the area of low pressure here keeping it cold and stable. snow showers are to the north. we take a look at the future cast and we see an interesting area of low
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it's still there but it's further to the south. we still have a rain and snow mixed chance coming at you tomorrow. it's breezy and mild with a high of 52. high tomorrow is a rain and snow chance in the area. i'm not too worried about accumulation. it will be to the northwest and not a big deal. it's cooler on sunday with a start out temperature at 27 and we end at 45. live in or activate our on the weather up in the itunes store in google play store. it's for $0.00. >> let's bring you over to
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>> let's go to our cameras in the fdr drive. it's the left lane that's open in the same construction here with a slowdown southbound. no problems on the northbound. as for the bqe no issues there at the moment. traffic is moving fine and it's at the ride. same goes for the lincoln and the holland tunnel. >> two robbery suspects with a wildcard chase before they were caught. at one point, they got off the freeway and did doughnuts on hollywood boulevard. >> they were nearly derailed by a tour bus. they said they never saw the chase come behind them. they ended up changing lanes before cutting off the suspect . joining us now is curtis.
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curtis we forgot to mention diva girl in his great presentation. >> we saw that. the dot says it's not in the budget. want to put every available sent on this. they have no money to remove graffiti. it's an invitation to every graffiti vandal to go wild and know that you can put your tags and blowup your layouts and in five years, no one's going to do anything to it. >> on the sad things in milan, to paris and brussels there is graffiti everywhere. >> some consider graffiti to be art that there is a lot that is interesting
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but if you think it's art hanging in your house and not all over every building, truck and train. >> let's talk about your buddy donald trump. he has an unfavorable view of mister trump . you can see all these rallies and passionate people cheering for him. the poll numbers are outrageous. if you notice it's white out. you can't win a national election if all you have is white males. if you lose the female vote for the black vote you won't be president. if he is disliked by seven out of every 10 people , what about hillary clinton
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>> bernie sanders said, they asked him , how do you rob the subway. he said you get a token . >> he said after that , i guess if you can't , please stop. >> jacks like she write it all the time. when she came here about the hilly hillbillies from little rock and hijacked them to move to the widest suburb and all of america , she never took the subway once. she never took the subway and all of a sudden she
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swiping her metro card. that's not her fault . >> who hasn't taken the subway since 2009 when he got his suv . >> you know these people ride around in suv so i they have to go through the charade ? >> they are so local. bloomberg was getting chauffeured to the express stop on 59th st. he rides three stops down. they would pick him up after that. >> he had six security guys
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way. i will give her this. at least she swiped. unlike mayor the baggio who had the cops open it up. you are dropdead gorgeous. >> i don't know whether to scratch my scanner or let it crawl. just so i can let it marinate. >> i guess it's a compliment but it's i don't know. >> it stinks. >> have an excellent weekend. >> got to go. the yankees! beating the astros.
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the temperatures are so bad. 400 in central park. 460 in islip. not much out there. cold air means we have a strong chance you could see a shower pop-up . the high temperature gets up to 520. it's breezy out there today. tomorrow, there is a chance out there but it's pretty small this point. it's cold on sunday but it's sunny as well. >> let's talk sports. the mets pay their home opener on tuesday at city field against them. who will be on the mound? >> his wife is due to get birth and we mean it could happen at any moment. >> he plans to be with his wife so he will likely not pitch.
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collins says he will likely make it. >> the astros jumped to the early lead and a rod lines a single up the middle. it's his first hit as an rbi of the season. the game is tied five. we move up to the seventh. mark is at the plate and he goes to the three run home run. the yankees beat philadelphia at 8/5. >> the second round of the masters. >> i would be the person that said oh. >> it's the masters. >> the 22-year-old picked up where he left off. [whispering] >> he goes over 66 . it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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. it's full frontal friday. >> okay! >> we are looking at mostly cloudy skies . i am on fumes today. >> i might not make sense. i might just be completely inappropriate. tomorrow will be a little bit stormy. maybe some snow. >> mike has a full forecast. >> the police commissioners calling it a sad day for the nypd after a corruption investigation leads to the transfer of four top officials.we'll have a live report. >> it's getting nasty! hillary clinton bernie sanders they were kind of saying some not so nice stuff yesterday. seems like the gloves were off. then they pulled back a little bit . after 15 isn't seasons, american idol comes to an end.


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