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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at ten. >> brace yourself for winter
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it will be cold, windy and we may see some snow. we are in for a cold night and a messy saturday. let's start with nick gregory with the weather and how it will impact our weekend plans. >> i have all the responsibility and all the great news. we do have some wintry conditions coming in this weekend.ko they will be winter like because it is springtime. it will be in the form of wet snow. that will start sometime in the mid morning and go to tomorrow evening. it may accumulate a little bit. there is nothing out there right now to worryu! about tonight. we do have a fair amount of clouds around. current temperatures are in the 40s around the city. you get out of town and it is cold. sussex is 31. thirty at monticello. we will be getting rid of the cold tonight. rather cold tonight. there's the storm spitting down through the ohio valley. it will track this direction and
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that will be coming our way. as we moved to the future cast, you can see it slide in mid to late morning in the form of rain and wet snow. that will continue on through tomorrow night. that's where will accumulate on the colder surfaces when it gets darker and potentially at coding of an inch or so. by the time we get to sunday it's still chilly. the sunshine returns but it's still cold. a freeze warning is up for tomorrow night towards sunday for new jersey. freeze watch for the city. that's also for tomorrow night. we will be in the 20 for that point. the freeze warning kicks in overnight for long island. >> now to the 2016 presidential campaign. the the candidates focusing on newt( york with the primary here less than two weeks away. hillary clinton is headed upstate. bernie sanders hammered home his brooklyn roots.
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from tonight. >> brooklyn bernie comes home. that was the theme surrounding bernie sanders rally today. the vermont senator took to brooklyn and got a warm welcome from the hometown crowd. >> i am enormously proud to be the senator from the state of vermont and i have not forgotten where i was born and that is in brooklyn. >> reporter: relishing in his roots, he held a pair of rallies in brooklyn this afternoon. the first outside his childhood home. >> i spent the first 18 years of my life in apartment to see, right here. we use to have school around here where we played marbles. if you not the marble going down the middle you got ten marbles back. this was a great community to grow up in. >> reporter: later in greenpoint where he didn't lower expectations for the upcoming primary.
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anybody because she's nervous enough already, but i think were going to win here in new york state. >> a new poll shows him trailing far behind clinton in new york, 56 - 38. despite her lead sanders is closing the. in march he was down by 48 points. now it's 18. >> we started this campaign about 60 points behind secretary clinton. the last two out of three national polls had us ahead of secretary clinton. >> reporter: while he bounced around brooklyn, hillary clinton was in buffalo. >> as you consider the upcoming primary election on april 19, there are three tasks that anybody asking fors your vote for president should have to meet. the first, can you make real, positive differences in people's lives question? don't just make promises, deliver results. >> reporter: sanders has a pretty tough path to the
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of the remaining delegates nation wide to overtake hillary clinton. as for the republicans, not much going on. donald trump was catching up on his business matters well back in new york. >> just days before the new york primary, sanders will be taking his campaign overseas. a close aide to pope francis is confirming that sanders has been invited to speak at a vatican event next friday. that contradicts an earlier report quoting church insiders that he broke protocol by inviting himself. >> he is calling for more tolerance in the church. the pope said the church needs to be more compassionate and less strict toward in perfect catholics including divorced and remarried people. gays should not be discriminated against. they should be welcome. however he repeated the position
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equivalent to that of a man and woman. >> suspects have been taken into custody in belgium. the man in the hat in the brussels airport has been arrested. he is suspected of having played a key role in terror attacks on paris last november in which 130 people were killed. >> the justices moving ahead with its legal fight against apple. the government filed a letter. it comes a week after the feds withdrew a legal challenge when the fbi was{ able to access an iphone used by a san bernardino ter. on its own. apple continues to say it's a matter of privacy versus security. >> new information on the corruption probe into the nypd. it is shaking up the highest ranks of the department.
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good day for the department. >> reporter: police commissioner is dealing with a federal corruption probe shaking the department. it began shortly before he was sworn in two years ago and the scope may now be widening. >> we are seeking to discipline officers for infraction whether administrative or criminal. >> reporter: he transferred in placed on desk duty for high ranking police officers while the investigation between internal affairs, the fbi and department of justice plays out. the deputy inspector james grant, deputy chief eric rodriguez and deputy chief of housing and deputy chief of housing michael harrington are all under investigation for potential violations of nypd rules, city conflicts of interest rules, and federal criminal laws. larry byrne is the deputy commissioner of legal matters for the nypd.
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what we know so far, that this is deep systemic corruption throughout the department as to suppose, perhaps, bad judgment of a small group of people who are relatively sr. >> in a separate case, they say the former harlem business owner is charged with running a ponzi scheme. he's this accused of stealing $12 million from investors, saying their money was going into a wholesale liquor company. according to according to prosecutors, instead it was lining his pockets. sources say this case, is connected to the nypd corruption investigation. a former captain of the nypd said. >> any time you open up a newspaper and you see something like this, it hurts the entire force. >> the fbi is also looking into mayor diblasio's campaign finances and fundraising activities as part of this corruption probe. the manner campaign office said
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properly and legally at all times. >> thank you. new york's top cop announced his retirement. he stepped on a superintendent of the police. he was 56 years old and has 27 years years with the nypd. no word on why he resigned. he did release a statement saying he will be pursuing other opportunities and remain on the job until a successor is appointed. a massive fire in new jersey hurt several firefighters. it broke out of the building around 330 this afternoon. the fire spread two adjoining buildings. one of the buildings collapse. two firefighters inside of the time were reportedly hurt. four others were hurt battling the blaze. no word on what caused this fire >> the nypd is looking for the person who slashed a tourist at
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the 65-year-old man who does not speak english was lost and fell asleep on the sixth platform bench. investigators say the suspect robbed in flat/victims in the hand. he was taken to the hospital. >> they want to put an end to airline price gouging. he's calling them department of transportation to open an investigation and how they price tickets to ensure customers are being cheated. >> this time it comes in the form of exponentially higher cost for buying a multicity trip ticket when those flights can be purchased for far less money when purchased individually. >> they go on to say delta, united and american airlines are the worst offenders. united disagreed with the price gouging claim and american airlines have called for an investigation if unfounded.
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player help raise the 2015 national championship marking the team's amazing run to the world series. there are it high expectation for the team this year. it included a big win today and we will have much more coming up for you in sports. >> legendary musician being added to the music hall of fame tonight. that induction ceremony is happening in brooklyn right now. we are live with all the excitement. >> we've been crashing parties all over the city just to get our hands on some free food. how do you make sure every freebie is helping charity. here are some book covers to grab attention to other riders [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn'
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they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
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rock 'n roll royalty in brooklyn tonight. it's the who's who of the music world. they crown 2016 hall of fame is inducted. there at the fabulous event. >> it's a big night here at the center with the latest group of rock 'n roll hall of fame being inducted for the party is still going on inside and i can tell you the crowd is certainly rocking out. here are some highlights. deep purple took the stage with their hit song smoke on the water after being inducted. >> this night is a combination of journeys. one is mine and the other is that of a fan that change my
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when i was nine years old my dad said he was in copenhagen copenhagen denmark in 1973. >> cheap trick, chicago and nwa are some of the performers tonight the miller band was performing and cheap trick, chicago and nwa. after being presented a lifetime award, stephen van zandt commented on the decision to cancel a concert in north carolina to make a statement against an anti-transgender law passed in that state per he
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now, early and try to stop this or at least that some server the example for others to do the same. as the party continues inside it's important to remember what a big honor this really is. in order to qualify, recording must have been produced 25 years ago. the the undead tees were voted on by 700 voters and they are joining over 312 current members of the rock 'n roll hall of fame. at berkeley center, back back to you in the center. >> the bruce{ springsteen canceled his concert on sunday following a law that discriminates against the lgbt community. legislation state that public restroomsr being used by transgender must match the gender on the birth certificate. >> recently guns and roses suffered a setback. axl rose broke a bone in his foot which requires surgery. the show will go on as scheduled.
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>> the daughter of the late paul walker won a $10 million settlement settlement from the estate of roger who was the driver of the portion which both men died. an attorney for the 17-year-old meadow walker said he was speeding and partly to blame for the crash per the settlement was actually made in 2014 but was not disclosed until now. >> talk about a modeling career, nicholas cage is causing some problems in sin city. they captured the end of what was a fight on camera. there they go, it involved the two stores. tmz said here's what having, a woman a woman asked cage for an autograph. the woman was grabbed by the hair and pulled to the ground. and then cage reportedly tried to calm neil down and as you can see appears to be, after they fight right there, trying to make some peace.
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battery but was not arrested. >> mariah carey is covering her assets with a pair of incredible insurance policies. she is taking out insurance on her voice and legs. she is currently on to her. she will get a sweet some of up to $70 million if anything goes wrong during the rest of the tour. >> she is a party crasher a mission. they introduce us to a new york lady who spends her nights scoping out free food but it's all for a good cause. >> at the beginning the year i wanted a new project to work on. >> if robin hood ever needed a culinary companion. >> this sounded a little bit more fun. >> amanda might know where to find a good taste test. >> if you like it party crasher sometimes. sometimes the event is a little more specific like a networking event and i feel like i have to
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here. >> i tried to do to a week, minimum. >> there's a good side to it where you're actually giving back. >> every time i go on one of these event, i donate money to the food bank of new york. it's just a little way to spread some love. >> she has spread a lot of love. twenty-five it been since the start of the year. she finds most of them on line. >> i had a cupcake which was unclear whether was created for humans or dogs. >> there was a book launch in manhattan's flat iron district. they served burgers and wing. >> one of the things i probably know nothing about, but i showed up and talk to some people. >> we tagged along crashing a recent event at michael jordan's steakhouse.
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post them online before writing a check check to the food bank. >> in a way. >> she is sampling the sweet flavor one donation at a time. >> one of the hottest hip-hop concerts around. >> all the big names, taking the stage for the hot 97 summer jam. >> here are how to florida
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in the lives of the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can' t even imagine. that' s the job. and she' s the one who' s
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in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she' s the one who' ll make a real difference for you. i' m hillary clinton and i approve
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it is one of the biggest event of the season, hot 97 some summer jam is just around the corner. now we know who will take the stage.{ >> this morning they gave away the names of nine artists who will be hitting the stage it is said to be the biggest hip-hop concert around. >> like we do every year, every single time. >> for 23 years, hot 97 has been hosting summer jam. last year artist like chris
10:24 pm
concert. about 58000 people packed into the stadium. >> it's just one big party. what we have artist, each and every one of them wants to show off and out to each other because they all plan little surprises. >> in the morning, along with styles and the rest of the hot 97 crew gathered together in the same booth to announce the highly anticipated lineup. >> is this going to be bigger than last year? >> we always try to do it bigger than the year before. i think, if you've been coming to summer jam for 23 years, you will probably remember some moments where they will never out to jay-z and michael jackson.
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i think if this is really her first contract concert experiences it's probably going to be one of the biggest things you've ever seen in your life. >> there's more announcements come in this year's summer jam. >> why netflix's hiking prices for millions of its users. >> any excuse. it gets better. stick around. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this.
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paying more and why. >> reporter: if you have netflix, chances are you will soon be paying more to use it. most people don't even know it's happening. 17 million subscribers, 80% of netflix consumer base will see their rates go up starting next month. >> the how is a little collocated. in may 2014, netflix raise the price of its streaming plan for new customers up to 899 per month. if you are ready had netflix you were grandfathered in to keep the old rate of $7.99. as of next month, that is coming to an end. longtime netflix the fibers will now have to pay $2 more to watch their favorite shows. >> now they have this original programming and making their own movies. it's really just kind of the demand of that sort of programming. >> reporter: it puts them in the realm oflp other streaming services like amazon prime but it's still not the priciest plan out there. for example, a commercial free package on who lou will run $11.99 per month. cents per month.
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frank underwood, jessica jones and crazy eyes worth the extra no? >> that seems like a lot. >> i think i would do it. >> i'd rather pay for cable. >> i think it's a convenience thing, i think it's worth it. the fee fee is okay. >> i like netflix. at $7.99 it's a bargain. >> some people are sure to complain but{ the vast majority of subscribers won't drop their plans. >> it's something that everybody uses constantly whether their friends are coming over there watching episodes. everybody wants to know what's going on in house of cards and everything. i think ultimately everyone will go back and depend on it heavily. >> "fox 5 news".
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board read it is going mainstream. they launched a set of mobile apps for ios and android. it's a major move as they look to expand beyond its 243 million monthly users all in an attempt to become a mainstream social media site. >> for the first time a spacex rocket landed on a drone ship at sea. the record had completed the mission of sending supplies to the space station, the first ship in nearly a year. they landed a rocket on solid ground earlier this year. >> a trip to the dominican republic inspired to students to help the islands local artist. they are now promoting products grown in the dr. >> florida state juniors are roommates and best friend. >> there are also international
10:32 pm
>> after a freshman year trip to the dominican republic, they noticed local artists were relying solely on tourist to make money and came up with an idea. >> we had a market system that was really dependent on tourist coming through. there wasn't a sustainable source of income but they had really cool stuff. they came up to me and they were like you should take some stuff and sell it to your friends. i said i'm gonna do the. >> last year they launched a new market where they buy wholesale for more than a dozen artisans and sell their products online ranging from 15 - $35. >> we we work with the women who create jewelry. this woman uses fabrics and weaves it into sax to make
10:33 pm
>> now he sells beautiful art. since working with him he's been able to hire people in his town and create a better life. >> he was able to get a bigger and nicer house and a better workspace. he has a new motorcycle. >> reporter: the girls run the business across from campus. on top of their courses, they do all of the big keeping, inventory and shipping themselves. neither have a business major but they have 20,000 followers on instagram and more than $7000 in sales in just six months. >> the greatest measure of how big of orders and how often can we give them those orders. that's a huge part. >> we are so passionate about what were doing. i can imagine doing anything else. >> once they graduate they plan to keep the business going and want to start working with local
10:34 pm
bronx and throughout the city. >> this must be our other favorite story of the night. a four -month-old boy. he and his mom, she he is seeing clearly for the first time. it's caught on camera. >> it so sweet. >> he was born with a rare disorder that affects his vision. >> all, that's love love. with his mama. it's unbelievable. the dad recorded the moment. it is just precious. >> it was posted on video and youtube and you know how it goes. now he is seeing everything. >> that's magical.
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>> the hilarious reaction to comedians viral prank on the subway. >> is this victoria's secret's biggest secret yet? why their famous catalog may not be coming in the mail anymore. but first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> this is one-of-a-kind.t( we are going to have a showcasing of all the items. >> this show is now underway. the last day is tomorrow but if you go you will get a chance to meet the featured artist. tickets are just $10 you'll get them online. discovery times square has a new biking exhibit. today it was visited by actual biking.
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exhibition here. their interactive and tomorrow they're going to take part in the parade. >> you will find out more about it at taj and that's your new york minute gary guess what? >> what. >> don't forget to check out the fox five ny weather app. it features a daily and hourly forecast. >> this weekend is going to be horrible. were going to need that live interactive radar to track storms right where you are. you can also get weather headlines and storm alerts, even when lightning is near. what you have to do? >> download the free app today.
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thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. the price of stamps are being lowered this weekend. turns out congress didn't make a change so it changes on sunday. the last time stamps went down was was a century ago.
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six and a half% on friday. listen up, if you drive a hyundai, the korean automaker is recalling more than 172,011 sonatas. the power steering cam lock up and possibly go into a crash. a hotel hook up is getting a thumbs up. starwood shareholders{ are happy. they will have more than a million rooms around the globe after a merger. >> victory secret catalog may soon become a thing of the past. it's part of a streamlining effort and they are considering eliminating the catalog. they are creating more online promotions and loyalty programs. last year they sent out 300 million catalogs catalogs and it cost them more than $100 million.
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cover or the person who is reading it. >> how this comedian pulled a prank on fellow subway riders with this outrageous book cover. >> how many rubber bands does it take to make a watermelon
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>> that's kind of interesting. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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so a guy reading ao book on the subway should be the least shocking thing to happen while you are community, right? >> one comedian found a way to make it really awkward. he created fake fake book covers with risque titles. here are the people reactions. let's just watch. >> what would you do if you saw someone reading a book like this on the subway? that's what brooklyn comedian wanted to find out so he made fake book jackets and received some hilarious reactions. all of them silently judging, except for this one. >> some latino gentlemen saw the book and asked me where he got it. he said i got it on amazon. he laughed. >> he has been a comedian for ten years. of everything he's done in this
10:45 pm
already garnered nearly 1 million views in two days. >> i think this is viral. it's the first video that has gotten this big. it has worldwide reaction. i have friends in england, france, spain's, it's been translated to 12 different languages. my phone won't stop buzzing. >> my favorite is getting away with murders for dummies. robert durst is on the back cover. >> they're all pretty practical. i like them all. you can't pick your favorite child. >> some of the titles are so raunchy we had to blur them. his goal for the video was to make people laugh. clearly, mission accomplished. >> okay. you have to really think people like that. that is so genius and creative.
10:46 pm
really good titles. >> i found some things to do. >> saturday is going to be wintry.xd believe it or not were still talking snow in the forecast tomorrow. it's not going to be a big storm, don't panic. it's probably not going to stick much to the road until the evening when it gets colder and darker outside nonetheless, it's going to snow. >> it's depressing. >> it is for april. >> everybody says were tired of this, were done's. we are too. hopefully by the end of next week the pattern will change but we shall see. but it's not this weekend. let's talk about today. the breeze was chilly, only 50 for the high. we should be around 58. sunrise was at 626 and going down at 729 not tomorrow. it stays cloudy tomorrow.
10:47 pm
showers moving about. forty-three and humidity is pretty dry. we do have a mid to high deck of clouds. as you look at fox five sky guardian as we do every night, there's nothing out there to worry about yet. it's mid to late morning when the snow and rain starts moving in from the west. around 50 for most areas. back to 37 at monticello. fortys elsewhere in the hudson valley. currently the temperature cooling down pretty quickly. we are down toward 40 on the east end. look at monticello, 28 there. thirty-one in 31 in sussex. back to 44 in newark. our temperature dropped pretty significantly from 24 hours ago. the west wind has backed off as we expected. it's going to come around and when that happens it will get a little gusty and keep the chill in the air.
10:48 pm
northeast. we have a little higher temperature in washington d.c. in upper 40s. it's 30s in albany back toward buffalo. the clouds are increasing from the west. i will continue to be the story. already you can see snow reaching pittsburgh so give it until mid to late morning tomorrow by the time he gets here. the storm is swirling south of chicago right now. it picks up track somewhere along that way and puts us in the rain snow situation through the early part of tomorrow night. we are showing a high of low 40s but the upper atmosphere will be a little bit colder so this is another reason why i don't think it will snow that much initially because we will talk about it during the daytime and the solar radiation comes in a melted on the road. seventys and the plane states down to the south florida. take a look at your day planner. clouds out the door and mid to late morning we see the ran in snow move in. forty-two as we head for the high temperature tomorrow.
10:49 pm
sunday looks beautiful. just a gusty breeze and chilly. mid to upper 40s on sunday. there's another storm coming in and that will warm it up on monday. there's a lot of clouds and 37 in town tonight. upper 20s 20s and lower 30s in the suburbs. rain and snow mid to late morning through early tomorrow evening. we could get up to an inch in some spots. maybe 2 inches in western new jersey. back to the mid- 50s on monday and tuesday. maybe we will turn the corner next friday. >> turn it fast. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised. to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma, and
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. already, how you doing everyone? the hope of every team when opening up a new season is to
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defending world series champions. unfortunately the mets could not do that in their city for the home opener this afternoon but they were able to do the next best thing, they were all helping to place this man of being the defending national league champion. sticking with that theme, they played like champions this afternoon. he delivered an rbi single to make it 4 - 1 mats. right after that, michael would follow with his second hit of the game. another single. the score was up to 6 - 1. the mets win it 7 - 2. very happy that the home opener is finally over and done with. >> 2015 is over. fortunately today, hopefully we are very, very excited and have a great crowd.
10:54 pm
last year, there was a lot of excitement, but we have to get focused on the remaining 159 games that we have. i'm glad we won. i'm glad our fans got to see us win. were excited and we plan on winning a lot more. now is the time to focus on 2016, for sure. >> the mets right-hander is expecting a baby any day now with his wife. he was pulled after six innings for precautionary measures with titan's on his right side. tightness on his right side he didn't didn't seem concerned after the game. out in motown, the yankees yankees got mowed down by two guys. they had to hits batted in.
10:55 pm
hits in seven innings. down in augustine georgia, jordan spieth remains in the driver seat feet but not by very much per he shot 2/74 putting 74 putting him at four under after two rounds. on the hardwood tonight, what else is new? this is new. the hornets got stung or stung the nass 113 - 99. that's it that's it for sports, have yourself good weekend. >> thank you. >> buzz feed one the internet today. all it took was rubber bands and watermelon. to buzz feed employees set out to explore a watermelon and rubber bands. it went on for 40 minutes, more than that. 800,000 people tuned in to watch , but the payoff was worth it.
10:56 pm
were applied. [applause]. that was great, better than a car chase. >> the number of simultaneous viewers set a record for facebook live feed and it was viewed several more thousand times after it was posted to buzz feed. >> it's kind of gory and away. >> 800,000 people viewed that? >> yeah. >> they must have time on their hands. >> i got 800,000 viewers. come on now. horrible weather tomorrow. really. >> it's not a major snowstorm but it will be an ugly day, cold and windy and some rain and wet snow. >> you want to stay inside.
10:57 pm
>> have a great one.
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if you thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast sheldon, it's not a great time! what do you want? hello to you, too.
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what is it? back to the future ii was in the back to the future iii case... and back to the future iii was-- get this-- in the back to the future ii case. so? so, did you do that, or am i in the house with an intruder? sheldon, i got to go inside. it's getting rough out here. you're dodging the question; i knew it was you. (deep rumbling growl) what was that? what was what? this isn't a very good connection, but it sounded like someone just released a kraken. okay, i'm hanging up now. you know there's no such thing as a... (rumbling growl) no...! penny... penny... (voice cracking): penny...! what's the matter?


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