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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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waiting for you to go beyond. to find the other side, to find yourself... greater. eight million footsteps daring past limits and delta, right there with you, as if all of us were saying together: new york. is. go. it's 10:00 p.m., do you know where your children are? right now on fox 5 news at ten. he's in the dark about a source of a federal investigation into his campaign. that's our top story. >> i'm christina park. the mayor is facing some tough questions per he is claiming he
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they join us now with the details. >> it hasn't been an easy week for mayor diblasio. an investigation was looking at the extent of relationships between two businessmen and members of the nypd now includes the mayor. both the saturday and sunday edition of the new york post were loud per they speak of scandal and put the mayor in the middle of a federal investigation. today the mayor had several events today. he did not take questions from reporters. he did appear on meet the press today where chuck todd put him on the spot. >> was any of your money used in your campaign? >> no no, totally separate things. there was affordable housing in that was a separate entity that worked on those. >> include his nonprofits and now the feds. the committee most importantly
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according to the poll, investigators looking at questionable the behavior by two businessmen there was a line that led to diblasio. one of the men gave a max donation of $9900 to the diblasio's political campaign and $50000 to his non- profit campaign one for new york. >> he writes, ultimately the issue is what if any favor the donors got in exchange for their cash. were there any illegal quit roque woes. that's what the feds want to know. >> do you believe you will be totally cleared with anything on this? >> we have no information about investigation happening to begin with. >> last week the mayor did return the 9000 donation from one of the men. he also announced a nonprofit campaign for one new york which came to a surprise for many. back to. >> to a developing story right now on long island.
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residential area. it was a single engine plane that crashed around seven this evening. at least one person was hurt. so far it's unclear how many people were on board or if anyone was on the ground that was also hurt. a witness told us what he saw. >> i was looking out my window. he went to the ground and landed and went off hard. federal officials are now trying to figure out the cause of the crash. >> "fox 5 news" explains. >> this is one of the churches got a visit from bill clinton. he's taking to the pulpit to try to shape the narrative about his wife's record on race and crime. >> president clinton clarified
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three harlem, he defended his crime bill which he believes unfairly incarcerated african-american men. >> we need police reform but we also need the police. one of the reasons that they helped us put a hundred thousand police officers in the street is because we want people to look like the people who are in the community. >> protesters challenged his crime bill and hillary clinton use of her term super predator in 1996. >> i don't know how you would characterize the game raiders that got 13 real girls hopped up on crack and sold them out on the street. maybe you thought they were just citizen.
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you are defending the people who >> after a church service, german charlie king said some of it comes from a misunderstanding of how bad it was back then. >> it's hard to look at that through today's win. i think that is what president clinton is explaining now. hillary clinton took her turn at the pulpit in jamaica queens. >> my commitment to issues about how we work in live together it's rooted deep in myr experience and my heart. >> they tell me the real concern is voter apathy, especially especially after the record high turnout and enthusiasm for president obama. >> i'm. >> he's taking his campaign home to brooklyn.
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climate change, public health and national security. he is trailing hillary clinton by 16%. among democratic voters here in new york. >> donald trump is hitting the campaign trail today as well. he was in rochester and thousands of people attended today. during his campaign for the white house he is also blasting his rival ted cruz for criticizing him for supporting the transatlantic partnership. the latest fox news pulls show about half republican voters support the billionaire. fox news says both republicans and democrats look to contested conditions for the candidate to clinch the nomination by the end of the primary.
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shooting death. >> they explained that they are trying to piece together what led to the violent incidents. >> when we arrived we located mr. smith partially inside his vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his body. >> he was later from pronounced dead on the scene. we also find his wife who was shot in the right leg. she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. >> this is a particularly hard orleans. he was not only a star football player but also a key member of after hurricane katrina. it was so much more than just football for the city. they were driving in the lower garden district on saturday when he was rear rear-ended. both drivers exchanged words and then the driver of the hummer pulled out a gun and started shooting. shots.
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leg. he was a five-time team captain. it helped bring new orleans the first super bowl in 2009. please pray for his wife's recovery and their children. he leaves three kids behind. he was 34 years old. >> a new report has officials so concerned that they are calling on the governor for help. this fast food worker smashed all the windows at a burger king restaurant. we'll show you how they cause thousands of dollars in damage. >> we are dry right now but there is precipitation headed our way.
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>> will break it all down she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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2009 and 2013. the bronx came in second with just over 200 heroin related deaths. inpatient treatment is the best option to fight the epidemic. >> were calling on the governor to repurpose and open up the center so we can get those beds available immediately. >> they added they want to increase penalties to drug dealers for anyone who dies of an overdose.x%nb >> their offering tips on social zz"z"ias v{u! to preventxdf hum{{ckr terrorist attack. it would require the state department to pay $25,000 for any information leading to an arrest or conviction in a tear case. they say the federal government should do more to fight isis
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originally attacked their planned a second attack on paris. they change their plan and decided to rush an attack on brussels because authorities had closed in on them. the extremists were surprised by the speed of the progress in the investigation. four men were connected to the brussels attack. a fire started from the fireworks show and ignited more fireworks in a hindu temple. more than 100 people died and others were injured. the temple holds an annual flower competition but this year's competition went on without permission because the court had apparently banned it. iran's foreign minister is taking a line on the missile program. they tested several ballistic missiles that read israel must be wiped off the earth. the united nations called it a violation of the nuclear agreement. on thursday they said the international coalition wants a
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today the foreign minister said the program is not up for negotiation. >> police in minnesota said prank call tricked workers in at a burger king to smashing out windows. they got a call saying the fire department could explode if they didn't release the pressure by breaking all the windows. they say this is happened in other parts of the country as well. they are currently trying to identify the mystery caller. >> that could've been a very tragic story with all that glass shattering. i hope they catch that person fast. let's check in now with a look at our forecast. >> today we saw more in the way of sunshine which was nice. temperatures were still below average. high numbers only made it to 6 . we hit that number at about 3:00 o'clock.
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we will finally see that number as we go further on into the week. areawide we were in the low 50s across the region for high temptress. right now were not too far off from where they were earlier. 48 degrees, excuse me 46 degrees in central park. monticello is the cool spot on the map at 37 . these numbers are slightly milder than they were at this time last night. were going for a milder trend. it's going to feel a little more like spring as we go on further into the week. wins are around 10 - 15 mile-per-hour on average. and guess could up to 20 mile-per-hour as we head into monday. were not too far away from precipitation. a lot of this is not reaching the ground.
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this system is sitting out towards our west. we will see our increasing chance of precipitation. that doesn't start to happen until tomorrow and most likely the bulk of this would move through the area by tuesday. it looks like we will have increasing clouds and gusty winds. expect overnight lows to be in the 30s and 40 in the city. tomorrow, i think we'll have lots of clouds in place. there will be a couple of isolated showers here and there. gusty winds will keep a bit of chill in the shade. temperatures will be slightly milder so that will be a little more bearable with the highs in the 50. as we go into the next several days, keep your umbrella handy for tomorrow and tuesday. you won't see a lot of rain tomorrow but if you get caught in one of those showers, you want to have your umbrella handy.
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spread action. then we dry out for the middle of the week. plenty of sunshine on wednesday and thursday. it will be drier and temperatures will be in the upper 50s. as we go to the end of the week, now are closing in on seasonable numbers. will have high readings in the upper 50s on friday and saturday. then in the city we will be in the 60s as we go into next week. so far it looks pretty dry. there could be a couple isolated showers. i've left them off the map today thousands of people are lining up for the greek independence day parade. take a look. >> greek pride was on full display. mary diblasio helped carry the flag along the route. they were all on hand broadcasting the event. they celebrate the greek victory back in 1829 and the establishment of an independent greek. electronic are growing in
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they are beginning to earn the same type of salary like they emulate on the screen. >> there are no best balls or baskets. make no mistake about it, video games have major parallels to traditional pro sports. >> we filled out an olympic soccer stadium in korea a few years ago. the energy of the fans is just the same. these athletes compete in front of live audiences and stream to millions. they make seven figures a year. we've seen the cost of players double or triple every month because of the amount of revenue that's being brought into the industry. he requires that his players live and practice together. >> not only online but also outdoors where former nfl
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training. >> it makes you play better and have a better attitude. i've got 40000 people watching every night. when you're doing that you have commercial payments. the revenues could hit half $1 billion this year alone. >> this is the type of content where people watch online, they watch for long periods of time and advertisers love that. >> now some international players arexd receiving athlete visas to come to the united states. now colleges are getting in on this, hiring teams and coaches to build east sports. who knew.
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melissa mccarthy is at the box office and the number one spot.
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the number two spot but it was a close one. they brought in 23.4 million. rounding out number three is utopia. >> they tell us the parade and animal lovers gathered to march to union square. then the event began. many were be able to find the perfect pet and give the animal loving new home. >> how cool is that, adopting a pet. >> coming up at 1030, we have an action-packed show for you. the final round of the masters was crazy. we. we we'll break it all down with local golf pros. we break down the rangers and opponents in the playoffs and
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>> you also have a warriors in their for the chase. >> thanks. we'll be right back. and what you need to know about tomorrow's commute, stay tuned. >> southbound and greenberg between route 119, various roads will be closed for construction from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. watch good day new york starting at 430 in the morning and i will keep you updated on your fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online.
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>> audrey what's the weather going to be like. >> we will start out a little
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have your umbrellas handy. temperatures will get average and that's where we'll be at the end of the week, around 60 degrees. saturday looks good so far. soda sunday. we looked driver the second half the week. >> thanks for watching,. >> remember to wake up with good
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masters. right around 5:00 p.m. when jordan spieth was at seven under and had a five stroke lead. it looked like he had his tournament all locked up. then he fell apart on the 12th hole. he and his wife are expecting their first child and weren't even expected to be at the masters. the baby came two weeks early. he wound it up playing. it was a crazy final round. steve dominated the front five. he makes a long birdie. i thought he had this one. then it fell apart. he bogeyed ten and 11 and he hits the shot. that started a massive meltdown. this is painful to watch. he would finish the hole with the quadruple bogey. he made his nice approach on 16.


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