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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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transgender woman as well as an alumni of the high school. she believes this new bathroom policy is long overdue. >> what this says for the students is they can be themselves. they can transition if they choose to. they can present themselves however they are as a person. and do it in the place where they have the most support they could ask for around them. >> reporter: if approved, the policy would follow several school districts that have passed similar measures. as for the principal, he says he's for anything that makes all of his students feel safe. >> this is not about a student who just whimsically feels they're feeling an opposite gender today. this is about students who are very serious about this. >> reporter: the principal tells me there are six transgender students who attend school here, and he says fortunately the
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supportive of them. alison: that's great. let me ask you this: what is the bathroom and locker room policy right now ahead of the vote? >> reporter: well, the principal tells me that right now those six transgender students are allowed to use whichever bathroom and locker room they identify with. so what the new measure would do would make it official and show those students that the district is behind them and supports them. alison: have they told you what could happen if it gets voted down tonight? >> reporter: the principal tells me that really nothing would change, that the school would still be very supportive of those students. he tells me that the signs wouldn't come down. he says that the students would still be allowed to go to whichever bathroom or locker room they feel comfortable with and that this simply would make -- show their support for the transgender community. alison: thanks so much.
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to make everyone feel included. >> reporter: absolutely. alison: mayor de blasio denying any wrongdoing as a campaign corruption scandal grows. the fbi reportedly looking into two brooklyn-based businessmen who donated to the mayor's campaign. they're now at the center of an investigation involving alleged gifts given to nypd brass in exchange for favors and special treatment. >> i'm happy to take questions today, but i'm not going to be speaking about this after today. i've answered a number of questions already. i'll answer more and then let's leave it there. alison: last week commissioner bratton took action against four high ranking commanders in his department following an fbi investigation. officials in newark calling for new legislation to test the drinking water in schools across the country. the bill would require states to help schools test for lead if they receive federal funding for safe water programs. newark schools turned off the water in 30 buildings after
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goldman sachs paying for its role in the 2008 financial crisis. the bank agreed to a $5 billion settlement with the justice department over the sale of risky mortgages. that includes $670 million in cash and consumer relief for new yorkers. >> this settlement will help thousands of families with principal forgiveness, to obtain writedowns of their mortgage debt to avoid foreclosure and say in their homes. alison: goldman sachs is the fifth bank to reach a settlement with the feds. >> nick is here. i snuck out this afternoon. it looked like a beautiful day. nick: it turned out okay. we have showers to our west. it's one of those days. cloudy this morning, some sprinkles. alison: i picked the right time to go out. nick: that's it. next time check with me so you can tell me how nice it would be. alison: how much smarter to check before i went? nick: this evening have the umbrella. there will be showers coming
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that's a sign of things to come. we have this system coming in. it will bring rain to the area tomorrow morning. we're getting some quick clearing tomorrow afternoon. it will be a gusty day as it was today. 65, 44. your average, really above average on the high temperature. it was nice to do that. none of the records coming anytime soon. just a little bit of trace of rain earlier. 58 now. humidity is 53 percent with a south wind at 15 miles an hour. the clouds have broken out for a little sun to come through. as we look at the radar, you'll see the showers aren't that far away. we managed 67 at newark today. 50s as you went north of town and 40s at monticello for their highs. big temperature difference of 20 degrees. upper 50s across long island. right now we're sitting in the high 50s in the city. mid 50s elsewhere to the east. 43 monticello. 62 at newark. we have the showers coming in from the west. our temperature gain is anywhere from 5 to 10 or 11 degrees from 24 hours ago.
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you'll see it's out of the south. some areas have been gustier than others. in islip, there's the wind gust at 20, 22 miles an hour. gusts are hitting 30 every so often. it will stay windy and gusty into tonight. here's the line hudson valley, western connecticut, scattered showers right through parts of passaic county, extending to north of philadelphia. again, the wider view, the motion on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, will show you that it's advancing to the east. it's a thin line here. on the wide view, more rain is off to the west here. that will come in later on tonight, and the wide view shows the area of rain extending down here where they've had severe thunderstorms moving through the southern states. not a lot of rain, but it will be around into your morning commute, lasting through right about the middle of the day is what we're thinking as temperatures stay in the 50s to about 60 in the afternoon. it should be quick clearing in the afternoon, but the wind will
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let's look at our futurecast. you can see what i mean as the front moves along. we'll find the area of rain moving through quickly. here's the time stamp. about 1:00, the clearing to our west here. more sun in the afternoon. then a couple of nice days. did i say that? a couple of nice days. and temperatures that will be decent. sunshine on wednesday. and that sunshine is going to stay into the end of the week as high pressure ridges down. we're going to have a decent weather forecast. it will start looking and feeling like spring around here for a change. mostly cloudy tonight. showers will move in. the wind stays gusty. 52 in the city. as you saw, 40s in the cooler spots north and west. tomorrow, rain in the morning. then the clearing comes in from midday on from west to east. a gusty wind. we hit 60. check out the seven-day forecast. we're going to show decent weather. wednesday, a little cooler, 56. we'll take that because it goes up from there. 59 thursday. 59 friday. lots of sun. 63 saturday.
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sunday and monday. so maybe we're actually turning the corner for good. alison: i didn't think it was ever going to happen. if you say it, i believe it. that looks kind of nice. nick: that's your first mistake. alison: i like that weekend forecast. looks all right. nick: enjoy. alison: all right. peer pressure and body image can overwhelm young girls, especially in the internet age. up next, we'll be joined by two new jersey sisters who direct and star in a new film that captures that dark side of the web. no matter how dark the internet, we still need it. it makes life without it tough for people who don't have the same access as everybody else. we'll look at how much that can hurt some people tomorrow at 6:00. we'll be right back.
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alison: one women face a lot of pressure when it comes to their body and that can develop into an eating disorder. a new movie made by two sisters in new jersey tackles the issue and how the internet plays into it. linda schmidt has more now on little miss perfect. >> reporter: two local sisters are in the spotlight.
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new film is getting a lot of buzz. >> i'm so sorry. i completely forgot about secret santa. >> reporter: the film is little miss perfect. carly stars in it. it's about an overachieving freshman who develops an eating disorder. she feels her life is out of control and the only thing she can control is her weight. >> it talks about social exclusion and body image, peer pressure, family disconnection. >> reporter: the story line stems from a personal experience that marley had in high school when she discovered eating disorder web sites and blogs where girls actually encouraged each other to stay thin by binging and purging food. >> they were talking about things like perfection and self-worth and control and dealing with all of these pressures that they're feeling. i was curious and intrigued and compelled by it. i knew it was really wrong. >> reporter: marley says she
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but the experience had a profound impact on her. she wanted to explore why girls turn to the dark world of food deprivation. >> i wanted to make the movie to really focus on the psychology of it. it's not about a girl who loses weight and you see the effects of it. it's very much about the kaws cause and what's going on around here and how it can get to that point if no one steps in. >> lil'a crawford stars in the film. she plays the role of little red riding hood with meryl streep. >> it discusses the theme of anorexia and it discusses -- it's a bigger picture which is kind of everyone has insecurities. >> reporter: the film screened at two film festivals and has grabbed the attention of the former miss america 2008.
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and it's been her platform to raise awareness about eating disorders. she supports the film. >> she does an incredible job with showing the battle and the real struggle that an eating disorder is and showing there's hope for recovery. >> we want to make sure young girls feel like they're being understood and they are worth something. >> reporter: linda schmidt, fox 5 news. alison: and we are so honored to have the star of the film, carly roberts here, and marley, the director of the film. it was so amazing to see. this is a really intense picture. this does not treat the issue lightly. >> no. no. it is a serious issue. it's not just like you open up a magazine and you've got thin girls and you go that's how you get an eating disorder. we wanted to show the psychological factors. it's not so much a physical disorder as it is a mental and emotional and psychological disorder. >> where did the idea for the
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what got you going? >> there were two avenues. the first was i was in high school. i was feeling a lot of the pressures and everything that goes with that. i felt like i was at a loss of control of my life. it's a time where things are happening to girls instead of by them. i went online and accidentally found a pro-eating disorder blog. the blogs do exist. and i saw this emaciated image of a girl. it was being reblogged hundreds and hundreds of times. i was intrigued by it because i related to the messages it was sending about self-worth and control. it was doing it in a way that it was harmful. it was telling girls to diet in unhealthy ways. i understood there was a community that needed to exist because people didn't understand. they felt they didn't get one another. so those themes were going through my mind and personally feeling like i am someone who really wants to control things. i was looking for an outlet and
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i realized that's wrong. when i was at nyu doing my undergrad for film, i was given an assignment to adapt a fairytale. i decided to do beauty and the beast where belle, meaning beauty, and the beast were one in the same. in the original fairytale, the curse is put on the beast. he has to learn how to love and be loved in return. i thought what a wonderful way to show this story, by applying that same principle to little miss perfect and having the main character, the protagonist learn to love herself and break out of the curse. alison: carly, what was it like for you playing the role? was it something you could relate to and could understand what was going on? >> for sure. i tried to make belle as much of myself and really bring out the parts of myself i saw in belle, but i did a lot of research for the role. i watched documentaries.
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i spoke with people who have the disorder. i wanted the most realistic portrayal as i could. alison: what's it liking working as sisters? >> it's always a good thing. she might say otherwise. >> she used me as a guinea pig. >> i always do. she's my little test subject where i try things on. when i was writing the script, i used her as inspiration. i took some of her personality traits, not wanting to disappoint people, wanting to please everyone and feeling at a loss when you can't do it all the time, because you can't. i observed conversations she had with her friends and started incorporating those into the film. >> it was lovely working with my sister. she understands that sisterly bonds and what i need to portray the character. it was really lovely. alison: today is a big day for you. i want to mention this. the trailer is out. where can people see it? >> on our web site, little miss perfect
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the film festival. >> yes. >> so excited. alison: congratulations. thanks for coming in. wonderful to have you. coming up, a new masters champion crowned this weekend. no one is talking about him. all the buzz is how last year's champ imploded. russ salzberg doesn't think it was all bad for jordan spieth. that's next. >> wednesday, most people know williamsburg as the epicenter of hipster brooklyn, but it has a gritty past. we talk to the people behind a documentary that looks at what williamsburg used to be.
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tomorrow - today - at alison: time for sports with russ. everybody is talking about the masters and what happened to jordan spieth. i feel so bad for the guy who won. people barely know his name. russ: who won? alison: danny willett. russ: when you look back at history, everybody was going to be talking about the epic collapse, some people calling it a choke. whatever you want to call it, if the shoe fits, wear it. jordan spieth just had a -- listen, he went into the back 9 leading by five strokes. he bogeys, gets a bogie on the 10th, a bogie on the 11th and then -- alison: the twelfth was -- alison: a -- russ: anybody who has golfed, i
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round or a round of miniature golf, if you have a quadruple bogie, you're basically fried. your confidence is shot. for lack of a better term, you're brain-dead. you cannot function. you're depressed, you're angry, it's done and over with. that's what happened to him on those holes. but what people are talking about -- listen, it goes down as a choke and a major collapse. what people are forgetting about, what he did after that amazing collapse. on the next hole -- two of the next three holes, he birdied. he put himself back in contention, jordan spieth did, back in contention within two strokes with three holes to go. i got to tell you something, i don't care if you call it a choke or whatever, you know what kind of insides and intestinal fortitude you have to have to dust yourself off and focus enough to get two birdies in the next three holes?
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russ: let me put it to you this way. he won't be 23 until july 27th. he's already won a whole bunch of titles and three masters turnt tournaments, he has a first, a second and a second. his earnings exceed 23 million. he will be back. alison: i think he'll bounce back. russ: i think he'll be all right. we won't have to have any red tag sales for him. he will be fine. alison: a heartbreaking day. we want to mention golden state? russ: that was no collapse. golden state has tied the great chicago bulls team with 72 wins. they finish up on wednesday against the grizzlies. if they win that, 73 wins, the most -- the best single season record in history. they'll be going into the playoffs on a high night. alison: they'll win as long as my brother-in-law and
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they went to one of the nine they lost. russ: who did they lose to? alison: minnesota. thanks so much. never go looking for a citi bike only to find nothing but empty racks. up next, why it's happening and fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs.
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alison: some people are complaining it's becoming harder to find a citi bike in some areas. on three mornings last week, our cameras found empty or near empty citi bike racks on the upper east and upper west sides. just last month, the cost of a citi bike membership went up 6 bucks to 155, leaving riders complaining they're paying more
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>> this is a really popular spot. people want to commute from this neighborhood to wherever we're going. please refill it. >> for the last couple of months, almost every morning there's been virtually no bikes. alison: citi bike will start moving bikes so members should start to notice a difference soon. all right. that is it for us. thanks so much for joining us. for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, have a great night and i'll see you back here
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can' t even imagine. that' s the job. and she' s the one who' s proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she' s the one who' ll make a real difference for you. i' m hillary clinton and i approve this message. harvey: so iggy azalea has now made clear what her position is if nick young ever allegedly does it again. >> no, i'm not cool with it. you will have half a penis. >> she threatened to cut off a quarter, up to a half of his penis. >> that still leaves him like eight inches. [laughteter] >> khloe kardashian was with
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>> how is it going? >> she wrote this manifesto. harvey: khloe kardashian realized the savior complex is just a bad thing. >> if she's going to clean up her life, she needs to totally clean it up. stop going back to french montana. harvey: suppose james harden says i believe you and i want you back. >> james harden was cute though. harvey: it's not that cute. >> it is though. >> got guy ritchie dropping off rocco ritchie at madonna's london home. >> that's a big deal. >> they have not seen each other >> they have not seen each other in months. he bailed out on her tour back in december. harvey: you know what though, if you had 15 years with the kid and the kid said i want a different life with my dad and in three years i'm going to be on my own anyway, do you just kind of let him do it? [laughter] >> you don't know how to parent! >> big weekend in vegas. guns n' roses performed. harvey: he was in the throne. dave grohl dave axl rose the throne. >> apparently the chair was


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