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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 12, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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blocked off. a substantial amount of drugs and money were found when responders first arrived. the victim was a 21 year-old economics student at rutgers. his rage was also shot and in critical condition at a nearby hospital. a handgun was found here by the stores they are not saying it is connected but they're asking anyone who has information to called the essex county prosecutor's office. if they lead to the arrest and conviction will be given a $10,000 reward. follow me on my twitter page for more information. >> a breeze and abduction in broad daylight on friday. a woman in an argument with a man. screaming at her she is crying and gets in the car then he walks to the driver's side to get it she
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he followed her forster into the car and fled. witnesses saw this they're looking for the guy and also the car. >> two people very close to donald trump will not be voting for him in the new york g.o.p. primary. of his children did not register in time. he was on fox and friends to talk about it. >> they were not aware of the rules and did not register in time. they feel very very guilty. >> are you cutting off their balance? >> yes. no more allowance. [laughter] >> a direct line to your city and just like that of real estate will go up in bergen county.
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stations to allow for the dead direct trade not aid to your city. reported on the $70 million invested to start work on the tunnel that is why the gateway project but i spoke to a real-estate agent. and said historically is prevent that when you live near a train station with a direct line the real-estate value does go up. >> that is where the historically those with the rail line are much higher in value and appreciate quicker. >> this is 20 years out. is it a good time to buy? >> its always is. we're on the verge of appreciating house prices. >> i spoke to the railroad advocate and the planning for the long island railroad. >> one of the arguments they
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better trip to new york in -- to the york it is worth more and that is what people say and adopted it is true. when the project was cancelled some people were upset they said our houses will not be worth as much. >> i hopped onto the trade -- the trading got off as a caucus because then when you get there there are huge escalators you have to figure out which line. but the direct line will help that. >> how long did that trip take? >> one our spec twice a day. >> new jersey headlines' going through there for decades it is already the
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the really be that big? everybody commutes anyway. >> the real-estate agent and the expert on the railroad says absolutely. for some reason having two seats. >> did they have the numbers or property values? >> those will go up around the station but it depends on the model of the house and where it is not. >> unfortunately everything is going up in price. >> all he wants is justice for the murder of his father. super bowl sundays 2012 he and his family returned to their home to open the door and saw their father lying in a pool of blood on the floor in the kitchen. >> we have just come back into the house and opened the door i found my father
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all over. >> initially they thought he had fallen in his head because he has seizures but then they found a bullet casing. and another. this is a murder. >> then they found a personal interest 15 months later who was an employee and worked with him with his company. he was with him the night before it he knew that plan had a bag of about $30,000 in cash. after his arrest from florida was brought up with extradited charges there's been a lot of court dates and his attorneys said to be a bit sick county prosecutor's office has fudged the case they send the documents to the court now he is of free bin citing
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they were dropping the ball back then and the gun used was from a sheriff's office in the camden county who was a gm odor with him in 2012 and people say possibly they are romantically linked and she contended the gun was ever held without her knowledge. now there is a duty on the case period new charges in jiri starting at stage when they're building a case the prosecutors they is guilty of murder. his hearing was on monday they were all there and both attorneys spoke and reset at. >> i will be honest it has been over four years since my father has passed. it will go on another
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>> will justice be served? >> i don't know i would like to say yes. >> the pain is real. but i have read castro's attorney has pointed the finger at another person? tell us more. >> in that document the attorney points the finger as someone else who was a former employe and had knowledge of the monday as well. the trial will probably start early 2017. >> minnesota of burger king caused that employees to damage the restaurant at $10,000. so when claimed claiming to be the fire department asked for the minister there is explosive gas in the restaurant and they were ordered to read these the
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windows. that is exactly what they did after they called the fire department to reassess and that they were prank to. if you have the actual gasoline -- leaky will small rotten eggs but double check before you smash all of the windows. >> police in washington d.c. are on the hunt for the real life hamburglar. check out this surveillance video. chased around five guys after he left decided to make himself to cheeseburgers, a bottle of water, talking of the cell phone. if you recognize him please call the police. a $1,000 reward to any information.
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-- still $10 worth the effort. >> governor chris christie held a press conference saying there has been a compromise on who will sit on the state supreme court. he will dominated democrat and it then he would get a fair hearing in the senate and be confirmed. >> another area of agreement, at the dixie which continues to careen toward a financial ruin. i asked them both the mayor's assertion he was sold a bill of goods during the judiciary press conference and is led by the governor's office is true. >> i will not get into back-and-forth. i have had the gas. we have already. spent his time writing his city while he still can't. >> what the mayor said was untrue. unfortunately that mayor is forgetting the conversations
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not being honest. >> what he said. [laughter] >> no matter his said what atlantic city is slowly going broke with no rescue plan has been figured out. the clock is ticking. >> struggling with the era when i thought he had a tissue but it was told i said if the key is dead. it is an every day battle. >> we have trouble getting people into the treatment
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>> hay in the beer and music festival with over 1,000 different beers with a brisket sampled for a candidate again. also i learned my lesson old school nintendo games including duck hunting is my favorite forget the der --
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music from the headline events. >> an undergraduate education this story is my graduate class. in the past few years the 26 rolled struggling with hair when. a good band is with his family says he was living with his parents to try to get better for his girlfriend and his daughters also his girlfriend is pregnant with the third child. it took a tragic turn of march 26 it was supposed to be a joyous day the whole point family-planning -- a family was planning for the easter egg hunt.
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feet he is dead right has been grabbed his feet and we pulled him to the floor and i would read as hard as i could to make him freed but i couldn't. i wanted to but i didn't have what it took. >> he was dead from an overdose his girlfriend had struggled but his sense clean. >> is it every day battle. thank god i am in a program today because i don't know where i would be but i am sober in here for my family. >> his father died 22 years ago in this struggling with addiction but after he died he stopped and was looking for help. >> is open eyes and i never
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i have tried i wanted to. [bleep] but not to be sec. >> one thing keeping the family together they will not beg his death the invade they have made it their life mission. >> we want to impact the lives though whole idea is to talk to people to go places and tell his story. we want to sit in front of law makers to make a change. >> it is not that easy. with that governmental red tape. so many people out of treatment he is no stranger. now to pledge it your life to helping people. >> i see this all too often. i've lost 27 friends in the past three years. this same day i lost my friends from. one of my best friends to
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it does not discriminate in this killing rapidly. we are finding trouble getting people into these treatment centers. >> are there any warning signs to indicate they are headed to a fatal overdose? >> what we see now is they are mixing hair when with ethanol and that is way stronger than morphine so one bag was e nacional it is a thousand times more stronger and they are overdosing of the pills that looks like off c content but the hour of pure fentanyl the there overdosing. >> what can they do to support you? >> you can go to my website is healing as .org to help give back we have a lot of
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nobody knows that better. >> fighters that the text message that he was accepted into a treatment facility this morning and is on his way there right now. >> a four year-old was bombed when he realized his favor a bubble machine was not at his supermarkets. when a rear hatch remembers your height. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event.
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>> you are in manhattan looking for the new endangered species. gumball machines in supermarkets. find out more this is what
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country. >> last friday but speed
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a watermelon is entitled let -- what just explode a watermelon one and a rubber band at a time. they would wait for it to explode while i applaud casting on facebook. 800,000 viewers watched the event live when it blew up after 45 minutes blowing the minds of everybody on social media. >> you are in manhattan looking for the new endangered species, cobol machines in supermarkets. >> specifically in front of best market where a small miracle took place for a brave young man this for year-old realize his favorite gumball machine was no longer add his supermarket.
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get back. to find out more if this is happening all over the country i went to meet with an old friend of mine who owns the gumball facility. >> how are you? >> eighth thing that comes out. at the helm they make all of these because it is the american thing to do. >> is the greatest day in and though world. >> how you major in college? >> business. [laughter] it is a family business. oh we don't have a dollar coin their retailers are forced and they don't want to be bothered. that has achieved since the
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changed since the 1800's. there long-term mom-and-pop dominated owned by large conglomerates. >> it is a lot of everything. the machines are the state looking going back from the 30's and 40's. the gumball has not changed. but not that change is always great. >> used to be in doctors' offices and post offices. retailers all over the country are removing them but not thinking of the impact on children. it all of these people play a small part. >> if you are in the
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we want them back for our children they will listen. just sign the petition. if kids go with their parents, and the stores will start to bring them back. >> i think i know why they go out of business. gumballs sock -- suck. >> i will defend him it is iconic. >> a can purchase it on there i found they know what they want. you don't know what you will get. >> nothing major sounds older then to say kids these days. [laughter] >> those darn kids. >> how to meet its a man and a dating experts set -- sets a straight.
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from our studios in atlanta -- >> check me out. >> -- and dallas. >> i would be fine going to bed with either one. >> we cover the hottest entertainment news you need to know. this is "dish nation." dish nation >> welcome to "dish nation." first up, let's say what's up to our crew over in atlanta. how's it going headkrack, gary and brat? >> hey. >> filling in for porsha today
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>> what's up, lisa ray. big fan of your bikini pictures. huge fan. >> why, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> more on that later. a lot of good stuff on today's show. jay-z had a whirlwind of a weekend out in l.a. at the mtv movie awards and ice cube and cedric the entertainer stop by to talk "barber shop." but first, irina, sheikh and bradley cooper are officially official. they've been dating for a year. finally she posted an instagram photo of the two of them kind of coming out, like we're together. >> something's coming out. and it's mostly boobs. >> that's the thing. she posted this on instagram. she has the best body i've ever seen in my entire life. >> you can't even see her body, you just see her boobs. >> i follow her on instagram. so i see a lot of her bod. >> okay, girl. >> she's gorgeous. but of course, she cuts their


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