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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  April 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> presidential candidates can continue to crisscross new york. is the empire state primary. >> police have made an arrest in the subway slashing of an israeli torus. it's coming up in just a few minutes.>> good morning. it's tuesday and i am been somehow. >> to you for joining us. >> happy tuesday. >> . ben: i fell asleep pretty fast . that's what happens when you don't sleep it was nice. i got seven hours. it was amazing! yesterday afternoon , it was spectacular outside before it was. a little bit of rain here and basically everything.
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stop . breezy spring. looks like it will be even windier this morning. let's look at the radar. the city is looking pretty drive but we see showers and rain coming to sussex county. 54 and said sussex and the same thing in montauk with the wind . 17 mph for you and islip and 10 mph wind in newark. a cold front was its way into the tri-state region and brings as a band of showers. it will begin to make its
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tri-state region. there are highs close to where they should be. tomorrow morning really pretty chilly and we have another freeze was to talk about. it's part of the tri-state coming up in a bit . off to a good start with construction wrapping up on the bridge. new jersey 87 in the parsippany area looking good. on the fdr drive we have them moving south down and there is no significant
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the metro-north is running on or close to schedule next the regional district has voted to allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on the gender identity. the move will accommodate students in the district high school what about the mental distress? what about my child? nothing is getting addressed with that. >> it's on a contentious issue. the district who are transgender can now use a bathroom that responds to their core identity. >> think it's great for all
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we are teaching them about the people we should be we type of society they should be part of. was the second time they allowed public comment on this. some parents have been so vocal that the issue has been tabled. they have to keep up with antidiscrimination laws. it opens up the bathrooms and locker rooms to transgender students but it says that the staff has to address them by the names and pronouns that they identify with. >> transgender people exist in the community. it's an affirmation. we are human beings and we are not some hypothetical. it will cause some issues interim trouble .
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>> a lot of people don't know how to feel about this and it's very touchy . ben: more on that story throughout the morning. health officials say the zika virus is a lot scarier . >> when you hear about it, it's a little nerve-racking. the cdc delivered a bombshell report saying hundreds of americans traveled to seek a . many people in the us are being affected than previously thought.we believe 30 states have the mosquito present. >> many people experience minor symptoms or none at all. other symptoms can mimic those like the julian bar symptom. the most common is birth defects.
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vaccine. candidates make the wrong way around the empire state. >> robert moses has the wrap up . curtis: hillary clinton will be in midtown for a roundtable discussion . she popped up all over new york stopping in at a diner to discuss prevention and a dinner in holbrook . she challenged bernie sanders. >> he has trouble answering questions about his court bank. he has trouble answering foreign policy questions. sanders campaign in upstate and he remained steadfast in his belief that he is best equipped to win in november. >> this is a campaign with
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national poll that's defeating , not only trumped by double digits. >> is already looking ahead to trump . >> her campaign released a campaign slamming trump . >> tom had a rally in albany where he criticized the political process that awarded all of colorado's 34 delegates to cruise. >> the system is rigged. it's a rigged dirty system x group says trumps words are sour grapes. >> the latest thing that he seized upon is when people vote against him now they are stealing the election? >> trump is voting on everyone possible . two votes you will not get are those his children, eric and amanda, who missed the registration deadline. john kasich campaigns in the city and he remains a
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his opponent who have no chance. >> i am the only person who consistently beats hillary. >> the surge of subway slashing continue. they say they have arrested 24-year-old marvin taylor for an attack that happened on friday morning in greenwich village. taylor used a sharp object to cut open the pockets of a bench in israel. the victim noticed that it was happening and he resisted and he was cut on his hands and face. taylor's charge with robbery, assault and weapons possession. >> dozens of workers say they will go on strike if they don't get a new contract . they work on the landline phone and internet operation.they haven't had a contract since august. the union says they are trying to improve benefits and prevent verizon
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transferring to outside contractors. verizon says the landline sales are down and that means flexibility . they say it's trained thousands of workers to take over. >> to have a landline? >> many people do not still have them? >> i think lauren says she does. mike does . >> interesting. still ahead, it's wendy. it's raining. michael will tell us when it starts. it's not quite beach weather. our area remains one of the
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. when a rear hatch remembers your height. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering.
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lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. p right now lease a 2016 lincoln p navigator for $599 a month, p or get 0% apr for 60 months. nearly 700 for you out in newark. 68 in allentown and 57 is what you topped out at in sussex. 57 and islip. we did get a little bit of sunshine in later on in the afternoon. more rain than what
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540 yesterday and pretty mild in central park . 53 in bridgeport and 52 in montauk and 45 in monticello. not even close to freezing here. it's in the southwest wind coming through at 10 17 miles per hour. it will be windy for the early part of the day. that's also when the rain will be coming through. showers already push into the tri-state and mainly affecting the northwest corner of new jersey right now. we are going to see the showers coming in quickly as the cold front is working into the tri-state region. it will do so this morning with high-pressure building and behind it.
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direction . one thing we have to contend with is a fund passing by. we go into effect at 2:00 am and 8:00 am. you go into the coastal area and you do have freezing temperatures around 320. you know what you have to do make sure you project your plants. today we have a high getting up to 60 and we will have breezy showers in the afternoon. it's all kinds of sunshine for the rest of the week with high temperatures next week getting into the mid- upper 60s next week. it does get warmer but we are not quite there yet. we're not supposed to. the live interactive radar with the itunes store in
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it's already to go and will show you where the rain is right now. some people have to go to work. it's on the mat parkway and as far as your commute in queens, the bqe with the bridge looking okay. let's look at the commute. we look at the lie and we look at the eastbound side. the george washington bridge is a good option. upper and lower level looks good. same goes for the lincoln and the holland tunnel. >> ocean city new jersey have you been? >> i think i have. it's too far? >> apparently it's the best beach in america. >> i grew up going there early summer.that's
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magazine. it beat out huntington beach california for the top spot. ocean city is a great place. it's a great boardwalk for the kids. the only new jersey beach a receive more than 100,000's a dry town. you have been forewarned. >> i can't believe a dry town come up at the top of the list. maybe it's just my friends that wouldn't go there. >> it's the oscars of social media. it's the shorty awards. it honors the best of snapshot, youtube, instagram and so many. how we were not nominated, i don't know. matt king takes a look at
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>> i am thinking, oh my gosh you are the guy from the viral video. >> shorty awards honor all of people who use the internet for successfully. >> everyone snapshots everything. >> i don't know all the names. >> they compete for the year. dj khaled receives a nomination. >> we inspire myself inspire the world. >> you do whatever you want to do. >> it meant self-promotion and jokes just like the eyeglasses strapped to their faces. >> a little bit . >> summit means trying to improve others. >> were talking about big
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>> just as people join the conversation around the viral sensation like the pizza rack brought to us by this man .>> it's been the wildest and most fun year of my life . >> we have a new video about it and we will be right
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>> he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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rain is headed our way. >> will it be a heavy rain and will it be all day?we are looking at light to moderate rain all day. now until lunchtime. >> i am glad i wash my car yesterday. >> good timing! we will have it on the warm side today. here is what we have 540 at central park now and it's the same thing and islip pretty. mild again in newark and 570 in allentown. you have cloudier skies or
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that's where we had both of those happening . 45 in monticello and it's a mild day out there. the winds are not that bad at 10 15. we pick up more of the fund gets closer. you can see the showers coming through upstate new york heading in our direction. it's coming in from west east and it will be heavier pockets of showers coming in looking at a quarter a third of an inch. it will squeeze by here primarily during the morning commute and you could see patches showers fire up the head of the fund. we will have to deal with it for the morning commute . it hangs in there until one 2:00 and it's out of town. we do have another freeze what's going into effect for the blue shield county.
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lake putnam county and it's to the northwest and new jersey. that's what you could have conditions tomorrow morning. today you have a warm wet weather for starters and the rain gets out of town. you have a lot of sunshine with highs getting into the mid-upper 60s next week . it's not bad. >> this is the story that makes mike woods happy . >> you need me to continue? >> it's ditching the forecast. >> i like this ! they have always written and everything all capital letters. >> it's holdover from the days of systems and this is what it looks like we get in the system. it's only printed messages and. to start on may 11. they will send out a mixed case letter. >> it's almost like they
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video.>> you look at that and you think they are yelling at me. >> no one is yelling at you from the national weather service. >> the blue jays are in toronto. on the mound with sanchez getting the ball. the meds open up a three-game series. he jumps all over stephen and he starts the damage with a single run to left. jay carlson has a two run blast. seven ending for the fish
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he had a hit and it's 2/4 in the season. >> usually i don't get worried on the 12th because hundred and 62 games. washington is already 4/1. they could be. >> not nearly as dysfunctional. >> they are a bit like the giants. member when we told them going in so good but they bought into it. they got off to a terrible start . >> they had no playoffs to look forward to. they played their game of the year. >> was just going to say
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>> the wizards have a lead in transition with jj hixson. he gets the ball and he throws it down with washington winning at 111. they wrap up tomorrow night. >> even more football news. >> he speaks out about the fireworks accident that cost him a finger and part of a thumb. he talks with sports illustrated.>> i was facing this way and illiterate here. i hear, ! >> we will get more on this story when sports releases the whole story later today. i saw the giant started their off-season workout program. i saw him in the weight room and they put out
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back there working out. it's interesting to see what kind of season he has. he was getting to the quarterback they just could not grab and tackle. it starts yesterday. do, thank you very much. >> we have to take a
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good morning. happy tuesday. it's windy and rainy. >> good attempt on the rainy. >> and will the rain started? how windy will it be? how much will we get ? >> when will it end? lots of those questions on


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