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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. it will be one of those days. the sun will come out today. >> that's not today but tomorrow. >> it will be nice. >> all right, everyone. welcome.what's going on? not a lot. actually it took a while for people to be included in as to what happened on saturday night. >> we did not go. the inner-circle is this great big annihilation. he basically raised money for charity. at the same time, they lampoon the city hall and politics.
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that thing. the inner-circle. >> the name of the show was called she hamilton. it's very funny. let's go to the health and hotel saturday night. it's in manhattan and hillary clinton bill de blasio in center stage. along with leslie odom. he is the start of hamilton. you might have this still. who remembers hillary clinton not receiving a timely endorsement from bill de blasio. >> does anyone remember? it took him a long time to endorse him. >> abet , even now that he wonders if he should've endorsed ernie. hillary gave him a hard time about the lee endorsement and his joke about it it has made more than a few people upset. let's listen.
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endorsement. sorry, hillary. >> i was running on cp time. >> i don't like jokes like that. >> i have been there. >> that's getting a lot of attention. >> it's the front page of the daily news and they are talking about it in just about every tabloid. >> it's invoking colored people time in the gallery team. >> we have to put it to you guys. i'm very surprised that he said it. they say he is allowed to because of his family. >> it wasn't like it was off the top of their head
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planet. they put some thought into it head of time. >> someone did. >> put the comments up from the facebook fans. >> there was nothing wrong with the joke. obama made the joke and would anyone be offended? i more offended that the outrageous coming from people for not african-american why are they offended? shake my head. >> there are some topics that we can tackle and some that we can't. >> let's go to ashley marie. it's a really dumb thing to do. even if they did not mean it that way, they should have resourced the lingo and saw that they used cp time, it may come off the wrong way. again with shaking my head. >> and it says that hillary it's not nice . >> how about amber?
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racial group has a stereotype that stoked about. black comedians make fun of everyone. there is an uproar because the people who made the joke are supposed to be progressive but they are still using the term colored people. that's a joke in itself. >> i have been to hr a dozen times. i have made various political observations that are inappropriate. i was surprised that bill de blasio and hillary clinton went there. >> if it was hillary clinton and louis ck i don't think people would be making such a big deal. they walk the line.>> hillary is running full time. >> i bet you they gave her the approval for the show.
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>> has to be open. mikey what's up. >> mike, i would love for you to weigh in. >> you have been meriting this all morning. >> it definitely caught me off guard. i am not one to get upset about things too often but it caught me off guard. the fact that it comes from the politicians instead of a comedian it makes you go what? >> things make you say. >> exactly! >> as you step out the door, we have a lot of rain. it's only here for a short while. if you don't have to get out immediately , you can wait it out and it will be just fine because it won't be here beyond lunch time. the heaviest of which is coming to the city heading into fairfield county. it's right into the box and the five boroughs. once they get through, you can see the showers break
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11:00 coming to a close after lunchtime. we have 560 at newark and the same thing in central park. it's 53 in montauk and 360 in monticello. that's one of the things we will have to look out for. it's a big question. as we head into the email, the cold front is taking back over so you will notice as opposed to what we would have tomorrow morning. the cold front continues to make its way to the east and showers are breaking up at 1:00. it will be drying out afterwards and we will see a sunnier sky takeover. plenty of sunshine there with cold temperatures in the morning. the freeze watch goes into
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shaded counties and we look at temperature near 320 tomorrow morning from 2:00 8:00 . the early spring planning is there so go ahead and protect your plants. >> it could be a not so great situations. >> morning showers for you and the rain breaks up up to 570 by the midday. high temperatures up to 60 in the afternoon. it's breezy with wind coming from the southwest and turning northwest earlier . a high at 600 today. 59 on thursday and 60 on friday. we will be in the 60s as we head into 670. temperatures are 50 above normal at that time.
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>> she was the host of face the nation. she has had a lot of jobs there. whatever you think sometimes they do great journalism consistently. there is leslie . it's the face the nation europe. here she is in iraq with the general. leslie has covered just about every story there is. a new role is being discussed in her book . leslie stahl the joys of new grandparenting. becoming grandma welcome to goodyear new york. >> it is my new role. i am not giving up my day job. it's a fascinating report. i want to talk to you about grandmothers because at first i think some grandmothers are youthful and when they hear they kid has a baby they say great and then they say wait a
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called grandma . >> did that hit you? >> if you wait as long as i waited you are grateful and you just want them to call you anything. >> i did not care. i wanted the child so badly. i now have a theory grandmothers have a biological clock just like mothers do. you need to become a grandmother at some point and if they make you wait too long you begin to really crave it. >> how many are there? >> i have two . they are both on the cover. >> were we looking at? >> we're looking at a two-year-old who is chloe and a five-year-old, jordan. >> how to change your life? >> well, hundred percent. it's in a big way and a granular way. they change my future and i am much more optimistic . i think that
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jeans were screaming at me saying, thank god .it's like a physical and mental and every which way thing it's all positive. i can tell from my perspective. in the book, i made a lot of grandmothers enough that break your heart. their children's and daughters-in-law are not allowing them to see their grandchildren. there's a lot of pain sometimes. >> you also talk about it being very therapeutic. let's like medicine. the effect . the day he was in a car accident, it was my worst show. it was so shocking. don't expect a guy who spent his life like that. you'd go on to say how
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him . you say he was suffering from depression. >> you grandson, jack, one day he had the baby and the depression is gone. >> asked him and he said yes. i looked into it and there are studies that say if men are having a depression, a grandchild can pull them out of it. >> is in my peers and colleagues.
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>> was more like brothers and sisters. we all want to show to be great. when you say you want your piece to be better. >> to get assigned? what we come up with our own. we are all committed in a deeper way. >> let's go back. where were you? it was a local reporter in boston.>> big difference.
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>> i got to washington from boston in the very first story was watergate . all of a sudden it was watergate. a woman is covering such a high profile piece. affirmative action became the rule. >> i benefited. no one thought watergate was a story.
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entering thing. he urges me not to go on with the story. >> it's woodward. >> he was like a major metropolitan reporter. >> that too was covering days. go. >> can we fast forward to 1981? it's january 20. reagan's inauguration i just you reporting that day and i remember what a weird day it was. he hit the videotape , please. the hostages were about to be let go in with the new president. you were chitchatting with walter cronkite. do you remember this? number one, i fell in love with you that day. number two, i thought it was a very strange moment. >> you just made my day! it was unforgettable.
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hard to get the hostages released. they basically destroyed his presidency. he desperately wanted to go to welcome them. the ayatollah would not release them. >> it was a deliberate thing. >> attention over when they will be released and would reagan be present at the time it was a backdrop for the inauguration . it's all very tense and it's the high moment. >> for the country too. everyone was holding their breath. will they be released? >> you have covered the biggest stories in the world. you are becoming a grandmother how does that fit in? are you juggling it again? >> exactly!you go right
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life. thank goodness for technology. grandmothers who live in different cities are scraping and face timing. they are managing to be in their babies lives. we think they are ours. it saved us because we crave these baby so much. the mothers went out and hunted . >> those were the days. >> they did that for the
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for all of time it was our function. it isn't anymore. also it's a physical ache. our children are both working in the younger generation are suffering. child care is expensive and grandmothers want to and are jumping in. >> my mother's nagging me to have grandchildren.>> enough for grandma's. what about the grandpa? you're married to aaron how is he handling grandfather hood? >> he has tea parties and he is soft and gooey. >> all men love it! if you would like to meet
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>> tickets are available tomorrow night on april 13. please in the book.he is one of my grandfathers. >> other tickets still available? >> i hope not. >> i love talking to both of you. >> lily is a big deal on the internet. >> she wrote the book about high school. she is a huge following. 8 billion views. >> are more of a cocktail guy. sam adams is the best beer in the world. i started sam adams and it's not him you're
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and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. you are about to meet one of the biggest stars on the internet.
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>> 5 million followers. >> that's it. >> "time magazine" calls her one of the most influential teenagers. i didn't know numbers went up this high. >> people like kanye west i think the mine video has views of over 8 billion . >> she is kind of like the modern-day version. she is a comedian. >> she has a sense of humor. >> the biggest on the internet welcome to good day new york. >> she has a new book out called surviving high school do it for the line. >> this book is a novel it's based on any part of your life?
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the part where why would people bully you? when you look back to figure out why the problem? >> when people see that someone is different somehow they automatically judge you and i think i was very antisocial. also i was very loud. people were older than me and they would tease me and make fun of me because i was easily made fun of.>> when did you get active online? >> i got acted my junior year. >> two years ago you are 19.
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>> i realize that when the loops came out. i thought it was a big deal. they told me about it and i said, wow!what were you doing? what were your loops about. they were gaining attention. >> i guess i was the one getting her. >> i like to do relatable skits and things that could help other kids. >> i would like to acted out. >> where you from? >> when she moved to america? >> starring in our writing?
9:25 am
you have one coming out . >> i am with my friends and am very excited about it. >> how you spend your day? social media as it is encouraged to do it here. it's a lot of work. >> do it myself for now. other people can help me to edit . you have to think of the perfect video for the day to make people laugh. if you don't laugh, it will work out. >> it started as it, right. >> it seems to be enhanced by social media. >> bullying awareness out there. now, it follows you. not too long ago you
9:26 am
leave it at school or work. >> i still , today or yesterday i know it will get better. in that moment, it's hard. all you have to do is let time pass. do you let something reply? donald trump does it. look what happened to him! >> i would rather not do that. it's giving that person attention. let's get back to the new book. does the person survive high school? >> yes, i survive high school.
9:27 am
will fall but you will learn from why you fell. >> put it up on the screen. >> the book signing today at 6:00. it's at 211 east ridge avenue it's in ridgewood new jersey. >> it's pretty good! >> lisa givens is here. she has a new book called fierce optimism. >> in her entertainment tonight days he is the author. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100%
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i think that is lisa givens >> entertainment tonight is that ray romano?>> well , lisa givens he fell in love with her entertainment tonight . who remembers the lisa show? she was terrific!
9:31 am
trump hired her on celebrity apprentice. that was a magnificent moment. she was hired! nice guys finish last! we were talking about what he said . >> you have to hear it lisa, what's this all about? >> is about what you just said. >> i think they need a rehab. optimism needs a better seat at the power table. it's the driver of the success in business. for me, it was a big headline. those are the values i was
9:32 am
that's what i write about. the optimist out there will always know that you could rebound and recover . you can have confidence. >> let's go through the values. number one loyalty, optimism, focus, forgiveness , resilience and self-worth. >> i like that you talk about no whining just winning. >> exactly! when you won the celebrity apprentice, i will never forget what donald trump said. we have it let's roll it. >> you lead with kindness. i see brutal killers. you. you really have tremendous talent and tremendous leadership abilities.
9:33 am
is . >>. [cheering] he talked about your kindness and your optimism. it's interesting. it's not usually seen in people who are successful leaders in business. >> i look at a lot of people that have inspired me who have built their businesses on kindness and optimism. bill gates, warren buffett, self-described all optimist. sarah who created spanks. >> think of for her! look what she did for us! there are lots of people who don't correlate it. when you are nice it doesn't mean you're not competitive. >> they mistake the niceness for the weakness.
9:34 am
write about. you flip it around.use the energy to fuel your next path. >> he hired you. would you vote for him? sorry to put you on the spot but you have an interesting view. >> you are supposed to be a representative for him? are you still working for him? >> it's a reality t.v. show. i had such an amazing time and such respect for donald and eric any longer. she really has the whole package! >> to answer your question our primary doesn't come up intelligence so i have time to think about it but
9:35 am
him because i am not registered as a republican. >> would you work for him? >> i would because i think he was extraordinary in my experience on celebrity apprentice. it was possible for charities like mine to get $15 million over time. changer. >> people say it's a reality show president. it's a businessman and he is a business political candidate. >> he treated you well? >> absolutely! he has been under fire for his alleged treatment of think , as women goes, he's okay? >> i can only speak for my experience which was good and he was very respectful. here's what i did i needed to show up as myself.
9:36 am
intimidation factor out . what are the commonalities that we have. he is paternal and wanting us all to succeed . >> you beat geraldo! >> i love geraldo. >> i was secretly rooting for him. >> we show up the family. both ways work. he is very optimistic . >> he is no dancing with the stars. >> that's a hard thing. >> lisa givens, if you want to meet her you can. the book event is coming up.when is tonight at 7:00.the bookmark shop on third avenue in bay ridge. it's in my known neighborhood.
9:37 am
and we could talk about why think it works and science proves it. it's emotionally and physically. >> lisa, thanks a lot.who wants a beer? esther cope he started sam adams beer. it's a memoir. i am not a big beer drinker but when it comes to beer it's a great stuff.>> is disaster the musical. it's so much fun. you will hear the performance and meet the cast. that's donald
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think is so much thank you for having me. >> you play a journalist. >> i am a reporter. >> you are on this big ship and there's construction
9:41 am
>> a disaster happens any work on the ship. >> my name is chad and i'm a waiter in a come to see that marianne is on the ship and i discover the ship is shaken by the tremors and we have to escape . >> yes! it's funny. >> are you ready do think we . >> yes. >> adam and carrie from disaster the musical .
9:42 am
[music] i am woman, hear me roar. i know too much to go back to pretend. i have heard it all before. i've been down there on the floor.
9:43 am
again.i am wise. look how much i've gained. i can do anything! i am strong. i am invincible! i am woman! i am woman hear me roy! ? [applause] it's been a wild not much. >>
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[music] there's a warm wind blowing the stars around and i would literally i would really love to see ask for promises you don't have to live . >> we both played this game before.
9:45 am
goodbye. when the ship is sinking, when you have time to sing that song. >> water is rising . >> you have to ask the creator and the star of . >> nice to have you here. . >> ben and lisa, twins. >> seth, i love the music x it's all 70 songs. >> did you build the story around the music or did the music fit in the story? >> i will listen to my ipod
9:46 am
>> i would figure out a way to make the plot work. >> the ship on its side is great. the office of emergency management they love the show. incorporated you guys into a public service announcement with a public message. >> noted disaster experts! did you just call me lame? >> yes. sports, music , girls all in. >> disaster preparation is important, especially in your.>> the first thing about it is to go back and get flashlights. protect your pets and have them all if you have to leave your apartment or house.
9:47 am
idea. you are from bensonhurst love it. >> you? georgia! >> . [laughter] does he look familiar? he is hiding come here. >> come say hi. >> i just happen to have one. aren't you proud of your son? >> i'm super proud of him. he plays a boy and a girl. >> what's happening? bailey and i are going on stage. >> just after the show tonight. >> was amazing the show is amazing. come see disaster. >> how are the boys? we are good!
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who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. look at that guy. he likes beer.
9:51 am
adams. he is a new book out called quench your thirst. if lessons learned over a beer or're probably seen him in the commercial. it's very effective. take a look. >> the first i would say is that the guy is crazy. >> you practically choose it. >> he is constantly walking back. >> beers my life! >> jim cook the one and only.he happens to be a harvard graduate. i guess it's never too early!
9:52 am
of sam adams. to this day, i still taste the sample of every beer that we make. i tried to do it in the morning because your palate is crisp , clear and fresh. i do drink beer. >> i am a trained professional. >> how big is sam adams these days. >> pens on how you want to measure it.i am happy where we are at 1% of the us be a market. i started my kitchen. i started with a homebrew. i am happy we have gotten to the size but we started this craft revolution.
9:53 am
they are copying you. >> it's a team. there is 4500 of us now. >> when we're making beer in your kitchen? >> before because my dad was a brewmaster. i learned to make beer at home before it was legal. after i graduated i got my other degrees , they talk about in the book. one of the themes is quenching on thursday and following your passion. i had this good job but it wasn't what i wanted to do. >> to win and gave notice. we started the boston beer company. >> it's very brave. some people are afraid
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new york. what makes it think bigger? push for a living wage that's higher. for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders
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thank you, josie. thank you jim cook.the founder of sam adams. head over to rosie agreed tomorrow night. seventh avenue and 52nd st. he will pour beer for 2 and a half hours. >> quench your own thirst. >> it's my summer project . >> what bits of wisdom do you have? i was too busy making beer! i would write them down with lessons on bar napkins and got turned into a book . >> we will continue the conversation on the facebook page. at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she fought in the senate to end racial profiling and discriminatory sentencing. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness!
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bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect -- my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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