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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it will be in the 70s. not today but by the weekend . weekend . >> i can't wait!thousands of verizon workers are expected to walk off the job at about one hour. they're trying to push the company to reach a new contract with verizon says it's been preparing for months. >> washington sq., park has been closed for a bernie sanders rally while hillary is heading to the bronx. another busy day.
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alternative ways to pay it's wednesday morning on april 13. thank you for being with us. >> juliet i don't know who gave her permission to go to the concerts. she is taking a couple days off. mike woods he is standing by. this could be the nicest stretch of spring weather that we have had the season. >> we are ready! >> we are ready. it's called around parts of
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in the metro to not so bad. i knew it was coming. >> that might happen a few times. we have 410 and 40 in newark. we have to deal with the rainfall. it's well offshore. windsor coming in from the northwest indicating the cold front went through yesterday. it's coming in the northwest at five 10 miles per hour. we have a clear sky with high pressure and control. it's a cool hi and that means temperatures will be just a little bit below normal. here's the fund that came through and it was not a tremendous amount of rain but it's a sloppy tuesday morning. high pressure is building
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of clear skies coming to you with temperatures that will be pretty comfortable. everything is off to the shoulder and traffic is moving fine. it's off to a good start on this wednesday morning. the trains are running on or close. strickland was in effect citywide. >> 39,000 verizon workers
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the job starting at 6:00 am. the issue is the lack of a contract . >> these are the old landline workers and verizon files workers. it's not verizon wireless. let's go to teresa. she is live with more. >> . theresa: we know how tough it can be. that's when things are running normally. now , at a strike in the mix and that's what we're talking about. good morning to both of you. 40,000 union workers from five states stretching from massachusetts to virginia are logging off the job today. here in new york city i'm standing across the street from the spot where everyone will need and it's a nondescript building . 230 w. 86th st. they will strike here at 6:00 a.m.. this will be one of the largest strikes and verizon history. countless customers, me and you if you happen to subscribe , that if you have a wire line with
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you will be interrupted and we don't know for how long. hours? days? months? we do know it's having nothing to do with verizon wireless. we are talking about verizon with wireline customers. we have a few issues. the workers in brooklyn are fighting for the first contract and others have been working without a contract since august. some of these workers claim the company's attempt to outsource jobs overseas and they say the company is assigning technicians to do out-of-state work and it family for months. verizon says the work has to be good done to be viable. some are presenting themselves in a prounion ad . >> going off of my parents and their history, they had
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they are sacrificing. that's the way to make things's a way to get fair treatment and get fair pay. >> i truly believe this is something that we have earned and we deserved. i am ready to strike! i am ready to strike!>> proceed as you may.>> those workers that you heard from in the brooklyn office are fighting for their first contract. the last time they went on strike was 2011 and lasted for two weeks. according to the post, half of the time there has been some work stoppage. verizon is prepared in a training other nonunion workers since early 2015. this will happen as a result of all this. latest. much. from downtown to uptown hillary clinton bernie sanders are going to
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>> is a very busy day in the area. >> the three republican candidates will be out-of-state. donald trump and ted cruz are in pennsylvania and john casey is in maryland. hillary clinton bernie sanders are very much year. sanders is expected to get a hero's welcome at a rally in washington sq., park . >> thousands are expected to show support for bernie sanders tonight in washington square .spike lee, tim robbins and they are expected. the secret service say the park should be closed all day and sanders hopes the message will resonate loudly for him in new york. >> hillary clinton will be in the city today. she speaks at the national action network 25th anniversary connection. she hosts a organizing
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yesterday she spoke about the importance of equal pay for women. >> the failure to ensure equal pay for women also impacts families and the broader economy. >> like clinton, polls show she laid in new york but he is still smarting from the fact the colorado awarded all 34 delegates to ted cruz over the weekend. he is not holding a primary or a caucus. >> the republican national committee they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> cruz says trump is just whining. >> john kasich made a stop at a matzo bakery and he tried to distance himself from the back and forth. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> the house speaker says he will not take any road to the high office in the land. some said he would become
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secure the nomination at the convention but he says he is putting the speculation to rest. >> i believe usually choose my person who is participating in the primary. >> count me out! big news to tell you about. the daily news says they will endorse hillary clinton. they say she is more qualified than bernie sanders. >> we told you today is a big day. tomorrow is an even bigger day. all five candidates will be on the city and there is also the major democratic debate .it's hard to overstate what a pivotal day tomorrow will be . >> robert, thank you. >> the mta is phasing out the metro cars. >> agency says the cards are too expensive and they are looking for alternatives. one idea is to have commuters tap into their smart phone or maybe your smart card.
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used in london and in dc. they are asking companies to submit their idea by the 23rd and hopes to have the payment system online . >> they say a man grabbed a little girl in east new this happened at 8:30 p.m. near elton street . police released a video and photo of the suspect . they say the 11-year-old was on her way to school himself. man ran off. the girl was not physically , thankfully. if you see this man call crimestoppers at one 800 577 tips. >> it's like a breathalyzer. the high-tech advice that they could use for bus drivers in new york state. mike has the forecast we have some changes coming up . 410 at central park.
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this weekend is looking nice. it's pretty a+. it would not be until monday night and tuesday. even then looks like a really small chance. it's pretty much out of here during the daytime. who cares ! that's where the early spring planting goes. you might have it at risk this morning in those regions.
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it's not that bad.
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the next 48 hours. it 72 on sunday and 74 on monday. they are above normal temperatures. it's a been out the door for some of us. >> you have to go to work . here's what's going on. staten island expressway on the bridge and let's take a look at the lie. there is a construction set up as you approach and it's not causing the the george washington bridge it's the lower level looking problems in the lincoln or the holland tunnel. >> think you. there is concerns about essential protest when the nypd officer is sentenced tomorrow.>> the
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leader met last night in downtown brooklyn. it's a goal of preventing violent protests. in february he was convicted of manslaughter for of a kai gurley. it's a dark stairwell of the east new york .the district attorney is recommending probation. leaders promised to stand outcome. >> no matter what happened at the sentencing, it will not divide our community . we will use this moment of tragedy to turn pain into purpose. >> the judge could sentence him to 15 years in prison. >> police in new york might still have a weapon to tackle texting while driving. linda smith shows how it can help bus distracted drivers. >> then and debbie know the pain of losing a child. the 19-year-old son was killed five years ago.
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>> we subpoenaed the phone records for our own lawsuit and it took us six months to get them.we found texting throughout the drive leading up to the class. >> lieberman's work closely with state lawmakers who have proposed a bill asking police to use a device called the textile eyes are. it's similar to the breathalyzer. if you were an accident, police would be able to scan your phone and it would tell them whether you were texting at the time of the accident and moments before . >> it's about saving life. >> the brooklyn state assemblyman says he is cosponsoring the bill. >> the assemblyman says an israeli company is developing the textile eyes are. he says the scanner will be able to only detect if a driver was texting but not if it's able to read the text or gain access to your
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information. civil liberties union is not convinced. >> i think that there is much that needs to be done and that can be done , both to address the problem and to respect the privacy rights of the drivers. >> under the proposed legislation, if a driver refuses to allow them to scan their phone, they could lose their license. the assemblyman is hoping to build them before the legislature breaks for someone just playing. >> time now is 519 and we have a lot more still to come. it's an unprecedented
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the astounding amount there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision and look to the american horizon. can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends
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the renowned astrophysicist. they are working to launch a program searching for extra terrestrial life. they want to send thousands of ships 25,000 miles away. the nano craft will go to the neighboring star within 20 years. >> it's a fully functional probe that can be held with two fingers and mass-produced in the course
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>> story short hopes to reach them within our lifetime. >> that's interesting.>> it's a must more terrestrial based event. the printer sister an amazing faster and record the whole thing. it involves zombies, dental surgery and tell us more. >> she was in the passenger seat here. she just had her wisdom teeth pulled . she and her brother are driving home with an emergency broadcast coming over the radio. it's a viral outbreak. the brothers tell her they have to stockpile weapons . >> the best part is you have to make a decision about their family pets. listen to this. >> we can only take one pet which one? >> the cat or the dog?
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already dying leave him and get the cat! >> she does not like the dog. he is already dying. >> the poor dog! notice how she holds the cat there. >> i guess they told her it was all a big joke.>> you actually had an amazing reaction. she said, can i just go to bed ? >> you are very loopy.>> i have been the victim of pranks before and i feel like i would have fallen for that . >> especially if you are under the influence. >> let's take a break top stories weather and traffic
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>> american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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rain is coming to an end. it is out of here! it will be a nice sunny day today. we will get close to 60 but it will get better over the next five or six days. the weekend is looking spectacular. >> thousands of landline workers plan to walk off the job this morning. they are beginning at 6:00 am. verizon is ready for the strike and they have trained workers to fill in. >> an update now on the stabbing from yesterday morning. in 19-year-old man he has been charged with murder and he has been accused with the stabbing. it's a relation between the stabbing victim and a starter. >> it's a red light robin hood appearing to be added again.
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light cameras. he is facing serious penalties. a lot of people agree with his point. >> 5:30 p.m.. >> i am carrie drew. it is 530. thank you for being with us. >> let's check the forecast mike woods is in this morning. we are debating in the makeup room about whether to wear a dark or a light tie. went with dark even though it's a bright day. >> is not exactly warm. >> he has a great smile. >> we had carrie here with some read on. i will handle this part. >> and a scale of 1 to 10 what you get today?>> i like the cool days. it's a little bit cool for starters but i would give it any .>> not too bad. >> 8.2. >> friday it starts to wrap up with an 8.6.
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sunday 10:00? >> almost. i guess for this time of year you could go there. >> here is what we have. 57 is the forecast high and at 64 the average. that let you know we are not too far up from what is normal. it's coming in from the northwest and it's clear on the satellite . we are keeping an eye on this over the great lakes but it doesn't look like it will be a problem for us. sunny skies coming at you today and it's nice with a high temperature at 570. tonight is clear and a little bit chilly with lows dropping down by 30.
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of 58 and 63 on saturday. there is what you are talking about they are we want a 9+ grading . sunday and monday with a high temperature and not bad at all.let's bring in ines. so far we get an a- >> there is a little issue there in the garden state parkway. southbound exit 90.there is some flipped over cars so there is a landlocked there. if you are traveling to the bronx, let's take a look at the lie. it's in the connector and it's not too bad out there. let's see if we have the camera shot. it's westbound and eastbound moving at the speed limit with the trains and the new jersey transit running on or close. >> 532. 39,000 verizon workers from maine to virginia will plan to walk off the job a half an hour. the issue is the lack of a contract .
5:33 am
>> teresa joins us live in details. >> the workers say they are ready. the question is are we ready? that remains to be seen for what impact it will have. people start to line up on west 38th st. you can see the union workers here and they will walk off the job in just a half hour time. this is the main spot where they are striking. this is will be the largest reagan history. they will be interrupted for days or weeks or who knows . that's the question hanging over all of our heads. it's a landline that you have in your house or your office. it's like bibles cable .
5:34 am
portion of wireless customers according to the union rep that i just got the phone with. 60 of them are joining the strike with wireless technicians that maintain the towers downstate. 95 of them are joining. that's a small portion. union workers claim the company in some cases outsourcing the job overseas. the company says it has to do it in order to remain viable. it's a prounion ad.take a listen. >> the biggest issue for me is the fact that the company wants to relocate jobs on a moments notice. >> we are all husbands , fathers, sons and daughters
5:35 am
someone to pick up and move out of state for months at a time, it's nearly impossible . >> the company is discussing moving our office to philadelphia . if they move me to philadelphia i won't be able to be a band mom or an fsa mom. >> workers low walked off the job in 2011 and the strike lasted two weeks. the company says it has been preparing for it since early 2015 and it's ready. he claims it is taking people from its pr department and all other nonunion sectors but it has trained them to do the job. they are typically handled by these different workers . they say they are covered but we will see just how big an impact will be and that is the latest . >> teresa is with us in
5:36 am
>> a big wednesday for the presidential candidates as they tried to convince the voters to vote for them. >> holding a rally in washington sq., park. thousands are expected to attend. hillary clinton speaks to the national action network and they are holding in event in the bronx.she leads the polls in new york and donald trump leads on the republican side. he is still upset colorado gave up all of its delegates without a primary or a caucus. paul ryan publicly insisted that he would neither seek or accept the gop nomination at a contested convention. >> an update on the stabbing on the upper east side. the 19 old man is charged with murder after being accused of the stabbing of a man on third avenue. the woman's x and father of
5:37 am
the men got into an argument and rodriguez stabbed him . the woman flag down a cab and took him to the hospital where he died. >> the man is accused of damaging the red light cameras on long island and he has been arrested. steve is seen here and being called the red light robin hood. there is wires in some cases that are cut . he is charged with two counts of family criminal mischief .he is accused of choosing to turn the cameras towards the sky. sussex $30 fee on top of the $50 fine break state law. they took in more than 25 million in revenue and were seized from the cameras last year. they are there for safety. >> they are there to make money. >> they are there to make money.
5:38 am
>> the fine is $50 and you are tacking on a 60% surcharge. is that excessive? should he have taken matters into his own hands? the answer is probably not. >> let us know what you think. >> michael, i think most people would agree. if you get a red light ticket in new york city it's $50.there is no additional surcharge. if new york city can do it why are they charging all this extra money? >> here are the headlines for the day. a lot going on for the weather.there is a freeze
5:39 am
will see plenty of sunshine like you saw in the background here. high temperatures in the 50s and sometimes on the way . it's all about the sunshine for the next five seven days. clear skies and other regional temperatures at 39 with a mainly clear sky. 33 in bridgeport and 35 indian berry. some of these interior sections have a freeze warning in effect .if you have done the early planting, the plans are at risk. just keep it in mind . if your pets are outside, keep that in mind and let them in. give them a break. for quite a while, you will change things up . the only thing coming over the tri-state is a few high
5:40 am
rainmakers or anything like that.570 in 60 on friday and 63 on saturday. low 70s sunday and monday. no rain in the seven day forecast. >> let's take a look and see what's going on as we go out there and see what's going on with the roads and trails. >> good morning. >> the commute is off to a good start. a look at citrus county crossing the bridge. no problems in either direction. it's take a look at rockland county. over by aramark road heading towards the bridge, you are in great shape. as for the bridge, it's a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful traffic flow. no delays on the lower level. the lincoln tunnel looks good. >> happy birthday! >> much more still to come.
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will have much more after
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>> fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg
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online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good,
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welcome back. here are your headlines. verizon workers are ready to walk off the job in a matter of minutes. the union contract expired eight months ago. if they walk, verizon said it has trained nonunion workers to replace them. >> the mta wants to phase out the car. one idea is to have them pay using a smart card. you hang on to it and you tap your mobile phone. a similar system is being used in london. they hope to have the new payment system online by mid 2018. >> it's pretty cool with jackie robinson in the historic contract now on display. it's collectors cafi in times square. the deal broke the baseball color barrier. the contract with montrial will be moved to the historical's a weeklong showing. >> time for sports. do good morning. >> i was so excited. the mets and the marlins with josi fernandez.
5:45 am
baseball. they were amazing in the game. 12 batters and seven innings. he gave up just one run. he dominated in the seventh. the game tied at run. he throws to first and he throws home. he had that throwing issue . >> the top of the eighth at jeremy with a century. it's an amazing 16 . he scores and the marlins are up 2/1. they waste it. >> yankees and blue jays. racking up the strikeout. at the top of the six, the jays are up and the total
5:46 am
two. jacoby ellsbury we need him to have a good year. we go left and i take a 3/2 lead . they score in the season with an injury. joe girardi says he will not play . >> the stanley cup playoffs late tonight. they face the penguins in game one. pittsburgh has been on a terror the last few months. it's been a different team. pittsburgh beat the rangers and as you may remember they go down three games against pittsburgh. the when is looking for another strong showing. he wasn't feeling well. it's 100% now and is ready to go. >> at the time where the
5:47 am
enjoy the moment. they tried to make the most of it and reach your full potential. >> basketball now is finally over. another loss from the pacers and the final is 102/90. they did not exactly finish with a bang. carmelo anthony says he did not have an open dialogue . it's tomorrow's exit meeting to see how things could get better he can get better if they get better players. >> tonight in los angeles, they tried to wrap up their career. in oklahoma city scoring 13 points. just 20 years and five champions. some of the tickets going as much as 25 grand. >> it's without question!
5:48 am
>> 25,000? would you pay it? >> if i had the money i would if i was a billionaire. >> more basketball history could be made. they have their 73rd victory of the season. the warriors tied up in 1995 or 96. it could be theirs tonight. they beat the spurs and we just showed you it's in san antonio. they play it tonight and it's against memphis with two games at home. >> i woke up in the philly burbs. who wanted him? he went to la. he had a great career. >> he is from philly . ben: duke
5:49 am
>> let's get over to mike with a look at the forecast. it looks like easy street. i like it like this! we have this as you head out to the bus stop. sunny skies are back in the wind eases up . it's a little bit chilly for the starters but it won't be so bad with a morning temperature around 400 as you head out to the train struck . we have 41 right now at central park and its 33 in bridgeport. 41 a montauk and 30 in monticello. check out the wind.many places are in the northwest at five 10 miles per hour. he later wind and it got a little bit windy as the rain came through. now it's well out to sea so we have a clear sky with high pressure and control. does that mean?
5:50 am
coming up today. it's a little bit of a chilly start but it ends final temperature is where they should be. we are topping out at 570 with a mainly sunny sky. average height is 60 so we are close to it. mostly clear this evening as we drop down into the 50s. tonight will be cooler with a low at 40. 50s are high and 63 on saturday. it cools down with a high of 67 on tuesday. it's warmer than what we normally see. that's get back over to ines. our commute is at an a+. >> it's an a- >> we have our delays on the lie heading towards queens. let's go to the camera and take a look. >> a root at exit 48. no problems on the westbound side.
5:51 am
vehicle on the garden state parkway so watch out for that slowing down. >> is heading towards the brooklyn bridge and the trains are running on or close. >> thank you so much. >> been aflac is tapping behind the camera. details on the latest rule,
5:52 am
>> alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in
5:53 am
and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, r and it was a real easy
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shaping up with the weather headlines. we have a cold morning up there and the interior sections of the tri-state are in effect so keep it in mind.other than that we have a sunny sky coming with a nice one coming in and high temperatures in the mid-upper 50s.
5:55 am
normal for the rest of the week. over the weekend, looks like warmer temperatures. a clear sky in central park and 400. 42 in philadelphia and again, mainly clear skies with a lot of sunshine the is not a lot coming to us. the only thing it brings us his high clouds. >> no precept . sunny skies with high temperatures up to 720. all it cost you is a text. >> do people still have limited text plans? >> they do.>> been aflac is not only going to start in the next batman movie he will direct it. >> one of us me that big announcement with been aflac's turn as the batman versus superman has made
5:56 am
in addition to directing, there are rumors he might write the script . he does have a lot of kudos as the director. it won best picture. no word when the next will come out. >> i am not sure but he did cowrite the screenplay. >> may the force be with you? >> may 4 is star wars day. you can buy tickets for the original star wars trilogy which will be back on the silver screen. >> it's really cool. the empire strikes back and return of the jeni will be remastered . you can watch all of them at the town hall on august 6 or at the kings theatre in flatbush. it will be on august 7. >> i saw them. it was in the 90s for the 20th anniversary. >> harrison ford auctioned
5:57 am
it's the one he wore in the force awakens. it sold for hundred 91,000. that will go to a good goes to the medical center and the faces foundation which funds the research for epilepsy. the rock legend will perform at madison square garden. it features members of the original band. it's in the rock 'n roll hall of fame. simone boys caught up with santana and asked what he loved most about playing in your. >> energy. it's been connected with everything and everyone. this is a social experiment. it's a whole other planet. new york is nothing like the united states. ever since we've been here , since 1969. somehow we were embraced.
5:58 am
will be released on friday . >> we are a few minutes away from the top of the six clock hour. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green.
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thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. >> from fox 5 news, this is "good day wake-up". juliet: we expect sunny skies with highs in the upper 50s, temperatures reach 70s by the weekend. ben: moments ago the deadline passed, 39,000 verizon employees to walk off the job. the strike primarily affects land lines and cable workers. juliet: hillary clinton old and campaign events in manhattan and the bronx and thousands will attend a rally for bernie sanders in washington sq. park. ben: loose season is winding


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