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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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come seek the royal caribbean. >> good morning, beautiful shot there on this thursday morning. clear skies continue today with highs in upper 50s. tomorrow the temperatures start to warm up in time for the weekend. mic mike has the full forecast. >> looking nice out there already. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will battle in brooklyn tonight. they're meeting for one and only tuesday's primary. >> meanwhile three republican white house hopefuls at a gop state dinner. protesters tbatter outside the venue. we have a live report coming up. >> governor cuomo legalizing mixed marshal arts and eager to host events at madison square garden before the end of this year. >> good morning everybody great to have you with us i'm kerry
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>> and i'm ben simmoneau. juliet huddy is off this morning. thursday morning april 14th almost a tax day . taxes due on monday it is 6:00 mid-40s out there in the park but it is going to warm up nicely for us. i understand you're headed somewhere very warm very soon. >> no wonder he's in such a good mood. >> you were just off. >> didn't time it out. once you book yourself you've got to go. >> you and huddy. i don't know who is negotiating [laughter] >> not the same one i'm joking actually. but yeah seriously. >> i've been here 15 years. there shall -- >> that's true. >> juliet huddy has you beat on that been here -- >> have one job? >> one job. >> yeah, good for her. >> you'll endure your vacation. >> yep and just a u few days.
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freeze warning in effect for purple shaded counties for majority of new jersey this morning. that's where early spring plants could be at a risk. but temps as they stand right now but so far temps have not gotten ridiculously cold and, in fact, only 42 at a newark. 32 belmar. you can see where we're dropping into lower 30s once you hit that freezing point. it certainly comes at risk here. 35 alan u town. 36 in sussex, and 35 central park. winds from the northeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour and that makes your temp a little bit colder here morning. we have high clouds in the area that's it be. no rainmaker but a weak disturbance passing through the northeast to keep high clouds in the mix and for the most part you don't notice that because they're so thin. sun goads through and a not quite up yet but it will be. high pressure is in control. a beautiful looking day coming up for us here. we have showers over the southeastern states and deep south.
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virginias, carolinas, you've got some showers, not virginias but down in the carolinas. anyhow nice and quiet here. high pressure is in control, and there's really nothing out there to give us anything as far as rain is concerned. just looking at watch o o or temperatures go up a little bit day by day. up to 54 degrees by noon and high 58. winds are light and not so sequential consequential. 73 on monday. and then it starts to come back down again. small shower chance early on tews but i think that chance of showers is going to be minimal all right let's get you over to ines looks like camera shot should brighten up or for us here. but how busy. good morning ines. >> everybody is heading to work so getting busy but we have problems as well. eastbound exit 24, watch outs for an accident blocking lane slowing everyone down. 287, no slowdowns but there's an
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yowpght to watch out for the commute on staten island doing fine on expressway. no issues between goethals and verrazano bridge. commute this morning, and this is in the bronx major deegan moving fine. no issue on northbound side. george washington bridge a little volume upper level about five minutes nothing. nothing huge. lower level looking good as well as lincoln and holland tunnel. trains are running on or close. ben and kerry. >> nice and dry. >> thank you very much. >> 6:04 a sad story morning two young sisters two-year-old an 18-year-old killed in a apartment fire. >> mother down the street at a nearby laundromat and no charges filed against her. the fire broke out around 6:30 inside the apartment on third floor of a 21 story high-rise at the butler house it is in the claire mounts section of the bronx. firefighters found girls inside.
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bronx lebanon hospital. six civilians had minor injuries and no word what caused that fire . >> to politicses now stage is for the 2016 primary season. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off tonight another brooklyn navy yard. fox 5 robert moses has a preview good morning robert. >> brooklyn navy yard provides beautiful view the city, and it's a reminder that new york is really the big prize on tuesday. tonight, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will have two how shalls to distinguish themselves not only from each other but also from the republican field. >> call it the battle of brooklyn beginning at 9 tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders tangle at the brooklyn navy yard. the democratic campaign has become increasingly contentious and that likely will be on full display. polls show clinton leading in new york but sanders gained ground.
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here tonight! reporter: sanders camp says 27,000 people came out to washington a square park for a rally last night. that's more than the 20,000 who rallied for barack obama in the same park in 2007. >> when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're going to win here in new york next tuesday. reporter: sanders and clinton hopscotched across the city yesterday. sanders picked up a union that repghts city transit workers. >> feeling the burn -- sanders and clinton show verizon workers. clinton also appeared at the convention of the national action network which is reverend al sharpton civil rights organization. >> despite our best efforts and highest hopes america's long struggle with racism is far from
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>> last night clinton held a rally in the bronx and increasingly turned attention to the man she thinks will be her republican o opponent. >> mr. donald trump wants to set americans against each other. you know, he wants to build walls, with i want us to build bridges. >> speaking of bridges williamsburg bridge is perched right behind us. now, this is a busy day for bernie sanders, he speaks at the national action network convention this afternoon. in the lead upto the debate hillary clinton what has no public schedule and brook lean is where bernie sanders grew up, it's where he went to high school. it's where both sand rs and clinton have campaign office ands it's promise to be a heated debate tonight. that is latest live tbrook linn
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>> where the city will get the first at the brooklyn navy yard it's true. robert moses for us at the navy yard in brooklyn thank you. the debate and remaining presidential candidates will be across the east river at a big gop event in manhattan. >> that event is scheduled to draw large protests against front runner donald trump. let's go to fox 5's teresa priolo she swroins us from outside the grand hyatt hotel in midtown. good morning to you, teresa. >> good morning ben and kerry good morning everyone. this is rare for us even here in new york all presidential candidates will be here to be tonight in new york city but for the gop, the focus is midtown. all eyes on new york city which has found itself square in the middle of the political universe. tonight, donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich will put on tuxes and play nice at the gop gala at the grand hyatt. a 1,000 a pop dinner that aids
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what happens nsdz might make news and what happens outside may also too. over 30 different causes are planning to disrupt gala they distrump. also protest donald trump, tens of thousands of demonstrators could show. there is some concern that this rally could mirror what happened at anti-trump rally in chicago that turn violent this year at a time when both delegates greatly matter. >> we have to bring the voter back in. i can win -- >> donald trump holds the lead but ted cruz is shopping for dell tbats and a new mammoth poll shows john kasich is solidly in second place. >> what donald is unhappy about is in the last three weeks there have been a total of 11 elections in four states. and we beaten donald in all 11 elections. >> we have to keep beginning and
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convention people want to know that. >> and john kasich also having a pretty good week. we have this of the new york "daily news" they endorsed him with this cover saying never trump, never cruz either. kay success is clearly the only choice for the gop. and when you look at the corresponding article they site temperament, credibility for reasons they're endorsing him and highly suitable. now ben and kerry i promised you a little bit of trif why trivia about the building. one thing we know it was developed by trump his first -- deal here in new york city hotel deal but did you know he was responsible for putting in reare flective glass and the reason he wanted to be able to see grand central in the building. that is in the shadow of it. that's the latest from the grand hyatt this morning. >> that's actually pretty cool. >> and then he view that glass in other buildings. ohio governor john kay suck will
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little bit later on right here on "good day new york." >> kasich will join greg and rosanna coming up live at 9 a.m. stay tuned for that. >> other news in presidential race. donald trump met with fox news host megyn kelly at trump tower. kelly said it was at her request and, quote, they had a chance to clear the air. she's hoping to interview him on the program in coming weeks. >> reports say trump campaign manager koirs lewandowski will be charngd. official announcement is expected later today. you'll remember he was accusing of grabbing arm of michelle fields during an event in jupiter, florida last month. she plans on filing a civil suit for defamation. >> 6:11 much more still to come this morning flps other o news besides politics. >> mike is here with a check of the forecast. hi, mike. >> it is just sunny here. ny hao 45 degrees. sun is getting ready to come up. chilly start, sunny and nice and
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about mike's coming vacation. >> nice here but nicer in costa rica. >> but i have to say you're leaving a pretty initial weekend that is nice. >> but when i get back it is better. >> we have this quilted thing for the baby for stoller she said do you think i can wash it and put it away. the border is like when it is highs around 50 you need that. ore less -- but are we finished with that? >> you know, for the most part yes but that's not so say we toangt have an incident. because snow comes back at us once in a while. >> declaration of no more snow. >> that was a duke answer. >> hedge, maybe -- see what happens had. these little tiny storms that come back here and go surprise. but yeah that can happen. but the chances are really unlikely. anyhow, we've got some more
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for us here including what we have tad. another sunny one with upper 50s and we're going to warm up even more as we get into the weekend. now, there are no major storms on the horizon. rain or snow or anything we've got a lot of sunshine coming at you and donate little warmup a few days down the road a piece. 53 degrees with high clouds. wounds from the north, northeast at 7 miles per hour. some regional temps far rockaway queens a clear sky. 31 degrees glen cove 43 and a 31 degrees in danbury right now. most of us are reporting a pretty clier sky, we have the high clouds roll through overnight hours. a weak disturbance falling apart as it made its approach and moved o on through the tristate region so quiet here with high pressure in control. take a look at the future cast computer moldses don't show you much at all here. closer to 48 hours with, there's an a area of low pressure in scrawf shore atlantic waters that is is going to back up
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it looks leak it's becoming substantiate storm but it never gets its full act together and brings us anything over land areas but cloud cover and send back wave action. winds around that area of low issue from are significant is enough to conclude up winds so surf is up this weekend so surfers will be happy with what's beginning on just in time for the weekend. so there you go busy at the beaches. even though it's not quite beach season. 58 degrees for a high temperature later on this afternoon. not a bad day at all just a few degrees below the normal this time the year. 70 on sunday and 73 on monday so you see that nice ramp up in temps. that's the peek we come back down into tuesday, wednesday a tuesday. let's bring in ines and see what's going on and roads and rails. >> roads, subways doing great this morning. roads a trouble spot exit 12 working on an accident blocking
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78 has an accident over in dukes bury blocking a lane as well. staten island no issues there from goethals to verrazano no traffic building as you approach the bridge. cameras see thingings moving this morning on l.i.e. no problems westbound. there's service rooted. main line moving fine. l.i.e. and queens normal dliers approaching grand central parkway. accident by 74th street blocking a lane. lincoln tunnel into the city a ten to 15 minute delay. holland gwb five to ten from each approach. j thank you ines. >> 6:18 police arrested boxer they say knocked out his girlfriend leaving her hospitalized. >> josh arrested just after 12:30 p.m. at a hospital on upper west side. investigators say early tuesday morning he punched 38-year-old girlfriend in the head inside brooklyn. she was rushed to methodist hospital in critical but sable condition.
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and assault charges. >> big shakeup at the civilian agency that provides oversight of the nypd. the chairman redesigned yesterday after accused of making sexist remarks richard is his name and stepped down from civilian complaint review board after the executive director of that agency filed a lawsuit against him. she's the executive director of malick her name. she claims he used a gender based slur against her last september. she said she filed a complaint soon after. but she says nothing was done for months. her lawyer says that investigation started in march and when amery found out he retaliated. >> the chair after she had complained, after he had found out about it started to strip away her responsibilities. her reports -- started undermining her credibility in the office. and really started affecting her day-to-day ability to carry out her job . >> this was not the first time amery accused of saying something offensive last month
6:20 am
comparing nypd unions to pigs that's according to a "daily news" interview. >> the ongoing corruption probe into the nypd has claimed another top official. deputy chief andrew capital moved to an administrative position pending further review. he had been executive officer of triborough manhattan north. 12 officers interviewed whether they received gifts in exchange for favors for two businessman with ties to mayor de blasio campaign. two previously reassigned no charges have been filed. capitol union said he was not a target of the probe and reassignment sully is his that i am. >> good dayer in mma fans cuomo will sign a bill making the controversial sport legal in new york state. last state by the way in the nation to legalize mixed marshal arts. rhonda rightronda rousey will watch at madison square garden it was
6:21 am
considered it too barbaric. it plans to hold first event at the garden before end of the year and hold self events up and down new york state in 2017. a popularity of that sport over last ten yearses has taken off. coming up, proposed changes to new york's alcohol laws could impact your sunday brunch plans. is it a good thing or a bad thing. depends who you ask essentially. time is 6:21.
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>> all right welcome become a judge delayed sentencing of former nypd officer peter liang supposed to be sentenced today following manslaughter conviction of the fatal shooting of akai gurley. this you might recall in a darkened stairwell in pink houses in brooklyn. again back in 2014, but judge is not considering whether to that conviction afters defense attorneys accuse ud one of the jurors you saw him walk by camera with a beard of lying during the election process. they say michael jurors name initially said nobody had his family accused of a crime but later admitted admit an interview that his e strappinged father sent to prison feater sent to trial for in accidental shooting of a
6:25 am
>> not an impartial juror, strong for anti-cop and not have him. >> that's vargas there juror with a beertd and did not comment when he left the courthouse he asked if close relatives were no because i wasn't close with my father. i grew up in orphanages nothing to say yesterday that hearing continues today while liang sentencing moved to there's next week. d.a. is recommending probation for if liang without any prison time. >> today's "health watch" u.s. health officials saying zika virus causes severe birth defects. centers for disease control and prevention say it is weighs all evidence calls microcephaly unusually skull in babies with women contracted to the virus.
6:26 am
other brain brain dangerous calcium buildups and warning women to avoid travel to zee ska affected country this is week brazil confirmedded it more than 1100 cases of microcephaly since october. time now 6:26 through nor efforts to change new york state's alcohol law. >> a panel created by andrew cuomo released recommendation to simplify rules to reduce number of licenses from bars and strawns from nine to three. another and perhaps more controversial would allow bars and restaurants to sell alcohol earlier than noon on sunday. u right now, i think a lot of restaurants kind of give you a drink especially if go before noon to have lunch. redgess go to cuomo and state lawmakers for review so when we lose that free beverage -- >> right. probably. >> i don't partake because kids you know once you start drinking early in the day makes your afternoon a a lot harder. >> probably does.
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a live report coming up on the market. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy
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>> good morning. if you liked yesterday today will be like it highs upper 50s. mike woods has our extended forecast coming up. >> new york primary five remaining candidates fighting for votes. all them will be in new york city today. hingt hillary clinton ab bernie sanders will debate. john kasich and donald trump will all be in a rather upscale gop event in mid town, manhattan. >> dow closed shy of 18,000. dow futures are slightly down this morning and check in with fox business coming up. >> bryant he dropped mic on his way out of the staples center and fourth best in the nba in
6:31 am
20-year run for him pretty amazing actually. he scored, you know, just 60 points in the game last night. also golden state warriors broke record some incredible basketball played yesterday. all of that for you. all right it is thursday morning hello everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm kerry drew in for juliet for this little friday however you want to look at it. >> out the door scoring 60 points in a game. >> talk about going out on top. can't get much better than that. >> he's 38 or 39 maybe. he's -- what do you do when you've made tens of millions of dollars -- you've got 50 years to go do or more whatever -- more than do. >> a nice long vai case number one. >> not limited to four or five day it is. >> are you complaining? mike is complaining going away or for five days. >> whatever you want to do that's what you do. exactly kobe bryant good for
6:32 am
>> get into the sports. >> reinjure himself -- >> good for you . anyhow show you what happening another beautiful morning out there. 45 degrees just a few high clouds in the area no big deal. northeast winds moving through 7 miles per hour. let's check out the region albany freezing in buffalo but you have to go way out there. 29 buffett low right now. 41 degrees in philadelphia. we have a mainly clear sky just a few high clouds are passing through the tristate region and that is it. no real weather make ergs are coming through the tristate region now or for a while as a matter of fact. things are looking nice and quiet out there altogether that wet weather over southeastern states staying there. high pressure is blocking that out for us so sunny skies to us today. high in the city up to 58 degree. clear skies for you tonight lows
6:33 am
what we have this morning and next five dies a high of 62 tomorrow. 64 on saturday. there's the 70s on sunday and another high temp up to 73 then, and that's as god as it gets. ines will give you an update with backups happen hadding. 27 northbound a little bit of a delay, an accident has a lane blocked. route 78 an accident there. that's on eastbound side. your commute in the bronx doing fine. cross bronx normal delays as you approach bronx river parkway no issue with bronx river parkway. new england thruway or hutch or deegan. take a look at your mute morning traveling fdr drive by 71st street good northbound and southbound. west side highway a good option. l.i.e. in queens by grand central parkway a little slower than normal. bo to that camera shot accident by 74th street affecting your
6:34 am
with training doing great. everything on or close to schedule. no problem with the subways. ben and kerry. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will meet in the last debate before new york's presidential primary. >> let's be to fox 5 robert moses joins us live in brooklyn navy yard where candidates will face off tonight. >> nice view. ben and kerry good morning to you. awesome view. i can certainly deal with it and view is reminder that new york really is the big prize on tuesday. that's what everyone is focused on. the debate here at the brooklyn navy yard between hillary clinton and bense begins at 9:00 tonight. workers have been busy preparing the stage and lights and seats for tonight's gathering and likely be a contentious debate which reflcts the newfound contentiousness of the democratic campaign. the candidates were busy all across the city yesterdays. they both showed their solidarity with striking verizon workers.
6:35 am
massive rally in washington scwear park. his campaign says more than 27,000 people attended. hillary clinton held a much smaller gathering in the bronx. polls show clinton remains ahead of sanders in the primary but sanders closed a gap remains confident and especially confident as he gazed upon the thousands gtered gattrd in washington square park. >> when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this -- i believe we're going to win in new york next tuesday. >> mr. trump wants to setmens against each other. you know, he wants to build walls. i want us to build bridges. >> the debate tonight begins at 9:00 as i mentioned it wills last two hours. and it provides an opportunity for sanders and clinton to
6:36 am
from each other but also from the republican field. that is the latest live from the brooklyn navy yard in the shadows of the williamsburg bridge this morning. ben and kerry back to you. >> beautiful there robert moses for us thank you so much robert. 6:36 on republican are side now the gop three remaining candidates are all expected to cross paths tonight at the state gop event in midtown. >> fox 5 teresa trees outside granted hyatt hotel with more details. teresa how many times will evening will donald trump mention fact that he's responsible for the hotel's existence? >> not responsible for it but the first major deal in the city and a lot of people say without this building that he revitalized, maybe this entire area wouldn't have been so quick recover the way that television. so we'll hear a lot about that and hear from john kay kasich and ted cruz and talk about the
6:37 am
republican committee will hold fundraiser. it is their gop gala. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich all slat slated to attend ooze you mention this is hotel that donald trump renovated back in the 80s. they have the potential to be joined by tens of thousands of protesters from 30 different groups. these are mostly anti-trump groups. and it could potentially get violent. that is a concern by some people because when you have that many people here, and they're all so vocalling in can happen. big bucks dinners and political rallies that's how we do it here in new york it is not values but speaking of new york values ted cruz wanted to clarify those new york values. >> listen. when i talk about new york values, when i'm talking about the liberal democrats who have been frankly hurting the people of new york over and over again. i'm talking about people leak
6:38 am
acts he did when he was elected mayor was go up to harlem and shut down charter schools that were educating low income african-american and hispanics because he was of the teachers union. >> cruz fighting for every last vote kasich is having a vrpgd week endorsed by l "daily news" who released this cover this morning saying never trump or cruz either and kasich was the only one. and highly suitable for the job. they talk about his even temperament which they feel is, though, very presidential. that is latest from outside of magnificent landmark of the commodore back to you. >> john kay success live with greg and rosanna at 9:00 chat with them. stay tuned for that. fox means business. >> joining us from the fox bids studio is lauren simonetti. decent day on wall street.
6:39 am
>> i was just checking out o the numbers this year. can you believe it is up 2% this year. dow is up 3% this year this is pretty good. a gain by the banks. jeanine pirro morgan chase not saying they have strong numbers but bar was set real low so they beat low expectations and while the stock jumped 4, 5% other bank stocks went up too. per the market went up. dow is 92 points away from 18,000. why is that important in 18,000 is significant round number, milestone, the last time we were there was back in the summer. so getting there again and it could happen today. will make investors feel warm and fuzzy. right? >> despite the fact that government said five big banks can bring us all down. if they have issues in the future. >> and that's important because jpmorgan in addition to wells fargo and bank of american basically your plan should
6:40 am
there be a collapse they're not adequate that might men they need to hold more money and immediate these tough regulations sometimes they don't lend out money. >> all right lauren simonetti we'll see what happens. 18,000 hopefully here we come. thank you very much. [laughter] >> right you can catch lauren week days on the fox business network. >> it is 45 degrees a lot nicer and approach 60 today. mike woods is kind of keeking his feet up in the weather center. >> not much going on. >> been quiet most of the week. u how quickly we forget a couple of days ago, the with the right -- it television last week where we have snow on saturday. see i forgot that's what i'm talking about. here's what we have for weather headlines today. another sunny day coming at you. high temps into upper 50s here and we're going to warm up a little bit more so into the
6:41 am
time for the weekend. no major storm on horizon. nothing but sunny skies in our seven-day except for one shower that squeezes through on tuesday morning. but right now things for next few days fraying. let's bring in ines yeah for a snapshot of what's going on with the commuting this morning. we loving it? >> it's not bads. we have problem spots it's okay. route 78 accident by exit 48 slowing thing down. eastbound. yellow on our maps not red. not bad of a delay. red here approaching northbound exit 12 one lane blocked with an active investigation. let's attack a look at the commute belt parkway by leopards boulevard coming in from jfk airport. these are normal delays. always a slow ride like this but no major issues. eastbound side doing fine. duke is here with a look at sports. hi, duke. >> kobe bryant plays last game ever and what a night it was for kobe putting up 60 in final game ever. we'll tell you about it when we come back. fnght plus we have the leapts
6:42 am
>> protesting north carolina's so-called bathroom bill. now sinly lauper waying in with her unique take. good day is coming right back. 6:42 on this thursday morning. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, layered with frosting, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today.
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>> all right checking headlines for you 6:44 on a thursday morning sad story out of the bronx. two young or sisters a two -year-old and 18 month old died after a fire ripped through their bronx apartment.
6:45 am
she was at a nearbyland filed. >> judge delayed sentencing of former nypd officer peter liang in akai gurley defense case. not disclosing his father quicked on a similar charge. michael faced tough questions in courts and will again today. >> mma fans mixed mar had making controversial are sport legal in new york state. last state to legalize mma. it is a form of mma, ufc. they plan to hold the first event at the madison square garden before end of this year. if >> being protest in times square at the moment. >> gym jim in skyy fox hd what do you see? j watching as a group of workers
6:46 am
square a rally designed to get widespread increase wages and several industries that began earlier with fast food workers pooght for $15 an hour. now this group started their gatt at 7th avenue and 46th street currently making their way through times square and end the a mcdonald's look 4 2nd street where it began. we're seeing about 100 or so demonstrators through the square, they're keeping their way through -- to the sidewalk at this point. there are polices in the area to maintain any order with traffic. but at this point we're not seeing any wide spreads problems but traffic group has been keeping themselves to swack as they make ware way down towards 42nd street. ben and kerry back to you. >> jim smith for us in skyfox thanks very much check in with duke now for a looks at sports. >> last game as a profl and he
6:47 am
pregame festives all about bryant but showed why he's one of the all time greats. scored season high 60 ponts granted he did take 50 shots in this game . 52 of 50 shooting. but wow. it's most he's scored sings 2009. now 15 an they beat the jazz 10 96 ends his career. for the nba hrs.. more golden stat or warriors broke the league record against memphis. and score of 125-104 last game of the season they do it one better than chicago bulls. own record an first ever to make 100 three pointsers in one season. game one in stanley cup finals. into putts pittsburgh top two goalies were up. backup was in.
6:48 am
with 48 seconds left in the first period. hits in the eye, he was in pain. but in the guam he gave up the goal shortly after on a rebound and rangers put the second and thrd third period. for pitts burg had a hat trick. meantime islanders open up their series with panners this at barclays, and islanders getting healthy at the rooght right time. mets defeat miami 2-1. jackie robinson day. 69 year ago tomorrow for the member of the brookln dormings
6:49 am
play in the american league. ralph was jackie's team and lifetime friend and he was just 24 when jackie made history that did i and only living member left from theme. yesterday ralph and talked about jackie robinson what the day means to him. >> that day is like a special day because broke the color barrier which had no sense being there. it's -- baseball is look the first to really break it. i'm proud that baseball did that, that my team is part of breaking that color barrier so mawks no sense that in the united states this would be. >> and, of course, ralph you know so interesting just to sit down with him and go over that time pured and everything else. so that is a look at sports. we'll have more.
6:50 am
up in the next hour of after a 8:30 stanley cup will be in studio. and i want to correct one thing i said that game is in florida. islanders, florida down in florida. >> thanks duke. >> thank you very much. let's check the weather forecast once again with mike woods. >> all right things look pretty good for you here. >> one shoe on. we have to show now. oh, no we have to make this quick and one sock on, but you have also a hole in your socket. >> on the e-i-- not one hole, there's two. >> showout day here. average is 58 is forecast high for the day. 45 is the average low.
6:51 am
that photo session on this. 61 is normal high or for today. it looks look it's gong to be a slightly below normal delay and you know altogether not a bad spring one. 45 central park. 38 in poughkeepsie and a lot of sunshine coming up or for us today. sun n skies with high pressure in control. nothing but sunshine nothing going on weather wise for a while here. up to a high of 62 tomorrow. 64 on saturday. 70 on sunday, and then yeah some warm temps as we get into next week too. high temp up to 73 on monday. fox 5 weather app with daily and hourly forecast vibl on fox 5 weather app, and get it itunes
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>> good morning we're back with an update on what's gng on 287 northbound. now delays approaching exit 12. active investigation has lane close. then route 78 here heading eastbound over o by exit 24, accident cleared away so traffic moving better than before. things are on l.i.i. traffic sloafer slower than normal here. normal delays on grand central fluent laguardia. let's go to cameras talk a look at commute on l. i.e. looking great this morning.
6:55 am
beautiful westbound. eastbound no issues. ben and kerry we have to go to little -- >> all right thank you very much ines time for entertainment superstar canceled. the bathroom bill that forces to use bathrooms and bars other protections for gays. star says he's following bruce springsteen lead in canceling a gig there to take a stand gns this hatred. sinly lop or says her about concert on june fourth will go on as scmged and plans donate to repeal the bathroom bill. lauper looks forward to going to north carolina and substantial standing up
6:56 am
president obama has access to top secret information and that includes knowing what happens to jon snow before everybody else. game of throwns confirms yes they've been sending president obama copies of thing anxiously awaited season six. he's the reason it's that hbo refuse to send to industry insiders. the show returns april 24th. i kind of think he's dead be comings back as white walker. katy perry will be able to boy a former catholic con afterall. >> problem was another womanment wanted to and did but a judge ruled that nun failed to get the authorization from los angeles and so the sale it that other woman was voided.
6:57 am
million for the convent her bid approved by archbishop but needs green light from the vatican. how interesting. that's pretty high up that chief of command there. 14.5 million. no biggie have a good day. next. (music plays) in this city, there is always a threshold waiting to be cros sed.
6:58 am
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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york i'm greg kelly -- >> i'm rosanna scotto, it is beautiful outside, sunny, mike woods has an easy job, doesn't he? >> so easy, he's going to make it easier. he's going on to vacation again. everybody is in town, everybody running for president, that is. we have got the battle for brooklyn, bernie sanders v. hillary clinton. could bernie win this thing? seems to be closing in there. >> a lot of people last night in was it union square last night, washington square? all three republican candidates also in town.


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