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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york i'm greg kelly -- >> i'm rosanna scotto, it is beautiful outside, sunny, mike woods has an easy job, doesn't he? >> so easy, he's going to make it easier. he's going on to vacation again. everybody is in town, everybody running for president, that is. we have got the battle for brooklyn, bernie sanders v. hillary clinton. could bernie win this thing? seems to be closing in there. >> a lot of people last night in was it union square last night, washington square? all three republican candidates also in town.
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there are threats that there are going to be thousands of people out there protesting against the candidates. >> remember that occupy wall street movement? could it look something like that? alz we have this, boozey brunches, rosanna's favorite. >> i have not been to one in at least -- >> at least three weeks. >> it might have been a year. with mike and ines, that was it. >> they are considering even making it easier to have these boozey brunches. yep, we'll have the details. >> okay. and kobe bryant played his last professional game last night, but it was flea's rendition of the national anthem from the head hot chili peppers. >> listen to this. >> hey, i'd stand up for that and salute.
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he's very hendrix-esque, don't you think? >> jimi did the same thing with his guitar. >> apparently, there is some controversy. >> you always offend somebody when you do anything. >> hi, everybody. all right, what's up? everybody who's running for president right now in town or will be, let's take a look at all five of them. there they are, donald trump was on the show yesterday. we are expecting two thing; governor kasich in a little while on the show -- >> fantastic. >> might be seeing ted cruz and the others tonight. we want everybody checking in with good day new york before the big day. >> we're going to have them all on before the big primary. >> let's go live to the hyatt hotel on 42nd street. by the way, it's kind of like does donald trump have the home field advantage? because back in the day -- i've been saying that phrase a lot lately -- >> you have been. >> -- sorry.
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establishing the hyatt hotel. >> well, he helps renovate it and, you know, did he actually help by putting that hotel there and renovating it, give new life to that area? >> 42nd street was kind of nasty -- >> it was a dump. >> all right, anyway, so a lot's going op. let's get to work. >> mike woods. wow with, look at us looking all spiffy this morning. >> thank you, thank you. >> it's not friday. >> he's wearing a coat and tie. >> no, but it's kind of jazzy. >> a little extra something-something -- >> country clubbish. >> you like the country club thing? >> yes. >> anyways, let's show you what's going on. can't wait to feel the burn here -- >> an endorsement for -- >> what? what does that mean? [laughter] >> i was playing, actually, i'm a little concern i was listening to the helicopters over his rally yesterday. >> oh. >> anyways, i'm feeling the the bern. head out to the bus stop, we've
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temperatures starting off at 42. with that sun shine you are going to see some comfortably warm temperatures later on. right now 38 in sussex, winds from the northeast at around 6-13 miles per hour, and we have a clear sky. so it looks nice and sunny and dry. high temp today, 58, 62 tomorrow. let's bring in ines, see what's going on as you hit the roads and rails. >> a lot of problems on 287. starting off with an early morning accident, and there's an investigation going on, so expect delays northbound by exit 12, then southbound, the express lanes, there's an accident by 202/206. one lane blocked. the lie, no major issues a slight delay as you approach best highway. -- betts highway.
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a lane, and things continue moving slow heading towards the verrazano. as for the trains, they've been doing good as well as the subways. street cleaning rules are in effect today to city wide. greg and rosanna. >> okay, thanks. this is bad, very, very tragic. two young girls, a 2-year-old and 18-year-old were killed in a bronx fire, and it's believed the mother left them home alone. >> yeah. we found out when the fire broke out she was at the laundromat. no charges have been filed against the mom. the fire broke out around 6:30 inside the apartment on the third floor of a 21-story- high-rise in the claremont section. firefighters found the girls inside, they were pronounced dead at bronx lebanon hospital. two firefighters and six civilians had minor injuries, no word yet on what caused all of this.
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okay. well, we've got a big campaign going on right now, and new york is in the middle of it. really, we're center stage. everybody running for president is in town. two reports. of let's start with the democrats. >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders getting ready to rumble in brook lib tonight. -- brooklyn tonight for their ninth presidential debate. bernie's camp says more than 27,000 people came out -- >> mike woods lives not too far away, and he could hear the noise. >> fox 5's robert moses is in the brooklyn navy yard where the debate's going to take place tonight. >> greg and rosanna, good morning. the navy yard provides a beautiful view of the city, and it's a reminder that new york is the big prize come tuesday. the debate will actually take place in this hall just over to my right at the brooklyn navy yard, and for two hours tonight bernie sanders and hillary clinton will have a chance to
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from each other, but also in the republican field. call it the battle of brooklyn. beginning at nine tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders tangle at the brooklyn navy yard. the democratic campaign has become increasingly contentious, and that likely will be on pull display. polls show clinton leading in new york, but sanders has dane dane -- has gained ground. >> there are a lot of people here tonight! >> the sanders camp says more than 27,000 people came out to washington square park for a rally last night. that's more than the 20,000 who 2007. >> when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're going to win here in new york next tuesday! [cheers and applause] >> sanders and clinton yesterday. sanders picked up a key endorsement from the union that represents the transit workers.
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bern! >> clinton also appeared at the convention of the national action network which is reverend article sharpton's civil rights organization. >> despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, america's long struggle with racism is far from finished. >> last night clinton held a rally in the bronx. increasingly, she has turned her attention to the man she thinks will be her republican opponent. >> mr. trump wants to set americans against each other. you know, he wants to build walls, i want us to build bridges. >> and i suppose it's fitting that clinton mentions a bridge, and we are standing in the shadows of the williamsburg bridge. clinton has no public schedule today before the debate tonight. bernie sanders, however, does. he will speak at the national
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same one that clinton spoke at yesterday at 12:i 15, and then both candidates will get redd for this -- ready for this big tilt in brooklyn. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> okay, thanks a lot. on the republican side, all three major candidates getting together at the hyatt hotel for a great big republican gala. >> and there is also expected to be a huge crowd outside this ball -- gala. there's talk that many of them are anti-donald trump protesters. >> meanwhile, a big endorsement scored by john kasich. the presently-serving governor of ohio -- >> he'll be here on good day new york in about an hour or so. >> there he is. they say he's the only one for them. but whatever, they really don't like trump over there at the news. let's get to teresa priolo with more. >> hey, good morning, everyone. we are expecting big muse to be made tonight -- news to be made
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hyatt and maybe outside with these massive protests planned here today. this is rare for new york to have all of the presidential candidates in the city at one time, but for the gop the focus is here in midtown. all eyes are on new york city which has found itself square in the middle of the political universe. tonight donald trump, or ted cruz and john kasich will put on their tuxes and play nice at the state's annual gop gala at the grand hyatt, a $1,000 a pop dinner that aids the republican party. what happens inside might make news, and what happens also may also. over 30 different causes are planning to disrupt the gal that. they dislike trump and his message. some past apprentice contestant, also this group, protest donald trump, tens of thousands of demonstrators could show. there is some concern that this rally could mirror what happened at an anti-trump rally in
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earlier this year. tonight's event comes at a time when votes and delegates greatly matter. >> we have to bring the voter back into it. the bad part of it is i could win -- >> donald trump holds the lead, but ted cruz is shopping for delegates. and a new monmouth poll shows john kasich is solidly in second mace. >> what donald is unhappy about in the last three weeks, there have been a total of 11 elections in four states, and elections. >> we've just got to keep going, and i think when we get to the convention, people are going to want to know that. >> and john kasich is having a good week at least in new york. he just picked up this endorsement from the daily news. kasich is clearly the only choice for the gop. and when you take a look at their corresponding editorial, you see they've cited his themmerment, his record of achievement and credibility as reasons why they are handing him the endorsement. that's the latest from midtown
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>> thank you very much. and we are expecting to hear from governor kasich later in the show fresh off his daily news endorsement. >> also in other news, donald trump met with fox news host megyn kelly yesterday. >> they've been feuding since last august. actually, donald trump has been feuding with her. >> and she wanted this sit-down, basically. >> she initiated it, and they -- i think megyn kelly talked about it who is probably the most important person in news today, last night. >> the meeting was at my request, and mr. trump was gracious enough to agree to it. we met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had a chance to clear the air. mr. trump and i discussed the possibility of an interview, and i hope we will have news to announce on that soon. by the way, in case you were wondering, yes, the doorman appeared a bit stunned when i [laughter] and they, too, were incredibly gracious. stay tuned.
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>> okay. so there you go. think. his reaction? >> he confirmed the meeting. >> all right. >> he confirmed the meeting, and very nice. >> that all happened after donald trump was on good day new york yesterday. all right, we'll see what happens next. great job, megyn kelly. >> big protest in times square. workers who say they are underpaid are demanding union rights and higher wages. >> let's go to the helicopter right now. jim smith, where is this protest? >> right now this group is along 42nd street between sixth and seventh avenues. it began earlier at 46th treat and seventh eave and just started marching a short time ago. this is part of the group that has been leading the fight for the $15 an hour minimum wage. they're looking to expand that nationwide. originally it was fast food workers, now looking to expand
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workers as well as other professions. again, the group assembled earlier 46th street and seventh avenue. they began marching through times square. there are maybe a hundred or a little more than that demonstrators at this point making their way to 42nd street. ultimately, they plan on ending at the mcdonald's along 42nd street where the original protests and fight for $15 an hour began just a few years ago. right now the demonstration has been orderly, everybody's been sticking to the sidewalks, no traffic problems yet as a result of this demonstration. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> jim, what we're seeing there perhaps nothing compared to what we'll see tonight. there are reports more than 10,000 people might try to shut down midtown in protest of, i guess, well, a lot of things, donald trump is one of them. >> uh-huh. >> stay tuned for that. what else? >> let's talk about the ongoing corruption probe into the nypd.
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been moved to an administrative position ending further review. he had been executive officer of patrol borough manhattan no. at least 20 officers have been interviewed about accepting gifts in exchange for favors with ties to mayor de blasio. four other senior officials were previously reassigned. no charges have been filed. the union says he was a target of the probe -- was not, i'm sorry, he was not a target of the probe and the reassignment has sullied his good name. >> all right. the mayor was asked about and spoke about it for some time yesterday. let's go to that videotape if we can. under some pressure, he did say a couple of things, rosanna, that he had ab attorney from his campaign in 2013 say, what's up, can we help in any way? all the u.s. attorney's staff said was thanks for the phone
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he's also somewhat revising how much contact we had with those two businessmen. he said earlier this week that he had not seen them in the last year or more, but yesterday, well, he elaborated and maybe went a bit further. i had some conversations with them over the course of 2014 but really haven't had many conversations since the beginning of to 2015. really haven't had many conversations since the beginning of 2015. okay, what does that mean? that kind of thing. and he said he's not going to say anything else. but he said that the day before, and the questions are still this. >> okay. >> all right. >> we're following there. also do you remember when rosanne barr tried to sing the star-spangled banner? >> it was a disaster. i remember she spit afterwards. >> anyway, there's something else lighting up social media after taking the national anthem the a whole new level.
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>> all right. look at this, whispering during the national anthem. that's flea from the red hot chili peppers. >> right. >> this is at kobe bryant's last game. i think it's kind of cool. i hebb -- i remember hendrix doing that. >> so what was the problem? >> that it was disrespectful, unpatriotic, according to some. now, if you have a problem with this, find that rosanne barr thing -- >> and that puts this one in perspective? >> i think so. flea, what's he been up to? they still -- >> oh, yeah, they're out there touring. they're very good. >> remember music is my airplane? when which i think was a euphemism. good stuff. >> mike woods is standing by to talk weather patiently. >> no problem at all. we've got not much going on with
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back in the picture, and it's here to stay for a while. the averages in the month of april, what we've seen so far, the average temperature, 47 degrees which is 3.1 degrees below normal. the warmest was on the 1st when we had 79. anyhow, that's how it's shaping up. total precip, about .91 inches below normal, so we could use a little more rainfall, but so far for the year we're only a little bit off the mark from what is normal. we've got a clear sky, 45 now out at central park and a lot of sunshine coming at you here today. in fact, we're going to see sunny skies taking you up to 58 for a high later on. 62 is your high tomorrow, 64 on saturday and 70 on sunday. nice warm into the weekend, first day of the workweek looking good too, high temp of 7 3 on tuesday. let's bring in ines, what's going on? >> good morning, mike. a couple of issues.
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northbound, i'm hearing all lanes are subject to closure, this is an investigation going on, so northbound approaching exit 12, expect a multi-mile delay on that one. the staten island expressway, clove road, that accident has been cleaved away, so normal delays and a bit of a residual from that accident heading towards the verrazano. lie on long island, deer park avenue moving very slow. there's an accident blocking at least two lanes, so causing a lot of delays there. george washington bridge on the upper level, 30-40, 20-30 on the low elower. the holland tunnel, it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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new york. what makes it think bigger? go bolder? push for a living wage that's higher. for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders
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>> that brooklyn navy yard. you know, they make tv shows, they make movies, and i hear they still work on ships. >> yeah, they do. and, by the way, they have factories there. they make chocolate there and a food company, so there's a lot >> okay. let's move on to this case. you just saw officer peter liang, he shot and killed todd gurley back in 2014, said he got scared, startled, he was convicted of manslaughter. >> the judge has delayed his sentencing.
7:23 am
following his manslaughter conviction, but the judge is now considering whether to today that conviction after defense attorneys accuse one of the jurors of lying during selection process. >> i think we have a picture of that juror, michael vargas, he's carpenter. this footage. >> that's officer liang. >> apparently, michael vargas' father went to jail for seven years for an accidental -- >> there he is, with the beard. >> this is the juror. defense attorneys say he lied. and not only that, they have found evidence this manmade anti-police statements on facebook. here's one of the defense attorneys. >> mr. vargas is not an impartial juror. he's got a strong anti-cop bias. and sad to say i think we showed he's not an honest man. >> well, just is so you know, mr. vargas did not comment when
7:24 am
hearing continues today while liang's sentencing has been moved to next week. >> the district attorney has recommended probation for former officer liang, does not want to see him go to jail. this would appear to be a major break for him. >> meanwhile, there was a big shake-up at the civilian agency that provides oversight of the nypd. the chairman resigned yesterday after being accused of making sexist remarks. richard emery, and that's the woman who claims she was the object of the remark. he stepped down from the civilian complaint review board after the executive director of the agency filed a lawsuit against him, mena ma lick. she claims he used a gender-based slur against her last september. she said she filed a complaint soon after, but she says nothing was done for months. her lawyer says the investigation started in march, and when mr. emery found out, he retaliated. >> the chair, after she had complain asked after he had
7:25 am
trip away her responsibilities, her reports, started undermining her credibility in the office and really started affecting her day-to-day ability to carry out her job. >> okay. there he is again, richard emery. you know the civilian complaint review i board, if you think you've been brutalized, they try to find out what happened. he is out of that job. he's been making controversial comments for some time. you'll remember the front page of the daily news i think it was last month, called the unions, that they were squealing like stuck pigs. >> the nypd unions, yeah. >> also it's been said he might be a little bit too close to the current commissioner, bill bratton. >> isis has apparently put out a hit on to huma abedin. >> hugh massachusetts top aide to hillary clinton. she is always by her side. she's also married to former congressman anthony weiner. isis, through one of its
7:26 am
hit the -- basically, a hit list for prominent modern muslims. hugh ma is, apparently, a practicing muslim on the moderate side. >> yeah. she's on the list along with representative keith ellison is and others of minnesota branded as, quote, overt crusaders. the terror group called them politically active apostates. huma is hillary clinton's top aide, as we mentioned, and she has no comment at this time. >> what else is going on? let's take a peek outside. rosanna, how are you? >> so far so good, yes. are you okay? >> terrific. how about a peek outside on this -- >> sunny day. >> all right. big debate tonight. 9:00 11:00. >> in the meantime, you and i will be sitting could be with senator cruz at some point before that debate. >> first question, what do you think? >> i haven't decided what my first question is. >> new york values? >> oh, yeah.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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>> oh, top of the williamsburg bridge. hey, jim, do we a favor, show us
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scene of tonight's big debate. scene of a -- >> shall we mention your name when we go in to claim our car? >> they will remember. >> why? >> they will. i was so relieved that the car wasn't stolen, i go in there with a big smile on my face x they really appreciate that, you know? >> you were probably the only one that goes in there with a smile on their face, by the way. >> look, rosanna, i'm telling you, every time you come out, your car's gone. it's stolen! then again, who would steal my car? >> exactly. >> will it start? >> maybe not. it's pretty much done. >> so where did you put it? >> it's back inside a tow shop in brooklyn. >> really? okay. >> we're figuring out, can it start or just give it to cars for kids? >> i think we should have a funeral profession for that car. >> that sounds good. >> big debate tonight.
7:31 am
hillary. and my grandfather use today make ships at that place. >> is that right? >> who knew? family history. >> that area's so revitalized, you know? for a while, that navy yard was empty. >> it was down on the docks. >> let's talk weather, mike. >> it is beautiful. sunshine, cool temps to start you off, but later in the afternoon we actually have some comfortable temperatures coming our way, so it will be fantastic. let's take a look at the maps and show you what's happening. the forecast high for you, 58 degrees. the normal high is 61. the record high is 85. it's not going to be that warm anytime soon, but we can do 70s here in just a few days. right now bridgeport, you're sitting at 40, and 32, you are freezing in can -- danbury. we had a freeze warning up earlier, but i believe it's
7:32 am
anyhow, clear sky, a lot of sunshine today, just a few high clouds passing through the tristate region. things look pretty quiet, there's some messier weather over the south ian states. -- southeastern states. there will be an area of low pressure adopting out here in the offshore waters kicking back some clouds into the weekend and kick up the surf, but it doesn't come onshore, and, therefore, we don't have to deal with rain or anything like that. temps up to a high of 58 today, 62 tomorrow, 64 on saturday. and then, yeah, it looks like the warmest temps that we see sunday and monday, highs in the lower 70s. small shower chances early tuesday. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what's happening. what's going on now? >> we have our hot spots, 287 and the lie on long island. 287, northbound approaching exit 12, early morning accident, and
7:33 am
all lanes subject to closure causing this slowdown. 287 southbound, the express lands, clearing away an accident by 202/206. normal delays towards the tappan zee bridge, no issues on the saw bill or 2833 -- 287. traffic jams on the lie e heading westbound because of an accident blocking three lanes. as for the trains, metro north, long island railroads, new jersey transit and the path trains running on or close. >> some folks think we should have the right to buy alcohol on sunday morning. technically, it's against the law right now. rosanna, they may be throwing that all away. what does this mean for boozey brunches, by the way? >> a panel appointed by governor cuomo is recommending changing the state's prohibition-era liquor laws which means the booze could start flowing as early as 8 a.m. on the weekends. >> you're looking at some
7:34 am
>> some people. >> -- emerge prosecution those bottomless, what do they call them? >> the bottomless brunches. >> they didn't know when to say when, rosanna. >> carrie drew is on the upper east side with more information this morning. carrie, what do you know? >> good morning to you. changes could be coming to new york state liquor laws, and that could have an effect on your sunday brunch. we're here on the upper east side, this is on east 88th street and second avenuement it has quite an extensive brunch menu over here. this is what happened, a panel formed by governor cuomo to review new york's antiquated liquor laws has released recommendations, and one of the things the group's calling for is allowing bars and restaurant toss sell alcohol earlier on sunday. if you want a bloody mary or mimosa at sunday brunch, you have to wait until noon. so your brunches could get boozier even earlier. we talked to a couple people on the upper east side, and they
7:35 am
>> i think that's amazing. i think sunday brunch is one of the best meals of the week, and sometimes people are a little bit more of a morning person, so i want to start my morning earlier. >> a drink. >> with a drink. >> sometimes you have to wait a long time to get into a brunch spot, so if they're offering the brunch special earlier, maybe more people will come out, and it'll be better for businesses. >> and these recommendations will now go to governor cuomo and state lawmakers for review. i'm a big fan of sunday brunch myself, so i guess i'm in favor of this as well. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> of course, carrie. you know, i have to say -- thank you so much. i haven't really done a brunch for about a year. the last time i was there was with mike and ines at lavo. >> you guys lost your minds, dancing on the table. >> it was wild. >> i saw the footage. i was 'em becaused -- embarrassed for all of you. [laughter] >> oh, yeah. audrey was there. i forgot, we brought the flag.
7:36 am
>> don't you remember? >> oh, you had to help your brother move. [laughter] your brother, you know, beat us out for a boozey lunch. >> this looks intense. by the way, this is at one in the afternoon, this p nonsense. there's anna gilligan who doesn't work here anymore, but we miss her. who remembers that story in the times two years ago, bub. is for jerks? >> really? i don't remember that story. >> i'm oh, i'm through with broun. it's gone way too far. saturday and sunday mornings are characterized by the brunch industrial complex. rumbling through life. he hated this thing and, you know what? i kind of know a little of what he's talking about. >> i have to say saturdays and sundays during the day are about exercise and chores, get things done that i need to get done. >> what else happened at this brunch? again, that's one in the afternoon.
7:37 am
what happens at lavo stays at lavo to. >> next time don't bring a tv camera. [laughter] >> anyway, big day if you love mma, i think it's called. >> mixed martial arts. >> it's that crazy where you can choke people and punch in the face. >> yeah. some people are crazy about this stuff. others are horrified. new york has been the only state in the country for a long time where it's illegal. >> yeah. that was blocked for a long time. >> well with, that changes today. the bull becomes law, and it will become legal. i guess what does that mean? there'll be big mma events in madison square garden and probably, probably more head injuries and concussions. >> by the way, ronda rousey is going to be on hand as the governor signs this law into effect. it's going to be at the garden, so it should be very interesting. meanwhile, verizon workers still out on strike. they plan more gallon separations -- demonstrations today. 39,000 union employees walked
7:38 am
contract talks failed. most of them service the company's landline phone business and fios broadband network. they say verizon wants to freeze pensions and make layoffs easier. verizon says health care and medical costs need to be addressed. it has train ared thousands of non-union employees to fill in during the strike. some people are complaining though, and i guess if you have a problem with your internet, you may be flat out of luck. >> hope this all works out. meanwhile, cardinal tolan will be here in just -- cardinal dolan will be here just a little bit. he just got back from iraq, by the way. >> which was a very risky adventure there. >> absolutely. he spent several days in the kurdish portion of iraq. >> yeah. very, very dangerous. >> i am going to make him a point to show him that crazy, decadent brunch -- >> no, you're not. >> absolutely.
7:39 am
>> good thing i was at church that today. be right back. [laughter]
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america runs on dunkin'. finish. >> oh. somebody told me, boy, everything -- >> george michael was involved with a very devious woman when he made this song. >> he was? >> wham. >> just on paper though. >> his friend andrew, i think it's andrew, the other half of wham -- oh, i see what you're -- [laughter] >> i was wondering if that went over your head. [laughter] all right. of it's 7:42. the sun is out -- >> not that there's anything wrong with that. >> this is nothing wrong with that. >> his buddy in wham left wham and i think he's, like, in the insurance policy business now. >> he is? okay, that's good. >> all right.
7:43 am
mike woods is here. mike, i feel like your job is easy for the next few days. >> it is. it's nice and easy out there, sunny skies, comfortable in the afternoon. i'm pretty much done. 36 in islip and 40 right now in bridgeport, winds coming in from the northeast at around 3-13 miles per hour, so a little light northeast wind with a mainly clear sky, and there really isn't much at all going on. we're going to cope it nice and clear for the -- keep it nice and clear for the day. this will be an area of low pressure in the atlantic waters which sending back some wave action, but as far as wet weather, that's not happening. 62 tomorrow, 64 on saturday and 70 on sunday, 73 on monday, so impressive temps and about four to five days. daily and hourly forecasts on the fox 5ny weather app. check it out. and also i want to say happy birthday to keisha. hope you have of a fantastic one.
7:44 am
friday or over the weekend, but i'm not going to be here, so happy birthday today. let's bring in ines -- >> she can start celebrating today. >> go on through the weekend. >> exactly. happy birthday, keisha. let's talk about the commute. 280 this morning eastbound slow heading towards exit four because of a stalled truck, then the staten island expressway has an accident by bradley avenue blocking two lanes. lie on long island, deer park avenue heading westbound, two lanes blocked with an accident past deer park avenue, so you have this traffic jam there. the george washington bridge upper level and outbound issues, this is heading towards new jersey, stalled school bus in the right lane backing things up on the cross broongs and on the inbounds side on right lane there's an accident. so a 45 minute delay on the upper level, 30 minute on the lower, but the upper level, that delay is going to increase. trains are running on or close.
7:45 am
>> okay, ines, thanks. >> let's talk sports. duke castiglione, what's happening with the rangers? >> last night, game one. to pittsburgh for the highlights. what happens here? rangers go to henrik lundqvist, takes mark stick's stick right to the eye. he was in pain, but he would stay in the game. he would give up a goal shortly thereafter, and the rangers, you know what? just had a tough night. as did the ranger defense. patrick lundqvist, he'd wind up with a hat trick. penguins begin, 5-2 -- win, 5-2. game two will be saturday afternoon. the islanders will open up their series against the panthers in florida. the stanley cup will be in
7:46 am
if you have a question, tweet me me dukecatcastiglione. solo home run, his third, cut it to two. blue jays would beat the yankees, 7-2 the final score. blue jays can swing the bat. mets and marlins, city field. single to left, tries to stretch it in a double, he's out. mets take a 2-0 lead. scary moment for access we questions, tries to make a catch, ends up in the stands. he'd be okay. mets win 2-1, the final score. what a night for kobe bryant. his last-ever professional game, and he put on a show. pregame festivities, right until the end he showed why he's one of the game's greats. jack loves it right there. he did take 50 shots in this game, but 60 points is
7:47 am
back to win game against the jazz 101-96. bryant ends his 20-year career. third most points in league history. more nba history, golden state warriors broke the league's record for most league victories. one better than the '95-'96 chicago bulls. shelf curry had his own record. back to baseball. tomorrow is jackie robinson day in major league baseball. 69 years ago tomorrow as a member of the brooklyn dodgers jackie robinson broke baseball's color barrier, becoming the first african-american to play in major league baseball. and such an important event. one of jackie's teammates and lifelong friends who was just 21 when he made -- when jackie made
7:48 am
member left from that team. yesterday ralph and i talked about his good friend jackie and him. >> that day is like a special day because, you know, it broke the color barrier which had no sense being there, you know? in the united states. and baseball was like the first to really break it, and i'm proud that baseball did that and that my team was part of it, in the breaking of the color barrier. it makes no sense that in the united states this would be. >> ralph and i talked at length for a while, really amazing. you know, to hear what jackie had to go through, you know, it's just, you know, they couldn't train in the united states for spring training. they had to go to cuba. >> wow. and it really wasn't that long ago when you think about it. >> that's what ralph was saying. a lot of guys on the brooklyn there.
7:49 am
that went around, and ralph said i'm hot going to sign that. -- i'm not going to sign that. >> show and tell? brooklyn. dodgers. now they live this these manageses in alpine, new jersey. -- mansions in alpine, new jersey. >> ralph was telling me he would take a bus from mount ver nor where he lived all the way to brooklyn concern. >> he took the bus to the gamesome. >> two hours each way. >> the players never made a lot of money until recently. >> and that was surprising. two hours each way. >> that ease crazy. >> all right, duke, thanks a lot. >> good day is going to take a quick break. cardinal dolan will be here shortly. we're going talk about his dangerous trip to iraq. >> yeah.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
come seek the royal caribbean. >> all right. we have some breaking news, and i have to say i'm a little concerned, this is my grocery store. >> it's on 79th street, we've got all kinds of fire trucks on first avenue and 79. jim's over the scene. i don't see smoke or flames. what's happening?
7:53 am
tell you that fire was just placed under control, again, 7 9thstreet and first avenue. it was a high-rise building, but the fire was an electrical fire in the basement of the building. several fire trucks responded, a portion of the intersection is shut down but, again, the fire itself officially placed under control. no injury withs were reported. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> so it was more in the building of the residential section rather than in the aga, ata, the grocery store basement? >> they haven't really clarified as to which portion of the building it was. it does appear that the fire department was set up closesser to the grocery store area but, again, just describing the fire as in the basement of the building. >> okay, good. as long as rosanna's produce is not affected. >> i'm just happy everybody's okay there. >> absolutely. thank you.
7:54 am
greg? another superstar rock or has carolina. >> they have these very controversial regulations and laws in place -- >> on the lgbt community. meanwhile, ringo starr is not going to the state after the so-called bathroom bill which forces transgender people to use public bathrooms according to their biological sex. and it bars other protections for gays. ringo says he's following bruce springsteen's lead and canceling his june 18th gig to, quote, take a stand against this hatred. supporters of the law say it protects christians. >> i'd like to see a relationship go starr concert, you know, from the drum set, right? >> that'd be cool. >> his friend from the beatles, paul mccartney, he will play the meadowlands -- >> i don't think it's the meadowlands. >> no? what do we call it now?
7:55 am
>> i still call citi field shea. >> you're right. >> it will be his first concert in new jersey in 14 years. tickets go on sale next friday, april 22nd, at 10:00 in the morning. the show is part of his new one on one tour which has 16 dates. it will be his only show in the tristate area. >> yeah. here's a little factoid that's come up from time to time. his wife, nancy cha vel, worn and raised on long island, good girlfriend of rosanna's? >> actually, i think she was born in jersey. >> she grew up on long island, right? [laughter] >> you don't know for sure, do you? >> i believe that she grew up in jersey. >> okay, you just burst my bubble. [laughter] the headline is paul mccartney's wife is your girlfriend. >> yes. >> and i think that's very nice. >> you text. >> we do. anyway, let's talk about beyonce's daughter, blue ivy. she had the biggest birthday party ever. her mommy created a fairy world
7:56 am
couches, tents, actresses dressed at fairies. look how pretty it looks. the birthday girl took a page from her mother and had a costume change during her party. it really was magical at kid-friendly bow and arrow station, that's where the party took place. it was in january, but queen bey just posted the pictures online. >> remember when she was born? i do. four years ago. lennox hill hospital -- >> they had the whole maternity ward on lockdown. >> happy birthday. >> our facebook fan of the our is bonnie taylor. >> thanks, bonnie. >> bonnie says nice things about us, and we appreciate that. that's all you have to do. go to our fox 5ny facebook page -- in text your girlfriend. i'm pretty sure she spent a lot of time on long island. >> okay.
7:57 am
7:58 am
if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies.
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8:01 am
to meet all the candidates running.governor casey is with the endorsement of the daily news. he said clearly is the only choice for the gop news . let's take a look at the brooklyn navy yard.they used to make ships there and now they make t.v. shows. they make movies and chocolate and other things.
8:02 am
>> it's really a bunch of abandoned buildings for many years. >> december 1953. >> but this splendid day. >> it's four days to come and there is not anything going on weatherwise. charcoal or than normal and will still see sunny skies with a high temperature and a gradual warm-up into the weekend. temperatures go above normal. we don't have any major storms on the horizon but only one shot at rainfall down the road. sunny skies in central park
8:03 am
temperature with regional temperatures in chile. 37 williamsport and 36 in albany. they mainly clear sky with a little disturbance that came by . there was not much with it . we expand the view out and will have a good-looking day with high pressure in control. we are keeping an eye on the storm that is developing over the atlantic waters. it's not a problem or even visible. there is some wave action or some high clouds over the weekend. today looks nice and dry with a high temperature only up to 580. 620 tomorrow and 64 on saturday. high clouds make a comeback and there is an area of low pressure offshore. the highs will be in the 70s on sunday and monday. let's get you over to ines rosales now and see if
8:04 am
>> we have several just to name a few.there is one by bradley avenue. it set to 87. we stopped traffic as you approach . traffic is slow here heading westbound. sitting on passenger plane. the city is raising for what is expected to be the largest anti-donald trump protest of the campaign season so far.
8:05 am
other things at this huge protest tonight. some people say the main target is donald trump. >> donald trump will be at the hyatt tonight on with ted cruz and governor casey. it's a major republican gala. the size of the protest is expected outside. let's get to the democrats . donald trump is responsible for bringing it back to life after it was run down. there's a lot of fun facts about this place. we will hear a lot about it from donald trump tonight when he arrives here. as far as the protest is concerned, we could see that it will be as big as a black lives matter protest. it will be a big showing
8:06 am
all eyes on midtown! new york city found itself square in the middle of the political influence. they put on their tuxes and they play nice for the gop gala at the grand hyatt. . what happens inside might make news and what happened outside might also . 30 different causes are planning to disrupt the gala and they dislike trump and his message. among the masses is a past apprentice. this group protest donald trump with tens of thousands of demonstrators showing. there is some concern that this rally is what happened in chicago that turned violent earlier this year. >> tonight's event comes
8:07 am
>> donald trump holds the . ted grew as a shopping for delegates. john kasich is in second place. >> in the last three weeks we have beaten him in all three elections. that. >> he is having a very good week. he thinks of the endorsement with the cover saying, never trump and never cruise either. he is clearly the only choice for the gop.>> review here and i will show you the loading behind me. donald trump was quite instrumental in the design of it. he is the one that decided the panels here. it's so you can see the grand central in the grand hyatt. >> coming up in about one hour. we will talk to the republican
8:08 am
governor casey here on good day new york. go to the facebook page what would you like to know? >> used to host a show on fox. we have the democrats now with hillary clinton versus bernie sanders. two hours are scheduled at the brooklyn navy yard. they are coming back. >> is the ninth primary debate . bernie's camp says more than 27,000 people came out to the rally in washington sq., park. >> it's a big one they were feeling the burn . >> robert joins us from the brooklyn navy yard and he has more on the debate . what's going on. >> in a lot of ways brooklyn has really been the epicenter of the race. bernie sanders grew up here and graduated from high school. both sanders and clinton have campaign offices here
8:09 am
again at this debate . they will exchange pleasantries or something like that. call it the battle of brooklyn hillary clinton bernie sanders tangle at the brooklyn navy yard. the democratic campaign has become increasingly contentious and that likely will be on full display. >> they show clinton leading and sanders has gained ground. >> there are a lot of people here tonight! the sanders camp says 27,000 people came out to washington sq., park for a rally. that's more than the 20,000 who rally for barack obama in the same park in 2007. >> when i look at the unbelievable crowd like this i believe we will win here in new york! >> sanders in clinton hopscotch to cross the city and sanders picked up a key
8:10 am
that represented the transit workers. >> today, they are feeling the burn. >> sanders and clinton showed solidarity with striking verizon workers. clinton also appeared at the convention of the national action network. >> despite our best efforts in her highest hopes, america's long struggle with racism is far from finished. >> last night, clinton held a rally in the bronx and increasingly she turned her attention to the man that she thinks will be her republican opponent. >> mister trump wants to put americans against each other. >> he wants to build walls and i want to build bridges ! >> perhaps that line from hillary clinton is one we will hear the price tonight. i will give you a lay of the land. we show you this guideline
8:11 am
and you can see this is the debate all and i was just inside the chairs and the stage are all set up. i should add that security here is to . the secret service is manning a checkpoint . anytime we move around , we will have to go through the metal detectors . we are wanted and we will let you know how tight things are tonight if that's any indication. thank you, robert! iraq is still a very dangerous place. they are threatening to take over a huge part of that country. into the flay the evidence is five days in the kurdish portion of iraq. it's a dangerous place. it's persecuted and
8:12 am
the cardinals just got back yesterday.he is still a little bit jetlagged. i am so happy . >> i just know the trip had to be tough on you. >> thanks for having me on. >> it's a combination of deep sadness but also a sense of joy and hope . you have 110,000 people. you convert to me islam and you pay a tax to stay. leave or we will slip your throats. it's from the city and for hundreds there is a play nine. with the great biblical
8:13 am
110,000 christians left . they took their belongings. >> they were about 10 12 to kurdistan. he was in the northern part of iraq. apparently , it's a tradition we saw it firsthand. it's hospitality and openness to others. it's relatively safe and stable. it's not like the rest of iraq. they went there hoping that the tiny ancient community and curtis stan would welcome them and they were not let down. hundred and 10,000. we saw how they were welcomed.all these people want to do is go back on. >> it's too dangerous, right? >> isis has a completely taken care of but they destroyed all their homes.
8:14 am
the villages. that's what they are hoping for. >> that's what was so somber and sad. what was joyful was the robust charity in which the people were welcomed. secondly, to see the resilience and hope . they were crying and they tried to dig in to make the best of it. you see the kids in the schools . you see the dispensaries and the refugee camps. they were relatively clean and safe. the people are grateful for the security and the temporary home that they had.that gave me some resilience. these people just pray hard and jam the masses. they hope harder. they were great inspirations. it was bigger and bittersweet to see the sadness and the persecution. to see their spirit of
8:15 am
>> it's basically secured. they are never far.>> curtis stan is not hard from the border. >> they are not fall with miles. it was completely controlled by isis.>> the humanitarian needs are >> they can always use more hope. one of the reasons i went there because there's little known but very great organizations here in new york. cable is 90 years old. >> can enable. >> catholic near association. >> the archbishop of new york happen to serve as president and it's very effective. they are on the ground and they work with the local people. they have done phenomenal. they are temporary and makeshift but the kids are happy and well fed and well dressed. the refugees are being taken care of. they need help .
8:16 am
for them and for you? i saw you before you left for the trip and you swore me to secrecy. he promised he would come on good day new york when you came back so thank you. it's got to be a dangerous area. how do we know we will be okay. are you in any danger? >> it's part of the problem. now we have the terrible difficult choice of saying, should we stay here or should we move to another country?they know that isis could attack they are and move there. and curtis stan, you know the fighters and soldiers and troops are renowned for their discipline and efficiency. that's why it's relatively safe. they are really living where it's tottering there. >> is a non-christian minority, they believe they have this and when we would
8:17 am
we would visit the camps and we would see that they are the aziz and the muslim refugees. isis isn't that good to their own. there are temperate muslims that suffer from isis. you can see them coming to the masses. i don't know if i understand completely . all i know is that everyone likes to pick on them. they are apparently a little bit of shoot . they are centuries old. they are peaceloving good people with whom we met that had turkish coffee. >> you talk about spoonfed >> i don't think they would've let us because you're not supposed to bring anything back into the country. >> there is mud in the bottom half. >> i am happy you are back
8:18 am
>> i was grateful to bring love and support and prayers of the people here. they have a great one and i thought i might be into anti-americanism. it's great love for america. please ask your country to help us out. not only intimate humanitarian way but restoring stability and security. >> the pope? >> we saw him. it's the year of mercy for clinton . i took hundred and 10 pilgrims from the archdiocese and so i was there for six days. >> he is doing phenomenal. >> was the sacrilegious when we took it and celebrated the pope? it was an a mini deal in the world around a couple times. >> here we are. >> did you have a fiat? >> that looks like like. >> put franco in the car
8:19 am
>> probably more people want to see him and see the holy father. >> this is like one of those jokes like we are too successful because they really found me attractive. >> oh my gosh okay. >> the fiat has been sold. it's auctioned off and it raised a half $1 million. >> a chunk of the money is going to the refugee . >> that's fantastic. >> what you do with it? >> all we do is have two cars. they were both used by the pope . philadelphia and d.c. have it . we have the secret service verify this is the one that he rode in. i don't know why it needs blessing. the pope wrote in it. that's overkill! >> good to be with you. the stanley cup is here.
8:20 am
me use it? >> that will be some on the altar. >> we are glad you are back. thank you for telling everyone. >> think you for listening. >> let's talk to mike . >> at everything on my end looking good. lots of sunshine coming down from the skies above. here's what we have in the month of april, 470 for the average temp at 3.10 above normal. we have an above normal month coming up. we are making our way through and the warmest day that we saw looks weird at 790. we will see sunny skies and we start you out 45. we end up at 58 for the high and the 70s around the corner with high temperatures in the 70s. keep that in mind. don't forget about the google play store. here comes ines with the latest on the morning commute .
8:21 am
position closing the roadway in both directions. let's go to the lie. the traffic by deer park with an accident in the area blocking two lanes for traffic packed up . on the george washington bridge, it's jammed with a complete mess on the upper level. it's about a 45 minute delay . make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. we, you, me and roseanna . >> according to the career catch, you do the survey every year at the absolute worst . the second worst is a logger someone who cuts down the tree to make the paper.
8:25 am
everything is digital. one of the reasons they are suffering is because broadcasters come in at number three.>> they are highly stressed and underpaid and overworked . there are fewer job celebrations out there. >> landscape is changing. guess what the rest of america is. it's the data. they make hundred and 28,000.>> that's so boring. >> look what we do. we interview some of the most interesting people in the world. >> are you just sitting pretty? ! >> go back and crunch numbers. casey. >> i can't count so i won't do that job. i could think of a lot worse. >> there is a very small market out there and you got a job offer making $13,000 per year.
8:26 am
or dress yourself. this is what we're talking about. >> in binghamton new york i was this close ! this close! i don't know what but i'm losing my mind.i will see you later.thank you for the update. >> anyway governor casey will be here in a few minutes. >> governor casey is running for president. as you know just got a big endorsement. so far he is only one one state. >> we will be chatting with him. he used to host a talk show on good day new york. >> it's called heartland. it caught all kinds of great stories.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
a brooklyn navy yard. the home of the debate tonight . >> i think this song is appropriate. it's about a guy with a beautiful girl while he was home for a few weeks. check this out .
8:30 am
he was in town for a good time and then he was out of there even though she was wife material. >> the brooklyn navy yard what will happen there tonight? a big debate! what used to happen there? they used to make ships. >> now they make movies and t.v. shows. they make chocolate . >> what's up with the chocolate factory? >> it was there and i was reading about it last night. i was trying to find it last night.>> in the meantime, it's good to know there is a chocolate factory and there's also a lot for the city department of transportation to get your car towed in brooklyn and you can go there. >> good to know. how many times have you visited? >> good people. >> you are amazed that i have a good time. >> it's so funny in certain scenarios people would normally be irate and greg is the opposite. >> here's the thing i'm so relieved and pleased
8:31 am
>> i hear you that never occurs. >> you never feel injustice. >> anyway let me know what you're coming from. >> we will have a beautiful sunny day coming up . damages are cool and it's not so bad. it's in the middle of the graphic . it's a 610 for this time of year. we talk about just below this today and it 62 climbing up to 730 for the high of next week . it gets warmer and starts to slide back down temporary. we are not too far off the mark. it's a typical early spring here in the tri-state. right now we're sitting at 450 in central park . 430 in montauk and 41 in poughkeepsie with a mainly
8:32 am
not these twins are making their way through high clouds come through and highs in the lower 70s. the shower chances tried to make their way back into tuesday but the weather is at the apple itunes store with daily and hourly forecast available.check it out. happy birthday! she is a big fan. have a fantastic birthday. let's bring in ines and see what else is happening. where is the hangup? >> let's start out with the hutch. we expect delays in both direction and the drivers in the up position with
8:33 am
through. you have a staten island expressway delay going back to new jersey. bradley avenue with an accident case, leaving all lanes subject to closure. traffic is moving fine on the bridge.let's go to the lie. they are moving better than before but the mainline is moving better and we definitely have the traffic jam westbound. in the trains , a 45 60 minute delay. they are starting to look at service. they have to cry again was anna back to you. >> we're getting close to
8:34 am
>> it's by noon on sunday. it's under the so-called blue law they establish these to the's changing the prohibition era. i can order them almost the it will be a wash and alcohol as it is. brunch is very hot . >> greg and was anna if they change you could be posting at your brunch. give me an idea what will happen at cafi brunch on the upper east side. it's quite an extensive lunch menu. here is what you were talking about.they put together a panel for the liquor laws.
8:35 am
recommendation this week with one things they are calling for is eating bars and restaurants to sell earlier on sunday. if you want to order a blithering merry or a mimosa, you have to wait until noon but if the law changes, you might be able to order a drink as early as 8:00 am. we talked to people here on the upper east side about the proposed changes. here's what they had to say. >> i think they would probably enjoy that rule. i've never had a drink before noon so i won't be affected. >> i don't think anyone before 8:00 a.m. need a drink! i go to church every sunday but i usually meet friends for lunch afterwards. i don't think i have ordered anything before noon but i definitely order a mimosa every sunday. i could see groups of friends wanting to get up
8:36 am
>> this panel released a recommendation this week and those recommendations are now going to governor cuomo and the state lawmakers for review. that is the latest live on the upper east side . >> my partner here knows how to do brunch. >> i did it one year ago. >> take a look at this it's the footage from the discotheque at 3:00 am. >> it was a good day new york rally. i orchestrated it and we said we're going right now! i can't make it no, it's too late. >> it looks like it's 2:00 a.m.. >> it looks like 11 or 12:00 . it's a lot of fun. mike woods . >> drinking from the bottle. >> they should be shrimping and enhanced. >> i don't feel like we
8:37 am
i guess it would be good for business. >> she has her arm around mike. things are pretty intense. >> what else? >> you are busy helping move your brother . it's the day before and you said you can't do it . >> i think i was at church . you guys were decadent. it's a borderline orgy! >> it's one of the most famous trophies. the stanley cup is right here. in the stanley cup it's all about hockey and it's right here in the studio . very cool and yes, the guy is here too.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
is a pigeon coop? what is that all about? it will be very difficult getting around manhattan tonight . maybe we need the pigeons to send the messages. >> what is this all about? >> it's probably on top of someone's roof. >> it's ground-level! yes, it is.
8:41 am
brooklyn navy yard. >> there is so much stuff going on. >> there's a lot of things happening in new york . we are getting ready for the stanley cup playoffs. we have a very big trophy . >> do these has the trophy and the commissioner of the hockey . >> commissioner welcome! >> it's in the stanley cup and the playoffs started last night.islanders are in action . it's so special and the history behind it but for you what makes it so special. >> it's almost hundred and 25 years old . it's not like another sportswear they make one every year. they win the stanley cup in
8:42 am
what is the most fascinating is people's reaction to it. we've been here for the last half hour and there is countless pictures taken with cardinals taken. is there a chance that the unders will move back . >> is that possible? >> as i sit here with you , i don't see that because the islanders need a new home in nassau county for the coliseum well past its due date. it's a terrific arena.
8:43 am
games this year at berkeley as they did last year . the players have adjusted and they put aside the last year and it's been comparable to what we see. >> i have to be honest i saw them and i thought yes indeed. >> resented me. >> there's a little bit of a connection there. >> i enjoyed it. in terms of this the playoff was a little bit unique because last time it happened happened happened since 1969 and we only have one canadian in the is >> is a flute ? >> my own view is that safely. we could probably speculate hundred reasons as to why it might've happened. it could be all right or all's not something that we could see
8:44 am
it just happened and based on the cycle , they have found themselves there. >> where we stand on expansion? is there any chance you'll see a team in las vegas? >> those are the two cities we have formal applications to the franchise and the owners have been going through an evaluation process to determine whether or not we want to expand and if so, where we want to expand. it's conceivable if we finish the process that it will be no teams, one team want to team. we want teams that will be in good arenas and good ownership. we will help enhance them . >> eventually there will be a major sports franchise. >> that's what people say. maybe the will be us and maybe it will . it's obviously an
8:45 am
>> greg and rosanna, this is awesome! >> the canadians are not in the playoffs. >> a lot of guys play.>> it's 50% of the players. >> actually, the players have consumed refreshments . >> you have to and the right to do that. >> i'm very literal with this. >> you get it for the day and i think it was in 1994 after the rangers had it. we decided we needed a keeper . that's so would know where it was at all times. >> my friend john, going up with them, has father was a dentist for the islanders . >> as long as he returns it .
8:46 am
world. >> same trophy? >> you have not upgraded years?>> used to be smaller and we added the base. the top goes into the vault and we put in a new band. two spaces are left. >> it's literally been all over the world ! can we pick it up? we have two teams here. >> everybody knows. >> it's not even any . >> .
8:47 am
uniondale. commissioner it's nice to be with you. >> good to see you. >> last year greg and i did go to the ranger playoff game. >> are you going to an islanders game? >> we hope so. we will see how it goes. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. that was a lot of fun. >> invited us there. it's a big jumbotron. >> no fights in that game. >> how many games have a fight percentagewise? 3/10 . maybe one every three or four games. >> i would consider that an all-time low. >> occasionally with my wife. >> we have a doctor making a house call from gray's anatomy today. wait until you see it . you know him. jason george. he has a big show coming up tonight. >> awesome! >> i know you miss me
8:48 am
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above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. and a living wage is paid to all. an america there is time a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
8:51 am
hbo is reliving it now. it's another real-life legal drama. it's called confirmation. it dramatizes all the steamy details of clarence thomas's supreme court confirmation hearing. >> it happened , we had
8:52 am
it. the kind of language and allegations and talk about pornography and sex during a pornography hearing. clarence thomas called as a lynching and he denied all of his claims. she stood by them. she was a professor . >> wendell pierce is playing clarence thomas. >> it was a wild time.>> it was another t.v. situation. we were glued to the t.v.. that and the oj case. >> the whole country was talking about it. >> confirmation on hbo. saturday night it with some pretty good work over there. >> jennifer lopez she does not stop! j lo doesn't stop.
8:53 am
american idol and she has a hit t.v. show. she dropped a new single last week and she is on the cover of next month's w magazine. she talks about her career and she says something she's never done before. >> cosmos is your fat? while i ain't down with that. your waist is small and your curves are kicking and i am thinking about sticking to the beanpole days in the magazine. you a thing misting . give me a sister . that was written about j lo. she is reading it like a dramatic poem. >> he was written about her famous derrihre. we like j lo. we saw her perform in the bronx. >> coming up, we have all seen pictures of
8:54 am
probably don't know what happened behind the scenes. the cost of all you have to be like ultra venus important to get in. we tried to crash! >> we did. >> we have the movie that takes us behind the scenes of this elite party . let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
8:55 am
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to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. time for more good day new york . >> the sun is out! it's a peaceful day. >> it will be a great summer. hopefully you are excited next month is memorial day. >> i am very excited. i am already planning it.


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