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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from akai gurley's family, the aunt pumping her fist. in his family, they don't believe the judge did the right thing. >> denied a motion to vacate the verdict. i thought there was sufficient evidence there where vargas was ducking questions and not forthcoming with the answers. he kept on playing with the words and stuff. there's always the appeals court now. i guess maybe the judge didn't want to bear the responsibility of creating possible riots or what-not. i don't know what he's thinking. >> reporter: with that complicated hurdle out of the way, the judge has a difficult road ahead because the prosecutor who moved the case forward aggressively got a conviction, but in his notes to the judge, asked for leniency in this case. we will find this out on tuesday as the sentencing moves forward.
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back to you. steve: thank you. a big mess on the new jersey turnpike after a terrible crash involving a military vehicle. dari: ines is joining us with details. >> this is horrible for the commute. a huge mess on the new jersey turnpike. the damage has been done. on our maps, i'm going to show you how far back the delays are. southbound traffic jammed from interchange 9 heading southbound towards interchange 9. between 9 and 8a, that's the delay. the car lanes are heavier than the truck lanes. everyone is going for that option. the truck lanes aren't as bad. on the northbound side, traffic is slow. let's show you the situation earlier. skyfox was over the scene. the humvee flipped over this afternoon. there was an investigation going on. medivac was on scene.
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approach interchange 9. car and truck lanes were closed, trying to get serious injuries out of the way. that's why there's a huge backup. the scene. they cleared the humvee. only the left lane opened there on the new jersey turnpike. 9. all lanes open are car lanes. everyone is using that option with the car lanes. with the truck lanes, if you know someone heading in the truck lanes, tell them to stay there. the car lanes are backed up to the garden state parkway. a huge mess this evening on the turnpike and we have the political rallies going on. steve: thank you. along those lines, gop power players are gathering in midtown where all three republican presidential candidates will be stumping for votes tonight. dari: dan bowens is live outside the grand hyatt hotel with a look at the security. it's got to be huge surrounding tonight's event. >> reporter: we're seeing plenty of congestion out here inside
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it is a black tie fundraiser, bringing together the elites in the republican party at the state level and the national level. outside, we're expecting as many as 10 different groups to converge. some 10,000 protestors and for many of them, their anger is focused on one candidate, donald trump. trump. >> gates are going up. barricades are in place. the nypd and secret service locking things down. >> join the protest or go home early to avoid traffic jams. >> reporter: protestors expected to arrive by the thousands, gathering just outside the grand hyatt hotel in grand central station, among the busiest locations in the country at rush hour. >> new york city silence is not an option. our message is this. racism is deadly. misogyny is deadly. hatred is deadly. >> reporter: inside the four star hotel, all three of the remaining gop candidates, ted cruz, john kasich and donald
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a plate new york state republican gala. >> i'm sure it was a circus. >> reporter: demonstrators from several groups will converge. a facebook group shut down trump with 2,000 confirmed to attend. plenty more are expected here. >> i think people can expect both sides of the opinion. i haven't made up my mind on anybody. >> reporter: the billionaire no stranger to violence at his rallies will be front and center, only this time the anger and discontent that seems to follow his campaign will play out. >> this kind of discourse is good. as long as it doesn't go too far. >> reporter: at the moment, the protestors are being kept across from the grand hyatt on east complicating things, governor cuomo will be speaking in times square, part of the minimum wage rally. that rally, many of the people are expected to march down 42nd street and be a part of this
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grand hyatt. unclear if governor cuomo will be here as well. back to you. steve: all right. get ready for a chaotic night. before getting to the city, donald trump has an event scheduled on long island. dari: liz dahlem is live in patchogue where demonstrators are gathered to protest his liz? >> reporter: good evening to you. yeah. we are here in patchogue where donald trump is expected to arrive at the empour -- station. you can see the signs with some of the sentiments and how they feel about donald trump. police set up different pens and areas for protestors and supporters. they're doing their best to keep a safe distance between the groups to avoid conflict. the line to get into this venue stretched all the way down the block. people got here early this morning, waiting to get in. a thousand are expected to be
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both sides are very passionate about why they're here. >> i'm here to support donald trump because i think he's the man we need. and he's our voice. >> donald trump has a right to be here. i believe he promotes violence and hatred. i have watched the coverage for the last couple of months, and he hates on a lot of people. women, muslims and so i strongly feel it's wrong. it's hateful. >> reporter: law enforcement officials were expecting thousands of protestors and supporters to show up here. they are ready. patchogue village police, suffolk police officers and the secret service are here. they shut down every road around this venue. the k-9 teams did a full sweep. they have every angle covered to keep the peace.
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monitoring social media for intelligence so we're prepared. right now we have significant resources on the ground. we have adequate resources on the ground. if things -- if more people than expected attend the events, we have resources on standby which we will deploy immediately. steve: >> reporter: this area is still blocked off. trump has not made his way here, but a lot of activity. we reached out to the suffolk county police department to ask how much it costs to protect an area like this, how many extra officers are needed, overtime that's needed. they said they will be here throughout the night to keep the area safe, making sure both sides are where they need to be. we're still waiting for trump's arrival. we're live on long island, back over to you. dari: thank you. speaking of that arrival, the spot where the protestors have
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held. steve: linda schmidt is live in patchogue. >> reporter: that's right. good evening to both of you. this is on the outside. they're talking to the protestors who aren't happy about donald trump being here. inside this music hall, people couldn't be more ecstatic. here. this is a music hall. it's a more intimate venue than what we're used to. we're used to the grand, elaborate stadiums, which are not very intimate. here everybody pretty much has a front row seat. they're very happy and donald trump is going to be coming out minutes. he is already here. he is in the building. i don't know if you can hear, the crowd is starting to cheer. so they're anticipating him coming out any moment. the people who are standing behind our camera paid $150 to be here tonight. the people who are behind me on the floor who have the closest
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able to listen to him paid $300. republican committee. fundraiser here tonight. donald trump is supposed to be speaking for a half hour or 45 minutes and then he'll be heading back into the city to the republican gala that dan bowens was telling you about. that's the latest from here. back to you. steve: thank you, linda. prosecutors in florida have dropped battery charges against donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski. he was accused of grabbing a reporter as she tried to ask a question last month. there was video of the incident, prosecutors felt they did not have a strong enough case to take it to trial. >> while the evidence in this case is legally sufficient for the police to have charged mr. corey lewandowski, it is not strong enough to meet the legal burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. steve: fields was disappointed
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>> john kasich spoke to supporters about the economy. >> we have to have economic growth. it solves so many problems. we get economic growth if we don't crush small business by putting stupid rules on them and we lower taxes and finally we have a reasonable plan to get the budget balanced. steve: he will swing upstate tomorrow for a town hall meeting in utica. dari: ted cruz supports a controversial law that restricts bathroom access for gay and transgender people. the texas senator spoke at a town hall meeting saying laws requiring people to use the restroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificate makes sense. the governor of north carolina signed an order to make partial changes to the law amid backlash from gay rights groups. steve: democratic presidential hopefuls go head to head tonight days before the new york primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take part in a live
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sharon crowley will have a live report at 5:30. dari: new video shows mayor de blasio meeting one of the two charged with corruption. steve: he can be seen hugging the man. the video is now part of the ongoing corruption investigation involving the two who raised tens of thousands in campaign money for the mayor. both are accused of giving improper gifts to high ranking members of the nypd for favors. the mayor denies wrongdoing and has been distancing himself from both men. steve: russian fighter jets getting too close for comfort. dari: how the american military is responding to the russian fly-by. steve: plus, why travelers at newark-liberty airport are waiting even longer to get
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dari: look at that. yes. a close call caught on camera. that's the baltic sea. russian warplanes flew dangerously near a u.s. navy destroyer. it happened earlier this week.
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defense officials call the maneuver a simulated attack profile and extremely unprofessional. they say the planes buzzed the u.s. ship repeatedly. steve: it's the craziest video. dari: that's really, really -- steve: provocative. dari: that's a better word than i was going to say. once coming within 30 feet of the bridge. the u.s. has filed an official complaint with russia. steve: straight out of top gun. long lines have returned to newark-liberty airport. dari: antwan lewis shows us why fliers are having to wait. >> make patience a carry-on. tsa screening times are taking longer than normal. >> i'm surprised fights don't break out. >> reporter: in addition to stringent screening rules, the tsa acknowledged its budget has been reduced the last four shortfalls.
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passengers last year. the number is expected to go up in 2016. >> there's nothing else you can do. you get frustrated. they get upset. >> the staffing issue is an issue that should have been addressed a long time ago. >> reporter: many are using social media to vent their frustrations, dave tweeting there's a serious tsa organizational problem. this one from dan, what will take longer, the security line or the flight to san francisco at newark liberty? others have found another way to avoid the long wait. he signed up for tsa's preferred service, designed to fast track screenings. >> i get through in about two minutes, whereas it could be a half hour to 45 minutes, an hour, to get through immigration and it avoids the long lines. >> reporter: passenger uses are encouraged to get to the airport two hours early to get through the screening process in hopes of making your flight on time. reporting from newark, antwan
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steve: let's talk weather. dari: sunny. steve: it's incredible. it's funny. when you go out, you've got to wear the jacket, the whole -- at noon, you're hot. you have to prepare for everything. the sun was great. >> i said that yesterday. the mornings were going to start off chilly and it would be slow to warm up. once it did, you would be shedding a layer. today's highs made it to where we should be for this time of year. 62 was the high in central park. this morning we saturday off with a chilly 43. high numbers across the region were in the upper 50s to low 60s. a little cooler out towards the east end on montauk, 53. we're down to 50 in montauk. 51 in eye islip. these numbers are running a few degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. we are in store for a warming trend as we go further into the weekend. you might say it's been like 60,
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that's because of the dew point. these are very dry numbers we're experiencing with the upper teens and low to mid 20s. with less humidity, the temperature kind of feels cooler than it is. when we factor in a wind that's coming in across long island is where we're seeing the strongest winds. windchills are in the 40s there. that's making it feel a little chillier out towards the east. our satellite and radar shows we're nice and dry. we'll stay that way and clear tonight. high pressure is in control over the northeast and the great lakes. that's giving us great weather for a period of time because it's being anchored across the region. it's keeping us protected from a low pressure center offshore and one off to the south as well as one that's sitting out to the west. until this low starts to work eastward, the high can't move, which is good news for us. as it stays over the region, it will keep us with dry and tranquil weather for the next several days. nice and clear conditions tonight.
5:19 pm
friday with mostly sunny skies and we'll see plenty of sunshine from sunrise to sunset. on saturday, that low i just mentioned that's offshore, it's going to try to retrograde further inland. that could throw back a few clouds across the extreme eastern portion of long island. everyone else will bask in plenty of sunshine for saturday and even into sunday as temperatures slowly rise up the thermometer. tonight we're in store for another chilly evening. tomorrow morning you want to have your jacket handy. in the afternoon, you'll be shedding it because temperatures will be moving into the low to mid 60s in many locations. as we go into the weekend, we'll be in the mid 60s saturday. 70 on sunday. mid 70s on monday. and probably even warmer numbers across interior new jersey. won't be surprised if we squeezed out an 80 degree reading in interior new jersey. as we go into next week, we stay nice and dry. plenty of sunshine. temperatures cool off a little, but overall, a very wonderful
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haven't seen all year long. steve: what we've been waiting for. great. dari: not since christmas eve. totally unseasonal. excellent to have it when it's supposed to come. steve: the world's most famous arena will be home to professional mixed martial arts, governor cuomo legalizing the sport in new york state. he was flanked by rhonda roussey at madison square garden. a lot of people have been calling for that. it's on the way. dari: a lot of fans. this is about the time of year when some new yorkers were lucky enough to return from their winter homes in florida. steve: this time they're bringing culture with them. a preview of the miami city ballet's performance at lincoln center. dari: and later, the implant that may help the paralyzed
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steve: many years ago, a girl from cuba came to america and began a dance career that brought her to the new york city delay. dari: now she's leading the ballet in miami and this weekend
5:24 pm
at lincoln center. simone has an inside look at the show. what a great accomplishment for her. >> reporter: they're performing and training right on south beach, just minutes away from the shore. so from the shores of sunny south beach the miami city ballet is performing at lincoln center for the first time. it's presented by the joyce theatre foundation. for many of the dancers in the company, it's like coming home. many new yorkers like to call south florida their second home and this weekend, a taste of miami culture has fallen right in our lapse as the prestigious miami city ballet makes their lincoln center debut. >> i fell in love with ballet by watching the new york city ballet at the theatre. for me to be performing here 11 years on is really -- i can't begin to describe it. >> reporter: michael breeden is celebrating his 10th season with
5:25 pm
the same city where he learned his craft. what's it like training in miami? >> it's a very different atmosphere from new york obviously. a lot of us moved to miami just for the company. many of us trained here originally. so the fact that we're driven there for our work makes you very focused. >> this weekend, the miami city ballet will reveal through new works in addition to the classics. >> we've been doing works for a number of years. everyone knows about that. we're presenting works that are made for us by some of the world's greatest choreographers. >> reporter: born and raised in miami, janette delgado grew up dancing steps from the sand. >> compared to new york, it's a more chill, laid back vibe.
5:26 pm
just to be in this theatre at lincoln center, most of us grew up coming here for summer programs. it's a huge, special momentous occasion for the company, i think. think. >> the miami city ballet is performing through sunday at lincoln center. we have so much amazing dance. it it's fun to see what another company can do. steve: you mentioned the beachfront locale. a whole different flavor than here. thank you, simone. dari: the new york primary has meant so much more this year -- steve: it's all about ohio, new hampshire. but we're in the spotlight in a big way. that makes tonight's democratic debate more important. we will have a preview next. dari: and crying foul over the stadium in rockland. how the project was allegedly funded after taxpayers refused
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the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit dari: republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is out on long island tonight. that's a live picture right there. he's expected to speak at a gop fundraising event in patchogue
5:30 pm
thousands of supporters. outside, though, security is extra tight as hundreds of anti-trump protestors have gathered there all day. steve: following his event on long island, trump is going to make his way to the city for the new york state gallon a -- gala. he will be joined at the grand hyatt. the event gets under way in just a bit. dari: while the republican hopefuls are together on the east side tonight, the democrats will be going head to head in brooklyn. they're going to be on the west side. whatever. steve: sharon crowley live at the brooklyn navy yard with a preview of the big debate. >> reporter: well, steve and dari, we are a few hours away from the last debate before the democrats. let's take a look at the pictures we shot. you can expect hillary clinton and bernie sanders to really take off the gloves tonight. there are so many delegates at stake, they don't want to make any missteps.
5:31 pm
home and sanders wants to capitalize on the momentum he's had of winning the last couple of races. you can expect sanders to go after clinton on her ties to wall street and her voting in favor of the iraq war and clinton to go after his ability to lead in the oval office. leading up to this new york primary, which is next tuesday, the candidates have been criss-crossing the city and the state, trying to sway voters. >> here is the truth. in many ways, the foundations of american democracy today are being undermined by disastrous campaign finance, citizens united supreme court decision and by voter suppression among republican governors all over this country. >> all that holds us back is our political will. that's why i need your help on
5:32 pm
i need your help to go to the polls to vote not just for me. my name will be on the ballot, but vote for yourselves. vote for your families. vote for your children, your grandchildren. >> reporter: back here live at the brooklyn navy yard, a lot of dell delegates at stake. that's why the debate is extremely important tonight. let me give you a scene setter before i send it back to the studio. i'll have my photographer pan over. you can see the glass area is where the debate will be taking place at 9:00, hosted by cnn. if you pan down a little bit, you'll see that all the guests for the debate have to go through metal detectors as i mentioned before. security very tight. we've seen security on the water, in boats, dogs, and everywhere you walk into, you have to go through metal detectors just to get inside. we'll be here all night for you and covering it for you. we'll see you back here at 10:00. back to you in the studio. steve: looks like the ferry is coming in over your shoulder.
5:33 pm
a town supervisor in rock land county accused of cooking the books to build a new stadium. dari: jessica formoso explains the shell game that made investigators suspicious. >> reporter: the supervisor for the town of ramapo, christopher st. lawrence and aaron troodler, former executive director of the ramapo local development corporation, were arrested this morning and face a 22-count indictment. >> christopher st. lawrence and aaron troodler sold over $150 million in municipal bond funds on fabricated financials. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says the charges came after a year long scheme of lying about the town's finances. >> the town was in the red, not in the black, as the cooked books were showing. >> reporter: st. lawrence is accused of inflating town assets to obtain $25 million in municipal bonds in 2012 to build the minor league baseball stadium provident bank park.
5:34 pm
were built on a foundation of fraud as specifically alleged, st. lawrence and aaron troodler lied about the town's finances, deceiving both the citizens of ramapo as well as thousands of bond investors. >> reporter: the problem is, he says, is that st. lawrence rejected the fact that 70 percent of the people of ramapo voted against the project, but he allegedly lied and assured the residents it would be privately funded. the u.s. attorney stating that the two defendants have hurt a town that was already struggling financially. >> the town of ramapo will have to assume more debt, has had to raise taxes to pay for that added debt, will face higher costs of funding in the market, and is forced to operate a stadium that is losing money there by creating a cycle of hardship imposed on the town and citizens by the defendants' alleged securities fraud. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office says it's the first
5:35 pm
elected officials for accounting fraud. if convicted, st. lawrence can face up to 20 years behind bars. back to both of you upstairs. dari: thank you. well, no charges have been filed against a mother accused of leaving her two young children home alone inside a bronx apartment that went up in flames. the children died and eight others were injured. the blaze broke out last night on the third floor of a public housing complex in claremont. the woman left her 18-month-old and two-year-old alone when she went across the street to a laundry mat. the fire was sparked by incense that was left burning unattended. steve: it's one of hip-hop's biggest murder mystery. dari: who killed rapper chynx.
5:36 pm
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helping people side step sigh he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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dari: 5:38. we've learned donald trump right there has taken the podium at the event on long island. let's listen in. >> and you know, really a big part of it, folks, is the fact and it's such an important thing, the fact that the politicians aren't fighting for our country anymore. they don't fight for us.
5:39 pm
china, when you look at japan and mexico, you look at vietnam, you look at so many countries all over the world, they're devaluing their currency. they're so much smarter than our leaders. it's like a great football team in the nfl playing your high school team. i like that sound. i like that. but it's like a great team -- you know, you can't do it. we need our best people. i know the best people. we know the best negotiators in the world. we have great people. we have the greatest business people in the world right here. steve: that was donald trump as you see live at a suffolk county republican party fundraiser in patchogue, long island, on his home turf in advance of next week's primary, echoing the themes we've heard throughout his campaign. dari: there are a lot of protestors outside. we've been reporting on that. we'll keep you updated. steve: a busy night in the city.
5:40 pm
since the murder of chynx. dari: lisa evers went to police headquarters for answers and came away with an exclusive. what did you learn? >> reporter: detectives tell me it was not a drive-by shooting and new details about how the murder really went down and what we've learned reveals how determined the killer was to take his life. >> reporter: the image of lionel pickens porsche is etched in the minds of all who love him. one person wanted him dead. >> i wouldn't call it a setup, but was he a target? yes. >> reporter: i sat down with lead detectives at police headquarters. they tell me chynx was on his way home to his wife and children.
5:41 pm
see his porsche leaving the lounge sunday morning may 17th, 2015. the shooting did not happen on queens boulevard as many believed, but on main street at the intersection. >> it was a construction site. so where his car was, he was wedged up against the sidewalk. you couldn't fit another car next to it. when he arrives at queens boulevard and main street, an unknown individual approaches the driver's side. >> it was not a drive by, more like an assassination. this dark colored vehicle followed it. >> we believe the shooter walked up and fired into the car. >> 12 9 millimeter shell casings were recovered. more could have been fired. >> he was not involved as far as we know with any type of serious drugs, you know, but he was about to make it big.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: what are some of the challenges you're facing in trying to close the case and make an arrest? >> nobody who knows anything about this murder specifically is cooperating with the police at this time. >> individuals in the rap industry industry, we really need those people to come forward to assist us. >> reporter: his widow has called for anyone with information to come forward. she's determined to get justice for their children and get this killer off the streets. if you can help, call the crimestoppers hotline, 1-800-577-tips. remember, you do not have to give your name. steve: thank you, lisa. dari: thank you. an amazing medical breakthrough brings hope to a paralyzed man. >> i just think about what i want to do and now i can do it. steve: amazing. the technology that's allowed him to transform thought into movement. dari: plus, cutting down on
5:43 pm
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dari: fox 5 health news. a paralyzed man regains control of his hand with the help of a chip that was implanted in his brain. his doctor, well, they're calling it a major milestone in a rapidly evolving field to help those with debilitating injuries. steve: incredible stuff. dr. doris day from nyu medical center, thanks for being here. the guy found himself in a situation a lot of people do. he broke his neck in a diving accident. a horrible, common accident. now we're seeing developments that would have seemed like something out of a movie not >> yep. he was a freshman in college, was just diving into a wave, hit on the sandy floor and broke his neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. this is the worst kind of life changing event you can imagine. what happened was he ended up being in the right place at the ideas.
5:47 pm
what they're doing is they figured out the parts of the brain that send signals to your hands to make your hands move. he was open to the idea of them putting a chip in his brain they can attach to a computer. two years ago they put the chip in his brain. they built this computer program, puts a sleeve on his arm. when he thinks, it bypasses his spinal cord and as he keeps improving his thoughts and is able to control his hand, they have to keep writing new code. he has to think really hard about what the movement is he wants to do. that sends a signal to the computer. they have to write the code to build it to keep getting him more and more precise in his movements to now he can stir and he can even play a computer game on guitar. -- or guitar game on the computer. he can do all these things. it's not a cure. as long as that computer is on, he can make those movements. this chip to the computer to stimulate his arm is bypassing
5:48 pm
spinal cord. it's not regenerating anything. when you think about moving both arms and trying to walk, that's a lot of thought processes to build into a computer. unfortunately, they're running out of funding. it will run out at the end of the year. he's going to lose everything he's gained unless he gets more funding for it. it's not only going to not build, but he's dependent on that computer to be able to keep that movement -- steve: giving up fast. world. you can see where we'll be 10 years from now. light-years beyond that. >> hopefully they'll rebuild the imagine. this is an evolving field. it's exciting they can imagine this and make it happen. he's such a hero for doing the hard work and making the sacrifice. absolutely. this one more mundane but affects everybody. more sleep the better. it will help you fight common colds and everything else.
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more about this. it's so commonsense, but nobody can get enough sleep. if you do, the benefits are incredible. >> i say it day in and day out. there's nothing that replaces sleep. without sleep, we'll die. now we even are taking it to being vital and healthy in life. make sure you get what your body needs in terms of sleep. this was researchers looking at 22,000 people from 2005 to 2012 who completed a survey about how much sleep they got and whether they had a cold or flu or pneumonia or ear infection. what they found was people with five or fewer hours of sleep on average on a week night had a 30 percent higher chance of getting a cold and almost 80 percent higher risk of getting the flu. just by sleeping, we know your body's immune system repairs and it's really important to have not only just better functioning, but better overall health. no cutting short on sleep. cut short on other things but
5:50 pm
dari: as we're going to weather, audrey is walking down the stairs and she's like, yeah, tell that to every mommy in the world. steve: i like it because it's not about toughing it out. i'm a martyr. i don't get any sleep. make it a priority to whatever extent you can. it's worthwhile >> it's so important. it can be done. if you put your mind to it and make it a family ritual, it can be done. steve: let's talk weather. we've got great news as far as the eye can see. >> a very nice stretch of weather coming in for the next several days. and into next week. great news. what we've been waiting for. today we were just about average, where we should be, with our high of 62 in central park. we hit that number at 3:30 this afternoon. this morning we started off with a chilly 43. we're going to experience the same thing tomorrow where the morning will be chilly. in the afternoon, you'll find yourself shedding your outer jacket. we're sitting at 62.
5:51 pm
60s across the tri-state. our low temperatures tonight will drop significantly northwest where we'll have readings into the 20s. we should be around 40 in the city. a frost advisory has been issued by the national weather service for much of interior new jersey. that starts at midnight and lasts until 8:00 tomorrow morning. looks like we'll see relatively quiet conditions across the region. across the northeast, we're experiencing cool temperatures into new england and upstate like albany where the temperature is at 56. we're at 63 in williamsport. 62 in philly. there's milder air sitting to our southwest. that's going to get here as we go through the next couple of days. we're nice and dry, under the influence of high pressure. we're watching a couple of systems. we have one low sitting to the south. there's one developing out to the west that's going to cause significant weather out to that part of the nation. there's a low sitting offshore. that low that's sitting out to the east is really not making much movement, which is good news for us.
5:52 pm
solid and in place. until this train of pressure systems gets to move to the east, we'll be under very nice weather the next several days and temperatures will soar nicely. our readings to the west are in the 70s like kansas city and minneapolis. we'll get a taste of that sunday into monday. in the meantime, tonight, clear conditions across the tri-state area. by tomorrow, we'll see plenty of sunshine from sunrise to sunset and more of the same into the weekend. saturday looks great. we may have a few clouds, but it will be nice and dry for the entire weekend and into the beginning part of next week. tonight it will be chilly. 40 in the city. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine across the region. and temperatures slowly moving up the thermometer. our highs will be into the 60s across the area, although out to the east we'll be slightly cooler with readings moving into the 50s. we're going to advance that.
5:53 pm
58. the next couple of days, we'll have sunny conditions. temperatures warm up into the 70s by sunday and monday. we'll drop it down a little bit into the 60s by next week. what's important to note is we're rain-free for seven days. steve: that is a beautiful seven-day. it's been a long time. thank you. all right. saving money on prescriptions. a new app is making it easier to avoid rising drug prices. dari: baruch shemtov shows us how it's going to work. >> thank you for calling. >> reporter: it's called blink health. its mission is simple. >> blink health is the best way to save on prescription medications. our mission is to make drugs inexpensive, clearly priced and easy the purchase. >> reporter: founded by jeffrey and michael, the company is changing lives in a few easy steps. after receiving a prescription from your doctor. >> the way it works, you go to blink type in the name of your medication. you see a price. it's probably lower than what you normally pay. if it is, you pay for it on our web site. we give you a proof of purchase
5:54 pm
when you show that to your pharmacist, you pay nothing when you pick up your medication. >> reporter: blink health is helping people of every age across the country. >> we've got prices on 15,000 medications. most of our drugs cost less than $10. we're accepted at 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. >> reporter: a quick scan reveals generics of prilosec under $7, and xanax at $4.39. no insurance necessary. >> what happens is they try it once with one medication to make sure we're for real and then they'll bring the rest of their medications to us. >> reporter: those customers including many who are sharing their experiences on blink health's facebook page, including john who reports he saved 50 percent off what he was paying using his insurance. and ginger who said she saved $800 in just one month.
5:55 pm
it all comes down to collective purchasing. >> it's about power in numbers. we were able to do business deals that allowed us to bring a group of 25 million americans together and that allowed us to drive lower prices for our users. >> reporter: as they reduce expenses, the long-term vision is to bring every co-pay down to zero. if you'd like to sign up, go to blink i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: genius things that people keep coming up with. we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's alison morris with a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. we'll check back in on the political rallies and protests in a minute and the fight against pediatric cancer. it's a grueling one, but we'll show you kids being helped by fellow survivors with a little hollywood help. it's an inspirational story
5:56 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. alison: good evening. i'm alison morris. ernie is off tonight. we're going to start with politics. if five days to go until a crucial primary, the candidates are swarming new york city. here's a live look from patchogue where donald trump is holding a rally. wherever trump is, protestors follow. liz dahlem has more on that. >> reporter: good evening. trump just wrapped up speaking here in front of the empour -- emporium. there were no arrests because the police moved in very quickly, trying to diffuse the situation.
6:00 pm
as well as patchogue village police officers moving in and getting those people out of each other's way. police did set up different pens to try to separate the protest protestors from the supporters. it's been fairly peaceful. no arrests as of now. the line to get into the emporium stretched around the block. people got here early this morning hoping to see donald trump speak. the people inside paid for tickets. around a thousand people were there to hear him speak just a little while ago. both sides are passionate about why they are here >> trump is supporting us. he's supporting us for freedom, free capitalism. he speaks the truth. he's not a racist. he uses words that people don't like, but his message is clear. it's about the law. you have to be legal. you have to come into the country legally.


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