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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> >> good morning everybody. it's grapefruit that lipstick color they tweeted that. >> that you have on opinion. >> a lot of people are asking about the color. i have no idea why. a beautiful shot. highs should reach the 60s. tomorrow should be nicer. this is so exciting. audrey has the details coming up in just a second. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battled it out a debate with the in thes liveliest war of words so far as you can see there they just hopped oh each other. >> over manhattan demonstrators
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storm the building as republican presidential candidates attend a state gop dinner. 31 arrests. >> 104 years ago today the titanic sank in frigid waters of the atlantic. unsinkable before the voyage but never reached final destination which was here in new york. a look back, coming up. >> interesting. >> it is interesting rights. i read -- the sinking of the lucitania. story is amazing they sang inside the coast of ireland. >> so all right well we look forward to that that's for sure. good to be back here on a friday. >> thanks for coming back for a friday. >> you know how i feel about music especially journey my favorite banted in the world and i needed the day off. by the way -- >> i want to tally the number of
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>> first of all sick for most of those. i had surgery. can you back off. but starting this music series here, and i just got confirmation that i'll be interviewed journey coming up. >> backstage coif stuff so very cool. i can't wait. >> you'll take the day off most likely. >> audrey puente no stranger to late night and early morning. j she worked last night and early morning. >> on this early morning seeing chilly temperatures north an westward at or below freezing mark look in poughkeepsie drop to 31 degrees. we're at 29 now in sussex. 28 monticello and new york city at 43 with 39 over to islip. another morning where you want to be bundled up this early hour because it is which wily but later this afternoon, you'll be
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will feel nice once sun comes up and warms things up into the 60s later today. into northern new jersey, 20s juan and same number to west field. 40 in paramus and 43 in hoboken this morning. we have mainly clear skies out friday. staying with us through day. and winds are nice and light this morning windchill suspect a factor but just cold temperatures. clear skies as i mentioned and clear not only for us but for much of the northeast. from new england down to mid-atlantic and even out to great lakes. so everyone around us will be experiencing very nice weather. expect plenty of sunshine for todays. temperatureses will be rising into the upper 50s to low 60s across the region. and more of the same is expected for your saturday. into sundays we're going to soar into the 70s. more of the same for monday and
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into the beginning of next week. let's see how nice it is on the roads morning. ines is leer withier traffic update. hi. >> we have spots couple of issues starting off with cross bronx bruckner interchange you have an accident and then in co-op city hutchison river parkway. draw bring in up position both delays. new jersey no problem. 80 and rule the 284 doing fine. l. iment traffic moving fine no delays. lincoln tunnel into the city starting to see a little volume but a five to ten minute delay. holland gwb same thing. street cleaning rules rules are in effect today city wide. ben and juliet. >> thanks ines. talking about presidential election. hillary clinton and bernie sanders within the at each other the other night. their fight not seem like it was a fight to the end.
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>> 16 more debates to come right. but this was easily most controversial democratic debate -- >> for them. >> and still pails in comparison let's be honest to republicans that's been done. robert moses good morning. >> but they're catching up. they were gaining ground. >> they were foaling the new york spirit. >> what do you mean by that, ben? >> no, can i appointed with their opinions right? >> and that's part of our charm had. >> it is. i think it's great. >> get on with it. >> back off. >> whatever, do your job. j remember when democratic debates were button up affairs and each candidate allowed other to speak uninterrupted and personal attacks yep this wasn't like that. ninth democratic debate had had
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do not let smiles fool you bernie sanders and hillary clinton attacked each other. sanders questioned clinton's judgment. >> do we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she's going to bring change in america when she is so dependent by big money interest. i don't think so. >> president obama trusted my judgment enough to billion secretary of state. >> another line of attack using biting sarcasm. >> hold them out my goodness they must have been crushed by this and that's before or after you received huge sums of money by speaking it shall >> as for speaking engagements clinton would release tripghts for them as soon as other candidates dot same. clinton and sanders spoke over each other as they did in this exchange over raising minimum wage to $15. >> wait a minute --
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come on, i have fought on the debate stage with senator sanders 8 times. i have said the exact same thing. if we can raise it to $15 in new york or or los angeles or seattle let's do it. >> acknowledge that the 1994 crime bill which her husband signed had consequences like harsh prison sentencings for low level offenders. >> my husband has apologizedded, he was the president who signed it. >> sanders slammed clinton for saying superpredator to describe gang members. >> a racist term and everybody knew it was. another point of contention was israel. sanders criticized clinton for losing sight of the palestinians. >> we have to treat them with respect and dignity. >> that does not make me anti-israel. >> u.s. must be a staunch defender of israelis. >> they do not invite rockets raining down on their town and
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democratic candidates for president in new york today. hillary clinton travels to california for a fund raise or. bense meantime heads to vatican no word on whether or not he'll meet with the pope when he's there. also sand rs says that his campaign will release his 2014 tax returns today. ben and juliet, we're not seeing these candidates today but no doubt we'll see them before the primary here in noshing on tuesday. >> yes. >> interesting as always. thank you robert. >> you have a wonderful morning. see you back here in a little bit. >> all right 6:08 as fors all three candidates spoke at a black tie event in midtown yesterday. crazy outside i have to say ooze as expected. hundreds making their voices harled there were officerses and pushing and shoving going into the grand hyatt not a great idea with secret service. maybe social security there too
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but teresa priolo will tell us about that outside trump tower on the latest on the race. good morning. reporter: secret service all of the government agencies, just in one place at the same time. good morning to both of you. good morning everyone when it comes to drump he's getting a late start on campaign trait today. he'll be upstate in plattsburgh with a late night last night he loon with his gop rivals attempted to show some very big donors why their values are in line with new york value. >> one of the great, great cities of the world that is called new york city. >> capitalizing on home field advantage donald trump introduces big apple to some big time donors and explains what new york values are always about. >> when we talk about values what to we see in new york values? we see our really, really incredible when you look at september 11th especially? new york police and new york firefighters, incredible.
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too. >> you're so alive when you're in new york and fact is you don't want to sleep when you're in new york. and the reason you don't want to sleep is because you're afraid you're going to miss something. >> i will admit to you i haven't built any buildings in new york city. but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution. >> this event at the grand hyatt important opportunity to make their case ahead of next week's primary. >> i've got to suggest to all of you when we live in the dark, when we practice politics in the dark, overtime people don't like it. >> if you rage war against the united states of america, if you seek to murder innocent americans, we are coming to get you. we are not coming to interrogate you or read you your rights, we are coming to kill you.
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more work on being more presidential and better informed but paper believes he reflects the best of new york value. outside gala hundred hads disagree some tried storming the holings lobby. 31 people were with arrested in all. everything that's made change is civil disobedience. few be trump had had supporters on hand. [inaudible] a good businessman and puts people around him to make him better. >> and trmp is seeing size public bump in the polls. he's still front runner by far up 18 points according to leapts fox news polyp. he's at 45%. and cruz is seconds at 27%. kay success is third place and speaking of kasich, ben and juliet i think i second audrey's
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in new york city, spent enough time here you might want to take a nap. latest from midtown. back to you in the studio. >> teresa priolo thank you very much. especially if you have hours like teresa priolo and rest of us do. [laughter] >> we have breaking news big fire in jersey city. >> let's get out to jim smith in skyfox hd. where is had this fire exactly jim? >> juliet, we're over forest street. just short distance from martin luther king, jr. boulevard. the fire is affecting four homes, nows at this point we understand this is a fire that began last night placed under control last evening. the fire rekindled and spread through four buildings once again four of those buildings that were affect were partially affected in last night's fire. the fire department is starting to get water into the building a few minutes ago flames erupting through roof all four of those homes. now, if you look on either side,
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damaged in last evening's fire. the house on the left was not, and full minutes ago we did see residents being escorted from that home again this sapphire that began last night placed under control and has rekindled once again four buildings affected and fire department spreading water on to homes but adjacent ones to try to keep fire from spreading. firefighters are still arying into the scene as well so difficult to assess how much equipment and how many firefighters that bring into the scene. but again a fire affecting four homes along forest street, in jersey city a fire that lasted and rekindled once again. ben and juliet back to you. >> so scary when those houses are so close together. thanks very much jim. >> hope they get that knocked down very quickly. all right 6:13 now much more still to come. >> yes, audrey is check hadding weather for us it's looking absolutely beautiful potential >> yes, starting off with nice
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43 in central park but later this afternoon we do expect temperatures to be in the 60s. you can track the weather along with us any time of day by downloading our weather app called fox 5 weather and find it free at your google play store and as well as your itunes store. stay tuned. more "good day new york" will be right back. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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p?p?o?gv >> of good morning everyone. and it's chilly across tristate area morning. we have readings in the 30s in poughkeepsie in the 20s in sussex and monticello. 43 central park right now. it is 36 in belmar across the island at 38 in islip and 39 currently out towards bridgeport. the winds are relatively light windchill with factor is not an issue but current readings across the region and you want to be bundled up this morning. we expect numbers to rise into the 60s help though a chilly start all across the northeast this morning. we have 45 degrees in d.c. right now, it's 46 towards pittsburgh. 38 in boston with 34 over towards williams for the and even up towards albany. high pressure in control over the northeast to keep things nice and quiet from northeast through nulgtd and even out towards great lakes.
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a few areas of low pressure. one is sitting off to west. one to our south and more importantly one out it east here in atlantic that is not making much movement and blocking this high from moving our area. that's good news to stay request this nice tranquil weather pattern through next self days. so expect plenty of sunshine for today but as you send kids out to school bus this morning, you want to dress them in layers and wear a jacket or coat over layers but they shed it later this afternoon as temperatures will be rising in to 60s across much the area . exception east end of long island where you stay in middle to upper 50s for your high numbers. as we go into the afternoon hours again 60s. expect plenty of sunshine through tomorrow and sunday and temperatures go into the 70s by sunday. in mid-70s by monday. that's a check of your weather. ines tell us how it's looking on the roads this morning. >> good morning. and i have problems here in bronx. first nulled throughway shut down hutch bit bridge.
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close the bridge that's reopened it delays are easing out. cross bronx approaching bruckner interchange an accident has one lane blocked there. long island things are fine. no issue on the southern state parkway. let's take a look at your commutes this morning in new jersey garden state parkway northbound heading to bloom field fine. no problem on southbound side. the 59th street bridge head hadding for that this morning, so far so god on upper and lower level of manhattan bound no problem with belt parkway those are normal delays in front of jfk to leopards intrawrld. ben and juliet. >> thank you. police are looking for person who gunned down a 23-year-old man in east village. >> shot once in the back 10:45 in front of a housing complex on east 1th street. caldwell rushed to bellevue hopts but pronounced dead there. police have made no arrests. if you have any information
6:20 am
stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. no new trial for peter liang his tornings pushed for mistrial in accidental shooting death of 28-year-old akai gurley back had this november. they said a juror michael lied to get on the panel by withholding information about his father's criminal past. vargas told "daily news" that his father spent seven years in prison for accidental shooting, manslaughter, same charge that lee yang was facing and asked if there were any close relatives convict a crime and hes answered no because he said frankly i have never close with with my family i grew up in orphanages -- >> he has questions and not coming with answers. you know, kept playing with words and stuff. but always appeals court now. >> judge danny said he didn't not know he knowingly upheld those details so we have to see what happens here.
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about a week. >> and a new video that has had surfaced show may or your de blasio meeting with one of the two men at the center of a investigation. this video shows jeremy meeting outside the borough park home back in 2014. de blasio can be seen hug hadding him hosting a fundraiser or for may or your. according to "times" this this is part of the ongoing corruption investigation involving him and jonah who raised tens of thousands for funds or for mayor. both accused of giving him gifts to nypd including former chief of department phillip banks, in exchange or for personal favors. nay your de blasio it beens any wrong doing. he's been distancing himself from both businessman. >> we'll be right back.
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we cannot defeat a corrupt political system but i believe we need to lift our vision and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders.
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survey 4.7 middle and high school students say they've used a tobacco product in the last year . the cdc also says more middle and high school students are using e-cigarettes, three million use them last year, that's an increase of more than half a million from 2014. >> today marks 104 years since sinking of the titanic luxury liner deemed unsinkable making first voyage from new england to knock but on april 14th struck an iceburg in new york atlantic. >> tearing a hole in the iceburg and april 14th she broke apart and sank more than 700 people were saved but about 1500 died in that disaster. 7 artifacts are on display for four months after which they'll go into a private collection. remember they couldn't find the ship for decades not until the 90s.
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>> we have to take a break sol breaking news in the world of ben. >> sort of. top stories plus business news if you can't get enough french fries with donald testing new menu option.
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swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> this could be a good thing. extra in the studio. we're going to have sun for days on end. it is going to be sunny on saturday, sunny on sunday. appropriate. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday. every day is sunday. audrey puente will tell us how long this season will last. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off at the brooklyn navy yard with a democratic party ninth debate of the 2016 presidential race.
6:30 am
>> republicans all dressed up and ready to go at the grand hyatt in mitd town. shared thoughts about knock new york and new york values. say with a sneer. sounds exactly like it does when it comings out of ted cruz's mouth. >> few storms inside that hotel. not surprisingly they were arrested. 31 arrests last night. all right good morning everybody. happy friday to you i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy ben has just found out that there's a sponge called ben sung by michael jackson written for donny osmond we believe it's about a mouse. audrey. >> so saying that his stage life so miserable as a child only friend he had was a mouse. >> i don't know that he's is a that. named ben. . i thought it was a song that was about a mouse that he
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>> a beautiful song, ben. >> i have more uplifting news in the weather department because we're seeing lots of sunshine for today folks through but upcoming weekends. 20s in monticello and sussex. poughkeepsie 31 degrees. 43 out in central park. 38 in islip and bridgeport is also upper 30s right now. elsewhere across the northeast we're at 38 in boston it's 34 in albany. that's same number in williams port in 40s now in philly and even down towards d.c. and pittsburgh too. high pressure is in control over northeast that is going to bring dry weather from maine towards mid-atlantic so we're going to experience sunny skies, even out towards great lakes today and as you send kith out to the bus morning you might want to dress them in layers, it will be chilly to start off when they head to the bus but later on when they come up much milder to shed a layer off the top a coat or jacket an probably be able to
6:32 am
we're expecting temperatures to soar into the 60s later teared like yesterday with plenty of sunshine and cooler towards east end of long island where highs in middle to upper 50s. we'll be in 60s once again for saturday. we're taking it to 70 degrees in the park on sunday. mid-70s on monday closing in on e 0 probably in areas across south and wetion of us into new jersey. then as we go into beginning of next week expecting plenty of sunshine and stays nice and dry for next five days. let's see how nice it is on the roads this morning. ines is here with an update. >> you're right it was -- to the 1972 most about ben. >> it was about a rat. >> i didn't want to say rat -- >> so mean, a mouse. see what's beginning on with the commute talk a look at the cross bronx at a crawl off the george washington bridge an fox by bruckner interchange staten island expressway, between goethals and verrazano bridge
6:33 am
as for rest of your commute new jersey take a look at cameras route 80 to bridges road. eastbound, westbound side fine, and with trains moving good had morning. everything on or close to schedule. no issues to report with subways. street cleaning rules are in effect city wide. ben and juliet. >> all right ines thank you for if being polite about that. hillary clinton and bernie sanders met last night th democratic presidential debate. >> robert moses watches these debates and he's going to tell us all of the details about the good an bad and ugly, right? >> ben and juliet there was plenty of ugly i'll tell you that. bernie sanders and hints attacked each other on pretty much every front imaginable -- [laughter] right. a lot of people. correct. want to be clear on that. took place at the brooklyn navy yard in front of a krawd like they were watching a yankees or mets game.
6:34 am
each other. questions clinton judgment good enough for presidents to choose her as secretary of sate. went after each others on guns sanders said clinton went easy on big banks who paid her hundred was thousands for speeches that she gave. clean ton said she would release transcripts as soon as the other candidates did it too. other foreign policy battle over israel and libya and syria. i want to play this exchange for you social security it was of the contentiousness of this debate. >> impressing comments but you didn't answer the question. >> i did. i did. may i please -- i think i have the right dinner dinner -- >> go ahead, senator. >> and night went pretty much just like that. and smiles you saw on their faces well they were smiles more of contempt and exasperation than anything else.
6:35 am
democratic attack will be, there's been discussion about one taking place next month in california ahead of the june 7th primary there, but nothing has been agreed upon. so ben and juliet we must wait until word on democratic debate version 10.0. back to you. >> all right thank you very much robert. >> thank you i can wait. i've seen a lot of them. >> likeing these, though, entertaining. >> all three candidates spoke at a state gop dinner in midtown last week. >> outside venue hundreds of protesters not all of a them peaceful. teresa priolo outside trump tower with latest on republican good morning. >> gorping ben and juliet. good morning everyone. all three gop hopefuls republican hopefuls are getting late start today. that's because they had a late night last night. they were wining, dining and big
6:36 am
at the grand hyatt. the big focus last night was these men attempting to make the connection to these donors and their values and new york values are one in the saiment. donald trump, obviously, a native new yorker who spoke about nerve and police and firefighters. and focused on extremist who is wanted to harm a fear of people or hoar in the city. and kasich talked about keeping his company alive and the energy that new york gives him. outside it was a very different story which stood in stark contrast to button up dinner inside the grand hyatt we had about 100 or a couple hundred people who were gathered outside last night protesting trump's comments on immigration, women, and mexico, 31 people arrested in all. trump also picked up a big endorse the from knock post. potion says that he needs to be more presidential better
6:37 am
but paper says he has no how and values to live up to his campaign slogan which is to make america great again. some more good news for donald trump, a fox news poll puts him ahead by a large margin 18 points. trailing is cruz in second, kasich in third. that's latest from midtown morning. ben and juliet back to both of you. >> thank you very much teresa as you know after the big event at the grand hyatt john kasich got a benefit from george pataki. endorse john kay suck. we need to win this race, and governor kasich is the only one right now -- and he will win this race if he gets the nomination -- >> this could be the dark horse.
6:38 am
serve as national co-chairperson for the campaign. let's talk business now. >> joining us from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti with intrigue news for french fry lovers i love when you have a fast food theme story to talk about. >> you had it for lunch. >> no, but always nice to dream. >> how about all you can eat french fries, unlimited french fries at mcdonald's. hands down my opinion best french fries in the business. >> they are the best. i don't know that it's what this nation needs but they are best french fries. so mcdonald's is doing everything urpdz sun to get customers back in their stores, strategy sworg. one of the things is in a new restaurant opening this summer in missouri testing all you can eat french fry, coffee key kiosk
6:39 am
dessert menu lots of chank he is is -- changes are coming. >> customizable that is a for me. >> showing a video of a new play place? >> this is video and image from what the modern mcdonald's that they're going to start to open. this one i believe is from missouri. >> i don't need customizable. all of the fries i would consider. do you know how expensive they are, as much as the cheese burger more than a cheese burger. >> unlimited french price but a french barber to put cheese on some fry, maybe they can chop up the big mac and put that big mac chopped on top of your frois. >> you can have like a french fry big mac salad. mixed together with some chias sauce. [laughter] give me double cheese burger, fries --
6:40 am
with the kiosk that you key your order into and maybe quicken things up but annoying i'll tell you what i want number two and you make it it's and then i'm out of here. >> the problem is the complication of the menu. it should be cheese burgers, hamburgers, one chicken sandwich and move on. >> they got rid of most of the wraps remember those it shall >>. >> but a do it yourself thing it can get messy and dirty, unsanitary cleaning constantly it is going to be a horrible mess. we'll see what happens lauren you look great in yellow. >> you look beautiful as well. see you monday. >> it's the weekend. funny. >> you only worked today. >> two days, monday and tuesday. >> and then wednesday thursday off and then back for a day. >> it is work when i go to con certs i put energy, fort into
6:41 am
>> the battle between the government ace tech giant. they're suing the feds. microsoft wants to tell you when government is looking at your e-mail. the suit focuses on searches of remote servers and the cloud opposed to pc's in your home. microsoft says without telling customers is at a timed and it's used a little too often. >> if you're going to hide i don't know they really care, but is it with the nsas where they're gathering this information just to have it? >> people yell at me every time i say this. but in this day and age it's so scary. horrible things are whatting isis stuff is just who are u if iing, and i don't know. and transparent even if it means sacrificing a little bit. that is just me and please don't yell at me. i've had enough. audrey let's get over to her. nobody will yell at you today. >> next week --
6:42 am
mood because of the weather and we're going to experience this very nice weather right through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. right now starting off chilly across parts of the area in the 30s in poughkeepsie and upper 20s in monticello and in sussex. 43 degrees in central park upper 30s islip. montauk 42 right now. so winds are relatively light. windchills are not a factor but cold temperatures this morning and we're nice and dry all across the tristate area. we do have high pressure in control. and that's dominating the weather not just for us but for much of the northeast so we're going to see very nice conditions from great lakes to new england and this high is anchored right over our region because we have an area of low pressure sitting offshore and it's really not going to make much movement. so that's going to keep things kind of blocked over our area with that high pressure center and keep with us a nigh dry weather pattern for next several days. also it's blocking one to the south and wetion an we're in a
6:43 am
weather sticking around for next several days. so plenty of sunshine today. we're going to warm it up into upper 50s out east to mid-60s into inter new our temperatures drop to 20s knot and west and 40s in manhattan. next several day nothing but sunshine and temperatures slowly rising up and u 70s by sunday and mondays. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. ines -- now details. >> good morning audrey start off with long island a problem spot on l.i.e. an a fox by glen cove road normal 20 to 30 inbound. 15 to 20, nice and sunny lincoln tunnel in that area 30 minutes heading inbound. holland 10 to 15 from each approach. ben and juliet. >> we're get like schooled on this whole thing. smg we have entertainment stiling to come. and not talking about ben the
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big announcements for fans of that movie. fantastic. be right back. maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work
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push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >> checking headlines for you on a friday morning 6:46 police are looking for a person who gunned down a 23-year-old man in east village late last night. elliot shot in the back outside a us hog complek on east 12th street and avenue c no arrests have yet been made. >> a judge upheld former manslaughter conviction. his attorneys tried to get a mistrial in accidental shooting
6:47 am
they said a juror withheld information and sentenced to be tuesday. >> recommended release or for convicted murderer and leslie found guilty of kilting wealthy supermarket owner and has wife in los angeles back in 1969. the parole recommendation is under revow and governor jer is rei brown could decide to reject it. all right. sports today. yankees and blue jays up in toronto for final game of their three-game series. 1-0 yankees. jays market unleashes a wild pitch. scores from third. but then we move on to the fifth inning, the jays at the plate and rips three run blast to deep center. they go on to win it 4-2 is the final. stanley cup playoffs ben game within of the matchup between
6:48 am
they have to leave three times but islanders managed to answer right back in second period here. john will tap in the pass there tied at three. islanders take the lead in the third right here. , though, pirate wrist shot -- and aisles up 4-3 hang on to attack game in the series. down in florida tonight. nfl released this year's regular season schedule. jets will open against bengals on september 11, their bye is 11th week to play patriots on christmas eve. giants open their season in dallas against cowboys also on september 11th. there shall is week eight. they're only one of four teams that actually have no christmas games or christmas eve games. >> i guess christmas is o a sunday this year. after years of political fighting in albany usc is
6:49 am
>> that's right governor cuomo signed a bill into law legalizing professional mixed marshal arts in the state. new york the last state in the country to make mma legal. he was joined by usc superstar there on the left chris and ronda rousey. chris hails from long island he's a big fan of god friend of good day new york. this was at a ceremony at madison square garden big first mma event coming up in november. all right nice day yesterday. you were off. i hope you enjoyed it. >> i did iftion trying get any balcony furniture out there. i didn't measure it, it was u new. >> it was too big? >> man of the house took care of everything. fine after that. but it was like he was like -- next time maybe we should measure these things.
6:50 am
shows up and like oh measure it later. taking it apart. >> shave off the end. kent you see -- [laughter] >> all right folks it looks like if you want to be out on your balcony in afternoon hours. chilly across much of the renal including northeast. 34 in williams port. 3 buffalo. new york city checking in at 43 degrees right now. high pressure is in control here over the northeast that's goig to keep us dry from maine all the way down to mid-atlantic out towards west seeing very nice conditions out towards great lakes. thousand we are watching a couple of areas of low pressure. one is sitting off towards west of us here. one out to the south here, and there's another one more importantly sit just it our east just offshore and this one hasn't made much moment and that's keeping this area of high pressure in our e region and not making moment that means plenty
6:51 am
for ed today but beginning part of next week. you might want to bundle them up in layers but it is a good start and later this afternoon shed a layer or two as it warms up in 60s in many locations. plenty of sunshine today and again we'll have highs in 60s probably upper 50s u across east end of long island. tomorrow will be in 60s for everyone. and then we soar into the 70s on sunday into monday . we have nice dry weather through the weekend and even into the first half of next week. let's tick a look at what it looks look at the desk and for that we're going to head over to juliet and ben. >> yes, thank you so much for that wonderful news. up next. >> we do. god day coming right back. (music plays)
6:52 am
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning. fish tail 84 expect delays heading to newburgh beacon bridge an accident westbound you have a lane closedded slowing things down. cross bronx galled this morning interchange. let's go to that camera shot traffic slow on alexander hamilton brj barely moving to end of the cross bronx you have that accident. trains on or close to schedule.
6:55 am
>> thank you very much. all right. diana ross made a effort on wednesday in a car crash in afternoon and she still performed that night. ferghts police in pennsylvania said an suv ran a stop sign and slam ised into limo carrying ross and complained of head and neck pain and treated at the scene but despite that took the stage. fans were freaking out, and the 22-year-old was ticketed and blog buster avatar is making an epic comeback. >> four brand new sequels to 2009 space flick. he say it is they're going to come out at respondent. highest gross film in the world making about $3 billion. >> remember kelly clark sob couldn't sing live because she was about to have a baby. now she's had that baby. clarkson said our baby boy riffed. reming ton born april 12th and
6:56 am
and more in love. liam hemsworth shooting down rumors that he and miley cyrus are dating so they split up in 2013. but not before he gave her a giant rock. they were supposedly engaminged but then they broke up and telling pope people goit what everybody is saying they're not officially engaged so that's the story with that. >> now that we have flown through those we have a minute left. anything to talk about? >> what to talk about, the fact that the movie ben was as we were told u now sung by michael jackson up for best original song at the oscars but movie was aparticipantly about a rat leader like a -- creature. like they have like a mega rat. posse a horrible story. terrible story. >> i've never seen it. we're talking because we have teleprompter issues greg and 30 seconds left to kill. >> i've never --
6:57 am
>> unleash the rats and i'll see you guys if you're going to goats. >> greg and rosanna interviewing ted cruz coming up.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> from fox five nice. this is "good day new york." >> taxes are due because it is april 15th. >> it is friday. nice to have you with us. i'm rosanna scotto. greg kelly here. we're not complaining about the weather at all. beautiful, sunny, and temperatures this weekend boeing to be, spectacular. a-plus. audi puente is as good time charlie it had the road. >> where did he go? part-time meteorologist. big debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. got very intense, listen to this. >> excuse me. senator, please. >> new york, los angeles, or seattle.


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