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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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purple for parts of southwestern connecticut, just above the merrick and for eastern long island, we have a freeze warning in effect because temps will be close to freezing. we've seen this for the past few nights. if you have sensitive plants, try to bring them in or you might lose them. right now it feels nice and comfortable. you might need a jacket. from islip to montauk, we're in the low 50s with a sea breeze, but looking nice in central park at 63. 65 right now in poughkeepsie. and this is what we're looking at for your weekend. we have clear skies overhead. no problems. you can see that easterly wind starting to kick into the east. it will be with us tomorrow. that will make the water spots feel cooler, but no complaints out there with lots of sunshine coming your way. we'll be looking so great. you can see through the northeast, there's no problems whatsoever. this big nice bubble of dry air is parked on top of us. for tonight, chilly temps, 30 to 42. we'll show you the weekend quickly.
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by sunday, we are up to 70. as we head into the start of next week, temperatures will be staying there. i hope everyone can get out and enjoy it. kerry: we'll check back in a bit. >> there's a new warning. people are trying to sneak invasive pictures when women aren't looking. let's go live to jen lahmers with more on that. >> reporter: yeah. this is one of those areas where the manhattan d.a. is telling women to be on guard, so to speak. this has been a problem in the 59th street subway station. such a problem, the manhattan d.a. put out social media adses letting women know of the voyeuristic crime of upskirting. as the weather warms up and we wear less, the d.a. is warning women to be on the lookout for creeps with cameras. >> it's good to know about it. i will certainly start taking the proper precautionary measures as i'm wearing a skirt. >> there's a lot of things to look out for. i know that we have to be careful going up the escalator.
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twitter and facebook urge victims of what's called upskirting to call authorities. they even map out areas where it happens the most. at subway stations like grand central, union square, times square and 59th street on platforms, benches and staircases. staircases. difficult to spot, yes. most of these photographers are secretive about their snapshots. in march, police busted five cameramen, one in union square when he reportedly set his backpack between a woman's leg. the d.a. hopes the more aware women are, the less of a problem it would be. >> it's good to be aware of it. >> reporter: in the ad, the d.a. is telling women if they see it happening to somebody else or it happens to them, to call 911, nypd or the mta.
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could face up to four years in prison. back to you. kerry: jen, thank you. >> we're a few days away from the crucial new york primary and hillary clinton has seen her double digit lead over bernie sanders vanish. a fox news poll shows her edging out sanders by two points. the recent surge comes as the vermont senator has won eight of the last nine contests. on the republican side, donald trump heads into tuesday's primary with his biggest lead yet. a fox news poll of likely republican voters shows trump with a commanding lead over ted cruz, 45 percent to 27 percent. ohio governor john kasich finishing third with 25 percent. it's a big jump for trump who led cruz by four points three weeks ago. >> here in new york all of this attention from the candidates is not something we're used to. usually by now the frontrunners have separated themselves from the pack and are coasting towards the nomination. dan bowens takes a look back at
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mattered so much. >> reporter: the year, 1976. bell-bottoms are everything. disco is spinning. robert de niro became the world's most famous taxi driver. >> you talking to me? i'm the only one here. >> reporter: and apple was formed. >> the possibilities are endless. >> reporter: across the country, many americans still stunned by richard nixon's resignation. >> i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> reporter: were uneasy about the future of politics in the united states. >> it's been a little scary. >> reporter: jenny has lived in the city her whole life. she remembers the '76 primary well, the last time the empire state really mattered on both sides of the aisle. >> a lot of mistrust.
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nominee jimmy carter and sitting president gerald ford held off a challenge from ronald reagan. what stands out about that year? >> one of the things that stands out is just how infrequently we have contested contests on both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: this political science professor says '76 wasn't the only time new york played a big role. the democratic race in 1992. >> at the time, bill clinton did very well, winning that primary and continuing along his path that led to the nomination and to the presidency. >> reporter: new yorkers are also known to break hearts, like 1988 for jesse jackson. >> the numbers that ended any serious talk of jesse jackson winning the democratic nomination. >> reporter: and state voters sure do know how to pick them. >> despite bob doles victory -- >> selecting the candidate who would go on to be the party nominee four of the last five
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>> we're going to stop george bush this november. >> reporter: the only time in recent memory new york didn't pick the nominee, hillary clinton in 2008. >> it is not uncommon for the new york primary to be important if the race has not been decided by the time voters in new york cast their ballots. >> reporter: that is the case once again. why voters like jenny are as excited as ever to head back to the polls. >> it's something that's important. don't say anything if you're not going to participate. i do participate. >> reporter: a good lesson for any political season. dan bowens, fox 5 news. kerry: definitely a good lesson. if you fly from any of the local airports, you've probably heard somebody say this place is the worst. you might have even said it yourself. next, how our airports faired in a recent study and what can be done to fix the mounting problem. and why do people swear so much. a look at where language has gone and why some people say letting out a curse word feels
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that's monday on the news at 6:00.
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kerry: animal activities are worried that feral cats on jones
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the bird conservancy wants the cats out and has filed a lawsuit to protect the plovers. no comment from the state parks department which runs jones beach. samantha is here with a look at the forecast. you can go to the beach this weekend, especially sunday. >> you sunshine. you need your sunblock. you can get burned. this is the type of weather we've been waiting for. kerry: i can't wait. >> spring fever. that's what i'm talking about. i hope everyone can get out there and enjoy it. we'll be talking about sunshine. we're going to be talking about warming temperatures. now this map right here is a map of the high temperatures for the upcoming week and you can see that we're going to be warmer than normal every day. the normal high temperature is about 61. we were above that today. and we're going to be above that going forward.
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nice and with sunshine, just very pleasant weather coming up. tomorrow your highs are 64. the little warm spell of this trend is going to come sunday into monday. we make it into the 70s. then we go back down into the 60s. we're looking pretty good through the upcoming week. lucking out in the weather department. today's high at central park was 64. you were just a touch cooler from islip to bridgeport and through the hamptons because we had a winds off the water and the water temperatures still quite chilly, in the upper 40s. we're going to see that tomorrow. if you're spending time out east, you'll need the jacket but gorgeous conditions. poughkeepsie, you were the warm spot at 65 and allentown, belmar, upper 50s. bright, blue sunny skies. it's continuing. right now 57 bridgeport. 62 in central park. 60 in glenn cove. temperatures will be going down tonight with clear skies, light winds, calm conditions overhead.
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just a touch cooler along the coast. look back out west. here's this warm air pushing in our direction. we'll see the mid 60s to near 70 as we head into the second part of your weekend. and monday, lots to look forward. satellite and radar, typically we're looking for clouds and rain. we see nothing. throughout the northeast from providence to new york to pennsylvania, upstate, bright blue sunny skies, all compliments of high pressure. there's the bubble of dry air. we're surrounded by storms, one down south, lots of moisture through the gulf states and florida. one out to the east that brings the easterly breeze tomorrow. waves on the ocean. a good beach day to check out the waves and the storm system out west. but none of these will be affecting us. we're looking for the chance of rain. we're not going to see it for six to seven days. clear skies overnight. it looks fantastic out there.
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things will be great as we head into the start of the upcoming week. no rain is pushing in our direction. so tonight 30 to 42. some chilly spots like the past few nights, but no problems because with sunshine tomorrow, we're bumping up into the 60s. look at that. a picture perfect day out there. enjoy it. overnight into sunday, more sunshine. and the breeze dies down. so it's going to feel quite warm, especially by sunday. 74. weak little front passes by into tuesday morning. some extra clouds. temps will be down to 65, but look at that stretch. it's fantastic. maybe a shower late on friday. and looking ahead, looks like we finally are getting past the chilly weather and heading into may, we might be warmer than normal. kerry: i love to hear that. warmer than normal. thanks so much. let's talk about flight delays. they're just a part of everyday life. do they have to be this bad?
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issues plaguing our airports and what's happening that might make things a little bit better. he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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kerry: if you google the worst airports in america, one of ours is at the top of the list. nightmare. considering the amount of people and planes that go in and out every day, can the problems be fixed? arthur chi'en takes a look. >> reporter: when looking to assess the state of new york city air travel, maybe the look on dan rose's face says it all. what grade would you give new
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you're laughing. rose isn't the only one shaking his head. in a comprehensive ranking of all u.s. airports, new york didn't come in near the bottom. our airports ranked the very worst, out of more than 300 airports nationwide. a failure on a range of statistics, cancellations, delays, air fares, claims against the tsa for theft, loss or damages, those who know the landscape best say it's because new york is a busy space. >> it is the most congested and challenging to fly for everybody, commercial pilots, private pilots. >> reporter: last year the governor and vice president, who once compared laguardia airport to that of a third world country, announced a $4 billion renovation. less than a year later the price tag is $5.3 billion. gates where planes park will be enlarged and an array of new restaurants.
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aviation program at vaughn college. >> there's always going to be delays. might as well make people comfortable comfortable. >> that's realism for sure. >> reporter: you may have heard about the multibillion dollar project to renovate laguardia airport. while it's being sold, it's something that's great for us. new yorkers, air travelers don't be fooled. the airlines are going to make out from this in a cash positive way. >> what they want to do is stretch out the ramps so you can fit larger airplanes into the gates. so larger airplanes can take maybe four times as many passengers as the smaller planes. >> reporter: and airlines make more money. >> and the port authority makes money because of the passenger tax. every time a passenger goes through, it's another 10 bucks for the port authority. >> that's an improvement fund made up of your money. he hopes as airports modernize terminals, others will improve theirs.
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room back or seats that aren't curved in. as for the delays from your flights to getting your luggage back, your improvement fund will have to keep working on it. kerry: thanks for that. joining us to continue the conversation live in the studio, we have the chairman and founder of global gateway alliance. great to have you with us. >> pleasure to be here. kerry: let's talk about the state of our airports in our area. you led a study on this looking into on time performance. how did our airports fair? >> global gateway alliance, our organization, studied the world in terms of the geographic prospect to get a greater geographic perspective. we rated the absolute worst airport in the world out of 29 major airports. kerry: our three were at the very bottom. >> at the very bottom of the list. kerry: what did you find when it came to our airports? >> weakest in terms of physical
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weakest in terms of goods and services. weakest in terms of security from the perspective of small petty theft. and the absolute weakest of everybody in terms of delays at the airport. kerry: let's talk about who ranked the best and what were they doing right that we're not doing? >> the things that we're not doing that the best airports and most of them are -- the new greatest airports are under construction today. it's physical investment. just thinking about things that people are going to want going forward in the future in their lives. you've got some incredible airports under construction in istanbul and airports that have been built that are fabulous in shanghai, dubai, even london. you had for a long time paris was the big hub in europe. and london wanted to invest in it. now london has been stealing market share from paris. kerry: what can be done in the short term to make things better?
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pursuing for 15 years. it's been a peeve of mine. i always say there's three things people don't realize you benefit from an investment in airport. one is it's really an artery for business when someone is making a decision where i'm going to locate my headquarters. it's one of the top five things that go on the checklist to make the decision. two is in terms of tourism. it drives a lot of business to the community and through the tax dollars that help. and last but not least, it's a quality of life perk that makes you happy to live in a city like new york. and it takes people that are just forward thinking, doing the research, doing the care, and for 15 years, i've been the guy fighting, knocking on politicians' doors to get them to pay attention to the airports. kerry: all right. keep knocking on those doors. thanks so much for being in the studio tonight. next, it is jackie robinson day in baseball. russ is joining us to talk about
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honored to even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of new york is ready -- bernie. rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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kerry: time for sports with russ. a big day in baseball history, the day we honor jackie robinson. russ: you know what? thinking about it, it's not just a big day in baseball history. really in civil rights history. 69 years ago today, april 15th, 1947, evans field brooklyn, playing for the dodgers, he made his debut. the dodgers won by the score of 5-3. that's not important. after that debut, obviously, no pun intended, the face of baseball would change forever. not just baseball, but while
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does bridge a lot of gaps when it comes to racial situations. kerry: a big moment in sports history and in civil rights history as well. russ: tremendous. like i say, sports has a lot to do with black and white. guys years ago and even today, if it wasn't for sports, they wouldn't play together. that's one of the good things i always say about sports. jackie was a forerunner. sometimes history is unfair. i've been thinking about it a lot. if i asked most of our viewers, unless you were a real staunch baseball fan, who larry dolby, people would say i don't know. he followed jackie robinson 11 years later. jackie made his debut. he became the second african-american and first in the american league. he went through everything,
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through, and he didn't have the benefit of playing a year in the minor leagues to know what was going to happen. he went from the old negro leagues to the majors. and when he arrived, with the exception of one teammate, joe gordon, all the cleveland indians in 1947 ignored him. and then he played in the 1948 world series. in the 1948 world series, becoming the first african-american to win, that with the pitcher steve grumic, that was his pride and joy. because that's when he felt black guy and a white guy together hugging, that's the way it should be. you know what? to his credit, larry dolby, no bitterness. kerry: cool story. thanks for sharing that. that's it for the news at 6:00. thanks for joining us. i'm kerry drew. for all of us in studio 5 and
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we'll see you back here on
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hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. harvey: martin luther king's dream is complete, according to travis scott. white guys can now use the n-word. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> the kid doesn't hesitate. rips right through it. with emphasis, like jumping up and down. >> well, if you're gonna say it, you got to like go for it. [laughter] >> you can do it like it's been building up for 15 years. >> zac brown caught up in a drug bust with strippers. the police department is trying to cover up that zac brown was there. harvey: no, did cover up, lie. >> the cops apparently were there because there was a guy in the parking lot in a mercedes. that guy had 30 grams of cocaine on him. >> he was the stripper bodyguard. that's what they do. they come with the girls and the drugs. everybody knows that. harvey: well, not everybody knows that. >> prince william and kate


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