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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 20, 2016 1:00am-1:29am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". >> on chasing a woman that is so sexy the penalty is over thousand dollars in fines per day. >> it is an art gallery. how many 13 -year-olds walking into an art gallery. >> to new jersey. the verona police department received a strange e-mail. >> a student in the uk, verona suicide. it must be verona, new jersey.
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a whole slew of drivers. bill: is that someone's but in the window? >> am chasing a woman's derrie re that is so sexy and scandalous the penalty for having it is over thousand dollars in fines per day and 90 days in jail. here in inglewood, and i can't see. i'm going to go inside. you really cannot see it from the streets. >> you can't expose. one woman show your cleavage and the other pictures the backside. so i spoke to the gallery owner who says that she feels targeted by this
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in fines and 90 days in jail >> there is nothing wrong. >> it's art. >> she explained that this beautiful painting used to be in the window of the gallery. >> if i can't use it in my window a place of business, i suffer. >> moved it inside the gallery, still in violation of the ordinance because she is not allowed to have nude pictures exposed. >> i feel what is happening is so different from what i am trying to do, and i'm being violated for that. miley cyrus was virus to have violated, even janet jackson. >> they weren't find. >> they probably were. >> i don't know the law, but i think inglewood maybe out
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it seems to me the true criminals are sitting in city hall. bill: you knew the rules going in. why would the sitting government settle? it kinda kind of went with the spirit of what we are trying to accomplish important in the back of the gallery. >> it is not a peek show, not a sex shop. how many 13 -year-olds i walked into a random art gallery. >> david, michelangelo, these are the biggest painters all over the world. and it is -- if they are good enough is enough. bill: giving this artist an awful lot more credit than he deserves. >> you don't know art. bill: "high speed chase",. >> this morning doctor
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a car driven by a 17 -year-old girl. jogging near the high school school was canceled on tuesday and wednesday. my prayers are with the family. mr. smile and positivity. rest in piece. >> lieutenant-governor talking on the radio this morning about heroin addiction. >> it's everybody in different ways, different environments. i think you have to see each person differently. >> the 11,000 times narcan has been used to save someone from dying of an overdose. help each individual. >> transfer the call so that
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>> the big apple is crawling with voters today. but just one group of voters command here is why. women make up more than half the electorate command a new poll says these women decided upon one candidate. who do you want to see in the oval office? so, you are bernie girl. >> i am. >> this is a movement getting the establishment very, very nervous. >> i also really like that he is advocating for students as far as tuition
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lower and middle classes. >> why not hillary? >> yeah. i think -- i don't think he knows what he is talking about. my girl. 100 percent. >> what about trump? >> i don't have anything to say about trump. i should not have to live in a world wherea world where i have to fear donald trump being in the position of power. >> rallying. like this nonprofit. >> women are the majority of the electorate. >> the founder of this nonpartisan group. care about women voting. >> but, there is data to
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functioning, more bipartisan, more effective government you do need more women in elected office. >> right now the approval rating is dropping. 80 percent of women are saying they would not vote. if he wants to go on to be the gop candidate he has to prove that. >> they don't like to be judged. obviously you don't want aa man pointing a finger at you saying you should be punished. and number two, women don't like to be called old. pushing. women hate that. does not want to be replaced. >> having a discussion yesterday about latinos for trump. exceptions to every rule. they vote according to what
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bill: all right. thanks. >> alike and name and fair verona where we lay our scene. from ancient italy to new jersey. this is a shakespearean as it gets. it is not exactly verona, italy. verona, new jersey. they made the right call. halfway across the world. on thursday the police department received a strange e-mail from a chinese student in the uk. >> came upon an e-mail. attempted suicide. >> living and studying in verona. it was not verona, new
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it was verona, italy. verona to verona. the internet. how the student that raise rock station, ron country command ron verona. >> the timestamp, it came in. i opened it. i knew the time was of the essence. >> contacted interpol who immediately passed along the information. they did a welfare check. now, in her apartment the a bottle of antidepressants, but she was alive. >> from verona, italy. she is recovered.
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we don't know each other. i believe there are millions of people like you. say thank you. >> the greater miracle, verona suicide. it must be verona, new jersey. a quarter million people and is far more famous. >> something to do with the restrictions on the internet in china. bill: we are blaming the chinese? >> if the phone was suicidal and going to kill herself, pulled to the wrong address, two different police departments, two different countries. >> thank god this happened in 2016 and not shakespeare's time. a carrier pigeon probably would not have gotten there
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>> world-famous. >> the highest form of human connection. bill: i don't think he's that talented.
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>> controversy, many of which have included naked ladies. i want to take a deeper dive and meet the man behind the paintbrush. world-famous for his body painting. determination resulted in legal battles throughout the year. i joined andy in washington square park. no pun intended. ready to be the contrary and i was armed. >> i don't have the luxury. it doesn't work for me. i need so much help to do what i want to do. >> in a wheelchair. our freedoms are constricted
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and he helps facilitate that for them. he does the same for ruby. ruby. the dreams of a world where they are focused on the real beauty in life. >> i think it is the highest form of human connection. >> three people yesterday, surprisingly met with little resistance. >> where were they? >> moved out of the park and end of the public street. does not identify as part of the crowd. to him body pain is solely for artistic expression. with the current zoning laws he maintains it is important to separate. >> art is about making money.
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spiderman. what i am doing is making art that is actually art. >> artists in the 1st place. expressing their freedom. >> he is not out to cause any sort of conflict. he is out to bring us back to the fact that it is not about the nudity. we should be focused on respecting one another. bill: i don't think the guys that talented. i find him very annoying. >> have a good day, be safe. >> the 1st day of work for the gentleman ushering across. the last crossing guard was hit and killed by an suv. >> are you concerned at all
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>> yeah. >> i heard. >> he called 911 after the crash. he says it took a bit to realize. >> it was horrible. the 6th or 7th one. >> he is not wrong. it is a wide intersection, six lanes of traffic. big vehicles. it ain't just the traffic. here comes the light rail. are you kidding me? a senior center right across the street.
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of course it is a tragedy. a danger since it was redesigned and opened. bill: estate road. >> that's correct. >> we should. with the strings attached nothing goes fast. it takes years. that is what we are doing right now. >> he has been calling for pedestrian bridges for years today assembly woman called for an inventory of fatalities. pull the hearing saying that more needs to be done. bill: that intersection, i find it perilous to drive down. >> here is a picture right now i can show you right outside the state prison.
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few months ago. >> consider getting a pedestrian bridge built. we can be losing people's lives. >> this is why we pay taxes. bill: around the track. >> i can't believe i'm doing this.
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bill: coming up next, the battle of the bulldozer. >> the next best game show here. between you and life' with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that most allergy pills only control one substance.
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and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1p non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments,rwherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. >> so -- bill: let's do it again.
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sick of your friends bs? there is only one way to properly handle this. bulldozer battles. they decided to settle their differences by duking it out with the bad boys. the melee began when the machines faced off. two drivers were injured, six vehicles damaged. celebrity bulldozer batattles, anyone? bill: hank, i love stories like this. >> love that race. bill: i know it. >> i can't believe i'm doing this. >> thank you. >> springtime brings new beginning.
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>> my goal is to keep it out of the wreck. does the respect of the other guy. >> first practice just last weekend but out blake and a whole slew of others eager to get right on track. >> so far they are seeing more cars and sponsorship. that is a good thing. so the firebreathing modified. they are there and incredible. >> these are my guys. fifty bucks and a lot of hard. >> going to try to have a little something for everybody.
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come hell or high water. >> i grew up right down the street, about 5 miles here. every saturday night here. baseball fans are football fans. >> it sounds small until you consider it has good, high banking. >> i don't know what i said or did. this guy said something. >> in constant contact with the tower. practice sessions, through a yellow flag. >> is like a boxing match.
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>> it really is. i never had a bad time here. >> this saturday night for opening night. can't really tell. >> the person who buys will be very new york enacted. >> it's going to cost you big bucks. >> i would envision a wall street hedge fund manager.
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from our studios in atlanta -- >> we're going there. >> and los angeles. >> oh, my gosh, i wish i thought of that. >> we cover the hottest entertainment news you need to know. this is "dish nation." dish nation >> welcome to "dish nation." we government l.a., porsche is back. >> shot out not to you guys. why do you have those masks on looking shady? >> because you the plague. >> i'm no longer contagious, i don't have a fever anymore. >> you were just coughing a few minutes ago. [ coughs ] >> stay away from us. >> play straight outta compton. >> don't you want to be skinny? >> i think we can take them off, it's not that bad. okay.


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