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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you in the facebook the beautiful shot.isn't it? >> look at the skyline. >> temperatures in the upper 70s. monday is sunshine and temperatures are right temperatures are right around where they should be. it's getting some major numbers and delegates in the near primary. donald trump did not win . >> there is some angry people today that went to the polls that were not able to vote. maybe it was their fault maybe it wasn't their fault
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investigation about to happen. no surveillance video released of a police involved shooting in brooklyn. we will show you more of what went on. it's april 20. julia eddie been seminal. my little brother is coming back from middle east. he is stationed there for fox news. will he get in on time? we are expecting another beautiful day. as the kids had off to school , it will start out a little bit cool. they will probably shed it and get short sleeves on as temperatures are very nice later on this afternoon. we started out really good
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it's out at liberty airport at 530 in bridgeport and a slip. his little bit cooler to the west with 390. 30s in monticello and sussex. it will be a bit lazy yesterday. now the wind has lightened up a little bit. the red flag warning continues for the entire state of connecticut. gusty wind and low humidity exasperating any fires that could spread rapidly. be aware of that. satellite and radar shows clear skies is plenty of sunshine for wednesday. on the next weather focus it will be on the system down to the west. will be over the next few days it hasn't made much movement. it will slowly make its way to the east coast bringing another chance of rain as we go into friday. plenty of sunshine with temperature slightly cooler. normal for this time of year. it will mostly be in the low 60s. tomorrow is in the low 70s with rain arriving on
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in time for the weekend. saturday and sunday, highs in the 60s. let's look at the roads with ines. >> good morning. it's a good start. a lot better yesterday. heard about an accident on the van wyck. watch out for that . it's blocking elaine andrew 87 looks good. heading towards the brooklyn bridge you are fine this morning at 503. street criminals are in effect today. it's back to the campaign trail for the presidential candidates following yesterday's near primary. >> it was a big day for the democratic leader, hillary clinton receiving 50% of the vote . bernie sanders is at 42%. donald trump got 60% of the vote. it's a whopping 60 in case it came in second. ted cruz at a distant third. 14%. fox five robert moses is
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events. donald trump will be in indianapolis for a rally. later on tonight he travels to maryland. hillary clinton has two events and philadelphia. trump and clinton love new york! today proved once again that there is no place like home.>> hillary clinton learn the home is where the heart and the votes are. polls show her lead over bernie sanders narrowing and her adopted home state as a primary date junior but she got a resounding victory. we won in every region of the country. from the north to the south to the east to the west. this one is personal. >> sanders spent much of primary day in pennsylvania. he held a rally in erie and
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he returned to vermont and sanders congratulated clinton but said he is not going anywhere. >> next week we will be competing in pennsylvania , connecticut, rhode island, delaware and we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> on the republican side, republicans handed donald trump a huge victory. >> of the big problem is the economy and the jobs and that is my wheelhouse. trump isn't what about john kasich or ted cruz. >> don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruise is just about mathematically eliminated. >> cruz finished in third and he begs to differ. >> i am so excited to share with you what america learned . it has nothing to do with the politician winning his
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>> he says trump is not the right man for the job. >> of the skyhigh negatives no one is voting for you. it's interesting because my positives are the highest in the field. >> let's check the delegate count. when you factor in the superdelegates, hillary clinton has a 700 delegate lead over bernie sanders on the republican side trump has a 300 delegate lead . it's an important note. at this point, there are enough delegates left for cruz or kasich to win the nomination outright. that means they have to hang their hat on the infamous broker convention. that is the latest.robert there was pretty special elections happening for the senate and assembly in new
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she took 41% of the vote with 35%. they work in the office of the city comptroller. silva was forced out last year and convict did with a $5 million corruption case. >> card ted kaminski has not conceded that if he is confirm the winner and it gives democrats a one seat majority. scott stringer wants to audit the board. he wants to know why so many democratic voters in brooklyn were booted off the voting board. teresa priya low is live in brooklyn with a closer look
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>> good morning everyone. today we hear of problems from time to time but they are usually not on this scale. this is one of our basic rights. the ability to cast a ballot . supposed to be free, fair and efficient. they are angry they were shut out. >> for new york state general's office says it's been overwhelmed by voter complaints. 700 by phone and email at last count. the city comptroller is promising an investigation. i've decided to audit the management and operations of the new york city board
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we will go in and asked some tough questions. >> some polling places open two hours late or voting books going missing. valid scanners malfunctioned and why voters were inexplicably stripped from the rolls. michael j ryan is executive director of the city's board of elections. >> i would find that highly unusual. if anyone tailored with the roles and outweigh . >> the hardest hit borough is brooklyn. 120,000 registered democrats dropped since november of last year. the perception that numerous may have been disenfranchised undermines the integrity of the entire electoral process . >> while the complaints came in, election usa was
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behalf of 200 angry voters who say that they were removed from the voting role ahead of the party primary yesterday. they say in some cases , the affiliation was switched. that case is making its way through court. that's the latest from downtown brooklyn. >> sounds like a mess! thank you, teresa.much more to come.the former officer peter liang sentenced yesterday to probation and community service. no prison time. it was the shooting death of a kai gurley. we will have a reaction. aubrey is watching the beautiful weather. it's another spectacular day. plenty of sunshine and it's nice and dry but a little bit cooler than what we saw yesterday. 510 right now with high numbers moving into the 60s. track the weather with us and get your daily and
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texas is still dealing with massive flooding. they were saved by good samaritans. they were in a kayak that got stuck in some trees. the bystanders pulled them
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a makeshift harness. my friend joe went through super storm sandy katrina. she lives in this area. she is really dealing with some disasters there. back here at home , two huge brushfires popped up in new jersey. i was yesterday afternoon. one was in kearny and the other was in secaucus depending on how you like to see it.both under control in about two hours. a for some cancellation of the transit and amtrak trains. the national weather warning. we were talking about yesterday. i believe audrey was.>> the conditions were prime for brushfire. they did not have to close a couple of lanes for firefighter equipment. >> i tweeted out a picture yesterday.
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i said what is going on. i think you can say it both ways. >> i would ask the folks in seahawk . >> once again, a red flag warning in effect . it ships to the east across connecticut and much of new england. once again, be mindful that if you are working with materials or if you are near them anyway anything that starts a fire could spread rapidly due to a gusty wind as well as low humidity across the region. moving on we will see temperatures this morning pretty comfortable across the tri-state area.we are starting out in the 40s and 50s. we are expecting to be into the 60s. sunny skies today and tomorrow and we will
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week. 51 starting out this morning at 48 and pinebrook. we are checking on that 50 hoboken. it's even towards montclair and westfield this morning. satellite and radar shows nice and dry weather across the north 's. we are expecting sunny skies again and we are the influence of high pressure across the tri-state. off to the west we have a system bringing rain across the lower southern state. that will be here by friday and give us a chance for the end of the week. it's nothing but dry and clear as we get across the region. temperatures are slightly yesterday. normal for this time of year with a high reading in the 60s.thursday, we started with some clouds in the rain should hold off until friday morning. on friday, we need the umbrella handy and we
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to come into the area with a system towards the west. today is seasonal with a high in the 50s 60s. tomorrow will be back into the 70s. it will clear out for the weekend and we will see sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s on saturday and sunday. it's the lincoln town driving into the city good options this morning and you go through the holland and the george washington bridge. >> a huge surprise yesterday. the senate hearing of peter liang. the conviction on manslaughter charges could carry up to 15 years in prison. carriage tells us.
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>> the judge downgraded the charges. liang's intention was to protect the people who live there. he downgraded the charges against the 28-year-old for manslaughter to criminal negligent homicide. he sentenced him to five years probation and 800 hours of committee service. >> . [indiscernable] >> gurley's mother released a statement saying , words
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about the fact that peter liang will serve no jade jail time for killing my son. the system should not claim to be about justice because they only produce and justice. they do not value black lives but they value the police officers above justice. the gurley family attorney says he looks forward to moving on to civil case and appealing liang sentence. >> there is a police involved shooting. for undercover officers in brooklyn spotted a man with a warrant . another man with imported gun from his waistband. the officers fired at the suspect hitting him in the hand. he went to a nearby building and was later found in a third-floor apartment. he was identified as a footman and taken to kings county hospital in stable condition. the other suspect got away and earlier this week officer shot and killed a man in queens after they
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during a police stop. >> 5:19 am with a lot more coming out. new technology can help speed up the checkout.
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.>> target is taking a
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over what kind of bathroom transgender people can use. the retail giant released a statement saying transgender employees and customers can use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. the decision comes on the heels of a national debate on whether transgender people should only be allowed to use public bathroom facilities matching their sex at birth.north carolina is currently facing backlash for its controversial legislation , hb two voided gay antidiscrimination laws in the state including those involving transgender academic accommodations. the company introduced a new smart chip credit card called quiktrip. it's just as fast as the old swipe. they say the quick chip is more secure than cars with
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strip assigned a unique code which makes it tough. scanners would copy. >> next time you're traveling they are redesign the package. they are still testing the options in the us and there is no changes planned for them this year. >> to let's talk about jetblue. i have to say pass on this one. they unveiled for new napping pods. the pods look like a futuristic reclining chair and they played rhythms to help you relax and reduce distraction. passengers will be able to snooze in the pod. you 20 minutes for free. they've storage for your
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sure.don't worry about oversleeping. when the time is up the seat moves upright and seats, music and vibration move . this gives me out. >> laying down somewhere or other people have been laying ? i am not interested in tell me i am ridiculous. >> it's kind of like going to the nail salon and use it in those pedicure chairs. you kickback. i don't know. >> but laying down? i don't know. juliet: it's it's a little sketchy watching. ben: what if you are an ugly sleeper? juliet: what if you wake up and someone is staring at you . ben: if i caught you sleeping in those i would totally . top stories, when you come
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weather and traffic. clear skies. look at that! a bit cooler today. it was one on monday. it's cooler yesterday. hillary clinton says there is no place like home. we know why! you both one big .
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trump on the left. it's no laughing matter for chancey morgan. 528. good morning. it's 510. why are you doing the pregnant talk? >> i know you love that talk. >> it's just the way you speak all the way around. soft teeth. >> you're obsessed with me. you talk about me. i would not say i'm obsessed with you. it's true. >> i am or she is. >> she does talk about you
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>> not all positive, i will be honest. >> i got a little bit windy. >> yes. temperatures will come down a little bit for more seasonable letters across the tri-state. we find readings in the upper 40s. it's in the upper 30s in monticello and sussex. central park checking in at 510.winds are a little bit lighter than they were yesterday so i don't think breezes will be an issue as we go through wednesday. look at the satellite and radar shows were mostly clear and much of the northeast staying that way as we go through wednesday. it's like a cool start.
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middle part of the day. overall, very nice with plenty of sunshine and temperatures average for this time of year. we go for a high reading in the low 60s. tomorrow, we are back into the 70s and friday we are back with a chance of rain. it's been a while because we are below average for the month. you are going to need umbrella handy as we anticipate showers by then. temperatures in the 60s. there is a check at your weather. i was looking on the roads? >> nassau county with the traffic westbound and he's been moving fine. both ways are very quiet with close trains running on a close. >> new york primary was good for the kennedy. >> hillary clinton is a democratic leader seeing 52% of the vote.
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trump walloping his competitors. 60% . 25% is kasich. ted cruz they are with a distant third at 14%. >> let's go to robert moses. ben and juliet it's this huge and this resounding. the respective winds but them closer to winning the respective nomination. >> today you proved once again that there is no place like home.
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victory.sanders congratulated clinton but says he's not going anywhere. >> next week will compete in pennsylvania , connecticut, rhode island and delaware. we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> on the republican side, they had in for a huge victory for donald trump. >> trump one every single county except for manhattan where he lives. john kasich one there. trump is wait about kasich or ted cruz. >> we don't have much of a
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it's based on what i'm seeing on television . santa cruz is just about mathematically cruz begs to differ. >> has nothing to do with a politician winning a home state. trump is not the right man for the job. >> you have these skyhigh negatives. no one is voting for you. it's interesting because my positives are very high. the highs in the field. >> donald trump likely had a good night sleep. he had a busy day ahead flying to indianapolis for a rally. he will have another rally at 7:00. two events scheduled today
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the fight continues calling tuesday. there's five states in the mid-atlantic area. robert moses, thank you so much. she took 41% of the vote to working families with the party candidate at 35%. he was forced last fall after being convicted did any big corruption case. >> in the ninth district . as the seat vacated by dean's carlos. he got in trouble as well. todd kaminski declares victory but chris mcgrath has conceded that he is a republican so wait on that.
5:36 am
will change control by giving democrats a one seat majority .they lost the seat after a corruption conviction. >> voters are not very happy with some of the candidates. now, they are not happy with the board of elections.>> that's because when they went to vote they were not allowed. in brooklyn, thousands , one in 100,000 democratic voters were white off the voter rolls suspiciously. live in downtown brooklyn. what went wrong. >> the hardest hit areas have been to be brooklyn. time and again we heard of complaints from voters in all of the boroughs and here in brooklyn, especially. they encounter the kind of problems that would really prevent you from being able to cast a ballot.
5:37 am
hours late , voting books missing, machines malfunctioning. specifically here in brooklyn. hundred and 26,000 voters were removed from the voting rolls or their party affiliation was changed without their consent. it's five times more than the amount they received in the 2012 general election. now, city controller promises a hold on it. >> i would find it to be highly unusual. if anyone tempered in that way, i have decided to audit the management and operations of the new york city board of elections. we are going to go in and asked some tough questions. you had to be a registered party to vote. if this was an open primary, if you are able to vote for whichever
5:38 am
wanted, that might have made things would not have solved all the problems like volunteers not showing up to open the place but it would have solved some of the issues.federal investigators with fundraising operations are now looking into whether funding limits for purposely elevating during the senate races. investigators want to know if contributions solicited by the mayor were given to county committees with the intention that they are handed off to candidates. candidates have contribution limits where as county communities do not. they are no indications that mayor deblasio is the target of the probe. some candidates have been contacted by investigators and subpoenas have been issued for finance records. >> the mta it's your favorite.
5:39 am
they want to expand the program to test train operators for sleep apnea. the agency started last year afternoon near fell asleep at the controls. the train derailed in the bronx and it killed four people.the mta says it will continue testing operators on metro-north and expand to the city subway system. sleep apnea is a chronic condition that disrupts your sleep. it is a leading cause of excessive daytime sleepiness. >> all right let's get over to audrey fuente. hello to francesco. he is a real estate friend of mine in hoboken.>> one of the best in the business. hoboken is waking up really nice this morning. >> feeling good this morning. >> we will see temperatures about normal for this time of year.
5:40 am
record. it's 44 in albany and cooler towards williamsburg in the 30s. it's as far as the satellite and radar concerned with nothing but sunshine expected. we will go with high numbers. mostly in the low 60s. tomorrow we are back into the low 70s. having umbrella handy. the rain clears out just in time for the weekend. ines is here with your traffic update. >> it wednesday morning with no problems in putnam county. things are fine at 684 with
5:41 am
looking good. let's take a look at two bridges road. it's fine by exit 52. as for the be qa no issues there. the volume of traffic is moving fine heading northbound. then and juliet. >> have a lot more coming up. the rangers take advantage and duke as it up next with sports. >> at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags,
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checking her headlines. the judge in the trial of peter liang downgraded charges against liang from manslaughter to criminally negligent november 2014, 28 row was convicted of the shooting death of a kind early. the judge sends liang to five years probation and 800 hours of committee service. >> government employees facing charges in the contaminated water crisis. the state attorney general is expected to announce charges against two officials at the state department of environmental quality. >> remember this crazy fight between the father and the easter bunny out at the newport mall?
5:45 am
back in court today. the brawl happen easter sunday inside the jersey city mall and those men are charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. >> time for sports. duke it's a big one at the garden. stanley cup playoffs with for game three. the first round matchup with the pittsburgh penguins. the second period, no score. pittsburgh on the power play. rick nash turning and firing. it's a shorthanded goal in the second. >> the penguins answer and he plays really well in the's a redirected power play. he scores and they added an
5:46 am
17 shots in the game. we will look at some things. there is the first game in the wild. it was a big emphasis. going back to the postseason, the rangers have one goal at the garden in the last three postseason games. the rangers are at it again for the garden. game four against the panthers at the center. the islanders are up 2/1 in the series. 71 pages with a game in port st. lucie. they have been on the emergency medical list after complications arose. happily, jackson is doing better. they brought him home from the hospital on monday.>>
5:47 am
perez made the start last night. it's back and forth with the rangers. it's a long ball and it's 02 pitch. they took a pitch first at the mets up 5/0 the second inning. it six homeruns in the game. the phillies at 11/1 for the final score. the yankees and the a's in the bronx first inning. two on for a ride.the single here is carlos beltran and it's 1/0 for the yankees. the second inning, oakland gets back and it is marcus simeon on the pitch. it's a base hit and jed lowery scores for the
5:48 am
scoring again in the fifth. marcus for oakland as a single to the left and that scores a run with the a's beating the yankees at 3/2. the blockbuster announcement regarding the popular fighter. very surprising! mcgregor has been removed from the upcoming 200. that's the company's biggest event of the year. dana white tells us the decision was made due to his refusal to come to las vegas to promote the event. mcgregor said he is retiring with the current featherweight champion.
5:49 am
>> i thought that too.>> it's a crazy scene.the fan messes up a play. it's a very awkward moment. they headed down the first base line. it's your home ballpark. help your home team out! that reaches over and he is smiling. i got this one! you interfere with the ball. the woman he was with check it out. i am with this guy.>> he should've known better. >> they make an announcement at the beginning of the game. was he getting some beer?
5:50 am
>> how much did he waste on that ticket? >> it was pretty stupid. >> it really has to read the back of the ticket.>> nearby. >> the guy is leaning way over the railing. he is three years old. >> he brought a glove, right? >> i raised questions about that. you don't think the gloves at the ballpark if your past 22 years old. >> if you are with your kids guess . yes. there is a cutoff there. >> are you crazy?
5:51 am
you don't need to bring a glove to the ballpark. >> why? >> let's bring in audrey. bring in audrey. do you leave it at home? >> i don't think there is anything wrong with it. >> maybe he is from a different country. he is probably one of those wealthy silicon valley types. it's cold and frosty. high temperatures moving into the 60s.
5:52 am
and with clear skies tonight. temperatures go back into the 70s. we are in the 30s and sussex. the wind is lighter than they were yesterday. clear skies with courtesy and high-pressure. we are hearing about it in the next few days with flooding ran across portions of texas. we will squeeze out to more dry days across the region. plenty of sunshine for wednesday here tomorrow we start to see clouds rolling in and rain should hold off until overnight and friday. on friday, that's when the umbrella will be handy.
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shying away from social media with chrissy t imposing the very first photo of her daughter, luna. >> the first time mom put the photo up on instagram page five days after giving birth. the caption is high my lulu. she and her husband john legend use social media to announce the birth of their daughter. >> he will not be performing in mississippi until they appeal a new law. morgan canceled his performance in topeka. the law takes effects on july 1 discriminates against lgbt people because it allows workers to cite religious beliefs. it's denying services to
5:57 am
transgender people.they are huge fans of star wars and got behind the scene. it's a movie production workshop. the baby played ray in the franchise and the force awakens. it was their personal guide . >> prince william has lost a lot of hair. >> star wars episode eight began in february filming. >> early temple she was freakishly talented. >> once the world's biggest movie there movie star. her dad gave her a big diamond ring. >> the ring went up for auction .
5:58 am
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good >> another beautiful spring day on the horizon with highs in the low to mid 60s. i was on my balcony at 3:30, 4:00, great, amazing, even later than that. audrey tells us how long this warmth is going to last. greg: hillary clinton won a resounding victory over bernie sanders.


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